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Dec 5

Famous overweight cat fights to lose weight – KPAX-TV

This cat has a weight problem.

Shes uncomfortable, she has to lay down, said Brita Kiffney, the cat's vet at Northshore Veterinary Hospital.

She plays of five, ten minutes if youre in a good spot and then shes like, I gotta, I gotta lay down, said Jason Collins, a vet tech at Northshore.

She weighs almost twice as much as a healthy cat should. And it's made her famous.

This is Cinderblock. And a few months ago she went viral for something a lot of humans can relate to - refusing to exercise.

I think its gone straight to her head. I mean, honestly, she demands like five times more brushing than she used to. Its wild, said Jason.

He had no idea it would go viral.

I think my wife that night was like its got like 7,000 view already,

The video now has over 3.2 million views.

A fat cat might be fun to cuddle, but the reality is being overweight is hard for animals. Brita Kiffney, Cinder's vet, knows that all too well.

It certainly leads to pain, contributes to arthritis, decreased lung capacity, promotes diabetes, some liver diseases, pancreatitis, inflammation throughout the body, Kiffney said.

It can lead to a lot of issues, just like it does for humans.

Upwards of 60% of cats and 56% of dogs are considered to be overweight or obese. So I would say that yeah, thats becoming a bit of an issue, said Andrea Clewley. She is in charge of training at Trupanion, a company that provides medical coverage for hundreds of thousands of pets across the country. She says weight gain can really sneak up on pet owners.

You may not notice the incremental increase in weight gain and so it may just be a really slow progression over time that you just dont notice until all of a sudden you may look down one day and youre like, holy cow, how did that happen? said Clewley

And just like humans, its easier to pack on the pounds than lose them.

Its going to take her a year or more to reach her goal weight, said Jan Province. She knows it's going to take a while. She works at the reception desk at Northshore Veterinary Hospital. Province and Cinderblock will be roommates once the feline is back down to her fighting weight.

Until then, Province will have to read Cinderblock the fan mail she receives at the hospital.

Dear Cinder, we love you and were so proud of you. Keep up the good work. Lovingly, Findley Jack and his human Denise, reads Province.

This envelope came with $20 in cash. The Social Media influencer also is being sponsored by Purina for a free year of weight loss cat food. And she also has her own line of merchandise you can find online.

But its not all perks for Miss Block. She still has a long way to go on her weight loss journey.

If she started at 22, shes now at about 20.8 lbs, which is great, she has lost some weight, said Kiffney.

But at the hospital, they want her down closer to 10lbs. If her weight loss is successful, she will have lost more than 50% of her body weight. To put it in human terms, its like going from 300 lbs down to 150. No easy feat.

But Cinder will have to be successful if she wants a healthy life.

Weve cut her life expectancy by years by having that much weight on her, and so were hoping to give her, 15 years of life, but only if she gets down to normal body weight, said Kiffney.

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Famous overweight cat fights to lose weight - KPAX-TV

Dec 5

The Biggest Loser Revamp is About Being Healthy, Not Losing Weight – Screen Rant

The host of The Biggest Loser, Bob Harper reveals that the new season that is premiering early next year is all about getting healthy. The extreme weight loss show has evolved with the times and is no longer about which contestant can lose the most weight.

Since 2004,The Biggest Loser was a stapleon NBC for 17 seasons. The extreme weight loss show features obese and overweight contestants looking to transform their lives by losing weight and getting healthier. Not only are they competing to be the "biggest loser" of weight, but they're also competing to win a cash prize by losing the highest percentage of weight. The weight loss competition show has had a successful run on NBC and even ranked among the top 50 shows in the United States from 2004 to 2005 and then again from 2009 to 2011. Though recently,The Biggest Loserhas caused controversy after allegations arose that the contestants were forced to lose weight by any means necessary, including being malnourished, dehydrated, overworked, and in rare cases given weight loss pills in order to get them to have a dramatic weight loss. Though based on studies, it was revealed that the contestants would typically gain their weight back and sometimes even permanently damage their metabolisms from the extreme dieting.

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After the show stopped airing on NBC in 2016, and on May 13th, 2019, it was announced that they were working on a reboot of the show for the USA Network, set to premiere in 2020. Longtime host and trainer on the show, Bob Harper promises that the revamped version will be a whole totally different format. He said toPeople,"The whole look of the show is going to be so different."The 54-year-old trainer revealed that the show is working toward a more holistic approach to losing weight and getting healthy. Harper revealed the new concept of the show, saying, "Its not about getting skinny, its about getting healthy."He said the main goal is to see"people getting off medication, reversing their type 2 diabetes, lowering their blood pressure."He continued, "I get to bring in my expertise, and I get to hear about a new approach ...I think theres a really good symmetry here."

While the whole concept of the show has flipped on its head, plenty of aspects from the old show remain, such as the weigh-ins, the team competitions, and the daily workouts with trainers. Though this time around there will be all new trainers, Erica Lugo and Steve Cook. The contestants will be focusing on understanding nutrition, their mental health, and the importance of exercise. Harper also revealed that they make sure the contestants understand"the importance of managing their stress and how important sleep is when it comes to weight loss. We really want to get that whole-body approach."Not only are they helping them on the show, but they also implemented after-care which includes a free gym membership, access to a nutritionist, and getting set up with a support group.

Since we live in a time where overweight no longer equals unhealthy and that skinny doesn't always equal healthy, fans are looking toward new goals for the contestants seeking to want to get healthy. It seems that this whole-body approach, along with the aftercare is a much-needed change in the right direction. It makes fans wonder why it took 17 seasons to realize that the format wasn't working. Fans can look forward to the new and improved version ofThe Biggest Loserearly 2020.

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Source: People

Real Housewives: Kenya Moores Intimacy with Husband Suffered from Co-Sleeping with Child

Julia Odom is one of Screen Rant's reality TV news writers and editors. She hails from the Rocky Mountains of Grand Junction, Colorado where she grew up with her seven siblings. She spent the time after college making music, as a singer and lyricist for her band Carface. She can be found most weekends watching her guilty pleasure - 90 Day Fianc - with her four sisters. When she is not writing for Screen Rant, she is contributing to websites such as Better Humans and Craft Your Content. She is a coffee aficionado and film lover, with her favorite films being from Kubrick and PTA. Spending over a year in France as an au pair, Julia enjoys experiencing life at the edge of her comfort zone. Some of her loves include her two cats, reading Stephen King, and eating spicy food.

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The Biggest Loser Revamp is About Being Healthy, Not Losing Weight - Screen Rant

Dec 5

A nutritionist said eating banana peels can help you lose weight and sleep better, but the truth is more complicated – Business Insider

captionBananas are a good source of nutrients, peeled or not.sourcevandame/Shutterstock

Bananas are among most popular fruits in the U.S., with Americans eating just over 14 pounds per person in 2017.

But experts are split on whether most of us are eating them all wrong by throwing away the peel, allegedly a rich source of nutrients like potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, and fiber

Most recently, the topic got attention when Australian nutritionist Susie Burrell wrote a blog post lauding the benefits of eating banana skins. While the post notes Burrell is a brand ambassador for the banana company that sponsored the post, other news outlets expanded on her statements, claiming banana peels can help with weight loss, better sleep, and clearer skin.

While in reality, you can eat banana peels, some experts say you may not want to. Heres why.

Burrell wrote peels are full of nutrients, but its just as easy to get those by snacking on bananas themselves, according to Megan Meyer, a nutritional immunologist with the International Food Information Council. I wouldnt say you are missing out too much from just eating the fruit, Meyer told Insider.

The U.S. Department of Agricultures nutritional database, which has information on more than 275,000 types of food, doesnt include banana peels, so the actual nutritional content of the peels in unclear, Meyer added. Its also hard to know how many (if any) calories the skins contain.

Journalist Dan Koeppel, who wrote the book, Banana: the Fate of the Fruit that Changed the World, is also skeptical. Ive studied bananas for close to 15 years and traveled to every continent where bananas are grown and I have never seen anyone eat a peel, he told Today.

As for whether banana peels can help you lose weight, Meyer says thats far from proven. Dietary fiber is linked to feeling fuller with fewer calories, which may help with weight loss. But again, the fruit of the banana is a good source of fiber. So are beans, avocados, oranges, berries, and whole-wheat foods.

If you happen to enjoy the taste or texture of the peel, its fine to eat them, Meyer said. People have tried all kinds of innovative culinary techniques to include peels in various recipes, from smoothies to banana bread, and even a vegan pulled pork made from banana peels.

Banana peels also play a role in certain cuisines, particularly Indian food, according to some reports.

Just be sure to take the proper precautions. One of the most convenient attributes of bananas is that they come with their own wrapper: The peel normally protects the fruits from pesticides and other contaminants, so eating it means you could be eating those too.

Meyer recommended rinsing and scrubbing bananas (and any produce) if youre going to eat the skin, to remove dirt, bacteria, and other unwanted ingredients, even though conventional bananas grown with pesticides and other additives are well within the safe limits set by the USDA and other organizations.

Finally, if youre considering eating banana peels to cut down on food waste, there are other uses for fruit peels, some of which are even more creative than compost, like using banana peels to shine your shoes.

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A nutritionist said eating banana peels can help you lose weight and sleep better, but the truth is more complicated - Business Insider

Dec 5

How To Lose Weight Using The GOLO Diet Plan? – International Business Times

Ever since 2016, the GOLO diet has been the most sought-after weight loss plan. Developed by a team of physicians and experts, the diet focuses on managing insulin levels via diet, exercise, and supplements to promote weight reduction. Although it might be effective, it is considered challenging and pricey.

The GOLO diet plan comprises of three main components-the GOLO Release supplement, a guidebook, and an online community. While the guidebook includes tips on creating healthy, balanced meal plans based on your food preference and basal metabolic rate, the GOLO release supplement is enriched with minerals and plant extracts that help regulate blood sugar levels, reduce hunger, cravings and increase energy.

The diet plan includes a metabolic fuel matrix which lets you select from four different fuel groups- proteins, carbohydrates, vegetables, and fats. You will be allotted 1-2 standard servings of each fuel group for three meals per day. Exercising earns you additional points, which lets you consume extra portions or snacks throughout the day. The diet plan instructs you to refrain from consuming processed and refined foods including red meat, dairy products, and artificial sweeteners.

You are also allowed to take up short-term versions of the GOLO diet plan including the Reset 7 or the 7 Day Kickstart which the company suggests for eliminating toxins before following a regular GOLO eating plan.

Studies published on the companys website have reported about 14-15 kg weight loss in about 25-26 weeks upon following the GOLO diet plan which combined an exercise regimen alongside diet, behavioral changes, and the supplement.

However, it must be noted that these were only small studies that werent published in any peer-reviewed journals. And being funded and conducted by the makers of the diet plan, these studies might have a high risk of bias.

Moreover, it remains unclear about what contributed to the significant weight loss;whether the GOLO program and supplements or simply the combination of diet, exercise and lifestyle modifications.

Although the GOLO Diet might help some people lose weight, further research is required to find out if it is more effective than other diet plans.

According to the company, these are the things thatmake the plan exceptional:

The GOLO Diet plan for weight loss Photo: mojzagrebinfo, Pixabay

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How To Lose Weight Using The GOLO Diet Plan? - International Business Times

Dec 1

Intermittent fasting and weight loss: What you need to know – Los Angeles Times

Cynthia Bello says she had no idea skipping breakfast would make her feel so fantastic.

The 40-year-old Los Angeles Police Department detective and mother of two from Placentia started intermittent fasting in March to lose weight after becoming a self-professed junk food vegan.

I was not happy with what I saw in the mirror, she says. I had tried other weight-loss programs, and nothing ever worked.

But, Bello says, when she restricted her eating to a nine-hour window each day, the weight finally started coming off about 15 pounds. She has lost 4 inches from her waist, 2 from her bust and an inch off each thigh.

I was super scared of it because I dont do well when Im hungry, she said. But it was easier than I thought it would be. Bello now eats only between 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. and says it has helped her sleep better, given her more energy, and, surprisingly, resulted in fewer problems with seasonal allergies and irregular menstrual periods.

Cynthia Bello makes a raspberry aa bowl with a thick blend of almond milk, one frozen banana, one aai packet and a cup of frozen raspberries topped with coconut flakes, natural peanut butter, granola and fresh raspberries.

(Irfan Khan/Los Angeles Times)

Military wife Colleen Taylor, 52, who splits her time among a home in Huntington Beach, the Joint Forces Training Base Los Alamitos and Great Falls, Mont., said intermittent fasting helped her achieve similar success. Taylor lost 11 pounds the first month of an eight-hour-window eating plan outlined in the Clean & Lean diet by Dr. Ian K. Smith.

Sticking to black coffee in the morning and skipping a late-night glass of wine narrowed her eating window, she said. It was really hard but if I buy good coffee, its OK, she says. I also add a little bit of cinnamon.

But the sacrifice, she says, has been worth it. Shes down 19 pounds on her 4-foot-11 frame just by maintaining a slightly relaxed, but still healthy diet in the eight-hour window. Her husband, Reginald, has lost weight too, just by eating in the same window.

Intermittent fasting has become somewhat of a darling in the wellness world, as a glance at Instagram can attest.

Adherents bill it as the right tool to bust through weight-loss plateaus and stave off a host of chronic diseases and conditions, including diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and high blood pressure.

It sounds scary and potentially painful after all, fasting is in the name. But proponents say its a simple hack for curbing the endless snacking and nibbling and nighttime eating that can pack on calories.

Cynthia Bello typically works out at home using instructional videos.

(Irfan Khan/Los Angeles Times)

At its most basic approach, you create a limited window for eating and stick to it. Bello, who eats her first meal at 11 a.m. and her last by 8 p.m., keeps her eating to a nine-hour window, and fasts 15 hours a day. (She followed an online program, the FASTer Way to Fat Loss, and was so taken with it, she now does coaching on the side.) Some followers take it to an extreme: Magician Penn Jillette says fasting 23 hours a day has helped him maintain his 100-pound weight loss.

Ashley Koff, a Los Angeles-based registered dietician who coaches clients on the finer points of intermittent fasting through her website, the Better Nutrition Program, says her followers love it because they dont have to think about counting protein, carbs and fat calories.

Intermittent fasting is a helpful approach for clients who do too much back-loaded eating, getting the majority of their calories in the hours before bed, which makes weight loss and digestion more difficult, she said.

Results from dozens of clinical studies on intermittent fasting, taking a more rigorous look at its impact on disease as well as side effects, are expected to come out in 2020. In the meantime, we talked to fasting experts to come up with a list of eight things you should know if you want to give intermittent fasting a try.

1. You dont have to limit eating to an eight-hour window to reap the benefits. While many fasting plans advocate an eight-hour window, for many that can be problematic and tough to stick to over the long haul. And an eight-hour window is not necessary to obtain many of the obesity and disease-fighting benefits, says Satchin Panda, a professor at the Salk Institute and author of The Circadian Code, an approach to weight loss that revolves around ones natural body clock.

Ten is a good entry point for weight loss, Panda says. That would mean having your first meal of the day at 8 a.m., for example, and making your last caloric intake of the day by 6 p.m. That alone could reduce overall calorie intake, especially since his research shows many Americans eat off and on for around 15 hours a day. A 12-hour eating window still confers many of the benefits to blood pressure and reduced gut inflammation, he said, and appears to be safe for people of all ages.

2. A shorter window, however, appears to confer more benefits for weight loss, and a reduction in disease markers.

In research published last year, Courtney Peterson, an assistant professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, conducted a time-restricted eating study with pre-diabetic men, giving them an identical meal plan over two time frames six hours or 12 hours. On the six-hour plan, the men had lower levels of insulin and oxidative stress, less nighttime hunger and significantly lower blood pressure. While it didnt significantly affect the number of calories participants burned, it did lower levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin and increased fat-burning over the 24-hour day, the researcher found.

3. But very restrictive intermittent fasting might not be a good long-term strategy. One concern is that eating in windows of six to eight hours could eventually slow your metabolic rate and cause you to regain even more weight when you return to a regular schedule, says Valter Longo, director of the USC Longevity Institute and author of The Longevity Diet.

Moreover, theres some indication that tighter feeding windows over the long term might have an adverse effect on cardiovascular health, Longo said. However, more research is needed. We dont want to get rid of a problem [such as weight] and give you another in the long run, he said. Once you lose the weight, its a good idea, he said, to slowly broaden your eating window closer to the very safe sweet spot of 12 hours.

4. Its OK to mess up occasionally. Life can be unpredictable, and with dinners out or vacations, a tight eating window can be difficult to adhere to. Intermittent fasting for five or six days a week confers many of the benefits, such as reduced body fat, reduced cholesterol, better glucose control, and improved endurance, experts say.

5. It could be an important tool in the fight against cancer. Studies show that fasting can help prevent malignancies, reduce tumor growth and increase the efficacy of cancer treatment such as chemotherapy. A 2015 analysis of data from the Womens Healthy Eating and Living Study found that breast cancer survivors who didnt eat for at least 13 hours overnight had a 36% reduction in the risk of recurrence and were 21% less likely to die from breast cancer.

6. Beverages with calories will break your fast. One of the biggest problems people have getting started with intermittent fasting is accidentally breaking their fast too early in the morning with cream in their coffee or caloric beverages at night, says Smithauthor of Clean & Lean, which advocates whole foods and time-restricted eating.

Calories count, Smith says. You want [to consume] no more than 25 calories during your fasting window or you can consider your fast broken.

7. The old adage Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper still holds. Even if youre cutting off your eating earlier in the evening, its still better to eat your bigger meals earlier in the day, Panda says, because your body can digest them more efficiently. Israeli researchers found in studies that overweight women lost more weight and had greater improvement in blood sugar, insulin and other markers of cardiovascular disease when they ate a large first meal, modest lunch and small dinner compared with the reverse.

8. Its not for everyone. Pregnant or breastfeeding women, or those who are underweight or have a history of eating disorders shouldnt undertake a very restrictive intermittent fasting program, our experts said. Diabetics or anyone on medication should consult their doctor before starting any program.

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Intermittent fasting and weight loss: What you need to know - Los Angeles Times

Dec 1

Weight loss: This psychologist shed 40 kilos in ten months. Here’s her diet and workout! – Times of India

Like many, 27-year-old Shruti was battling weight problems and reached a point where it brought along additional health risks. She was determined to stop obsessing over the number on the scale and turn her life around, no matter what it took. With sheer determination and willpower, she reversed the damage and shed a whopping 40 kilos in ten months. To know how she did it, read her story here:Name: Shruti GadiyarOccupation: PsychologistAge: 27

Height: 161cm

City: Mumbai

Highest weight recorded: 120 kilosWeight lost: 40 kilos

Duration it took me to lose weight: 10 months

The turning point: I was always obsessed with my weight and getting back in shape. However, we all know that it is easier said than done. I suffered from several sleepless nights just thinking about it or researching things. One fine day, I decided this was it, I had to take a step forward and do what's necessary. After this day, I never looked back.

My breakfast: Poha/Upma/Dosa/Idli Breakfasts are always light and nutritious. Poha, upma, dosa or idli are my go-to staples.

My lunch: I prefer homemade food and avoid outside food as much as I can. Subji made at home, along with two rotis and dahi fill me up.

My dinner: I make sure that I cut out carbs from my evening meals. I usually have something like soup or salad. I relish eating cheat meals once a week. So when I get to enjoy my off day, I have something like chaat, cheese sandwich or a slice of pizza.Pre-workout meal: Dry fruits

Post-workout meal: Any source of protein like paneer, chickpeas or chicken. I wasn't fond of shakes so avoid them altogether.

My workout: HIIT has helped me lose weight for good. I picked up running and run for around 3 kilometers every day at a stretch. I also do some strength training exercises along with my running regime.

Low-calorie recipes I swear by:Salads and soups aren't as boring as we think! They have become my go-to favorite now. Apart from this, I am extremely grateful for my mom's cooking. She manages to make every healthy meal in a tasty way, it doesn't feel I am on a diet.

Fitness secrets I unveiled: I have discovered that portion control and moderation work a great deal in maintaining a stable weight. I make it a point to eat every two hours. Apart from that, I am extremely consistent with my workout regime and do not miss it for even a day.

How do I stay motivated? I look back at how far I have come already and I feel I still have a long way to go. Now that I have transformed, people have started to compliment me which doesn't stop. The support from friends and family is motivating enough. So many people tell me that I am an inspiration for them and this alone is helpful enough to keep me going whenever I feel low or feel like skipping the gym.

How do you ensure you dont lose focus? I set weekly workout targets for myself. In fact, working out has become a daily ritual for me, just like brushing my teeth. It is not something I can even think of skipping!Whats the most difficult part of being overweight? I suffered from bouts of low self-esteem and lethargy. I didn't feel like doing anything and soon enough, this turned into a vicious cycle. This for me was the most difficult part.

What shape do you see yourself 10 years down the line? A fit woman who wouldn't have to compromise on playing with her little one someday because of physical inability to do so.

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Weight loss: This psychologist shed 40 kilos in ten months. Here's her diet and workout! - Times of India

Dec 1

Concerned with health costs? Take this 5-day health challenge | TheHill – The Hill

The top Democratic presidential candidates continue to include health-care concerns for Americans as a priority, while recent research shows most Americans, or 69 percent, are also concerned about health-care costs.

Yet, many Americans do not see the connection between health and weight or other factors they can control. A 2019Cleveland Clinic survey shows 88 percent of those surveyed understand the link between healthy weight and heart health, yet 43 percent of Americans have tried to make dietary changes. to lose weight and 40 percent of those who describe themselves as overweight or obese say they aren't careful about which foods they eat.

As a family physician and obesity medicine specialist, heres my recommended five-day challenge to learn about your own health and take steps to care for yourself.

While social media is bombarding us with reminders of counting down to the holidays, perhaps it is time for every American to take five days to count up to better health.

Day 1

Schedule your physical with your primary care provider or find one if you do not already have one. Your primary care provider gets to know you over time and can help make sure you are up to date on your vaccines and screening tests or you can check this page.

Your primary care provider is there to get to know you over time and to help you in health and in sickness. Find out if there are choices you can make to improve or treat your personal medical concerns and health risks.

Day 2

Learn what your weight means. Recognize this is a simple way to check if you are at higher risk of health problems. This means you need to know your BMI (body mass index) and notice if your waist size has been growing larger. You can measure your height and weight to calculate your BMI. [Use this page if calculating BMI for someone under 20 years old.]

For instance, in adults, a BMI of 25 or more is a diagnosis of overweight and a BMI of 30 or more, is a diagnosis of obesity. In the United States, more than two out of every three adults are diagnosed with overweight or obesity.

Know that as BMI increases, there are increased risks of health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, fatty liver, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, depression, infertility, as well as many cancers. There is also increased risk of dying younger. In 2017, the Cleveland Clinic presented data showing obesity is the number one cause of preventable death.

As an adult, if your waist is getting larger and you are not pregnant, your risk factors for insulin resistance, pre-diabetes and diabetes is increased and healthy weight loss will decrease those risks. In fact, we now know that some cases of diabetes can be reversed with consistent healthier lifestyle choices.

If your health would benefit from healthy weight loss, avoiding sweetened and highly processed foods and drinks, increasing activity, decreasing the duration of sitting, improving sleep, reducing stress and adjusting (if possible) any medications that cause weight gain with your health care team are all ways to impact your weight.

If you are considering a medically-supervised weight loss program, know what to look for in a healthy weight loss program or you can find a board-certified Obesity Medicine Specialist to help you on your journey.

Day 3

Learn about your medications, vitamins and supplements, if you are taking any. Gather all of your medications, vitamins and supplements. Throw out the ones that are expired. Make a list of the medications you are taking regularly and write down why you are (supposed to be) taking each one. If you do not know why you are taking a medication, put a question mark next to it so you can learn about it when you see your pharmacist.

Next to each medication, note if it is helpful, not helpful, or if you cannot notice. Take this list with you when you go to see your primary care provider. Talk with your provider about the medications that are not helpful or that you cannot tell if they are helpful. See if there are alternatives or if they can be discontinued and how to do so if appropriate.

Day 4

Understand that the most powerful health-promoting thing you can do for yourself is to increase your activity. Sit less and move more. Get up from sitting, frequently. Find activities you like to do that require more movement. Exercise is important in the prevention and treatment of mood disorders, sleep disorders, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, as well as prevent falls, prevent many cancers, and prevent sarcopenia (loss of muscle leading to frailty and other health problems). Aim to work up to a minimum total of 15 minutes of daily walking. One prospective cohort study looked at over 400,000 people in Taiwan and found that a minimum of 15 minutes of exercise daily resulted in living three years longer.

Day 5

Create a routine to engage your senses. Examples include spending time with loved ones or finding ways to build new connections with others. Also, time spent with pets, in nature and/or engaging with the arts can calm the mind and provide healing as it connects us to the positive energy around us.

Health education is a lifelong endeavor. Its easy to get caught up in daily work and dramas and forget about self-care, particularly at busy times of year. But optimizing health can start with five days of deliberate action and that can start now.

Dr. Naomi Parrella is assistant professor in the Department of Family Medicine and the Department of Surgery and the medical director for Rush University Center for Weight Loss and Lifestyle Medicine, and she is board-certified in family medicine and obesity medicine, holds a certification in Chinese herbal medicine, and is a Public Voices fellow through The OpEd Project.

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Concerned with health costs? Take this 5-day health challenge | TheHill - The Hill

Dec 1

My 260lbs weight loss left me with 20lbs of loose skin – Yahoo Movies UK

At her heaviest, Catherine Shanklin from Oklahoma City, weighed 420lbs, wearing a size 6xl pant size.

Being treated for numerous medical issues including polycystic ovaries, immune disorders, high blood pressure and diabetes, doctors repeatedly warned Catherine she was putting her life at risk if she didn't lose weight.

Only after multiple warnings and doctors' insistence that she needed to have a gastric bypass did the childminder discover within herself the reserves needed to lose 260lbs entirely naturally.

But Catherine's weight loss journey is far from over now awaiting skin removal surgery to remove the estimated 20lbs of excess skin from her body, health complications have meant she has had to delay having the surgery while her body heals from invasive vein removal procedures.

In spite of it all, Catherine sometimes still can't believe how far she has come. She told Barcroft TV: "It took me exactly three years to lose the weight.

"It still shocks me when I see pictures and I'm like is that really me?

"I am so glad I stayed the course to do it on my own and opted out of having surgery."

Describing her relationship with food as her "second soulmate" it became the solution to however she was feeling.

Catherine said: "I feel sad, I am going to eat, I am bored I am going to eat, it is an emotional connection that I had with it that literally I knew I had to break up with it. It is an addiction; I think it is just like a drug or anything else.

"Being 420lbs we would go to an amusement park and I was the one standing on the side lines just waiting there for everybody to have fun. Riding on a plane, I was the person that had to have that extra seat belt all the time and sometimes probably need two or three extenders.

"I was being held back from so many things and just the simple things like tying your own shoe, like being out of breath or going up stairs."

Doctors repeatedly warned Catherine about her dangerously heavy weight but she only managed to lose small amounts before putting it back on again. After one particular visit to the doctors though, Catherine had a breakthrough moment, where she realised she not only needed to lose weight but that she could do it.

She said: "I will never forget it, I was sitting in my car in a parking lot at the doctor's office and I left the doctor's office again for probably the 18th time that year, being told that I should have gastric bypass surgery. I had told them over and over again: 'No I can do this on my own.'

"And I remember getting into my car and realizing more than anything that I wanted this, I needed to do this. And I just prayed to God and asked Him that he would give me the strength to be able to do this."

Sat in her car, Catherine wrote a list of all the reasons to lose the weight and stuck them around her house "I could look at those and remind myself that it is worth it to keep working on myself."

Joining a gym, walking then running on trails she used to struggle to just get to the starting point, Catherine's new healthy lifestyle has been as much about exercise as adopting a healthier diet. Out went the pizzas and fast food, replaced with fresh salads and vegetables she never used to have a taste for.

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My 260lbs weight loss left me with 20lbs of loose skin - Yahoo Movies UK

Dec 1

Michelle McManus weight loss: Singer used this diet plan to shed impressive 10 stone –

But Pop Idol and peoples reaction to my size made me realise I was massively overweight and just how critical people can be.

Since then, Ive yo-yoed, but Im conscious of when I need to rein it back in and Im realistic enough to start looking after myself. Id say now Im a bit more in control.

Michelle explained she had accepted her weight and focused on making healthy habits.

Speaking on Lorraine in 2017, she said: Everyone wants to lose weight, everybody wants to look the best they can look.

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Michelle McManus weight loss: Singer used this diet plan to shed impressive 10 stone -

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How to lose weight in 6 months like this guy who lost 18 kgs without hiring a personal trainer or a dietician – GQ India – What a man’s got to do

Theres only one thing that can really and truly kickstart your journey to fitness. Determination.

If you are determined to lose weight, lift heavy, eat well and live healthy, nothing can stop you. 20-year-old Abhijeet Kumar tell us that at his heaviest he weighed a whopping 92 kgs and was completely stunned when he saw this number flash on the weighing scale. Then and there, like literally in that very moment, I decided that I need to transform myself. I wanted to see a different version of myself the version I had dreamt of, he says.

What was this version? Id always dreamt of building a slender and athletic physique but lacked the motivation to do so until that moment as my body had always favoured the heavier end of the weighing scale for so many years now, he adds. But, I knew I had to pull my socks up and do whatever I can in my power to not just bring my weight down but also get a step closer to my dream, he explains before spilling the beans on the weight loss plan that helped me lose 18 kgs.

I commenced on my weight loss journey by focusing on one main principle a clean diet plan. I started researching a lot about calories and macros and also made YouTube my best friend as I didn't hire any trainer for personal training during the phase."

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"Soon, I came to the conclusion that weight loss is a game of calories and food choices and decided to give the calorie deficit diet plan a chance to bring about a change in my physique."

A calorie deficit diet is a specific diet pattern that revolves around the number of calories you consume in a day. According to Healthline, the concept is based on the idea that as long as you eat fewer calories than you burn, youre bound to lose weight.

This diet pattern requires you to calculate the number of calories your body needs to consume to function smoothly without feeling hungry, and how much deficit you need create without harming your health. Keep in mind that the number of calories required to create a deficit is different for different body types. You can calculate yours online via a calorie calculator.

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As per Abhijeets calorie requirements, he resorted to the below home-cooked diet plan. I ate whatever healthy options were available, keeping in mind my calorie intake. My diet routine also kept changing as per my bodys needs but this is a general layout of what Ive been eating for the last six months:

Breakfast: 2 whole boiled eggs with 1 tbsp of peanut butter and 2 slices of brown bread OR oatmeal with fruit

Mid-day snack: An Apple

Lunch: Rice/2 chapatis with a big plate of salad, dal or rajma or white chana as per availability and any seasonal vegetables

Evening snack (Pre-workout): A cup of black coffee

Dinner (Post-workout): 300 gms boiled chicken or 10 egg whites with 2 slices of brown bread (toasted with ghee) and veggies

Post-dinner: A glass of milk before sleeping (sometimes)

I mostly focused on eating clean and eating in limit. I gave up on sugar, biscuits, chips and other processed items as well to not cross my calorie limit.

The next step now was to join a gym and focus on the correct form of exercises, elaborates Abhijeet. I learned every single thing from the Internet, even the exercises.

My weight loss workout regime comprised cardio and strength training exercises.




Flat bench press (3 sets of 15 reps) with incline dumbbell flyes as a superset (3 sets of 15 reps)


Decline Dumbbell press (3 sets of 15 reps) with flat dumbbell flies as a superset (3 sets of 15 reps)


Inclined bench press (3 sets of 15 reps) with pec-deck as a superset (3 sets of 15 reps)


Cable crossover (3 sets of 12 to 15 reps) with dips as a superset


Death set: 50 pushups in one go


Running for 20 mins on an inclined treadmill



Pull-ups (4 sets of 10 to 12 reps)


Bent rows with the barbell (4 sets of 8-10 reps)


Lat Pulldown (3 sets of 15 reps)


Close grip lat pulldown(3 sets of 15 reps)



Single-arm dumbbell rows(2 sets of 15 reps)


3 sets of -




4)Hanging knee Raise (20)

Biceps exercises are done with supersets of triceps


Barbell curl (3 sets of 15 reps) superset Skull crusher (3 sets of 15 reps)


Dumbbell curls(3 sets of 15 reps) superset Triceps pushdown(3 sets of 15 reps)


Preachers curl(3 sets of 15 reps) superset Dumbbell Extension(3 sets of 15 reps)


Hammer curls (3 sets of 15 reps) superset Triceps rope pushdown(3 sets of 15 reps)


Death set - Narrow grip Push-ups (50)


Overhead front press with the overhead back press as a superset (3 sets of 15 reps)


Dumbbell press (4 sets of 12 to 15)


Front Raise (3 sets of 15 reps)


Side Raise(3 sets of 15 reps)


Barbell shrugs(4 sets of 15 reps)


Same as above



Squats (5 sets of 10 to 15 reps)


Leg Extension (3 sets of 15 reps) both front and back.


Sumo squats (3 sets of 15 reps)


Leg Press (3 sets of 25 reps)


Calves (3 sets of 15 reps) both seated and standing


Running (15 mins)

I keep on tracking my macros and also focusing on my workouts to maintain my new weight. A day without the gym feels like I have missed something very important today.

I have always believed in hard work and passion towards your goals. You just need to follow a strict diet plan and everything else will be on your side. I always remembered why I started when I got demotivated. It was me versus me every single day at the gym. Keep hustling and you will see the results. Three months from now you will be proud of yourself for getting out of your comfort zone.

Disclaimer: The diet and workout routines shared by the respondents may or may not be approved by diet and fitness experts. GQ India doesn't encourage or endorse the weight loss tips & tricks shared by the person in the article. Please consult an authorised medical professional before following any specific diet or workout routine mentioned above.


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