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Jul 4

Here’s What You Should Do Every Day of the Week to Lose Weight, According to a Trainer – MSN Money

Making the decision to get fit is a massive first step, but it's the next part - the figuring out exactly what to do to achieve your weight-loss goals - that can feel overwhelming. (After all, you probably didn't learn how to build a workout program in PE class.) "Creating a definitive exercise plan each week ensures that you are taking a balanced approach to fitness, with adequate amounts of cardiovascular and strength training," NASM-certified personal trainer Sarah Chadwell told POPSUGAR.

If you're thinking, "Great, but how do I start?," we've got you covered. Chadwell has designed a balanced, seven-day plan that will put you on the path to creating a safe calorie deficit, allowing you to lose one to two pounds per week. You might feel sore or exhausted at first, but it'll get easier as you grow stronger. And once you're feeling good, you can gradually up the intensity of your workouts or add more resistance to keep the momentum going week after week.

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Here's What You Should Do Every Day of the Week to Lose Weight, According to a Trainer - MSN Money

Jul 4

Former bodybuilder who ballooned to 50 STONE told by doctors to lose the weight or he will die – Brinkwire

A 50-STONE man is making a desperate attempt to lose weight after doctors told him if he does not he will die.

Mark Sehman, 49, was fit and healthy in his younger days and used to be a bodybuilder.

But he has always struggled with his weight and ended up piling on the pounds.

His weight-gain spiralled out of control and at 50st he is now classed as super morbidly obese.

Mark, of Jarrow, South Tyneside, has a number of health problems and uses a machine to help him breathe at night.

He can only walk a few steps at a time and uses a wheelchair most of the time and has been warned that if he doesnt lose weight it could be fatal.

He said: Its a desperate situation. Doctors say I could die at any time I might not be here for Christmas.

Ive got sleep apnoea, which means I basically dont breathe when Im sleeping. I use a machine to help me breathe at night.

I would have to lose about 15st to 20st to even be considered for any kind of gastric surgery.

Mark has managed to shed the pounds after going on diet and fitness regimes but has always put it back on.

He added: Im 6ft 6ins tall, Im a natural 20st guy. I used to be a bodybuilder. Ive just always had a weight problem and battled with weight even when I was really young.

In 2008, I was 40st. I did lose weight after that, I lost about 8st to 10st and I was doing really well. Then it went back up over the years and came up to 50st.

He has embarked on a healthy diet to try and shift some weight and added: I have a long way to go and its going to be a really hard journey.

on on or EMAIL[emailprotected]

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Former bodybuilder who ballooned to 50 STONE told by doctors to lose the weight or he will die - Brinkwire

Jul 3

JJ Redick keeping playoff goal in perspective as Pelicans prepare for Orlando –

On Media Day, JJ Redick jokingly threatened rookie Zion Williamson not to ahem mess up Redicks flawless streak of reaching the playoffs for 13 consecutive pro seasons. Nine months later, however, when New Orleans players recently touched base to talk about the NBAs restart, Redick made it clear that while a playoff berth is still a goal, he wont view it as catastrophic if it doesnt happen. Too many other things have occurred in the wider world since Pelicans training camp in the fall.

When we discussed what we wanted to do, whether we wanted to play (in Orlando), I made it very clear that my playoff streak is insignificant in the grand scheme of things, Redick said Friday, alluding to the ongoing pandemic and civil unrest in America. I mean that. I feel like this entire season, this entire year, will have an asterisk next to it. If we make the playoffs or we dont, I will be at peace either way. Having said that, were obviously going down with the intention of making the playoffs. I think so much of the (winning and losing) results in Orlando will be based on who wants to actually be there. I feel very good about the mental makeup of our team (participating).

Im always very appreciative of our league allowing us to use our platform to speak out, be active and be advocates, Redick said. I think its great that were going to have some stuff on the court and potentially on the jerseys. Secondly, I think more importantly, the league, union and players, were actively trying to create policy change for communities. Real dollars. And thats going to happen over the course of any number of years. Its not going to be a quick change. Its going to be incremental. But I think that second piece (of action) is more important than us having the ability to write something on the back of our jerseys. The system has to change. Obviously we (also) need to change some of the way we portray, talk about and treat people, but how do we help in creating systemic change?

Prior to COVID-19 shutting down the NBA in mid-March, Redick had been poised to return to the New Orleans lineup, after he was sidelined for five games due to a hamstring injury. Hes spent the past three-plus months working out six days a week, saying he never got to the point mentally where he believed the season wouldnt resume. One of his goals during the hiatus was to lose weight. He dropped over 10 pounds.

I was basically cleared to start running and shooting the day I left New Orleans (in March to return to his offseason home in Brooklyn), he said of his hamstring injury. So I was able to train and had access to a gym. I weighed in two days ago at 193. During the season I was 203, 204. I wanted to get back to my Duke playing weight. But I feel healthy and feel good.

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JJ Redick keeping playoff goal in perspective as Pelicans prepare for Orlando -

Jun 29

Is Swimming A Good Workout For Weight Loss? How To Swim To Lose Weight – Women’s Health

You already know that cardio exercise is one common component of weight loss success. But if youve been relying on traditional methods like cycling and running recently, you might want to change up your routine and give swimming a try.

Although swimming seems relatively hard and sometimes scary, its one of the best cardiovascular workouts anyone of any age can do, says Kris Gagne, senior swim coach for Life Time, and a USA-registered and ASCA-certified swim coach. Its an aerobic workout that helps strengthen the heart muscle, and its easy on your joints, too, since the water will support 90 percent of your body weight.

In fact, swimming can actually work as both a cardio and a strength activity. The act of swimming will pump your heart rate up and burn calories, while the different strokes and fighting through the waters resistance will help strengthen your muscles.

Of course, trying a new workout routine can be challenging. Here's what to know about swimming for weight loss and how to make the most of your swim workouts.

Swimming can absolutely help you lose weight, as itll increase your heart rate and tone muscles, says Gagne. Swimming truly is a full-body workout, and each stroke uses the muscles in different ways. Youre constantly using your core to stay up in the water, so it incorporates arms, legs, and core equally.

For the someone who is 125 pounds, doing 30 minutes of freestyle can burn 330 calories, butterfly can burn 330, backstroke can burn 240, and breaststroke can burn 300, per a Harvard University study. For a 185-pound person, those same workouts would burn 488, 488, 355, and 440 calories respectively.

By comparison, a chart from the American Council of Exercise shows that running for 30 minutes can burn 342 calories for a 120-pound person and 510 calories for a 180-pound person. Cycling at an average of 10 miles per hour for 30 minutes can burn 165 calories for a 120-pound person and 246 calories for a 180-pound person. Clearly, swimming is right up there with the best of cardio activities.

Since swimming is a full-body workout, it can definitely help you lose belly fat. But Gagne warns against focusing on "spot training," or trying to work only one body part to lose weight from that specific area, especially since your body composition and genetics can play a role in where you store fat. (You also can't control where you lose fat from first!) Still, swimming can help you lose weight, which will lead to the loss of fat overall, including belly fat eventually, and certain strokes work the abs especially well.

Swimming works a lot of different muscles throughout the entire body, but when it comes to targeting certain areas, butterfly, backstroke, and breaststroke will engage your core more. The more you are engaging them, the more work youre putting into that certain area for leaner muscle," says Gagne. Still, he notes, "the best way to help with losing belly fat is making sure that you are eating a healthy, well-balanced diet to complement all the hard work youre putting in.

The good news is, you dont really have to start off with too much, especially if youre new to swimming. In the beginning, going three times a week for 30 minutes will benefit you greatly, says Gagne. You will find that you are using muscles you didnt even know you had.

However, its important to note that a big part of losing weight includes eating at a calorie deficit, so you should ideally be eating less calories than youre burning. A good way to calculate calories burned through swimming is by using an online calorie counter and taking a look at the Compendium of Physical Activities site.

This website uses units called METs, otherwise known as the ratio of your metabolic rate while doing a particular activity versus your metabolic rate while at rest. From the CPA site, its clear that depending on your stroke and intensity, your MET can be anywhere from 4.8 to 13.8. By using the calorie counter and inserting body weight, MET, and duration, you can figure out approximately how many calories youre burning per activity.

Essentially, in order to lose between one to two pounds per week, you need to burn 500 calories a day. You can either eat 500 less calories, exercise to burn 500 calories, or do a combination of both. Thirty minutes of vigorous butterfly in a 130-pound adult, for instance, burns 472 calories, so you can easily use swimming to meet your deficit goals.

While freestyle is generally considered the fastest and easiest stroke to learn, Gagne actually recommends starting with breaststroke. I start with this one because its one that does burn quite a bit of calories, and it allows newer swimmers to keep their heads out of water at first, at least until they become more comfortable with swimming and breathing technique.

To start, Gagne recommends swimming slowly for 30 minutes three times a week, and then building speed or amount of time spent in the pool at the four-week mark. Once you feel comfortable just swimming for 30 minutes, give this swim interval workout a try:

As you learn other strokes, you can vary your swim workouts in order to target different parts of the body," says Gagne. "You will find yourself cruising at a faster speed the more you swimit just takes some practice.

There are several ways you can burn more calories swimming. Try these ideas next time you want a more challenging workout.

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Is Swimming A Good Workout For Weight Loss? How To Swim To Lose Weight - Women's Health

Jun 29

Don’t let the monsoon dampen your weight loss goals: 5 best indoor exercises to burn fat – TheHealthSite

Your gym session and swimming classes are not likely to start anytime soon, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many state governments have allowed parks to open with certain restrictions so that people can start resuming their morning and evening walk/jogging. But here comes another problem the rains. Although rains offer the much-needed respite from the scorching heat, it has created a big problem for those who love exercising outside. But dont let the monsoon dampen your weight loss goals. Here are few best indoor exercises to burn fat without equipment. Also Read - Easy floor workouts to lose stubborn back fat at home

This simple-looking exercise can do wonders for building up your core muscles and upper-body strength. It also helps in stabilizing the spine and pelvis, which in turn helps improve posture and prevent back pain. It is also a great indoor exercise to burn belly fat. Do you know that plank burns more calories than crunches? Yes, it is true as plank works more muscles. For a beginner, experts recommend holding the position for 30 seconds and adding an additional 10 seconds every day. To spice things up, you can try a side plank. Also Read - Lose weight as you cook: 5 kitchen exercises to shed those extra kilos

Squatting works out most of the muscles of your butt, hips, and thighs the areas where most stubborn fats accumulate. Lunges also target all the major muscles of your lower body. Basically this form of indoor exercise helps strengthen and tone the upper thigh. It can also improve your balance. You can even perform walking lunges while going from one room to another. If you want to make more challenging, hold weights in your hands while doing the lunges. Also Read - 5-min workout routine to lose weight from your lower body

If you have stairs at your home, then you have the best prop to burn those stubborn fats. Walking up and down the stairs (at home or in your apartment building) could be a good cardio workout. Not only stair climbing can help shed those extra kilos, but also keep your body active and healthy. Walking up the stairs can strengthen your muscle which in turn helps in fat loss. Remember the more muscle mass you have, the faster your metabolism is. Experts say one hour of this indoor exercise can burn approximately 1000 calories. If youre a beginner, start with 10-minute sessions three times per week and gradually build up to more time as your endurance increases. You can also spice things up by adding exercises like a step aerobic workout, jumping jacks or pushups in between.

If you dont like exercising but want to lose weight, just shake your legs. Dancing is fun, right? But is also an excellent way to burn calories as well as boost your mental health. You can burn anywhere from 250 to 500 calories per hour dancing, depending on how hard you work, the type of dance, and the number of breaks you take. According to experts, dancing can also improve memory and sharpen your focus. So what are you waiting for? Choose your favorite upbeat songs and start moving your body. You may start with a short 20-minute or so session, then gradually increase the time.

Published : June 29, 2020 8:37 pm

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Don't let the monsoon dampen your weight loss goals: 5 best indoor exercises to burn fat - TheHealthSite

Jun 29

The eating plan Rebel Wilson is using to lose weight – Nicki Swift

The Mayr Cure, which is the eating plan Rebel Wilson is reportedly using, was created more than 100 years ago by Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr. It shows people how to cut back on foods that are notoriously hard to digest, like dairy and gluten, and chew your food long enough to digest it better.

According to Nol Duan, a writer atJezebel who went to VivaMayr and spent weeks learning the Mayr Cure,the plan demands you "eat slowly without distractions, allow at least four hours between meals for digestion, don't drink water while you're eating, and eat simply and seasonally." And while a stay at the wellness center starts as a detox, it's actually teaching you long-term habits to take home with you, including eating high-alkaline foods and chewing properly.

Wilson is pairing her new eating habits with a workout routine that she regularly posts about on Instagram. She posted a triumphant photo after a Sunday workout on June 21, 2020, showing off her already trimmer figure in all black, proving that all her hard work is paying off.

For now, Wilson is focused on getting to that healthy weight for herself. A source told People that Wilson is really focused on breaking her habit of emotional eating, which is exactly where the Mayr Cure should come in handy.

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The eating plan Rebel Wilson is using to lose weight - Nicki Swift

Jun 29

Tested: 2020 Lexus RC F Still Needs to Lose Weight – Car and Driver

There's a lot to like underneath the Lexus RC F's rather, er, distinctive bodywork. As a luxury muscle coupe with a naturally aspirated V-8 for a heart, it is still impressively high tech, sumptuously appointed for everyday comfort, and nicely composed when pushed hard. Lexus dialed up the RC F's excitement for 2020 with a new Track Edition and a host of small updates across the lineup. While those changes succeed in making the standard RC F a touch better to drive, they fail to sufficiently address its oppressive curb weight.

HIGHS: Soulful V-8, improved cornering grip, excellent ride quality, comfortable and luxurious interior.

We've already driven the drift-happy RC F Track Edition, which costs $97,825 and adds carbon-fiber body panels and aerodynamic appendages as well as carbon-ceramic brake rotors. Additional weight-saving measures that it shares with the regular modelincluding hollow half-shafts and more aluminum in its suspensionhelp the Track Edition drop a significant 253 pounds versus the last RC F we tested, a 2015 model. The net result is a 3.2-second quicker lap time around Virginia International Raceway's Grand Course. We expect its other performance metrics to also improve once we get one to the test track.

Marc UrbanoCar and Driver

As for the regular RC F tested here, however, its weight reduction is almost nonexistent. At 4017 pounds, our test car is only 31 pounds lighter than before and remains roughly 400 pounds heavier than a BMW M4. The RC F's 5.0-liter V-8 is as smooth revving and sweet sounding as ever, emitting a prominent intake honk at lower rpm that gives way to a burly snarl as it approaches its 7250-rpm redline. Minor changes, including a lighter intake manifold, help it produce 472 horsepower and 395 pound-feet of torqueincreases of 5 horses and 6 pound-feet. Yet, as much as we enjoy the sound and direct response of a naturally aspirated V-8, it's easy to see why most manufacturers have replaced them with smaller turbocharged powerplants that unfurl their maximum torque just off idle. In the RC F, you have to spin its 5.0-liter mill to a lofty 4800 revs for it to reach peak twist. Which is fun but not necessarily quick, particularly in a car as heavy as this Lexus.

Marc UrbanoCar and Driver

Despite a shortened final-drive ratio (3.13:1 versus the previous 2.97:1) and the best efforts from the snappy, Aisin-sourced eight-speed automatic transmission, the RC F's V-8 takes a beat to wake up from a good poke of its accelerator. This is partly because Lexus relaxed the engine's throttle tuning for a more linear feel, but the recalibration makes the RC F feel slower than its 472 horsepower suggests. While we expect the Track Edition to join virtually all of the RC F's competitors in the sub-four-second-to-60-mph club, the standard RC F misses the cut with a 4.1-second timea mere 0.1 second quicker than the previous car. Similarly, its unimpressive 12.7-second quarter-mile pass at 113 mph is about the same as before. Although electronic launch control has been added for the new model year, our quickest acceleration runs were made without it.

LOWS: Feels as heavy as it is, slower than its competition, expensive option packages.

Marc UrbanoCar and Driver

The RC F's Sport drive mode is our preferred setup for spirited cruising, as it maintains a luxury-car comportment yet slightly sharpens the responses of the drivetrain and brings a bit more engine and exhaust noise versus the standard setting. You have to step up to Sport+ for the RC F to feel athletic. Regardless of the mode, the eight-speed transmission shifts quickly and smoothly, although the V-8's dearth of torque at low rpm can cause the gearbox to hunt for the best gear ratio. To keep the V-8 on boil through corners, we often found ourselves manually tapping the responsive shift paddles on the back of the steering wheel. While we never tired of winding out the RC F's engine, doing so did drop our average fuel economy to 16 mpg, the same as the EPA's city estimate. Cruising on our 75-mph highway loop returned a far more impressive 27 mpg, which is 3 mpg better than its federal highway rating.

The RC F's drive modes also control its adaptive dampers, which offer a considerable range of ride stiffness. The Sport+ setting produces a lot of vertical heaving on poorly maintained roads, but overall ride comfort and body control are excellent. There's no hiding the RC F's girth on a twisty back road, but stiffer bushings for the rear subframe and the electrically assisted steering rack do help it feel more precise over undulations and quick transitions.

Marc UrbanoCar and Driver

All 2020 RC Fs receive refreshed front and rear bumpers, headlights, and taillights, plus Michelin Pilot Sport 4S summer tires in place of the previous Pilot Super Sports. Our test car also featured the optional torque-vectoring differential (TVD), which is a $1250 more than the standard Torsen limited-slip diff. Although Lexus's engineers preferred the directness of the standard rear end for the RC F Track Edition, we've already proven that the TVD setup is the quicker way to go in the regular model. The system has three settings (Standard, Slalom, and Track) that are controlled via a button on the center console, with Track providing the most noticeable improvement to the car's agility, especially on corner exits. Aided by the new Michelins, our example posted 0.98 g of grip around the skidpad, which is up from the previous model's 0.95 g. However, its so-so 163-foot stop from 70 mph is nine feet longer than before.

Marc UrbanoCar and Driver

The RC F's interior largely carries over for 2020 and warrants few complaints. Its cushy-yet-supportive front seats are all-day comfortable, and the cabin's overall execution is satisfying to both touch and look at. The driving position is excellent, the two rear seats fit actual adult humans, and driver conveniences abound, although Lexus's distracting touchpad infotainment interface is still present.

At its $65,925 base price, the 2020 RC F is compelling as a V-8 luxury coupe but less so as an outright performance machine. However, its appeal is far less convincing at our test car's $89,654 asking price, with the bulk of that upcharge coming from the $11,400 Performance package (carbon-fiber roof, spoiler, and exterior accents) that's bundled with the otherwise separate $5350 Premium package of convenience features. While that's more than we'd be willing to spend on any RC F, the even-pricier Track Edition does showcase this Lexus's potential when it's burdened with less mass. We just wish more of the Track Edition's mass-reduction tricks would trickle down to the standard car.


2020 Lexus RC F

VEHICLE TYPEfront-engine, rear-wheel-drive, 2+2-passenger, 2-door coupe

PRICE AS TESTED$89,060 (base price: $65,925)

ENGINE TYPEDOHC 32-valve V-8, aluminum block and heads, port and direct fuel injectionDisplacement303 in3, 4969 cm3Power472 hp @ 7100 rpmTorque395 lb-ft @ 4800 rpm

TRANSMISSION8-speed automatic

CHASSISSuspension (F/R): control arms/multilinkBrakes (F/R): 15.0-in vented disc/13.6-in vented discTires: Michelin Pilot Sport 4S, F: 255/35R-19 (92Y) R: 275/35R-19 (96Y)

DIMENSIONSWheelbase: 107.5 inLength: 185.2 inWidth: 72.6 inHeight: 54.7 inPassenger volume: 75 ft3Trunk volume: 10 ft3Curb weight: 4017 lb

C/D TEST RESULTS60 mph: 4.1 sec100 mph: 10.0 sec130 mph: 17.0 sec150 mph: 24.6 secRolling start, 560 mph: 4.5 secTop gear, 3050 mph: 3.0 secTop gear, 5070 mph: 3.3 sec1/4 mile: 12.7 sec @ 113 mphTop speed (mfr's claim): 170 mphBraking, 700 mph: 163 ftBraking, 1000 mph: 323 ftRoadholding, 300-ft-dia skidpad: 0.98 gStanding-start accel times omit 1-ft rollout of 0.3 sec.

C/D FUEL ECONOMYObserved: 16 mpg75-mph highway driving: 27 mpgHighway range: 460 miles

EPA FUEL ECONOMYCombined/city/highway: 19/16/24 mpg

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Tested: 2020 Lexus RC F Still Needs to Lose Weight - Car and Driver

Jun 29

This Guy Shared What He Has Learned After Doing Intermittent Fasting for 7 Years – Men’s Health

Intermittent fasting, the diet plan where you only eat within an allotted window of time each day, has become an incredibly popular means of weight loss. Advocates of this approach include star CrossFit athlete Rich Froning, who credits the diet with "transforming" his training, and actor Kumail Nanjiani, who says intermittent fasting helped him a lot when he was getting ripped for Marvel's Eternals.

Men's Health

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YouTuber Edward V, aka Fledge Fitness, has been intermittent fasting for seven years. He first started in January 2013 as a New Year's Resolution; he weighed approximately 230 pounds, and while he had lost weight through myriad other diets, and would then soon gain the weight back after a little while. "I'm not good at creating a specific foods diet system," he says, "and that's why intermittent fasting, in which the main focus is timing, was much easier for me."

After just one month, Edward was pleased with the weight loss results he was seeing. "Not only that, but I was breaking through weight barriers I wasn't able to break through using all these other diet protocols," he says.

For the majority of the time that he has been intermittent fasting, Edward has specifically been sticking to the "warrior diet," which involves eating in a four-hour window, with a 20-hour fasting window. "Even if I hit some kind of a wall or a plateau, I never actually changed my baseline protocol," he says.

He adds that he stuck to the 20 hours of fasting and the four hours of eating because that suited him personally. However you approach it, intermittent fasting has to work for you and your needs personally and it has to be sustainable. "Losing weight is just losing weight, you can lose weight in two months," he says. "It's what you can replicate on a daily basis for the rest of your life that's going to make it work for you."

As time passed, Edward introduced new variables into the fasting, such as adopting the one meal a day (OMAD) diet so that he would only eat once during his four hour window.

Even if only eating once a day, though, Edward's weight would fluctuate as he bulked and cut during his training. "I haven't been a steady weight, but I've never gone back up to 230 pounds," he says. "I'll go up, build a little bit of muscle, then lean down again."

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Throughout the seven years Edward kept close track of his caloric intake. "Calories matter, but it's the calorie partitioning that also matters," he says, claiming that his muscle retention and ability to burn fat have improved as a result of the hormonal elements of a caloric deficit.

"While you might feel intense hunger in the beginning, that's only because you're snapping your body's biological rhythm," he says. "Adrenaline is released when you would usually eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. So it takes around two or three weeks for your body to adjust to the new eating window, and then you tend to get hungry when you're about to hit that window."

After doing it for so long, Edward says that he hardly ever even feels hungry any more and adds that he will definitely continue with intermittent fasting for the next seven years.

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This Guy Shared What He Has Learned After Doing Intermittent Fasting for 7 Years - Men's Health

Jun 29

Looking to lose weight in a healthy way? Try these desi weight loss breakfast recipes – India TV News

Jun 29

Lockdown weight loss story: From an overweight kid to a fitness blogger, this guy’s weight loss journey is incredible! – Times of India

Earlier, I used to concentrate more on cardio and functional exercises to lose weight gain and get back in shape. During the lockdown, I am focussing more on strength training and flexibility.

Treadmill - 15 mins

Cross trainer - 15 mins

Cycling - 10 mins

Functional exercises:


Jumping jacks

Half plank

Hill climbing

Side planks

My workout routine is as follows:

Sunday: Rest

Monday: Chest/Triceps

Tuesday: Back/Biceps

Wednesday: Legs/Core


Friday: Back/Biceps

Saturday: Legs/Core

Low-calorie recipes: I love cooking and preparing low-calorie meals. One of my favourites is rajma and oats tikki. It is packed with protein and has an amazing taste. Sprout's chilla is also one of my favourite low-calorie recipes.

Fitness secrets I unveiled: Drinking black coffee really helps in cutting down fat. It is a natural fat burner and boosts your metabolism. Also, try to add green tea into your daily schedule as it aids digestion and boosts your immunity.

How do I stay motivated? The moment you are able to witness positive changes in your body, you will get motivated to lose more weight and get back in shape. Also, when people appreciate and notice your weight loss journey, it further helps you to stay motivated and focussed towards your goals

How do you ensure that you dont lose focus? My weight loss journey has given me immense confidence and completely changed my personality. From an introvert child who used to weigh 120 kilos to a fashion and fitness blogger, I have certainly come a long way. The amount of confidence I have gained after getting back in shape cannot be explained in mere words. I dont want to ever go back to my same introvert phase of life and this feeling is enough in itself to keep me motivated.

Whats the most difficult part of being overweight? Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most difficult parts of being overweight is dealing with a host of health issues. Hence, battling health conditions was my major concern when I was overweight as now I feel I am educated enough to not get bothered by body-shaming.

What shape do you see yourself 10 years down the line? Ten years down the line, I want to see myself grow into a polished fitness professional. I obviously want to see myself as a fitness model and an expert who not only has the perfect body but is educated enough to inspire others.

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Lockdown weight loss story: From an overweight kid to a fitness blogger, this guy's weight loss journey is incredible! - Times of India

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