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Nov 23

MJ Wixsom: Heartworms are serious pet threat – The Tribune – Ironton Tribune

The recent rains have produced swarms of mosquitos.

Getting the pups out of the truck, I paused and slapped my arm.

Three mosquitoes died from the single slap, with two that had fresh blood.

As I removed them from my arm, I thought it would be a banner year for mosquito-borne diseases and heartworms.

But in an exam room last week, I gave my lesson on heartworms and heartworm preventative to a client.

Then I listened to the client discuss that they did not want to put their pets on heartworm preventative.

I know that there are different levels of care that people want for different pet and that money is often an issue and I let it go.

But later that night, I realized that many clients dont really understand why their dog needs heartworm medication.

Heartworm disease starts when a mosquito bites an infected dog. The microfilaria is taken up with the blood and move to the mosquito kidneys for two weeks of growth.

The slightly larger larvae are then deposited on the skin when the mosquito bites again.

The larvae quickly burrow into the skin and the capillaries of the skin. (By the way, over seventy species of mosquitos can transmit heartworm larvae.)

Once back into a dog (or ferret or cat), the larvae grow and molt and grow and molt again.

They outgrow the capillaries and start moving to the heart and lungs. The worms can be ten to fourteen inches long by the time they are living in the ventricles of the heart.

The foot-long worms then get together, mate and have babies. (The males can be differentiated from the females by a corkscrew shaped tail that holds on to the female to assist in mating.) These babies are picked up by a mosquito and the cycle starts all over again.

Cats, ferrets, foxes and some other animals all can get heartworms, but they may have some natural immunity that makes them not as susceptible.

Coyotes get heartworms about as often as dogs. (When I was in vet school, I concurrently worked on my masters degree and studied over 500 coyotes and foxes for heartworm prevalence. I received research awards and presented at national conferences.)

A foot-long worm in a small pet heart is bad news.

Heartworms damage the lining of the lungs and cause thrombotic events (clots) and granulomas due to dead or dying worms.

The constant cracking the whip motion of the worms in the blood vessels cause the pulmonary vessels to become thickened and tortuous.

The worms cause the valves to leak causing a reduction in cardiac output and pulmonary hypertension. The right side of the heart enlarges and can fail.

Although in the early stages a pet can look normal, severe or long term infections can cause coughing, difficulty breathing, weight loss, abdominal fluid retention, exercise intolerance and arrhythmias.

It can also damage the kidneys by a secondary antigen-antibody complex deposition.

Sometimes the worms get lost and are in strange places in the body. I removed a heartworm from the anterior chamber of an eye once.

Although it is very rare in our area, sometimes there are so many worms that the pet goes into caval syndrome. Worms cause enough problems with circulation that the heart beats too rapidly for the heart to fill and blood does not circulate. Sudden collapse and death can occur.

But most of the time, we find dogs are positive on a simple blood test at the annual exam.

And to be fair, more often we see tick-borne diseases than heartworm disease.

So, owners think that it is not important. After all, whipworms and hookworms can kill pets and fleas are bad. When we notice a problem, we treat the animal and they are all better.

But heartworms are different. When intestinal parasites die, they just move out with the poop. When fleas die, we give the pet a bath or vacuum.

When heartworms die, their graveyard is the lungs. The tiny white blood cells must clean up the foot-long worms. This is not an easy or quick procedure. If not done carefully, the patient may still die even after (or during) treatment. Not to mention, the drug is somewhat expensive (think hundreds of dollars.)

So, while it is okay to wait until you have fleas to treat them, heartworms really need to be prevented or killed while they are under the skin and tiny.

Prevention, not treatment. Especially, this peak mosquito year. Get your dog tested, get them on preventative and miss the expense and scare of heartworm treatment.

MJ Wixsom, DVM MS is a best-selling Amazon author who practices at Guardian Animal Medical Center in Flatwoods, Ky. 606-928-6566

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MJ Wixsom: Heartworms are serious pet threat - The Tribune - Ironton Tribune

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Nov 23

Malaysians Overconfident On Their Personal Knowledge Wind Up Scoring Lowest On Nutrition Myth Survey – The Rakyat Post

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Ah the Internet, a great way for one to access a plethora of nutritional information. So convenient and fast!

Unfortunately, it also comes with a high amount of myths and misinformation that might endanger the lives of the general public.

According to the Herbalife Nutrition Asia Pacific (APAC) Nutrition Myths Survey 2020, Malaysia has scored the third highest in having personal confidence about nutritional knowledge.

However, that confidence is misplaced as the country has also scored the least in answering nutrition-related questions.

The survey and quiz were conducted in March 2020 with 55,000 respondents from Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea , Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

The survey included 48 True or False questions such as general weight management, breakfast, general nutrition, protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and caffeine.

Here are some myths debunked by the Herbalife Nutrition Asia Pacific (APAC) Nutrition Myths Survey 2020.

Fact: It is important to note that fasting does not help everyone lose weight, specifically those with pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes.

Those on medication for blood pressure or heart disease should avoid intermittent fasting unless they discuss this with their health care provider.

This avoids their blood glucose levels from decreasing and it reduces the risk of electrolyte abnormalities.

Fact: As we age, we may experience a gradual, progressive loss of muscle mass and function otherwise known as sarcopenia.

Fortunately, this process could be weakened by boosting our protein intake while also incorporating resistance exercise as part of our daily routine.

Fact: Caffeine is a natural compound which gives the central nervous system a bolt of energy, this compound can also be found in cocoa beans which are used to make chocolate.

The darker the chocolate, the higher the amount of caffeine. Caffeine is also found in guarana plants and these are often added to beverages.

However, the guarana plant is packed with antioxidants and it provides a gentle boost of energy to keep one energized throughout the day.

Fact: Our peak bone mass ( max bone size and strength) is dependent on our calcium intake and reaches its peak as we turn 30.

However, sufficient calcium intake throughout our life could reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Calcium supplementation can protect against bone loss at older ages, especially for post-menopausal women with naturally higher calcium needs.

Fact: Our body already has its own way of removing toxins from various organs such as the lungs and kidneys.

However, there are ways for us to improve the bodys natural detoxification system which includes getting quality sleep, drinking more water, decreasing our salt intake and being more active.

Fact: Studies have shown minimal weight loss after the first year from very low-fat diets, making it an ineffective long-term weight loss strategy.

Our bodies need some fat to stay healthy, as it helps build cell membranes and hormones while aiding absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

Fact: The Glycemic Index measures how carbs in food impact our blood sugar levels, but it cannot be completely relied on when choosing a healthy diet.

The amount of carbs and what it is being eaten with also need consideration.

Fact: Protein powder can be as good as protein from natural foods if derived from high-quality sources.

For example, soy protein from soybeans is a complete protein and it provides a full range of 9 essential amino acids for the bodys nutrition requirements.

According to Steven Chin, General Manager and Director of Herbalife Nutrition Malaysia, the widespread presence of nutrition myths on the Internet had led to a widespread of confusion over nutrition facts.

To help heighten the nutrition knowledge among Malaysians, we have been working closely with the Nutrition Society of Malaysia to promote accurate knowledge on food and nutrition.

We hope that consumers will be better informed in the long run and help Malaysians lead healthier lives he finished.

Herbalife Nutrition is a global company that offers high-quality, science-backed products, sold in over 90 countries by entrepreneurial distributors that provide a one-on-one coaching and a supportive community that inspires customers to embrace a healthier, more active lifestyle.

If you would like to test your knowledge on nutrition myths, check out the full survey and findings, on Herbalifes website HERE.

Do you know of any other myths about nutrition? Let us know on TRPs Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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Malaysians Overconfident On Their Personal Knowledge Wind Up Scoring Lowest On Nutrition Myth Survey - The Rakyat Post

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Nov 23

The fitness industry is reeling from regulations imposed because of the COVID-19 pandemic – East Idaho News

BOISE (KIVI) Before the pandemic hit, Kvell Fitness & Nutrition was preparing to open their third facility in the Treasure Valley, now they are done to one location, and this local gym continues to lose money.

Every single month, we have seen a decline in revenues, we have seen a decline in membership, said Brett Denton, the owner of Kvell Fitness & Nutrition. It has been challenging.

On Monday, a new public health order takes effect requiring businesses to follow social distancing and sanitizing recommendations from Central District Health.

Failing to do so carries a penalty of losing their business license for ten days for the first offense, 20 for the second offense and a year for a third offense.

Central District Health has also issued a new advisory that requires gyms to reduce capacity by 50 percent.

We visited a class where people were spaced out more than six-feet for social distancing purposes.

For gym business models, we cant operate at 50 percent capacity. That means we are not making any money, said Denton.

As we enter the holiday seasons with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years right around the corner, a time where people typically try to work out to keep the holiday pounds off, plus many people turn to fitness at the start of every new year.

When you look at what a gym, it really is a place to get healthy in all those different aspects of mental, physical, emotional and social, said Denton. I think for the most part, for most people working out is really hard, it is really hard to do on your own and its really hard when you dont know what you are doing.

So what options do people have? I attempted to build a gym in my garage in case the pandemic continues to get worse forcing another lockdown.

But I found out that not only is gym equipment costly, it is also hard to find because of the pandemic.

We have sold out of dumbbells, plates, bars and racks numerous times, said Michelle Spindler of Gym Outfitters Inc. Just getting the inventory has proven to be exceptionally challenging with pro-longed lead times from manufacturers.

Gym Outfitters has adapted its business model from selling equipment to gyms, hotels and collegiate weight rooms to supplying people with equipment for their own home gym.

So weve really focused on increasing our inventory to try and meet that demand so we can help people within our to achieve their health and fitness goals, said Spindler. I like to think weve been able to help a lot of people.

But to work out at home, people need to know what they are doing, get the equipment they need, but it is also really hard to work out by yourself and stay motivated.

I think humans need that we are social creatures, and a gym is a place you can go to escape everything else, said Denton.

So the question becomes when this pandemic finally ends, how many local gyms and fitness studios will still be standing?

For us, it is can we get enough people in to keep the doors open, said Denton.

Kvell Fitness and several other gyms have implemented virtual classes to help members, but Denton also says that it also takes away the social aspect of working out.

We know of two yoga studios that have already closed their doors for good during the pandemic.

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The fitness industry is reeling from regulations imposed because of the COVID-19 pandemic - East Idaho News

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Nov 23

Evolution doesn’t work the way you think it does – Massive Science

Last month in book club we were talking about an adorable newborn baby we had just met over Zoom. Someone commented that the baby looks like their father. Another person piped up with an evolutionary explanation they had heard before newborn babies look more like their fathers so that the father will know theyre his and will help raise and protect them.

Some of us started wondering how something like that would even work. We agreed that this kind of paternal effect was possible and moved on. Later I looked it up only to learn that this popular hypothesis had been debunked nearly ten years ago.

Many of us have had conversations like this. In chatting about this or that, about babies, dating, or the mysterious lives of cats, someone brightly chimes "That's because of evolution!" It's easy to accept and internalize those ideas, re-hashing them at parties in an endless cycle.

This reflects a misunderstanding of both the process of science and the process of evolution. Any discussion of a scientific hypothesis to explain a pattern should ask first, "is the pattern real?" and second, "could anything else lead to the same pattern?" There is a fine line between its possible and its probable and the consequences of mistaking a possibility for the truth can be far-reaching.

Evolution is often treated as synonymous with natural selection, and natural selection is often boiled down to a single phrase: survival of the fittest. This oversimplification is easy to apply to everyday life but should we? If we dont carefully manage our assumptions and biases, we are in danger of the same sort of thinking that leads to Social Darwinism, in which Darwin's theory of natural selection is applied to justify social inequities between different groups of people. To prevent that, lets tease apart the concepts of evolution, natural selection, and fitness.

Evolution, in the broadest sense, means change over time. Societies evolve. Languages evolve. Technologies evolve. And species evolve, because DNA evolves.

Physical traits result from the production of various proteins in your cells. A gene is a piece of DNA that codes for a protein. Changes to DNA (mutations) create new versions of the same gene these versions are called alleles. Different alleles can make different proteins, or cause differences in how a certain protein manifests in the body we call this physical manifestation of gene products a phenotype.

Your phenotype for eye color is determined in part by how much of the protein melanin is produced and stored in the eye. Different combinations of alleles will lead to different amounts of melanin and different color phenotypes. Scientists used to think that eye color followed a simple inheritance pattern, because the allele for brown eyes is dominant over the allele for blue eyes. We know now that it is more complicated. The oversimplified version of the story led to the widespread, mistaken belief that two people with brown eyes could never have a child with blue eyes. Even in such a trivial trait as eye color, this misunderstanding of how inheritance works can have serious repercussions.

A child with heterochromia

Karl Fredrickson via Unsplash

Evolution determines the fate of any new mutation that occurs in a population. Evidence suggests that the original Homo sapiens all had brown eyes, and mutations created other alleles only more recently. On the molecular level, evolution is the change in allele frequencies in a population. Over time some populations evolved a high frequency of the allele for light eyes and consequently the light-eyed phenotype, but we cant know for sure what caused that evolution. Just because a phenotype is common in a given population or species does not mean it is adaptive or beneficial in that population's environment. It could be that the population just happened to be founded by individuals with that phenotype. This is a type of random evolution called the founder effect.

Some evolution is random, but not all. Humans, especially scientists, look for patterns and seek non-random explanations for natural phenomena. Our curiosity led to the discovery of natural selection. But to understand natural selection, you must first understand fitness.

In evolutionary biology, the word "fitness" is the capacity of an organism to survive and reproduce in a given environment. Individual fitness might be measured as the number of offspring an individual has over the course of their lifetime. The popular phrase survival of the fittest (notably not coined by Charles Darwin) doesn't mean much because it fails to account for reproduction. Survival alone will not lead to evolution if you dont contribute genes to the next generation. In social species like humans, this contribution can be indirect for example, helping to raise your sibling's kids increases your own fitness. Longer survival may or may not increase fitness, because it depends on the timing and frequency of reproduction. Fitness can also be measured as the overall reproductive rate of a given population. And most importantly: fitness is relative to the environment an individual that has high fitness in one environment might have low fitness in a different environment.

In an environment with infinite resources and minimal threats, most individuals would probably have the same fitness. Everyone would happily pass on their alleles, and the only cause of evolution would be random events. But we do not live in a world with infinite resources. Individuals need to compete for limited resources in their environment, and whoever is best able to acquire those resources is more likely to survive and reproduce. If there is a specific phenotype that helps individuals acquire and use resources more efficiently, individuals with that phenotype are likely to reproduce more than individuals with other phenotypes, and if it is heritable, that helpful phenotype will be more common in future generations. This change in frequency of a phenotype (and change in allele frequencies for the underlying genes) due to a fitness advantage is evolution by natural selection, otherwise known as adaptation.

One example of an adaptation in humans is the increased oxygen-carrying capacity of red blood cells in populations that live at high elevations. This phenotype is heritable and evolved (increased in frequency) in direct response to natural selection, because individuals with higher oxygen saturation have higher fitness at high altitude. Whether or not a phenotype is an adaptation depends on a) whether it confers a fitness advantage in its environment, and b) whether its function evolved because of that fitness advantage.

There are cases where the function of a phenotype confers a fitness advantage, but the trait did not evolve as a result of natural selection for that function. Some traits affect fitness through multiple functions, but they are only considered to be an adaptation for the function that they originally evolved with. One example is the structure of feathers in birds. Evidence in the fossil record indicates that the earliest feathers to evolve were not used for flying, and it is now thought that feathers may be an adaptation to survive colder temperatures, because they provide insulation. So although feathers are used for flight, and flight provides a fitness advantage in many environments, feathers are not an adaptation for flight. Traits like this whose current function differs from an ancestral function are known as exaptations.

Adaptation is a natural consequence of variation and differences in fitness, but it doesn't yield perfection. Phenotypic evolution is constrained by physical and genetic limitations. Some mutations increase fitness in one way but decrease fitness in a different way; this is an evolutionary trade-off. For example, when predators are around, Trinidadian guppies are under selection to put more energy towards reproduction, but also under selection for fast-start swimming to evade predators. Increased reproductive capacity in females makes that fast-start more difficult, so there is a direct trade-off between those traits.

Sexual selection, which is caused by preferences in mate choice, can also lead to trade-offs. For example, in widowbirds, females have a preference for males with long tails, but for the males, making a longer tail comes at a cost more energy. So why do the females care about a long tail? Why not choose a partner who is really good at acquiring resources? To the female, thats exactly what she is doing. The long tail is a signal that the male has been successful enough to have energy to spare on tail length, and will probably have successful offspring as well. In the case of Jacksons widowbird, male tail length was shown to be positively correlated to body condition, so this is considered an honest signal of fitness.

Another important note on adaptation. Phenotypes are not created as a result of a specific need, but they can evolve as a result of that need. Random mutations create new phenotypes. A phenotype will persist in the population if it has no effect on fitness and remains in existence by random chance. A phenotype will increase in frequency in a population if it increases the number of offspring that individuals contribute to the next generation.

This distinction between evolution and creation is especially important in the context of the origin of life. Evolution does not attempt to explain the origin of life. It explains how life has changed after it originated. It also explains the origin of new species, most famously described by Darwin in On the Origin of Species. It is generally accepted among evolutionary biologists that all species on Earth have a common ancestor, the original organism, the Last Universal Common Ancestor (LUCA). The main piece of evidence for this theory is the shared genetic code the translation of DNA into proteins. There are some very solid hypotheses out there for what that original organism was, and how life on Earth originated, but the theory of evolution is not in the business of answering those questions.

Natural selection is beautiful. It is easy to observe and model. It is one of the most widely-loved and studied processes among evolutionary biologists. Its no wonder that it has captured the imagination of the public we value meaning over randomness, order over chaos. A basic understanding of natural selection gives us optimism that the world is improving, leading to a better future. But natural selection is so appealing that we forget two important facts: that natural selection is just one of many mechanisms leading to physical and behavioral traits, and natural selection only occurs when there is variation in fitness, and humans are intelligent enough to be aware of and influence that variation.

A male widowbird

Via Wikimedia

There are a lot of possible explanations for why my new baby friend may resemble her father more than her mother although as she grows and changes, the consensus is that she looks like both of her parents. If there were data to support the idea that most babies resemble their father (which there are not) then the realm of possibilities gets a little more interesting, and we begin to speculate. The idea that this resemblance is an adaptation to induce men to care for their own children (and the implication that otherwise they would abandon them) fits very nicely into the gender roles that many human societies perpetuate. Armchair evolutionary psychologists love to reinforce gender stereotypes, touting that men are built for fighting and hunting and not caregiving, or women are less promiscuous and more inclined to prefer monogamy than men.

Confirmation bias kicks in: people who want these statements to be true will believe them to be true without looking for good evidence. And of course, this danger goes beyond gender stereotypes to racial and ethnic stereotypes. Our concept of race has roots in biased, poorly done studies that were held up to justify slavery in the 19th century. Notions about biological races persisted into the 20th century, when racist interpretations of the theory of natural selection led to eugenics movements around the world, including the Holocaust. The misuse of evolutionary concepts in social situations has allowed white supremacy to maintain its hold on American society, despite the fact that there is no valid scientific evidence for human races. Unfortunately, understanding that there is no biological basis for race does not eliminate racism or its real impact on human health and wellness. Systemic racism and racial trauma have devastating consequences, particularly for Black Americans.

I believe that fitness the ability to survive and reproduce is a basic human right. The existence of natural selection in nature does not justify its application to social policy. The synergy of intelligence, compassion, and social structure in humans has created a unique opportunity to prioritize equity and even the fitness playing field within our species. Some of our greatest achievements as a species have increased access to resources and raised each others capacity to survive and reproduce. These innovations are cultural adaptations rather than genetic adaptations they are passed down through culture rather than DNA. But unfortunately, in the US these innovations are more accessible to people with money, and money has become a proxy for fitness. Survival of the richest.

Humans are unique from other species in our ability to shape our environment to increase our fitness rather than waiting for our bodies to adapt. We are empathetic, we are compassionate, but we are also selfish and cruel. What do you value more: your own fitness, or your humanity?

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Evolution doesn't work the way you think it does - Massive Science

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Nov 23

Weight Loss: Want To Get Flat Abs Like A Fitness Trainer? Here’s What You Need To Do – NDTV

Weight loss: To melt belly fat, overall fat loss from the body is needed

Weight loss: Have you dreamt of having toned and flat abs like a fitness trainer? Then you have landed just at the right place! Sweat trainer Kayla Itsines says that training her arms and abs is one of her favourite workouts. This is not just because it gives you a flat stomach, but also because it helps in improving stability in the body and improves overall strength. "Arm and ab workouts go hand in hand - like leg and glute workouts - because the muscle groups activate together to help with stability and exertion," she writes in the caption of one of her posts on Instagram.

As part of Monday Motivation today, we are going to talk about how you can get abs like Itsines herself. "How can I get abs like yours? This is a question I get asked all the time. I always try to break down this question when it gets asked. If you are asking "how can I just get defined abs without changing any other part of my body, then what you are basically asking is: how can I spot reduce?" she explains.

Also read:Belly Fat Exercises: 6 Exercises For Flat Abs That You Can Do At Home

As we have mentioned several times earlier, melting belly fat can be more difficult than you think. And focusing on just your abs, or thinking that you can define only your abs by working on them is not going to help. As Itsines says, you cannot spot reduce or lose fat in specific areas of the body.

When you aim towards losing fat from just your abdominal area, you need to lose fat from your whole body. "The best way to do this is to stick to a workout routine that targets your full body, eat a healthy and balanced diet, drink lots of water, and get enough rest," she says.

Targeted exercises can help in strengthening specific parts of your body, like abs and core. To build muscles in these areas, you can try the workout in the video shared below.

Also read:Want Flat Abs Without Going To The Gym? Here Are 6 Body Weight Exercises You Can Do

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

Weight Loss: Want To Get Flat Abs Like A Fitness Trainer? Here's What You Need To Do - NDTV

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Nov 23

Even Jay-Z and Beyonc Have Hopped on the Virtual-Fitness Bandwagon – Architectural Digest

Yesterday, billionaire rapper Jay-Z and tennis legend Novak Djokovic announced a new business venture, an investment in the at-home fitness equipment brand CLMBR. The deal makes perfect sense, given that since the COVID-19 pandemic began in March, the way people work out has been forced to change. In an interview with Forbes this summer, the vice president of research and product marketing at Mindbody reported that the platform had seen a 56% jump in the use of video workouts and a 78% increase in the use of livestreamed classes compared to 2019. In October, Fast Company interviewed the CEOs of trendy gyms and fitness services including Barrys, Tracy Anderson, and Orangetheory, who all reported an increase in use of their virtual offerings as well.

As this industry explodes, celebrities are, of course, getting in on a piece of the pie, as investors, collaborators, and even simply as users. Below, AD rounds up the workout programs which not only allow you to sweat it out in the privacy of your own home, but which also come complete with an A-list stamp of approval. Plus, as an added bonus, these stylish people tend to select or develop products with sleek design, which, if were being brutally honest, is more important to us than burning calories.


While the machine does not fold down, the base is removable, which helps with storage.

This vowel-less brand backed by Jay-Z and Djokovic will launch two at-home vertical climbing machines in 2021. While the machines are somewhat largeit is unlikely youd put it in a living roomtheyre no clunky treadmill either. We wanted to ensure the most important quality of the machine was not a single attribute but instead a subtle balance between a natural aesthetic beauty and visual simplicity with pure functional efficiency, the companys chief design officer Nat Carruthers tells AD. This drove us to ensure we created a machine that was an honest and authentic expression of its intended use while being simple and elegant to fit seamlessly into your home and daily routine. It is certainly innovative, and according to Djokovic, its great for your body. Vertical climbing has been known to be an incredibly efficient total body workout without impact, he said in a release. In addition, it puts your body in a neutral spine alignment, which is important for me as an athlete.


Peloton users can now work out to Beyonc-themed playlists.

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Even Jay-Z and Beyonc Have Hopped on the Virtual-Fitness Bandwagon - Architectural Digest

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Nov 23

Business owners frustrated with upcoming restrictions on gyms, group fitness – What’sUpNewp

Significant changes in Rhode Island via Rhode Island on PAUSE will take effect on Monday, November 30 and extend through December 12 in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Among the changes are the closure of indoor sports facilities, gyms and group fitness, and organized sports.

The new restrictions arent working out for several local gym and boutique fitness owners, who are growing frustrated and are unsure about how to move forward.

State leaders said they made their announcement based on data on how cases spread, yet there is zero evidence that fitness centers are a significant source of COVID-19 spread, Planet Fitness, which operates 16 facilities in Rhode Island, wrote in response to an inquiry from Whats Up Newp on Friday.In fact,a recent study tracing COVID-19 cases in San Diegofound that only one half of one percent of cases stemmed from a fitness center, compared to eight percent at retail locations which will remain open as we head into the busy holiday shopping season.

Planet Fitness says they have had no evidence of cases being contracted at any of their facilities in the state.

Joseph Wendelken, Public Information Officer for the Rhode Island Department of Health, wrote to Whats Up Newp on Friday that RIDOH believes there is evidence that gyms and fitness centers are sites of concern for COVID-19 transmission.

Wendelken expounded by stating, In August, the CDC published a study that identified 112 cases of COVID-19 and hundreds of exposed people, all associated with 12 fitness centers in South Korea. There have been highly publicized gym-associated outbreaks in Illinois, California, Canada, and many other locations.

This happens because the moist, warm air combined with turbulent airflow from exercising creates an environment in which droplets spread easily. We know that people breathe harder when they work out, which is how the virus spreads, especially in confined, indoor places. We also know that people are interacting with people who do not live in these settings. This is why many other places throughout the country have either limited or ceased gym operations temporarily, Wendelken wrote.

Kelsey Collard, Co-Owner of Studio Barre Newport, doesnt believe that gyms, group fitness, and boutique fitness should be grouped together.

Our small businesses cannot afford to be closed again. Studio Barre is not a gym, and people are not moving around the room switching equipment and touching multiple surfaces, Collard wrote on Facebook (Note: Whats Up Newp was given permission to use her comments). Our 8ft by 4ft partitions allow for people to workout safely, in their own space, and they also have masks on the entire time theyre in (the) studio!, Collard wrote.

Studio Barre Newport is among the long list of gyms and fitness studios across the state who have spent significant money and resources upgrading their space to make it safe for guests under the current COVID-19 restrictions for gym and fitness centers.

We have windows and a door in the studio which we leave open whenever possible. We should not be closed when restaurants, nail salons, and hair salons can remain open. Boutique fitness is a necessity for peoples well-being and mental health. The holiday season is our busiest time of year, and being closed during this time is going to really hurt us Collard wrote.

Collard, and many in the boutique fitness world, are sharing a petition calling for Governor Raimondo to keep boutique fitness open in Rhode Island. As of the publication of this story, more than 300 people had already signed the petition.

Access to fitness centers is also more critical now than ever as physical activity plays an important role in maintaining a healthy immune system and reducing COVID-19 risk factors such as obesity, heart disease, lung disease, and diabetes. People need affordable access to fitness and with colder weather in RI and early sunsets, they cant easily and safely work out outside, Planet Fitness wrote at the end of their statement.

In times like these, Whats Up Newp supporters are making what we do POSSIBLE.

If you value the news, information, coverage, and journalism that Whats Up Newp provides, please consider supporting our locally owned, independent newsroom today by becoming a Whats Up Newp Supporter (it takes just one minute and you can choose the amount and frequency).

Thank you for reading and for your support!

Business owners frustrated with upcoming restrictions on gyms, group fitness - What'sUpNewp

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Nov 23

Letters: Jim Jordan, fitness centers, Trump’s strength and the value of life – The Columbus Dispatch

Letters to the Editor| The Columbus DispatchJordan needs concrete proposals to end pandemic

It is perhaps the easiest thing in the world to criticize everyone else without offering any solutions yourself. For example, U.S. Rep.Jim Jordan has chosen to use his public platform as an antagonistic peanut gallery, muttering snide criticisms and complaints about the medical community's recommended response to the worsening COVID-19 pandemic. The Twitter zingers keep coming, lashing out against these basic safety measures that are apparently the greatest threat to American freedom since King George III.

Any cynical troll with internet access can do what he's doing, but the people of his district elected him to do moretodosomething. They elected him to develop balanced and effective solutions amid challenging circumstances. They elected him to be productive, proactive and empathetic on behalf of Ohio citizens. Is he content to merely grandstand and complain about other people who actually have ideas, or does he have any alternative suggestions of his own to offer?

SinceJordanfindsthe COVID-19safety recommendations from infectious disease experts so laughable and offensively overreaching, how does hepropose we should limit the spread of this disease to protect the vulnerable people and healthcare workers in our community? How does hebelieve we should avoid the mass sickness and hospitalization that threaten to close businesses and schools? Yes, it is heartbreaking to miss out on holidays and weddings we had planned this year, so how does hesuggest we proceed while also protecting our health and economy?

I have a feelinghissolution isto"do nothing," even though U.S.states like the Dakotas are now world leaders in infection and mortality rates thanks to the "do nothing" approach. WhateverJordansproposed solution may be, we won't know untilhe tells us.Is hewilling to stop grumpy-Tweeting and actually contribute some productive ideas to this mix? We're all ears.

TonyAuseon, Upper Arlington

I disagree with Richard Lupton'sMondayletterSenior citizens statewide rely on fitness centersthat urgedGov. Mike DeWine not to close fitness centers as a means of helping stop Ohio's COVID-19 surge. He writes: "I am not aware that fitness centers are responsible for a high rate of the spread of the coronavirus."

A study released last week by researchers at Stanford University and Northwestern University found that gyms, along with restaurants and hotels, present a higher risk for spreading COVID-19 than other businesses. This is likely a reason the governor described gyms as among the locations "muchmore risky" for the virus's spread.

Moreover, Lupton said he is a member of Lifetime Fitness at Easton. I was a member there for many years until leaving in July because of the club's refusal to follow the statewide mask mandate.

Although the mandate contains an exception for persons who are exercising, the governor's spokesman publicly explained in July that it applies only to those who are actively exercising. He said people in fitness centers should wear masks at all other times, including "when walking between machines."

Lifetime Fitness has consistently refused to follow that direction. A senior citizen who is displeased with the situation but still a member there said recently the club continues having "throngs of folks not wearing masks."

Many fitness center owners and members have contributed to Ohio's currentCOVID-19 spike by flouting the statewide mask mandate. If their workout facilities soon have to close because of the surge, it's hard to feel sorry for them after they foolishly and selfishly helped create the problem.

Joseph Sommer, Columbus

Irespond to theTuesday letter Maybe state should pay families a death benefit from Richard Bailey. I cant tell if he is being serious or sarcastic. If he is being serious, this is the most ridiculous letter I have ever read in The Dispatch, and there have been some doozies.

Will a $10,000 death benefit really help a familythathas lost a loved one to this horrible disease? And what about prevention? Further, the medical expenses of those who have survived COVID-19 can be way more than a $10,000 death benefit, for which a survivor would not be eligible.

My only reaction is one of bewilderment and exasperation.

Marc Neiwirth, Bexley

I respond tothe Tuesday op-ed Bidens foreign policy wont be Obama 2.0, thankfully byDoyle McManus.Suppose, as he thinks, Uncle Joe does rejoin the Parisaccord.President DonaldTrump got us out of that because we were the only ones doing the "according."

The World Health Organization is another boondoggle for the American taxpayer.With a name like WHO, no reasonable person should oppose our membership, like being against apple pie and motherhood until you look at the WHO's budget.

America, with 330 million people, was contributing over$500 millionper year. China,with 1.3 billion people,was kicking in$25 million.Then, to add insult to injury, the WHO consistently voted against American interests.

NATO, composed ofthe U.S. andour European allies is another wonderful organization.Turns out, the USA was just about the only member that contributed its required share. The other members did not until Trump forced them to start anteing up.

Trump did shake things up a bitI'll give him credit for that.

If we do, in fact, return to business as usual, I just hope this country doesn't keep taking it on the chin the way we have been.We're broke,you know.AsPresident RonaldReagan used to say, "We don't have any revenues to share."

Jeff Danison, Delaware

I want to make two points about the pandemic:

I think that people who do not wear masks should sign a legal document, like a living will, that says that if they getCOVID-19,they do not want to be treated at a hospital or other medical facility. They should declare unequivocally that they choose to be treated at home.

If they will not even try to protect themselves and others, they shouldn't tie up needed hospital personnel and space and supplies. Reserve those supplies for those who care about themselves and others.

President Trump,Dr.Scott Atlasand all Republican enablers in Congress should be tried for "depraved indifference" or "depraved-heart murder" on Jan 21.

Joe Tilley, Columbus

I can stand it no longer. The primary job of the POTUS is to protect and defend "we, the people." But Donald Trumprefusing to admit that he lost the election is too much.

This denial goes to block all efforts to transition to a new federalgovernment, thereby recklessly endangering the people as to national security, the pandemic, the environment, and onand on.Our beloved democracy is suffering.

"We, the people" want to begin to mend.Let go, Mr. President.

BillVanGieson, Westerville

I was shocked that, in hisTuesday letterMaybe state should pay families a death benefit, RichardBailey suggestedthat we abandon all preventive measures for COVID-19for the sake of the economy.

More appalling is that he thinks a human life is valued at only $10,000.No amount of money could replace the loss of a spouse/parent/child.

Diane Larick, Powell

Visit link:
Letters: Jim Jordan, fitness centers, Trump's strength and the value of life - The Columbus Dispatch

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Nov 23

Fitness: Running doesn’t have to be such a pain in the knee – Montreal Gazette

This association is in line with the fact that knee osteoarthritis is a chronic progressive condition and a major cause of musculoskeletal disability in older populations, said the studys authors.

What does all this mean to the average recreational runner?

First of all, knee pain happens at one time or another to almost all runners, so dont fret. But whats worth noting in this study is that once pain sets in, it can be weeks before the knee feels better. And despite attempts to dial back speed, distance or training frequency, theres no proven shortcut to healing.

The key to keeping the knee healthy, especially among novice runners, is to avoid that first bout with pain by following a progressive training routine that errs on the conservative side when it comes to volume and frequency. If and when pain does flare up, treatment guided by a medical professional is worth considering. And while theres no guarantee that your time on the mend will be reduced, education on the best path to recovery and advice on how to ease back into running are investments worth making.

Originally posted here:
Fitness: Running doesn't have to be such a pain in the knee - Montreal Gazette

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Nov 23

Back fat? Bayern Munich manager Hansi Flick unhappy with Niklas Sles fitness and weight after international – Bavarian Football Works

Bayern Munich center-back Niklas Sle was surprisingly left out of Hansi Flicks game day squad against Werder Bremen and it looks like the exclusion was not injury-related. In fact, it was more of Flick being unhappy with Sles fitness...and weight.

In a report by Bild (behind the Bild+ paywall), the German outlet said that Sle was not included in the squad against Bremen yesterday due to a training deficit. Flick, though, was allegedly miffed for the aforementioned reasons regarding the 25-year-olds fitness levels and weight.

Interestingly, Flick also reportedly asked Sle today for a one-on-one discussion with his star defender in hopes of getting aligned.

Oh boy...this is not the first time someone in Munich had an issue with Sles weight. Back in July of 2019, the was a mini-scandal about Sles eating habits. It had gained enough momentum that the big man took to the press to declare, Im no lard-arse.

Is Sle really losing his form and getting out-of-shape or is Flick simply trying to light a fire under the Germany international? Its unclear right now, but with the respective futures of David Alaba and Jerome Boateng uncertain and Bayern Munich allegedly ready to start early negotiations on a renewal with Sle Flick, the front office, and Sle should all get aligned on what the managers expectations are for Sles weight and fitness levels.

Especially with Sle allegedly dreaming of a future with Manchester United.

Honestly, we theorized that Sle and Joshua Kimmich were looking at grass on Sles phone, but maybe it was actually a takeout menu? Anyway, even if he is carrying a couple extra pounds, Sle could still smoke the great population in mostly any feat of speed or strength. Simply put, his fat is not something that a normal person would flinch at. Still, as a professional athlete, it is Sles job to maintain the levels of fitness that club requires. Clearly, this just needs a little alignment and maybe a few less kebabs.

See the original post:
Back fat? Bayern Munich manager Hansi Flick unhappy with Niklas Sles fitness and weight after international - Bavarian Football Works

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