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Mar 28

Campus Recreation and Wellness to Offer Virtual Group Fitness Classes – UKNow

LEXINGTON, Ky. (March 27, 2020) Campus Recreation and Wellness is excited to offervirtual group fitness classes for all University of Kentucky students, facultyand staff. The group fitness classes are being taught through Facebook Live in a private group.

In order to gain access to these classes, participantsmust fill out the interest form at then log onto Facebook,search for the group "UK Campus Recreation and Wellness Virtual Fitness,"and ask to join the group. From here, Campus Recreation and Wellness will check that you are a student, faculty or staff member at UKand accept your request.

These group fitness classes will include but are not limited to formats such as yoga, bootcamp, kickboxingand total body sculpt. The great thing about these classes is that they require no gym equipment, although some do suggest having household items (such as water bottles, brooms, food cans, etc.) to use as weights.All classes welcome all fitness levels, and you will not need to register ahead of time just log onto Facebook from the comfort of your home (you will not be seen by others on Facebook live).

"Campus Recreation and Wellness wanted to provide a healthy outlet for all UK students and employees during this time of unknown and isolation," said Lindsey Peterson, memberships and marketing director for Campus Recreation and Wellness. "We strive to always provide quality recreation and wellness programs and services for the campus community, and being away from campus will not stop us from supporting student success and promoting healthy lifestyles."

In addition, Campus Recreation and Wellness is also offering virtual wellness coaching and virtual Koru classesand hopes to provide more virtual programming eventually.More information about all of these programs can be found on the Campus Recreation and on social media (Twitter andInstagram - @UKCampusRecwell; Facebook - UKCampusRec).

Check out a schedule of classes in the downloads on the right side of this page.

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Campus Recreation and Wellness to Offer Virtual Group Fitness Classes - UKNow

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Mar 28

Fitness Expert Offers 29 Creative and Effective Home Workout Hacks –

Lets face it right now, the gym isnt an option for most of us. And who knows how long itll be before the doors open again so we can kiss the floor and thank the fitness gods for access into the gates of gains.

Plus, not everyone has a home gym setup which means we must opt for plan C aka home workouts. And yes, we know, its not the same. But we want to remind you of far weve come regarding home workout creativity.

Well, Jeff Cavaliere, M.S.P.T, CSCS (Athlean X YouTube channel) is at the forefront of offering creative ideas for fitness lovers with limited resources. And his 9+ million YouTube followers are a testament to his ability to innovate and provide even better solutions for fitness, in general.

So in one of his more recent videos, Cavaliere shared 29 home exercise hacks for total body training. You may already have the items that he uses in the video at home. But if you dont, theyre not a big investment anyway, although he also shows some alternatives.

So after Jeff and assistant Jesse (who weve all come to love over the years) did one of their humor skits about current events (you should watch it), the former got straight into it his best hacks.

Heres what Jeff Cavaliere uses for each exercise and weve included important details from the video which you can also find below

Cavaliere starts us off in the kitchen first and offers several awesome exercise options that you may have already been familiar with. A counter with a v shape is awesome for doing dips that can target more of the chest (lean forward) or triceps (remain upright) depending on how you position your body.

Either way, itll still activate both muscles. Then, you can turn your body away from the counters to do core (abs and obliques) exercise variations that involve lifting your legs.

He then tells us to use a table or the same kitchen counter to do rows that target the back muscles. You can vary your grip width or use an underhand grip to do chin curls which will really involve the biceps. Theres a lot of stuff here you can do guys in your kitchen. You just got to open your mind to the possibilities, says Cavaliere.

Using your stairs is one of the best ways to train your legs. You literally have the option for unlimited height elevation to make your lunges, step-ups, and two-legged jumps more challenging. Plus, you can elevate your feet on the stairs and do push-ups to emphasize the upper chest. This is more challenging than a standard push-up.

Now, of course, not everyone has a staircase. So if you have a solid, elevated platform such as a wooden box, bench, sturdy chair, or anything else similar, youre good to go.

If you dont have access to free weights, no worries. Cavaliere recommends using a 40-pounds jug of water. Not to mention, these containers are equipped with a sturdy built-in handle. Its great if you have two of these but of course, its not a big deal if you only have one.

But if you have two, you can pick them up and walk for a distance which builds grip, core strength/stability, posterior chain/posture, work capacity and more.

Other options are the clean, shoulder press variations, and Russian twists for your core (very challenging with 40 pounds).

Cavalier mentioned the fact that the water moving back and forth (he calls it slash factor) in the jug provides an element of stability. You got to slow down the rep and make sure youre in control at all times, and thats not really a bad thing.

Who doesnt have a doorway, right? Well, there are so many great exercises you can do for your back which Cavaliere explained is a more difficult area of the body to train at home. You can also do some shoulder training as well.

His first option is the pull-up or chin-up on the door jam which may or may not be possible depending on the design. But thats one great option if you dont a pull-up bar. The next option is a row variation that you can do by holding the sides of the door and pulling yourself up.

But youll need to have a step that goes lower than the door on the other side to create optimal leverage. Lastly, you can do an isometric hold to work the deltoids by pressing the top of your hands into the doorframe. This also makes for a great finisher shoulder exercise.

A mop handle apparently isnt just for cleaning floors but rather, it can also be used as a pull-up bar. Well, if you have two chairs or sturdy items/platforms that you can place next to each then youre in business. Just place the bar over the top and do any grip variation of a pull-up or chin-up.

You can also do ab twists which are great for improving your six-pack. Lastly, use a mop or broom handle to do stretches and mobilization work. Cavaliere mentioned the value of mobilizing the thoracic spine which can be done properly using a mop.

If you dont have a dog, thats ok. See if someone has an extra one or pick one up for cheap. It makes a great dip belt alternative that you can add weight to and do either dips or pull-ups. Or you can toss it around a bar overhead and do some assisted stretching by holding one end and pulling on the other.

The last option Jeff Cavaliere offers is to wrap the leash around an overhead bar, clip it together and use it as a suspension trainer which is where the mop comes in handy again.

Rather than spending money on moving sliders, Cavaliere says a few Tupperware covers will do the same thing. Use a slippery surface to do floor slides that also involve the quads due to the nature of the movement. Its an effective, overall lower body exercise.

You can also just wear socks and youll get the same effect on a slippery surface. For ab and back work, you can slide on your knees to do reverse crunches or pull yourself forward using your hands to train the lats.

Where would you get all of this amazing information without the internet? Theres a lot of great content out there for home workouts and Athlean X is a top go-to source.

Jeff Cavaliere ended with a few words of encouragement

Im encouraging you guys, dont let this get you down. The fact that youre not in your gym right now doesnt mean you should stop working out entirely.

And, of course, you can check out his channel for more awesome home workouts

There are so many awesome home exercise ideas that we couldnt possibly list them all.

But we have some really awesome and effective hacks from a fitness expert that involves using the following objects

There are plenty of effective bodyweight exercises/variations. Plus, you can get creative and utilize your resources that will allow you to make consistent progress.

There are so many amazing options for getting an effective workout at home and with minimal equipment.

Vary your body angle, utilize elevated surfaces, use different hand placements/width, incorporate resistance bands, and use durable items to load up more weight for additional resistance.

There are so many great ways to increase the difficulty of bodyweight exercises.

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Fitness Expert Offers 29 Creative and Effective Home Workout Hacks -

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Mar 28

The FBI Fitness App Defeated Me – GQ

At-home fitness is, unfortunately, having a moment. Everyone has vowed to become super hot and super fit during this period of social distancing, right? So, for some reason, the Federal Bureau of Investigation decided they had to get a piece of the current workout madness: Whatever junior-level paper pusher that runs the FBIs Twitter account tweeted out a link to the Bureaus physical fitness test app on Monday. My first thought was that this represented the moment that socially distanced fitness jumped the shark. My second though was to see if I had what it takes to be an agent.

Its worth mentioning here that the app asks for some wildly invasive access to your phoneostensibly to time your runs via GPS. Right. Luckily, this handy Special Agent Selection Process brochure has all of the same Physical Fitness Test (PFT) protocols in it, if you want to keep your options to run an international drug syndicate or what have you.

Theres not much to the app, and its similarly a straightforward, old-school test. Do as many continuous sit-ups as you can in 60 seconds, run 300 meters, do as many continuous push ups as you can in 60 seconds, run 1.5 miles, and, if youre in the Tactical Recruitment Program (TRP), max out on pull-ups. Since I am (a) not in the TRP and (b) social distancing doesnt exactly mix with doing pull-ups at a crowded playground, I skipped pullups. (Also I can only do approximately 1.5 pullups.)

The exercises are done in the order mentioned above on a 400-meter regulation track, with five minutes rest between. But for our purposes I hit the Hudson River Greenway in Manhattan for a 1.5 miler followed by 300 meters with a Garmin GPS watch, then I did situps and pushups in the comfort of my apartment. The test is scored by each individual event. Notch 12 points and you pass. On to Quantico.

After my warmup, as I waited to start my 1.5 miler, a fit young dude walked by wearing a backpack with 45 pounds worth of weights on it. Very Mad Max. I asked himfrom six feet awaywhat he was doing. Pool is closed, so I cant swim, he said. Walking five miles every-other-day with 45 pounds on my back to stay fit.

Were all acclimating to this new normal. I found out yesterday that the spring marathon I was going to run was, thankfully, canceled. (Every runner you encounter on a Zoom call over the next four months will tell you this exact same thing, unsolicited.) My goal for the 1.5 miler was to break 10 minutes, which would give me six points and a solid head start on 12. I clocked in at 10:06 (there was a headwind), which gave me five.

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The FBI Fitness App Defeated Me - GQ

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Mar 28

Fit Friday: Redemption Fitness hopes to keep you in shape while staying inside – News3LV

Fit Friday: Redemption Fitness hopes to keep you in shape while staying inside  News3LV

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Fit Friday: Redemption Fitness hopes to keep you in shape while staying inside - News3LV

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Mar 28

LOCAL BIZ UPDATES: SoundYoga; Fitness Together-West Seattle; Fit4Mom – West Seattle Blog

Though fitness studios had to close in the governors first wave of business shutdowns more than a week and a half ago, many in West Seattle are thriving online. Here are notes on three:

SOUNDYOGA (WSB sponsor): Longtime yoga instructor Chris Dormaier sent the image:

Chris reports, We have gone totally online and it has been working well and fun! You can check out the online classes by going to

FITNESS TOGETHER-WEST SEATTLE (WSB sponsor): Fitness Together is offering virtual 1-on-1 live training sessions during the temporary shutdown of the studio. You can try one for free email They report, Our clients are surprised at what a great workout they are getting!

FIT4MOM WEST SEATTLE: This Admiral-based business is offering online fitness classes and kids playgroups to give their community a way to stay healthy and connected. That includes online workout classes 18 times per week for all paying members. And free playgroups, activities, crafts and even Mom Chats at least 3 times per week for anyone. In addition, new moms are invited to join the community and get access to all of the workouts and playgroups.

More business updates tomorrow!

The rest is here:
LOCAL BIZ UPDATES: SoundYoga; Fitness Together-West Seattle; Fit4Mom - West Seattle Blog

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Mar 28

Fitness Enthusiasts Think Outside the Gym During Coronavirus – The New York Times

Part of the reason we exercise is to have that mental break," she said. "I cant imagine getting through this without having some form of physical activity.

In Fort Lauderdale, LA Fitness members were told not to return as they left the gym last Monday night. That scene has played out across the country as state governments have ramped up containment measures. Planet Fitness, Equinox and Life Time Fitness have all said theyre closing outlets for several weeks or indefinitely in response to the coronavirus.

To make up for it, Planet Fitness started Home Work-Ins," a series of free, 20-minute classes that don't require equipment. Erica Lugo, a trainer on the reality television show The Biggest Loser," was scheduled to lead one of the workouts.

National chain CorePower Yoga closed its 200 studios, but is offering online classes free until May 31. Taryn Toomey closed her New York studios, but is offering two weeks of free streaming as a public service, which she said has drawn participants from around the globe.

"Lebanon, Germany, Spain, Italy. It's overwhelming, Toomey said.

Fitness operations whose core business has always been online or home-based are also stepping up their game, using the opportunity to capture new clients. AloMoves, an online fitness service linked to the popular apparel line, has seen a 40% increase on its YouTube channel, where it is offering some free workouts.

The at-home workout company ob has had 10 times the number of sign-ups this month compared with last, according to co-founders Mark Mullett and Ashley Mills. They said the company also has received tons of requests from desperate parents now that schools are being canceled. Last week, ob launched four 10-minute dance and strength workouts for kids 10 and under.

Peloton, a company that sells high-end stationary bicycles and treadmills featuring instructors who give live and videotaped classes, has extended its free trial period to 90 days.

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Fitness Enthusiasts Think Outside the Gym During Coronavirus - The New York Times

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Mar 28

Fitness equipment fenced off along Bayshore to prevent spread of COVID-19 – FOX 13 Tampa Bay

Tampa, Hillsborough prepare to stay at home

Josh Cascio reports

TAMPA, Fla. - On Friday, city of Tampa employees fenced off the fitness equipment along Bayshore Blvd. to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

All Tampa Parks and Recreation facilities closed on March 14 due to the coronavirus pandemic. This includes all pools, beaches and dog beaches.

RelatedClosings and cancellations in Tampa Bay area due to coronavirus

Plus, all activities and events have been canceled until further notice.

For the latest information, the city of Tampa asks residents to sign up for notifications by texting "TampaReady" or "TampaLista" to 888-777.

If you feel sick:

The Florida Department of Health has opened a COVID-19 Call Center at1-866-779-6121. Agents will answer questions around the clock.Questions may also be emailed Email responses will be sent during call center hours.

LINK:Florida's COVID-19 website

CORONAVIRUS IN FLORIDA:What youneed to know


Map of known COVID-19 cases:

MOBILE APP USERS: Click here for map

Fitness equipment fenced off along Bayshore to prevent spread of COVID-19 - FOX 13 Tampa Bay

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Mar 28

36-year-old fitness instructor with coronavirus urges people to heed safety measures – WITI FOX 6 Milwaukee

Getty Images

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) Until recently 36-year-old Natalie Kikkenborg was a vibrant fitness instructor and mother in good health. But on the morning of March 11, 2020 she woke up feeling slightly tired.

Figuring it was just her busy schedule she didnt think much of it until her morning fitness class was almost done.

In the last five minutes of the class, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I got pains in my hip joints and knees. My quads got that sense of malaise, body ache feeling and I knew something was up. I went home and took my temperature and had a slightly elevated temp and within three hours that temperature went up to 102 degrees and stayed there for five days, said Kikkenborg.

Kikkenborg was able to use over the counter medications and her appetite remained, although without a complete sense of taste or smell. She also drank a lot of beverages with electrolytes.

She says it was the most ill she has ever felt.

I got completely knocked down. I couldnt get out of bed, the temperature and fatigue was like nothing I had ever felt before and I hope to never feel that sick again, but I basically just layed in bed and did nothing but sweat for five days, it was horrible, says Kikkenborg.

When she was feeling better Kikkenborg attempted to get tested for coronavirus. Since it was early in the testing response efforts she had to do research.

Finally, her neighbor told her about a doctor who was doing drive-through testing in a Fairfield County parking lot. She signed up online and drove through, getting tested. The results came back positive.

Kikkenborg remains in quarantine and must have two negative coronavirus tests before she is cleared to leave her home. In the meantime, friends are bringing her groceries.

She wants people to know how important staying home is right now.

If you think social distancing doesnt apply to you or that its OK because the kids are home to get the neighborhood kids together for a play date, or just go hang out at a friends house, it is not. It is not OK. This is our social responsibility right now to maintain social distancing, stay home, stay in now for the short term so we dont have to stay in for the long term. Its the only way we are going to take care of this problem, says Kikkenborg.


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36-year-old fitness instructor with coronavirus urges people to heed safety measures - WITI FOX 6 Milwaukee

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Mar 28

With fitness centers closed, just be who you are, and a beacon to others – Wilmington News Journal, OH

WILMINGTON With locals trying their best to keep active during this time of isolation, gym owners and trainers are doing their part to help.

One of those is Hawken Lewis, a personal trainer at Vital Fitness in Wilmington and EVO Fit Club in Maineville, and at his own personal training business GroundZero Coaching.

Lewis isnt a big fan of the gyms closing.

Not only is it part of my livelihood, but its a huge part of my life that has helped frame who I am, said Lewis. To be successful in anything in life. I feel you need to be: hardworking, dedicated, a great work ethic, a want to learn and, most of all, consistent.

I found out to have results in the gym, you need to apply all of the above.

Because of his faith, Lewis knows this is going to come to an end and life will get back to normal.

Since the beginning, Ive been calm. Its actually pretty weird, Lewis said.

At the moment, all of his clients have received at-home workouts to do with minimal to no equipment. As most people were not prepared, he doesnt expect them to have that much equipment at home.

I reached out to find what they had, then programmed accordingly, he said.

Hes also started doing live workouts at 5 a.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday on Facebook. On Tuesday and Thursday, he posts videos of certain exercises and hell post a written workout explaining the exercises.

Starting next week hes excited to try out an application called Zoom where he can do live workouts and see all his clients and others at the same time. There they can do a live workout together and he can interact with them.

This is a tough time for everyone and a lot of peoples stress levels are going through the roof with what they are going to do or how they will make it, said Lewis. The gym was an outlet for them. Not only physical but mentally as well. So I wanted to give them something that would help them out and get away from life from 30 minutes to an hour.

Any way I can do my part, I will, he added.

Lewis offers this advice: Be consistent with who you are.

Dont look at this as a time to change everything because of the situation we are in. Look at it as a time to remain consistent with your daily rituals to help you remain mentally clear and stable through these uncertain times, he said.

Also, these are dark days for most of the world. So instead of looking at it as a reason to be down and depressed, try and be the light for others around you. By being the light and the beacon for those around you, they can look at you for strength and stability in these troubling times.

He believes if more people do that, society will be a lot brighter.

A sign of the times for local gyms including Vital Fitness.

Trainer: With gyms closed, be true to yourself

Original post:
With fitness centers closed, just be who you are, and a beacon to others - Wilmington News Journal, OH

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Mar 28

Stretching the limits of fitness at home –

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) Local instructor Kendra Brouwer has been doing yoga for the better part of 13 years. With the pandemic urging us to stay home-bound shes finding new ways to adjust.

Shifting her classroom to chat room wasnt an easy stretch.

It takes a little bit to get used to, but once you do it one time it makes a little more sense, Brouwer said.

Up until a couple of weeks ago she hosted classes in her Kosha Yoga School. She now uses Zoom in response to COVID-19. She says that just because we have to be isolated doesnt mean we have to stay still.

Its really important to get your body moving; its good for you lymphatic system which is where your immune system is, Brouwer said.

Shes joined by regular members of her class like Carol Van Winkle, who are also adjusting.

Its nice. You dont have to go outside. You dont have to rush to get down to the studio, so, no its awesome, Kosha Student Carol Van Winkle said.

While home can be a potentially distracting space, Brouwer says it could be a benefit to newcomers.

Maybe being able to come to practice from the comfort of their own home has been good for people, plus theyre looking for something to do and need a little bit of that outlet, Brouwer said.

I pretty well keep focused at home but I do miss the socialization of being with the people at the studio, Van Winkle said.

The group also takes time before and after the sessions to chat and check-in on each others well being.

Theyre the faces of those people you havent seen in a couple of weeks, and we miss each other, Brouwer said.

With every class, they dont feel so far out of reach

It keeps me moving, it keeps you know everything active which is good because Im old, Van Winkle said

You can visit Kosha Yoga Schools website to find a list of classes and scheduling.

Here is the original post:
Stretching the limits of fitness at home -

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