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Jul 4

Weight watchers keen for gyms to reopen as lockdown has had its ups and downs – The Irish News

LIFE in lockdown hasn't been without its challenges but for many people it's been a time to reflect and reassess goals, priorities and, not surprisingly, health.

Gyms might've been closed for several months but that didn't stop plenty of fitness fanatics working out at home with the help of online body coach Joe Wicks, Zoom classes or daily walks, cycles and runs.

For some, it's been a time to clean up their diet and cook healthier meals, resulting in lockdown weight loss. But for others, too much free time on their hands, a bit of boredom and a slippery slope into bad habits like snacking on sweets or drinking wine or beer on 'school nights' has led to the pounds piling on.

The reopening of gyms in the north next week cannot come soon enough for Dunmurry dad-of-two Niall Jackson. For the last few weeks, the 31-year-old commercial sales manager has been back training outdoors at the side of Magee Health and Fitness in west Belfast but is looking forward to July 10, when it can throw open its doors to its members again.

A regular gym-goer, who trained five times a week; sometimes twice a day, Niall lost two and a half stone between September and Christmas last year. He put on a few pounds around the festive season and had been working out with a personal trainer to shift the slight weight gain, when Covid-19 hit the north and lockdown restrictions were implemented.

Furloughed from his job and living alone, Niall's motivation took a knock and he stopped training. As quickly as he'd lost the weight, dropping from 17 to 14.5 stone before Christmas, he began to put it back on in lockdown. A combination of lack of training, beer several nights of the week and frozen food and takeaways saw a stone and a half go back on.

I really went hard at it from last August/September, doing spin and circuits in the morning and boxing at night, says Niall.

I was very disciplined and lost two and a half stone, mostly through training. I'd just started with a PT from the gym when lockdown happened. To begin with, I did try and do a bit at home with dumbbells.

But training at home, indoors, on your own, just isn't the same and I lost motivation.

Dunmurry father-of-two Niall Jackson is looking forward to gyms reopening

Not wanting to join the long queues outside supermarkets, Niall stocked up on frozen food including pizza, burgers and sweet potato chips, something he'd never done before. He also indulged in takeaway food a few times a week. Unable to see his young son and daughter, he was also somewhat bored and started to drink more beer than was normal for him.

Because I was training five days a week and had the kids either Friday or Saturday, I'd only ever have a few beers on Sunday, while watching the football, Niall says. When I realised I was getting a bit bloated from the beer, I switched to gin and tonic but I didn't like feeling sluggish.

It's very easy to fall into bad habits, once the motivation is gone, and the weight just started piling on. But now I'm back at it and giving it 100 per cent, the pounds will fall off me as quickly as they went on.

Unlike Niall, west Belfast mum-of-two Eimear McKenna has never been a fan of the gym. As a child she carried extra weight and even when she played camogie and was healthy and fit, she still felt bigger than the girls in her team. After having her children, her weight steadily increased and she lost a lot of confidence. She joined a gym but felt too self-conscious and it wasn't an experience she enjoyed nor wished to repeat.

But lockdown has been a game changer for the 48-year-old, who works for the Housing Executive. When she heard that her sister-in-law Fiona Shannon, a PT who runs her own company, Shannon World Fitness, was launching a Zoom initiative Tribe 40, she signed up. Tribe 40 is an online boot camp aimed at women aged 40-plus and it ran from early May to June, over 40 days. In that time-frame, Eimear has lost a stone and a half, is feeling fitter, happier and healthier and is intent on continuing her home workouts and food plan when lockdown is over.

My 86-year-old mum moved in with us and I was looking after her, the family, working from home and I got into a bit of a rut at the start of lockdown, says Eimear. I was eating and drinking a bit more and not feeling great about that, when Seamus, my husband, told me about Fiona's online fitness venture for women in lockdown.

She had talked to other women who had put on weight over lockdown but there are those in the group who just wanted to stay active and fit when the gyms were closed.

For four mornings a week, at 7am, we all did a Zoom workout with Fiona. At the start we used tins of beans then moved on to proper weights. It was tough, she really pushed us, but it was great. And the beauty of it was that no one else could see me huffing and puffing about my own kitchen.

It didn't matter how I looked. I had it set so I could see Fiona but no-one could see me. That way, I didn't feel self-conscious.

During a weekly Zoom catch-up, the ladies in the group discussed other issues such as nutrition and calorie counting and Eimear began to cut back on portion sizes and cut out the starch and sugary snacks. As the weight started to drop off, she felt her mood lifting too. Her sleep was improved, her skin glowed and with a stone and a half off, the people around her began to notice a difference.

I know I still have a long way to go and I'd love to shift another five stone but honestly, I'm buzzing with excitement now. I'm up at 6.15 every morning, sometimes even before the alarm goes off.

I walk every day too to make up the 10,000 steps. The Fitbit's on the moment I get up.

The whole group went for a walk up Black Mountain last week and yes, I'm the heaviest among us all but it doesn't matter to me now. We're all on our own journey. For me it's about losing weight and getting my confidence back and I'm getting there.

As well as shifting a stone and a half, Eimear has lost 27 inches all over and dropped a dress size. But it's the impact on her mental health and wellbeing that her loved ones are commenting on too. While working out, she forgot to take medication prescribed for anxiety but her mood was so chilled, she didn't even notice at the time.

When Tribe 40 finished, Fiona sent me my own workouts to do because I didn't want to lose the momentum, Eimear says. She's starting up the Zoom group again on July 13 and I can't wait to get back at it.

We're off to Donegal for a break and usually, we'd be eating and drinking all round us but I'm sticking to the plan and bringing my weights with me.

I feel better than I have in such a long time. Lockdown gave me the opportunity to start working on myself and for me, fortunately, it's been such a positive experience.

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Weight watchers keen for gyms to reopen as lockdown has had its ups and downs - The Irish News

Jul 4

Katie Price hopes her autistic son Harvey, 18, dies before her because he wouldnt be able to ‘cope without me – MEAWW

Katie Price has opened up about her relationship with her autistic son as she admitted that it is her love for Harvey that kept her alive during a rehab stint earlier this year. The 42-year-old also said she hopes she will outlive her son as he wouldnt cope without her. The statement of Prices came after the 18-year-old was admitted to hospital this week after complaining of chest pains. Though the teenager is back at home now, the incident has left Price terrified since doctors told her that Harvey is at high risk of dying from a heart attack if his weight isn't reduced. The eldest child of the former glamour model weighs more than 27 stone (378 pounds) due to an excessive appetite caused by the genetic condition, called Prader-Willi Syndrome.

When Harvey went into the hospital, I feared the worst. I always do. The doctors have told me hes at high risk of having a heart attack. Hes 27st, wears 5XL clothes and he gets out of breath walking up the stairs. So of course, I panicked. I cant see him living past 50 unless we sort his weight and his breathing out, Price told The Sun as she added: I know its horrible to say, but I wish hed go before me because he wouldnt cope without me. Hed be so heartbroken and wouldnt understand where Id gone.

Price, who is also mother to two daughters 13-year-old Princess Tiaamii, and Bunny, five, and sons Junior, 15, and Jett, six, went to a rehabilitation center, The Priory, in January this year after accepting that she was self-medicating with alcohol and cocaine. She said that it was the thought of Harvey only that did not let her take any extreme step. The doting mother said: I could have gone off and hanged myself, which I wanted to do, but I didnt because I have kids.

I know its a harsh comment but its the truth. If I ever died, my other kids, obviously, would be heartbroken but Harvey would not understand where Id gone. And I just think no one would look after him the way I do, and he wouldnt understand why Im not there. The thought kills me. I hate it. I dont know whats going to happen in the future.

Price also talked about her sons admission to the hospital as she said she had a feeling that something was wrong with Harvey. The media personality said her partially sighted son was not behaving normally. However, when he complained about needles in his chest that Price called an ambulance. I know hes getting bigger and Id noticed in the past month his breathing had changed. It was at Princesss birthday party, just after shed done her cake and Harvey wasnt feeling himself and had a lie-down. And then he was getting worse and worse and I thought, Oh s**t, Price continued. Sometimes hell fake things like if he doesnt want to go to school, hell say Harvey feels wobbly, or hes got a sore throat. But I know him well enough to know if hes trying to pull a fast one or not. He said he was getting pains, and he can deteriorate quickly, so I just used my common sense, stayed calm, and called the ambulance.

After being admitted to the hospital, Harvey was diagnosed with fluid in his lungs and a chest infection. He was discharged the same night. But for Price dealing with his complex medical conditions is getting harder day by day. I love him, and I would never change him, but its constant. Its exhausting. He knows hes got to lose weight but its the Prader-Willi he just wants to eat. Hell steal food, and hes on steroids that make him big. We try everything, but cutting down food is hard, she stated.

Price added: Im not trying to give him a lot of food look at my other kids, theyre not big and fat like Harvey. I dont want him to be in 5XL clothes, or to not be able to go on proper walks without being out of breath. I dont want that, I come from a fit, healthy family. People dont appreciate how big he is until they see him. He cant fit in some cars, and on an aeroplane, the seatbelts dont fit him.

Meanwhile, it has been said the Price along with his eldest son is filming a BBC documentary, called Harvey And Me, about living with him in lockdown. The documentary will reportedly show the mother-son duo daily life and the struggles Price faces as a single mum to her disabled son. It is bloody difficult. Its a constant worry, and I worry about the other kids too. I think people will be shocked when they see what living with Harvey is really like. Im both his mum and his carer and I dont even ask for sympathy, but it is hard work, Price said.

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Katie Price hopes her autistic son Harvey, 18, dies before her because he wouldnt be able to 'cope without me - MEAWW

Jul 3

Top Reasons Why Spinach Is One Of The Healthiest Leafy Greens – Doctor NDTV

Spinach can offer you a wide range of health benefits. It can be used as a ingredient in a variety of recipes. Here are some reasons why you should consume spinach.

Spinach is beneficial for your skin and hair

Your mother might have stressed on consuming a healthy diet since childhood. A well-balanced diet offers all necessary elements that you need for proper functioning as well as for optimum growth of the human body. Green leafy vegetables are power-packed with nutrients. It is advised to add leafy greens to your diet for optimum health. Spinach is one of the healthiest leaf greens that is loaded with essential nutrients offering you amazing health benefits. Yes, Popeye was doing it all right! Spinach provides you a variety of nutrients that your body needs. Here are some notable benefits of adding spinach to your diet.

91% of spinach is water. It is loaded with protein and iron too. Spinach contains iron that supports red blood cells. It is also a non-dairy source of calcium. This leafy green also contains vitamin A, C and K1. You may also receive magnesium, potassium and folate with spinach consumption.

Spinach is a non-dairy source of calciumPhoto Credit: iStock

Spinach can also help in healthy weight loss. One cup of boiled spinach is loaded with fibre and water content. It can keep you full for longer and make you consume fewer calories.

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Potassium in spinach can help in controlling high blood pressure. A healthy diet can help in controlling hypertension. Fibre-rich foods can also help in regulating blood pressure.

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Diabetics can also safely add spinach to your diet. This leafy vegetable contains antioxidants that can prevent oxidative stress and stress-related changes in people with diabetes.

You would be surprised to know that spinach is beneficial for your skin and hair too. Vitamin A and iron in spinach can help in boosting skin and hair health.

Spinach can promote hair growthPhoto Credit: iStock


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Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

DoctorNDTV is the one stop site for all your health needs providing the most credible health information, health news and tips with expert advice on healthy living, diet plans, informative videos etc. You can get the most relevant and accurate info you need about health problems like diabetes, cancer, pregnancy, HIV and AIDS, weight loss and many other lifestyle diseases. We have a panel of over 350 experts who help us develop content by giving their valuable inputs and bringing to us the latest in the world of healthcare.

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Top Reasons Why Spinach Is One Of The Healthiest Leafy Greens - Doctor NDTV

Jul 3

5 Cocktails to Celebrate the 4th Without Blowing Up Your Diet – Muscle & Fitness

American holidays and booze tend to go hand in hand. But it is entirely possible to indulge in a few cocktails (or mocktails) and throw some meat on the grill this year without the guilt or unnecessary bloating.

Heres your complete guide to making sure fireworks are the only thing youre blowing up this year.

While it is entirely possible to include some alcohol in your fat loss regimen, it can make achieving results significantly harder. Alcohol is a source of empty calories and when we overdo it, those calories can rack up quickly leading to fat gain.

As a toxin, it also tends to mess with your metabolism. Your body will try to metabolize alcohol before anything else, including food and body fat.

Lastly, drinking a lot of alcohol can mess with your mood, appetite, and sleep, throwing a willpower grenade into your good intentions.

In other words, if you are serious about losing weight, you might want to consider giving up drinking for a little while.

If you are going to indulge this holiday, just be mindful of the types of drinks you choose and how much you consume. As long as you stay within your daily calorie goals, you shouldnt gain weight from the occasional splurge. You might, however, have some water weight gain and a little guilt afterward.

To help cut back on added calories, keep it simple with a light beer, spiked seltzer, or glass of wine. Sugar-sweetened mixers can pack a ton of extra calories and sugar into a glass half a cup of sweetened margarita mix has over 100 calories and 24 grams of added sugar!

Dont forget to drink plenty of water to keep you feeling full and hydrated and help provide a helping hand to your potential hangover.

Here are five easy diet-friendly cocktail recipes that will keep you hydrated and on track this summer.

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5 Cocktails to Celebrate the 4th Without Blowing Up Your Diet - Muscle & Fitness

Jul 3

Personal trainer competing for Ms. Health and Fitness | News, Sports, Jobs – Lock Haven Express

Photo ProvidedTami Peddigree uses drum sticks during her fitness program.

JERSEY SHORE Tami Peddigree, a local personal trainer and group fitness instructor, is competing for the title of Ms. Health and Fitness.The title brings with it $20,000 and her photo on the cover of Hers Muscle and Fitness magazine.

The Jersey Shore woman is CEO of The Curvy Mermaid and creator of Drum-Late.

Peddigrees program is held in the Jersey YMCA, and she also has instructors who teach at the Lock Haven YMCA.

My program is available on TriadXP app on your smart device, and a downloadable version at, she said.

She prides herself in motivating people of all shapes, sizes, ages and athletic abilities to get them moving and live a happier, healthier life style. Her students are mostly women, but there are also men and children ages 10 to 60. She said she modifies her program for beginners to advance students.

This is very exciting to have this chance to represent our community, to represent curvy women, who can have their lifestyle just like I did, at any age, any size and any athletic ability, Peddigree said of making it to the finals in the competition.

Voting in the competition begins on July 20 at 2 p.m.

Heres Tamis story:

She wasnt always active and healthy. She weighed over 300 pounds five years ago. She was battling depression. She was prediabetic and had high cholesterol. She battles OA which made it hard for to get out of bed each morning at the age of 35. It was affecting her mentally, physically, her career, involvement in her daughters life, plus more.

It was time for a change, not just to lose weight, but to change her mind, to be stronger, to have more energy for herself and for her family.

She started to exercise and with eating clean she immediately started to feel better. She was spending hours on treadmills, bikes, and all kinds of machines, but boredom started to set in. She was losing interest quickly. But instead of giving up, her friend took her to her first dance aerobics class, and at that moment, she instantly fell in love with group fitness. She found herself following all the programs her gym had to offer like kick boxing, step aerobics, yoga and more.

The weight began to melt away quickly. Her stamina and energy levels were at an all-time high. This was the year for Tami. This was the year she wasnt giving up.

The weight started to fall off and it did not go unnoticed. Her gym asked her to become a group fitness instructor and personal trainer. Numbers were low, especially group fitness class numbers. She began to do research on different programs, but just could not find one that really gave her the sweat she was looking for. She wanted more, so she took everything she loved about what she had learned through years of experience of attending classes, trainings, and a ton of research.

It was then Drum-Late was born.

Tami is not your normal fitness instructor and Drum-Late is not your normal fitness program. It is designed to keep you upbeat, motivated and moving all year round, not just a few months out of the year.

Drum-late is a 45-minute cardio workout mixing in fun aerobic drumming, power pilate, interval drills, choreographed into a super fun and sweaty aerobic dance routine. Improve your mind while losing inches and weight.

Everything is more fun when you add sticks to your workout.

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Personal trainer competing for Ms. Health and Fitness | News, Sports, Jobs - Lock Haven Express

Jul 3

Do All Moms Have A Post-Partum Pooch After Giving Birth? – BabyGaga

Many women experience a flabby tummy after giving birth, which is normal and nothing to be ashamed of. Here's what to know about it.

First-time moms may think that as soon as the baby is born, their belly will return to the original shape. Unfortunately, it is not so! Women take a lot of time to return to their pre-delivery form, and it indeed needs a lot of patience and rigorous exercise.

Even then, most women find their bodies rarely go back to exactly how they were - and that's okay! The belly fat you gather during pregnancy is the most stubborn, and even if you achieve your pre-pregnancy weight, you may still have a bulged out belly, mainly because the expanded uterus and other organs take time to return to its original shape. Mentioned below are the predicted postpartum belly weight loss timing:

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However, many women might not be able to remove the 'mom pooch' or 'mummy tummy;' the doctors do have a name for it - Diastasis recti. Diastasis recti is a condition where the abdominal muscles separate so much that the stomach protrudes. Research suggests that at least 60% of women have DR six weeks after birth, and 30% of women have it year after birth while most of the women are not even aware of the term.

Women with a DR, when diagnosed, are often told that tons of crunches will help tone the tummy and close the gap. Core work needs to be done under proper supervision and, if done improperly, it can worsen the result. Diastasis recti are caused by the overstretching of the linea alba, the tissue or fascia at the center of the rectus abdominis muscles - the six-pack muscles to the right and left of the bellybutton. Its most common in pregnant and postpartum women because of the load a growing fetus places on the linea alba. The linea alba connects muscles the way the seam connects to fabric, but it's also the weakest part that tends to split when stretched too much. Biomechanist Katy Bowman explains, "Abdominal separation is not about fitness; it's about forces."

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Not all woman facethis situation after delivery, and it is most common for:

It is good to be cautious and be physically active during pregnancy so that you are not stuck with a belly pooch. There are no criteria that can decide whether you will have your belly protruding after delivery, but by proper exercise, you can significantly reduce the likelihood. You can use the following tips to prevent your belly pooch during pregnancy:

These are some of the few things you can do to prevent diastasis recti at a very early stage. Remember, there is no hard and fast rule to achieve a flat belly, and if you are lucky and cautious, you may never even get a belly pooch.

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Source:Parents, Sia Cooper, Vox

Anxiety & Depression In Infancy Carry Over Into Adulthood, Study Shows

Neha is a writer by passion, and a freelancer by profession. With the eagerness to quench the thirst for knowledge, she has set out on the endless journey of writing and growing. Also, being a super active mother of a super busy child, she wants to strike the perfect balance between her career and personal life!

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Do All Moms Have A Post-Partum Pooch After Giving Birth? - BabyGaga

Jul 3

Every Projected NBA Playoff Team’s Biggest X-Factor – Bleacher Report

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The NBA is now less than a month away from resuming its truncated 2019-20 season.

Due to this long layoff, the quality of play will likely be worse than what we're used to in the regular season, let alone the levels that teams usually reach in May and June.

While the postseason is normally star-driven, we may see a more egalitarian, role-player-dependent playoffs in Orlando. Top players contracting the coronavirus while in the bubble could make each team's lesser starters and top bench players that much more important.

Here, we're looking at each projected playoff team's biggest X-factorthe player who could either help his team surpass expectations or be an integral contributor to their disappointment.

To project which teams are in and out, we'll turn toGreg Swartz's playoff projections from June 12.

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Kemba Walker may seem too good to be considered an X-factor, especially given the presence of Marcus Smart, another obvious choice for this label. But whereas a bad Smart performance would make winning more difficult, a bad Walker series will sink the Celtics.

Any All-Star performing below expectations will adversely impact his team, but Walker is more likely than most stars to do that in the postseason. Players of his size rarely succeed in the playoffsjust ask ringless Chris Paul and ringless John Stockton. Walker is not an all-timer like those two, so you can imagine how hard it will be for him to run an offense against lockdown defenders.

And that isn'tjust theory, either. Walker has cratered in the playoffs, including when he shot 36.6 percent from the field (and 3-of-16 in Game 7) against the Miami Heat in 2016.

Thankfully, Walker's new teammates are far more accomplished. Jayson Tatum looks more like a future superstar every day, and Jaylen Brown isn't far behind him. But with trigger-happy Smart and Brad Wanamaker as Walker's chief backups, the Celtics cannot afford to see their prized point guard falter under the bright lights.

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One could make a compelling case for Taurean Prince here. He was in the midst of a career-worst campaign when the season was suspended, and perhaps a four-month hiatus was the best medicine for such a slump.

But while Prince will merely help raise the Nets' floor even at his best, Caris LeVert could increase the team's ceiling. That distinction makes all the difference in the postseason.

As is sadly the norm, LeVert has struggled to stay on the floor this year, missing 25 games. However, he showed marked improvement when healthy, averaging career highs in points per 36 minutes and three-point efficiency while maintaining previous improvements as a versatile defender and distributor.Though there've been plenty of stops and starts, LeVert could still become a Khris Middleton-style wing in a best-case scenario.

Even if LeVert plays the best basketball of his career in the bubble, Brooklyn will get blown off the court in the first round. But if he at least shows up in a major way in Orlando, then the Nets have reason to be even more encouraged for next season, when Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving hopefully return to full strength.

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Tim Hardaway's 2019-20 regular season was a confirmation of Luka Doncic's superstar trajectory, but at the highest levels of the sport, he won't be able to lean on the Slovenian star in the same way.

After years of being a low-efficiency, shoot-first gunner on middling-to-bad teams, Hardaway has seemingly found a home for himself. The 28-year-old has shined in a limiting but more defined role with the Mavericks, recording a sterling 53.7 effective field goal percentage in 82 total games with the team and posting an 8.0 net rating this year, easily a career-best mark.

However, Hardaway has a shooting slash line of31.5/23.2/64.0 in 15 career postseason games. He has improved drastically as a player since then, so we shouldn't necessarily expect efficiency that low again. But some players seem to consistently falter time and again when the pressure is on (see Bledsoe, Eric).

Is Hardaway destined to be one of those eternal postseason disappointments, or can he transcend previous struggles to become a stalwart role player on a team seemingly destined for future greatness?

We'll get our first peek at the answer this summer.

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Michael Porter Jr. has been called the Nuggets' X-factor for months on end now, but based on head coach Mike Malone's rotation patterns, Porter is more likely to sit on the bench all postseason than be a key figure in Denver's playoff run.

Gary Harris, on the other hand, doesn't have the cover of inexperience to make up for his subpar 2019-20 campaign. The shooting guard has been trending downward for several years but hit a nadir this season, posting his worst shooting splits since his rookie season.

While Harris would be considered a lost cause in another situation, there are plenty of reasons to buy low on his potential.

First, the 25-year old has won the trust of those around him, with Malone, Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray all offering vociferous defensesof him. In addition, something may have clicked late in the year, as Harris shot 53.2 percent from the field and 57.7 percent from three in Denver's last 10 games.

If that wasn't just a hot streak and indicates a return to form for Harris, then Nuggets fans can go wild with postseason dreams.

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The Rockets are placing a lot on Robert Covington's plate.

In certain situations, he'll need to lock down the opponent's best perimeter scorer, while in others, he'll serve as a rim protector and need to contest finishes from the likes of LeBron James or Kawhi Leonard.In addition, on every offensive possession, Covington needs to be a competent enough stand-still shooter to let Russell Westbrook or James Harden have free rein over the paint.

In some respects, his responsibilities are straightforward. Seen another way, however, they're constricting and pressure-inducing, especially considering Covington has only played 14 games with Houston.

On top of all this, Covington's one postseason appearance with the Philadelphia 76ers in 2017-18 went terribly. Though his role on that team was different than it now is with the Rockets, he still shot a horrid 32.5 percent from the field and recorded a negative net rating for a team that won a series.

Given their top-line talent, the Rockets are likely to at least make it to the second round even if Covington forgets how to shoot again. But if he doesn't show up in later postseason rounds, then the Rockets' chances to progress further are dead on arrival.

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Victor Oladipo was starting to round into form when the season was suspended. Over his final seven games, he averaged 16.3 points, 4.3 rebounds and 3.3 assists while shooting 48.2 percent from the field and 40.0 percent from three. Those aren't eye-popping statistics, but Oladipo was clearly on an upward trajectory.

However, while four extra months of rest and recovery would seem like a godsend for a player in his position, caution should still be heeded.

First, Malcolm Brogdon recently disclosed his positive coronavirus test. While he currently plans to play out the rest of the season, the former Rookie of the Year could either change his mind or may have limited playing time, which would increase Oladipo's role exponentially. In addition, Oladipo still isn't sure whether he'll participate, per ESPN'sAdrian Wojnarowski,due to the stop-and-start nature of this season and his rehab schedule.

The Pacers were an entrenched playoff team before Oladipo's return, so it isn't as though their fate this year hangs on his decision and subsequent performance. But the events of this strange period could inform how he and they move forward over the next few years.

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On paper, the Clippers own a nearly perfect roster. Sure, they have one rotation player taller than 6'8", but when it comes to a balance of talent and modern team-building, no other team is better.

As a result of the Clippers' excellent combination of stars and depth, you could contend that if Marcus Morris Sr. decides to ball-stop or take ill-advised jumpers in a critical moment, head coach Doc Rivers will just bench him for Lou Williams, Patrick Beverley or anybody else waiting in the wings.

However, Los Angeles made a move for Morris at the trade deadline for a reason. He gives the team another excellent shooter and solidifies its defensive front against LeBron James, Anthony Davis and the Los Angeles Lakers in a potential postseason matchup.

Morris has admittedly struggled with the Clippers.In 12 games with his new club, the forward has averaged just 9.5 points while shooting 38.6 percent from the field and posting his worst turnover percentage in four years. If that continues, he'll likely be marginalized in the postseason.

But if he rediscovers the magic that made him such a valuable role player for the Boston Celtics, then the Clippers might become the title favorite.

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Avery Bradley's withdrawal from the bubble is quietly very important. The 29-year-old's spacing and guard defense helped provide a high defensive floor for the Lakers, and now he's gone for the most crucial portion of the year.

Obviously, Los Angeles' title chances don't rise and fall with Bradley. But with so many great point guards in the NBA, the Texas product would have been especially integral, and he needs to be replaced.

If Alex Caruso, Rajon Rondo or Quinn Cook becomes necessary to another Los Angeles title, the team is in trouble, and despite his history with the Cavaliers, the newly acquired JR Smith doesn't exactly have the strongestpostseason track record. So it must beDanny Green.

Green hasn't defended point guards much this year, but he's got a great recent history against the league's best. Stephen Curry shot just 28.6 percent from the field with Green on him in last year's Finals, while James Harden has matched that putrid percentage this regular season.

He doesn't equal Andre Iguodala, Dennis Rodman or Robert Horry as a high-level postseason role player. But between his 2009 UNC squad and the San Antonio Spurs, Toronto Raptors and Lakers, Green has only played for title contenders.

In the right scenario, this year might see his most important contributions yet.

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Andre Iguodala may be washed. He certainly wasn't good in 14 regular-season games for Miami, as 4.4 points, 3.8 rebounds, and 2.0 assists per game will tell you. But to count the 36-year-old out now is to ignore recent history.

Iguodala's regular-season stats have been declining for years. He hasn't averaged 10 points per game since the 2012-13 campaign and hasn't played 30 minutes per night since the 2013-14 season.

The postseason, on the other hand, has been a different story. The wing has recorded a positive playoff box plus/minus every spring since 2008 and was a standout individual defender as recently as last year.

In addition, an extra eight months of rest could be sublime for Iguodala's aging limbs and joints. If those aforementioned 14 games and the eight seeding matchups in Orlando are a tune-up period, he very well could become a premier perimeter defender once the playoffs begin.

This may be a send-off postseason for Iguodala. But if he goes out swarming Giannis Antetokounmpo, Pascal Siakam or Jayson Tatum as part of a top-flight perimeter defense alongside Jimmy Butler, then it may be a sweet memory for Heat fans.

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There's no more obvious pick here.The Kentucky product is a shining example of what Draymond Green famously called an "82-game player."

While a solid point guard in the regular season, to the point that he made the All-Defensive first team in 2018-19 and was a borderline All-Star this year, Bledsoe has faltered spectacularly in each of the last two postseasons. He was memorably punked by Terry Rozier and the Boston Celtics in 2018 and shot just 35.7 percent from the field in the Eastern Conference Semifinals and Eastern Conference Finals last year.

Thanks to Giannis Antetokounmpo, the Bucks somehow continue to improve and were approaching a 70-win pace before the 2019-20 campaign was suspended. Unfortunately for Bledsoe, however, they may need him more than ever in these playoffs.

With player health serving as an even more volatile proposition than usual this year and Giannis' jumper still eminently questionable, the point guard will likely be called upon at some point. Will he be able to rise to the occasion and complete a Hollywood-style redemption arc? Will the memories of previous failures continue to loom large?

The answer could determine whether Milwaukee wins a title. By extension, it could also determine whether the Bucks are able to keep Giannis for the next half-decade.

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Given the omnipresence of pace-and-space schemes in the NBA, the fact that Steven Adams remains integral to a playoff team's success is surprising. But let's see how long that continues.

In some respects, Adams is adapting. He has posted the best assist percentage and box plus-minus of his career by a wide margin this year, and he remains a master of esoterica like screening and shot alteration. The Kiwi has even earned the respect of Chris Paul, who recently statedon the All the Smokepodcast (h/t Forbes' Nick Crain),"[Adams is] going to do whatever the team needs him to do."

Even if all that is true about Adams, it doesn't mean he'll be a postseason asset.

For all those intangible pluses, the Kiwi is still a rather traditional center. He's made just 59.0 percent of his free throws this season, second-worst among qualified players, and remains at risk of being torched in pick-and-rolls by the likes of Russell Westbrook and Donovan Mitchell.

Adams has been a solid perimeter defender this year, but his potential shortcomings could force head coach Billy Donovan to play Nerlens Noel over him or even use Danilo Gallinari at center.

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The gap between the Magic's 2019-20 floor and ceiling is fairly minimal. At best, they'll lose a competitive series to a top-two seed. At worst, they'll get swept by a much more talented team. But as long as the team stays healthy, it'll still be able to form personnel opinions based on this six-week sojourn.

As has been discussed ad nauseam, Orlando's frontcourt is overstuffed, and this season, Aaron Gordon has suffered the most.

The big man has recorded his worst effective field-goal percentage since his rookie year and posted a negative net rating. However, he did improve after Jonathan Isaac suffered a knee injury, averaging 15.5 points, 8.1 rebounds and 4.6 assists while shooting 46.0 percent from the field in the 29 ensuing games.

Will the long layoff and increased spacing help Gordon keep up that pace, finally turning him into Blake Griffin-lite? If that's the case, Orlando should either sell high and trade him for young players and picks or commit to building around him and Isaac while shopping Nikola Vucevic instead.

These stakes aren't super high, but they'll inform the direction of the Magic franchise for the foreseeable future.

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The 76ers might be winners of the NBA's hiatus.

In the grind of a season, it's hard to find time to work out on-court issues. However, three-plus months away from the court have given Philly a chance to solve serious questions.

If the team starts turning it around, then no Sixer stands to benefit more than Al Horford.

Horford's contract with Philly last summer was considered a smart move at the time. Instead, the 34-year-old has acted his age, looking a step slow on defense and spending most of his time standing at the three-point line on offense. In his own way, Horford has complained about this. But just before the season halted, head coach Brett Brown may have stumbled upon the solution: bringing the big man off the bench.

Given his $109 million contract, it's bad optics to move Horford to the bench. But he'd dominate other second units in a tailor-made role while a shooter like Furkan Korkmaz or Glenn Robinson III would settle the starting lineup.

Talent-wise, the ceiling in Philly could still lead to a title. The team just needs to continue tweaking its rotations until it finds the combination that can capture the Larry O'Brien Trophy.

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Congratulations on recovering from a gruesome injury, Jusuf Nurkic.

Your reward? An entire organization has spent the better part of a year spinning its wheels, waiting for you to return from that injury. Now that you're ostensibly healthy, you must be the savior who helps carry this team back to the playoffs.

The fact that injuries to Nurkic and Zach Collins have been used as cover for a lackluster 2019-20 season in Portland heaps significant pressure on their respective returns. This is especially true for Nurkic, who was in the midst of a career year in 2018-19 before he suffered a compound leg fracture.

Hassan Whiteside has filled in for Nurkic this year (to varying degrees of success), but it appears Blazers players will be onTeam Nurkicwhen the time comes.

Currently 3.5 games out of the eighth seed and in position to force a play-in series, Portland could make the playoffs for the seventh consecutive year. But with one of the most difficult schedules of any bubble team and the potential reintegration of a big man coming off a major leg injury, it will be a challenge.

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The Raptors have been training in Florida for over a week, and it looks like at least one of their players has stumbled on the Fountain of Youth while in the Sunshine State.

Even in his younger years, Marc Gasol was never this slim. In fact, he wasinfamously out of shape. And while you can argue that losing such a drastic amount of weight this quickly at age 35 will detract from what made Gasol effective in the first place, anybody who believes that hasn't watched a second of his career.

The Spaniard's game has only ever relied on power and girth in tangential ways, and he's a three-time All-Star because of a high basketball IQ and surprising agility as a perimeter defender. Losing weight will obviously not affect decision-making, and it can only heighten his ability to switch on defense.

It's hard to say how this affects the Raptors' championship aspirations. They have a clear offensive hierarchy, and Gasol was a stout defender this year even before the weight loss.

But it certainly can't hurt to have a former Defensive Player of the Year in peak physical condition.

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As if Mike Conley's integration into the Utah Jazz lineup wasn't complicated enough, he now hasa new set of obstacles to take on in the bubble.

On one hand, the point guard will take on a bigger role out of necessity after Bojan Bogdanovic's season-ending wrist surgery. On the other hand is the elephant in the room: Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert's relationship.

The organization is saying the right things, but it's not like the two were ever a seamless fit. The paint-bound Gobert was always an offensive impediment to Mitchell, a Dwyane Wade-style guard who thrives as a slasher and finisher around the rim.

Now, what does Conley have to do with any of this? Well, he's the team's point guard and elder statesman, meaning he's ostensibly in charge of the Jazz's fate.

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Every Projected NBA Playoff Team's Biggest X-Factor - Bleacher Report

Jul 3

VICE – I Tried to Get Hench Over Lockdown – VICE UK

When my editor asks if I want to get hench over lockdown, I'm already three beers and half a bottle of red wine deep. I type in a tipsy-confident haze: "I've been neglecting my gains for about a year (lol), so I'd like to try." Hitting send sobers me up: I immediately realise I've fucked it.

Lots of people began lockdown promising to get a new "quarantine bod", but they had a get-out: they could just... not. I don't have the same escape route it is now my job to get hench. There'll be no quitting gym memberships and setting off to the boozer with the refund, no faking injuries to get out of it, and no half measures.

This isn't about getting a "beach body" or losing weight it's about putting myself through hell for a laugh, trying to build as much muscle as I can, while dropping as much body fat as I can, in a limited timeframe, using only the stuff I have available: a modest set of weights, and gravity.

On the first day of the challenge, I wake up, note the chocolate peanut butter protein powder I bought at quarter to midnight and consider the phrase "you are what you eat". Beer is probably my favourite food. I rarely eat meat, but I also regularly wilt spinach in a lot of butter, a la James Martin on Saturday Kitchen.

I haven't been to the gym in ten months and I haven't been for a run in roughly four years. I don't have an office commute, as I work from home. The gig economy doesn't allow time for fitness. But when my new scales arrive and I see that both my BMI and body fat percentage pop up in the "mildly obese" area, I realise I should probably start to making some time not least because of the long-term health risks (type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, liver and kidney disease, to name a few) associated with that phrase.

Having photos taken at the start of the challenge is horrible. Nothing on my photographer, Chris he's class I've just never liked being in front of a camera. With each click of the lens I feel layers being zapped from the thick skin I've grown, exposing my self-consciousness. We make a point of taking unflattering photos using a flash and white backgrounds, to bring out my pasty chubbiness and the Dairy Milk residue coating my teeth.

As soon as Chris leaves, I have an urge to exercise. I do five press-ups and then groan face-first into my yoga mat.

203 pounds, 33.4 percent body fat

I've put my weight on here, but it's not the focus putting on muscle often leads to weight gain, so I'm not so bothered about that. What I'm focusing on is body fat percentage, because I've read that any man can have a six pack if his body fat is somewhere near 15 percent, and I want to see what I look like with abs.

There are some things you inexplicably remember in life. You won't think about them every day, but you will remember them forever. For me, one of these things happened on the 23rd of August, 2018: Kim Kardashian announced that she does 1,000 squats per day. I remember this because yesterday I did 200 squats, and I can barely walk. Going to the toilet is a real issue. I imagine Kim forcing herself to the bathroom like Bambi on ice, grimacing every time she wipes. I have a lot of respect for her.

The next evening I decide to give the Brutal HIIT Ladder Workout a go to see roughly where my fitness is at. Ten minutes in, my blood feels like cider vinegar. I limp to the end of the session and lie on the floor for somewhere between ten minutes and an hour. While on the floor, an email pings up on my phone: "We've scheduled you weekly Zoom meetings with Zack George, the fittest man in the UK, starting on Monday. Hes going to send workouts for you to follow."

Having access to someone like Zack for free is a luxury, but you can't buy willpower. So while he's going to email me workouts to help me get responsibly fit, he isnt going to watch my workouts or check my fridge and I already know I'll ignore him every single time he suggests sprints or running. Either way, a call with him means Ill at least be less in the dark about this working-out-stuff next week.

For now, Im left to my own devices. Tweets about Fitness Blender and Joe Wicks fill my feed as everyone else also seems to be at the Dry January stage of lockdown. I follow a load of fitness accounts, then discover a person who becomes my new demigod: Jeff Cavaliere from ATHLEAN-X (more on him later). I click a video titled "Brutal Triceps Workout (SORE IN 6 MINUTES!)" and note the common theme of "brutal" in the headlines, wondering if this brief foray into fitness will turn me into a lifelong masochist.

I watch each video before I do them, because I often have no idea how to physically do any of the movements (dumbbell reverse fly????), which means they take twice as long. I also have to figure out which videos are home-workout-friendly. The couch proves surprisingly useful for dips, incline press-ups and other moves I've never heard of before.

The six minutes pass and I ache like hell. I down a lumpy chalky protein shake that tastes like the guilt-inducing advent calendar chocolates you eat a day early. Im wondering if Im allowed rest days. Im also regretting not drinking my beer supplies before starting, because I know I cant have one, which is miserable, but not as miserable as not having one.

204 pounds, 30.5 percent body fat

I meet my personal trainer, Zack George, on Zoom. I ask about pain at one point and he says: "If youre struggling to walk in the morning, well do a light session that day." Which is reassuring. I notice how ripped he is and become both jealous and concerned.

"I don't think youll build much mass, its hard," says Zack. Most people take months to do that in an actual gym. Perhaps if you were genetically gifted"

I am not genetically gifted, and I quickly lose interest in whats being said, resurfacing when he says, "You will be able to improve how you look in a month." I get my first workout:

50 reps of each exercise for time:Press upsSquatsDumbbell snatches 10kgLeg Raised CrunchesKettlebell SwingsBurpees

In total, Ill end up gritting my teeth through 75 Zack-intensity workouts across five weeks, plus the 21 I set myself.

Not long after, the UK's quarantine properly begins and I move into my girlfriend's family home. It's my first visit, and I quickly realise I cant maintain my relationship while eating like a bodybuilder, scoffing tuna and brown rice, and refusing to drink beer. I cant smell of sweat all the time and make weird straining noises in the wee hours of the morning. I also dont have access to a shower or kitchen for 14 days, as it seems safer to quarantine in the lounge, so protein shakes are made in the downstairs toilet, where I wash my armpits. I'm also unsure how to turn any of the radiators off, which makes for a challenging climate: I can wholly recommend never doing HIIT in a "hot yoga" environment.

My first morning at the house, I have a mild anxiety attack. This is because I thought I could work out in front of my girlfriend, but I cant. Ten burpees in, I feel myself jiggle while she kindly holds a camera for my Instagram stories and I inexplicably stop and sulk face-down on the bed for about 20 minutes.

While sulking, I realise this is about much more than hench. Its about me accepting that I dont like my body and confronting that I do, in fact, want to change how I look. Not because I look bad, but because there must be a reason I won't have my photo taken, or why I have a mild meltdown within 30 seconds of exercising in front of someone I want to like me. As the camera rolls, I'm already thinking about the "after" photos for this challenge. Even though I want to put in even more effort to get there, I can't look past the immediate difficulties of how much harder I'll have to work. I'm only human.

201 pounds, 26.4 percent body fat

I wake up to the best Christmas present I've never received: an actual bicep. I feel it when I cup my chest before looking in the mirror. Its hard. Later, when I bend over to suck in oxygen mid-workout, my stomach seems to hang in a more vertical-oval shape than the rounded-square blob Im used to. I feel great. Then I try to do a run and my back gives out. So the day becomes a rest day, which I am allowed once a week. I spend it feeling my little bicep child between watching workout videos.

I have a real itch to be active, but settle for exercise of the mind. Hench literature is my life now, and I am transfixed. After a couple more hours, in which I've absorbed endless pearls of wisdom "on a minute-for-minute basis, the burpee is one of the most effective exercises for burning calories" my girlfriend interrupts.

"Youre staring intently at that prawn, and youre NODDING AT HIM." She is referring to ATHLEAN-X demigod Jeff Cavaliere, and his "5 Dumbest Forms of Cardio (DONT LOOK STUPID!)" video, in which he takes a dump on running, my nemesis.

"He has 5.3 percent body fat you cannot just call him a prawn!" I hiss.

Toward the end of the week, I ache to the extent that its difficult to get dressed, but I've learned to exercise through it (I cant explain how, it just sort of happens, like I imagine "learning to walk" does). The idea of doing exercise becomes part of the shopping basket of my day, not a bulky extra item that keeps trying to fall out.

199 pounds, 23.4 percent body fat

Ive lost more than 10 percent of my body fat. My arms have visible "resting" muscles, in the right shadow. There is the faintest line running vertically down the middle of my stomach. When I place my hands on my hips, there is no cushioning. But I am desperate to have my chat with Zack later this week I need him like a cub needs its mother.

My post-breakfast snack is a smoothie containing: pea protein powder, faba bean isolate, flaxseed powder, kale, brown rice and more. You know when you mix paints and they become that browny-greeny-grey, like the colour they made cigarette packets to put people off smoking? It looked and tasted exactly like that. But I don't care. I am oozing health.

Everything is just sort of falling into place. Ive learned the fitness world has many acronyms and that optimisation is everything, like Kevins small talk in The Office. One specific thing I have discovered is that the EMOM workout works for me. Its an acronym for Every Minute On The Minute so say you do ten burpees in 39 seconds, you then rest for 21, and it's on to the next thing. It suits me, because the harder you work, the more you rest.

At the end of the week, I leave my girlfriends house. I feel like Ive grown a lot there, but I mainly feel bad that the weeks Ive spent with her have been ruined by my challenge. I hope she thinks Im hotter or something now. Perhaps Ill buy a Connell-esque silver necklace to accentuate my gains, or Ill just keep working out so that we can both eat a load of junk food whenever I see her next. Either way, the train ride home makes me realise how successful people often come across as arseholes, and it gives me pause for thought.

197 pounds, 23.1 percent body fat

Im staring out of the window and everything seems beautiful. I look at the kebab shops neon sign and feel a warm breeze through the window. It feels like I'm on holiday. This is mainly because Im having a beer and theres a pizza in the oven. Now that my lockdown challenge is over, I'm thinking about what I have achieved and how it's probably relatively insignificant a 5/10 effort compared to what you'd see if this feature was published in one of those fitness magazines with sinewy tattooed cover stars.

I've noticed some things about my body since trying to become hench. For example, it turns out that when you grow a little family of biceps, pecs and lats, they tend to stick around. The muscle fibres retain information and remember how to contract. Weeks on, I can still tense my pecs on cue, and my arms feel firm when I cross them. Im not working out as often perhaps twice a week, if I have time but more than I did beforehand, and actually, the results are still there.

By the end of the challenge, Ive lost a third of my body fat a pretty radical change. Even as a celebratory pizza and beers bloat my very faint abs into non-existence, the muscles beneath them have actually developed considerably. I stand straighter and correct my posture when sitting at my desk. I feel stronger, my back doesnt hurt nearly as much and my neck doesnt need clicking three times a day. My leg muscles, which were always a bit abnormally apparent, are even more apparent. Theres a new bit of definition where my thigh meets the inside of my knee, which looks strange, but Im into it.

Aside from the physical changes, there are other things I've realised. One is that many aspects of this challenge would suit a single person far more. In fact, other than helping you keep a grasp on reality, this challenge is entirely suited to not being in a relationship. It takes a chunk out of your life: it replaces quality time with cardio and crunches, a few drinks and dessert with an extra pint of water. You don't see Lady and the Tramp locking lips over a protein cookie, do you?

The challenge did make me feel confident enough to post my first ever selfie, but I wasnt prepared to temporarily ruin my life to look good and then revert back to normal. Under these circumstances, where everything is already strange, keeping some sense of normality was more important than ever.

My relationship with exercise has definitely changed. I wouldnt go as far as to say I love it, or that I want to count each millimetre of fat my body dissolves, but I do now spot a 20-minute gap in my day and think: 'I could spend that moving about, with or without heavy things in my hands.' I think the fact I've formed a much better relationship with fitness than I ever had before is the real gain.

Over the past five weeks, I've been mindful of my feelings towards my body. Sometimes I got slightly neurotic about how I look, but then I remembered that "getting hench" was a ridiculous goal from the get-go. What I'm proudest of is seeing a difference in my appearance within a specific timeframe. I gained muscle and it made me feel good, though it hasn't made me feel like a better human being. It's a novel achievement, a bit like climbing a mountain, in that Id recommend doing it if youre curious and fit enough I got some aches and pains and a nice view at the end but I'm glad to have descended back to normality.

I dont imagine I'll keep up Zack's punishing regime beyond lockdown. But I remember him saying hes been training his entire life, and he lumps the word consistency into conversations about five times an hour. He is 29. In the world of gains, I am about four weeks old.

According to science, habits are made in 66 days, and Im now halfway to that. Even if I drop myself down to a few workouts a week, Ill be a machine, relative to my former self. And come the height of summer, who knows maybe Ill enjoy looking at my reflection in the window of the pub. So thats the plan: just try to keep at it, at my own pace, responsibly. Heres to trying.

[@_rhysthomas_]( / @christopherbethell_

See more here:
VICE - I Tried to Get Hench Over Lockdown - VICE UK

Jul 3

I hope Harvey dies before I do because he wont be able to cope without me, says heartbroken Katie Price – The Sun

WHILE her partying and rollercoaster love life have been played out in the public eye for more than 20 years, Katie Prices dedication to her disabled son is a side of her that we rarely get to see.

It is her love for Harvey that keeps the star going and she admits there were dark times when she would have ended her life if it were not for him.


This week, Katie was terrified when the partially sighted 18-year-old complained of chest pains and was rushed to hospital in an ambulance.

Autistic Harvey, who weighs more than 27st due to an excessive appetite caused by the genetic condition Prader-Willi Syndrome, is now home again after being diagnosed with a chest infection.

But speaking to The Sun, Katie has revealed doctors have told her Harvey is at serious risk of dying from a heart attack if he does not lose weight.

And, in a brutally stark statement, the fearful mum says she hopes Harvey will die before she does, because he simply will not be able to cope without her.


Katie, 42, says: When Harvey went into hospital, I feared the worst. I always do.

The doctors have told me hes at high risk of having a heart attack.

Hes 27st, wears 5XL clothes and he gets out of breath walking up the stairs. So of course I panicked.

I cant see him living past 50 unless we sort his weight and his breathing out.

I know its horrible to say, but I wish hed go before me because he wouldnt cope without me.

Hed be so heartbroken and wouldnt understand where Id gone.

The mum-of-five went into rehab clinic The Priory in January after admitting self-medicating with alcohol and cocaine.

In her darkest days, it was only the thought of Harvey that kept her going.


Katie also mum to daughters Princess Tiaamii, 13, and Bunny, five, and sons Junior, 15, and six-year-old Jett says: I could have gone off and hanged myself, which I wanted to do, but I didnt because I have kids.

I know its a harsh comment but its the truth.

If I ever died, my other kids, obviously, would be heartbroken but Harvey would not understand where Id gone.

And I just think no one would look after him the way I do, and he wouldnt understand why Im not there.

The thought kills me. I hate it. I dont know whats going to happen in the future.

Speaking about her eldest sons hospital dash last week, Katie says she had known something was wrong as Harvey was not himself but it wasnt until he complained about needles in his chest that she called an ambulance.

She says: I know hes getting bigger and Id noticed in the past month his breathing had changed.


It was at Princesss birthday party, just after shed done her cake and Harvey wasnt feeling himself and had a lie down. And then he was getting worse and worse and I thought, Oh s**t.

Sometimes hell fake things, like if he doesnt want to go to school, hell say Harvey feels wobbly, or hes got a sore throat.

But I know him well enough to know if hes trying to pull a fast one or not.

He said he was getting pains, and he can deteriorate quickly, so I just used my common sense, stayed calm and called the ambulance.

Harvey was diagnosed with fluid on his lungs and a chest infection, and discharged that night.

But Katie says that dealing with her eldest childs complex medical needs is getting harder and harder.


As well as being on the autistic spectrum and having a severe genetic condition, he was born with the brain disorder septo-optic dysplasia, which has left him partially sighted.

His father, former footballer Dwight Yorke, has always refused to help and has been absent from Harveys life but Katie says she is happy to be both Harveys mum and his dad.

She adds: I love him, and I would never change him, but its constant. Its exhausting.

He knows hes got to lose weight but its the Prader-Willi he just wants to eat.

Hell steal food, and hes on steroids that make him big.


We try everything, but cutting down food is hard.

Im not trying to give him a lot of food look at my other kids, theyre not big and fat like Harvey.

I dont want him to be in 5XL clothes, or to not be able to go on proper walks without being out of breath.

I dont want that, I come from a fit, healthy family.

People dont appreciate how big he is until they see him.

He cant fit in some cars, and on an aeroplane the seatbelts dont fit him.

He loves rollercoasters but he cant go on them because the seats dont fit down on him.

Katie is now filming a BBC documentary about living with her son in lockdown called Harvey And Me.

It will follow their everyday life and the struggles she encounters as a single mum to her disabled son.

It is bloody difficult, she says.

Its a constant worry, and I worry about the other kids too.

I think people will be shocked when they see what living with Harvey is really like.


Im both his mum and his carer and I dont even ask for sympathy, but it is hard work.

Little things p**s him off. If you have to skip the ads on YouTube when hes trying to watch Peppa Pig, or a door bangs in the house, or the wind bangs the window, hell start headbutting the walls.

Ill have to get a plasterer in after lockdown as hes been punching the walls in my new house and its covered in holes.

He can switch just like that.

Normally, Harvey lives in a residential school during the week, but during lockdown it has just been him and Katie together at home.

Her two youngest children Bunny and Jett have been living with Katies ex-husband Kieran Hayler during the week, while Princess and Junior live with their father, pop singer Peter Andre, down the road from Katie in Sussex.

Katie has loved spending one-to-one time with Harvey but has been struggling with the home schooling.

She admits she is no teacher and jokes: Im about Harveys level.

Katie adds: Obviously his education is different to other childrens, but I dont care because doctors said he wouldnt walk, talk or see and he does it all.

Hes cleverer than people think. Hes amazing at drawing and knows his times tables.


Living with Harvey is a bundle of massive love and banter and he makes me laugh.

And while she is abused every day by online trolls who brand her a sl*g for her string of divorces, her former husbands have been very supportive since she left The Priory.

Katie says: Theyve been good, actually. Theres no drama with Kieran and Pete now. Its so nice and refreshing.

The new house is between their houses, and its so nice.

This week, Katie gave evidence by video link to a Commons committee looking into online abuse, and said the disgusting, despicable taunts directed at Harvey was part of the reason she sought treatment at The Priory.

Under her Harveys Law campaign, Katie wants to make online abuse a criminal offence, with the names of trolls placed on a register that employers can check.


Talking about the daily online abuse about her son, she says: Harveys not aware of it, but I am and I wont stand for it.

Its disgusting what he gets called.

I get trolled daily too, but he doesnt deserve the abuse he gets.

Im excited to get this law going because everyone agrees it should be a law.

DOUBLE TAKEKerry Katona's daughter Lilly, 17, wows fans with her likeness to her mum, 39

war of wordsLady Colin Campbell attacks Phil Schofield for living lie before coming out


extra myleKate Garraway asked Myles to be big brother to kids as sick Derek battles back

HET STUFF!Ex-EastEnder Hetti Bywater stuns fans with underwear selfie showing off new hair

picture perfectInside ex-EastEnders star Melissa Suffields home with adorable photo wall


By Sam Carlisle

MY daughter, Elvi, is in the same class as Harvey Price at school.

He is a friendly giant, incredibly loving and has a real passion for art and frogs. Harveys fantastic piano-playing is the highlight of the Christmas concerts.

Whatever Katie does in her private life, her love for her son is palpable.

The fact she has raised him for 18 years without any financial or emotional support from his errant father, Dwight Yorke, shows great strength.

Every parent of a complex-needs child worries about who will look after them if anything happens to us.

So while it is shocking to hear Katie say she wants Harvey to die before her, I can understand what she means.

Like Elvi, who also has a rare genetic disorder, Harvey has challenging behaviour and there has to be someone with him all the time.

Before lockdown, both of them attended the residential unit at the school.

For me, allowing Elvi, 18, to stay overnight was an incredibly tough decision. I felt I had failed her at home.

But the reality was that she only slept three hours a night at home, never making up that sleep in the daytime.

That was night after night when I had to be up with her.

It was relentless and exhausting.

We realised residential care was the right decision.

The staff at the school are incredibly caring and great at coming up with a programme of events for the kids that would be beyond shattered parents.

Elvi loved her nights there.

So, with lockdown, Harvey and Elvi not only lost their lessons and the routine that is so important to them, they also lost their fun nights at school.

I dont think either of them understand why they cant see their friends.

As parents, we lost the respite that enables us to work, spend time with our other children and be the best we can be when our gorgeous kids come home.

Harvey and Elvis wonderful teacher has provided daily online activities for her class much easier than Elvis younger brothers maths.

Excerpt from:
I hope Harvey dies before I do because he wont be able to cope without me, says heartbroken Katie Price - The Sun

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7 things you may be doing that can prevent weight loss – TODAY

If youve changed your eating habits to focus on healthier foods and gotten serious about your workouts, you might expect to start shedding pounds. But the reality is that despite what youve been led to believe, weight loss is more complicated than calories in versus calories out. If youre trying to lose weight, check out these habits that might be interfering with your efforts.

If you typically eat a muffin or avocado toast for breakfast, you might need to boost your protein intake. Research suggests that a protein-rich breakfast can help manage hunger better, which may make you less tempted to supplement with a mid-morning snack.

Protein is important at lunch and dinner, too. If youre routinely eating salads or sipping on gazpacho without any protein accompaniments like a boiled egg, yogurt, beans, meat, poultry or fish it could lead to declining muscle tissue over time, which means your metabolism will start to slow down and make it harder for you to lose weight. Aim for 20 to 35 grams of protein per meal (a portion about the size of a smartphone). But keep in mind that to boost weight loss, you may need to cut down on something else, like the starchy portion of your meal.

When youre short on sleep, it alters your bodys appetite-regulating hormones, spiking the levels of the hormones that tell you when youre hungry and reducing levels of the ones that tell you when youve had enough to eat. The net-net: Youre hungrier than normal. In one study, women who slept for five hours a night (instead of the recommended seven hours) were 32% more likely to experience a 30-plus pound weight gain during the 16-year study period.

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When youre sleep deprived, the type of food you crave can change, too. Studies suggest that it leads to an increase in activity levels of the reward circuitry in your brain, so donuts and other high-calorie foods are more irresistible. If you arent meeting the sleep guidelines, start off by creating a set sleep schedule, setting an alarm to go to bed earlier at night and staying consistent about going to bed and waking at routine times every day.

A mere 5% of adults are participating in exercise for 30 minutes a day, so any exercise deserves props. Physical activity is tied to a lower risk of heart disease and diabetes, and staying active can help you maintain your weight more easily. But if youre exercising to drop pounds (rather than maintain your weight), you might need to re-think your motives. Time and again, research points to the fact that when people exercise, theyre hungrier and therefore, eat more enough to make up for the calories they worked off.

Studies also show that when coupled with diet, exercise produces virtually the same weight loss as diet alone. Exercise because it makes you feel better, lifts your spirits and makes you feel stronger, more energetic and empowered. These motivators might even help you lean in toward activities you enjoy rather than ones you think you should be doing, which ups the odds youll stick with your fitness routine. Youll get health benefits from as little as 15 minutes of exercise a day the benefits drop off after 60 minutes a day, so aim to get somewhere in that range.

A little stress here and there isnt a big deal, but when its persistent, your body responds by continuing to pump out the hormone, cortisol, which leads to an increase in appetite and eating. Stress also impacts your food choices. Theres a reason why you crave comfort food, like pizza, instead of a salad when youre stressed out.

And heres the kicker: Studies suggest that when you actively try to lose weight by restricting what you eat, it ups your stress and cortisol levels, which is counterproductive. Exercise, meditation and hugs (be it cuddling a pet or hugging a housemate) are a few good ways to help lower cortisol levels, even when stressful circumstances are beyond your control.

Your body tells you when its hungry and when youve had enough to eat, but over time, you might have learned to override these signals. When you tune in to what your body tells you, you can respond more appropriately, say, by finding an activity when youre bored (instead of rummaging through the cabinets for a snack) or by wrapping up a meal when youre satiated, instead of when youve had too much to eat. Developing these listening skills takes practice, but over time, can help you reduce stress eating, minimize overeating and enjoy meals more.

Its possible to overeat very healthful foods, like avocados, nuts and quinoa, and this can influence your ability to lose weight. These foods can absolutely be part of a weight-loss eating plan, but your portion sizes may need some fine-tuning. For instance, a portion of pasta even healthier whole grain, lentil and chickpea versions is 1/2 cup (about the size of a teacup). A serving of nuts is an ounce, or the amount that would fill a mint tin. For nut or seed butter, the serving size is two tablespoons, or the size of a golf ball. An easy hack to help you fill up on proper portions is to reverse your ratio of grains to veggies on your plate, having twice the amount of veggies as grains or pasta. This trick helps downsize grain and pasta portions while keeping your plate full of food.

Theres a strong link between eating processed foods and your weight. One possible, science-backed explanation: You eat faster and dont fill up as quickly on very processed foods, so you wind up eating more. Just think how much easier and faster it is to wolf down a fast food burger than it is to consume a piece of salmon with a side of broccoli and brown rice. Or compare how quickly you can eat an oat-based granola bar to a bowl of oatmeal.

In one year-long study, dieters were assigned to either a low-fat or low-carb eating meal plan, with both groups losing a similar amount of weight. Despite the different dietary approaches, there were some commonalities about how both groups ate. Both limited sugar and overly processed foods and amped their veggie intake while also eating more whole foods. If you want to simplify your eating habits and lose weight, this is a good way to go.

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7 things you may be doing that can prevent weight loss - TODAY

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