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Sep 25

Want to Lose Weight Running? Experts Explain How to Achieve Your Goals Faster (and Safely) – Yahoo Lifestyle

Young woman runner warm up outdoor

In an ideal world, it would be easy to lose weight. You'd try a new eating plan, go for a run, and that'd be that. While reality is slightly more complicated, running is still an effective way to lose weight, though how fast you shed those pounds depends on a number of factors.

Weight loss is a matter of simple math. You need to be in a calorie deficit, or consume fewer calories than you burn, in order to see results. The number of calories you burn in a day - also called total energy expenditure - is made up of resting energy expenditure (the calories needed for basic body functions), energy used during digestion, and energy used during physical activity. Running can help increase the calories burned part of the equation, inching you closer to the roughly 3,500-calorie deficit you'd need to create in order to lose one pound of fat. (The rate at which that happens will vary, but it's generally considered safe to lose one to two pounds per week.)

Unfortunately, there's no linear relationship between running and weight loss, because energy expenditure is based on a number of individual factors like age, sex, genetics, activity level, and more. But that doesn't mean running isn't effective for those looking to drop a few pounds. Here's why it's a great workout and how you can optimize your runs to get results.

The best type of workouts are ones you like and that you can stick to on a regular basis. Running is one exercise that requires very little equipment or money to get started. At a minimum, you need a good pair of running shoes, a stretch of road, and a little motivation. But that's just one reason it can be helpful in shifting the number on the scale.

"Pound for pound, running is one of the most efficient forms of exercise that exists," Nate Helming, cofounder of the training community The Run Experience and strength coach for the exercise tracking app Strava, told POPSUGAR. "Unlike, say, cycling where you only have to push on the pedals and can coast easily on downhills, in running, there are zero breaks - uphill, downhill, flats. That's because you not only have to produce positive forces to launch yourself up and off the ground but produce negative forces that catch and support you with every footfall and landing."

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John Thornhill, an ACE-certified personal trainer and master trainer at fitness brand Aaptiv, added that "running is an excellent addition to your overall fitness routine because it strengthens your cardiovascular system, and depending on your intensity, running expands both your aerobic and anaerobic capacity."

That said, no matter how many miles you run, if you proceed to refuel afterward with several pumpkin spice doughnuts, you're not likely to reap the benefits. You've probably heard the saying, "You can't outrun a bad diet." It's important to consider both what you eat and how you move when you're trying to lose weight.

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Because everyone's body is different, we expend energy differently. "Calorie burn is dependent upon each individual's intensity, age, and general health. On average, for every 10 minutes of running, you can burn anywhere from 80 to 110 calories," Thornhill told POPSUGAR.

Here's some additional good news: being a beginner may actually help you burn more calories. "The newer you are to something, the less mechanically efficient you are at it, meaning the more you'll be working to run that mile," Helming said.

If you're new to running, you're not likely to get off the couch and immediately run a 5K. For beginners, Thornhill suggests trying a walk-to-run program to build consistency before you increase the intensity and duration of your runs. (Aaptiv has several audio-based walking, walk-to-run, and race-training programs for all levels.)

As for the frequency of your workouts, "depending on your experience level, running three to four days a week is optimal with recovery days in between," Thornhill explained. "As your running time increases, be sure that you are foam rolling, stretching, recovering, and hydrating adequately."

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We're an on-demand generation, used to getting everything immediately or with a push of a button, but remember that healthy, sustainable weight loss is a long game. You'll need to listen to your body and not push it beyond its limits.

"Many people start running because they want to get fit. But often, they aren't fit enough to run without injury or burnout. And there's nothing more discouraging than starting a program only to drop out a few weeks in," Helming said. "The key to any fitness and weight loss goal lies not in any individual exercise or session. It lies in your ability to keep showing up, day after day, week after week, and banking a whole heap of them. It's about building a new lifestyle around healthy habits. But none of this can be built effectively if your Achilles feels like it's going to snap off after every run."

To maximize your runs for weight loss, you'll need to work to prevent injury and mix things up as much as possible to keep your body from going into autopilot. Here are some ways to do just that:

"Add a set of dynamic exercises into your warmup to raise your body temperature, increase blood flow, activate key muscles, and improve joint range of motion," Helming said. He suggests this 7-minute running warmup.

Break up your workout by running for 30 seconds, then doing 30 seconds of drills - like high knees, butt kicks, and lateral shuffles - a total of 10 times.

Add speed intervals or HIIT days. "Think short bursts of high intensity with short recovery periods, repeated consistently," Thornhill explained.

Run uphill on a treadmill or a hill as a way to grow stronger and run faster.

Add 10 minutes of postrun mobility exercises to restore range of motion. Recovery is important!

While running can be a great addition to help along your weight-loss journey, remember that it's not a magic bullet. "In my experience, the ticket to long-lasting weight loss and health is centered around building a lifestyle that includes varied physical exercise that both feels good on the body and that you look forward to doing on a regular basis," Helming said, adding that the exercises you do should vary in difficulty.

"Different movements and modes should be explored, but running is a great pillar to center your efforts around. And you should keep doing it each and every week," he said. "While initially, it will require some serious willpower to get started, it can and will become easy and automatic! Complement this approach with good sleep, regular hydration, and fresh, healthy, local food with ingredients your grandmother would recognize, and you'll be well on your way."

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Want to Lose Weight Running? Experts Explain How to Achieve Your Goals Faster (and Safely) - Yahoo Lifestyle

Sep 25

Morning vs. Evening: Whats a better time to exercise to lose weight? – Times of India

Certainly, there are proofs that support the claim that exercising in the evening is better than exercising in the morning for weight loss, but the pieces of evidence are very limited. More research is needed to come to a strong conclusion on this matter.

Till that time whether you choose to exercise in the morning or the evening, try to be consistent and add variety in your workout routine. Here are a few things you need to be careful about if you are exercising in the evening.

Exercise 4-5 hours before going to bed, else it will be difficult for you to fall asleep at night.

Fuel yourself properly before exercising. Your body needs energy to perform strenuous exercise.

Add different kinds of workout like strength training, bodyweight exercises and cardio for better results.

Remember only exercising will not help you reach your goal. A healthy and nutritious diet is equally important.

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Morning vs. Evening: Whats a better time to exercise to lose weight? - Times of India

Sep 25

The Best Vegetables to Eat When You’re Trying to Lose Weight – Sporteluxe

Vegetables are a key tool in aiding weight loss. They are nutrient-rich, fiber-packed, and super good for you. According to the CDC, water and fiber infoodsincrease volume and thereby reduce energy density. In their natural state, fruits andvegetableshave high water and fiber content and are low in calories and energy density.Fatincreases the energy density offoods, while water and fiber decrease energy density. Pairing veggies off with a good protein and fat can help you lose weight, but also give your diet a healthy twist so you have more energy, less stress, and a better mood! Weve made a list of the best vegetables for weight loss, here are some of our favorites.

Spinach is definitely one of our favorites. Its nutrient-dense, has so many nutrients, and is versatile in its use. It is a powerhouse vegetable and helps prevent a lot of diseases out there. You can eat it in a smoothie, in a salad, or cook it as a side dish.

If youre looking for an alternative to grains and carbs, this is the way to go. Its only around 40 50 calories for serving and tastes amazing. Spaghetti is so delicious, its low in fat and full of fiber. Fiber keeps you full for longer. We like to put it in the oven with some olive oil and spices and make fries out of them.

Broccoli has so much fiber, versatility, and can be used in almost every savory dish. You can put in an omelet, add it to pasta, put it in the oven with olive oil, and spaces. Theres so much you can do.

Cauliflower is a super popular vegetable that is all the rage right now. Its only around 20 30 calories per cup, and slows digestion and promote the feeling of fullness. Its fat-free, cholesterol-free, and low in sodium. There are so many things you can do with cauliflower, its one of the best vegetables for weight loss around. You can make rice, pizza crust, or even soup!

Sweet potatos fiber is so incredible, its also a fan favorite amongst the health community because it tastes good with other healthy foods. You can roast sweet potato, turn it into a mash, or even make it a pizza crust. The sweet taste is a lot more interesting than the regular potato, and sweet potato fries are so delicious (we like them better than regular fries, tbh).

Good for babies, and good for you! Green peas are an excellent source of fiber. According to the Food Network, there are almost 9 grams of fiber in every cup and the food possibilities are endless. You can make soup, pea pesto, and even eat them as a side. Add them to pasta and maybe even a casserole!

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Sep 25

An introduction to weight loss by Rosemary Ferguson – Tatler

Instagram: @rosemaryferguson_

Weight loss isnt something I normally talk about as I think it can breed a negative relationship around food. As a mother of three girls and having had a career as a model (models do eat please dont think we dont!) I am very aware of the pressures to be a certain size, fit certain styles of clothes and have a similar weight and build to the majority of women we see in films or magazines. I too, even now am mindful, aware and careful of what I eat but with freedom to enjoy a little of what I fancy every now and then.

For years now my philosophy with weight loss and food has been a healthy one and I share this with my clients who may come to see me for help on their weight loss journey. Food should be enjoyed but it should also nourish us and feed us on different levels. Im very anti-restricting but I am extremely pro nutrient dense meals, in addition to the less snacking and implementing a nourishing liquid day to support ones body with weight loss.

Establishing a good relationship with food can take time and many women battle daily. It takes patience, strength, and consistency to develop a sustainable healthy eating pattern. There is no quick fix or magic pill. What we do, the choices we make and how we act day in and day out is what is going to give us long lasting results and peace with our food.

There are so many do's and donts when it comes to weight loss and while Im definitely not a fan of any fad quick fixes or gruelling diets I am a big supporter in intuitive and mindful eating and there are ways that we can safely lose weight and most importantly keep it off.

The key to a healthy and successful weight loss journey begins with the following rules:

1. No snacking - Try making a warming herbal tea or drinking a big glass of water. You may be mistaking hunger for dehydration.

2. Eat your carbs in the AM - Carbohydrates are fuel for your body because they contain glucose, which is your bodys number one source of energy. Protein and fat work, too, but carbs are definitely number one. They also help your brain function properly. If you dont have enough of them, your ability to think, learn, and remember stuff will decrease because neurotransmitters in your brain will not have enough glucose to synthesise properly. Two things we need in the morning energy and brain power! Avocado on sourdough toast and a poached egg is a brilliant choice in the morning, sprinkle with some extra sunflower or pumpkin seeds for added nutrients.

3. Ensure your other two meals include protein and fat - Protein and fats are essential macronutrients that are crucial for your body. A good protein and fat meal would be organic roasted chicken on a bed of colourful veggie filled salad (lots of leafy greens), a crumble of organic feta cheese and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

4. Incorporate one liquid day a week - Liquid days when done correctly are hugely beneficial. A day of liquids can do wonders for resting the digestive system, liver and kidneys, and flooding your body with an extra dose of needed nutrients. It is also a great one for slightly reducing calories without skipping meals or restricting and keeping you in a calorie deficit during the rest of the week. (Great!)

Your liquid day will include 1 smoothie in the AM, 1 juice midmorning, 1 bowl of soup at lunchtime, 1 smoothie mid-afternoon and another soup or broth for dinner.

5. Watch your portions - Portion size is so important when it comes to weight loss and while I dont recommend weighing or measuring food if weight loss is on your agenda then its a good idea to be aware. For instance we may be making porridge and free pour in our oats leading to over a cup full at 350 ish calories (thats without your milk and toppings) however just measuring out cup which is plenty a portion can enable us to keep our calories in check and still enjoy a filling and satisfying breakfast.

Portion size example:

Meat, fish, poultry (1 serving, 3 oz) - size of your palm

Fats (1 serving) size of your thumb

Potato, squash (1 serving) - size of your fist

Beans, peas, brown rice, pasta (1 serving) - size of your fist

6. Fat doesnt make you fat - Dont be afraid of good fats. They can help support our metabolisms and keep us full and satisfied for longer (leading to less or no snacking and smaller portion sizes). Incorporate a little into all of your meals this could be some nut butter in your porridge, some avocado mashed onto oat cakes or with cucumber sticks, or a drizzle of olive oil on your fish.

7. Eat earlier - By having your last meal slightly earlier say 6pm instead of 8pm you really allow your digestion to work before bed and also leave a nice amount of time where your digestive system can rest (an overnight fast). This can lead to better sleep and a better wake up in the AM.

8. Practice intermittent fasting - By allowing time for your digestive system to have a break from food you can allow your body to reset. Short-term 16 hours fast leads to several changes in the body that make fat burning and weight loss easier. This includes reduced insulin, increased growth hormone, enhanced epinephrine signalling and a small boost in metabolism. To make it easier you can fast overnight, for example 7pm until 11am or 5pm till 9am.

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An introduction to weight loss by Rosemary Ferguson - Tatler

Sep 25

RHOA Star Cynthia Bailey’s Wedding to Mike Hill Is Fast Approaching as She Starts the Countdown – AmoMama

"Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Cynthia Bailey is counting down the days till she walks down the aisle. The reality star is set to tie the knot withfiancand business partner Mike Hill on October 10.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Cynthia Bailey seems ready to state her vows toher fiancMike Hill, who is a well-known host on Netflix's automobile series "Hyperdrive."

On September 21, Bailey shareda photo of herself and 50-year-oldHill on Instagram. In the picture, the 53-year-old former model is seen wearing a white dress while Hill donsa black-and-white tuxedo.

Bailey looks dazzling in her all-white ensemble with a stylish slit on the side. She completed her look with her nicely braided hair and minimal accessories. Alongside the caption, the reality star wrote:

"Never say never. The countdown begins."

The "America's Pregame" star looks dapper in his suit while helping his fiance carry her trail. Some photographers areseen taking snaps of the couple as the latterengages inlight conversation while walking down the sidewalk.

Bailey's surprising update made thousands of fans excitedas evidenced bythe barrage of congratulatory messages in her post'scomment section.

Some of them were at a loss forwords and simply posted heart emojis, praying emojis, and fire emojis.A fanwho seemed to have been following Bailey for yearspraised her for not giving up on love.

Earlier, Bailey faced several concerns about her wedding because of the possibility it will get postponeddue to the pandemic. But all of the reality star's worries later vanished.

On September 7, the reality star took to Instagram to share the good news that herOctober 10 wedding will push through.Hill popped the question to Bailey in July 2019 during the grand opening of her wine cellar, The Bailey WineCellar, in Atlanta.

As part of her wedding preparation, Bailey recently dropped a massive amount of weight while in quarantine. It was also during isolation that she noticed her body weight would change from time to time.

While celebrating her new body, Bailey recently became thesubject of criticism. An Instagram user wrote that she should lose weight whileother users left cruel remarks linking the reality star's weight to the pandemic.

But Bailey fired back at the Instagram trolls spreading hate against her. Many of her fans also came to her defense and sent positive messages her way.

In January, Bailey and Hill were spotted wearing bride and groom attire around New York,sparking speculations thatshe and Hill hadalready tied the knot.

The couple, however, quickly set the record straight, saying that they werenotmarried yet. Bailey said they were merely shooting a spread for Sophisticated Weddings in New York.

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RHOA Star Cynthia Bailey's Wedding to Mike Hill Is Fast Approaching as She Starts the Countdown - AmoMama

Sep 25

10 Benefits Of Walking, Plus Health Perks And Tips From Experts – Women’s Health

Don't underestimate the power of walking. Despite it being low-impact and not that intense compared to other cardio workouts like running or HIIT, the benefits are far from ordinary.

"One of the biggest misconceptions about walking is that its not an effective weight loss tool and that it requires a lot of time and effort for minimal results," says Keri Peterson, MD. But the truth is walking can actually help you lose weight, among several other major life perks. And you can start reaping the benefits with just 30 minutes a day, she adds.

But walking isnt just good for weight loss alone. "Research finds that walking regularly reduces the risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and heart disease," Dr. Peterson says.

To get in on those gains, though, is going to take more than your typical, one foot in front of the other. "Many of us get into what I call a walking rut," says Michele Stanten, an ACE-certified fitness instructor, walking coach, and author of The Walking Solution. We get lulled into the same, everyday stride and don't realize that even a brisk walk around the block can do your health some good.

Even better? Try to walk on terrain with hills to vary the incline and pick up your pace on and off throughout your walk, Dr. Peterson says. This will add intensity to the workout, and you want a mix of high and low intensity and that'll help increase your cardio fitness.

If you're still on the fence about walking and how good it is for you, here are 10 benefits of walking that are backed by science and experts. The sooner you get to walking (in some arch-supported sneaks, of course!), the faster you can start enjoying these major life perks.

Feeling a little glum lately? Lace up your shoes and get moving. Walking for an hour a day can reduce your risk of depression, according to a 2019 JAMA Psychiatry study. Researchers actually saw a 26-percent decrease in odds of developing depression with increased physical activity, like walking. "Intentionally moving your body in more gentle ways throughout the daylike walking, stretching, taking the stairs, doing the dishescan still add up in good ways for your mood," study author Karmel Choi told Harvard Health.

The next time you're stuck in a mental rut for ideas, sign off social media and take a stroll around the block. Going for a walk can actually increase creativity levels, according to a 2014 study in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, Learning, Memory, and Cognition. Researchers observed 176 students performing a series of tasks while seated versus while walking. And they found that walking could amp up a person's creative output by 60 (!!) percent.

Walking at a brisk pace that engages your arms (yes, arm pumping is good!), will recruit several upper and lower body muscles to help you burn calories, Dr. Peterson explains. "If you're able to vary your pace with more intense intervals of inclined or rapid walking to elevate your heart rate, you will also increase the calories burned," she says. You want to aim for 15,000 steps per day, seven days a week, if weight loss is one of your fitness goals, Hannah Davis, CSCS, previously told Women's Health.

According to a 2018 observational study in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology analyzing over 90,000 participants, walking at least 40 minutes two or three times a week (average or brisk pace!) was associated with a reduced risk of developing heart failure in postmenopausal women.

Don't just rely on weighted exercises alone to build muscle, strengthen, and tone. As with running, you can build muscle while walking, especially if you weren't a big walker before or if you vary your speed, incline (so head for those hills!), or resistance (think: ankle weights) to up the intensity. . "Walking engages plenty of leg muscles," Peterson says. This includes those in your thighs, glutes, calves, and hammies.

If you're already on the cusp of diabetes and looking for way to reduce your chances of being diagnosed, go for a brisk walk. In a 2016 study out of Duke University, researchers compared participants with prediabetes as they walked briskly or jogged 13.8 miles a week for 6 months. Walking actually showed nearly six times greater improvement in the participant's glucose tolerance, compared to those who jogged.

Haven't caught enough Zzz's lately? Taking a walk might help you have a better night's sleep. In a small, observational study published in Sleep Health, research showed that adults who increased the time they spent walking during the day slept better at night. And those who averaged the most steps throughout the duration of the study, reported significantly better sleep than those who walked the least.

This one might come as a surprise, but walking can actually give your immune system an extra hand, which could prove to be useful this cold and flu season. Peterson nods to a 2011 study published in the British Journal Of Sports Medicine, which showed that among the 1,000 participants studied, those who walked at least 20 minutes a day, five days a week, had 43-percent fewer sick days than those who exercised once a week or less. And those who did get sick were sick over a shorter period of timeand their symptoms were milder.

Better still, more recent research supports walkings immunity boosting benefits. A 2018 study in BMC Public Health found that the risk of having one or more episodes of the common cold was reduced by 26 percent for adults who walked at least three times a week.

But speed matters. Brisk walkers can actually live longer, according to a 2019 Mayo Clinic Proceedings study. Researchers recorded self-reported walking speeds and body mass indexes (BMI) of over 400,000 participants and followed up with them for almost seven years. There were over 12,800 deaths during this time and they used this data to estimate the life expectancy of the cohort. They were able to determine that despite BMI, those who reported themselves as brisk walkers had increased longevity, compared to those who identified as slower walkers (8788 years expectancy versus 7285 years).

To top that, the study also showed that brisk-walking women (those who walked over 4 mph) could have a 15-year life expectancy boost over those who walked at less than 3 mph. And the increase for men could reach up to 20 years. So grab your partner and start walking together.

If you're a late-night snacker (*raises hand*), then you'll be particularly swayed by these walking benefits. A 15-minute brisk walk, instead of being sedentary, could reduce your craving for sugary snacks per a 2015 PLOS One study.

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10 Benefits Of Walking, Plus Health Perks And Tips From Experts - Women's Health

Sep 22

Ayesha Curry weight loss: Diet that helped her lose 35 lbs – TODAY

Ayesha Curry is giving fans a glimpse at her daily diet.

The 31-year-old actor and cookbook author, who is married to NBA star Stephen Curry, recently revealed that she lost 35 pounds, and now she's breaking down the healthy foods that help her stay in shape.

In a new video for Harper's Bazaar, Curry opens up about her approach to nutrition and reveals that working out has become more important to her over time.

"Fitness wasn't really a part of my lifestyle and I'd say the past year and a half post having all of my kids, it's really become a staple for me and it helps me have mental clarity," she said. "I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life. I feel happier when I work out. So I do try to work out at least five days a week."

Curious what Curry eats on an average day? Here's her typical daily diet:

Curry's day begins with a fresh cup of coffee, and she prepares the caffeinated drink a few different ways depending on whether or not she's been fasting.

"If I'm intermittent fasting, I'll do it with a little bit of coconut oil, grass-fed butter and some MCT oil, which is for your brain fuel and so that you can function," she explained.

On days where she's not fasting, the 31-year-old prefers to pour a touch of Coffee-mate's French vanilla creamer into a super strong brew.

The mother of three usually only eats breakfast on the weekends and has a tried-and-true meal she loves to prepare.

"I love a good smoked salmon scramble. It's something that I put in my first cookbook 'The Seasoned Life' and I still eat it to this day," she said, adding that she slow cooks the scrambled eggs and adds in a bit of dill, salt and pepper before tossing the smoked salmon in at the very end.

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To stay hydrated throughout the day, Curry loves to sip on hot water. "I'm not a huge fan of ice water. I don't know why," she said.

Like many busy moms, Curry often finds it hard to sneak in the time to eat a midday meal. When she does have a few moments to eat lunch, the author typically likes to work out first and opts for a salad (arugula or spinach) with a seared protein on the side like shrimp, salmon or tuna.

"I love a good poppyseed dressing on my salad, a little bit of red onions in there, dash of salt and pepper, alongside some sort of chocolate protein shake," she said.

The TV personality doesn't snack all that much, but when she does get the munchies she usually opts for banana chips, cucumbers or carrot sticks.

"My family is probably laughing watching this right now because I go through banana chips like crazy," she said.

Dinnertime in the Curry household takes place around 7 p.m., right before the kids go to bed, and that's the meal the 31-year-old puts the most effort into.

"That's where my focus is when it comes to preparing a meal for my family. It's not breakfast, it's not lunch, it's definitely dinner because that's the time I know we're going to get to sit around the table together," she said.

The cookbook author's latest book, "The Full Plate," focuses on quick dinner recipes like 20-minute, sheet-pan dinners, pasta dishes and simple steak dinners. And Curry says she's always looking for "fast, simple and easy" meal options.

"(The cookbook) is really a very good reflection of how my life is right now," she said.

Whenever she can, Curry likes to honor her Jamaican roots in her cooking and she especially enjoys whipping up one traditional dish.

"My absolute favorite meal to cook is oxtail rice and peas and fried plantain," she said. "Again, I'm Jamaican, that is my heritage, that is the food that I grew up with. It just brings me so much comfort and joy when I make it."

While she's been trying to eat healthy whenever she can, Curry admits that she's only human and likes to indulge every now and then. For instance, ketchup chips and donuts are two of her guilty pleasures, and she also digs mezcal margaritas with maple syrup and cocktails like whiskey sours.

Excerpt from:
Ayesha Curry weight loss: Diet that helped her lose 35 lbs - TODAY

Sep 22

Calorie counting vs. carb counting: Which approach should you follow for weight loss? – Times of India

Unlike calories, finding the right amount of carbs in food can be a bit of a challenging task. You may not find the net carb content of all the food items. Even the food you buy from the supermarket might have listed carbs under three different headings: Total carb, dietary fiber and sugar.

Besides, in a low-calorie diet, you are allowed to eat all kinds of food, all you have to do is take care of the calories and manage the portion size. But in a low- carb diet, you might have to avoid some sources of carbs.

Low-carb diet is good for people suffering from type 1 and type 2 diabetes to manage the blood sugar level. After losing weight on a low-carb diet you might maintain the same calorie intake for a while to stay in shape.

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Calorie counting vs. carb counting: Which approach should you follow for weight loss? - Times of India

Sep 22

Masaba Gupta reveals the pros of 16-hour fast and cons of Keto diet in dealing with PCOD – Hindustan Times

If there is one major ailment that has taken the world of women by storm, it has to be Polycystic Ovarian Disease or PCOD which strikes mostly at an early age and makes a substantial number of young adults suffer including fashion designer Masaba Gupta. Currently making heads turn with her stellar performance in Netflix series Masaba Masaba, the ace designer shared health tips with fans on how to make PCOD vanish.

Taking to her Instagram handle, the diva answered on a question answer round with fans about how her daily 16-hour fast not only makes her feel great but also gives her more energy, more clarity and no acidity. My pcod etc has nearly vanished! (sic), she replied to a fan who had asked Are you doing the 16 hour fast everyday? How do you feel? (sic).

When another fan asked, How do you deal with PCOD? I have PCOD for 7 years now and it just gets worse, Masaba spilled some handy tips that also included the cons of Keto diet. She shared, Lose weight!! Its the best way! But pls do it in a safe & slow way. She added, Do not get on some crap fad diet especially Keto it messed my body up.

She concluded by advising, Speak to a nutritionist- eat ghar ka khaana. Workout 6 days a week. Stay happy. Bas (sic) and punctuated it with a red heart emoji.

Three main symptoms of PCOD in women include high androgen levels, irregular periods, and cysts in the ovaries. To confirm the diagnosis, doctors conduct a pelvic exam, blood tests and ultrasound as it is a condition developed by the imbalance of hormones.

While there is no permanent cure for PCOD, the symptoms can be managed with the intake of right diet of limiting carbohydrates, maintaining a healthy weight and with adequate exercise. Blood sugar levels can be lowered with exercise and since weight loss can reduce insulin and androgen levels, it may restore ovulation and can even help with infertility. However, as Masaba warned no Keto and weight loss only in a safe slow way.

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Masaba Gupta reveals the pros of 16-hour fast and cons of Keto diet in dealing with PCOD - Hindustan Times

Sep 22

Health tips: control weight gain with climbing ladders, learn how to exercise regularly – Pledge Times

Currently, most people are trying to lose weight and look fit in their favorite dress. For this you do not always need to join gym or fitness class. Increasing weight can be reduced by easy fitness workouts like climbing stairs.

Stair climbing exercise can be converted into a good cardio workout to reduce your weight. You can do various exercises like squats on the stairs or just climb up and down. However, with starting the ladder climbing exercises, you will see results quite fast and you will be able to increase the output more.

In the exercise of climbing the ladder, the speed of exercise and the amount of calories can be burnt quite rapidly over time. If you are climbing slowly, you will burn fewer calories, while climbing fast, you can burn calories faster. In general, a person can burn 500 calories by running on the stairs for 30 minutes.

Burning of calories is the most important to lose weight. For this, eating less calorie food and engaging in physical activity can be achieved by burning more calories. Remember that to lose about 500 grams of weight, you have to burn 3,500 calories. If you exercise for 30 minutes every day, then you will be able to lose some weight in two to four weeks.

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If you are using apple vinegar to lose weight, know what are its disadvantages?


Excerpt from:
Health tips: control weight gain with climbing ladders, learn how to exercise regularly - Pledge Times

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