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Oct 16

How to Lose Weight Starting Right Now, According to Dietitians | Eat This Not That – Eat This, Not That

Nearly one fifth of U.S. adults are on a special diet at any given time, according to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. However, countless individuals still find themselves struggling to shed those extra pounds, and with so many weight loss companies promoting so many differentand frequently expensiveways to lose weight, it's no wonder slimming down remains such a challenge.

That's why we've reached out to registered dietitians to provide their best tips for healthy, sustainable weight loss you can start right now. Whether you're eager to lose 10 pounds or 100, read on to find out what nutritional experts really recommend when it comes to losing weight. And for more great ways to slim down, check out these 15 Underrated Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work.

Instead of simply focusing on what you're giving up to slim down, try focusing on what you could be eating more of, like healthy, low-calorie vegetables.

"Vegetables help keep you full for longer due to the fiber and water in the vegetables," says Courtney D'Angelo, MS, RD, registered dietitian and author at Fit Healthy Momma.

"If you struggle eating veggies in the first place, try making eating them more fun! You can try cooking spaghetti with spiral [veggie] noodles, or you can add greens to smoothies," D'Angelo suggests.

While ketogenic diets may be having a moment, you may want to think twice before cutting grains from your diet if you're trying to lose weight.

"Research supports that eating carbohydrates, or whole-grain wheat, can help with weight loss. Eating grains has been shown to increase your metabolism, which helps with weight loss," says D'Angelo, who notes that a 2017 study published in Nutrients has linked consumption of whole grains to lower rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

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Even if you're not big on breakfast, kicking off your morning with a few glasses of water can make it easier to avoid overeating throughout the day.

"Hydrating is a simple and effective way to promote weight loss. Water is also an appetite suppressant. Sometimes, you may feel hungry when you are, in fact, thirsty, especially in the morning," says Kristen Fleming, MS, RD, a consultant for BetterMe. "Start your day with two glasses of water. This will help you stay hydrated, keep you from misinterpreting thirst for hunger and unnecessary snacking."

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If you want to speed up your weight loss, try slowing down your meals by increasing how much you chew each bite.

"Putting in a conscious effort to chew your food more slowly can help increase weight loss," says Fleming. "Slow eating has been shown to reduce energy intake during meals. According to a small study, caloric intake was higher with chewing 15 times per bite than with 50 times per bite."

Eating meals that keep you full for a longer period is key when it comes to weight loss, so try making healthy fats a priority whenever you sit down to eat.

"Of all the macronutrients, fat takes the longest to digest and is the most satiating, so eliminating it sets you up to fail by inviting hunger to creep in shortly after a meal. Include a healthy fat source such as avocado, olive oil, nuts, cheese, etc. every time you eat to minimize hunger so you can get on with the rest of your day," recommends Kayla Girgen, RD, LD, founder of Nutrition Untapped.

Losing weight isn't only about what you eat or how much you exercise. Factors like sleep can play a major role in how quickly those pounds come off.

"Not getting adequate rest puts your body in a heightened state of stress, which negatively impacts hormones involved in weight loss. Dim the lights and ditch the screens about 30 to 60 minutes before bed. Try reading, gentle stretches, or having a cup of hot tea to wind down instead," Girgen suggests.

If you're looking for a flavorful alternative to those sugary coffee drinks you use to perk up in the morning, try adding some weight-loss-boosting green tea to your diet instead.

"Drinking pu-erh tea, a glass in the morning about an hour after breakfast, can be a great tool for weight loss. It speeds up your metabolism while also helping your body to eliminate excess fat, resulting in a slimmer waistline," says Lauren Pimentel, RD, founder of The Cake Nutritionist, citing a 2012 review of research published in Dongwuxue Yanjiu.

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It can be easy to lose track of every bite of food you take over the course of the day but keeping a food journal can help you better gauge how much you're really eating.

"A 2019 study found that keeping a food journal, especially one that allows you to upload photos, resulted in significantly greater weight loss," says Sarah Williams, MS, RD, owner, and founder of Sweet Balance Nutrition. "This helps people understand how to get in a calorie deficit and stay mindful about food choices."

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How to Lose Weight Starting Right Now, According to Dietitians | Eat This Not That - Eat This, Not That

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Oct 16

5 Fast Food Meals for No-Brainer Weight Loss | Eat This Not That – Eat This, Not That

Every day one-third of Americans order a fast-food meal that's typically high in calories and low in nutrients, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). One third! Every day!

Not you, you say? Good. However, CDC stats say most Americans go for fast food one to three times a week on average. If you're being honest, you probably fall into that category. And when you do visit a fast-food joint, you're probably a creature of habit, ordering what you always order. Considering that the average number of calories per adult fast-food meal is 836, that eating habit can quickly add up to extra pounds you don't want (especially if you're ordering one of the Fast-Food Items that are Deceptively Unhealthy).

Now, you don't have to ditch the once-to-three-times-weekly fast-food habit to lose weight. (Fast food is a convenient and affordable way to feed yourself, after all.) And since that's the case, the best thing you can do is choose the healthiest meals with the lowest calories that will still satisfy your hunger. Don't figure that out while you're staring at the menu board. Let us order for you: Here are five fast-food meals for no-brainer weight loss for whatever you're craving. Read on, and for more on how to eat healthy, don't miss 7 Healthiest Foods to Eat Right Now.

Order the classic McDonald's Egg McMuffin. It has been on the Eat This, Not That! thumbs up list since the days when we first started publishing our best-selling books. And for good reason: it hasn't changed. You get a hot egg and Canadian bacon breakfast delivering 17 grams of satisfying protein on an English muffin. Total calories and carbs: just 310 and 30 g, respectively. And you can knock down those calories, sodium, and the 6 g of saturated fat by ordering it without the cheese. It's hard to do better than this sandwich at a fast-food restaurant.

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Ask yourself, do you really need a Whopper or a Big Mac? Remember how bloated and tired you felt after your last one? When you're craving a fast-food burger, get your fix at BK with a single hamburger (99 calories) or cheeseburger (111) and add a garden side salad (99 calories without dressing).

If you're a little hungrier, at McD's order a Happy Meal with a hamburger, kid-size fries, low-fat milk, and apple slices (475 calories total).

But maybe you're cruising down Sepulveda Boulevard in West L.A. and can't resist the siren call of an In-N-Out burger. Order one Protein-Style and have your burger wrapped in a lettuce leaf to save you the carb-heavy bun and about 150 calories.

On the East Coast, consider going meatless with Shake Shack's vegetarian 'Shroom Burger without the bun.

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Be honest: You love chicken nuggets, too. When you pull up to the Chick-Fil-A drive-thru, order their grilled nuggets, which are much healthier than breaded and fried chicken nuggets. The 8-piece option contains just 130 calories and 6 grams of fat. The Zesty Buffalo Dipping Sauce adds only 25 calories. For a balanced meal, get your greens by ordering the Kale Crunch Side, a salad of curly kale, green cabbage, roasted almonds, and an apple cider/Dijon mustard vinaigrette (120 calories).

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Just add beans. You can add black beans, kidney beans, chickpeas, and lentils at many Saladworks-style restaurants to make your salad heartier. Or order a grab-and-go salad with chicken for the protein boost like Arby's Roast Chicken Entre Salad, which weighs in at only 250 calories and 14 grams of fat.

Before you run to Chipotle Mexican Grill, browse the fast-food chain's online menu and play around with the nutrition calculator. You'll find that it's easy to load up those bowls and end up with a meal well over 1,000 calories.

Instead of a jam-packed burrito, miniaturize your meal and mix and match fillings in two crispy corn tortilla tacos with steak. For example, two tacos with steak, fajita vegetables, guacamole, romaine lettuce, and tomatillo green chili salsa will stick to your ribs at 412 calories, 18 g protein, and 25 g fat. Compare that to just about any stuffed burrito.

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Oct 16

5 ways to increase and protect your weight-loss efforts – Houston Chronicle

Q: I am trying to lose 35 pounds and it is going so, so slowly about a pound a week. Any shortcuts that will get me to my goal more quickly?

A: Bravo for working to reclaim your health. Losing a pound or two a week is a proven way to shed weight and keep it off. If you lose weight too quickly, your body fights to retain and regain it. Its a simple matter of self-preservation left over from ancient times when quick weight loss was a sign you were in danger of starvation. That said, there are some pretty nifty ways to streamline your weight-loss effort.

Ditch alcohol for a month: Its sugary and metabolism-slowing. Removing it initially (and always being moderate later) will help your efforts.

Dont eat after 7 p.m. and eat most of your days calories before 3 p.m. Dr. Mikes book What to Eat When and his latest, due out in March, The Great Age Reboot, explain why timing your meals matters so much. Hint: It puts you in sync with your internal body clock, and that influences your weight gain and loss.

Drink coffee, with no sugar or fatty dairy added. It boosts metabolism, suppresses appetite and, says the Mayo Clinic, it may offer protection against Type 2 diabetes.

Eat lean protein from salmon, anchovies, herring and sea trout, and plants and fiber-dense foods like broccoli and 100 percent whole grains at every meal. That protects your digestive system, stabilizes your glucose levels and helps retain and build muscle.

Stay well-hydrated with water. You may mistake thirst for hunger, making you eat more than you need. The rule of thumb is to never feel thirsty and that means a basic daily intake of at least 64 ounces of water (food contributes some), increasing your intake as needed when you exercise and sweat.

Q: You two and everyone else are always pushing olive oil. Why is it healthier than other vegetable oils?

Lisa K, Skokie, Ill.

A: Olive oil especially extra-virgin or EVOO is minimally processed compared with other vegetable oils and retains more nutrients and flavor. A tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil provides approximately 13 percent of your daily recommended value of vitamin E, and around 9 percent of vitamin K plus good dose of inflammation-fighting polyphenols that research shows may help control blood pressure. It also has more heart-loving, monounsaturated fats, such as oleic acid, linoleic acid and palmitic acid. Other vegetable oils are often much higher in polyunsaturated fats, especially omega-6s.

Now, you need omega-6s but the American diet is overloaded with them and has far too few omega-3s, and that imbalance contributes to cardiovascular disease, cancer and inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. Plus, the most popular vegetable oils are all deodorized, which can create trans fats in them not a lot, but we know that its smart to avoid them completely if you can.

Olive oil does have a slightly lower smoking point than other vegetables oils, but a healthy diet doesnt include high-temp fried foods, so that shouldnt be an issue.

Now, how about the differences between olive oils? Well, there are three kinds: extra-virgin, regular olive oil and light OO the most refined version.

EVOO has the highest level of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial compounds and is best used to finish cooked dishes or unheated for dipping and dressings.

Regular olive oil combines refined olive oil and 15 percent to 25 percent virgin (but not extra-virgin) olive oil. The refined oil component is treated with some heat and chemicals, and that reduces certain health benefits compared with EVOO.

Light olive oil combines refined olive oil and 5 percent to 10 percent virgin olive oil and is still a good source of beneficial phytosterols and some vitamin E and K. It has a neutral flavor and aroma.

So enjoy along with walnut and avocado oils for a little variety.

Contact Drs. Oz and Roizen at

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5 ways to increase and protect your weight-loss efforts - Houston Chronicle

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Oct 16

The Final Verdict on Adding Lemon Juice to Your Coffee for Weight Loss, Says Dietitian | Eat This Not That – Eat This, Not That

When you start on a newdiet, you'll take any simple tip to make it effective, right? Well, one purported weight loss trick stirred interest on social media this week when a TikTok user suggested adding lemon juice to coffee can help torch fat faster. A British nutritionist flat-out debunked the claim but, a veteran registered dietitian tells us, depending on how you look at this, it's possible some people could actually see some change on the scale from this coffee-lemon juice combo.

Karen Graham, RD, CDE is a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator for over 30 years, as well as a winner of Canada's National Health Information Award. This week, we asked Graham to weigh in on a TikTok post by Hilda Braso, as reported by Newsweek.

Keep reading to see what this dietitian had to say, and check outAdele Finally Reveals Her 4 Weight Loss Secrets for Shedding 100 Pounds.

In her recent TikTok post, Braso seemed to indicate she'd been putting lemon juice in coffee as part of a growing online #coffeeandlemondiet challenge for users to lose weight.

After a week of trying this, she posted to report that she'd quashed the method because it hadn't worked. According to Newsweek,Marcela Fiuza, a dietitian and member of the British Dietetic Association (BDA), said that's no wonder:"There is no physiological explanation that would justify mixing coffee and lemon to lose weight," she said.

Graham's initial take? "My immediate thought is that doesn't sound very tasty," the dietitian told Eat This, Not That!. "I wouldn't want lemon juice in my coffee."

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Graham, who specializes in diabetes education, says, "We do know that [lemon juice] decreases the glycemic index, the rate at which blood sugar is absorbed into the blood."

So, she adds, "If you include lemon juice with a mealsalad, coffee, sprinkled on fishit slows down how quickly you absorb the carbohydrates from all the foods in that meal.That's well known." Graham says this means"your sugars won't raise as quickly, so that's good."

One note on this, Graham advises: You typically have to use around at least half a teaspoon for the lemon juice to have this effect on your body's sugar uptake.

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However, lemon juice's effect on blood sugar "doesn't mean it's going to help you withweight loss," Graham says, adding that the lemon juice-coffee blend in and of itself is "questionable" as a dieting hack.

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Graham noted a few possible reasons this lemon juice in coffee weight loss challenge could show a difference on the scale."Maybe that cuts [an individual's] appetite and they don't eat as much," she said. "Maybe that's because the blood sugars don't go up as high, you're a little more satisfied. It's indirect. It doesn't make sense unless it's a secondary benefit on the appetite."

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"Eating is so much our mindit's our whole perception of what is satisfying to us," this dietitian reflects. "So if someone feels that having lemon juice in their coffee and they notice they're losing a little bit of weight, maybe it's because they've altered something else in their behavior. If you enjoy it, do it."

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The Final Verdict on Adding Lemon Juice to Your Coffee for Weight Loss, Says Dietitian | Eat This Not That - Eat This, Not That

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Oct 16

Java Burn Reviews: Where to Buy JavaBurn? Discount Prices Online – Redmond Reporter

At its core, Java Burn is a nutritional supplement that aims to supercharge your coffee with natural ingredients. The product is only available at and not on any online retailers.

This formula is tasteless and comes in a powdered form. Marketed as a way to ignite your metabolism, Java Burn allows you to lose a significant amount of weight well within a short span of time. And it does all this without needing more taxing methods such as strict dieting, heavy exercising, and so on.

So, what does Java Burn do? How does Java Burn really work? Is it truly possible to lose weight with Java Burn without having to stop eating your favorite foods? Well, these are some of the questions that we will be answering in our detailed review below.

We will determine whether or not Java Burn lives up to the hype.

A powdered weight loss formula sold exclusively through, it is a nutritional supplement that has to be combined with coffee. Java Burn is priced at $49 per pouch. It speeds up your metabolism with natural ingredients.

The makers recommend mixing one packet formula of Java Burn with your coffee each morning. Stir the formula into the coffee (it is tasteless so it doesnt affect the taste of your coffee). The formula will dissolve rapidly. You have now essentially supercharged your coffee to double up as a weight loss supplement!

Java Burn includes key ingredients such as green tea extract, chromium, and L-theanine.

Green tea extract is loaded with a type of catechin called EGCG. EGCG is linked to metabolism and ultimately, weight loss. You can supercharge metabolism-boosting benefits by combining the Java Burn powder with your coffee every day. In turn, a faster metabolism will help you enjoy faster and easier weight loss results.

Before getting into the nuts and bolts of what makes Java Burn tick and whether or not is it the right choice for you, lets first cover the basics and try to understand the general qualities of the supplement. We will also give a topical overview of the facts known so far.

Name: Java Burn

Official description: The worlds first and only 100% safe and natural proprietary, patent-pending formula, that when combined with coffee, can increase both the speed and efficiency of metabolism.

Type: Comes in easy to open stick packages that are individually wrapped for daily oral consumption (so 30 pouches per package).

Formula creator: John Barban

Official website:

Whats It For: Java Burn ignites the morning metabolism speed and efficiency by up to 500%. The body goes into a full fat-burning mode for the whole day. This effectively reduces appetite and optimizes the body for nutritional synergy.

Ingredients: Green tea extract (with a catechin called ECGC), L-theanine, L-carnitine, caffeine, chromium, chlorogenic acid.

Dosage: Each package meant as a 1-month supply comes with 30 single-serve packets. The recommended dosage is to take one packet per day along youre your morning coffee.



Side effects:


Real Customers:




With the basics out of the way, lets now go over the detailed review of the product.

Metabolism controls the number of calories your body burns when you are resting, sleeping, or exercising. A stronger and faster metabolism enables the body to burn more calories all day long.

A better metabolism also makes you feel more energetic throughout the day.

Slower metabolism, on the other hand, leads to a body thats unable to burn extra fat and lose weight effectively. A slower metabolism also means that your body will store fat in your belly, around thighs, and in other places.

This will lead to you feeling sluggish throughout the day as a consequence of burning fewer calories than someone with a stronger metabolism.

Java Burn comes to the rescue here. It boosts the metabolism in conjunction with your daily cup of coffee, making it much easier to lose weight.

Here is how the creator of Java Burn explains the weight loss effects to be expected when taking the formula:

Theres never been anything even close to Java Burn ever attempted. As myself, my team, my entire familyAnd tens of thousands of everyday women and men can attestElectrifying your metabolismTorching off fat from your problem areasEnjoying incredible all-day-energy

Java Burns creators also claim that the supplement is great for improving health. Most other weight loss supplements avoid claiming this. Apart from health benefits and weight loss, you are also able to torch fat from problem areas with the help of the Java Burn supplement.

Java Burn is a tasteless powder that is mixed with coffee for consumption. Each box of Java Burn comes with 30 single-serve packets.

You pour the powder from a packet into your morning cup of coffee. This powder will dissolve instantly. Now, its time to drink the coffee.

As the formula is tasteless, it doesnt take anything away from your coffees taste. So, you are still getting your favorite coffee but with some behind-the-scenes work that supercharges it.

EGCG, green tea extract, chromium, and L-theanine complement the caffeine, chlorogenic acid, and other natural ingredients present in coffee. This creates a robust metabolism-boosting formula that can aid in accelerated weight loss.

Java Burn works with all types of coffees such as home-brewed, americanos, espressos, drip coffees, light, and dark roast coffees, and so on. In fact, as long as any beverage has caffeine and chlorogenic acid (which is found in all types of coffee naturally), Java Burn will have a synergizing effect with it.

Java Burn is also independent of what else you put in your coffee like sugar and cream.

Using 100% all-natural, vegetarian, gluten-free, and non-GMO ingredients, Java Burn effectively boosts your metabolism and ultimately, accelerates weight loss results. The formula, furthermore, has no added preservatives, artificial colors, fillers, or stimulants of any kind.

Each packet of Java Burn is manufactured in the US in an FDA-approved facility. The manufacturers also claim to use sterile and strict standards to create each serving of the supplement.

Though the manufacturer claims that the supplement will burn away stubborn fat from problem areas pretty quickly, they also make it clear that it takes around 90 to 180 days for the results to be easily visible.

That is also why they recommend going for the biggest package of Java Burn.

The official website is filled with video testimonials from real customers who claim to have lost enormous amounts of weight by taking Java Burn daily. The formula helps you lose a considerable amount of weight.

But of course, the exact effectiveness of the supplement differs from person to person.

Here are some heartwarming success stories from Java Burn users:

A man claims that he lost 37 lbs taking Java Burn daily.

A woman claims that she can now easily fit into her high school jeans again thanks to Java Burn something she previously considered simply impossible. She also reveals that Java Burn helped her remove 6 inches from her waistline.

For another person, Java Burn had additional benefits such as improved blood pressure and cholesterol. His doctor was also surprised by the amount of weight he lost.

A 49-year-old woman narrates her story of how she lost 42 lbs while taking the supplement. She also feels more energetic and is healthier than ever. Java Burn has been life-changing for her, she says.

The Java Burn team maintains that these are but just a fraction of the overwhelmingly positive reviews they get on a daily basis. Most of these reviews are about the many weight loss benefits of this formula.

The popularity of Resurge, a nighttime metabolism booster, has also been very conducive to building trust for Java Burn. Java Burn, consequently, started with a fairly large consumer base and the product did not disappoint one bit.

This coffee-enhancing formula that makes metabolism more efficient and faster is truly one of the best weight loss supplements out there and can help you lose significant amounts of weight.

Java Burn accelerates metabolism in mere seconds, according to the manufacturer. This helps the body lose more weight naturally. Here is the effect of the supplement described by the company:

Drink Java Burn with your morning cup of coffee.

The Java Burn formula boosts metabolism within seconds of drinking it.

Once the ingredients are absorbed by the body, they keep the rate of metabolism high throughout the rest of the day.

A higher metabolism rate throughout the day directly translates to a higher calorie burn.

That is how Java Burn amplifies weight loss. Burning more calories while at rest is important to lose weight and that is precisely what Java Burn helps you do. This also makes your body absorb fewer fats from the foods you eat.

With such a formula, you are free to make other lifestyle choices. For example, heavy workouts are no more necessary and drastic diet changes can be avoided completely. In fact, its likely that you will get a zero-effort-required weight loss technique with Java Burn.

Finally, you have a supplement that allows you to eat your favorite foods guilt-free while still losing weight. All it needs is the Java Burn supplement mixed with your daily cup of morning coffee!

A fast metabolism aids greatly in losing weight and breaking down fats. The body processes the calories included in the food more efficiently and faster.

A good example would be a person with a fast metabolism eating 4000 calories each day and still storing less fat than a person with a sluggish metabolism eating 3000 calories a day.

Our metabolism generally tends to slow down over time as a consequence of a number of factors such as dietary habits or lifestyle. Its important to keep the metabolism rate fast. And Java Burn helps you do exactly that.

The Java Burn team promises that you can eat your favorite foods guilt-free. They further claim that people taking this formula can eat nearly everything they like and in whatever quantity they prefer. All this can be done while still losing significant weight over a short span of time.

As you are effortlessly (and automatically) losing weight with the Java Burn supplement you can rest easy and eat whatever you like.

Now, another important point here is that even people with a high metabolism need a well-designed caloric diet. They need to maintain a calorie deficit to lose weight. This healthy diet also needs to be complemented with exercise in most cases.

Java Burn works differently and consequently, allows you to lose weight even if you do no exercising or dont have the healthiest diet system. You can still continue to lose weight, as the company claims, regardless of the type of diet management and exercising you do, if any.

The all-natural ingredients in Java Burn are proven and time-tested metabolism boosters. The formula is the perfect condensation of these ingredients in a powdered form. This makes the supplement as convenient as it can get.

Although the company behind Java Burn provides little information regarding its ingredients, we have a pretty solid lowdown on the supplements composition.

The ingredients are mentioned in the official Java Burn presentation done by creator John Barban. These ingredients are claimed to work together and synergize with each other to maximize efficacy and reach the ultimate level of nutritional synergy.

Java Burn appears to contain some dose of these ingredients:

Green tea leaf extract

Green tea leaf extract is one of the most popular supplements for weight loss. It is manufactured mainly as pills. Rich with epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG, green tea leaf extract has powerful weight loss capabilities.

The ECGC component is what we will focus on here. Its a natural chemical as well as a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties. Many studies have linked EGCG to weight loss.

Java Burn contains a concentrated and pure dose of green tea leaf extract with a high EGCG content. It is also reportedly a special version of green tea leaf extract that contains a particularly high concentration of EGCG. This helps maximize the weight loss benefits.


L-theanine is often taken in a stack with caffeine. It is another natural compound of green tea. Many types of research have shown that green tea can nearly nullify many unwanted side effects associated with caffeine such as anxiety, restlessness, and jitters, among others.

Many experience these caffeine side effects especially when consuming large quantities. L-theanine supports mental clarity, focus, and cognition without all the downsides of caffeine. This makes your brain healthier over time as you lose weight.


L-carnitine is present in many bodybuilding supplements. It is an amino acid that is also found in plenty of weight loss formulas as well as general health supplements you can find on the market right now.

L-carnitine, being an amino acid, is one of the building blocks for muscle in the body. The body needs good L-carnitine levels to create muscle fibers. Some studies have shown that L-carnitine aids in weight loss by supporting a more active lifestyle.

Java Burn does not need exercising. However, the L-carnitine component in the supplement helps the body recover better from intense exercise thus helping in weight loss.


Chromium is a crucial mineral in the body required for multiple vital processes. It is also included in some dosages in Java Burn. Chromium is most well-known for its blood sugar and carb intake regulation qualities. This is also why a key factor in diabetes is chromium deficiency. Diabetics often take chromium supplements to fight the lack of this important mineral.

Chromium has various carb blocking and anti-fat-formation properties and consequently is used in a variety of weight loss supplements.

Other ingredients

Java Burn does not disclose the full list of ingredients and their dosages upfront. There might be other ingredients at play but mostly to support these key ingredients, in the most likely scenario.

They insist that their formula is 100% safe and natural. But you should still consult a doctor if you have a medical condition.

Caffeine is a proven fat burner. Its also a great metabolism booster. Generally, people take caffeine in various forms and quantities to boost energy levels. But some are indeed taking caffeine supplements to lose weight and its been working great for them.

Caffeine boosts metabolism in a remarkable way. When taken with a supplement like Java Burn that aids in metabolism, caffeine can accelerate weight loss by improving metabolism much faster.

Caffeine is a stimulant. The way caffeine works is by constricting the blood vessels and raising the heart rate. Consequently, the body works harder and burns more calories. Moderate caffeine consumption is associated with good heart health as per some studies.

It is indeed the worlds most popular drug and for a good reason.

Java Burn is claimed to be the worlds first patent-pending formula scientifically proven to improve the efficiency and increase the speed of metabolism when combined with coffee. Ultimately, it claims to deliver powerful fat burning results as well as improved overall health.

Java Burn has done no clinical trial to verify that claim. They have also not published any peer-reviewed research on their product or formula. Further, although the company claims that the formula is patent-pending, they are yet to disclose the patent application itself or provide any relevant details to confirm their patent application. They also dont provide any details on how their formula is unique which is a prerequisite to apply for a patent.

In any case, Java Burn does cite over 40 different studies all verifying the bold benefits of Java Burn. It is also to be noted that all the key ingredients do indeed have finished clinical trials, separately, and that they work as advertised by Java Burn.

We are going to summarize some of the research on these key ingredients below, which will work as the scientific backing for the Java Burn supplement at large.

Green tea

A 2014 study reviewed the evidence on the impact of green tea on weight loss. The aim was to determine the truth behind the connection between the two. The researchers analyzed over a dozen randomized controlled trials totaling a whopping 1,500+ participants.

See the original post here:
Java Burn Reviews: Where to Buy JavaBurn? Discount Prices Online - Redmond Reporter

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Oct 16

Low-impact cardio workout ideas: Lose weight without the pain –

If you find some of the most common forms of exercising hard, or intimidating, due to their high-impact nature, these low-impact cardio workout ideas are for you. Some of the most common forms of traditional exercise, such as boot-camp style classes involving jumps and burpees, or running on roads or a treadmill, can be hard on the joints. They also make things difficult for seniors, beginners, or those just coming back to fitness after an injury.

Fortunately, theres lots of ways to work out that dont risk joint and muscle pain, are more forgiving to beginners, and focus more on getting technique right than applying loads of force. These gentler, low-impact workouts range from a brisk walk, ideal for seniors or overweight first-timers, to a demanding weights session which helps you build muscle around weak joints and bones. Low-impact exercise covers all levels of fitness across many different disciplines. You dont have to worry about your unreliable knee any more (although, if you do, we have a guide for how to exercise without hurting your knees).

There are many different reasons why someone might opt for one of these low-impact cardio workout ideas rather than a high-impact alternative. High-impact exercises tend to require you to use more energy, especially plyometric jumping moves such as burpees. Therefore, they tend to be more efficient at burning calories. However, if youre coming to fitness for the first time, and you dont have your technique down pat, adding more force may do more harm than good.

Lewis Akpata is a personal trainer and instructor for low-impact workout classes at FLY LDN so he knows a thing or two about removing jumps and other impacts from a training program, which allows him to really focus on getting his clients to learn the basics of fundamental training moves.

"If you cant do a low-impact air squat with proper technique knees behind the toes, engaging the core then you really shouldnt be going into high-impact versions like jump squats, because youre adding force being generated as you jump and land," says Lewis. "The risk of injury increases. So low-impact is a really good way of breaking down technique, getting that right first and building your confidence to take into the high-impact version."

As well as making sure youre getting the technique right if youre a beginner, you may be looking for low-impact movements to work around pre-existing injuries, such as shin splints or a bad knee. You may be carrying too much weight or be an older fitness participant all good reasons to choose low-impact training.

HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training, a style of workout which has you work at maximum effort for short periods of time, rest, and then go again. This kind of exercise usually involves intense moves like burpees, sprints, box jumps, mountain climbers and other exercises that require you to hit the ground hard, with a lot of force. You can adapt these exercises to a low-impact workout routine, but it takes a bit of tweaking.

Lewis says In a burpee, youre dropping your chest down to the floor, and then youre coming up with a jump. You could take that into a low-impact move by just going into up-downs for example, and to do that you just take the jump away. You can really focus on that technique instead of the high-impact part that really takes it out of you.

In the video below, FLY LDN has posted an example of one of its low-impact circuit-training sessions to its YouTube channel, a great example of how you dont have to be putting your joints at risk to work up a sweat in the studio or at home.

Elliptical machines, often referred to as cross trainers are amazing for low-impact exercise. Often, when we think of losing weight or doing cardio exercise, the treadmill is our first thought. However, the repetitive motion of our feet hitting the treadmill belt (or the concrete outside) can be difficult for people with joint pain issues such as runners knee. Those who are currently overweight may want a more intense cardio exercise than walking, but worry about the effect a high-impact hobby may have on knees, hips and ankles.

The elliptical machine is the solution. With your feet strapped in to steps, and your hands placed on handles, ellipticals are some of the most popular machines in the gym for a reason: people on ellipticals burn just as many calories as those on a treadmill, according to a study by University of Nebraska researchers. In addition, you can crank up the resistance, creating a full-body muscle-building exercise. Extra muscle will not only make you stronger itll also protect your joints in the future.

Just like the elliptical machine, the exercise bike is another cardio machine thats very effective for fat loss, and acts as a low-impact alternative to a treadmill. Exercise bikes, although keeping your glutes and torso stationary, dont have the same full-body range of motion as a treadmill or elliptical machine. However, what it lacks in use of your glutes and core, it more than makes up for if youve ever been to a spin class.

A spin class is a sweat session in which groups of people on exercise bikes are encouraged to cycle at a pace set by a trainer, often to music. With an encouraging yet competitive atmosphere, a motivated trainer and fast-paced, pumping tunes, you can imagine being spurred on to go the extra mile, burning a buffets worth of calories in the process. Whats more, not only do you burn calories during the class, but your dedication to the bike will result in an increase in metabolism.

Combined research published in the Journal of Education and Training Studies found that after a 45-minute spin class, participants metabolic rates were raised for up to 14 hours, causing your body to chew through fat and metabolize any extra food quickly, before it can go to your waistline.

Not only is spinning a great low-impact solution, but crucially, its fun. "Training should be something you enjoy, something thats exciting," says Lewis. "If you dont like running, you wont do it. There are so many different ways to train, which is why low-impact is such a good option. People think that to lose weight they need to run, or use a treadmill which can be off-putting." Exercise bikes are good cardio training, so they're ideal for low-impact workouts.

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Weve spoken a lot about cardiovascular exercise so far. But resistance training isnt just for those who want big arms and a six-pack. As well as a way to develop muscle and protect your joints, compound movements like squats, push-ups and deadlifts offer a fat-burning cardiovascular benefit.

Moves that involve lifting weights, resistance bands and bodyweight exercises even advanced compound moves such as deadlifts, squats and cleans all work on just one or two planes of motion. A deadlift, for example, has you moving a weight up and down off the floor. Its often seen as a potentially dangerous exercise if you lift too heavy with improper form, but if done with control and a manageable weight, the risk to your back is actually very low. The practice of lifting something and placing it down under control is a great way to develop muscle without harming your joints.

Compound movements will not only get you hench theyre also a great way to lose fat. The American Council on Exercise found that compound movements offer a cardiovascular benefit and involve multiple muscle groups, increasing the demand on your body and burning more calories in the process. Another combined study found that people who did resistance training lost fat and developed lean muscle, changing their body composition ratio, which is your bodys proportion of fat-to-muscle-to-bone. The more protective muscle and less fat you carry, the healthier your joints will tend to be.

You dont need a squat rack or heavy weights to start. You can perform simple exercises like the air squat and push-up to start getting the benefits of resistance training. If you cant yet do pull-ups, you could try the doorway curl featured in this video below, which will help train your back and biceps without causing you to jump up to grab the bar, or throw around heavy weights.

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Oct 5

The blood-pressure-lowering benefits of a DASH diet – The Globe and Mail

Eating the right diet and getting regular exercise are effective strategies to lower elevated blood pressure.

Clinical trials have found this to be true in people with hypertension (high blood pressure) who dont take blood-pressure-lowering drugs, as well as those who are treated with one or two medications.

Yet among people with high blood pressure that doesnt respond to drug therapy, called resistant hypertension, studies investigating the potential benefit of diet and exercise have been almost non-existent.

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Until now.

A randomized controlled trial from Duke University School of Medicine in Durham, N.C., demonstrated that the combination of diet, reducing sodium intake and exercise led to significant blood-pressure-lowering effects in people with resistant hypertension.

Hypertension, affecting almost one in four Canadians, is a leading preventable risk factor for heart disease, heart attack and stroke. Up to 30 per cent of people diagnosed with hypertension have resistant hypertension, defined as having a blood pressure reading that remains above target despite taking three or more blood-pressure-lowering drugs at optimal doses.

Over time, uncontrolled blood pressure is associated with a 50-per-cent greater risk of heart attack, stroke and cardiovascular death compared to controlled blood pressure.

The TRIUMPH study, published on Sept. 27 in the American Heart Associations journal Circulation, was the first to test the effect of comprehensive lifestyle modification on resistant hypertension. (TRIUMPH stands for Treating Resistant Hypertension Using Lifestyle Modification to Promote Health.)

For the four-month trial, 140 participants with resistant hypertension received either an intensive lifestyle intervention or standardized education and physician advice.

Those in the lifestyle intervention group were instructed how to follow the DASH diet with a calorie and sodium restriction. (DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension.) These participants also received feedback on their adherence to the diet during weekly 45-minute group sessions led by a dietitian and psychologist.

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The lifestyle intervention also included 30 to 45 minutes of biking and/or walking (and eventually jogging) three times a week under the supervision of an exercise physiologist.

Participants in the comparison group attended a one-hour educational session and received DASH diet materials. They were also given weight-loss targets and exercise goals which they were to achieve on their own.

All participants adhered to their blood pressure medication regimens during the study.

After 16 weeks, both groups experienced a significant reduction in blood pressure, comparable to that seen with blood-pressure-lowering medications.

Participants in the intensive lifestyle intervention group, however, achieved the greatest reduction in blood pressure. They also lost significantly more weight over the study period, 15 pounds versus 8.5 for those in the comparison group.

Diet and exercise modifications are often recommended before starting a medication to lower blood pressure. These new findings demonstrate that they are also an effective strategy when medications alone are not doing enough to manage blood pressure.

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The DASH diet, first proven to lower blood pressure in people with mild hypertension in 1997, focuses on fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy products, and beans, lentils, nuts and seeds. These foods supply plenty of calcium, magnesium and potassium, minerals that help regulate blood pressure.

The diet plan also emphasizes whole grains and limits red meat and sweets. It also limits foods high in saturated fat such as fatty meats, high-fat dairy products, butter and coconut oil. Sodium intake is restricted to 1,500 to 2,300 milligrams per day. (One teaspoon of table salt contains 2,300 milligrams of sodium.)

The DASH diet advises specific daily or weekly servings of food groups depending on your calorie needs.

A 1,600-calorie DASH diet recommends, for example, eating three to four vegetable servings, four fruit servings, six whole grain servings, two to three low-fat dairy servings, three to six lean protein servings and two unsaturated oil servings daily. A serving of beans, lentils, nuts or seeds is recommended three times per week.

One serving is equivalent to one half-cup cooked vegetables or one cup salad greens, one medium-sized fruit or one half-cup fresh fruit, one slice whole grain bread or one half-cup cooked grains, one cup milk or yogurt, one ounce cooked fish or meat, one teaspoon vegetable oil or two tablespoons salad dressing and one-third-cup nuts or one half-cup cooked beans or lentils.

Leslie Beck, a Toronto-based private practice dietitian, is director of food and nutrition at Medcan. Follow her on Twitter @LeslieBeckRD

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The blood-pressure-lowering benefits of a DASH diet - The Globe and Mail

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Oct 5

Diet Tip of the Week: Listen to your body – Kdminer

When we eat a meal, messages are sent from our body to our brain and from our brain to our body. The messages from our body are important to listen to!

Hi, this is Eunice from Diet Center.

Our taste buds may tell our brain how pleasant the flavors are. Enjoying tastes and textures are important to having a satisfying meal.

It takes about 20 minutes for our brain to recognize that our bodys needs have been met, and we are no longer hungry. This is important so that we dont overeat.

The messages from our brain to our body can be confusing. Its good if we listen to our brain telling us were full and to stop eating. Sometimes our brain may send messages that relate to our mental/emotional needs rather than physical needs. For example, the sight of food may have your brain thinking: I cant leave this much food on my plate and waste it; or I had a bad day, and ice cream will make me feel better. If its a special treat made by a loved one, your brain may say: I cant hurt my moms feelings and not eat her cake.

The messages we get when consuming a meal are important to listen to. We also need to be aware of which address physical needs, and which address emotional needs. Physically, our body needs food to obtain essential nutrients without excess calories, so that we can reach and maintain a healthy weight. Emotional needs can be taken care of without food.

Did you know that only 7% of the French population is obese compared to 30% of all Americans (having a BMI of 30 or greater)? Research shows that this is mostly attributed to portion size differences. A study compared the portion sizes of foods in Paris to the portions of foods in Philadelphia.

Researchers compared similar fast food chains, ice cream parlors, pizza shops and ethnic restaurants. The average portion in Philadelphia was 25% larger than in Paris. They also found that Chinese restaurants in Philadelphia served meals 72% larger than Chinese restaurants in Paris. In supermarkets, a candy bar was found to be 41% larger, soft drinks were 52% larger, and hot dogs were 63% larger in Philadelphia than the same items in Paris. Even a nutritious yogurt was 82% larger! American cookbooks were compared to French versions. They found that American recipes yield larger portions than the French versions.

The results of this study further stress the importance of practicing portion sizing to control weight, as your Diet Center program guides you to do. It also reflects the fact that people can be satisfied with less, but American culture encourages us to want more. While the focus here is portion size, nutritious choices are just as important to ones health.

Thank you for reading Diet Centers tip of the week. If youre struggling with weight loss, call 928-753-5066 or stop by 1848 Hope Ave. in Kingman.

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Diet Tip of the Week: Listen to your body - Kdminer

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Oct 5

New Study Claims The MIND Diet Can Help Prevent This Common Aging Problem | Eat This Not That – Eat This, Not That

By now, if you're interested in living a long, healthy life, you probably have some sense of how different foods affect your body. You may have even noticed, for instance, which breakfast foods leave you feeling groggy all day versus the ones that give you the energy boost you need in the morning.

Scientists continue to explore how what we eat affects not just our bodies but our minds, too. This is why the MIND diet is of particular interestit combines elements of the Mediterranean diet with those of the DASH diet to create a food plan designed to boost your cognitive health. New research finds that this diet can help older adults fight dementia, even when they have physical markers linked to Alzheimer's disease.

RELATED:The Best Foods for Your Brain After 50, Say Dietitians

The study, published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, looked at data from 569 deceased people. Researchers at Rush University Medical Center compared their performance on cognitive tests taken late in their lives to information about their diet as well as to their post-death autopsy reports. The researchers found that people who kept to the MIND diet performed better on the cognitive tests, even when their brains showed the physical signsplaques and tanglesthat are typically characteristic of Alzheimer's disease.

This suggests that the MIND diet could play a role in helping older adults keep their minds sharp, even as their bodies work against them.

"This study suggests our food choices can build resilience against cognitive decline as we age, even when the physical signs of Alzheimer's disease are present in the brain," Maggie Moon, MS, RD, best-selling author of The MIND Diet, told Eat This, Not That! in an interview. "That's especially important because drugs don't work, at least not right now. Even when they clear some of the plaques from the brain, they haven't been able to reduce or slow cognitive decline."

The name MIND diet is not just a statement of the diet's intended benefitsit's also an acronym. It stands for Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay. Researchers propose that the closer people stick to this diet, the lower their risk of Alzheimer's disease will be. Recommended foods on this diet include "leafy greens, a variety of vegetables, whole grains, olive oil, nuts, beans, berries, poultry, fish, and wine in moderation," says Moon.

"There are also a set of recommendations for foods to limit in your diet," says Julie Andrews, MS, RDN, CD, FAND, author of The Brain Health Cookbook: MIND Diet Recipes to Prevent Disease and Enhance Cognitive Power. "Those foods include fried foods, processed and red meat, whole-fat dairy, and sweets and pastries. These foods can still be included in your dietsay, if cheese is your favorite food, but it's recommended to limit them and focus more on the MIND diet superfoods."

The researchers behind this study also point to previous studies that suggest the foods in the MIND diet are rich in antioxidants, have anti-inflammatory properties, and are associated with protecting people's cognitive health.

For more on how to make food choices that will keep you sharp, be sure to check out these 10 Best Foods to Boost Brainpower. Then, don't forget to sign up for our newsletter!

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New Study Claims The MIND Diet Can Help Prevent This Common Aging Problem | Eat This Not That - Eat This, Not That

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Oct 5

GW Parkway will get restriping and road diet – WTOP

Starting on Tuesday, drivers on the southern portion of the George Washington Parkway will likely see road crews, lane closures and likely increased backups.

Starting Tuesday, drivers on the southern portion of the George Washington Parkway will likely see road crews, lane closures and likely increased backups.

Its part of the National Parks Services plan to restripe that part of the road and include a road diet to change one of the southbound lanes into a turning lane.

The project will focus on the George Washington Parkway from Alexandria, Virginia, all the way to its terminus near George Washingtons Mt. Vernon estate.

Were actually going to start restriping the parkway on the Mount Vernon side moving northbound. Well restripe, in kind, all the northbound lanes all the way to Alexandria. And then later this fall will begin restriping the southbound lanes, said Park Ranger Aaron LaRocca. Some of the restriping of the southbound lanes will also include reducing a lane southbound to create a traffic calming device known as a road diet.

Drivers will see this diet from Stratford Lane and Tulane Drive, or where the parkway does not have an existing median.

The service said a traffic study they conducted concluded the dieted road could handle the same traffic volume as the two-lane configuration.

Then at Bellevue and Belle Haven intersections with the parkway, well be putting some bollards in the roadway so that motorists have really clear defined movements that they can make through those intersections, LaRocca added.

Expect to see lane closures during weekdays. The National Park Service said crews will work on the northbound lanes starting at 9 a.m. and finish by 6:30 p.m. When they move to the southbound lanes, they will start earlier, at 5 a.m., and finish at 2 p.m. before the afternoon rush.

The changes are intended to make the parkway safer for drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists while maintaining its historic feel. In April, the park service announced the changes after concluding a yearslong safety study.

We undertook a study called the South Parkway Safety Study, where we went to the public kind of a two different occasions. Very early on in the study, we laid out a map of the parkway out onto the table and said, You use this road, what is your experiences? What are your suggestions for the park service to further evaluate about ways to improve safety? We took all of those different recommendations. We filtered them for what would be appropriate for national park in the southern section of the parkway, said LaRocca.

The project will likely finish by the end of the year.

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GW Parkway will get restriping and road diet - WTOP

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