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Feb 29

Gym boom helps to promote fitness throughout Lincoln – Lincoln Journal Star

All those with a New Years resolution to get more exercise have been in luck this winter.

The number of fitness centers in Lincoln has grown exponentially as gyms both large and small have been popping up around the city.

Many of the big gyms are moving into former retailers. Gone are the Gordmans and Kellys Carpets. In their place are large fitness centers with plenty of amenities to draw in those wanting a workout or those who just want to enjoy a sauna.

We want to promote a healthy lifestyle and offer people a hobby, form of therapy and sense of community, said Sara Ceballos, presale manager for Crunch Fitness. We hope to bring a sense of fulfillment to a persons life.

Crunch Fitness opened its new location in early January in the former Gordmans store at 5050 N. 27 St. The brand specifically focuses on opening facilities in college towns, and Ceballos said the chain's student-focused mission is reflected in the gym's pricing, with memberships ranging from $9.99-$29.99 a month.

These prices give people the option to start or continue on their fitness journey without making a big dent in their budget, said Ceballos.

With so many gyms in the area, how do individual facilities set themselves apart from the competitors and draw in potential members? That comes down to the gyms amenities and atmosphere.

Ceballos stressed the importance of catering to different interests.

We offer something for everybody, athlete or new to fitness, Ceballos said.

That includes group fitness classes, Olympic-style training machines and spa facilities. Crunch also offers in-house child care to parents who may want to get a workout without worrying about what to do with their kids.

We are very big on atmosphere, Ceballos said. Its important for us to be greeting everyone. We want to be that safe spot to help people start off in their fitness journeys.

In addition to the larger fitness centers opening around town, there have been several specialty gyms coming onto the fitness scene, which have a specific athletic focus or target clientele.

One new specialty gym opening soon in Lincoln is KidStrong located at SouthPointe Pavilions. Members can enroll their children in classes and camps that will help develop fitness and social skills. This format allows young athletes to build their strength while making new friends.

KidStrong is a gym specially designed to be a milestone accelerator for kids up to age 11, and it focuses on whole child development in three areas: the brain, physical fitness and character. The fitness curriculum at KidStrong is based on the latest developmental science in pediatric occupational therapy, child development, sports physiology and physical education.

Another recent addition to Lincolns specialty gyms has been Shoot 360, located at 2600 S. 48th St., a center specifically focused on teaching basketball skills by combining technology and athletics. The curriculum focuses on in-person skill development with digital gamification and virtual competition.

Breon Wilson of Lincoln, 13, practices shooting at Shoot 360 on Oct. 30. The specialty gym, 2600 S. 48th St., teaches basketball skills.

Shoot 360athletes can participate in one-on-one coaching sessions to work on their shooting, passing, ball handling and floor development. They will be able to apply those skills virtually and on the court.

Nick Bahe, who opened the gym with his brother Alex, told the Journal Star in November that he wanted to "give back to a place that has given me so much."

"This allows me to get out and reach kids, and teach kids, and make them fall in love with the game," said Bahe, who played basketball at Lincoln Southeast and in college at Kansas and Creighton, and now works as a television analyst for Fox.

Whether someone is wanting to get into fitness, looking for a new place to work out or trying to hone a new skill, there are several new options throughout Lincoln for people of all ages to get fit in 2024.

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Gym boom helps to promote fitness throughout Lincoln - Lincoln Journal Star

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Feb 29

Orioles Participate in Annual Health and Fitness Challenge – SRQ Daily Feb 29, 2024 – SRQ Magazine

RocketKids Article


THURSDAY FEB 29, 2024 |

Last week, as part of the annual Orioles Health & Fitness Challenge, Orioles pitchers Danny Coulombe and Jonathan Heasley joined the Oriole Bird to visit Oak Park School, a district center school that provides educational and therapeutic services to over 300 students with disabilities. Students participated in various fitness activities with Coulombe and Heasley, rotating through circuits where they practiced hitting, throwing, and balancing. The five-week Orioles Health & Fitness Challenge is offered each year in 10 Sarasota County schools for approximately 4,500 students in grades six through eight. Participating students earned an Orioles Health & Fitness t-shirt, and two free tickets to the Orioles Spring Training game on February 24. Participants also receive vouchers for complimentary concessions at the Orioles Fit Grill at Ed Smith Stadium. For more information about the challenge, visit

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Orioles Participate in Annual Health and Fitness Challenge - SRQ Daily Feb 29, 2024 - SRQ Magazine

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Feb 29

Product of the Week: ClassPass Offers Fitness Variety, Flexibility – Athletech News

The popular mobile booking platform has profoundly changed the boutique fitness sector since its inception in 2013 All products featured on Athletech News are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission

ClassPass was founded in 2013 by Payal Kadakia and Mary Biggins and has since shaken up the fitness and wellness industry. Acquired by Mindbody in 2021, the subscription service allows users to book classes and experiences at thousands of studios, gyms, salons, and spas using credits.

Classes are available in more than 2,500 cities worldwide, and the service also comes with over 4,000 on-demand workouts.

Now that in-person workouts are back and seemingly bigger than ever, Athletech News decided to give ClassPass a try.


For those who appreciate variety, ClassPass certainly delivers. It not only offers mainstream, nationwide studio brands like Barrys, Solidcore, and SoulCycle, but local establishments as well. The service is best for those who want to step outside their usual routine to try out more health and wellness businesses in their area. One of the best parts of using the app was getting to try all the studios in my area that I had long overlooked.

Each class or service is a listed number of credits, which depends on the time of day, user demand, and the number of times a user has visited. Membership costs range from as little as 6 credits to as many as 100 credits per month, which ranges from around $20-$200. Users can browse classes by credits, and many studios have a first-timers deal, so trying out different workouts and services is encouraged.

I found the process of hunting for deals enjoyable. If you have flexibility around timing, ClassPass could be a great fit, as credits go a lot further during off-hour workouts. There were also limited-time deals that provided great value. For example, some studios or services had a limited-time discount. ClassPass is also great for travelers, as it works in most major cities, so users can maintain their workout routine on the road.

The service also limits the number of workouts you can do at certain studios, which forces variety. Class reviews were moderately helpful for finding new spots, but most of the reviews were very positive: I was hard-pressed to find an overall studio rating under 4.7/5. There were also no written reviews, which could be a good value-add for the platform. Adding friends on the service also allows users to see where their connections are going for inspiration, which I also found to be a fun way to align workout schedules.

ClassPass also offers beauty and wellness services, which are easy to book. It requires a user request to book a service for a specific time, which the business then approves. My approvals were quick, generally just several hours, and I liked that I could make a reservation digitally even at small businesses.


Many of the downsides of ClassPass are area- and preference-dependent. For example, class credit costs unsurprisingly vary a lot by area. A class in New York will likely be more expensive than one in Washington D.C. or Boston. Convenience also obviously varies by location; for example, in certain parts of New York City, there are very few businesses available on ClassPass, but in others, there is one on every block.

Most of the hidden gem classes are around 3-4 credits in bigger cities, larger studios are 5-10 credits, and popular workouts like Solidcore, SoulCycle, and CorePower Yoga are 10-14+ credits. The popular studios also book up quickly in some areas.

One downside of the service is that the number of credits a user can roll over month to month is dependent on membership tier. For example, if you buy 18 credits per month, you can only roll over 18 credits. For those hoping to save up credits for a larger service like a massage, that might not be possible if you have a lower-credit membership. Adding credits is possible but might not make sense financially depending on the desired service.

Lastly, although this is typical in the world of workout studios, cancellation fees are high. This provides built-in accountability, but also might not be best for those who have variable schedules.

Final Thoughts

Overall, ClassPass is a great service that will add variety to your workout and wellness routines. For those with flexible schedules, credits will likely go further, but it can drive value for all users who have enough participating businesses in their area.

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Product of the Week: ClassPass Offers Fitness Variety, Flexibility - Athletech News

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Feb 29

DITV: Army ROTC Begins New Fitness Exams – UI The Daily Iowan

Jayce Bertrand, DITV Reporter he/him/his Jayce is a reporter for DITV, as well as the Production Director for KRUI. I'm in the Class of 2026, majoring in English and Creative Writing and minoring in News and Media Literacy. he enjoys reporting on news, culture, and art.

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DITV: Army ROTC Begins New Fitness Exams - UI The Daily Iowan

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Feb 29

Fitness Industry Vet Finds the Perfect Fit as MADabolic Franchisee – Athletech News

A longtime former Golds Gym staffer, Adam McLeod has found a winning business model in MADabolics group strength and conditioning approach

The boutique fitness space is exceedingly crowded, so how does a brand stand out to consumers, coaches and franchisees?

It differentiates.

MADabolic is the industrys leading group strength and conditioning franchise. This sets it apart from the rest, but the discerning factors go well beyond the workout modality.

Athletech News talked to MADabolic franchisee, Adam McLeod, who launched his Plano, Texas, studio in 2022 and will open two more studios in the Dallas area very soon.

Ive aligned myself with a brand, workout and franchise that fills a need, and alongside my members remarkable results, Im seeing great success, he says.

McLeods career is steeped in fitness. Having worked for 15 years in varied capacities for Golds Gym, followed by two years running operations for a Crunch Fitness Franchise group, he caught the entrepreneurial bug and began researching franchise options in the boutique studio space.

I looked at everything and started to see a huge gap, he said. There was and is such a lopsided focus on HIIT and high cardio programs centered around calorie-burn only, and the pivotal piece of fitness strength training seemed to have been overlooked.

He then discovered MADabolic.

This looked different than anything else to me, he said. MADabolic has the strength, structure and accountability that are all missing from other brands and programs. This is no-frills, scientifically proven programming that works, and I knew it would resonate with fitness enthusiasts and athletes alike.

Now, two years in, when asked how his work as a MADabolic franchise owner compares to his past experiences in fitness, he speaks to the relationships and the results.

I am helping people to move better and feel better, he says. We have a close community here that is getting stronger and fitter together, and I have such a sense of pride in being able to do this through MADabolic.

Pushing Properly

In terms of the workouts, McLeod uses the words intense and elite level. He says they are designed to build lean muscle and speed up metabolism while focusing on form and injury prevention.

MADabolic applies one-on-one coaching to a group setting, run by movement specialists that ensure proper form and technique, he explains. This is not about doing as many reps as fast as you can because that formula just breeds injury. We control time under tension, and the coaches push but they push properly.

There are five movements per class, which is a format that McLeod says allows the coach to govern the flow and offer personal attention and corrective feedback.

There are three different class formats named Momentum, Anaerobic and Durability that are based on work-to-rest ratios. Momentum classes are endurance- and athletic-based. Anaerobic is about speed and power. Durability focuses on stamina with more time under tension.

These are solid, performance-driven workouts delivered with education around proper movement, says McLeod.

Getting Gritty for Better Results

About the experience MADabolic delivers, Mcleod says it can be gritty.

We dont sugar-coat things here, he explains. These classes are about getting in and getting to work and getting better results than anywhere else.

The brands motto is Work. Rest. Repeat.

We want every individual to achieve sustainable results, he says. Recovery is built into the programming and that is so important. We work hard to educate our members on the proper ways to train and rest. The maximum number of days in the studio we recommend per week is four.

First-Class Franchise Support

The MADabolic corporate team prides itself on the unabridged support it offers franchisees, and McLeod appreciates this.

I work very closely with the corporate team and its crystal clear that they will do everything to ensure each location succeeds, he says. There is also a lot of thought that goes into choosing the right franchisees and the team is growing the brand methodically not too quickly.

Making a Difference

McLeod says the impetus behind his career in fitness is his desire to make a difference in peoples lives. Its clear he feels that hes found this with MADabolic.

I have members thank me every day, he notes. People tell me they cant believe how they used to look compared to how they look now. The program really does that. It helps people move better, drop inches and feel stronger.

When asked about his future with MADabolic, McLeod says he sees great growth potential. MADabolic today has 32 units open and operating with another 80+ in development, and that growth is happening fast.

Im glad I got in on the ground floor and can grow as the brand expands and as more and more people realize the amazing results they can obtain with MADabolic, McLeod says.

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Fitness Industry Vet Finds the Perfect Fit as MADabolic Franchisee - Athletech News

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Feb 29

Katie Austin Launches Bridal Fitness Program With Cute Wedding-Inspired Event – Yahoo Life

After weeks of buildup, California-based fitness instructor Katie Austin just kicked off her highly-anticipated bridal fitness series with a bang. Though she hasnt yet released any classes geared toward glowing with her fellow brides, as she described it in a recent Instagram post, she celebrated the impending release of the program with a fabulously bridal-themed workout at Bandier in Los Angeles.

Much like her other live workout classes, the afternoon sweat session involved a perfectly planned set from the fitness instructor, who has a knack for crafting effective workouts. But unlike some of her other live sessions, this one was essentially dipped in whitea tribute to the wedding theme of the upcoming series.

By that, we mean that the all of the aesthetics and decordown to the mats and the outfits worn by each woman attendingwere a bright white, leaving no doubt about the theme of the class. In addition to a workout, the afternoon included a bridal bouquet bar, allowing guests to leave with both a post-workout glow and a sweet floral arrangement.

No better way to kick off a new @katieaustinapp program than throwing an IRL event!!! Austin wrote in an Instagram post commemorating the event. Today I hosted the cutest FIANC FITNESS CLASS to introduce my new BRIDAL PROGRAM.

The 30-year-old will be tying the knot with fianc Lane Armstrong in May this year. With the date quickly approaching, she plans to do everything in her power to feel her best on her big daystarting, of course, with movement (and her new series).

The rest is here:
Katie Austin Launches Bridal Fitness Program With Cute Wedding-Inspired Event - Yahoo Life

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Feb 29

Core Health & Fitness Overcomes Supply Chain Challenges with Redwood Logistics’ Innovative Integrated Solutions – TradingView

CHICAGO, Feb. 28,2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) Core Health & Fitness, a leading manufacturer, seller, installer, and supporter of high-quality commercial fitness equipment, has recently turned supply chain challenges presented by the pandemic into a strength by partnering with Redwood Logistics, one of the fastest growing Fourth Party Logistics (4PL) providers in North America. Core Health & Fitness selected Redwood to deliver end-to-end visibility via a fully integrated solution, enhancing its global manufacturing supply chain.

Core Health & Fitness not only manufactures a wide variety of its own products but also acts as the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for many top-tier brands in the fitness industry. The pandemic strained their already complicated global supply chain, due to changing customer habits. With a firm commitment to enhancing the customer experience during this time, Core Health & Fitness sought a logistics partner with staying power.

"Our partnership with Redwood Logistics has been instrumental in overcoming the supply chain challenges brought forth by the pandemic," said Ken Eastman, Chief Information Officer, Core Health & Fitness. "Redwood's robust, fully integrated solution has provided us with the end-to-end visibility we required to enhance our global manufacturing supply chain. We're now not only able to ensure a seamless customer experience, but also to further solidify our commitment to quality and innovation in the fitness industry."

Redwood delivered a unique combination of logistics execution and supply chain technology to improve overall business processes, service, and experience for Core Health & Fitness customers and internal stakeholders. Oracle OTM and GTM implementation and integration formed the starting point to upgrade Core Health & Fitness tech stack. Redwood also integrated project44 into the solution via RedwoodConnect for enhanced visibility. Furthermore, Redwood analyzed LTL data, determining that LTL rate savings could fund some of the technology enhancements.

"Core Health & Fitness demonstrates today's need for shippers to implement a modern 4PL. By utilizing our logistics execution and supply chain technology expertise, our modern 4PL strategy helps our clients navigate the complex challenges of both physical and digital supply chains. Our 4PL approach is built upon RedwoodConnect, offering customers like Core Health the ability to leverage an open ecosystem app store for logistics to drive value across the organization," stated Michael Reed, Chief Product Officer at Redwood.

The results have been transformative. Redwood drove nearly 9% LTL savings for Core Health & Fitness, enabling them to invest in technology upgrades that provide end-to-end visibility now and mitigate the ongoing maintenance and support requirements of their future state logistics technology. With increased visibility and nimbleness, Core Health & Fitness can now integrate its entire global supply chain to provide agile service to its customers and partners without being hampered by a legacy framework.

For more information on Redwoods modern 4PL work with Core Health & Fitness, click here.

About Redwood Logistics

Redwood Logistics, a leading logistics platform company and modern 4PL headquartered in Chicago, has provided solutions for moving and managing freight for more than 21 years. The companys diverse portfolio includes digital freight brokerage and flexible freight management all wrapped into a revolutionary logistics and technology delivery modelLogistics Platform as a Service (LPaaS). LPaaS utilizes an open platform for digital logistics that empowers shippers to seamlessly mix-and-match partners, technologies and solutions into their own unique digital supply chain fingerprint. Redwood connects a wide range of customers to the power of supply chain management, technology and the industrys brightest minds. For more information, visit

About Core Health & Fitness

Core Health & Fitness is the global partner youve been looking for. A vertically integrated company, we manufacture, sell, install and support high quality commercial fitness equipment and digital solutions for our iconic brands; StairMaster, Schwinn, Nautilus, Star Trac, Throwdown and Wexer.

We understand the importance of a worldwide presence and recognize the benefits of well networked partnerships. From space design and equipment selection, to introducing technology, flooring and recovery space partners; Core has a global network to meet your every need from concept to installation and through fitness programming and maintenance.

Our promise is to maximize customer delight and trust. It is our job to go above and beyond to create memorable customer experiences and surpass your expectations. We endeavor to create strong relationships and lifelong brand advocates by delivering a world-class customer experience.


Tyler Thornton



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Core Health & Fitness Overcomes Supply Chain Challenges with Redwood Logistics' Innovative Integrated Solutions - TradingView

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Feb 29

Konsa hands Villa fitness boost – Yardbarker

Aston Villa have received a timely boost regarding their fitness situation this week.

The Midlands club had been relying on Ezri Konsa in the heart of their defence.

However, the 26-year-old has been out of action with a knee injury since their 6-0 win over Sheffield United.

Konsa had started every Premier League game since Unai Emery took over before that game.

The club put out a video on social media this week, showing Konsa walking out to training.

There is also the caption Miss Me?" within the video, which references the fans' desire to see him back soon.

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Konsa hands Villa fitness boost - Yardbarker

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Feb 29

Technical Analysis of Planet Fitness TradingView News – TradingView

Planet Fitness Inc. (PLNT) is a well-known fitness center operator that offers affordable and accessible gym memberships to individuals of all fitness levels. With a focus on creating a non-intimidating and judgment-free environment, PLNT aims to make fitness accessible to everyone.

Currently, the trend of PLNT stock is described as incredibly messy. A messy trend refers to a lack of clear direction or consistency in the stock's price movements. It suggests that the stock is experiencing frequent fluctuations and lacks a well-defined trend.

Traders and investors analyzing PLNT should exercise caution and consider strategies that account for the unpredictable nature of the stock's price movements. It is important to closely monitor the stock's behavior and use additional technical indicators or tools to identify potential trading opportunities.

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Technical Analysis of Planet Fitness TradingView News - TradingView

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Feb 29

Eastpointe Health & Fitness in Atlantic Highlands is a family affair – Asbury Park Press wants to ensure the best experience for all of our readers, so we built our site to take advantage of the latest technology, making it faster and easier to use.

Unfortunately, your browser is not supported. Please download one of these browsers for the best experience on

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Eastpointe Health & Fitness in Atlantic Highlands is a family affair - Asbury Park Press

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