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Sep 10

Tired Of Sweating? Micromovements: Lose Weight With Small Gestures Without Effort – Nation World News

all day long, we move our legs and armseither because we feel restless or excited, because its our way get rid of stress Or because we are impatient. What we didnt know is that it can also be an important ally in weight loss. it would be something like movement technique or of micro film.

Tips to lose weight in a healthy way

Its extremely simple: its about doing small acts with the body swing the pen, To flirt, move a leg they are indescribable actions that we unconsciously perform on a day-to-day basis, whether in the office or in our home environment. Incredibly, they represent a warm wearer That counts when we want to lose weight.

How many calories are we talking about? If we hit the ground with our feet, we will burn 350 calories at the end of the day, If you shake your feet, you will get burnt. 35 calories in an hour, chew a gum? 11 calories, Obviously, it helps in reducing weight if we maintain a balanced diet. but this simple gesturescombined with chronology, For example, they can help us lose kilosespecially 50. Fromwhen metabolism slows down and resists the effect of diet.

The performance of subtle movements is a whole list of benefits, no matter how small the physical exertion, works as one mental break In the brain that rests our memory and can be stimulated again. That way, well be able to focus0 times more.

For those who want to diet without being aware of diet give no excessive physical activityPracticing these subtle movements is an excellent diet alternative while improving health, as this type of exercise is of low intensity but long duration, significant improvement cardiac activity.

Finally, micromovements help reduce worry, The ability to concentrate is directly linked to emotional state. increasing it ability to concentrateWe will be able to detect the sources of stress in advance and stop it before it becomes a tsunami emotional difficult to control.

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Tired Of Sweating? Micromovements: Lose Weight With Small Gestures Without Effort - Nation World News

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Sep 10

Truth About These Five Food Myths – Slurrp

No matter how much we love food, we tend to believe many rumours and myths about it. Instead of gathering information and getting the right information, we tend to believe such myths. We agree that it is easy to be misled into many such myths but completely relying on them is not at all right. Just because a particular food or food habit doesnt suit a person doesnt mean it is bad for everyone else. Knowing the truth and then jumping to a conclusion is always better. So, here is the truth about nine food myths. Have a look

Truth: Right carbs are essential

We have often heard that a low-carb diet is the quickest way to lose weight and get healthy. It is somewhere true but not a complete truth. Certain carbohydrates are high in calories and dont offer health benefits but it is not the case for all carbs. Our body does need certain carbs to function properly. There are some fruits and vegetables that are high in carbs and nutritious as well. When we intake fiber-loaded carbs like sweet potatoes and whole wheat bread, it provides energy to the body.

Myth: Eating once a day with help in losing weight

Truth: This can push the body into starvation mode

Eating all the calories in one single meal may lead to temporary weight loss but after time, it will either stall or reverse the process. When the body doesnt know when it can expect its next meal, it goes into starvation mode and starts holding on to the calories. One should avoid this habit and rather should eat healthier and smaller portions of food every few hours for better results.

Myth: Carrot consumption can improve the vision

Truth: Carrots are beneficial but arent going to give the 20/20 vision

Whenever we tell someone about our poor vision, he or she recommends us to eat carrots. They are not wrong as carrots do contain a lot of vitamins, especially vitamin A but this isnt going to magically improve the vision. It would definitely benefit the eyes in some or the other way and would benefit other body parts as well.

Myth: You must stop eating at night to lose weight

Truth: The body doesnt shut down at the night

It is true that the body slows down at night and this leads to slower digestion in the evening but this in no way means that one should avoid eating in the evening to lose weight. One can satisfy his/her hunger by eating healthy snacks whenever they feel hungry. Nuts are the best option to do that as they can eliminate hunger while sating salt cravings.

Myth: Eating fats makes fat

Truth: Natural fats are a must in a diet

Just like there are healthy carbs, there are good fats as well. Saturated fats are commonly found in junk food and can lead to weight gain but there are fats in avocados, nuts, etc that are essential for the body. Such fats can even help in managing blood sugar levels and can actually keep hunger at bay.

So, don't believe any such rumours before doing thorough research. Let us know if you would like to have more such content from our side!

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Truth About These Five Food Myths - Slurrp

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Sep 10

The Best Fitness Habits That Slow Aging, Trainer Reveals Eat This Not That – Eat This, Not That

When it comes to your exercise routine, most individuals have specific goals in mind. Your workout will ideally help you build muscle, become stronger, keep you toned, and provide numerous overall health benefits as well for your heart, lungs, and joints. Although the physical perks of regular activity can certainly help you keep a toned physique, increase your flexibility, and totally give a more youthful appearance, there are also specific fitness habits that slow aging. If we've piqued your curiosity, keep reading to learn more.

You'll want to check out the following advice from kuudose Celebrity Trainer and Health Expert, Joey Thurman, CES CPT CSCS FNS. Thurman explains to Eat This, Not That!, "When it comes to aging, we can't reverse the clock (yet) but we can slow it down and keep our seconds and years consistently healthy." That's right! Not only can you actually look younger, but you can also slow aging and feel younger, too, with a few tweaks in your lifestyle and routine.6254a4d1642c605c54bf1cab17d50f1e

"Now, you may be expecting me to talk about the craziest exercise, quick fixes, and hacks to be a better and younger you, but I'm not," Thurman says. "Instead, we need to develop habits for a healthy and vibrant life to make us move better, feel better, and of course, age beautifully."

These healthy habits from Thurman will do just that. So let's learn a few new fitness habits that slow aging. Get ready to kick up that vibrant, youthful feeling!

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"I love music and a good podcast as much as anyone, but taking a walk (preferably outside) does wonders for our physical health by cutting down mortality rates tremendously and helping our mental health by decreasing signs of depression by 26%, according to a study," Thurman tells Eat This, Not That! He suggests totally embracing the benefits of walking and taking it one step further by unplugging while you do it. Walk by yourself, and take the time to reflect on your own thoughtswith no distractions. You'll benefit from light exercise and extra mental health goodness at the same time. It will work wonders for your overall well-being.

To get the most out of your strolls, Thurman suggests aiming for a solid 30 minutes of walking each day. If time is an issue, it's fine to break it up into 10-minute walks, too!

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While stressing yourself out might not sound like a good idea at first, it turns out that it can be beneficial when it comes to how you work out. Thurman explains, "Our mitochondria are the powerhouse to our cells giving us energy and, of course, helping keep us young on a cellular level. Adding some acute stress to the body by way of short Sprint Interval Training (SIT) at an all-out effort helps with mitochondrial biogenesis (more mitochondria) in individuals."

He adds that great ways to accomplish a bit of extra exercise stress are by sprinting, hard biking, running in place, or swimming at the fastest pace you can. Whatever you choose to do, be sure to exert effort to bring on exercise stress. He points out that a study of adults who were inactive revealed just three reps of sprints at 20 seconds each helped to increase mitochondria. Give it a try once per week or even every other week.

Sleeping is so importanteven more important than exercise. Thuman explains the importance of obtaining regular sleep, along with maintaining consistent sleeping and waking times.

When it comes to how your nightly slumber is directly related to exercise, Thurman explains that getting Z's helps regulate the endocrine system, helps with recovery, and absolutely helps you stay young! It's important to get a good seven to nine hours of sleep every night.

Desire O

The Best Fitness Habits That Slow Aging, Trainer Reveals Eat This Not That - Eat This, Not That

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Sep 10

Apple Fitness Plus Available to All iPhone Users This Fall – CNET

This story is part of Focal Point iPhone 2022, CNET's collection of news, tips and advice around Apple's most popular product.

DuringApple's "Far Out" eventWednesday, we were introduced to the new Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SEand luxuryApple Watch Ultra, as well as the new iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 Pro Max and iPhone 14 Pro. Along with the exciting new fitness features on the new Apple Watches, Apple has made getting a workout with its fitness subscription service even more accessible. Apple announced that later this fallApple Fitness Plus will be available to all iPhone users -- without the need of an Apple Watch.

The update will be available in all 21 countries where the service is offered. The fitness service first launched two years ago and features over 3,000 workout classes and meditations. Originally you were expected to have an Apple Watch to keep track of your metrics, but now you'll only need an iPhone to sign up. You'll also be able to interchangeably access Apple Fitness Plus on your iPad or Apple TV.

Apple Fitness Plus also unveiled a new collection to spruce up its catalog. The new collection, Pilates for More Than Your Core, joins other collections like Train to Row a Fast 2,000 Meters, Run Your First 5K and Get into a Groove with Dance.

The service's app is also getting a few enhancements, including new awards for personal records, streaks and major milestones. For those using an Apple Watch, its new WatchOS 9 software will now include additional onscreen guidance, along with trainer coaching to help you get the most out of your workouts. These include classes like Intensity for HIIT, Cycling, Rowing and Treadmill. The other plus is that you don't need Apple TV to stream Apple Fitness Plus workouts. Now you can use AirPlay to stream workouts on compatible third-party devices.

A subscription for Apple Fitness Plus is available for $10 per month or $80 for the year and can be shared with up to five other family members.

Correction, Sept. 8:Apple Fitness Pluswill be available to all iPhone users later this fall, not on Sept. 12 as this story originally stated. Additionally, Pilates for More Than Your Core is the only new collection.

The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives.

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Apple Fitness Plus Available to All iPhone Users This Fall - CNET

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Sep 10

Connected Workflows Can Lead to a Higher Level of Operational Fitness – Transport Topics Online

[Find the latest in trucking technology: Explore this quarter's issue of iTECH]

"Interoperable is not how many trucking and logistics companies would describe their transportation management system, or TMS. The opposite is true when discussing consumer technology like smartwatches, where interoperability is essential with the fast-growing ecosystem of fitness apps.

Fitbit, Apple Watch, Garmin and other smartwatches use a cloud infrastructure that seamlessly integrates data they collect with third-party fitness apps, many of which are free downloads with subscriptions to unlock premium features.

Fitness apps like Strava and MyFitnessPal have a one-click authorization to enable sharing of data from smartwatches to track progress, give data insights and compete with friends in your network to be the Local Legend or King of the Mountains for various activities.

Trucking and logistics firms can have the same type of unified experience and connected workflows at the enterprise level by using modern TMS platforms with cloud-based infrastructure.

Like fitness apps, modern TMS platforms use a microservices architecture that breaks up traditionally complex and monolithic applications, such as dispatch and accounting, into smaller components. Each of the components communicate with other real-time services using simple interfaces to solve business problems.


TMS platforms with a microservices architecture allow third-party applications to more easily plug into their cloud-based software and virtual databases using API sets and other protocols that improve interoperability. With this architecture, trucking and logistics firms can leverage new and emerging applications faster and more affordably with real-time integrations that do not require setup and ongoing maintenance fees.

Third-party integrations that come in a software-as-a-service-based TMS subscription can include truck and trailer telematics, electronic logging devices, document management, fuel payment systems and other applications that improve business visibility and automation.

By contrast, transportation companies that use legacy TMS platforms are accustomed to waiting on vendors to determine what integrations will be available and when. Usually the choice is made after one or more customers pay for the development, after which the vendor decides to make the integration available to other customers for additional fees.

Historically, TMS vendors have acted as gatekeepers to new integrations, which has been a point of contention with customers and other technology vendors that they have not yet integrated with.

Besides waiting on TMS vendors for new integrations, trucking and logistics companies often pay significant upfront and annual maintenance fees to access them. All of this has created roadblocks in an industry that needs information flowing freely to make better decisions and maximize operational efficiencies.

Transportation and logistics companies are today reaping the advantages of cloud-based platforms to fight inflation by operating at scale. Those that are not taking advantage of integrated technology to improve operational and financial fitness levels are quickly losing ground.

The pandemic accelerated the migration of companies to modern, cloud-native fleet management systems to shift back-office functions to remote work environments.

Similarly, millions of consumers downloaded cloud-based fitness apps when traditional brick-and-mortar studios and gyms closed during the pandemic. Fitness apps have continued to grow in use and compete directly with gyms for subscriptions.

Small fleets and owner-operators have traditionally been the slowest to adopt new technology, and many more have entered the trucking industry over the past two years to cash in on record freight rates. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration authorized nearly 110,000 new for-hire trucking companies in 2021, an increase of 85% from the previous high.

Skyrocketing inflation paired with a softening freight market is now holding carriers between two vices. To survive the squeeze of mounting financial pressures, small and large enterprises will need to accelerate cash flow and control costs among reduced revenues.

Economic pressures have created an urgent need to keep technology up to date. Companies using modern, SaaS-based TMS platforms are now reaping the benefits of faster access to integrations and reduced overhead costs by not maintaining servers and performing other IT tasks with traditional client-server architectures.

Activities like planning and dispatching loads are far more complex than tracking steps and other fitness data, but similar trends are shaping the future of TMS platforms and fitness apps. Trucking and logistics companies that use modern technology can reach greater fitness levels by deploying new systems faster and expanding system-to-system connectivity.

Another advantage of using cloud-based TMS offerings, especially during tight economic times, is the ability to pay an all-inclusive predictable monthly subscription that covers implementation, training, electronic data interchange setup, and any existing or new third-party integrations.

Greater connectivity from modern technology is making it possible for any size fleet to achieve a King of the Mountains designation among their peers by gaining higher levels of operational and IT efficiency. i

Magnus Technologies is an Austin, Texas-based provider of an enterprise-grade SaaS-based TMS system for trucking and logistics companies.

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Connected Workflows Can Lead to a Higher Level of Operational Fitness - Transport Topics Online

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Sep 10

Fall back into your fitness routine – The Robesonian

We have just passed the Labor Day weekend, a sure sign that summer has officially ended.

How did you spend your weekend? If you are like most Americans, you traveled, picnicked and partied the weekend away. I spent mine on a four-day hiatus from the gym that included boat and motorcycle riding, golfing, watching football and checking out a new Jamaican restaurant in Fayetteville with two-thirds of my children.

This is a far cry from the wellness stuff I keep preaching, isnt it? But so what? Even a so-called expert like me needs to throw down once in a while. Summer is the time for having fun, kicking back and even relaxing just a little bit on your fitness routine. It is OK to take a break. However, now that summer has officially ended, it is time to trade Red Hots for tofu dogs, soda for green tea and get back into the gym.

Fall is the perfect time to fall back into good exercise and diet habits. Gone are the excuses of the kids being at home, the weather too hot and not being able to find a time or place to exercise while traveling. This is the time to kick your routine into high gear to get ready for the next excuse-filled season, the holidays. You have just about three months to detox and work hard so you can afford an extra piece of pumpkin pie or a slice of fruitcake. Contrary to popular belief, even I dont exercise solely for the fun of it. I exercise so I can indulge myself on occasion. Most of us exercise junkies work out because we need to. No matter what your motivation, however, here are some helpful hints to start your fall off right.

Inspect your footwear. Exercise and fitness shoes have a shelf life. If you feet are not comfortable or become injured, they can cause all kinds of problems for your knees, hips and back. Your running or walking shoes should be replaced every 300 or so miles.

Restart or get a gym membership: If you have canceled for the summer or have never had fitness center membership, fall is the perfect time to get one. Most centers offer specials in the fall. When choosing a gym, make sure it is convenient to your home or work, offers the amenities you would like and has qualified staff.

Get on a new program: Just like Funions at the beach, workout routines can grow stale. Dont just go back to the same old, same old. Try a new piece of equipment, a new activity or a different weight training routine.

Hire a personal trainer: Totally lost your motivation over the summer? The best way to get it back is to hire a personal trainer. Personal trainers will develop and supervise a routine made for you and your goals. Many fitness centers employ personal trainers, just be sure to check out their background and credentials before signing up.

Find a buddy: If you had a workout partner who has disappeared during the summer as well, it is time to get them back. Call them up, set up a time to start back, and get each other motivated again. If you have always been a solo artist, then think about trying exercise with a friend. The advantage of a workout partner is that if there is someone else counting on you to be there, you will be more likely to show up.

Clean up your diet: Fall is a great time to clean out the house of junk foods. In the summer when kids are home, we naturally keep more kid-friendly snacks in the house. The next time you go to the store, take your time when picking out healthier snack items for both you and your family. If you need help on what to choose, find a dietitian and have a consult. They can help get you started on the right track with your eating.

Train for a special event or race: Need something to look forward to? Find a race or other type of fitness event and start training. Go online and see what is up locally, sign up and get yourself geared up to compete.

Summers will come and go and so will your motivation to eat right and exercise. Even if you take a little break, it is OK just so long as you make sure to return to the good habits you keep most of the year. This fall, use the change of the season to make changes in your diet and exercise routine. You will feel better and gain the energy you need come November and December.

Kathy Hansen has more than 30 years of experience in the health and fitness field. She can be reached via e-mail at [emailprotected]

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Fall back into your fitness routine - The Robesonian

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Sep 10

Achieve your fitness goals with this smart watch, now 45% off – New York Post

Discover startups, services, products and more from our partner StackCommerce. New York Post may be compensated and/or receive an affiliate commission if you buy through our links.

Do you exercise enough? 75% of Americans arent getting enough quality exercise, and if youre among those who need to move your body more, a smartwatch can be an ideal fitness companion to ensure youre meeting your goals.

The Amazfit GTS 2 Mini Smartwatch can help keep you on task, holding you accountable while keeping track of your important health stats. And aside from being functional, this smartwatch is super stylish, too! It can go with any outfit, and you can even choose between four sleek colors: silver, dark blue, pink and green. Right now all of the available shades are on sale for just $54.99, 45% off the usual price, for a limited time.

Let your Amazfit GTS 2 Mini Smart Watch improve your daily life, serving as an assistant on your wrist. It can track your daily activities and keep you motivated, all on a personalized watch face that you can customize to your liking. Upload your favorite photo to the background for the ultimate personal touch or reminder why you want to stay fit.

Keep track of your heart rate, your blood-oxygen saturation measurement, and other body functions while getting in your daily exercise. Theres a 1.55 AMOLED display that provides a vibrant time display, while the intelligent assistance feature also lets you converse with Alexa and control your smart home devices at arms length.

Dont worry about constantly charging this smartwatch back up the rechargeable battery has a 14 day battery life, so you can keep trucking for two weeks before you even have to worry about powering it back up again. It also includes a fun Bluetooth camera feature that allows you to take photos or even turn on selfie mode to capture priceless memories.

Upgrade your daily routine with the Amazfit GTS 2 Mini Smart Watch, available in silver, dark blue, pink and greenfor $54.99 for a limited time.

Prices subject to change.

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Achieve your fitness goals with this smart watch, now 45% off - New York Post

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Sep 10

Ob Fitness 10 Minute Workouts Come to the App: On-Demand Stackable Workout Programs – Self

For those days that seem to get away from us, when a trip to the gym or a lengthy strength training session is out of the question, it doesn't get better than a quick workout routine that we can tailor to our schedules. That's why Ob Fitness, one of our favorite online fitness platforms for on-demand at-home workouts, has recently launched a slew of 10-minute workouts, in modalities ranging from cardio boxing to vinyasa yoga classes.

If you're unfamiliar with Ob Fitness, it runs 20 live classes every day and has a library of over 8,000 workout videos through its membership program. Ob stands out with its bright, playful aesthetic, and earns high marks from fitness experts for its wide range of class offerings.

A monthly subscription costs $25, and an annual membership is also available for $170 per year.

Beginners can find entry-level fitness classes complete with modification recommendations from the instructors; more experienced exercisers can find challenging fitness routines that come with suggestions around adding resistance to target different muscle groups. You can filter classes by a wide variety of preferences. Class categories and types run the gamut: cardio, strength, yoga, HIIT, sculpt, aerobics, Pilates, and recovery are just a handful of the featured options. You can choose from three impact levels (high impact, low impact, and no impact) and specify whether you'd like no-equipment and bodyweight workouts only. (Note: For those interested in using weights and accessories, Ob has its own line of workout equipment, including barre balls, sliders, ankle weights, and resistance bands.)

Most importantly for the launch of Ob Fitness's 10-minute workouts, you can filter classes by their length. Not only are 10-minute workouts now available, but you can also even find warmups, upper-body stretches, and meditations that last as little as five minutes. For those who doubt how much they can get done in the span of 10 minutes, SELF has previously reported on the benefits of short workouts. Trainers told us that form work (like checking your squat technique), brief full-body strength circuits, and even a solid round of burpees can be effective uses of 10 quick minutes.

If you have more than 10 minutes to spare, you can try what Ob's cofounders Ashley Mills and Mark Mullett describe as fitness stacking, a behavior observed among the platform's users. Rather than doing one 30-minute workout video, some people will instead take two or three shorter classes, possibly in order to better customize their exercise. If you ask us, a high-intensity dance cardio workout followed by a meditative recovery video sounds like a great way to get our heart rate up and get a moment of peace and quiet before going on with our day.

Whatever your fitness goals, and whether you're looking to fire up your lower body, sample a HIIT class, or get an efficient and effective full-body workout in on your lunch break, you might want to give Ob Fitness's 10-minute workoutsand, when you have more time on your hands, perhaps the rest of its fantastic classesa try.


Ob Fitness Subscription


See the original post:
Ob Fitness 10 Minute Workouts Come to the App: On-Demand Stackable Workout Programs - Self

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Sep 10

Police fitness test: What it takes to pass in Illinois – News-Gazette

This story appeared in 'Meeting Minutes & More,' a weekly, six-page special section in the print editions of Friday's News-Gazette reported and written by Editor Jeff D'Alessio and designed by Managing Editor Niko Dugan. Click here to read an electronic version of this week's section. Click here to subscribe to The News-Gazette.

Wanted: A few (dozen) good men and women to join the ranks of the Illinois State Police. Laggards, loafers and lazybones need not apply.

Like with other law enforcement agencies across the Land of Lincoln, the agency requires candidates to pass a four-pronged fitness test before being considered for duty. It involves the same tests local officers-to-be go through on the Monday they arrive at the University of Illinois Police Training Institute.

Those who fail the first time get a second crack Thursday. Fail that one, too, and theyre removed from the academy, Director Michael Schlosser says.

This photo with a fitting message ran alongside application details on the Illinois State Polices recruitment Twitter page.

A good 98 percent pass, Schlosser says, adding: Its been the same test for years, so they should know what to expect.

Curious if you have what it takes? Here are the tests and the standards state police candidates must meet with different benchmarks depending on age range and gender when the next round of testing is held next month in Frankfort and Springfield.

Read this article:
Police fitness test: What it takes to pass in Illinois - News-Gazette

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Sep 10

5 Pieces of Activewear To Help You Achieve The Tenniscore Look – mindbodygreen

The U.S. Open is in full swing, one of my favorite authors (Taylor Jenkins Reid) just published a book with a tennis player protagonist (Carrie Soto is Back), and everyone from Gen Z to retirees seem to be obsessed with pickleball. In short: It seems like everywhere I turn, I see court sports.

As a once-and-occasional tennis player, I'm all for this omnipresenceespecially since I'd consider tennis and pickleball great sports when it comes to longevity. Not only are both forms of fitness fantastic for moving your body and elevating your heart rate, but they're also well-suited for all ages. Plus, as a multi-person sport, they foster community and social connection, which can support mental health as well as lifespan.

One interesting offshoot of this rising trend, however, is the influence on activewear: Fitness brands everywhere are really leaning into court clothes (a look affectionately coined "tenniscore" on TikTok and otherwise). To clarify, I'm not talking about your classic tennis retailers, but rather, many activewear brands that didn't previously carry court clothes are now jumping on the trend. Again, as someone who loves an occasional game of tennis, I'm here for itbut you also don't need to own a racket to enjoy these comfortable and functional workout fits.

So whether you're hitting the courts, watching the U.S. Open, or simply running errands, I've roundup up some of my favorite recent activewear releases that I love for the "tenniscore" look.

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5 Pieces of Activewear To Help You Achieve The Tenniscore Look - mindbodygreen

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