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Sep 25

Restriction creates a ‘negative relationship with food,’ says Sault holistic nutritionist – SooToday

Registered holistic nutritionist Brittany Nicholson believes balance is the key to healthy diet and nutrition

In 2017, Brittany Nicholson was going through a time that many of us can relate to feeling like she was working out and eating healthy, but still not seeing the results she was hoping for. After studying holistic nutrition at The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, she was able to find the root cause of her issues, and now wants to help others on their own health and wellness journeys.

Born and raised in Sault Ste. Marie, Nicholson is now a registered holistic nutritionist, and has recently started her own nutritional coaching business: Holistic Britt Nutrition.

I started my business about three months ago. Its definitely very new and Im really excited. Being a lifelong Saultite, its something that Im really excited to be able to offer to the community in terms of the unique contribution that natural nutrition offers, said the 30-year-old.

Nicholson provides one-on-one coaching for her clients, along with custom meal plans. The plans include supplementation recommendations, stress management, sleep support, and overall dietary changes. Before working with her clients, she likes to prioritize getting to know them on an individual level as well as a personal level. As a holistic nutritionist, youre looking at more than just what someone is eating. Its important to look at when theyre eating, who theyre eating with, as well as different environmental factors like where theyre working, how much theyre sleeping, and if they are stressed. All of these factors will come in to play when working on their wellness goals, she said.

When working with clients, Nicholson recognizes that every individual is unique, and what might work for someone else might not work for everyone. My unique biochemical needs are going to be different from my neighbours or the girl I saw at the gym last week, she said.

Nicholson says that her foundation when it comes to a good diet is based on three major components: food that is natural, meaning as close to its natural state as possible; food that is alive, live fruits and vegetables full of fibre and enzymes; and food that is good quality.

I dont believe in restriction. I feel like it creates a negative relationship with food, she said. Its all about creating a healthy relationship with food and trying to find that balance. When it comes to diet and nutrition, restriction doesnt work long-term. It might work short-term, but its not a long-term solution.

What Nicholson wants to stress the most with her coaching is that we oftentimes dont realize how our symptoms are connected. When I went to school for natural nutrition, I was trying to understand fad diets and understand how a diet that is being coined the next best thing going to work for me and everyone else. The answer is that it doesnt, because were all so different. When I was feeling like I was working out and not seeing results, feeling anxious, feeling bloated all the time, I asked myself what the root of all of these issues was. Sometimes it takes pulling things apart and trying to find the issue. Sometimes its in your gut, and sometimes its in your digestive or immune system. Thats ultimately what I try to do with my clients look at their symptoms and what theyre experiencing and try and approach it with a natural nutrition approach.

Her website can be found at here.

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Restriction creates a 'negative relationship with food,' says Sault holistic nutritionist - SooToday

Sep 25

Kate Hudson’s Diet Plan Will Inspire Your Next Health Kick, and Yes Ice Cream Is Included – E! NEWS

Ever wondered what Kate Hudsoneats in a day to maintain her sculpted physique? Well, you're in luck.

In a new video withHarper's Bazaar, theHow to Lose a Guy in 10 Days star detailed what she eats and drinks starting with her first waking moments.And surprisingly, the actress' daily routine is relatively simpleand even includes a few indulgences.

As a Weight Watchers ambassador, Kate has credited the program with helping her get back in shape after giving birth to three kids.

And most recently, the actress relied onWW to stay grounded during the pandemic. In August, she exclusively told E! News, "I've always said that community is essential to wellness that's why Fabletics is a community, that's why I've partnered with WW, which has an amazing community of members who support each other. Your communityno matter who it iscan help you find balance! Don't expect yourself to be a super-human! It's just not possible."

As for hereating habits, Kate'sgo-to meal plan is below!

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Kate Hudson's Diet Plan Will Inspire Your Next Health Kick, and Yes Ice Cream Is Included - E! NEWS

Sep 25

Matty Matheson Reveres the Chicken-Finger Sub – Grub Street

Matty Matheson and his summer vegetables. Illustration: Eliana Rodgers

Ive kept my circle pretty small, and I dont really hang out with anybody, says Matty Matheson, the outrageous and exuberant food personality who came out of Torontos restaurant scene. Since leaving Vice last year, Matheson has gone solo, launching a YouTube channel of his own, in part to promote and poke fun at his forthcoming cookbook, Matty Matheson: Home Style Cookery, out September 29. True to the books title, Matheson films his videos on his farm in his hometown of Fort Erie, Ontario, where he moved back a couple years ago. Along with his cookbook, Matheson also started Matty Mathesons Meat + Three, serving barbecue and southern food; been working on Blue Goose Farm; and he and his wife, Trish, are expecting their third child. Matheson says that with the book, the restaurant, and a new, as-yet-unannounced secret project in the works, hes got a contingency plan if the ongoing pandemic means another shutdown: Im just going to be back at the farm doing my thing, he says.

Monday, September 14Made coffee. Theres no cafs to get a good espresso around here. Its pretty wild and unfortunate. But Ive really become a fan of just drinking drip coffee. I didnt grow up in a house of coffee drinkers. I got into drinking coffee through working in restaurants and traveling, and I have grown to enjoy coffee. But Im definitely not a coffee snob. At home, I have one of those big jugs of Folgers, you know? I love, literally, just a cup of Folgers.

Lunch was Robo Marts beef tacos and half of a chicken-finger sub. Ive been going there as long as I can remember. My younger brother had a house kind of around the corner, cause its right by the river. At the edge of the parking lot, you can see Buffalo. Its right by the Peace Bridge. Its always been the spot. It was like, You wanna go get some subs? There was no Subway. I think Canadian border towns are very influenced by America, obviously, and so the food is very similar. The tacos, theyre just like Old El Paso tacos where can you buy those? Theyre just ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, sour cream, and cheese. I love them very much. Its not even Tex-Mex. Its complete bastardized Mexican food its the kings crown of appropriation. Its horrible.

The chicken-finger sub is something thats massive in Buffalo through Jims Steak Out and other kind of iconic spots. In Fort Erie, every pizzeria in town serves them. The only thing you can eat here is subs and pizza, or Chinese food. A lot of Chinese restaurants, a lot of bingo halls, and, back in the day, there were a lot of strip clubs because in Canada you can have full nudity.

Its just chicken fingers tossed in Franks and butter, blue-cheese dressing, lettuce, onions, pickles. You can even add a slice of processed cheese. Its so fucking good. Either you get it, or you dont. Theres a 50-50 chance: Its either the best thing youve had, or youre the 50 percent where youre like, What the fuck are you even talking about? The people who dont like it never grew up going to the States. Like, Okay, youre too Canadian. You cant handle it.

Dinner was leftover lasagna bianco that I made for the first time for Sunday supper. I dont really use recipes. When Im making food for myself, Ill Google something, and I always read two or three recipes and what are the three or four things in the recipes is it fresh nutmeg? How are different people making their bchamel? I did a sausage and pork mix. I bought ground pork and Italian sausage, took them out of the casing, made a white rag with onions, carrots, and garlic. Some peperoncini. I cooked off the pork and sausage together, cooked that out in chicken stock, then my bchamel I just did some milk with mascarpone, no flour, no eggs, no nothing. I added a bunch of white pepper and just a dash of nutmeg. I had the fresh basil and some really amazing spinach from my garden and layered it up.

Tuesday, September 15Brewed some Puff Coffee this morning. Duane Sorenson sent me a couple bags, and its so fire. The one bag of beans is from Mexico I cant tell you right now exactly where theyre from, but its so nice. Thats why Duane is Duane. He can find the beans, man.

Lunch was eggplant parm that Trish made. She cooks all the time. She was due on this upcoming Monday, her birthday is on that Monday, so shes been meal prepping for a couple weeks. We got this big freezer in the basement. Shes been making herself a ton of food just for the next couple weeks. The eggplant parm, I had a little bit of that; she was making them for the freezer. But she cooks and bakes all the time.

We have at least something from the garden around every day. Ill snack on tomatoes, or when the cucumbers were pumping I ate a lot of those. Doing Blue Goose, our little garden, saved my sanity through this whole thing. It helped a lot spiritually, Ill tell you that much. It truly grounded me. It made me happy when I was stressed. I would go out there and just sit in the garden and watch the sun go down, and, you know, it definitely was a very big North Star through this whole thing.

Im very lucky in my sobriety and have done a lot of hard work. Its never like, I need a drink. Its more like, How do I deal with these feelings right now? You build up your little castle of fortitude with your little baby blocks, and every once in a while you have a fit and knock them all over the place and youve got to put them back in place.

Got Ma Chinese Cuisine in St. Catharines: spicy cucumbers, squid, Sichuan chile fish, fried chicken with Sichuan peppercorn, spicy dumplings, tripe, snow-pea leaves, and Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce.

Ma is amazing. Its a gem. Its so weird. Theres very little Sichuan in Canada, Ill say that, and I cannot believe this restaurant is so good. Their chile fish, theyve got sliced beef tongue and tripe. Theyve got some really good dishes that blow my mind that exist in this area. Its just nice we have a place we can go and get real food, real xiao long bao. Their shumai are crazy; their char siu is crazy.

Its just a place I couldnt believe when I went there. Now, Ive probably been 15 or 20 times in the last year and a half. Its just as good as any spot in Toronto downtown. Every time I go, Im like, Please dont go away. Im always so happy people go there. Every time I go, its very busy.

Wednesday, September 16Morning coffee.

Made my one-hour Bolognese. I ate it for lunch because of some fucking PR thing. I had to do a step-by-step of a quick and easy recipe. So, because I make that, its just tomato paste and beef stock. I cook everything and then I reduce it with egg yolks and milk. Its one of those really quick, really nice beef sauces.

I love making it. Ive been making it for a long time, but itd been a while and I was like, Fuck, I forgot how good this is. I kind of like rag thats more beefy rather than tomatoey. But I do have a place for a tomato-sauce rag as well.

Trish made a roast-chicken dinner with stuffing. Her stuffing is my favorite stuffing ever. She puts chestnuts in it, and she cooked these double-baked mashed potatoes with cream cheese that I love. She made a kind of Thanksgiving dinner on the fly.

Thursday, September 17Usually on Thursday and Friday, Im in the office in Parkdale, back in Toronto. I stay overnight at my friends house. She lives in the neighborhood, so I go stay at her place. For the last year, Ive just been sleeping on the couch. Then her roommate, one of our close friends, moved out. So now Ive got a bedroom.

If were doing an office day, were doing either Lao Thai or momos for lunch every day. We got Lao Thai this time: nam kao, fried-chicken lettuce cups, wonton soup, and beef laap.

Weve been going to Lao Thai for a little over a year. I dont even think theres seating inside. Its just pretty much Thai takeout, run by a mother and daughter. Its in the bottom of some brand-new fucking condo building, and it is the best Thai in Toronto. It feels like something that legitimately Jonathan Gold would write about, and Im like, Man, this reminds me of L.A. That kind of stuff doesnt happen in Toronto somehow. Its random. Its on a weird intersection in Parkdale in the bottom of some brand-new massive condo monster. Its this family serving the best Thai food in the city.

I didnt have dinner. I slammed too much Thai food.

Friday, September 18Went to a little coffee shop right by the office called Rustic Cosmo Caf. Its so fucking good. I got a coffee and breakfast bagel sandwich on an everything bagel with bacon, avocado, cheese, tomato, egg, and aoli.

I didnt eat too much else this day. I ate my breakfast sandwich and then I rode home on my motorcycle. I finally got my license and insurance. I just got home a little later and picked some stuff out of the fridge some salami and cheese and crackers.

My motorcycle is a 91 Fat Boy. Im way more into the romantic side I just kind of want to cruise some backstreets. I dont know, Im searching. Im just trying to cruise solo, man.

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Matty Matheson Reveres the Chicken-Finger Sub - Grub Street

Sep 25

Now is the time to eat close to home: – Char-Koosta News

An interview with Rose Bear Dont Walk

The COVID-19 pandemic, for better or worse, has shifted some important facets of our lives. For some, it has encouraged starting a garden or cooking more at home. This might be just enough, but I wanted to speak to someone who could impart local knowledge about food relationships in the Flathead, and perhaps inspire an even deeper connection. I was curious--is it possible and practical to obtain and enjoy ancestral foods as part of the modern diet? Would this adoption or increase in locally foraged, fished, or hunted food improve health? I turned to Salish ethnobotanist, Rose Bear Dont Walk, for a thought-provoking interview bringing out her traditional and ancestral foods knowledge and hopes for the future of our local food system. Rose reminds us that the very earth around us provides plants, berries, roots, herbs and animals that can satisfy a healthy portion of our diets, and even save our lives.

Here is a small taste of our conversation:

Salish ethnobotanist, Rose Bear Dont Walk holds up a camas bulb. This and many other traditional foods are still harvested to this day.

Introduce yourself. Tell us where you are from and anything you would like us to know about you.

I am from St. Ignatius and grew up on the Flathead Reservation. I come from the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes as well as the Crow Tribes in eastern Montana. I went to St. Ignatius High School and from there I went and got my Bachelor of Arts from Yale University in political science with a focus in environmental science and I recently graduated from the University of Montana with a Masters of Science in environmental studies.

Did anything along the way influence you to go down this path?

When I went and got my bachelors, I really dug deep into the food system of America but also what food systems look like in Native America, historically and currently. When I went to Connecticut, I didnt realize that I lived in a food desert! We didnt have as much access to local, healthy, nutritious foods in my hometown, or even my school. It took going away to have that realization. My senior thesis was about food systems and how policy, as well as economic and social issues go into how we access food, where our food comes from, and how our food choices affect our health. When I did my masters program, I randomly took a class called Plants and Culture and I was blown away by how amazing plants are. Learning about how plants were utilized around the world, not just for food but for religious purposesfor ceremonies, it inspired me to learn more about the plants of my people. My background studying food systems and food sovereignty in Native America could mesh with studying the plants and incorporate traditional uses of food plants into these frameworks. For Salish people, meat and fish are primary foods in the diet, but the rest of the vitamins and nutrients you need to live healthy were historically supplemented with plants.

Can you give me an example of a couple plants that are or were primarily part of the Salish diet?

A lot of people know the staple plants, which are bitterroot and camas. Those were harvested in large quantities because of their ability to be eaten on the spot or feed the community, but also for their ability to be dried and reconstituted at a later time. Those two are the big ones. But in my study, Ive come across some lesser known food plants that the Salish use. They had glacier lily and yellowbell corm, which is delicious; some lesser known berries like thimbleberries or even chokecherries, which I dont know that a lot of western Montana people know about. They kind of have an acquired taste. Chokecherries were amazing because they could be pounded out, dried, and made into cakes.

Many native plants were the food source for tribal people before farming and commerce was introduced to this continent.

Interesting, these plants were eaten all year-round.

Right. At the very start of Spring, harvesting begins because youre hungry coming out of the cold of winter. These little plants called spring beauties, sometimes called Indian potatoes, were probably the first to be harvested. They are very tiny and grow underground. Their latin name is Claytonia lanceolata, and they just taste like potatoes!

How do you prepare them?

They are kind of the same as regular potatoes, which only keep for a certain amount of time. They do have higher water content and get moldy easy, so I imagine because of their size and because they dont keep for very long, I think Salish people just ate them on the go. You can just peel off the skin and pop them in your mouth. But you could also cook them in a skillet with oil, salt and pepper. Its delicious!

That does sound good. When growing up, did your family have any special food rituals or traditions?

My mom did a very good job bringing me to different community feasts and ceremonies. We participated in the bitterroot feast that the community puts on, weve done several camas bakes, and berry picking. Growing up I had a pretty good grasp on some of the food traditions that we had involving plants. I personally dont know how to fish and I dont know how to hunt, but I am wanting to learn.

Yeah! I have talked to several people in their 20s and younger and they have expressed the same. Surely people have these skills, especially older folks. Why do you think younger people are not partaking in hunting and fishing as much as their parents and elders?

You know, I dont know either. And I think there are a lot of kids in my generation that dont have these basic knowledge pockets. Things like chopping wood or how to build a fire, basic survival skills. Some of these skills I have come into later in my life and I fully appreciate the work that goes into these types of things.

Rose Bear Don't Walk gives a presentation on native plants.

Switching gearsIf you were to close your eyes and envision food sovereignty in action in this community, what would it look like?

In my vision, especially with the research and work I am doing with my fellowship, would be to have more Salish people engaged in our traditional food ways, whether it is just going out berry picking for a day or preparing a traditional meal or even just being out in the wilderness identifying native plants. Aside from finding and knowing traditional food, I would hope that we start moving towards participating more in our local food economy. We have some amazing farms within a 15-mile vicinity to access a locally grown, healthy, low environmental impact food system. You know, these foods are not that expensive. There is a lot of people that think local, organic food is pretty expensive and that its a hassle to go out and get it, but really a lot of that is accessible within our own community, we just have to know where to look.

And I wonder if we need to figure out how to connect more people to these agricultural local products in addition to increasing the knowledge base of traditional foods. The marriage of these two would make for a healthy diet.

I agree 100 percent, and I think if somebody were to take on a fully traditional diet, that would need to be their only commitment for whatever length of time that they decide. Technically, thats part of what the traditional existence was. Day in and day out, hunting, foraging, having connections with the tribe and the community, with the family. But because we have transitioned to a wage economy and a more sedentary lifestyle, thats just not in the cards. So, I agree that we should be looking at the local environmentnot just hunting, foraging, fishing, but what is being grown in the soil nearby and how can we access it as a community. It seems like during the pandemic, a lot of people are learning to grow their own food. Ive seen a lot of gardens popping up and its making me really happy because they are reconnecting with where their food comes from. And in turn, people are cooking with foods they may not have eaten before, which is just another vein of becoming food sovereign.

What challenges are we facing to make your vision a reality?

The challenges stem from a shift in our biological palate. We are in this space where we crave sugar and we crave flour and we crave fat and I think just finding little ways in our everyday life to tweak that a little bit would make a difference. Instead of just using regular sugar why dont we use some local honey? Or consider flour alternatives? We can still cook our favorite comfort foods, but make them in a healthier way. Maybe then we would not require so much salt, sugar, and fat. The shift to a westernized diet is what truly impacted the Native community. Our bodies were not designed to process white flour, white sugar, or lard. The Salish diet was primarily roots, shoots, berries, meat and fish so if there is any way we can incorporate those foods little by little, we start to build a healthier future for ourselves and can continue diversifying our diets.

Bear Don't Walk does walks in the woods of the Flathead Reservation.

What practical choices can an individual make to include more traditional foods in their diet?

Start learning how to grow your own food. It just takes starting some seeds in any type of vessel. Seeds are cheap! Utilize the soil, sow the seeds, and just keep up with the plants. Of course, this takes time and effort that some may not have time for, so in this case, look for local opportunities to buy food. Are there community supported agriculture (CSA) options available? How about farmers markets or local farms that have eggs, poultry, pork, or vegetables? Choose to participate in the local economy rather than just going to the grocery store.

In closing, do you have any direction or advice for people looking to learn more about their ancestral diet?

Get out! Get dirty and get your hands in the soil. Connect with your food in a whole different way than the typical plastic package. In a pandemic where we are in close spaces and having a lot of free time, there is no better time to engage with our food and get to know it a little better. Start an herb garden or plant vegetables in the backyard. Pick berries with the family and try a new recipelearn how to make your own pasta or bread! Now is the time to get engaged because we have the time to be home, learning about ourselves and our food, and connecting more deeply in these ways.

This column is a project of Kati Burton, CSKT Guided Care Dietitian. She hopes to bring local voices to the table to discuss food traditions and memories that reconnect us with our food history and help us to eat well.

Excerpt from:
Now is the time to eat close to home: - Char-Koosta News

Sep 25

Looking for healthy fats to include in your weight loss diet? Try avocados; 5 ways to eat them – Times Now

Looking for healthy fats to include in your weight loss diet? Try avocados; 5 ways to eat them  |  Photo Credit: iStock Images

New Delhi: Avocados are creamy fruits that have grown extremely popular in recent time, especially among the people working on a weight loss diet.Avocados are rich in healthy fats. Healthy fats can be extremely beneficial for the body as it can protect the body against certain health conditions, including cardiovascular diseases and stroke. It can also help control blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Olive, soy and canola also contain healthy fat.Avocados arerich in nutrients and holdseveral health benefits. Furthermore, you can easily include it in your diet.Here are some benefits, risks associated withavocados that you must know about.

This creamy fruit holds immense potential for a superfood. Here is why.

Too much of anything can be harmful to the body. Avocados are healthy but they also have downsides. Here are some risks involved with avocados:

Avocados hold immense nutritional values and you can include it in your diet in the following ways:

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a dietician before starting any fitness programme or making any changes to your diet.

Get the Latest health news, healthy diet, weight loss, Yoga, and fitness tips, more updates on Times Now

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Sep 25

Kidney Health and Ketoveyda: How Suraksha Naturals Is Addressing the Health Concerns of the Keto Community – PRNewswire

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Sept. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ --For millions of Americans, practicing the ketogenic diet has been a beneficial way to change their lifestyles. As with any diet, there are multiple factors to consider in order to achieve optimal health. Suraksha Naturals' uniquely formulated Keto-Veyda product line is designed to work in conjunction with a ketogenic diet.

Ketosis is the process by which the body has shifted from running on carbohydrates to utilizing fat for fuel. Ketosis is reached by limiting the amount of carbohydrates consumed while increasing the amount of fat ingested. Many people report feeling more energetic when their body is in ketosis. Maintaining ketosis safely requires the ability to plan ahead. Suraksha Naturals' line of herbal supplements picks up where the ketogenic diet leaves off, supplying additional nutrients that the body needs to remain in a healthy state.

One of the potential side effects of a ketogenic diet is the formation of kidney stones. Kidney stones occur for a number of reasons. The most common cause has nothing to do with a ketogenic diet and everything to do with proper hydration. When the body becomes especially dehydrated for an extended period, the mineral deposits that are usually flushed through the kidneys begin to collect and form into larger structures, or stones.

The primary reason that the kidneys require added attention when practicing a ketogenic diet is due to increased intake of animal protein. Animal protein is high in uric acid and can increase existing levels of acidity in the kidneys. Supplements have been a popular way to maintain kidney health. Until now, there had not been a supplement line quite like Keto-Veyda, which is keto-friendly yet incorporates the principles of Ayurvedic wellness.

Ayurvedic practices embrace a holistic sense of wellness. Ayurvedic herbal supplements are not designed to treat problems that arise, yet they help maintain well-being and balance. Keto-Veyda Herbal Kidney Care contains dandelion, turmeric, tribulus, uva-ursi, coriander, long pepper, and moringa.These ingredients work together in order to promote healthy kidney function and urinary health.

Suraksha Naturals now has products for sale through some of the largest e-commerce sites in the United States, including Look for Keto-Veyda Herbal Kidney Care supplements as the Suraksha Naturals' brand continues its expansion into the U.S. retail market.

Please direct inquiries to:Susana Rinaldi(954) 699-2228[emailprotected]

SOURCE Suraksha Naturals

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Kidney Health and Ketoveyda: How Suraksha Naturals Is Addressing the Health Concerns of the Keto Community - PRNewswire

Sep 25

Intermittent with Keto diet: Is it safe to follow them together? – Times of India

If we think logically then it might not seem harmful to combine the two diets as keto is all about restricting the food intake and in intermittent one has to restrict the time interval. They do not overlap in any case.

But as per experts it might not be a good idea. First of all, keto is a restrictive diet, which means the body is already missing out on necessary nutrients. Pairing it with intermittent fasting might put more stress on your body, which might have great repercussions. The overwhelming experience might lead to mood swings, irritability and fatigue.

Also, as per some research, weight loss due to keto stays for a short term. But maintaining the diet can have a positive impact on weight, triglycerides, and blood glucose level.

Combining keto with Intermittent might work for some and might not for others. It might be more harmful to pregnant women and people suffering from chronic disease.

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Intermittent with Keto diet: Is it safe to follow them together? - Times of India

Sep 25

A balanced diet on the go –


Whether youre looking for a meal replacement for weight management or a healthy breakfast, Herbalife has a shake for everyone. Always read the label, only use as directed.

When you're running out the door to drop the kids at school or get to work after your morning workout, a balanced breakfast can often be the first casualty of a rushed lifestyle.

A breakfast smoothie made with Herbalife Nutrition Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix allows you to take control of your own self-care with meal replacement shakes that can be enjoyed on the go without sacrificing taste or nutrition.

Whether you're looking for a meal replacement for weight management or a healthy breakfast, there's a shake for everyone. With delicious flavours like French Vanilla, Dutch Chocolate, Berry and Cookies 'n Cream, you're spoiled for choice when it comes to flavour.

Peter Hurley, general manager/director ofHerbalife Nutrition Australia and New Zealand explains, "With busy lives and hectic routines, it can be difficult to find time to focus on your overall wellbeing. If you find yourself lacking the time and energy to keep toa balanced diet and fitness regime, you are not alone.HerbalifeNutrition is here to help you take care of your health and wellness, and find the solution that suits your needs and complements your way of life, no matter how busy you are.


With delicious flavours like French Vanilla, Dutch Chocolate, Berry and Cookies 'n Cream, you're spoiled for choice when it comes to flavour.

"Scientifically developed to provide healthy nutrition, Herbalife Nutrition's Formula 1 NutritionalShake Mix is packed with protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals.

"Every precaution has been taken to ensure each product meets stringent requirements, says Hurley.

"Ensuring the product is good for you is the job of more than 300 staff scientists, who put product quality, safety and excellence above all else. Quality control throughout the manufacturing process ensures every product meets Herbalife's exacting standards. Ingredients and products are tested at five different points throughout the 'seed to feed' process. This means if it's on the label, it's in the canister, bottle or box. Herbalife Nutrition facilities benefit from the latest technology and are among the most advancedin the world. All our laboratories are ISO 17025-certified, the international standard validating technical capability and consistency in results."


With busy lives and hectic routines, it can be difficult to find time to focus on your overall wellbeing.

Herbalife Nutrition is a global nutrition company and has been operating in New Zealand since 1988. Today, Herbalife Nutrition operates in more than 90 countries with over 9,500 employees around the world. The Herbalife Nutrition core philosophy of providing access to personalised nutrition to millions of people around the globe is even more relevant today than it was when the company was founded in 1980.

Peter Hurley states that the company's purpose is clear, "We are on a mission to improve nutritional habits around the world with great-tasting, science-backed products that help people get the right balance of healthy nutrition. Whether you are looking to improve your eating plan and habits, to reach and maintain a healthy weight, to increase your fitness level or for an energy boost, Herbalife Nutrition is here to help."

Herbalife Nutrition is the number one brand in the world for meal replacement and protein supplements combined, and is a global leader in meal replacement, nutritional supplements and skin care products.* Every day, more than 4.8 million Herbalife nutrition shakes are consumed around the world**


Herbalife Nutrition is here to help you take care of your health and wellness.

For more information, healthy recipes, nutrition tips and to access free online workouts, contact your Local Herbalife Nutrition Independent Member or visit

*Herbalife Nutrition is the #1 Brand in the World for Meal Replacement and Protein Supplement combined. Source: Euromonitor International Limited; per Consumer Health 2019ed, meal replacement and protein supplements definitions; combined % RSP share GBO, 2018 data.

**Herbalife Nutrition Worldwide Data.

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A balanced diet on the go -

Sep 25

Prebiotics 101: Discover Why Prebiotic Fiber Is The Most Important Thing Missing From Your Diet – CBS Baltimore

When it comes to gut health, prebiotics play an important rolebut what exactly is prebiotic fiber, and how do you get it into your diet?

Many of us have heard ofprobiotics, the beneficial bacteria that live in our gastrointestinal tract.Probiotics have countless health benefits; they help our bodies with nutrient absorption, maintain digestive health, and even play a part inregulating our mood. Its no wonder so many health experts recommend consuming probiotic-rich foods likeyogurt and kefir, and other fermented foods.

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Probiotics are important for overall health, but theres another component to a healthy gut that is equally important. Its called prebiotic fiber (also known as just prebiotics), and it might just be the most important type of dietary fiber you can eat.

Prebiotic fiber is a type of indigestible fiber that cant be completely broken down in your stomach. Instead, these fibers are fermented by probiotic gut bacteria in your small intestine and colon where they provide food for those same bacteria. If youve never heard of prebiotic dietary fiber, youre not alone. Probiotics tend to get all the fame and glory but this process of probiotics eating prebiotics is incredibly important. Without prebiotic food for probiotics to eat, you dont receive their benefits.

Prebiotics and probiotics work together to support your health in almost countless ways. For one, when the bacteria ferment prebiotic fibers, it produces important byproducts, including the production of essential nutrients and short-chain fatty acids, which are incredibly important for colon health. Studies have even shown that low levels of short-chain fatty acids are linked to digestive disorders like irritable bowel syndrome andulcerative colitis, and supplementation with foods that produce short-chain fatty acids (aka, prebiotics) can lead to a decrease indiabetesandheart disease. Consuming prebiotic fiber has also been associated with fewergut infections, healthiercholesterol levels, andweight loss.

Clearly, probiotics arent the only important factor in the gut microbiome, and its about time we learned about prebiotic fiber-rich foods and how to make sure were eating enough of them.

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We can eat all thekefirandkimchiwe want, but without prebiotic fiber for these probiotics to ferment, they wont be able to thrive and do their job of supporting our health and digestion. And unfortunately, according to the Cleveland Clinic, most Americans arent getting the25 to 25 grams of fiberthats required for our gut bacteria to really thrive.

Luckily, prebiotic fiber is found in a bunch of healthy, delicious foodsand all we have to do is eat them. According to the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, thehighest amounts of prebioticsare found in raw versions of the following foods:

As a general rule, most fruits, vegetables, beans, and whole grains are decent sources of prebiotic fiber. By consuming a diverse mix of these foods every day, theres a good chance youll be providing your gut bacteria with everything they need.

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Like with probiotics, many people assume they need to take a prebiotic supplement to make sure theyre getting enough. But as gut microbiome expert Gail Cresci, Ph.D., R.D.,told Cleveland Clinic, You can buy prebiotic supplements, but you dont need them if you eat the foods that fortify the army of friendly bacteria in your intestines. Therefore, most of your prebiotic needs can be satisfied with a healthy diet offresh fruits and veggies, especially if you throw in a few of the high-prebiotic foods mentioned above each week.

If you do decide to supplement, rest assured that prebiotics and probiotics are very safe. As Katherine Zeratsky, R.D., L.D.wrote for the Mayo Clinic, side effects are rare, and most healthy adults can safely add foods that contain prebiotics and probiotics to their diets.

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To make sure youre supporting the environment in your digestive tract the best way possible, its also recommended you consume probiotics and prebiotics at the same time, either in food- or a combined supplement-form; that way, youre providing the good bacteria and the fiber they require to thrive, all at the same time.

To get started on adding prebiotics to your routine, try ourTangy Banana Smoothie recipe, which incorporates bananas and Greekyogurt; ourJerusalem Artichoke recipe with Crispy Prosciutto; or ourAsparagus with Sweet Onions recipe.

Gretchen Lidickeris a writer, researcher, and author of the bookCBD Oil Everyday Secrets: A Lifestyle Guide To Hemp-Derived Health & Wellness. She has a masters degree in physiology and complementary and alternative medicine from Georgetown University and is the former health editor at mindbodygreen. Shes been featured in the New York Times, Marie Claire, Forbes, SELF, The Times, Huffington Post, and Travel + Leisure.

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Sep 25

RHOBH: Andy Cohen Says Teddi’s Diet Plan Controversy Had Nothing to Do With Firing – Screen Rant

Teddi Mellencamp was fired from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Andy Cohen says her exit wasn't a result of her diet plan backlash.

Following Teddi Mellencamp's firing from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the show's executive producer Andy Cohen is speaking out. Teddi's termination came right on the heels of backlash she faced over her All In by Teddi diet accountability program. However, according to Cohen, her termination was not a result of the diet plan criticism.

Last season followed the mother of threethroughout her third pregnancy. She previously acknowledged to fans how rough the season was for her. She didn't involve herself with much of the onscreen drama. But could that have led to her removal from the show? It was announced last week that Teddi had been fired from RHOBHover claims she had a "boring and stale" storyline. News of her exit came one week after she was called out online by alleged users of her diet program.Former members accused her business of promoting unsafe health practices. Teddi became emotional when addressing the allegations on her podcast last week and took the opportunity to defend her program.

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It was only a few days after her statement on the diet program scandal that she was hit with news of her firing. She took to Instagram to let her fans know that she would not be returning to the show. Some fans wondered if her termination was a result of the serious claims against herbusiness, which had been featured on RHOBH. However, according to Cohen, All In by Teddi had nothing to do with why she was given the boot, Celebrity Insider reports. "Theres a whole controversy online about her business thats going on [and] I do want to say, people are speculating that the online chatter about her business led to her dismissal," Cohen told listeners on his morning radio show. "And I just want to say, because I think its important, that one had absolutely nothing to do with the other." In fact, Cohen says he"would have liked to see her respond to her critics on the show."

The Watch What Happens Live host went on to commend Teddi for her video response to the firing.Teddi Mellencampreleased what I thought was one of the most, no BS, Im leaving announcements on record. I thought that was really good," he said. He went on to acknowledge her work and how it possibly helped her release such a strong statement. "Shes an accountability coach. So she checked herself." Cohen added how Teddi had "been through it health-wise with her kids [and] now this."

In addition to Cohen's words of support, Teddi's friend Kyle Richards also sent her warm wishes amid rumors her sister Kathy Hilton could be joining the show.

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