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Apr 19

2 Numbers That Explain Why Planet Fitness Is Growing So …

Most mornings, I head to a Planet Fitness (NYSE:PLNT) to do a short workout, and I'm never, ever alone. Approximately 12.5 million members like me pay at least $10 monthly to enter one of the 1,742 locations Planet Fitness brands as a "judgment free zone."

I'm not a typical gym rat and don't want the typical gym rat experience. Good cardio and minimal weight training to keep my body functional is all I'm after. Planet Fitness gets paid well to offer that experience. The only is question is, can the good times last? Two numbers -- store growth, and equipment sales as a percentage of revenue -- may give an early warning sign if the business begins to go south.

Planet Fitness is bulking up across the land. Image source: Planet Fitness.

After three consecutive years of decelerating growth, Planet Fitness' revenue jumped 23.4% in 2018 as net margin hit a five-year high of 16.6%. Management also produces a handsome 17.1% return on capital, testifying to the team's skill at putting money to work for growing the business effectively. No wonder the stock is up over 350% over the past three years. The business is firing on all cylinders, or so it seems.

If there's a worry here, it's on the balance sheet. There, you'll find Planet Fitness saddled with $1.172 billion in debt versus $289.4 million in cash and investments. That's a wide gulf, and it would become insurmountable if the company wasn't producing plenty of excess free cash flow. Fortunately, Planet Fitness generated $143.5 million in free cash flow last year, more than enough to pay interest and taxes and still have money left over to reinvest in the business.

Actually, that may be underselling it. Planet Fitness improved its cash from operations by $53.4 million, or 40.8%, from 2017 to 2018. Capital expenditures inched up just $3.2 million, or 8.5%, over the same period. That's serious leverage, and it explains why management seems comfortable taking on debt.

All the debt has to go somewhere and since Planet Fitness is a franchisor, it's likely going to two places: regional company-owned stores that anchor the business in an area and show potential franchisees the power of the model, and fitness equipment to be resold to franchisees.

So far, the formula is working. Stores are popping up quickly and earning good returns, which gets cash flowing onto Planet Fitness's balance sheet. Taking on debt makes sense as long as the math behind the formula remains sound. Management seems convinced.

According to the fourth quarter investor presentation, executives believe Planet Fitness has room to more than double its store count to 4,000 locations in the U.S. and another 300 in Canada. If they're right, here's what we'll see:

However, if Planet Fitness slows its pace of store openings while dramatically boosting its sales of equipment to existing franchisees, it could signal the concept has worn thin and that Planet Fitness is poised for an extended slowdown.

That doesn't appear to be happening, and frankly, it may never happen. The point is that the risk is there, and as an investor, it's crucial to know what to look for -- in Planet Fitness or any business in which you're investing.

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2 Numbers That Explain Why Planet Fitness Is Growing So ...

Apr 19

Life | Fitness | Dallas News

Ways to make New Year's resolutions stick

As a new year unfolds, keep in mind that change is a process, not an event. "It takes time, and there will be slip ups. Learn from them and keep going," the experts say.

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Life | Fitness | Dallas News

Apr 19

LA Fitness | Reviews | Gym Membership | Pursue Fitness Goals

LA Fitness continues to increase its presence by focusing on the one lifelong benefit valued by everyone: good health.

Founded in Southern California in 1984, LA Fitness continues to seek innovative ways to enhance the physical and emotional well-being of our increasingly diverse membership base. Today, our state-of-the-art clubs span the continent, and were still expanding. Our strong and successful growth stems from our commitment to understanding and meeting the distinct needs of each community we serve. With our wide range of amenities and a highly trained staff, we provide fun and effective workout options to family members of all ages and interests.

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LA Fitness | Reviews | Gym Membership | Pursue Fitness Goals

Apr 19

Gym Memberships | As Low As $10 | Planet Fitness

Unlimited Access to Home Club

Free Fitness Training

Free Wifi*

Reciprocal Use of All Planet Fitness Locations

Unlimited Guest Privileges at All Planet Fitness Locations

Use of Tanning

Unlimited Use of Hydromassage*

Unlimited Use of Massage Chairs

Unlimited Total Body Enhancement*

1/2 Prices Cooler Drinks (Restrictions may apply)

20% off Reebok Products

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Gym Memberships | As Low As $10 | Planet Fitness

Apr 19

Engage Higher Degree Fitness

You wont find the workout grind at Engage.Our higher degree studio is about making sure you get the most out of every movement, because life's too short for a half-hearted workout.

We also know that carving time in your day can be challenging.So we make sure that every class gets your heart rate up and helps you build strength and flexibility in one power-packed hour. (And we even throw in balance for good measure.)

Some moves may be slower and more deliberate, some may be faster and taken up a degree.But theres one thing you can always count on: were constantly changing up moves and sequences to keep things fresh (and keep your body guessing) so no two classes are ever the same.

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Engage Higher Degree Fitness

Apr 19

FITNESS | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.

The relative fitnesses are also scaled by the arbitrary assumption of a generation time l 15 days made when fitting the discrete model.

If the wild-type homozygote is viable and fertile, then it is impossible to infer the four fitnesses from the three chromosome frequencies alone.

346 sume the one-locus model of fitnesses given above.

However, locally stable polymorphisms are possible even if all double homozygotes have higher geometric mean fitnesses than all other genotypes.

If so, then mean fitnesses do not climb peaks in the adaptive topography.

The fitnesses of the heterozygotes and homozygotes for the disfavoured allele are 1khs and 1ks, respectively.

Offspring phenotypes and fitnesses are assigned as above.

Also, relative fitnesses might change through time, as a result of direct or indirect frequency-dependence.

When this is so, the interactions between the loci in fitnesses will be at least of the same order of magnitude as their individual effects.

Their results indicated that genetic background did not have a strong consistent effect on the adaptive evolution they studied; allelic fitnesses were not strongly dependent upon genetic background.

The numbers and effects of the mutations can then be estimated from the fitnesses of the replicates by means of a model of the mutational effects.

Dynamical behavior for population genetics models of differential and difference equations with nonmonotone fitnesses.

A straightforward, pragmatic solution is to allocate fitnesses and transmission rate parameters directly to combinations of genotypes and cultural traits, a package known as a phenogenotype.

The coevolution approach reformulates the given or intrinsic fitnesses by formulating extrinsic fitnesses that take into account a component's contribution to the assembly that uses it.

Note that because the fitnesses of the two hermaphrodite genotypes are identical when l=0, we need only consider the phenotypes involved to determine hermaphrodite invasion criteria.

See all examples of fitness

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FITNESS | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

Apr 19

Top 100 Fitness Blogs, Websites And Newsletters To Follow …

1. Men's Journal | Health, Adventure, Gear, Style

Top 100 Fitness Blogs, Websites And Newsletters To Follow ...

Apr 19

Fitness Archives | Under Armour

Always wanted to try an exciting new activity, but just not sure where to start? Were trying out the latest, greatest sports and activities for you and reporting back with our findings, so you know exactly what to expect when trying something for the first time. We tried everything from parkour to trail running and learned the basics straight from experts and now were passing their secrets on to you. So go on, try that new sport for the first time it probably wont be your last.

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Fitness Archives | Under Armour

Apr 16

Fitness Connection Sugarland, Best Gym and Health Club

try fitness connection free for 5 days

Try us with no strings attached. Whether it be a workout or group class, we have you covered!

Sugarland (281) 980-0660

Fitness Connections Kids Club is a safe & fun babysitting center located inside all of our facilities. This service is provided to you, our members and guests, allowing you to feel comfortable that your child(ren) is/are being taken care of while you work out. Our Kids Club facility is not a licensed day-care facility, therefore you must remain inside the facility while your child (ren) is/are signed into the Kids Club. Our policies are solely designed for the safety of your child(ren) and we ask for you cooperation with all of our rules/regulations.

Kid's Club Hours:

Holiday Hours:Easter: ClosedMemorial Day: Morning only4th of July: Morning onlyLabor Day: Morning onlyThanksgiving Eve: Morning onlyThanksgiving Day: ClosedThanksgiving-Friday: Normal hoursChristmas Eve: Morning onlyChristmas Day: ClosedDay After Christmas: Normal hoursNew Years Eve: Morning onlyNew Years Day: Closed

Please fill out the form below and a staff members will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Fitness Connection Sugarland, Best Gym and Health Club

Apr 11

Fitness at Kings Point

Kings Point In Tamarac offers an alluring lifestyle suitable for Kings and Queens. This luxurious, active senior community is complete with 13 beautiful neighborhoods, 4,869 units of spacious Condominiums, Villas and Coach Homes with tranquil lake views and numerous amenities.

Centrally located North of Mc Nab Road; West of Pine Island Road and east of the Sawgrass Expressway; we are convenient to Ft. Lauderdale Beaches, Shopping, and Major Highways.




Michael Comstock is Fitness Director for Kings Point in Tamarac, Florida. He received his B.S. degree in Recreation Management from Arizona State University and completed his internship at the Palm Aire Spa in Pompano Beach, Florida where he began teaching Group Fitness. This led him to Freelance Instructing and Personal Training, and then to his current 14 year career as Fitness Director. Michael is certified by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA), as well as an instructor for the American Heart Association, certifying fellow Kings Point associates in CPR/AED. Michael has put together a Fitness Schedule of over 75 classes weekly that reach all levels of students on both land and in the water. He strives to keep seniors active, achieve fitness/health goals, and have fun at the same time. Michael currently resides in Pompano Beach, Florida with his two dogs Prezley & Jaxon. Michael can be contacted at

Gina Rippel is a professional fitness instructor and her area of expertise is in senior fitness. She finds much delight in exercising and is skilled at motivating clients. Gina has been working full time at Kings Point in Tamarac since 2002. She is certified by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America as well as a certified personal trainer. Ginas Favorite Class at Kings Point is the aerobics class, where she has a great time with residents. Coming to the classes is a joy for Gina every day because of the energy the homeowners bring. Gina Rippel resides in Tamarac, FL.

Eduardo Chueco has been involved in fitness and exercises his entire life. From grade school to high school, Eduardo was involved in sports, weight training, and track and field. He is an AFAA certified in fitness instruction, Spinning, Pilates, Cross Fit (level 1), and personal training. Fitness became more than an activity for Eduardo; it is indeed, a lifestyle now. He moved here from Argentina more than 11 years ago and has been doing this ever since. He brings his passion for teaching and exercise to every class.

Eduardo believes that any participants at every level should feel welcomed to join group fitness classes. My goal is to show by Example, how to find the strength within and set goals you never thought possible.

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Fitness at Kings Point

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