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Oct 17

Tivity Health : SilverSneakers Opens the 2020 Medicare Advantage Annual Election Period with Virtual Fitness Solutions for Seniors -…

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Oct. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Tivity Health (Nasdaq: TVTY), a leading provider of health improvement solutions, announced today that in 2021 it will provide SilverSneakers members with more virtual options than ever before, along with a variety of class types for seniors at every fitness level and access to a network of more than 17,000 fitness locations nationwide. All seniors who receive Medicare benefits through a Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, or group retiree plan that offers SilverSneakers will be eligible to join (at no additional cost) and have access to SilverSneakers LIVE virtual workouts, social events, and SilverSneakers On-Demand, a collection of 200+ classes, video library of workouts, wellness videos and fitness programs designed by top instructors.

The Medicare Advantage Annual Election Period (AEP) begins Oct. 15 and continues through Dec. 7, 2020. During this time, people eligible for Medicare can choose a Medicare Advantage plan for the upcoming year that includes SilverSneakers.

COVID-19 has restricted many seniors from visiting their favorite fitness facilities and gathering places. SilverSneakers provides virtual exercise options with energizing instructors to support their fitness and social connections. A recent survey of SilverSneakers members found that about half of all respondents have participated in virtual SilverSneakers classes and that almost 80 percent of all respondents will continue to use SilverSneakers virtual offerings along with visits to their gym when it is safe.

"Physical activity is a critical component of senior health, especially as we move into flu season and the winter months," said Richard Ashworth, president and CEO of Tivity Health. "We encourage all seniors to find enjoyable and safe ways to stay active by exploring our digital fitness options. A fitness routine can be vital for seniors to stay challenged both physically and mentally while supporting a healthy immune system. Regular exercise has also been shown to improve balance and strengthen muscles to prevent falls."

SilverSneakers continues to maintain an outstanding Net Promoter Score of 81 a measure of how likely SilverSneakers members are to recommend the program to their friends. SilverSneakers is available in all 50 states and is offered through more than 70 health plans nationwide.

"SilverSneakers is more than a fitness program. It's an opportunity to improve your health, gain confidence and make new friends in a whole new way," said SilverSneakers member and Florida resident, Pat McCormick. "Before COVID caused a halt to activities, we had parties, field trips, jewelry making, quilting, book club, French and Spanish classes you name it! Along with our classes, we look forward to resuming the hugs, laughter and activities that keep our SilverSneakers members active and challenged. Our motto is "Grow bolder, not older."

Tivity Health provides a range of benefits for all SilverSneakers members:

SilverSneakers On-Demand - online instruction for fitness and well-being

SilverSneakers members can access hundreds of workout and nutrition programs On-Demand, available 24/7. Options include flexibility/mobility, balance, cardio, strength, and more:

Balance and Strength Yoga

31-Day Fit for Life Challenge

Healthy Back and Core

Jump-Start Your Cardio

Stress Management Education

And more!

SilverSneakers LIVE - New virtual classes and workshops in your home or on the go

From the comfort of your home, enjoy virtual classes and workshops directly through the SilverSneakers website. SilverSneakers LIVEoffers virtual classes and workshops via Zoom. Almost 90 percent of SilverSneakers members surveyed plan to exercise in the next three months, and a full third plan to use virtual in addition to other fitness activities. Among current users of our LIVE offerings, 95 percent of participants surveyed anticipate attending 2+ live virtual classes weekly.

SilverSneakers GO - Mobile access to guided workouts

SilverSneakers GOoffers access to a free library of guided workout programs created by trained SilverSneakers instructors wherever a member may be. We've updated the experience to make it easier for members to find classes, schedule activities and start moving. New this year, we have added SilverSneakers LIVE classes to the SilverSneakers GO app. Now, members can RSVP, receive reminders of class start times, and join classes from their SilverSneakers GO app on their phones and tablets. SilverSneakers GO is available for download through Apple and Google Play.

Innovative programming in 2021

SilverSneakers continues to expand the variety of exclusive wellness programming and curriculum to meet the diverse needs of its members. 2021 will bring new content focused on our pillars of physical activity, nutrition, and social connectedness in the areas of brain and cognitive health, stress relief, and chronic condition management through fitness and healthy eating. Classes are designed for all levels led by dedicated fitness professionals trained in senior fitness instruction, and more than 70 class formats are offered outside of traditional gym locations through SilverSneakers FLEX.

About SilverSneakers

SilverSneakers, by Tivity Health, is the nation's leading community fitness program for older Americans. The program was founded in 1992 and is available to more than 16 million Americans through many Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, and group retiree plans. For more information, to check eligibility or to enroll in the program or sign up for a SilverSneakers newsletter, go to

About Tivity Health

Tivity Health (Nasdaq: TVTY) is a leading provider of healthy life-changing solutions, including SilverSneakers, Nutrisystem, Prime Fitness, Wisely Well, South Beach Diet and WholeHealth Living. We are actively addressing the social determinants of health, defined as the conditions in which we work, live and play. From improving health outcomes to reversing the narrative on inactivity, food insecurity, social isolation and loneliness, we are making a difference and are transforming the way we do health. Learn more at

SOURCE Tivity Health

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Tivity Health : SilverSneakers Opens the 2020 Medicare Advantage Annual Election Period with Virtual Fitness Solutions for Seniors -...

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Oct 17

Its Time To Fix Diversity Training, Part 1 – Forbes

Let's reset diversity training.

At this point, its clear that traditional diversity training programs are a source of controversy. This is probably both a cause and an effect of the September 2020 Executive Order on Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping. The order states that, training that promotes race or sex stereotyping or scapegoatingpromote[s] divisiveness in the workplace and distract[s] from the pursuit of excellence and collaborative achievements in public administration.

The executive order raises real questions. Is diversity training divisive, as charged? If so, is the executive order the right way to solve the problem? And more fundamentally: Do diversity training programs as they are currently designed work? If not, why not? In a two-part post, well take a deep dive into diversity training and think through these challenges.

Is diversity training divisive?

If the only goal of diversity training programs were to get people to stop using racial epithets and slurs, no one would object. After all, nearly everyone recognizes that an environment where people run roughshod over the feelings and sensitivities of their colleagues isnt good for anyone.

The parts of traditional diversity training that some people find objectionable stem from critical race theory. Critical race theory, a term that used to be only encountered on college campuses, has broken through to the mainstream and is now being invoked by the White House. But, what does it mean? As it happens, a few years ago, I asked a colleague who teaches critical race theory to explain it in laypersons terms. He generously complied and wrote the following in an email:

It is a theoretical perspective which sees race and racism to be always tied together. That is, the construction of race is very much tied to racism and racist structures. Race, per Critical Race Theory is always about inequality and domination. As a theory it also argues that race cannot be simply understood as a "variable" or in colorblind perspectives, rather it is a construction meant to preserve white dominance over people of color (institutional racism, lack of access to resources, micro aggressions, etc..) while making it seem like life is about meritocracy.

So, if I had to sum it up, I would say that critical race theory argues that the construction of the concept of race must be always understood as a tool of domination, as opposed to reflecting "diversity" of people. So it really distinguishes between ethnicity and race and advances a social justice perspective.

Objections to this theoretical perspective usually come in two forms. The first is an objection to the implication that social problems like disadvantage and access to opportunity should be understood primarily or exclusively through the lens of race, as opposed to through factors such as socioeconomic status, which is sometimes, but not always, correlated with race. The second objection is more subtle. In order to see racism as ever-present in the way the theory posits, the presence of racism has to be decoupled from racist intent. Taking this position means arguing that intent is irrelevant and only outcomes matter. Both of these assertions are taken as given in many traditional diversity programs.

So, is the programming divisive? The answer is: It can be. Consider the following example:

A friend was recently describing a diversity training he attended at his former job. He said the facilitator handed out a sheet of paper. On the paper were statements similar to those in Peggy McIntoshs piece White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack. These included assertions like, I can if I wish arrange to be in the company of people of my race most of the time, I can be pretty sure that my neighbors in such a location will be neutral or pleasant to me, and Whether I use checks, credit cards, or cash, I can count on my skin color not to work against the appearance of financial reliability. Participants in the training were asked to rate how much they felt the statement applied to them, where 1 was the least and 4 was the greatest. They were then told to add up their points.

Once they had done so, participants were instructed to line up in ascending order of point totals. Each participants point value corresponded to their level of privilege more points meant more privilege. After lining people up based on their points, the facilitator then told people to return to their seats. He instructed all the white participants to pull out their paper again and change any score where theyd put less than a 4, to a 4, explaining that anyone who had initially provided a number lower than 4 wasnt recognizing their privilege. And the facilitator instructed all non-white participants to change any answer where theyd put higher than a 1 to a 1 on the grounds that a score higher than one meant that they were denying their oppression. He again asked people to separate themselves into groups based on their points. Now, of course, there were only two groups in the room: those with privilege and those without, divided based on race.

Many people find this type of exercise distasteful, and for good reason. In addition to the objections listed above, the first part of the exercise made assumptions about which types of adversity matter (in this exercise, race did and other forms did not), and reduced it to a point system. The second part of the exercise took whatever variation in point totals existed and flattened it into a binary, race-based set of haves and have-nots.

Its difficult to argue that such an exercise is not divisive when there are literally two groups standing on opposite sides of the room. Of course, this doesnt mean that all diversity training sessions are this divisive, either literally or figuratively. And while this particular exercise certainly isnt included in all trainings, many trainings do involve exercises based on assumptions about identity, adversity, opportunity, and power that not everyone agrees with.

Is the executive order the right way to solve the problem?

No, its not. Mandated solutions arent the answer. They have the predictable and understandable consequences of resentment and backlash. In a recent book with UCLA professor John Villasenor, we made a similar argument against mandating viewpoint diversity on campuses. We wrote:

attempting to mandate viewpoint diversity treats the symptom and not the problemAdministrative mandates in relation to viewpoint diversity likely have the unintended consequence of increasing faculty skepticism on this issue, and would therefore be counterproductive. [emphasis added]

The same logic applies here. In the case of the executive order, the attempt to control diversity training falls into the same trap of treating the symptom and not the problem. The skepticism (and resentment) will come in this case from the people who feel the order isnt warranted and its effect will be similarly unproductive. The way forward is to shift the framework in how we think about diversity training, from one that has fallen victim to the assumptions outlined earlier to one that explicitly recognizes the range of perspectives people bring to sensitive and controversial issues.

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Its Time To Fix Diversity Training, Part 1 - Forbes

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Oct 17

Does High-Intensity Training Improve the Quality of Life in Older People? – Gilmore Health News

A recent five-year randomized study suggests that the intensity of physical activity has little impact on mortality risk, but that being active is better for quality of life.

High Intensity Exercise

Physical activity is one of the most important public health measures for maintaining good health. Its many benefits are immeasurable. Among other things, it helps to improve body composition and reduce chronic diseases, to adopt other healthy lifestyles, and to influence the expression of certain genes. All these interactions lead to the consensus that physical activity is the cornerstone of good health at any age and reduces the risk of death. A recent randomized study has just been published in the British Medical Journal. It was conducted over a period of five years by Norwegian and Australian researchers on older people and aimed to answer this question: besides the frequency of sport, does its intensity also play a role in increasing life expectancy?

Read Also: Study Establishes the Relationship Between Exercise and a Longer Life Span

In 2012, scientists launched an appeal to people between 70 and 77 years of age in the old Norwegian city of Trondheim, which was founded in 997 by Viking King Olaf Tryggvason. To be included in the study, one did not have to suffer:

Over 6,966 people volunteered. Of course, not all of them were admitted to the study. Exactly 285 people did not meet the criteria, and 5,114 finally decided not to participate. So only 1,567 people participated in the study. They were randomly divided into three groups:

Read Also: Exercise Can Prevent Macular Degeneration and Diabetic Retinopathy According to University of Virginia Researchers

Participants in the study were monitored every six weeks, and after one, three, and five years, key data and exercise compliance were collected. The researchers first wanted to know how these different types of training programs influence the mortality rate. This was their main goal. Secondly, they decided to record and measure changes in cardiorespiratory health and self-reported quality of life. They considered these two factors as important indicators for predicting longevity.

Finally, a comparison of the three groups at the end of the study showed that the effect on mortality between the groups is not significant. This suggests that intensity is not a decisive factor for longevity. In contrast, the respiratory condition was significantly better and the differences in the HIIT and MICT groups were statistically significant compared to the control group for this endpoint. Similarly, individuals in the HIIT group reported improved quality of life at the end of the study.

However, the study has major shortcomings that it does not hide. First, participants in the control group had a higher frequency of physical activity throughout the study and often performed their tasks by doing HIIT-type exercises. It is possible that this makes some of the differences insignificant if they could have been between groups. In addition, more than half of the people in the HIIT group were unable to follow the program requirements strictly and rigorously. There is also a suspicion of bias in the selection, as the recruited participants were all much healthier than those excluded from the protocol. Finally, the authors suggest that future physical activity guidelines, at least for older adults, should be more specific by requiring that at least part of the exercise be performed with high intensity.

Read Also: Anti-Aging: HGH Can Reduce Biological Age by One Year and a Half Study Shows

Effect of exercise training for five years on all cause mortality in older adultsthe Generation 100 study: randomised controlled trial

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Does High-Intensity Training Improve the Quality of Life in Older People? - Gilmore Health News

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Oct 17

Precision Nutrition Debuts Enterprise Coachinga Corporate Wellness Program Based On Its Proven Personal Coaching Methodfor Improved Job Performance,…

Toronto, Oct. 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Precision Nutrition, the worlds largest online nutrition and healthy lifestyle coaching and certification company, announced the launch of Precision Nutrition Enterprise Coaching, a personal remote coaching solution for organizations worldwide to offer their employees a scientifically-proven transformation program that helps people lose weight, improve their cognitive performance, and function at their highest potential. The all-new Enterprise Coaching offering is based on the sought-after Precision Nutrition Coaching program, which has helped over 100,000 people improve their nutrition and fitness to lead healthier, more productive lives.

Designed as a wellness benefit for employees, Enterprise Coaching from Precision Nutrition teaches individuals how to adopt highly effective healthy eating and lifestyle habits that can lead to improved physical and cognitive health. The program includes one-on-one nutrition and behavior-change coaching delivered remotely by a Precision Nutrition-certified coach. Topics covered include nutrition, stress management, sleep, and emotional and mental health. Through personalized coaching, accountability, and daily lessons, employees can enhance their well-being, time management, focus, and productivity.

Employee burnout and performance dissolution are top concerns for many organizations, particularly as many of us are working remotely. Based on the latest nutrition science, we know poor dietary habits can negatively affect cognitive functioning and impair memory performance, said Jason Crowe, VP, Partnerships &Business Development for Precision Nutrition. By combining 15 years of remote coaching experience, a peer reviewed system of delivering material health improvements, and a global network of Precision Nutrition certified Master Coaches, we are able to work with people around the world to make significant and lasting changes to employee engagement, productivity and of course, health.

Twic, a discretionary benefits management platform that helps design and deliver benefits programs is among the first to offer Enterprise Coaching by Precision Nutrition. Their organization partners will reach a total of 60,000 employees by January 2021 and include top tech and start-up companies such as Zoom, Square, Twitch, and Allbirds.

We have found that many of the people who use our platform are feeling stressed out, worried, and generally not as healthy as they would like to be. Employee healthboth physical and mentalis a key focus area for our clients, as it is one of the highest contributing factors to employee happiness and productivity, said Jason Fan, CEO of Twic. That is why we chose to partner with Precision Nutrition and its new Enterprise Coaching program to help individuals better navigate the new normal brought on by COVID-19 with individualized remote coaching and support. Together with Precision Nutrition, we are defining the future of corporate wellness programs.

For additional information about this program, visit Precision Nutrition Enterprise Coaching.

About Precision Nutrition

Precision Nutrition offers a sustainable, practice-based approach to losing fat, building strength, and getting healthy. As a global leader in providing health and fitness professionals the education, tools, and coaching they need, nearly 100,000 coaches in over 140 countries use the Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certificationalong with ProCoach, the companys proprietary coaching softwareto improve client results, increase operational efficiency, and drive business growth. Recognized as the number one recommended nutrition coaching certification by health, nutrition, and fitness professionals and the leader in customer satisfaction, Precision Nutrition offers the only nutrition certification endorsed by CrossFit, the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). The American Council on Exercise (ACE) and The National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC) also approve Precision Nutrition for its professionals continuing education credits.

In addition, Precision Nutrition Coaching for Men and Women is a personalized, evidence-based healthy nutrition and lifestyle program, which has been validated in multiple peer-reviewed studies and helped over 100,000 people improve their nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle. For more information, visit

Engage with Precision Nutrition on Social Media

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About Twic

Twic operates a modern-day benefits platform that gives employees freedom to choose personalized health and wellness programs and gives employers flexibility to customize benefits strategy with defined contributions. Learn more at

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Precision Nutrition Debuts Enterprise Coachinga Corporate Wellness Program Based On Its Proven Personal Coaching Methodfor Improved Job Performance,...

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Oct 16

Centrapeak Testosterone Booster Review: Is it Better than Others on the Market? –

Is Centrapeak the ultimate testosterone booster?

In this review, well see if Centrapeak is better than other testosterone boosters on the market at boosting muscle growth, improving confidence & well being, and enhancing libido among others.

Testosterone is one of the most crucial hormones for both men and women. It is responsible for regulating a number of bodily functions, from hair growth to muscle development.

The issue is, many men today suffer from sub-optimal T levels. Normally, your T levels start going down by about 1% every year after 30. [24] But nutrient-poor diets and constant stress, among others, are contributing to a premature testosterone decline.

Low T means youll have a harder time recovering from training and building muscle. Your body will start to accumulate fat, and hold onto it, more easily. Not to mention poor libido and confidence.

This is where a testosterone booster like Centrapeak comes into play

Centrapeak is often regarded as the next evolution of natural testosterone boosters. It provides some of the cleanest nutrients and ingredients currently available on the market, and promises to improve mood & resistance to stress in addition to stimulating natural T production.

So, how well does Centrapeak work? Whats exactly inside of this supplement? Lets have a look below.

Centrapeak currently sits as the #1 testosterone booster of 2020 for men looking to naturally build more muscle in the gym. Youll find it recommended on leading bodybuilding sites and for good reason.

Not only does Centrapeak have all the right ingredients in clinically researched doses. It combines them with proven brain-enhancing nutrients that lower stress, improve daily mood, and boost mental focus.

The result? A testosterone booster that makes you motivated to get up and chase your goals, while also delivering results in the mirror.

Below, youll see us dissect Centrapeak ingredients. To see how they work and if theyre supported by science.

But first, heres a short summary of what we feel is positive and negative about Centrapeak:



Shop Centrapeak Here!

So, who exactly is Centrapeak for?

Although its highly rated amongst athletes, the manufacturers position it as a vitality formula, making it an obvious choice for men over 30 whore stressed and want to feel energetic and focused in their daily life.

Its actually a good option for men in their 20s as well, thanks to Centrapeaks support for muscle building and strong potency.

In our experience, Centrapeak is ideal for anyone who wants a performance supplement that isnt limited to just one benefit but offers a complete body and mind support.

Centrapeak has a very well-designed formula. Its ingredients come in potent and optimum doses. And every ingredient is backed by strong research to show its effectiveness in improving testosterone or optimizing brain function.

Centrapeak works in a few different ways:

Centrapeak has ingredients such as BioPerine to help your body utilize other ingredients in the formula more efficiently.

Obviously, Centrapeaks formula was designed from several angles, which is a rarity in the testosterone booster market. The manufacturers of this supplement have not only considered the boost in testosterone, but also mental health.

Lets explain why this matters.

Since lower test levels are attributed to poor mental health and prolonged stress, the first step towards building your physique is to support your mental performance.

Think about it every choice we make regarding diet, training, and lifestyle is influenced by our mood. Even the most potent of supplements cant help if your mood will lead you to make choices that will sabotage your progress.

This is one of the reasons why Centrapeak stood out to us. The fact that it addresses the mental aspect of bodybuilding, unlike most test boosters, makes it very different from whats currently available out there.

Things have been looking good for Centrapeak up to this point. But as always, marketing hype is one thing, the ingredients and science behind them are another.

So, what does research have to say about the ingredients in Centrapeak?

First, lets have a look at whats inside. Each serving (3 capsules) of Centrapeak contains these ingredients:

As youll notice, Centrapeak has a clear nutrient profile. Nothing is hidden from the list of ingredients. There are no proprietary blends which would mask the doses of ingredients. Good!

So, how do these ingredients actually work? See for yourself.

Appropriately dubbed the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D is actually a secosteroid hormone and a precursor to testosterone.

Ideally youd get all of your vitamin D from the UV rays of the sun. With the help of cholesterol, your body converts the sunlight into the active form of vitamin D.

Various studies have found a strong link between testosterone and vitamin D. One German trial found that when 54 overweight males were given 3,332IU of vitamin D daily for one year, their total T levels increased from 10.7-13.4 nmol/L and free T levels from 0.22-0.27 nmol/L. [1]

Unless youre living in a climate where theres lots of sun all year-round, you probably arent getting optimal levels of vitamin D for conversion. Even foods that contain vitamin D eggs, oily fish, fortified cereals rarely provide enough to have an effect on hormones.

To highlight this point, one study found that as many as 42% of Americans are deficient in vitamin D. The further from the equator your live, or the darker your skin tone, the less likely youll get what you need from the sun. [2]

Current evidence suggests higher doses of vitamin D3 work best for health and performance. Specifically, its reported that we need 3,000-5,000IU of vitamin D per day to meet the needs of every cell in our body. [3]

Centrapeak contains 3,300IU per serving which is a highly effective dose thats been safely used in long-term clinical studies.

Also called pyridoxine, vitamin B6 is crucial in promoting overall well-being. It supports the function of your liver, it protects your vision, and influences the health of your skin and hair.

B6 also regulates haemoglobin a molecule that enables your blood to carry oxygen to tissues throughout your body.

Vitamin B6 is a great all-rounder you cant go wrong with. In terms of testosterone, research has found it to boost the levels of the male hormone directly by stimulating other anabolic hormones, while also reducing the build up of the female hormone oestrogen testosterones arch-nemesis.

By contrast, not getting enough vitamin B6 could put you at risk of low testosterone. [4]

Other studies have found that a high intake of B6 can lower estrogen levels by up to 30%, giving your testosterone more room to breathe. [5]

Magnesium is an essential co-factor in your body. Meaning, it regulates countless enzymatic reactions including those that influence brain function, bone strength, and heart health.

The mineral supports metabolism and athletic endurance as well as helps regulate the level of strength your muscles can generate. Magnesium is often used by athletes due to its ability to boost recovery, improve sleep quality and increase lean mass.

Centrapeak has used it not only because it does all of the above; its been found to significantly raise testosterone levels too, including the free and total T. Magnesium also calms the nerves, making you feel better mentally. [6]

If youre training on a regular basis, chances are you arent getting enough magnesium. Current evidence shows that many athletes only meet around 60-70% of their daily need for this mineral. The more you sweat, the higher your intake should be. [7]

Zinc is another key mineral when it comes to testosterone. Naturally found in foods such as oysters, shellfish, and beef, your body cant make zinc on its own.

The issue is, approximately 2 billion people are zinc deficient. So theres a good chance you could benefit from zinc supplementation.

Zinc boosts health by regulating metabolism, controlling cell growth, protecting prostate function, and maintaining brain performance.

In terms of testosterone, zinc can help prevent dips in the male hormone. This was shown in a study where elite male athletes experienced a reduction in their testosterone levels after hard training. But when they were given 3mg per kg of body weight daily for 4 weeks, their testosterone levels remained high. [8]

Zinc is also very good for fertility. In a study with 40 men, its been shown to help increase both T and DHT (a type of anabolic hormone that is 4 times as strong as testosterone). 9 of those men were able to get their partners pregnant. [9]

Not all heroes wear capes, and the same goes for vitamin K2 and testosterone boosting.

Although its an uncommon ingredient in test boosters, its actually been shown to have a profound effect on the male hormone.

Studies show it works together with vitamin D3 to boost anabolic hormone production. [10] Not only does vitamin K2 offer a supportive role in testosterone boosting, it does it directly too.

In one study, supplementation of K2 for just 5 weeks led to a whopping 70% increase in circulating levels of the hormone. [11]

Youll find it in egg yolks and red meat, however, both of these foods are high in saturated fat which may not be in line with your diet goals. Supplementation is one easy way around this problem.

Your body gets Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C) from a compound called glucobrassicin. Glucobrasicin is found in high amounts in broccoli, kale and other cruciferous vegetables.

I3C has been shown to help fight some types of cancer, along with protecting from respiratory issues and increasing energy levels.

This natural compound elevates testosterone in a different way to other nutrients weve analyzed so far.

You see, I3C essentially blocks aromatase, an enzyme responsible for turning your testosterone into the female sex hormone oestrogen.

By slowing down the conversion of T to estrogen, I3C allows for more bioavailable test to be taken up by your tissues. [12]

In plain English? Youll feel more energy, be stronger, have less body fat, and gain muscle faster.

I3Cs benefits dont stop there, though. Upon ingestion, it breaks down into other chemicals in your body. One of them is DIM (diindolylmethane), another compound commonly used in testosterone boosters for its ability to optimize hormone levels.

Asian Ginseng has been shown to improve cognition and mood and keeps your immune system strong too.

Originally used as aprhodisiac and libido booster, Ginseng has recently been found to directly raise testosterone levels as well.

In one study, short-term use of the herb increased both testosterone and DHT, which, as weve seen, is another potent androgen hormone. [13]

Not only that, Ginseng increases the production of luteinizing hormone (LH) and adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), which are essentially pre-cursors to testosterone.

Ginsengs list of benefits is long. It also has the ability to boost nitric oxide levels in your blood, which leads to fuller muscle pumps. To top that off, Ginseng is known for increasing insulin sensitivity, helping you to stay lean and shred weight. [14]

Luteolin is a herbal antioxidant that supports ideal testosterone levels by inhibiting aromatase, an enzyme that turns T into female hormones. [15]

This effect is especially beneficial for men over 30. As your body gets older, its estrogen-to-testosterone ratio increases and is associated with problems such as:

Luteolin helps to keep your testosterone-to-estrogen ratio in a more youthful range, and as a result, makes for a great male virility and vitality ingredient.

Found in a 250mg dosage in Centrapeak,Phosphatidylserine (PS) is a highly effective phospholipid found in your brain cell membranes.

Being the only nootropic with an FDA-approved health claim, PS is best known for reducing cortisol levels (and by extension stress levels), which allows testosterone to flourish.

PS also improves the uptake of glucose in your brain, and protects healthy neurons from the damaging effects of dying neurons. This results in clearer, sharper thinking and reduced levels of inflammation. [16]

Bioperine is a patented black pepper extract standardized to have a minimum of 95% piperine, its main active compound.

Piperine is linked to a variety of health benefits, but its main purpose in Centrapeak is to boost the bioavailability and utilization of the other ingredients. [18]

The inclusion of BioPerine, which is superior to generic piperine sources, is another sign of the effort and investment Centrapeaks producers have put into their flagship testosterone booster.

Boron is another dietary mineral in Centrapeak. Its found in foods such as apriconts, prunes, raisins and brazil nuts.

Boron helps shuttle other minerals such as calcium to where theyre needed in your body. As a result, boron has been heavily linked to improved bone strength in athletes.

In terms of its anabolic properties, boron has been shown to increase free T levels by 14.7% and DHT by 10%, all while reducing testosterones killer SHBG by 9%. [17]

Another study reported an 11.4% increase in testosterone levels after 10mg of boron taken daily for 4 weeks. Needless to say, an impressive result for such a short space of time! [19]

But the most impressive evidence came from another study, which reported a 62% increase in androgen levels in elite athletes. Whats more, they achieved this result by taking only 2.5mg of boron daily for 9 weeks. [20]

Ashwagandha may be a difficult name to pronounce, but it should be your top pick if your goal is hormone optimization.

An adaptogenic herb, Ashwagandha contains several bioactive compounds such as withanolides, steroidal lactones, and fatty acids that are researched for their powerful effects on muscle growth, mood and vitality.

Appropriately, the word Ashwagandha means smell of the horse, which, beyond the smell itself, indicates its unique ability to give you the strength and virility of the animal.

In one study, just 8 weeks of Ashwagandha supplementation led to 15% increases in androgen hormones in weightlifters. They also saw a reduction in muscle damage, which meant faster recovery from tough workouts. [21]

Rhodiola Rosea might just be the best-reviewed supplement in existence.

The herb was used by Vikings to boost endurance and strength. Legendary Himalayan Sherpa used Rhodiola to help them cope with the harsh conditions of Mount Everest. And in far-flung Mongolia, it was traditionally used as an aphrodisiac on a couples wedding night.

Okay The tales are impressive, but what does the science say?

According to research, Rhodiola works to block the effects of stress on the body, primarily by reducing cortisol. As weve seen, cortisol can block your natural testosterone production when chronically elevated. [22]

Theres also evidence that Rhodiola Rosea extract stimulates a glycoprotein that increases blood cell count. This, along with its ability to increase ATP levels (the energy currency of the body), is thought to be behind Rhodiolas anti-fatigue effects. [23]

Mucuna Pruriens (or Velvete Bean) is a male tonic plant high in levodopa (L-DOPA), an effective compound for masculine health and testosterone.

L-DOPA stimulates your brain to spur gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH). GnRH then tells your pituitary gland to make more luteinizing hormone (LH), which ultimately results in increased testosterone synthesis in the testes.

Not only that, Mucuna acts as a growth hormone optimizator and mild inhibitor of prolactin, a hormone that diminishes T levels.

To top it off, Mucuna increases your catecholamine brain chemicals. Including the motivation molecule dopamine.

Here are a few things about Centrapeak that we havent seen with many other T boosters.

The recommended dosage for Centrapeak is one capsule, 3 times daily with food.

Read the rest here:
Centrapeak Testosterone Booster Review: Is it Better than Others on the Market? -

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Oct 16

Fact/Fiction: Are men with deep voices more likely to cheat? – Big Issue

Old news, truthfully retold. This week we look into reports that claimed the pitch of a voice can give a telltale hint towards future infidelity

Every week the Big Issue looks at tall tales or spurious stories to give you the facts.

This week: Are men with deep voices really more likely to cheat?

Tall, dark and handsome might be the traits that make you swipe right on Tinder. But red-blooded blokes with deep voices can also set pulses racing. The legions of admirers for actor Idris Elba, Vin Diesel and Barry White will attest to that.

However, reports last week suggested that this could be a double-edged sword.

Their voice can make them popular partners perhaps too popular with news stories last week suggesting that men with deep voices are more likely to be unfaithful.

A study carried out by researchers at Southwest University in Chongqing, China, published in thePersonality and Individual Differences journal, attracted plenty of admirers with widespread coverage.

Sky News reported the story under the headline: Men with deep voices more likely to cheat, new research shows and very much set the tone for other media outlets.

Metro, at least, mixed things up a little bit with their effort: Men with deep voices more likely to be unfaithful, research claims.

TheMail Onlinebrought in a new aspect: testosterone. Their headline read: Thats low! Men with deep voices are more likely to cheat on their partners due to higher levels of testosterone, study claims

AndThe Guardiantook a humorous look at the research in their relationships section. They opted for: Sexy but unreliable: why women should beware men with deep voices.

But youd be hard-pressed to find much variation elsewhere in theEvening Standard,The Mirroror AOLs versions of the tale.

But are they accurate?

There is a lot of merit to this study and it does add weight to a long-held theory. But the problem for UK audiences is clear the research only really applies to Chinese university students.

The researchers from Chinas Southwest University found men with deeper voices were less committed to their romantic relationships and more likely to be unfaithful.

In total, 116 male students and 145 female students in relatively short relationships were quizzed. All participants were non-smokers, spoke Mandarin, reported not having a cold and had an average age of 20.

From there, they were all recorded saying the same phrases to determine the pitch of their voice and asked how likely they were to cheat in a relationship.

Researchers concluded that masculine men, as determined by the recordings, are more likely to engage in infidelity and commit less to their romantic relationships compared with feminine men. However, this effect did not exist in women.

That was reported by all of the news outlets whereas the limitations of the study and there are plenty of major ones were less prominently reported or missed out.

Most obviously, the narrow age range and diversity of participants means that the study doesnt mean much to anyone else as researchers acknowledge: their mating dynamics and concept of marriage vary considerably from later adulthood.

Another problem arose in that the study proposed that hormone levels act as a link, inferring that the deep voices suggest high testosterone that factors into attraction levels.

As reported in various stories, researchers concluded: Testosterone and the characteristics dependent on testosterone can be reliable indicators of quality-dependent conditions or behaviourstherefore, men with higher testosterone levels, and hence lower voices, may have more infidelity behaviours or less commitment to their romantic relationship.

This is problematic because researchers did not measure testosterone levels in the study. Nor did they measure actual infidelity taking place, just the intention.

To be fair to the scientists who carried out the work, they are forthcoming that more study is required, including measuring testosterone and widening out participants to reflect different cultures, ages and relationship types and durations. This is even reported in some stories.

But the fact remains that there is nothing in the study to justify the headlines relating to a UK audience, or a global audience for online, when it is primarily about China. While theoretically the findings carry weight, to apply them to UK men is a bit of a cheat.

Illustration: Miles Cole

Read more here:
Fact/Fiction: Are men with deep voices more likely to cheat? - Big Issue

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Oct 16

24 Ways to Increase Penis Sensitivity: Tips, Techniques, and More – Healthline

For many folks, sexual satisfaction is all about the feels, so if you or your penis-having partner are experiencing decreased sensitivity down there, it could really mess with your ability to get off.

There are a few things that can cause a decrease in penile sensation, from the way a person masturbates to lifestyle habits and hormone imbalances. The good news: There are ways to get back that lovin feeling.

To be clear, theres a big difference between less sensation and numbness.

Having less sensation which is what were focusing on in this article means you dont feel as much sensation in your peen as you did before.

A numb penis is a whole other ball of wax and refers to not being able to feel any normal sensation when your penis is touched.

Yep, how you pleasure yourself might be affecting your penile sensation.

The way you masturbate can lead to decreased sensitivity. Some people call this death grip syndrome.

The gist is that people who masturbate using a very specific technique or tight grip can become desensitized to other types of pleasure over time.

When this happens, coming or even getting any pleasure without the exact move or pressure becomes difficult.

If youre feeling all the feels just fine when you masturbate but find that partner sex is where the sensation is lacking, there are a couple potential reasons.

A thinner or smaller-than-average penis, or even too much lube (natural wetness or synthetic), can mean less friction and ultimately sensation during intercourse.

Just switching up your technique should do the trick and help you recondition your sensitivity.

If death grip is the issue, depending on how youre used to masturbating, this might mean loosening your grip, stroking at a slower pace, or both.

You could also mix things up with a sex toy made for penis play, like the Super Sucker UR3 Masturbator, which you can buy online, or TENGA Zero Flip Hole Masturbator, which is also available online. And dont forget the lube!

If intercourse is the issue, some positions make for a tighter fit and therefore more friction.

Heres a little secret: Tweaking any position so your partner can keep their legs tight together during sex should work.

Plus, if anal sex is what youre both into, the anus is by nature a tighter squeeze. Just be sure to use a lot of lube if you take it to the backside.

And speaking of a lot of lube: If an abundance of wetness is making sex feel a bit like a Slip N Slide, a quick wipe with some tissue should fix it.

Certain lifestyle habits can be to blame for your peens lessened sensitivity.

Do you bicycle a lot? Do you masturbate frequently? These things can cause the sensitivity in your peen to tank if you do them often.

When it comes to masturbation, how often you do it matters if youre doing it a lot, according to research that has linked hyperstimulation to decreased penile sensitivity.

As for bicycling, bicycle seats put pressure on the perineum the space between your balls and anus. It presses on blood vessels and nerves that provide feeling to the penis.

Sitting in a hard or uncomfortable chair for long periods can do the same.

Masturbation is healthy, but if the frequency of your handy treats is causing a problem, taking a break for a week or two can help get your penis feeling back to itself.

If you sit or bicycle for long periods, take regular breaks. Consider swapping out your bike seat or usual chair for something more comfortable.

Testosterone is the male sex hormone responsible for libido, not to mention a bunch of other functions.

If your testosterone (T) level drops, you might feel less responsive to sexual stimulation and have trouble getting aroused.

T levels decrease as you age. Damage to your danglers aka testicles can also affect T, as well as certain conditions, substances, and cancer treatment.

Your doctor can diagnose low T with a simple blood test and treat it using testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Lifestyle changes, like regular exercise, maintaining a moderate weight, and getting more sleep can also help.

Certain medical conditions and medications can affect sensation in the penis.

Diabetes and multiple sclerosis (MS) are just a couple conditions that can damage nerves and affect sensation in different body parts, including the penis.

Medications used to treat Parkinsons disease can also reduce penile sensation as a side effect.

Ensuring that any underlying condition is well managed might help bring the feels back.

If medications the culprit, your doctor may be able to adjust your dose or change your medication.

Sexual pleasure isnt just about your D. Your brain plays a big role, too.

If youre dealing with anxiety, stress, depression, or any other mental health issue, getting in the mood can be near impossible. And even if you really want to get down to business, your penis may not be as receptive.

It really depends on whats going on mentally.

Taking some time to unwind before sexy time can help if youre feeling stressed or anxious.

A hot bath or shower can help your mind and muscles relax. The warm water also increases circulation, which can help increase sensitivity and make your skin more responsive to touch.

If youre regularly struggling with feelings of anxiety or depression, or having trouble coping with stress, reach out for help.

Talk to a friend or loved one, see a healthcare provider, or find a local mental health provider through the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA).

Not to be punny, but try to not beat yourself silly over this.

We get how frustrating it must be to not be able to enjoy the sensation you want or expect during sexual activity.

Here are some things to keep in mind if youre struggling.

Chances are your lessened penile sensation can be improved.

As weve already covered, changes in technique, getting in the right frame of mind, or some lifestyle tweaks may be all thats needed to get your penis feeling right again.

A healthcare provider can help with any underlying medical or mental health issues and recommend the right treatments.

Were not just talking about choking your chicken either! Stressing about this and putting pressure on yourself will only make things worse in the pleasure department.

Give yourself time to relax and get in the mood before play, and permission to stop and try another time if youre not feeling it.

Penis health and sexual health are just as important as other aspects of your health.

If theres something going on with your penis or your ability to enjoy sexual activity, a professional can help.

You cant control everything, but there are things you can do to help keep your penis healthy:

If its your partner whos struggling with lessened sensitivity down there, dont worry. Chances are theres a good reason for it, and its probably not what you think.

Here are some things to keep in mind if its getting to you.

Your first instinct may be to blame yourself if your partner isnt enjoying sex. Try to not do this.

Sounds harsh, but: Not your penis, not your problem.

As a loving partner, of course you want them to feel good. But unless youve damaged their penis by taking a hammer to it, their lessened penile sensitivity isnt your fault, so dont make it about you.

Seriously, its not your penis!

Not trying to dismiss your feelings or anything, but as frustrated as you may be that your partner isnt feeling it even when you pull out your best moves, its probably a lot more frustrating for them.

That said, if your partners lack of sensation results in a marathon shag sesh that causes chafing to your nether regions, of course you have the right to take a break or stop. Its your body, after all. Just be mindful of how you say it.

EVERYONE should be asking what their partner needs when it comes to sex and relationships. Its the key to making both great.

Do they need a little time to relax before action moves to the peen? Do they need more foreplay that focuses on other pleasure spots to help them get in the mood? Do they want to just stop altogether? Dont be afraid to ask.

If youve lost some of that lovin feeling down below, your lifestyle and pleasure routine solo or partnered may provide some clues. If not, your doctor or other healthcare provider can help.

In the meantime, be patient and kind with yourself, and consider some of your other pleasure zones for satisfaction.

Adrienne Santos-Longhurst is a Canada-based freelance writer and author who has written extensively on all things health and lifestyle for more than a decade. When shes not holed up in her writing shed researching an article or off interviewing health professionals, she can be found frolicking around her beach town with husband and dogs in tow or splashing about the lake trying to master the stand-up paddle board.

Read this article:
24 Ways to Increase Penis Sensitivity: Tips, Techniques, and More - Healthline

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Oct 16

Can’t get enough of your love? Why women should be wary of men with deep voices – The Donaldson Sisters – The Donaldson Sisters

Men with deep voices are more likely to cheat on their partners and less likely to remain committed in relationships, according to new research.

The study, conducted by Southwest University in China, asked 116 men and 145 women questions about their attitudes towards monogamy and commitment, taking note of the pitch in their voice in their responses.

Researchers found men with deeper voices were more likely to provide answers that suggested they would engage in infidelity and not commit to romantic relationships.

However, the same doesnt apply for the fairer sex.

The results, published in the Personality and Individual Differences journal, show no link existing in the women who participated and researchers think this might be due to testosterone.

Generally speaking, men with lower voices have higher levels of testosterone than their squeakier voiced counterparts, and are found to be more attractive and research seems to suggest they take full advantage of this!

Testosterone and the characteristics dependent on testosterone can be reliable indicators of quality-dependent conditions or behaviours, the researchers said.

So, does this mean all deep voiced men are scoundrels?

Not necessarily. But if your new squeeze sounds like Barry White, it might be worth waiting a few more dates before introducing them to your parents.


See the original post here:
Can't get enough of your love? Why women should be wary of men with deep voices - The Donaldson Sisters - The Donaldson Sisters

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Oct 16

World Rugby bans trans women from elite womens game due to injury risks – The Guardian

Trans women will not be permitted to play elite womens rugby for the foreseeable future because of significant safety concerns, World Rugby has stated after releasing new guidelines for transgender players.

In a statement explaining its decision, World Rugby said that after months of research and examining the latest scientific research it had concluded that safety and fairness cannot presently be assured for women competing against trans women in contact rugby.

The Guardian first revealed in July that World Rugby was considering becoming the first international sports federation to adopt such a policy after finding at least a 20-30% greater risk of injury risk factors when a female player is tackled by someone who has gone through male puberty.

In a document explaining its decision published on Friday, World Rugby said that It is known that biological males (whose puberty and development is influenced by androgens/testosterone) are stronger by 25% to 50%, are 30% more powerful, 40% heavier, and about 15% faster than biological females.

That combination of mass, strength, power and speed means that in a direct physical contest, ciswomen in all these domains will be at significant risk of injury.

It added: Studies suggest that the compounded or cumulative effect of these attributes may be even greater, with one study showing that punching power - a composite of mass, force/strength, and power is 160% higher in biological males than in biological females.

Previously it was thought that such advantages were negated when trans women lowered their testosterone levels to 5 n/mol for at least 12 months - which is the current International Olympic Committee policy applied across almost every sport. However World Rugby said that new research showed that they retain significant physical advantages over biological women even after they take medication to lower their testosterone.

All trans women will still be able to play non-contact rugby against women, however. The guidelines also do not apply to trans women who have not undergone male puberty as they will not have the gained the advantages of extra testosterone and androgens.

It will also be up to each individual federation to decide whether to enforce the policy for the grassroots game. However in a statement explaining its decision, World Rugby made clear the potential added risk to player safety if countries went against its guidelines.

Given the best available evidence for the effects of testosterone reduction on these physical attributes for transgender women, it was concluded that safety and fairness cannot presently be assured for women competing against trans women in contact rugby, it said.

As a result, the new guidelines do not recommend that trans women play womens contact rugby on safety grounds at the elite and international level of the game where size, strength, power and speed are crucial for both risk and performance, but do not preclude national unions from flexibility in their application of the guidelines at the community level of the game.

Trans men are permitted to participate in mens contact rugby.

Reacting to the announcement, Nancy Kelley - chief executive of LGBT rights charity Stonewall - said she was deeply disappointed with the news.

There is still a lot to learn about the impact of transition on athletic ability, but this does not mean that trans people are not already playing rugby or any other sport safely and fairly, she said. As the world continues to evolve, it is vital that policies expand rather than restrict any sports potential to grow and benefit all our communities.

We stand in solidarity with trans people across the world wholl be disappointed by this news. We will do everything we can to make sport everyones game.

Read more:
World Rugby bans trans women from elite womens game due to injury risks - The Guardian

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Oct 16

Vault Health Expands its Mens Telehealth Service to 37 New U.S. States – News Anyway

After Becoming First Provider of Rapid At-Home Covid-19 Testing, Vaults Testosterone Treatments and Specialized Healthcare for Men is Now Available Nearly Nationwide

NEW YORK, Oct. 14, 2020 NEW YORK, Oct. 14, 2020 Vault Health, a mens telemedicine startup offering direct-to-consumer prescription treatments, supplements, and testosterone replacement therapy, has expanded its service to 37 U.S. states.

Previously only available in three states, Vaults rapid expansion comes on the heels of its $30 million Series A funding round in March.

Perhaps best known for providing the first FDA-approved rapid at-home saliva test kit for Covid-19, the mens healthcare company specializes in personalized treatment plans that are designed to help men improve their sexual, physical, and mental health.

Low testosterone affects one in every four men over the age of 30. This can cause an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, irritability, low energy, loss of lean muscle mass, erectile dysfunction, decreased sex drive, osteoporosis or fracture, brain fog, and more.

Through Vaults telehealth service, men are able to easily connect with medical professionals via video calls and get personalized treatment plans, which may or may not be testosterone-based, or other shipped directly to them, taking the inconvenience and apprehension out of healthcare by discreetly treating men where they are.

CEO Jason Feldman, former Head of Amazon Prime Video Direct, co-founded the healthcare startup last year. Feldman got the idea for Vault when he noticed how many of his male friends seemed embarrassed about certain medical conditions and were reluctant to seek medical attention for them, or simply didnt know they could do something about it.

In fact, according to Vault Healths recent survey of 1,500 men ages 35-60 in the US, 61% of men said they dont like going to the doctor while a staggering 41% said theyd rather watch paint dry than go to the doctor. Additionally, the survey found that 40% admitted that they are often too embarrassed to ask their doctor questions about their health that are sensitive or personal in nature.

While theres a wealth of womens healthcare specialists and resources out there, the options for men are much more limited. Now that Vault is serving nearly three-quarters of the nation, we want men to know were here for them. We understand them. And we can help them, says Feldman.

Leading mens integrative healthcare expert Dr. Myles Spar, MD serves as Vaults Chief Medical Officer. According to Dr. Spar, many doctors tend to treat the symptoms of low testosterone, instead of the cause, while Vault takes a different approach by focusing on the root of the problem.

We focus on what matters to the patient not whats the matter with the patient and offer a strategy to optimize health so that he can achieve his goals, says Dr. Spar, who is also an author, teacher, TEDx speaker, and a frequent contributor to Mens Journal and the Dr. Oz. show.

Vaults various treatments are bundled together into kits that are tailored to address specific types of concerns. These include a Body Kit that helps users maintain a healthy weight and energy level, a Sex Kit that improves sexual health and performance, and a Brain Kit that enhance users sleep quality and memory, among others.

Treatment plans are offered on a subscription basis with prices starting at $75 per month, which includes ongoing healthcare visits and continuous access to Vault medical professionals to ensure men are achieving their desired results.

While Vault has expanded service to 37 states, its testosterone-based treatments are available on a state-by-state basis. The states Vault Health is able to provide testosterone-based treatments in are indicated with an asterisk: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas*, Colorado, *District of Columbia, *Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, *Illinois, Iowa, Maine, *Maryland, Michigan, *Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, *New Hampshire, New Mexico, *New York, *North Carolina, *Ohio, Oklahoma, *Oregon, *Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, *Tennessee, *Texas, *Utah, Virginia, *Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

To learn more or schedule an assessment, visit

About Vault HealthVault Health is a performance-based healthcare service designed to help men take control of their health through specialized in-home treatments for a better body, better sex, and better brain health. Through extensive education, professional medical evaluation, and personalized treatment plans, Vault offers a comprehensive approach that overcomes traditional shortcomings in existing mens healthcare offerings to help more men achieve optimal overall health. For more info, visit

For more information:Allison


Excerpt from:
Vault Health Expands its Mens Telehealth Service to 37 New U.S. States - News Anyway

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