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Nov 23

How to lose belly fat: get in shape before it all goes wrong again during the holidays – T3

Want to lose belly fat for Black Friday? There are some things you need to know. Directly targeting belly fat is largely impossible, but losing belly fat can be useful for your health. Plus you will look better. Perhaps that's a shallow way of looking at it, but there we are. These are our best tips on how to to lose belly fat as rapidly as is healthy. With the figure apocalypse that is the holiday season approaching, keep these tips in mind.

Important note here, everyone: Belly fat these days is often referred to as visceral fat because that sounds scarier. If you really need to shed visceral fat because it's endangering your life, that is an area where you should probably be seeking medical advice, if that is at all possible. But while this guide is more about slimming down a bit, or avoiding ballooning during lockdown, belly fat loss also has an element of visceral fat loss.

Our lose belly fat tips aren't necessarily quick, and this is not about telling you how to get six pack abs although we have plenty of guides to that, too. No, this is just a 'six pack' do you see what we did, there? of tips to getting a healthier life and feeling comfortable with the girth of your mid-riff. We're not looking to fat shame anyone here or totally bro out, we're just offering advice.

We've got some great tips, a few cheeky shortcuts and key strategies to lose belly fat quickly, healthily and sustainably. As we just said, there are no quick fixes here; we want you to develop habits that ensure you'll stay trim for good.Weve also got the lowdown on the best exercises to lose belly fat, and all the gear youll need to get started although, of course, the most important 'gear' is the bit between your ears.

There's no hard-and-fast rule for slim-down success: the best way to lose belly fat is the way that works around your lifestyle. If you follow an unsustainable plan, you won't last: it's as simple as that. In this article we lay out six principles that are applicable to everyone, whether you're a total beginner starting your weight-loss journey or a seasoned pro who fell off the wagon over Christmas.

These guiding lights will keep you on the straight and narrow, even during a lockdown situation. Dont try to take on more than you can reasonably fit into one day. And, despite the name of this feature, don't fixate on 'belly fat'. It's important to reduce visceral fat, which does tend to lurk around the belly area, but that is best achieved by trying to slim down and tune up overall.

Here are six strategies to help you start losing weight.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

The short answer to the question of how to lose belly fat is to burn more calories than you consume on a regular basis. In the fitness world, this is known as achieving a "calorie deficit".

If this sounds like a waking nightmare, there's a trick to it: what you need to do is ensure youre eating the correct kind of food to make sure you feel full and sated, even when consuming fewer calories than you're burning off.

Certain foods are "empty calories" while others release energy slowly, keeping you fuller for longer. This is a big danger, especially while you're at home, with all your food within easy reach.

But before that, you'll need to find a good way to track your calories burned and calories taken in. The free MyFitnessPal app is one of the best ways to record your calorie intake, but to track your calories burned, you'll need a dedicated fitness tracker. If you already own a smartwatch, most will offer calorie tracking as standard, but for those yet to make the plunge, the Fitbit Versa 2 is the best activity tracker you can buy right now. Check out the deal below.

Oh, and staying hydrated is crucial, as well

Fitbit Versa 2 | now 199 at AmazonThe Fitbit Versa 2 is getting regular price cuts in 2020. The Versa 2 features advanced cardio tracking as well as the usual steps and sleep stuff, and has Alexa built in. It's also unusually stylish for a Fitbit, and via its excellently presented app and sprawling ecosystem, you can use it as the basis of a complete fitness and diet programme. You can also enter your meals to log calories consumed, so you can have all your dietary data in one place.View Deal

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S'Well Marble Drinking Water Bottle | now 17.50 at John LewisIn this case beauty is more than skin deep. This bottle is vacuum sealed, which means it should be able to keep liquids warm for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours. Its stainless steel, has a capacity of 500ml and requires handwashing, and its definitely one for one-upping your co-workers boring flasks and supermarket specials.View Deal

BEEFIT Biltong, 10 x 30g bags | now 16.99 on AmazonLooking for a calorie-dense but highly nutritional snack? Swap your bag of crisps or chocolate bar for jerky or biltong, a cured meat snack high in protein. BEEFIT comes in handy 30g bags, to keep yourself fuller for longer. It's packed full of protein to help build muscle after a workout (Over 20g per pack, to be precise), and is even gluten free too.View Deal

Intermittent fasting is becoming more and more popular. It involves significantly cutting calories or abstaining from food altogether for a portion of the day or week, and then cramming all your calories into a much shorter time window.

The best-known intermittent fasting plan is the 5:2 diet, where you eat as you normally would (although hopefully a bit healthier) for five days a week, then scoff no more than 600 calories two days a week.There are also variants of this diet where you consume almost no calories, two days per week. This is much more doable than it sounds, so long as you are in good general health, but it's not exactly fun.

However, for trainees who are serious but not that serious, there's the 16:8 diet. With this diet you have only 8 hours a day to fit all your meals in, but can only drink water (and maybe some black coffee, if you're feeling naughty) within a 16 hour fasting period outside of those 8 hours. Most choose to eat from 10am to 6pm, but as long as you stay within an eight hour window, you can start and finish at any time of the day. This isHugh Jackman's strategy, so if you have ever wanted to be in Wolverine shape

Why try fasting, though? Well, during the fasting period the body will run out of sugar to run on, and so will start eating up the bodys fat stores. The big negative is the adjustment period: if you're used to a big breakfast or an early dinner, a 16-hour fast feels tough at first, especially if you're exercising. You're going to get seriously cranky.

Soylent Nutrition Shake, Cacao (Chocolate), 12 Pack | now 35.00 on AmazonMarketed as a 'complete meal in a bottle' soylent is a perfect on-the-go quick feed for breakfast or lunch. With 20g of plant protein - to keep you going and slow-burning carbs to help you stay full, Soylent is vegan, gluten free, nut free, dairy free and low GI. At under 3 a shake, it's an ideal replacement to your usual hurried, bland supermarket meal deal.View Deal

Dead set on having chips? An air fryer can deliver a lot of the delicious taste with less of the not-quite-so-delicious oil

(Image credit: Future)

If you eat fried food all the time, switching to an air fryer will definitely cause you to lose weight unless buying one causes you to start eating loads of chocolate because you've reduced your fat intake. No, it doesn't taste as delicious as proper fried food of course not but it turns out meals with a good fried/roasted taste, but with up to 80% lower fat content.

If you don't eat fried food all the time but like to treat yourself now and then, switching to an air fryer could still help with you to lose weight. Even with a solid balanced diet and a good workout ethic, there will come a time when your willpower will falter and you'll want to fall back on your old favourites, like fried chicken, fish, chips and all the other foods you love normally dripping with grease. If you schedule in cheat days and do this in a controlled way, it's good to know you're cooking these foods in a way that still helps you hit your goals.

Enter the air fryer. The best air fryers are revolutionary pieces of kit that use hot air combined with a teaspoon of oil (as opposed to the gallons of oil found in the deep-fat variety) to cook your crispy favourites. If kitchen space and budget is no object, you can cook a whole chicken in the Philips Airfryer XXL, but if you're after something a little more economical, Pro Breeze Airfryer 1400W is lightweight, versatile and cheaper, perfect for portion control. It also seems to usually be sold out all the time at present, so perhaps everyone has already taken our advice, here.

This is just one way to have your (fried) cake and eat it too. Swapping high-calorie pints of ice cream to the low-calorie versions like Halo Top or Oppo, or switching out cholesterol-laden butter for a healthier olive spread, are other easy ways you can make relatively simple lifestyle choices and still keep weight off.

(Image credit: Nintendo)

No, this woman has not gone mad due to being cooped up indoors. Shes playing Ring Fit Adventure on the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has a proud history of helping people lose weight via its consoles, with Wii Fit being possibly the biggest selling fitness gadget ever made.

Ring Fit Adventure is more sophisticated but the basic idea remains the same: turning the act of burning Calories into a fun activity that you look forward to, rather than a chore that you dread.

We tried a load of Nintendo Switch fitness games and, while they all had their merits, Ring Fit was clearly the best.

Read our Nintendo Switch Ring Fit Adventure review and comparison to other Switch games designed for calorie burning.

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Weight training is a great way to tip your muscle-fat ratio the right way

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There are two main types of exercise: cardio training and weights, otherwise known as resistance training.Although cardio burns a lot of calories while you do it, weight training builds muscle which burns more than fat as you go about your day. The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you'll burn even when not working out.

Resistance training may seem scary if you're doing it for the first time, especially in the gym when the area's dominated by serious lifters, but you dont have to start adding big plates to the bar right now. There's plenty of ways to get started at home with smaller weights such as dumbbells, kettlebells and even medicine balls.

Were not going to list every single lifting exercise, so why not pick the body part you want to start toning up and check out some of our muscle-building how-tos. One you've done that, grab one of the best dumbbell sets on the market. They're not just for arms: you can use a dumbbell to work your core, shoulders, and even your legs with combination movements.

The only issue you will find right now is that most of them are sold out, but this store still has home gym equipment for online delivery. By the time this lockdown ends, you'll be ready for the gym.

If everything for the home gym has sold out which happens a lot lately consider doing bodyweight exercises. If that idea makes you think of muscular men working out in prison, try our guide to the best bodyweight exercises for beginners and ease into it gently. Before you know it you'll be ready for the Navy SEAL workout. None of these require any specialist equipment.

York 20kg Cast Iron Dumbbell Spinlock Set | Buy it for 59.99 at the Fitness SuperstoreIdeal for starters, the York 20kg Cast Iron Dumbbell Spinlock Set features knurled handles for a secure grip, plastic spinlock collars and solid, durable weight plates. considering you can't buy any reasonably priced home weight sets anywhere at the moment, this might be your best option to get an adjustable dumbbell set for under 500 for a while.View Deal

Powerplate Move vibration plate | 2,199 | Was 2,699 | Save 500 at John LewisIf you want to really power up your bodyweight exercises, and certain dumbbell moves, try doing them while being violently vibrated. This is particularly good for your core as your body has to work extra hard to complete moves.View Deal

All of this aside, dont neglect cardio, as regular cardio workouts are important for fitness and stamina.

Electric Muscle Stimulation can help your muscles recover faster

(Image credit: PowerDot)

It may seem gimmicky when you unwrap your new six-pack vibrating belt, complete with a picture of Ronaldo on the box, but don't roll your eyes just yet. While you can't just sit there eating crisps and expect to get ripped, Electric Muscle Stimulators can help as part of a controlled dietary and exercise plan.

EMS can cause the muscles to contract, essentially tensing and untensing rapidly. During downtime post-workout, you can continue to encourage muscle growth with EMS, while the right bit of kit can also encourage faster recovery, allowing you to get back in the gym all the quicker. According to the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, EMS stimulates the muscle in the same way as a massage, prepping it for the next go-round.

It's not a bona fide shortcut to a six-pack, but it can speed up the muscle-building process with regular use.

(Image credit: Sixpad)

Our top choice is always SIXPAD as used by Cristiano Ronaldo, a man who takes great pride in his body. Perhaps a little too much pride, the unkind or jealous might say. Amazon also sells all manner of abs belts by brands we have never heard of, for about 20. Needless to say we dont recommend these.

PowerDot 2.0 - Smart Electric Muscle Stimulator | now 185 at AmazonAlternatively, the PowerDot 2.0 is a smartphone-controlled muscle stimulating monster.This neat muscle stimulator works from your phone, allowing you to control intensity, stimulation and goal. Reduce your recovery time and increase muscular performance, as the PowerDot working to support your gym schedule. This model has two stimulators, but you can scale up to four for 325View Deal

Planks are a tough abs workout and a great end-of-workout finisher

(Image credit: Taco Fleur from Pixabay)

As well doing both muscle-building and cardio exercises, if you want to lose belly fat its also important to switch up the pace of your workout.

Every time you workout, you should exercise using both steady state (working hard but not at max capacity, such as during brisk jog) and high intensity (going flat out, like sprinting) to torch your abdominal fat.

Steady state or aerobic exercises include cycling, running or uphill hiking.Its a crucial part of losing belly fat because it burns through your fat stores. However, it also uses your sugar stores for energy first, so you need to do steady-state for long enough to use up all that sugar before it eats into your fat reserves.

High intensity workouts use mainly sugar for fuel, so they don't hit the fat right away, but it does help in building muscle, which will help you torch fat even on days you're not exercising. Explosive weight lifting, sprinting and HIIT-friendly exercises like mountain climbers are all great high-intensity exercises.

A good fitness tracker will help you to gauge the intensity of your workout by monitoring your heart rate. For overall fitness trackers, check out the Fitbit Versa Lite above, but for a dedicated running watch, you can't beat the Garmin Forerunner 645, the best on the market right now.

Find out more about heart rate zone training

Garmin Forerunner 645 | now 342.34 at AmazonGarmin dominates the running/fitness watch category so totally, it's almost embarrassing for the competition. The most recent addition to their premium line, the Garmin 645, incorporates GPS and wrist heart-rate tracking, which is good for monitoring your resting and all-day rates. The 645 crunches a lot of data to suggest recovery times, make a decent stab at estimating your VO2 Max, tell you how optimal your training load and lots, lots more.View Deal

FitBit Aria 2 smart bathroom scale | now 119.99 on AmazonThis clever scaletells you your weight, BMI and body fat percentage which is all a lot of people want. It then reports this to your Fitbit account, so you can monitor your weight trends and use it alongside your Fitbit wearable's daily calorie-burn estimates. Add MyFitnessPal or Fitbit's own dietary features and you can then sync your meal-plans, daily calories consumed and weight goals, if you want.View Deal

The most important thing to bear in mind is this: losing weight takes time. You'll have setbacks and slip-ups, but if you stay committed to your goal, you'll be fitter and healthier in 2020, building up great habits for many years ahead.

Need some help to get started? Check out all the latest deals on the kit you'll need to get fit in 2020.To start with, you'll need a killer playlist and a good set of workout headphones to listen to it on:

Beats By Dre Powerbeats Pro | now 219 on AmazonPowerbeats Pro are a 'game changer' for Beats; the quality of them is over and above anything the brand has produced before. Designed for workouts and running, the clever design of these true wireless buds means they stay still in your ears during even the most arduous physical jerks. Battery life is way better than most true wireless buds at 8-9 hours and they recharge incredibly fast.View Deal

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How to lose belly fat: get in shape before it all goes wrong again during the holidays - T3

Nov 23

Scientifically backed health benefits of bananas for weight loss, diabetes and more – Times of India

Cheap and easy to consume, bananas are everyone's favourite. A powerhouse of nutrients, bananas are good for your heart health, diabetes, digestion and weight loss. Yes. you read that right, the humble bananas can help you shed extra kilos. Banana nutrition profileOne medium sized banana has around 110 calories and provides you with following nutrients. Protein: 1 gramCarbohydrates: 28 gramsSugars: 15 grams (naturally occurring)Fiber: 3 gramsPotassium: 450 mgMagnesium: 32 mgVitamin C: 10.3 mgVitamin B6: 0.4 mgBananas are rich in vitamin B6 and fiber, which helps in reducing the cholesterol levels and lifts your mood.

One medium sized banana provides you with 9 per cent of daily recommended intake of potassium and 8 per cent of magnesium. Not just this, it even provides you with 11 per cent of your daily recommended vitamin C intake.

Here are five health benefits of bananas:

Helps you lose weightBananas for the longest time had a bad reputation in regard to weight loss. The high carbohydrate content of bananas make people vilify them. But you will be surprised to know that bananas can actually help you feel full faster. The pectin start in it delays stomach emptying, which stops you from binge eating.

Green bananas are better for weight loss as ripe bananas lose their pectin. The carbs in bananas also help produce more serotonin, which helps regulate metabolism and keeps your energy level high.

Studies have proved that green bananas consumed in any form fresh, cooked, dried or pounded into flour make you feel fuller for longer.

Aids digestionGreen bananas are a perfect home remedy for loose motions.

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Scientifically backed health benefits of bananas for weight loss, diabetes and more - Times of India

Nov 23

Could people achieve remission of type 2 diabetes without needing to lose weight? – On Medicine – BMC Blogs Network

Nicola Guess latest research into helping people achieve remission from type 2 diabetes is registered at the ISRCTN registry. To mark World Diabetes Day Dr Nicola Guess takes a look at the latest evidence based strategies used to achieve remission in patients with type 2 diabetes. A collection of research into diabetes from Springer Nature to commemorate World Diabetes Day 2020 can be found on our landing page.

Dr Nicola Guess 18 Nov 2020 /

How we approach the management of type 2 diabetes has changed enormously in just the past 5 years. Previously, clinicians took the approach of managing the clinical risk factors of diabetes such as elevated glucose and lipids, usually with additional, more potent medications. Some patients might have been advised to try and lose 5-10% of their body weight by eating less fat and reducing portion sizes. However, the idea that you could get people off their diabetes medications completely with diet was rarely mentioned. In fact, when I was working as a dietitian in the UKs National Health Service back in 2008, I never heard the word remission in a conversation about type 2 diabetes.

The huge challenge is helping people to maintain their weight loss.

With the publication of the Diabetes Remission Clinical Trial (DiRECT) in 2017, this all changed. This landmark study showed that an intensive dietary intervention, aiming for a 15-kg maintained weight loss, delivered within primary care could help 46% of people achieve remission of their diabetes. This was defined as a non-diabetic blood glucose level while not having taken diabetes medications for 2 months. Remission was closely linked to weight 86% of people who lost or maintained more than 15 kg at 1 year achieved remission; reducing to 57% of people who lost and maintained 10 15 kg. If people lost 0 5 kg, their chance of remission was 7%.

picture-alliance / blickwinkel/M

The huge challenge is helping people to maintain their weight loss. With enough weight regain (as little as 3 4 kg) people can relapse back into type 2 diabetes. Right now, type 2 diabetes remission is based on achieving and maintaining weight loss. What if we could help people lower their blood glucose substantially below the diabetic threshold without losing weight? Or, maybe without losing so much weight? This would be much more achievable because losing and maintaining a very large weight loss is extremely difficult.

The solution may be a low-carbohydrate, high-protein diet. A number of studies have been published by different research groups showing that a diet which provides about 20 30% of its calories from carbohydrate, and 30% from protein can lower blood glucose in people without type 2 diabetes without weight loss. This is just less than half of the carbohydrate a person usually eats, and about double the protein the rest is made up of fat. However, we dont know whether its the reduction in carbohydrate or the increase in protein which is responsible for the beneficial effects. This is important to understand so we can give patients the most accurate advice.

I was awarded funding from the Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation to look at this question. In our current study we are providing a low-carbohydrate diet to volunteers with type 2 diabetes, and then adding in, and removing extra protein in a randomized order. Half of the participants will have 15% of calories from protein for 2 weeks, then 30% for another 2 weeks, and the other half vice versa. We are measuring blood glucose using a continuous glucose monitoring device. We expect to publish the results in late summer 2021.

George Dolgikh /

Similar work is being done by a team in Tennessee who are carrying out the worlds first high-protein remission trial. This will help us understand the longer-term effect of increasing the protein of the diet and reducing carbohydrate on remission of type 2 diabetes. This study will include 30% of calories from protein and 40% from carbohydrate.

Protein is thought to work by helping the beta-cells produce more insulin at mealtimes. The amino acids that make up protein are insulinogenic meaning they stimulate the production (and release) of insulin. It is known that the amount of amino acids circulating in the blood after a high-protein meal is higher than after a low-protein meal and the extra amino acids promote a greater insulin response. Adding protein to a meal is known to lower blood glucose in people with and without type 2 diabetes. But whether this works long-term is not known. If it does this could be exciting for people who want to get remission of type 2 diabetes but cant lose or dont want to lose a lot of weight. Its vital we follow this line of research.

I see many patients who have embarked on an intensive weight loss programme either on their own or on the instruction of a healthcare professional after seeing the news that this could help them come off their diabetes medications. Some of these patients have been very slim to begin with and some were frail afterwards. In fact, some of them came to see me to ask how they could regain weight without getting diabetes back. If we could figure out ways to lower blood glucose which dont rely on lots of weight loss to do it, we could offer these patients a way to put their diabetes into remission while keeping their sense of well-being.

Africa Studio /

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Could people achieve remission of type 2 diabetes without needing to lose weight? - On Medicine - BMC Blogs Network

Nov 23

US : 5 reasons why eating vegetables every day helps you lose weight and live longer – Explica

Not in vain since we are children, our moms they did not tire of insisting on the importance of eat vegetables daily. Although it is one of the most fundamental recommendations in all balanced nutrition, according to information released by the World Health Organization (WHO), the daily intake should range between 400-500 grams of vegetables a day. Unfortunately few people manage to meet the established targets, which translates into low consumption of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

However, the question is not limited only to the nutritional aspect, choosing better what we eat by consciously increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables is key in Good health and one better life quality. They contain extremely valuable nutrients for the fulfillment of different processes and are considered one of the more faithful allies to lose weight.

In a particular way vegetables are too important for the body: They are key to feel well, have an optimal weight and prevent diseases. Its habitual consumption is related to great benefits for heart health, brain function, are essential for a good digestive and intestinal health, very moisturizing, contain numerous antioxidants that are very useful against free radicals, are a great ally against aging and fill us with quality energy, in such a way that they improve physical and mental performance. Its essential nutrients are very valuable for the fulfillment of different processes in the body and are considered one of the more faithful allies to lose weight, effectively and safely.

Regardless of the variant, the vegetables stand out for their unmatched dietary fiber content, which is related to great benefits related to the weightloss. In principle, the fiber gives them a great satiating power, at the same time the combination between your high water and fiber content makes them provide a feeling of satisfaction higher (especially compared to simple carbohydrates). In such a way that they are the perfect nutritional supplement for control appetite, the anxiety to eat and consume a lower daily caloric intake.

Integrate a abundant consumption of vegetables in the daily dietIt is not only necessary nutritionally speaking; is an aspect essential to lose weight. They represent one of the best food alternatives for lose weight without starving and without becoming a prisoner of count calories at all times. They are related to important aspects of losing weight:

They control the appetite and are the best snack between meals. They are rich in fiber and therefore satiating.They fight bloating and fluid retention, help to eliminate everything we do not need. They are a great ally of good digestion and very useful to prevent constipation.They are very low in calories and rich in essential nutrients. They fill any weight loss plan with colors and versatility.

Another of the great qualities of the high content in fiber of vegetables, is related to their big benefits for balance sugar levels (glucose) in the blood. Normally, depending on the variant, they are considered low glycemic index foods, in such a way that they are of great help to Avoid blood glucose spikes. These types of alterations are related to declines in energy Y sweet food cravings, vegetables are ideal to avoid these conditions that are related to weight gain.

Probably one of the greater benefits of the consumption of vegetables, is related to their benefits for enhance intestinal health. The high content of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes and fiber they contain, makes them the best ally for regulate bowel function. In combination with a high water consumption, vegetables positively feed the intestinal flora, eliminate common digestive ailments and are of great help to ensure a good process of purification of the organism. Good gut health is key to a rapid and effective weight loss, and also to enjoy a strong immune system.

Several studies show that a diet rich in a variety of vegetables, can help decrease hardening of the arteries, help lower cholesterol levels, and help prevent inflammation, a component of many degenerative diseases as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimers. The researchers also believe that their antioxidant power (vitamins C and E), your wealth in minerals and trace elements, are the perfect formula to protect the body from chronic diseases.

The best of all is that today it is becoming easier to integrate vegetables in our diet, more taking into account the huge benefits to follow a plant-based diet. Vegetables are life, they fill us with vitality and energy, are colorful, generous and depending on the season of the year they provide exact nutrients for the organism. Always choose to select the fresh and seasonal variantsare a nutritional treasure and a great way to save and of course gain a lot of health.

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US : 5 reasons why eating vegetables every day helps you lose weight and live longer - Explica

Nov 23

Nutrition App CEO On The Health and Wellness Industry During The Coronavirus Pandemic – The Motley Fool

For many people, the coronavirus pandemic has changed their nutrition and exercise habits. One app helping people track their food and lose weight is called Lifesum. The company has scaled rapidly to 45 million users and boasts partnerships with Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) and Nike (NYSE:NKE).'s Healthcare and Cannabis Bureau Chief Corinne Cardina chatted with Lifesum's CEO Henrik Torstensson about the digital health and wellness space.

Corinne Cardina: How has the health and wellness industry evolved over the last couple of decades, and more recently, how has the coronavirus pandemic impacted how people view their health and the role of technology?

Henrik Torstensson: Healthcare and wellness is obviously an enormous part of the economy. It's $2 trillion in the U.S. alone. It's probably maybe the biggest market we have. In digital, it's been ramping up, but it's been a fairly slow start because it's a complex system. You have individuals, you have insurance companies, you have state governments, federal governments that all have interests. It was picking up speed. This year with COVID and Corona, that really the same way we all ended up on Zoom for most of the year, and that really made having virtual meetings really a default way of operating. Healthcare is coming in the same way that it's really taking a step from, OK, this is happening a little bit at the edges, to becoming this central thrust of healthcare and the overall market.

Cardina: Yeah, great point.

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Nutrition App CEO On The Health and Wellness Industry During The Coronavirus Pandemic - The Motley Fool

Nov 23

Gary Barlow opens up about struggles with his weight – Yahoo Sports

Take That singer Gary Barlow during the photocall "The Band - Das Musical" with the main cast and members of the band Take That at Theater des Westens on April 1, 2019 in Berlin. (Photo by Isa Foltin/Getty Images)

Gary Barlow has opened up about his weight issues after leaving Take That, saying his size ballooned when he lost control of himself when it came to food.

The singer is about to release a new album, which features a duet with TVs James Corden, and ahead of the release the Gavin and Stacey star asked for some weight loss tips.

Speaking via a Zoom call with Corden, Barlow admitted to his past issues with managing his weight and his food intake.

Read more: Gary Barlow duetting with James Corden on new solo album

He said: "I had a rough period with food that Im not proud of, where I really lost control of myself. I remember one particular day just thinking: How have I got here? I was just so disappointed with myself.

So coming back from somewhere like that is a bit more serious than: Oh, I want to lose a couple of stone here. It was more of a condition that just couldnt continue.

"So it started there for me and I turned my brain on to sorting out what I ate. The trouble is the food I love Chinese, chips, crisps. They were giving me a couple minutes of a food coma, taking me out of the real world. Its just not good, that.

He went on to suggest people losing weight keep a food diary, as if you have to write something down when you eat something naughty, you are less likely to do it.

Read more: 'We soldier on' - Gary Barlow pays tribute to stillborn daughter

Barlow has been candid about his issues with weight before and has discussed how Take That disbanding in 1996 had an impact on his wellbeing.

Appearing on Lorraine in 2018 he said: I was trying to kill off the popstar, thats what I was doing I was eating away what a popstar looked like. I was just killing him off. Stopped dying the hair, stopped buying nice clothes, just wanted to look the opposite, physically and mentally.

"2003 it was the day when I just went, 'No, Im not having this anymore, Im going to change. I want to change and Im determined that this is not who Ive become."

Watch: 90s boyband rivals duet in lockdown

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Gary Barlow opens up about struggles with his weight - Yahoo Sports

Nov 23

8 Best Diets for Weight Loss 2021 – How to Lose Weight Long-Term –


Vegan! Paleo! 5-2 Fasting! The sheer number of trendy diets out there can make your head spin, and each one has its army of true believers, who post all over Instagram about how awesome they feel after giving up carbs/sugar/meat/dinner. But which one of these diets can really help you lose the weight and, more importantly, keep it off long-term? Experts talk about the good, the bad, and the hungry.

RELATED: Sign up for Prevention Premium to get a first look at seasonal, healthy recipes from the magazine.

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1Mediterranean Diet

Based on the heart-healthy lifestyle of Greece, Italy, Spain, and Portugal, Mediterranean-style diets include healthy fats such as avocados, olive oil, nuts, and fish at least twice a week, plenty of beans, fruit, leafy greens, and whole grains, and even a daily glass of red wine. You can eat cheese in moderation, but limit the red meat to once or twice a week.

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How it works for weight loss: Though this diet's primary appeal is in its numerous health benefitsit can lower your risk of both chronic disease and cognitive declineit can also lead to weight loss if you limit your calorie intake to 1,500 a day or less. Studies have found that following either a traditional Mediterranean diet or a low-carb version of it can result in weight loss of about 5-10% of body weight over 12 months. And that weight stays offa recent British study found that for people who had lost large amounts of weight, those who consumed a Mediterranean-style diet were twice as likely to keep it off. "This diet is easy to maintain, because the food is delicious!" says Amanda Beaver, R.D. a dietitian at Houston Methodist.

2DASH Diet

The low-sodium Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) Diet was designed as a way to help people control their blood pressure without using drugs, though a few books have used it as a basis for a weight-loss diet. DASH emphasizes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat or nonfat dairy and limits saturated fat and dietary cholesterol.

How it works for weight loss: You will certainly improve your health with this diet, and if you restrict calories while following DASHs heart-healthy rules, you can lose weight and lower your blood pressure. A recent study found of obese older adults found that those who followed the DASH diet lost weight and decreased body fat, along with many other health benefits. "DASH is one of my favorite diets," says Meridan Zerner, R.D., a dietitian at the Cooper Clinic in Dallas. "You're getting the anti-inflammatory, high fiber, heart-healthy benefits, and if you use a personalized, calorie-limited plan, you can absolutely lose weight."

3WW (formerly Weight Watchers)

Formerly known as Weight Watchers, this diet company has been around so long, your Grandma probably tried it when she was trying to take off the baby weight. With the newest version, myWW+, you get sorted into a color-coded program that assigns you a certain number of points per day (foods are given points based on calories, saturated fat, sugar, and protein)you can eat whatever you want within that range. You can also eat an unlimited amount of 0-point foods (most fruits and veggies and lean proteins such as fish, tofu, beans, eggs, and chicken breast fall into this category). Memberships start at $3.22 a week for a point-tracking app and digital support; $12.69 a week gets you unlimited access to meetings and a personal coach.

How it works for weight loss: Research has consistently found that WW is effective at safely taking off the pounds. A 2013 study found that dieters assigned to WW were more than eight times more likely to lose 10% of their body weight over 6 months than those trying to diet on their own. "There is a lot of evidence that using a tracking app can help you lose weight," says Zerner. She adds that even if you stop tracking every meal, it is easy to maintain weight loss once you internalize which healthy foods are low or 0 points.

4Vegan Diet

Going a step further than the traditional vegetarian diet, vegans shun all animal products, including dairy, eggs, and honey. While many choose this lifestyle for ethical or environmental reasons, some people look to the vegan diet for weight loss as well. And with the new era of plant-based meats, going vegan is easier than ever.

How it works for weight loss: Just going vegan wont necessary help you drop the weight. After all, candy, pasta, and potato chips can all fall under the vegan label without being particularly healthy or low-cal. "If you eat high-quality vegan food, like leafy greens and plant-based proteins, you can lose more weight than either vegetarians or omnivores," says Beaver; studies confirm that those on a plant-based diet have a lower average BMI than those who eat animal products. A 2020 Australian study came to the interesting conclusion that vegans and vegetarians are more likely to stick with the diet over the long run than those on plans such as paleo, because they were motivated by ethical and moral beliefs rather than just weight-loss.

5Flexitarian Diet

Whereas the vegan diet goes one step beyond vegetarianism, the Flexitarian diet takes it one step back, explains Dawn Jackson Blatner, R.D., nutritionist and author of The Flexitarian Diet. "This is a very pro-plant diet, but it gives you the flexibility to have a hot dog at a ballpark, or to eat some turkey at Thanksgiving," she says. There are no strict calorie limitations, though Blatner's book provides a 5-week plan that provides around 1,500 calories a day.

How it works for weight loss: By filling your plate with more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and plant proteins, and sticking with the low-cal plan, you can lose weight and improve your health. A recent review found that people who followed a flexitarian diet had lower BMIs and lower rates of metabolic syndrome than people who regularly ate meat.

6Intermittent Fasting

There are a few different ways to do the intermittent fasting plan: Some people eat whatever they want 5 days a week, then consume a very low calorie diet (usually around 500 calories) on the other 2 days; others restrict their eating to an 8-hour window every day. Say, eating unlimited food between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., and fasting for the other 16 hours.

How it works for weight loss: By limiting your overall calories consumption, youll take off the pounds, says Zerner, who points out that there is some evidence that this diet can also increase your metabolism rate and have other positive health effects. A 2015 meta-study found that people who did intermittent fasting lost about the same amount of weight as those who did a regular calorie-restricted diet.

7Volumetrics DIet

Consistently rated as one of the best diets by U.S. News & World Report, Volumetrics was created by Barbara Rolls, Ph.D., a professor of nutrition at Penn State University. The strategy here is simple: Fill up on foods that provide the most nutrition for the least amount of calories. Foods are divided into four categories, from least energy-dense (fruits, non-starchy vegetables, broth-based soups) to most energy-dense (crackers, cookies, chocolate, nuts, and butter); dieters plan their meals to include as many of the lower-density foods as possible.

How it works for weight loss: The math here is simplethe fewer calories consumed, the more weight you'll drop. A 2016 study found a significant association between low-energy-density diets and weight loss.

8Plant-Based Diet

Similar to a Flexitarian diet, a plant-based diet doesn't have any super-strict rules: You just focus on eating whole foods derived from plants most of the time, with wiggle room for the occasional piece of chicken or scrambled egg. You're basically taking the standard American dietwhich features a big hunk of meat in the center of the plate, with a few vegetables scattered on the sideand flipping that around, so vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, and whole grains, are the star of the show, and beef, poultry, fish, eggs, and dairy only make small, cameo appearances when you have a true craving.

How it works for weight loss: Plant-based foods tend to be higher in fiber and lower in fat than animal products, keeping you filled up for fewer calories. According to one large study, overweight and obese adults who followed a plant-based diet for six months lost an average of 26 pounds.

9Skip It: Paleo Diet

The Paleo diet is still getting a lot of buzz, even though it's nearly impossible for modern-day humans to stick with this diet over the long-term. Based on the eating patterns of our Paleolithic ancestors, this diet requires a strict adherence to foods that would have been hunted and gathered, including lean meat, nuts and seeds, fruits and vegetables. While it cuts out processed foods, it also eliminates dairy, grains, beans and legumes. "Any diet that has a glaring list of what's not allowed is going to be very hard to maintain," says Bonnie Taub-Dix, R.D.N., creator of, author of Read It Before You Eat It. "You want a diet that makes you feel balanced both emotionally and physically." While the elimination of processed food is a good thing, the complete elimination of healthy whole grains can leave you with a shortage of important vitamins and minerals, according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

10Skip It: Keto Diet

Sure, you can lose weight initially on this high-fat, low-carb diet, which puts your body into a state of ketosiswith no carbs to burn off for energy, your cells start burning off stored fat. But keeping your body in what is basically a crisis state is not a viable long-term plan, says Kristine Clark, Ph.D., a sports nutritionist at Penn State University, who also points out that the diet can lead to side effects such as headaches, muscle soreness, constipation, and fatigue.

11Skip It: Sirtfood Diet

Kale smoothies are suddenly hot, thanks to Adele's recent weight loss, which newspapers have linked to the strict Sirtfood diet. The diet focuses on the powers of foods that contain a group of proteins called sirtuins, including kale, red wine, strawberries, onions, soy, parsley, matcha tea, and oily fish such as salmon and mackerel. The first phase of the diet involves a lot of green juices and restricted calories, before you move into the maintenance phase. Restricting calories will always result in short-term weight loss, but there have been no independent studies backing up this diet.

12Skip It: The Mayr Diet

Speaking of celebrity weight loss, no one has shown off a more dramatic change this year than Rebel Wilson, who says she's slimmed down with a combination of exercise and the Mayr Method, developed a century ago by an Austrian doctor. What we know about the diet seems legitit involves reducing gluten and dairy, eating high-alkaline foods such as fish and vegetables, and eating slowly and mindfully (including chewing each bite of food at least 40 times!). To get the full Mayr experience, you have to visit a pricey clinic in Austria, so it's best to simply stick with a plant-based diet and remember to eat without distractions, says dietitian Amy Gorin, M.S., R.D.N.

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Nov 20

Heres how many calories you need to burn to actually lose weight – Atlanta Journal Constitution

However, CNET reported that everyone burns different calories at rest and that can affect how you consider the number of calories you need to burn when youre physically active and how many you need to consume. Consulting a nutritionist or a dietician is the most helpful way to figure out these goals, but you can estimate it yourself, too.

Certified trainer, Brooke Taylor told the website some ways people can do this on their own.

While tracking calories on the road to losing weight, your aim is to create a deficit. You should learn the number of calories you burn at rest, which is your basal metabolic rate. Afterward, take into account how many calories you consume each day.

Having those numbers on hand, multiply your basal metabolic rate and your calorie consumption each by 7. Then, youll be able to change how many calories you eat and make changes to your workouts so that youll burn around 2,000 calories each week. Thats the goal Taylor provides to the majority of her clients.

As for how many pounds you should try to lose weekly, Taylor says a healthy goal is dropping one to two pounds. Her recommendations for burning 2,000 calories each week are exercising followed by shaving 214 calories per day from your diet. That amounts to 1,500 less calories in a week.

Still, its important to know that calories arent everything when it comes to weight loss.

Obesity medicine physician and scientist Dr. Fatima Cody Stanford told PopSugar that the quality of the foods we eat is important, so we shouldnt solely focus on a number (b)ecause I think its shortsighted . . . It doesnt give you much information.

Stanford recommends people consume foods that are filling, including vegetables, fruits, proteins and whole grains.

See the article here:
Heres how many calories you need to burn to actually lose weight - Atlanta Journal Constitution

Nov 20

Rebel Wilson may have done Mayr Method for weight loss: what to know – Insider – INSIDER

Actress Rebel Wilson has lost a significant amount of weightin recent months after declaring 2020 to be her "Year of Health" and working with a personal trainer on her fitness goals.

She's also reportedly following a new diet called the Mayr Method, according to People. The plan is based on the ideas of an Austrian physician, Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr, developed about a century ago. It's now the basis of treatment at Vivamayr, a chain of luxury wellness and medical spas beloved by celebrities.

Experts have mixed feelings about the diet.

"I've been a clinical dietitian for more than 20 years and I've never had anyone come to me and say they've been doing this," Sue Heikkinen, head registered dietitian for the calorie tracking app MyNetDiary, told Insider. "It's not one of the popular ones, and maybe for good reason."

While it includes some good advice, such as eating more slowly and cutting back on sugar, many of its claims aren't supported by evidence and could in fact stall weight loss efforts, according to dietitians. Here's what experts say about the diet's rules and whether you should follow its advice.

Does it work?Kind of.

Eliminating distractions and focusing more on the experience of eating can be a good thing, according to Bonnie Taub-Dix, registered dietitian nutritionistandauthor of Read It Before You Eat It - Taking You from Label to Table.

Slowing down helps you to better appreciate the taste and texture of your food. This can make you feel more satisfied with your meal, and less likely to overindulge.

"Mindful eating is great idea whether you need to lose weight, gain weight or stay the same, I'd encourage it no matter your diet," she said.

The Mayr Method goes a step further, recommending that dieters chewing each bite of food at least 40 times to slow down the eating process and promote better digestion.

That's unnecessary and likely to be a nuisance, according to Heikkinen.

"Most of us do eat too quickly, but 40 times is a lot and counting that is likely to take away from your enjoyment of the food," she said.

Does it work? Yes, but not because of the reasons given by the Mayr Method.

The Mayr Method claims eating foods like fruits and veggies can help you lose weight by balancing your body's pH level.

There's no evidence this is true.The alkaline diet has previously been debunked since the body regulates its pH level naturally, and no combination of food can change that (nor would you want to!).

Swapping processed foods, sugary items, and red meat and replacing them with whole plant foods can help you lose weight simply because it can decrease calories while increasing the nutrients you consume.

"Eating more fruits and vegetables is always a good weight loss strategy," Heikkinen said. "If it's a way to get people to eat more of those, that's awesome, but it's not because of any alkaline effect."

Does it work? No.

Unless you're sensitive to either lactose (a sugar in dairy) or gluten, both Heikkinen and Taub-Dix said that there's no inherent benefit for weight loss if you swear off cheese, bread, and similar foods.

In fact, some of those foods can benefit dieters. Whole grains, for instance, can help you feel more full after eating, and cheese adds flavor, both of which lead to more satisfaction.

"It's not as if cutting out dairy or gluten is going to make your diet magical," Taub-Dix said. "This shines a light on how celebrities aren't setting good examples when they set their tables if they embrace restrictive diets with extensive do and don't lists."

Does it work?Maybe.

Experts are mixed about this one, since it really depends on the person. For people who struggle with distracted eating or stress-snacking, limiting food to mealtimes can cut out empty calories.

"I think this can be a good strategy for many people.Structure has a lot of value for people because it eliminates that struggle of should I eat or not," Heikkinen said.

On the other hand, small, regular snacks can prevent you from getting too hungry and overdoing it when you sit down to a meal.

"Successful diets include smart snacking," Taub-Dix said. "If you choose wisely, there's a good chance it helps keep your blood sugar stable."

Does it work?Yes, but it's not a "detox."

'Cutting out added sugar is a wise weight loss strategy, cutting out a source of calories without nutrients that don't tend to be very filling," Heikkinen said.

She added that "detox" is a pseudoscientific term that sounds more effective than it really is. And sugar isn't necessarily bad, particularly natural sources of sugar like fruit that are also loaded with nutrients.

"There's no one food that is the cause of being overweight. But it can be helpful and healthier to cut back on added sugar," Taub-Dix said.

Does it work?No, and this one could backfire.

There's some evidence that caffeine, in the form of coffee and tea, can have benefits for your metabolism. There's no evidence cutting back can speed weight loss, so it ends up being an unnecessary restriction for people who enjoy those beverages.

"For weight loss there's so many things people are deprived of, why take away coffee which is low in calories?" Heikkinen said.

The exception is if you typically get your caffeine in the form of soda or sweetened coffee drinks, or have a habit of snacking at the same time.

In this case, being aware of your caffeine habits can help you eliminate some sources of hidden calories in your diet.

Does it work?Definitely not.

In fact, the opposite is true. Heikkinen recommends taking sips of water or another healthy beverage between bites to help slow down your meal. And no evidence suggests there's anything wrong with eating fruits, raw vegetables and similar food later in the day, for digestion or any other reason.

"There's no reason to do this and I don't know where it comes from," Heikkinen said. "It's ridiculous to think that you can't eat a salad at dinner just because it's raw."

Does it work?Maybe.

There's some evidence eating early in the day can have a slight benefit for your metabolism.

And if you're eating a majority of your calories in the evening, you might benefit from spreading them out a bit more throughout the day. But for most people, this is a matter of preference.It's also possible to overdo it on this advice, if you're waking up to a heap of eggs, bacon, sausage and toast to start each day.

"It's good to think about timing your meals to when you're going to need the most energy," Taub-Dix said. "But a big breakfast can be unhealthy too. It's all about balance."

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Eating high-protein meals could help you burn fat more efficiently, according to a new study

People who eat late at night tend to consume more calories and junk food overall, a study found

The founder of Adele's rumored sirtfood diet wants people to stop obsessing over calories

Excerpt from:
Rebel Wilson may have done Mayr Method for weight loss: what to know - Insider - INSIDER

Nov 20

Lock up at-risk fatties til they lose weight, and start with me – The Sun

THERE are many opinions on how we should tackle the coronavirus until a vaccine goes public.

Some argue that we should just open up the pubs and the cinemas, abandon social distancing and put up with the consequences.

Read our coronavirus live blog for the latest news & updates


But we read this week about a chap in Wales who had to be held up at the funeral of his wife and two sons whod all died from the virus within days of each other.

And Im sorry but if we just opened everything up again and pretended nothing was happening, I fear wed be reading heartbreaking stories like that every day.

You then have those who want the Government to shut the schools and force everyone to hide under their beds. Im not sure the economy could survive that.

Then you get the loonies who say theres no virus at all and the whole pandemic is a plot designed by Boris, or the Chinese, or space aliens, to turn us into worker bees, or food, or robots.

The only thing you never hear anyone say is: I think the current government measures are working well. And that, of course, is because theyre not.

Theyre idiotic and no one I know is taking a blind bit of notice.

One of the suggestions Ive heard quite often is that we should lock up the nations old people, as they are the most at risk, so that everyone else can fill their lives with big nights out, casual sex and football.

But that wont work because whats old? Some people when theyre 70 can run up a mountain while others spend all day sitting in their inconti-panties, on a wipe-down chair, drooling. What might work, however, is locking up the other vulnerable group the fat.


Fatness can easily be measured. It can even be seen. So anyone whos obese is forced to spend all day doing star-jumps and sit-ups at home, until they are not fat any more.

Its easy to enforce. You just get the police to make people stand on weighing scales in town centres and anyone whos overweight is sent home.

This would cut the number of fatalities, save the NHS, address the obesity crisis which is plaguing the nation and cause the weak-minded who over-eat to get a grip.

Speaking as someone who is fat, I know that if I was sitting at home while my friends were in the pub or at the football, and that I couldnt join them until Id lost the gut, Id teach myself to survive on nothing but weeds and seeds.

And Id lose two stone in a week.

HAVING provided free food for all of Britains children, Marcus Rashford is now urging kids to read something more challenging than the microwave instructions on a bag of frozen chips. The man is also a talented footballer.

Im not sure, but weve been waiting 2,000 years for the second coming. Has it arrived and we missed it?


PICTURE the scene. Youre in urgent need of a kidney transplant and youre told that a suitable organ has been found. But its 300 miles away and no helicopters are available.

In Britain, youd be screwed.


But not in Italy, where police have a fleet of Lamborghini Huracans. With cold boxes in the luggage compartment to keep organs fresh.

This means that last week, they were able to cover the 300-mile journey from just outside Venice to Rome at an AVERAGE speed of 145mph.

And that meant the patient can now look forward to a long and happy life.

As Ive always said, speed is good, speed is right, speed works.

Damned lies and statistics

TWENTY eight per cent of men questioned for a new survey said that they had, at some point in their lives, exceeded 100mph on the motorway.

This is staggering. Because what it means is that 72 per cent were lying.

And women fared even more badly because when they were asked the same question, 91 per cent lied.

ITS often been said that if you give policemen guns and dress them up like a special forces hit team, they will behave like a special forces hit team.

Which is probably why the American police end up kneeling on peoples necks until they are dead.


I saw a photograph this week of some American riot cops and they were dressed like they were taking on the Terminator.

The only problem was that if you look carefully, youll notice that their Kevlar body armour covered every part of their bodies... apart from their meat and two veg.

Which means they could survive an explosion but not a well-aimed kick.

A SENIOR civil servant who resigned from the Home Office in a huff has said that his former boss, Priti Patel, was horrid.

Sir Philip Rutnam went on the news this week to say she used to shout and swear and that she was frightening... and at this point I did start to think: Oh for Gods sake, youre a grown man grow a pair.


Everyone whos seen Sir Humphrey in Yes Minister knows that its a civil servants job to stop ministers from doing anything.

They have to accept that ministers will find this frustrating and that some of the more volatile ones will occasionally resort to a bit of full-volume swearing.

Live with it.


SO now we know. Just nine years from now, we will no longer be able to buy a new car powered by petrol or diesel.

And five years after that, we wont be able to buy a hybrid either.


Yup, even the Toyota Prius will be confined to the history books.

This is great news for the mine owners in countries like the Democratic Republic of the Congo, whose cobalt is used to make the batteries in electric cars. Its less good news though for the children who work there.

Its also not good news for Britains motorists because electric cars are eye-wateringly expensive.

I drove an electric Peugeot the other day that costs 10,000 more than the version that ran on petrol.

There are practical issues too because at present there are 30,000 charge points in the UK.

But when everyone has an electric car, we will need millions of the damn things. And where exactly is all this electricity going to come from?

At the moment, our wind farms and our nuclear and ordinary power stations can only just keep up with demand. So how will they cope when people need to charge up their laptops, their phones AND their cars every night?

The simple answer is: they wont.


THE SUN SAYSBrussels must get real and sign the basic trade deal that Boris Johnson wants


DAN WOOTTONThe Crown may be fiction but it gets nightmare of royal marriage spot on


THE SUN SAYSPM must listen to pubs & shops what they need is customers NOT tax breaks


TIFF NEEDELLBoris' petrol ban is a 40bn car crash that'll leave drivers footing the bill


ROD LIDDLEKeir Starmer's a nice new leader but it's the same nasty old Labour Party

A GERMAN schoolteacher has been arrested on suspicion of murdering his homosexual lover and then eating the body.

Apparently, the Berlin police checked out the browsing history on his computer and noted that, prior to the murder, hed been online to see whether you could survive if you cut off your own penis.


Im sorry. Really? Theres a website for people who want to cut off their own genitals. Its an actual thing? Why?

GOT a story? RING The Sun on 0207 782 4104 or WHATSAPP on 07423720250 or

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Lock up at-risk fatties til they lose weight, and start with me - The Sun

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