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Jun 4

The CICO Diet – How It Works, Side Effects, Effectiveness – Men’s Health

THE DIETING CONCEPT of 'calories in, calories out,' is nothing newbut its new moniker, 'CICO' is.

Most people are acquainted with traditional weight-loss plans based on the premise of creating a calorie deficiteating fewer calories than your body needs so that your body will utilize fat stores for energy, explains Mindy Haar, Ph.D., R.D.N.,and assistant dean at

But before you jump on the CICO bandwagon, its important to understand a few key elements of how your metabolism and your body works when it comes to dieting and weight loss. Indeed, there's both a healthy and unhealthy way to do CICO. Heres what you should consider before you adopt the CICO approach to losing weight.

The growing diet trend, of CICO, puts the calorie-counting method of weight loss front and center.

The CICO plan operates under the premise that you'll lose weight by consuming fewer calories than your body uses to perform its daily functions.

Theres no way this popular diet is as simple as counting calories, right?

"The idea of calories in and calories out is absolutely the backbone of weight loss," says Bethany Doerfler, M.S., R.D.N., Clinical Dietitian at Northwestern University. "But metabolism and weight loss are so much more complex than that."

Thankfully, putting the CICO M.O. into action is a lot simpler than understanding the science behind weight loss and your metabolism. "Theres no real plan with CICO," says Dezi Abeyta, R.D.N., a Men's Health nutrition advisor and author of The Lose Your Gut Guide.

And that's actually not a bad thing.

On CICO you just consume fewer calories (calories in, or CI) than you burn (calories out, or CO) every day. And, honestly, any dietbe it keto, paleo, Whole30, or otherwisecan be a complicated method for consuming fewer calories than you burn. CICO attempts to simplify everything.

That said, let's complicate things just a bit so that you can understand the mechanism by which CICO argues that it works.

Basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the amount of calories your body burns to stay alive. This figure is individual specific and determined by a number of factors including height, weight, and age. Online calculators offer an estimate, and some doctors use breathing machines that deliver more precise and customized BMRs.

Then lifestyle factors like physical activity need to be accounted for since you're probably not lying in bed all day. Again, online calculators and formulas offer rough estimates of how many calories your body uses.

Losing weight requires eating fewer calories than your body needs to maintain its activity level. Here's where CICO comes in.

On the CICO diet you track how many calories you consume daily by way of the aforementioned calculators and then you try to eat fewer calories a day.

So, let's say that you figure out your calorie need for the day is 2,600 calories. You could then aim to eat 2,200 calories daily in an attempt to lose weight.

Run a calorie deficit and youll start to drop pounds.

And, really, there are no off-limit foods as long as you stay under that calorie threshold for the day.

"Everything is on the table," says Abeyta. "So if you wanted to drink beer and eat wings every day, you couldas long as you either consumed less of those things or exercised more to maintain a calorie deficit." Is that a good way to approach CICO in terms of building long-term health? Absolutely not.

So the premise of CICO is rooted in simplicity, but the actual execution of the CICO diet can be challenging. Calorie counting requires meticulous tracking, which can be especially hard to do when dining out or if you're traveling.

Plus, math.

But people have seen results on the diet.

It depends what you mean by "work."

It's generally accepted that most diets work because of a calorie deficit, says Abby Langer, R.D. So if we're talking about the CICO diet and short-term weight loss, sure, it can work.

"However, calories as we know them are so arbitrary," Langer says. "The calorie was invented a really long time ago and isnt necessarily accurate in terms of how our bodies metabolize each individual food. Were learning so much more about how calories are absorbed."

Your body takes in more calories from food that's been processed, or broken down from its natural form, she explains. "So if you have a smoothie youre going to absorb a significant portion of those calories compared to if you eat that food raw or cooked," says Langer.

Emerging research shows your body handles ultra-processed items like chips or Twinkies differently than kale or bananas. "Those [packaged snacks] are going to be viewed very differently on a cellular level," says Bethany Doerfler, M.S., R.D.N., Clinical Dietitian at Northwestern University.

The National Institute of Health found that ghrelin, a hormone that drives hunger, is higher when people consume ultra-processed foods compared to after eating a well-balanced diet, according to 2019 research published in Cell Metabolism.

Heavily-processed foods high in sugar, fat, and salt, may spike insulin levels and cause your body to store more fat, explains Doerfler.

Then, you have to consider the benefits of a fiber.

"Fiber-rich foods provide a certain level of satiety and fullness," says Doerfler. The nutrient also promotes healthy gut bacteria, which scientists believe may determine a person's weight.

"By laser-focusing on calories, you may forget about filling fiber, muscle-building protein, and disease-fighting micronutrients," says Abeyta.

Its great to know how many calories you eat daily, in general. "If youre self-motivated and know that a good diet includes lean proteins, colorful produce, quality fats, and fiber-rich carbs, well, then CICO can help you lose weight and improve your health," Abeyta says.

But if your diet is still rich in junk foodeven if you're eating less of it and you're losing weightyou're not not eating a diet that sets you up for long-term health.

For some who choose to practice it, the CICO diet can help you lose weight and improve your health, as you can include more nutrient-dense, fiber-rich foods into your meals without breaking the calorie bank.

The main benefit of the CICO diet is its simplicity and flexibility, and as long as you stick to your calories, you can eat whatever you want, says Ana Reisdorf, M.S., a registered dietitian and founder of The Food Trends. Consistent calorie-tracking can lead to effective weight loss, as it raises awareness of portion sizes and food choices."

But its not just the 'CI' or calories in aspect of this plan that helps you. The 'CO' or calories out component of this lifestyle matters, too. Exploring a CICO-based plan leads you to first consider how many calories you are expending each day and how that can be increased, explains Haar.

Your total expenditure is based on basal metabolic rate (how many calories you use when at rest for basic functions that include breathing, maintaining body temperature, brain and nerve functions) plus energy used for digestion and physical activity.

While age, gender, height and genetics are influential factors that cant be modified, the amount of muscle mass you have increases caloric needs even when resting and increasing all types of exercise adds to calorie expenditure as well, says Haar. Aside from weight loss, increase in aerobic capability and strength training has a plethora of other health benefits.

No diet is a one-size-fits-all solution. CICO is no exception, and it certainly isnt for everyone. As always, talk with your primary care physician or a trusted healthcare practitioner before embarking on any new lifestyle and diet routine to make sure its safe for you.

Haar perceives the major flaw with the CICO diet that in focusing on calorie numbers alone in an effort to lose a substantial amount of weight fast, individuals may reduce calories to unhealthful levels where they are not getting adequate nutrients.

While the scale may show big losses, the pounds lost may have resulted from dangerous water loss, as well as a breakdown of muscle tissue, says Haar. Gradual weight loss of one-to-two pounds per week is more healthful and likely to be sustained. The most important factor in weight management is that any lifestyle changes you make should be permanent. Any diet pattern that is followed temporarily can result in significant weight loss, but this loss is rarely sustained."

In addition, Haar warns that its possible to eat just the right number of calories to sustain a one-to-two pound/week weight loss, but the food pattern consists of ultra-processed, low-fiber foods contributing to other health situations. Thus, food quality, not just quantity, is important to consider, she says.

Riffing on that sentiment, Residorf says that focusing solely on calories can lead to poor food choices, as not all calories are nutritionally equal. Of course, 300 calories from a doughnut versus 300 from lean chicken and vegetables will have vastly different effects on the body, she says. This approach that can lead to nutritional deficiencies and an unbalanced diet.

The emphasis on calories rather than food quality might also encourage eating low-calorie yet nutrient-poor processed foods, which can make you hungrier so it is hard to stick with the calorie restriction," she says.

We've talked about this a little already from a physical standpoint, but it's also important to talk about diet from a mental perspective.

Counting calories isn't inherently problematic, says Doerfler. But there are exceptions.

"I like that this diet has brought back to the forefront looking at calories and seeing where your high-calorie food comes from," she says. "Almost all the time those calories come in the form of refined snack foods and sugar-sweetened beverages. The hope is that those calories would be used for smarter and healthier eating."

Realizing that morning bagel with cream cheese tops more than 600 calories could inspire you to choose a satisfying meal that contains fewer calories, like oatmeal and peanut butter.

Plus, apps like MyFitnessPal are useful ways to monitor what you're eating. People who spent just 15 minutes a day logging food lost about 10 percent of their body weight in one month, according to a 2019 study published in the journal Obesity.

That said, counting calories can feel like a chore, lead to obsessive behavior, and even spark binge eating, says Langer.

"When youre drilling everything down to numbers it takes away all the joy of food and disconnects us from nourishing our bodies," she asserts. "This perpetuates diet culture by being punishing."

Stressing over numbers can be a trigger to binge for people with eating disorders. If you have a history of disordered eating, consult a dietitian who can customize a plan that works for you.

"If you ever find yourself 'running off' indulgences or skipping meals for the sake of CICO, thats a signal flare," says Abeyta.

And strict diets don't take birthdaysor any other celebratory meal, reallyinto consideration.

"People are not quite so robotic," says Doerfler. "Even if someone needs 1,200 calories a day to lose weight, most people are not adhering to that 100 percent of the time."

Ultimately, the best diet is one that doesn't consume your every thought. Dieting becomes an issue when you refuse to eat even though you're hungry, says Langer.

"If you have to pee you wouldnt say, 'No, I cant pee for another three hours,'" she asserts.

Langer recommends listening to your body's natural hunger cues and taking a more relaxed approach.

"Stop thinking of food as good or bad and just eat," she says.

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The CICO Diet - How It Works, Side Effects, Effectiveness - Men's Health

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Jun 4

5 Reasons Dieting is Bad for Long-Term Weight Loss and the Solution that Works Every Time – Organic Authority

Counting calories, eschewing carbs weve tried it all when it comes to weight loss.

Up to 50 percent of women are dieting at any given time, according to Livestrong, and yet sixty-two percent of adult Americans are overweight or obese. Ninety-seven percent of people who lose weight regain everything they lost, according to Harriet Brown, author ofBody of Truth: How Science, History, and Culture Drive Our Obsession with Weightand What We Can Do About It. A recent studyeven found that reducing portion sizes and cutting calories couldhinder, not help, weight loss.

But just because traditional diets dont work doesnt mean its impossible to shed extra pounds. Here are five reasons why its so hard to lose weight by dieting and the one solution that will solve this age-old problem once and for all.

It can sometimes feel like even if you stick to your diet for weeks, one bad day can send your weight skyrocketing back to pre-diet figures.

This, according to Farrell Cahill, PhD, a researcher at Memorial University of Newfoundland, isnt just an impression; its because were genetically predisposed to hang onto weight.

Were the only species that survives under what we call the thrift-gene hypothesis, he explains. This theory states that natural selection led those of our human ancestors who could survive off of the smallest amounts of food to survive and procreate.

They were the most efficient at gaining weight, he says. So were the generation that has the ability to gain a significant amount of weight from small amounts of food, because thats what we needed to do 5,000, 10,000 years ago.

In other words, today, our genes are fighting against us and this isonly exacerbated by the way that people try to lose weight.

Weight loss is done too extremely, Cahill explains. So when you put yourself through that, those starvations, those immediate changes to your diet, your body goes into a mode of making sure youre not going to lose weight.

Worst of all, when you go back to your pre-diet way of eating, even briefly, youre now prompting your body to be more physiologically apt to gain weight.

Your body will try to gain more weight because it thought that the starvation and extra exercise is due to some sort of physiological anomaly, he explains. Your body, physiologically, doesnt know what your mind is trying to communicate.

Whereas our ancestors had to hunt and gather for food, today, were exposed to it all the time and its not the fiber- and nutrient-dense food that weve sought out for centuries.

Packaged foods with added sugar usually taste impossibly delicious and cause massive spikes of dopamine, a neurotransmitter involved in reward, explains Max Lugavre in New York Times bestseller Genius Foods. What nobody tells us as we peruse the aisles lined with air-pumped bags of bliss is that these foods are literally engineered to create insatiable over-consumption, designed in labs by well-paid food scientists to be hyper-palatable.

Ive been thin my whole life, and fit, says JD Roth, co-creator of NBCs The Biggest Loser. Cookies call me in the middle of the night, just like they call everyone else. I dont keep cookies in the house!

For optimum weight loss, its ideal to take a page out of Roths book and eschew these foods entirely.

Stick to foods that will naturally regulate your hunger, allowing you to eat less, says Lugavere, noting that foods high in protein the most satiating macronutrient and fiber are ideal.

Food addiction is a real problem, as physiological as it is psychological.

Lugavere writes in Genius Foods that the more we consume of certain foods, the more we require to reach the same pleasure threshold.

The way sugar stimulates the release of dopamine resembles drugs of abuse, he writes. In fact, in animal models, rats prefer sugar over cocaineand rats really like cocaine.

This is specifically true of certain foods, such as fructose, which he writes has been shown to promote its own consumption.

When rats were fed the same number of calories from either fructose or glucose, glucose (like potato starch) induced satiety (feelings of fullness). Fructose, on the other hand, actually provoked more feedingit somehow made the rats hungrier.

But the psychological side of this food addiction is just as important.

Roth notes that the recidivism rate for someone who loses 100 pounds is identical to that of people addicted to drugs and alcohol. This issue, he explains, is linked to the fact that, unlike people trying to stay away from drugs or alcohol, everyone is confronted by food on a daily basis.

Youre faced with your addiction at minimum three times a day, he says, noting that the omnipresence of food makes it particularly difficult to avoid, even outside of mealtimes.

You cant even go to a store to buy a television, he says. When you get to the front of the line theres a whole section of candy on your way to the register.

The deprivation brought about by a dieting mindset, however, makes this constant exposure to food even worse.

People always say, Im on a diet, and Sunday is cheat day, says Roth. If you were an ex-crack addict, do you only do crack on Sundays?

Diets are problematic, perhaps above all, because they call for restricting food for a predefined period of time.

Were predetermined, in this country, emotionally, to think that the word diet has a start and an end, says Roth. Youre trying to get to a wedding. Youre trying to look good in a bikini. Or whatever it is. You eventually take your foot off the gas when the diet is over.

This is, in large part, due to the fact that people want to diet intensely for a short period of time.

We go too extreme, says Cahill. We put ourselves through suffering, so that means our quality of life decreases because we got rid of all the foods that give us pleasure.

And, contrary to popular belief,Increasing physical activity and dieting dont increase your quality of life not initially, at least, says Cahill.

In deciding that a diet will someday end, we set ourselves up for failure.

Once the program is over, he says, you wont be able to maintain that weight loss, because youre gonna go back to the behaviors, which you havent changed.

Anyone who has attempted a weight loss regimen may be struck, first and foremost, by the physicality of it: restricting portions, eating less, spending more time at the gym.But more than those physical changes, weight loss is an uphill emotional battle.

Many foods, especially packaged foods, increase the production of hormones like dopamine that make us feel good.Since many of us are faced with an inordinate number of stressors on a day-to-day basis, we turn to food for comfort.

Your mood is affected by dopamine, and the same dopamine you get from eating a donut is the same dopamine you get from going for a walk, says Roth.

But it goes deeper than that. Food can be an emotional crutch for many, and by not getting to the bottom of these emotional issues, people are often setting themselves up for failure before the diet even begins.

Were always eating for a reason, says Roth. You cant eat yourself to 400 pounds, because you like pizza. Youre eating yourself to 400 pounds because youre unhappy. So dont try to stop eating the pizza. Try to start figuring out why youre eating it.

Drew Manning, the personal trainer of Fit2Fat2Fit fame, notes that he was confronted with this emotional side of the battle when he attempted to lose the 75 pounds he had purposefully gained, in an attempt to understand where his clients were coming from.

He notes that for most Americans, the perception of health and fitness has to do with our own self-worth and our value.

We think we are more valuable, or were worth more, if were skinny, or we have the body that we see on Instagram.

Confronting this misconception is a major key to a better approach to lasting weight loss.

Obviously, there are ways to lose weight and keep it off, all of which boil down to two major premises: making small, sustainable changes, and making them with the mindset that this is your new lifestyle, your new reality.

Many small changes over time will be able to allow for you to have not only weight loss, but a consistent weight loss thats now maintainable, explains Cahill.

Instead of setting yourself up for failure, set yourself up for success. Remove trigger foods from your home; prepare healthy meals;surround yourself with people who share your goals who will encourage you when you succeed, and when you fail.

This is a journey, says Manning. Not a destination. There is no finish line. This is something that has to become part of your lifestyle every single day.

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Emily Monaco is a food and culture writer based in Paris. Her work has been featured in the Wall... More about Emily Monaco

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5 Reasons Dieting is Bad for Long-Term Weight Loss and the Solution that Works Every Time - Organic Authority

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Jun 4

Obesity Drug Stocks: Where to Invest Now – Morningstar

Pharmaceutical investing has seen huge moves in the industrys stocks over the past year, with one area grabbing particular attention: obesity drugs.

Since the end of 2022, the booming marketand potential for massive growthfor obesity drugs has led to big rallies for the stocks of the two manufacturers leading the race to market: Novo Nordisk NVO, producer of Ozempic and Wegovy, and Eli Lilly LLY, which manufactures Mounjaro and Zepbound. Both stocks are posting their biggest gains when it comes to year-to-date performance since 1997.

The challenge is that both stocks currently trade in overvalued territory, according to Morningstar analysts. Investors looking to put new money to work in companies developing products in this potentially significant market must decide which of the more attractively valued competitors are best positioned to muscle their way in.

And with a new stream of studies being published, like Wegovys longest clinical trial to date, comes increased tensions between the drugmakers.

We think current share prices do not properly account for expected price declines and competition, let alone the risk of patients discontinuing therapy due to tolerability, cost, or long-term safety issues, says Karen Andersen, healthcare strategist at Morningstar.

Other Big Pharma companies looking to gain traction with their own obesity drugs include Roche RHHBY, Pfizer PFE, and Amgen AMGN.

Novo Nordisk: 60.6%

Eli Lilly: 78.1%

Pfizer: negative 17.9%

Amgen: 44.7%

Roche: negative 14.7%

Amid the obesity epidemic in the United States, pharmaceutical companies have been attempting to develop effective treatments for years. I dont think weve ever seen this sort of level of innovation, says Damien Conover, director of healthcare research for Morningstar. Historically, obesity has been an area of a lot of failed drug development. Its always dangerous to say, This time, its different. But this time, it really does seem different.

Andersen adds: So it was a sort of slow realization after the data, approval, shortages and then it took off. I think we had all been expecting less, given that the launch of Novos previous obesity drug, Saxenda, wasnt very successfulalbeit with about 5% weight loss.

However, investors have now definitely taken note, changing the landscape of pharma stocks. That came in part as Lilly has seen unparalleled efficacy in its weight-loss drug therapy, and its stock reflects that progress with its big 2023 rally. Meanwhile, Novo has become the largest company in Europe as measured by market capitalization.

Underlying these gains are expectations of massive growth for these drugs. Conover and Andersen project that the global market for obesity drugs will be $120 billion by 2031 and most of the market will be relatively split between Novo and Lilly. The overall market for the kinds of treatments employed in these medicationswhich are known as GLP-1s and are also used to treat Type 2 diabetesis seen as even larger, at some $170 billion.

Conover and Andersen forecast that over 25% of obese Americans and 15% of overweight Americans will receive treatment in 10 years, and the vast majority will receive branded GLP-1 therapies. They predict the bulk of those sales will go to Novo and Lilly.

With new gates being opened for these drugs, investors have multiple variables to consider when it comes to stocks that can benefit.

One of the biggest factors will be pricingboth the prices manufacturers can charge and what end consumers pay after insurance. Both Lillys Zepbound and Novos Wegovy have a listed monthly price over $1,000. But this is not necessarily reflective of what the typical consumer will be billed; the net payment could be discounted by as much as 79%. Such pricing could make a big difference in sales.

Its such a big market that you dont need to change the penetration levels that much and you would have substantially different projections, says Conover.

Meanwhile, already-intense competition is being fueled by a steady stream of studies of drug effectiveness. The first-of-its-kind clinical trial examining the long-term effects of Novos Wegovy found that people on the drug maintain weight loss for up to four years, on top of reducing the risk of heart disease. These findings could act as a catalyst for insurance companies and governments to cover Wegovy more liberally.

That competition is part of the reason Conover and Andersen expect a substantial pricing decline over time. They estimate companies are currently charging an average of $7,000 for obesity drugs, but that will likely decline to under $3,000 by 2031.

Competition and efforts to expand commercialprivate payerreimbursement contracts tend to lead to lower prices at bigger volumes, Andersen says.

Although many unforeseen corners could lie ahead, one thing is clear: Lilly and Novo revolutionized the weight-loss landscape through years of continual therapy improvements. They had been on this steady path until they got to the point where this obesity data came out, Andersen explains. It had somehow broken through this barrier for prior obesity drugs, since their efficacy was undeniable, and it really turned a corner.

Novo and Lilly are kind of doing their own thing in the stock market, and really in innovation, says Conover. They are bringing out some of the most powerful new drugs for sales generation, in our estimation.

Andersen says, I think were at a point in this market where its accepted that Novo and Lilly are both strong players and poised to benefit incredibly. I think it would be tough to really take down either, unless there was some drastic reduction in supply or a massive safety issue that we somehow didnt see until now.

However, for investors, there are valuations to consider. Lilly is currently trading at a price/fair value ratio of 1.45, meaning it is 45% overvalued compared with Conovers fair value estimate of $540. Meanwhile, Novo has a price/fair value ratio of 1.55, based on Andersens fair value estimate of $86.

We expect Lilly to partly elevate capacity constraints for Mounjaro and Zepbound in the second half of the year, Conover says. Lilly expects to increase the drugs production by 50% by the end of the year. With demand outstripping supply, we expect Lilly to sell what it can produce.

Pfizer has been considered a significant contender, but recently it provided lower-than-expected 2024 guidance, which brought its Morningstar fair value estimate for the companys stock from $47 to $42 per share. The companys 2024 projection included covid-19 product guidance of $8 billion, which was $5 billion lower than our expectation, Conover says.

However, Pfizers diverse line of drugs and vaccine provide for a steady cash flow, and the market is still significantly undervaluing its stock price, with the last closing price being $28.50.

Another aspirant is Amgen. They are committed to entering the obesity marketeither with the lead candidate (similar to Lillys Zepbound, it is targeting GLP-1 and GIP hormones) or additional drugs that are in phase 1 and preclinical studies, says Andersen. We expect phase 2 data from the lead AMG133 program in the second half of 2024. The key selling point so far, based on phase 1 data, could be that it requires less frequent administrationit could be administered monthly, instead of the weekly Zepboundand may lead to longer maintenance of weight loss after stopping therapy.

In addition, Andersen says Amgens offering has showed compelling speed of weight loss. It will be interesting to see longer-term data to see the final plateau of weight loss. She adds that, given the minimal data so far from the company, Amgen is sort of a wild card, as it could either be best-in-class or encounter issues with tolerability or safety that make it less compelling.

In the first quarter, Amgens sales grew 22%, raising its fair value estimate to $317. Amgens stock is also undervalued, currently trading at $314.54.

Then there is Roche, which in 2023 entered the fray with the acquisition of private biotechnology company Carmot, which has three clinical-stage obesity drugs in the works. Investors might be better served by taking a less focused approach toward investing in obesity stocks and consider a firm like Roche, where we like the overall portfolio and investors get some exposure to new obesity drug development, Conover says.

Heres a look at Morningstars take on key obesity drug developers and their stocks:

We are raising our Eli Lilly fair value estimate to $540 from $500 following stronger-than-expected first-quarter results. In particular, pricing drove 10 percentage points of the 26% top-line growth seen in the quarter, which is expanding gross margins faster than we expected. We believe the strong pricing power of weight-loss drug Mounjaro supported a major part of the pricing gains. While Lilly expects a deceleration in pricing gains in the second half of the year as discounts related to saving cards annualize, the robust pricing power showcases the strength of Lillys wide moat.

Read more of Damien Conovers analyst notes here.

Novo Nordisk reported constant currency sales growth of 24% in the first quarter, in line with the 25% constant currency sales growth assumption we had built into our model for 2024. First-quarter growth was heavily driven by GLP-1 sales growth in diabetes (32%, mostly from Ozempic) and obesity (42%, mostly from Wegovy).

Management increased constant currency sales growth guidance for 2024 by 1 percentage point (from a range of 18%-26% to a range of 19%-27%), and weve increased our sales growth assumption to 26%. We think operating income growth could be slightly higher at 29%, also at the high end of managements updated guidance. This increased our fair value estimate from DKK 570/$84 to DKK 600/$86, but share prices are still 45% higher than our increased valuation.

While we continue to see Novo Nordisk as a wide-moat firm, with strong intangible assets surrounding its cardiometabolic business, we think the high obesity drug demand and scarcity of supply have driven share prices above their intrinsic value. We assume that Novo Nordisk is capable of growing GLP-1 sales across indications from roughly $24 billion in 2023 to nearly $75 billion by 2031, prior to the patent expiration for semaglutide, the molecule in Ozempic and Wegovy. We think current share prices do not properly account for expected price declines and competition, let alone the risk of patients discontinuing therapy due to tolerability, cost, or long-term safety issues.

Read more of Karen Andersens analyst notes here.

We dont expect to make any changes to our CHF 379/$55 fair value estimate for Roche following the companys first-quarter results. Roches pharmaceutical and diagnostics divisions each grew at a 2% rate at constant currency, with 7% underlying constant-currency growth after removing the headwind from reduced covid-related antibody and diagnostic sales.

Management maintained its guidance for mid-single-digit constant-currency sales growth and core earnings per share growth for the full year. We expect covid and foreign-exchange headwinds to subside for the remainder of the year, allowing Roches underlying growth to become more apparent to investors. While this is not a year for significant new launches, we expect significant pipeline data amid a pipeline reshuffling that prioritizes higher-impact programs in immunology (Roivants TL1A) and obesity (Carmots CT-388).

Beyond 2024, we think Roche is capable of mid- or even high-single-digit annual growth (and core operating margins remaining in the mid-30s), with higher growth possible if these in-licensed programsor in-house programs like Alzheimers disease drug candidate trontinemab or oncology drug candidate tiragolumabreach the market. We think Roches pharmaceutical innovation and diagnostics dominance support a wide moat.

Read more of Karen Andersens analyst notes here.

We are holding steady to our fair value estimate and wide moat rating for Pfizer following first-quarter results that largely matched our expectations. The company is tracking well to meet its goal of $4 billion in cost cuts by the end of 2024, which should improve operating margins. We believe the market is underappreciating the margin expansion based on the cost cuts, and we view Pfizer as undervalued.

Following overinvestment during the pandemic, Pfizer is reducing costs to adapt to the slowing demand for covid products. While we still expect a tail of close to $8 billion annually for Pfizers covid vaccine Comirnaty and treatment Paxlovid, this is down from the over $50 billion sold in 2022. Following the cost-cutting, we expect operating margin to return to over the 30% range more typical of Pfizer before the pandemic.

Read more of Damien Conovers analyst notes here.

Amgens first-quarter product sales grew 22%, or 6% excluding the October 2023 acquisition of rare-disease firm Horizon Therapeutics, slightly ahead of our expectations. Management narrowed its top- and bottom-line guidance for the full year. In conjunction with earnings, Amgen announced that it has completed an interim analysis of a phase 2 trial of obesity drug candidate maritide (AMG 133). Although Amgen did not disclose many details, management was encouraged enough to announce that the program will move to phase 3 in obesity, obesity-related indications, and diabetes, an area where theoretical concerns about blood sugar effects of the drug had previously made development less appealing. We think the most likely scenario is that interim data showed manageable tolerability, solid safety, efficacy that rivals the top drug candidates in development (around 25% weight loss), and a differentiated dosing profile (monthly or perhaps quarterly dosing).

We had previously included a 30% probability of approval and $4 billion in probability-weighted sales by 2033 in our Amgen valuation. Given this confirmation of positive phase 2 results, were raising our probability of approval to 60%, which raises our sales estimate to $8 billion by 2033. Weve also included higher capital expenditures beginning in 2025 to support a 2027 launch; we see Amgens strong experience with antibody manufacturing as lending credibility to its ability to supply the market. In addition, if dosing is in fact quarterly instead of the once-weekly dosing for current obesity treatments, manufacturing could be less demanding.

Read more of Karen Andersens analyst notes here.

Excerpt from:
Obesity Drug Stocks: Where to Invest Now - Morningstar

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Jun 4

13 Effects of Sleep Deprivation – Health Essentials

Up to 70 million Americans are sleep-deprived. But those hours of lost sleep add up to a bigger health deficit than you may realize, says sleep medicine specialistNancy Foldvary-Schaefer, DO, MS.


Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit academic medical center. Advertising on our site helps support our mission. We do not endorse non-Cleveland Clinic products or services. Policy

Sleep is foundational to health and wellness, Dr. Foldvary-Schaefer says. We know that getting enough sleep and getting enough good sleep is necessary for cardiovascular health, metabolic health and even brain health.

Exactly how is a lack of sleep harmful to your health? Lets take a look at what happens to your body when you dont get enough rest.

There are lots of reasons why you need sleep. It allows your body to:

Sleep is an active process for every organ of the body, including the brain, Dr. Foldvary-Schaefer says. We need sleep so we can restore nutrients, clear toxic materials and recharge for the next day.

Even missing as little as 1.5 hours can have an impact on how you feel, causing short-term problemslike:

During periods of sleeplessness, hidden health hazards accumulate that cant be covered up with concealer or reversed with caffeine. Dr. Foldvary-Schaefer notes. Everything from your cardiovascular system to your immune system feels the impact.

Beyond feeling groggy feeling and sleeping past your alarm,sleep deprivationaffects many parts of your body and brain.

So, what exactly happens when you dont get enough ZZZs? Lets take a look at the many possible effects of sleep deprivation.

If your internal batteries feel depleted by the early afternoon, thats a clear sign of lack of sleep and no, a late-day cup of coffee wont cure it.

If you wake up in the morning and you arent refreshed, and you feel exhausted or are yawning excessively during the day, those are all signs of insufficient sleep or another sleep disorder, Dr. Foldvary-Schaefer states.

Sleep deprivation causes fatigue, low energy and excessive sleepiness, which can affect your ability to do things you love and simply complete day-to-day tasks.

If youre stumbling through the day with fewer than seven hours of sleep, youre likely to start literally stumbling.

A 2021 study found that sleep deprivation had a significant negative effect on gait (the way you walk), while other studies have found that a lack of sleep can affect your sense of balance. Both can put you at risk for accidents, falls and injuries.

Its no big revelation that a night of bad sleep can make you feel irritated, emotional and short-tempered the next day. And chronic sleeplessness can quickly morph into mental health concerns.

Mood disorders like depression and anxiety are also connected with chronic insomnia and sleep deprivation, Dr. Foldvary-Schaefer cautions.

For example, research shows that people with insomnia are twice as likely to experience depression. It also shows that about 80% of people with depression experience insomnia.

In other words, sleeplessness can be a symptom of mental health issues, but it can also be a contributor to them, which creates a frustrating chicken-and-the-egg cycle.

Wait, where did I put my keys?A lack of sleep affects your ability torememberand react, which can cause your brain to go blank on the most routine of tasks.

Deep stages of sleep are responsible for learning and memory. These include rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and deep non-REM sleep (also known as Delta sleep or slow-wave sleep, or SWS).

When sleep is interrupted or cut short by going to bed too late or not getting eight hours in bed at night, your brain isnt able to properly catalog its memories, Dr. Foldvary-Schaefer explains.

She points to studies that show that students who pull all-nighters dont do any better on their tests the next day: Even though theyve put in more hours, theyve deprived themselves of the sleep that was needed to really ingrain those memories into their brains, she says.

Sleep deprivation can also cause neurological disturbances like:

Deep sleep allows our brains to clear the toxins that accumulate during our waking hours, Dr. Foldvary-Schaefer explains, so that we dont develop neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimers disease.

Research shows that this process takes seven to eight hours (and sometimes more). In other words, if youre losing sleep, so is your brain.

If youve ever walked into the office and been told, You look tired! (Ugh, rude) you know what we mean: When you dont get enough sleep, it can show on your face.

Sleep deprivation can cause:

Theres also a link between lack of sleep and an increase in the amount of cortisol in your body. Cortisol can break down collagen, the protein that keeps skin smooth, which means a lack of sleep could mean more wrinkles.

When you burn the candle at both ends, your immune system takes a hit. You may be more prone to getting sick and slower to bounce back from viruses like the cold or flu.

Thats because when you sleep, your body producescytokines, proteins that send signals to other cells to keep your immune system functioning (which is a good thing!). But when youre sleep-deprived, your body instead starts to make more white blood cells. This creates an imbalance that weakens your immune system over time.

After consecutive days of not getting enough sleep, you may start to become more susceptible to certain illnesses, Dr. Foldvary-Schaefer explains. Plus, as lack of sleep affects your immune systems ability to fight against illnesses, it may take you longer to recover.

In the short term, even a couple of bad nights sleep can make you feel hungrier especially for sweets and snacks. And chronic sleep deprivation is a risk factor for weight gain and obesity.

Why?Lack of sleep disrupts these key hormone levels in your body:

Lack of sleep makes it harder to lose weight, too. A review of studies on sleep deprivation and weight found that people who got enough high-quality sleep were more likely to be successful in their weight loss efforts than people who were sleep deprived.

Are you stressed because you cant sleep, or are you having trouble sleeping because youre stressed? This is another Which came first? scenario with the same result: You, mega-frazzled and unable to catch that shut-eye you so desperately need.

It all comes back to cortisol, the stress hormone: Sleep deprivation may raise cortisol levels, which can contribute to weight gain, heart disease, anxiety, signs of aging and so much more.

On the other hand, Dr. Foldvary-Schaefer says, a good nights sleep naturally reduces cortisol levels.

Sure, you wouldnt drive while drunk, but would you drive while exhausted? You shouldnt. Sleep deprivation puts you at a higher risk for car accidents.

Driving after 20 hours without sleep is like driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08%, the legal limit in most U.S. states. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that drowsy driving accounts for thousands of crashes, injuries and fatalities each year.

Not getting enough sleep also hurts your heart.

Sleep deprivation can lead to hypertension (aka high blood pressure). And one study found that people diagnosed with sleep deprivation have a higher risk of hypertensive heart disease, which is the result of long-term unmanaged high blood pressure.

Plus, untreatedsleep apneaand other chronic sleep disorders put you at a higher risk for health conditions like arrhythmias (abnormal heart rhythm), obesity and Type 2 diabetes, which can all contribute to cardiovascular disease.

Studies on these topics are all evolving, but there's a lot of evidence to suggest that short sleep meaning less than seven hours on average for adults is harmful to your health, Dr. Foldvary-Schaefer says.

Chronic sleep deprivation is associated with an increased risk of other conditions, too.

When your body doesnt get the restoration it needs, that leads to a buildup of toxins and inflammatory markers that we believe underlie the development of a number of chronic diseases, Dr. Foldvary-Schaefer warns.

Not getting enough sleep raises your risk for:

Theres good reason to teach kids healthy sleep habits from an early age: Chronic sleepiness in kids and teens has seriously dangerous effects on their development.

A lack of sleep can lead to:

Unless youve really been making a point to get enough sleep, chances are high that youre not getting enough. Recent studies show that at least 30% of American adults are sleeping less than seven hours per night

But most people need at least that much, according to a report from theNational Sleep Foundation. It breaks down sleep recommendations into nine age-specific categories, with a slight range that allows for individual preferences:

Genetic, behavioral andenvironmental factorshelp determine how much sleep each individual needs. But Dr. Foldvary-Schaefer says a minimum of seven hours of sleep for adults is a step in the right direction to improve your health.

If you eat well and exercise regularly but dont get at least seven hours of sleep every night, you may be undermining all of your other efforts. And were not being dramatic! Sleep isnt a luxury; its a necessity.

Adults need seven to eight hours of sleep each night not just once in a while, Dr. Foldvarey-Schaefer says. If youre not getting that, youre likely chronically sleep deprived. Its the most common cause of tiredness in our society today.

Heres how to start taking steps to get better sleep:

Tried everything and still cant seem to wake up well-rested? It might be time to bring in the professionals.

If you snore (or suspect you do) or otherwise just cant seem to get a good nights sleep, make an appointment to chat with a healthcare provider. They may recommend a sleep study to rule out any sleep disorders and get to the root of the problems so that you can finally start getting the beauty rest you reserve.

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The 9 best free workout apps for 2024, according to a certified personal trainer – Fortune

How we test

Our team of certified personal trainers, strength coaches, and qualified experts researched and tested more than 30 workout apps. We focused on key factors such as workout variety, accountability, and interactive features.

Learn more

We called upon certified personal trainer and editor Amanda Dvorak, exercise physiologist Dr. Chris Mohr, and professor and strength and conditioning coach Dr. Jen Roper to complete this roundup. The information in this article was reviewed for accuracy by fact checker Kelly Uhler.

If youre committed to crushing your fitness goals, theres nothing wrong with seeking some support. However, you dont have to break the bank to get help with building muscle, burning fat, and becoming your best self. While many workout apps have pricey subscriptions, plenty of cost-free platforms provide the tools you need to start (and stay) on the path to success.

To help you find the right fit, weve researched and tested more than 30 fitness apps to evaluate key criteria such as ease of use, equipment demands, and workout variety. Our mission to find the best free workout apps helped us identify worthy contenders. The apps that made our list come at no cost or at least include an excellent trial period that may convince you to find some room in your monthly budget.

Caliber offers a free-forever version that arms you with ample resources to start your fitness journey. Learn why it earned the nod as our best overall free workout app by reading our in-depth review, complete with testing notes.

Although you must pay for group and one-on-one training, the free version of Caliber still provides excellent resources and tools.

Caliber comes in several different tiers, which allows you to select the level of support you need. The free version includes useful resources that can help you accomplish your goals.


Community support via groups

In-app performance metrics tracking

Robust library of curated workout plans


Premium package has an expensive starting price of $200 a month, which is high for a workout app

Personalized macros only available with paid versions

Limited fitness tracker integration

As a fitness coaching program rooted in scientific principles, Caliber checks all the boxes we look for in the best workout apps . The first paid tier, Caliber Plus, comes with access to a library of coach-created workouts. The next tier, Caliber Premium, starts at $200 a month for individual coaching. One of our product testers invested in the one-on-one option and found the $200 price tag well worth it due to the high-quality programming and accountability she received from her coach.

However, you dont have to spend a single cent to reap some of the benefits of this data-driven platform. Calibers free-forever version contains a vast library of more than 500 exercises, each featuring a demo video, detailed instructions, and a color-coded diagram displaying the body parts involved. By also including key points and form takeaways, Caliber easily earned 5 out of 5 stars for instruction from our tester.

So many people would benefit from simple instruction and understanding of how different exercises affect different muscles. The exercise library and demo videos provided with Calibers free version is a fantastic offering, in and of itself. Many of my clients would benefit from this.

Chris Mohr, Ph.D., RD, Fortune Recommends Advisor

Although you dont get access to a coach with the free version, you dont have to plan your own daily workouts. During the set-up process, youll complete a quick assessment. The evaluation will give the Caliber algorithm the necessary data to generate a custom workout program for you. This can be especially helpful for beginners who are unfamiliar with how to structure a strength training routine.

In addition, the app allows you to track your progress by recording and charting strength and body metrics like your weight, waist size, and body fat percentage. While stepping on a scale is one way to assess your progress, keeping track of your body composition via other methods can provide better insight. ( 1 ) This can help you stay invested in your success by developing self-accountability, which is particularly important since you wont be working with a coach.

In addition to body composition, waist circumference is another useful and very simple tool to assess health. There has been research connecting waist circumference to blood pressure and even all cause mortality, among others, says Mohr. ( 2 , 3 )

You can also lean on another user-friendly feature for additional support: groups. Our product tester joined several, including ones for mountain biking, cycling, and swimming. Research shows that external factors like social support and engagement can help with motivation and accountability. ( 4 )

Each group has its own social feed where you can post things and interact with other people. Although theres not a ton of engagement, that could change as Caliber expands, our team product tester explained.

While our tester gave the app a perfect score for interactive features, she wished it integrated with Garmin, Fitbit, and other fitness trackers. As of this writing, it only integrates with the Apple Watch.

Overall, the free version of Caliber offers plenty of valuable tools and resources for both beginners and more experienced users. If you need more support in the form of nutritional guidance, routine check-ins, and fully personalized programming, you can always upgrade to the Premium tier.

Caliber users on the Apple App Store appreciate how the app has helped them become more accountable and invested in their health and wellness.

Caliber is a fantastic way to build a habit of working out, especially if, like me, youre moderately new to weight lifting/fat burning. The app tracks your progress and shows stats so you can see improvement over time, which is very motivational for me. The app also connects to third-party apps to help you track calories, etc.

Alexey Laduda, Apple App Store user

However, customer Patrick Rizk called out a few areas for improvement in his review on the Google Play Store.

Provides novel strength and balance scores to visualize progress, but the algorithm doesnt incorporate them to give tailored recommendations, which greatly reduces their utility, he said. Automatic weight progression is a basic function that most competitor apps have and is conspicuously missing.

Launched by fitness influencer Kayla Itsines, the Sweat App offers women everything from nutritional guidance to on-demand classes.

Training Plan Customizable

Designed for women, the Sweat App includes customizable training plans and meal planning assistance. After trying out the platform for free for seven days, you can sign up for the full version to gain even more features.


Can easily modify a program


Some users describe the programs as repetitive

Primarily pre-recorded workouts

Some recipes are overly complicated and require numerous ingredients

Fitness influencer Kayla Itsines spearheaded an effort to help women get healthier via the Sweat App. The app features various workout programs that include everything from postpartum training to its flagship BBG program (Bikini Body Guide), now known as High Intensity with Kayla. The app also features nutrition plans, community challenges, and on-demand classes led by certified personal trainers.

Although Sweat is only free during the seven-day trial period, women can get a first-hand look at how much the platform offers. Those with long-term goals can decide whether to invest in a monthly subscription thatll allow them to receive individualized attention and support.

To explore all Sweat had to offer, our product tester downloaded the app, inputted her fitness goals and other pertinent information, and received a personalized training plan. She rated the setup process 5 out of 5 stars. She also found the apps interface easy to navigate, which led to a score of 4.5 out of 5 stars for ease of use.

From a training perspective, Sweat covers just about every modality you can think of, including weightlifting, HIIT, yoga, pilates, and barre. In addition, there are zero-equipment versions of programs featuring straightforward movements, which allowed our reviewer to deeply connect with the targeted muscle.

What our tester says:

Offering the ability to exercise without equipment is a fantastic option, given many people may either not have any or not belong to a facility that does. That said, bodyweight workouts are a great option for improving strength and cardiorespiratory fitness, and having guidance around how to perform various exercises to support your goals is great. ( 5 )

Chris Mohr, Ph.D., RD, Fortune Recommends Advisor

The Sweat App has received positive feedback from women who needed structure, accountability, and support from a workout app.

A reviewer on the Apple App Store with the username Hxnxlei highlighted how the app motivated her to start working out again after a two-year hiatus.

The variety in programs makes it suitable for any kind of workout goal. I can see how the intensity and difficulty of BBG might be unmotivating for some though, so its great that Kayla has recently added more beginner weeks! The community tab is filled with supportive women!

Hxnxlei, Apple App Store user

Still, a few reviews criticized the app for having occasional bugs and glitches. Several customers on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store expressed that the suggested meal plans and recipes contained too many ingredients, which can prove problematic if you have a limited budget, time, or culinary skills.

From strength training to recovery, Fiit offers plenty of options for those who enjoy group classes but dont want to travel.

Training Plans More than 30

Fiit covers all the bases with a wide variety of workouts and training plans. Users can access all group classes at no costa great feature for those who enjoy training in that type of engaging setting.


Syncs with fitness trackers and devices

Works with mobile devices, TVs, laptops, tablets, and desktops

Records performance metrics

Caters to all fitness levels


Some classes may be too intense for beginners

No 1:1 coaching or accountability

Cant fast forward or rewind classes

Men (and women) who love the interactive aspect of group fitness classes will truly appreciate Fiit. Available in both free and paid versions, this app offers 2,000 workouts ranging from strength training to cardio to yoga.

The free version gives you unlimited access to all group classesa major plus for those who value that added motivation from training alongside others (virtually, in this case). Plus, you can invite family and friends to join, which can be another source of accountability and self-motivation. ( 6 )

The workouts vary in length, with some taking as little as 10 minutes and others lasting for one hour. If youre a guy whos always on the go, you can still squeeze in a quick workout before you head out the door. Or, you can take a longer-duration session for a true full-body workout.

Another user-friendly feature Fiit offers: the ability to complete workouts with zero gym equipment. The platform has hundreds of bodyweight classes that only require a phone, TV, or laptop for streaming.

While the free version gives you plenty to work with, upgrading to the Essential or Unlimited tiers opens the door to more training possibilities. Luckily, you dont have to fully commit to either option. Fiit offers a 14-day free trial that allows you to test additional features like Apple and Google Health integration, performance metrics tracking, and exclusive workouts.

Ultimately, you can start with the free version and enjoy unlimited access to all of Fiits group classes before considering upgrading to the Essential ($80 per year) or Unlimited ($120 per year) tiers.

Fiit customers enjoy the quality of the workouts and that theyre challenging without being too time-consuming.

This app is fantastic! Ive been completing FIIT workouts for about 3 months now, and it has completely changed my view on working out! The Base FIIT camps are great for an out of shape beginner like myself, and they prepare you for heavier workouts through lots of technique and form practice, and stretching. The flow yoga classes too, are also super useful as a supplemental cooldown/stretch session.

Aurora Siegler, Android app user

However, one common pain point customers highlight is the inability to fast forward or rewind classes.

This is really important as sometimes you dont quite understand how to do a move and want to rewind to see it properly, wrote Android user Hussein Ladha.

Designed for Apple Watch users, Train Fitness allows you to automatically track and log over 100 exercises using AI technology.

Accountability Community feed

Think of Train Fitness as a tool to get more insight into your workouts rather than something that will guide you on how to train. Its a convenient way to log every rep without having to do it yourself.


Sturdy and high-quality mattress

Nice option for stomach sleepers

Good option for back sleepers

I also like this for heavier sleepers


Pretty high motion transfer

Luxury Firm is too firm for side sleepers

Customer service was longer than average

Gym-goers whose workout routine wouldnt be complete without their Apple Watch shouldnt hesitate to download Train Fitness. Powered by intuitive AI, this app doesnt provide programs or workouts to follow. Rather, it allows users to focus more on their technique and less on counting their reps by recording them for you.

When paired with the Apple Watch, AI algorithms automatically detect what exercise you are performing based on the movement of your wrist. Train Fitness tracks more than 100 exercises using this method, and you can also manually enter data for more than 400 exercises.

In addition, you can filter and review their workout data by multiple metrics. The interface has easy-to-read graphics and charts that show your progress with particular lifts. This may help you identify weak points and potentially inspire you to change your program to push through plateaus.

Moreover, Train Fitness encourages you to stay connected with other users by sharing your completed workouts on your social feed. You can also challenge a friend, which can give both of you extra motivation to not to skip out on your next gym session.

Unfortunately, this app doesnt give you training plans to implement in the gym. So, if youre searching for a structured routine, Train Fitness isnt for you. However, if you have an Apple Watch and a gym membership (or even a full home gym ), you can take advantage of this technology and get more insight into your workouts without having to do anything extra.

Featuring a rebuilt search function and notifications page, this AI-driven workout tracking app generates positive user feedback for being easy to use and accurate.

I have been amazed at the accurate ability of the application to recognize specific workouts while I am at the gym, a user named Gym Geno wrote in their review on the Apple App Store. I highly recommend using this app because not only can experienced gym enthusiasts maximize their workout sessions, but this platform can also teach newcomers as well.

Another reviewer on the Apple App Store with the username KaseyLynn R. shared a similar sentiment about Train Fitness.

I absolutely love this app! It makes my workouts so easy. I used to log with a pen and paper but that got hard and annoying. This app also helps me know what muscles need rest and what muscles need attention.

KaseyLynn R., Apple App Store user

A free app that includes classes and periodized programs, Nike Training Club can help you get more out of your dumbbell workouts.

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The 9 best free workout apps for 2024, according to a certified personal trainer - Fortune

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Troy University’s undergraduate Exercise Physiology program recognized by National Strength and Conditioning … – Troy University

Troy Universitys Exercise Physiology program has achieved renewed recognition from the National Strength and Conditioning Associations (NSCA) Education Recognition Program (ERP).

The NSCA ERP recognizes and distinguishes programs with approved and standardized strength and conditioning or personal training curricula. Recognized programs are designed to prepare students for the NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT) or NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) certifications.

This program recognition is an additional testament of faculty commitment to student success and professional excellence, said Dr. LaGary Carter, Dean of the College of Health and Human Services.

The renewal marked the third time the program has been recognized by the organization and is valid for a three-year period through March 31, 2027.

It has been an honor to serve as the Coordinator and Faculty CSCS Sponsor for the NSCA ERP applications since August 2017, said TROY Professor Dr. Tyler Martin. On behalf of the department, the initial application materials were prepared in the fall 2017 and the Exercise Science Program within the Department of Kinesiology & Health Promotion achieved recognition in May 2018 from the NSCA ERP. Renewal applications were approved in May 2021 and May 2024.

The ERP recognition is the first step in laying the foundation to ensure classroom excellence. With a purposefully designed education, students can look forward to long-term professional success after graduation. The ERP seeks to support this journey through the proper certifications, professional development, and industry connections.

I would like to thank Dr. Martin for leading the exercise physiology programs effort to set and maintain such a high level of standards in Strength and Conditioning teaching and research, said Dr. James Sluder, Chair of TROYs Department of Kinesiology and Health Promotion. We are honored to continually be recognized by the National Strength and Conditioning Association for excellence in the field.

Excerpt from:
Troy University's undergraduate Exercise Physiology program recognized by National Strength and Conditioning ... - Troy University

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Teens work out for free, learn from fitness experts as part of GoodLife Teen Fitness – Canada NewsWire

Teens can access 200 GoodLife Fitness clubs, in-person classes, online resources free this summer

LONDON, ON, May 30, 2024 /CNW/ -It's no secret that teens are embracing fitness for its physical and mental health benefits. They're more familiar than ever with strength training techniques and workout ideas thanks to their teachers, their friends and online research. GoodLife Fitness is kicking off its free Teen Fitness program with a focus on fun, reliable resources and expert advice to help teens expand their knowledge and work out safely and effectively.

GoodLife's free Teen Fitness program is back this summer for teens aged 12 to 17. More information at

Registration opens June 3 at By registering for a free GoodLife Teen Fitness membership, teens aged 12 to 17 will have access to nearly 200 GoodLife Fitness clubs from July 3, 2024, to September 3, 2024. Last year, GoodLife celebrated the most successful Teen Fitness ever with almost 80,000 teens registered and over 400,000 workouts.

"It's great to see teens so interested and engaged in fitness. They really understand the benefits for their mental and physical health, and they value the chance to spend time with their friends while being active. We're here to help teens learn more about how to use the equipment and give them workout ideas so they can try different things, make the most of their time at the gym and have fun in the process," said Tracy Matthews, vice president of experience & safety, GoodLife Fitness.

In the clubs, teens can join in-person group fitness classes with certified instructors and can use most of the equipment, including kettlebells and TRX trainers. For the first time, select GoodLife clubs will also offer Teen Fitness Team Training Camps with motivating workouts and basic fitness knowledge to equip them for longer term fitness programs.

GoodLife will launch a video series targeting teens with the key information they need for effective workouts. Content will include fitness tips from GoodLife experts, demo videos with proper form and technique for various workouts, and sports-specific training programs that will help teens prepare for fall try outs. Registered teens can access the content via the GoodLife app and website, as well as on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube (@goodlifefitness)

Julia Watts (age 15) looks forward to her second year of Teen Fitness. Watts is a track and volleyball athlete during the school year, but Teen Fitness helps her stay active over the summer.

"My coaches encouraged me to try more resistance training to strengthen my legs for track, but I'm pretty new to the gym so I'm not always sure what to do," Watts explained. "I usually stick to cardio, but when I want to do something different, I use the On-Demand classes on the GoodLife app. There are so many options on there for upper body, lower body or whatever I need. It's a lot easier to just pick a workout and follow along."

Matthew Polidori (age 14) is a student athlete who spends most of his time training on the field or the rink, but now he's looking forward to another summer on the gym floor. Outside of his usual soccer and hockey practice, Polidori uses the gym to gain strength and speed in other ways.

"I can't always get access to the gym at my school, and I don't have any equipment at home. Teen Fitness is the one time I can use machines, weights and different equipment to train in ways that I can't anywhere else," Polidori explained. "This year I'm really looking forward to going to GoodLife with my friends. When Teen Fitness is on, we all sign up together and go almost every day. It's so much fun when everyone can make it. It makes my workouts feel like something I get to do, not something I have to do."

About Teen Fitness GoodLife launched Canada's first Teen Fitness program in 2010 with a mission to reduce barriers to fitness and give young people more opportunities to get active. Teen Fitness members have access to GoodLife clubs across Canada seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The last check-in time for Teen Fitness Members is 3 p.m., and teens can work out for a maximum of two hours per day. Program participants will have access to:

Find out more at GoodLife Teen Fitness.

About GoodLife Fitness GoodLife Fitness started in 1979 in London, ON, and has since grown to become one of the largest chains of fitness clubs in Canada and the fourth largest in the world. Founder and CEO David 'Patch' Patchell-Evans started the business with one purposeto give everyone in Canada the opportunity to live a fit and healthy good life. A membership to GoodLife Fitness gives access to clubs, amenities and virtual workouts that help to achieve this purpose. With hundreds of clubs from coast-to-coast, the GoodLife team is helping to transform the health and fitness of people across Canada every day.

SOURCE GoodLife Fitness

For further information: Heather Smith, (519) 671-0157, [emailprotected]

Read the original here:
Teens work out for free, learn from fitness experts as part of GoodLife Teen Fitness - Canada NewsWire

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What is the keto diet? Weight loss diet explained – USA TODAY wants to ensure the best experience for all of our readers, so we built our site to take advantage of the latest technology, making it faster and easier to use.

Unfortunately, your browser is not supported. Please download one of these browsers for the best experience on

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What is the keto diet? Weight loss diet explained - USA TODAY

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Jun 4

Novel male contraceptive gel suppresses sperm production faster than similar birth control methods – News-Medical.Net

A novel male contraceptive gel combining two hormones, segesterone acetate (named Nestorone) and testosterone, suppresses sperm production faster than similar experimental hormone-based methods for male birth control, according to a new study.

Results from an ongoing multicenter phase 2b clinical trial will be presented Sunday at ENDO 2024, the Endocrine Society's annual meeting in Boston.

The development of a safe, highly effective and reliably reversible contraceptive method for men is an unmet need. While studies have shown that some hormonal agents may be effective for male contraception, the slow onset of spermatogenic suppression is a limitation."

Diana Blithe, Ph.D., senior researcher, chief of the Contraceptive Development Program at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, Md.

NIH'sEunice Kennedy ShriverNational Institute of Child Health and Human Development is funding the study, which included 222 men who completed at least 3 weeks of daily treatment with the contraceptive gel. The gel contained 8 milligrams (mg) of segesterone acetate and 74 mg of testosterone. Segesterone acetate is an ingredient of the Annovera vaginal birth control ring. Men applied the gel once daily to each shoulder blade.

Early in the study, the researchers measured for suppression of sperm production by obtaining sperm count tests at 4-week intervals. The threshold deemed effective for contraception was 1 million or fewer sperm per milliliter of semen, Blithe noted.

Most study participants (86%) reached this sperm count by week 15, the researchers reported. Among those men, sperm production was suppressed at a median, or midpoint, time of less than 8 weeks of segesterone-testosterone treatment. Blithe said prior studies of male hormonal contraceptives given by injections showed a median time between 9 and 15 weeks for sperm output to become suppressed.

"A more rapid time to suppression may increase the attractiveness and acceptability of this drug to potential users," Blithe said.

Testosterone treatment alone decreases sperm production, with a median time of 15 weeks but the addition of segesterone acetate speeds the time and lowers the dose of testosterone needed to suppress sperm production over testosterone alone, she said. In the daily segesterone-testosterone gel regimen, blood levels of testosterone are kept in the physiologic range to maintain normal sexual function and other androgen-dependent activities.

The sperm suppression stage of the international phase 2b trial of segesterone-testosterone gel is complete. The study continues to test the contraceptive's effectiveness, safety, acceptability and reversibility of contraception after treatment stops.

Read more here:
Novel male contraceptive gel suppresses sperm production faster than similar birth control methods - News-Medical.Net

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Jun 4

Trial finds male birth control gel safe and effective – WXYZ 7 Action News Detroit

(WXYZ) Scientists report promising results for an innovative form of birth control for men.

This hormonal gel has been shown to effectively reduce sperm production in clinical trials.

This potential birth control for men contains testosterone and Nestorone. Nestorone is a synthetic progestin, a type of hormone used in contraceptive methods. The results from the phase-two trial showed that the gel successfully decreased sperm production in men.

Now, a total of 222 men took part in this study all between the ages of 18 and 50. Every day, they applied about a teaspoon of the gel to each shoulder blade.

Researchers monitored their sperm production every four weeks. By the 12th week, 86% of the men experienced a decrease in sperm count, making pregnancy unlikely.

On average, effective contraception was achieved within eight weeks, which was faster than previous methods tested.

Also, participants maintained testosterone levels that did not affect their sex drive, and no adverse side effects were reported. The second phase of the study is still in progress, with researchers monitoring the effectiveness of the gel in preventing pregnancy.

A phase-3 trial for this potential male contraception gel is still needed. On average, it costs $1 billion to $2 billion to get a drug to market. For this product, funding from a partner like a major pharmaceutical company is essential. But so far, none have stepped up.

As for non-hormonal options, a San Francisco-based biopharmaceutical company called YourChoice Therapeutics found its non-hormonal pill safe in a small UK trial with 16 men. The pill works by blocking a vitamin A receptor thats needed for male fertility. The company is now planning a much larger study.

Also, a Virginia medical device company called Contraline is testing its non-hormonal male birth control method. It involves a 15-minute procedure where a gel is injected into the tubes that carry sperm from the testicles. An early trial in Australia showed a 99.8% to 100% reduction in motile sperm within 30 days for 25 participants. Contraline aims to start trials in the U.S. in 2025.

I support male contraception because it would give men greater control over their reproductive health and help them share the responsibility of preventing pregnancies. It would also provide more birth control options, especially for women who arent able to use hormonal methods due to side effects or medical reasons.

Go here to read the rest:
Trial finds male birth control gel safe and effective - WXYZ 7 Action News Detroit

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