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Oct 5

Weight loss: Man drops 4 stone in 12 weeks by cutting down on one thing ‘Changed my life!’ – Express

Peter Markwick, 58, from East Sussex changed his life when he embarked on Dr Michael Mosleys Fast 800 programme. Feeling exhausted, tired and lethargic, Peter was frequently poorly with colds and chest infections. After struggling at work, he was prescribed blood pressure tablets and cholesterol medication in January this year. Having tried to lose weight before, Peter would get bored with the diet and after a serious conversation with a health professional about the state of his liver, Peter decided to turn his life around. In just 12 weeks, Peter lost 3.7 stone taking his weight from 17.7 stone to 14 stone and hasnt looked back since.

Peter his weight loss journey: I had been drinking far too much beer for 40 years, and consequently the GP prescribed cholesterol and blood pressure medication. I was also taking medication for psoriasis and arthritis.

What really hit home was a phone call with a hospital nurse, who was very concerned about my high liver count levels after a blood test. She said if I carried on drinking to that level, I would end up in hospital with serious liver issues.

Realising he needed to take his health seriously, Peter chose The Fast 800 online programme.

When I lost a stone, I started to get lovely comments from friends and customers, he explained. Interestingly, many of them said Youre looking well rather than commenting on my weight loss.

The most fantastic improvement apart from the weight loss is that my doctor has been able to take me off all medications, he added.

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My psoriasis has significantly improved and my arthritis causes me minimal pain now.

Peter initially followed The Very Fast 800, a short-term, intensive approach designed for those who need to lose a lot of weight quickly.

Followers eat 800 calories per day for up to 12 weeks, using the healthy, Mediterranean-style recipes rich in protein, fibre and healthy fats provided within the online programmes meal plans.

The Fast 800 has really opened my eyes as to how delicious Mediterranean-style food is, Peter said. Although I ate 800 calories for the first 12 weeks, my energy levels were high.

Now, having completed The Very Fast 800 approach, I can see just how much better I am feeling mentally and physically.

He has now moved onto on of The Fast 800s longer-term sustainable approaches, The Way of Life, eating a moderately low-carb, Mediterranean-style diet.

Peter occasionally incorporates an 800-calorie day along with time-restricted eating where he fasts daily for up to 16 hours, usually overnight.

This approach is intended for those looking to maintain their weight while further improving their fitness and metabolic health.

For people with only a small amount of weight to lose or those who want to lose weight more gradually, The Fast 800 online programme also offers The New 5:2 approach, which factors in two 800-calorie fasting days per week and five non-fasting days.

Peter continued: The great thing about The Very Fast 800 approach, along with the constant support and information available on the online programme, is that when youve completed 12 weeks of it, you feel confident and educated enough to move to the longer-term approaches.

When you move on to The New 5:2 or Way of Life, youre just eating even more of the lovely foods youve enjoyed for the past 12 weeks, with the know-how to make good choices in the real world.

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Looking back at how far he has come, Peter said: I am amazed at the amount of energy I now have. My brain has become much sharper, and I have an excitement about life.

I realised after about seven weeks into The Fast 800 that I could get used to this lifestyle.

The diet works because all youre doing is eating great food. And once youve reached your goal you just increase the volume of the lovely food youve been eating for 12 weeks.

As for his social life: I dont struggle to go out with my friends for a drink. I still have the occasional beer, but Im in total control now, unlike before.

My weight loss has inspired my wife to change her lifestyle too. She was very supportive of me, and has recently started her journey now.

Peters final piece of advice is: Start by committing to weeks of your life, because it can completely change your life.

The Fast 800 online programme offers a sustainable plan for the growing number of people. who struggle with weight loss and want to continue eating satisfying, real-food meals.

The platform guides them to eat a Mediterranean-style diet, scientifically proven to be one of the best ways of eating for long-term health, so the results they achieve are sustained long-term, and their health is improved to support an active lifestyle well into the future.

But this is only one part of the programme.

The online programme hosts a member-only community of peers sharing their own journeys,

with professionally-qualified Health Coaches offering guidance and support.

Along with meal plans and recipes, users are provided with weekly exercise plans and mindfulness resources for a holistic solution.

A 12-week programme on costs 99 and includes:

- Meal plans for The Very Fast 800, The New 5:2 and Med-style diets, with vegetarian options

- Three calorie-counted meals per day based on healthy, gut-friendlyMediterranean-style food

- Over 400 tasty and easy-to-make recipes unique to the online programme

- Shopping lists just print and go, or use the list to help with your online grocery shop

- Guided exercise plans all suited to the home, no equipment necessary

- Lots of tips and support on how to adapt your routine

- Health Coaches on hand for advice, support and motivation

- A lively and inspirational cohort of members, united by a common goal to improve health

- Weekly motivational articles and videos, so you can make these changes for life!

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Weight loss: Man drops 4 stone in 12 weeks by cutting down on one thing 'Changed my life!' - Express

Oct 5

Jamie Oliver weight loss: The chef lost 2st by cutting down on 1 thing ‘It’s been amazing’ – Express

Jamie Oliver, 46, is a TV chef who has been through a weight loss transformation in recent years. But how did the chef manage to drop two stone?

But apart from cutting down on his meat intake, the chef focused on eating healthy.

When he opted for healthier foods and started cooking healthier meals, the chef saw an instant transformation.

"I lost 12 kilos quite quickly and I didn't do it through not eating.

"I ate a lot, more than I was used to, Jamie explained.


However, his secret was swapping large servings of meat for more vegetables.

Jamie also shared his favourite snack to stay in shape: nuts.

They make you half as likely to have a heart attack. Feed them to your kids as well, he recommended.

Jamie also decided to make other lifestyle changes, such as cutting back on booze and getting more sleep.

"Your average Brit drinks booze. Im not telling you what to do, but my rhythm now is only to drink at the weekend.

Its about a consciousness and knowing youre doing something and being more mindful.

Jamie also shared one food which helped him speed up weight loss: seaweed.

"I thought seaweed was hippy, globetrotting stuff but our ancestors ate seaweed. It has got a load of iodine and is the most nutritious vegetable in the world," he explained

The celebrity chef decided to slim down after realising how unhealthy his life was.

"I realised I hadnt spent much time looking after myself.

I went back to school and started studying nutrition, started travelling to parts of the world to where people live the longest lives and started looking at their lifestyles.

"That was the journey and its been amazing, he explained on Loose Women.

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Jamie Oliver weight loss: The chef lost 2st by cutting down on 1 thing 'It's been amazing' - Express

Oct 5

Jamie Oliver shed almost two stone by cutting down on just one type of food – The Mirror

TV chef Jamie Oliver has undergone transformation in recent years, and he revealed one of the secrets to his youthful glow was getting more sleep, despite having five kids with wife Jools Oliver

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Jamie Oliver discusses his dream dinner party guests

Jamie Oliver has revealed he shed almost two stone by ditching fad diets and cutting down on just one type of food.

The TV chef, best known for his popular cooking shows on Channel 4 including Jamies 15 Minute Meals, and Jamies Ministry of Food, said by swapping out one element of his diet, hes managed to inadvertently lose a lot of weight.

Jamie, who shares five kids - Poppy, 19, Daisy, 18, Petal, 12, Buddy, 11, and five-year-old River - with wife Jools Oliver, said dropping meat from his everyday diet really helped him shift the pounds.

I pushed meat down, pushed veggie up, got more sleep and more movement, he told the Radio Times.

The Naked Chef said when he began opting for healthier meals, as well as halving his portion sizes, he saw an immediate effect.

I lost 12 kilos quite quickly and I didn't do it through not eating, Jamie explained.


He recommended swapping meat for large servings of veggies, and urged people to start snacking on nuts as theyre hugely beneficial for heart health.

Feed them to your kids as well, Jamie recommended in the interview, which took place last year.

His love for veggies was reignited when he decided to create a cookbook full of delicious plant-based recipes, Ultimate Veg, which was released in August 2019.


Jamie also cut back on booze, and tried getting more sleep at night, which is hard when youre a working parent with five kids.

But he now only drinks on a weekend after banning alcohol midweek, and said hes now more mindful and has a positive consciousness.

Another super food recommendation was seaweed, and the award-winning chef said it was the most nutritious vegetable in the world.



Jamies also a big fan of a nutritious breakfast, and as he shared his wifes recipe for granola on his website, he called it the perfect portable breakfast.

Granola is a great way to enjoy all the different types of dried fruits, nuts and seeds that you might not otherwise get in your diet, he wrote.

During an appearance on Loose Women in 2015, he told the panelists hes been inspired to lose weight after years of trying to stay in shape, and said he realised he hadnt spent any time looking after himself.

I went back to school and started studying nutrition, started travelling to parts of the world to where people live the longest lives and started looking at their lifestyles, Jamie explained.

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Jamie Oliver shed almost two stone by cutting down on just one type of food - The Mirror

Oct 5

Innovative Lasers may be able to assist you with your Fitness Journey – KTRK-TV

In our October 5 segment, we took an inside look atInnovative Lasers of Houston to learn how they may be able to help you with your health goals. This compnay is dedicated to making sure you reach every milestone on your fitness journey. See how this local company has assisted previous clients along their fitness journeys with a special process. Learn about the Zerona Laser and the process Innovative Lasers of Houston uses to help you lose weight and inches.

Learn how Innovative Lasers of Houston may be able to help you lose inches in just a few weeks. Innovative Lasers of Houston is dedicated to helping you along in your fitness journey by providing you with a customized plan designed to fit your individual goals and needs. They specialize in using the Zerona Laser to target areas where you would like to see fat reduction and "inch loss". This can be completed quickly, which means it can be done at a time that fits your busy schedule.

To learn more, watch the segment or visit their website:

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Innovative Lasers may be able to assist you with your Fitness Journey - KTRK-TV

Oct 5

Instagram advertised a page to beautify eating disorders to teens –

I have to lose weight Im hungry forever I want to be perfect Instagram algorithm promoted the name of the account registered for the account of a 13 year old girl who was interested in weight loss and dieting Proof that Instagram isnt just failing to crack down on accounts that promote extreme diets and eating disorders Instagram and its parent company, Facebook, face scrutiny of their impact on the mental health of young people Therefore, we are actively promoting these accounts. The extreme diet account has been promoted to an Instagram account set up by Senator Richard Blumentals staff. A team of Senators Connecticut registered accounts as a 13-year-old girl and tracked several diet and eating disorder accounts (the latter being banned by Instagram). Soon, Instagrams algorithms began to almost exclusively recommend young teenage accounts to follow increasingly extreme diet accounts, Senator told CNN. Blumenthals office shared a list of accounts recommended by CNN and Instagram algorithms. After CNN sent samples from this list of five accounts to Instagram for comment, the company removed them and stated that they all violated their policy on encouraging eating disorders. I shared it with us for breaking these rules. We use technology and reports from the community to find and remove this content as soon as possible and constantly work to improve it. We continue to be experts from scholars and mental health organizations such as national eating disorders. This experience is a very graphical representation of how claims to protect children and delete accounts are made, Blumental told CNN on Monday. Blumenthals experiments are not unusual and may not come as a surprise to regular Instagram users who are familiar with how the platforms algorithms recommend accounts that they have determined may be of interest to them. Hmm. Instagram, especially by the Wall Street Journal, based on an internal Facebook document showing that the company is aware of the platform, especially the toxic impact, can be given to young people. Many of the reports and Facebooks subsequent commentary focus on the negative impact of social comparisons with celebrities and popular people on the app. The problem Facebook says is society as a whole, not just apps. However, according to the WSJ report, Facebook researchers admit that Instagrams social comparison is worse than other platforms because it focuses on the whole body and human lifestyle. Last week, CNN set up accounts in the same way as Senators office, and followed some accounts for extreme diets and eating disorders. On Sunday, Instagram promoted accounts with names such as Sweet Skinny, Prettily Skinny, and Wanna Be Skinny to an experimental CNN account, also registered for a 13-year-old girl. CNN contacted Instagram to ask if these accounts also violated the policy. The Dangers of Eating Eating Disorder Content on Instagram View the content of these extreme diet accounts-for example, very thin body images and information about the users current weight, according to experts, their It may serve as a validation for users who are already prone to unhealthy behavior against their target weight. This is called confirmation bias, and people tend to ask for information that confirms that they already believe it to be true, says Pamela Kiel. Professor of Psychology at Florida State University. Im studying how the use of Instagram contributes to eating disorders. Confirmation bias is often discussed in the context of other social media issues, such as false alarms for vaccines, but also for those who already think they need to be thin and are looking for others to agree with. It can have an impact, its important, she said. We are always looking for verification of what is right, even if that verification is really really harmful to our personal health, Kiel adds, adding such content.

I have to lose weight Im hungry forever I want to be perfect These are the Instagram algorithms that have been promoted to accounts registered as belonging to a 13-year-old girl who has shown an interest in weight loss and dieting. The name of the account.

Evidence that Instagram is not only failing to crack down on accounts that promote extreme diets and eating disorders, but is actively promoting those accounts is coming as Instagram and its parent company. Facebook They face close scrutiny of their impact on youth mental health.

Instagram confirmed to CNN this weekend that these accounts violated the rules for promoting extreme diets and should not have been allowed on the platform.

The extreme diet account has been promoted to an Instagram account set up by Senator Richard Blumenthals staff. A team of Senators Connecticut registered accounts as a 13-year-old girl and tracked several diet and eating disorder accounts (the latter being banned by Instagram). Soon, Instagrams algorithms began to almost exclusively recommend that young teenage accounts should follow increasingly extreme diet accounts, Senator told CNN.

Blumenthals office shared with CNN a list of accounts recommended by Instagrams algorithms. After CNN sent a sample from this list of five accounts to Instagram for comment, the company removed them and stated that all accounts violated the policy for encouraging eating disorders.

A spokeswoman for Instagrams parent company, Facebook, told CNN that it did not allow content that promotes or promotes eating disorders and deleted accounts shared for violating these rules. We use technology and reports from the community to find and remove this content as soon as possible and constantly work to improve it. Expert advice from scholars and mental health organizations such as National Eating Disorders. Continue to follow. The association, a difficult balance between allowing people to share their mental health experiences while protecting them from potentially harmful content.

Blumenthal told CNN on Monday: [Facebooks] The claim to protect children or delete accounts that could be dangerous to them is an absolute disgust.

Blumenthals experiments are not unusual and may be of little surprise to regular Instagram users who are familiar with how the platforms algorithms recommend accounts that they have determined may be of interest to them. ..

Continue Report by The Wall Street Journal It is based on Facebooks internal documents showing that the company is aware of the toxic impact its platform, especially Instagram, can have on young people. Many of the reports and Facebooks subsequent commentary focus on the negative impact of social comparisons with celebrities and popular people on the app. The problem Facebook says is society as a whole, not just apps. However, according to the WSJ report, Facebook researchers admit that Instagrams social comparison is worse than some other platforms because it focuses on the whole body and human lifestyle. ..

Blumenthals experiments go deeper and show how quickly Instagram algorithms promote harmful content to younger users.

Last week, CNN set up an account using the same methodology as the Senators office. I also followed some extreme diet and eating disorder accounts. On Sunday, Instagram promoted accounts with names such as Sweet Skinny, Prettily Skinny, and Wanna Be Skinny to an experimental CNN account, also registered for a 13-year-old girl. CNN contacted Instagram and asked if these accounts also violated the policy.

According to experts, viewing the content of these extreme diet accounts may include, for example, a very thin body image or information about the users current weight and target weight, which may already lead to unhealthy behavior. It acts as a verification for prone users.

This is called confirmation bias, and people tend to ask for information that confirms that they already believe it to be true, said Pamela Kiel, a professor of psychology at Florida State University. studied How the use of Instagram can contribute to eating disorders. Confirmation bias is often discussed in the context of other social media issues, such as false alarms for vaccines, but also for those who already think they need to be thin and are looking for others to agree with. It can have an impact, which is important.

We are always looking for the right verification, even if that verification is really really harmful to our personal health, Kiel adds, adding Instagram to avoid promoting such content. I raised my stake.

Instagram advertised a page to beautify eating disorders to teens

Source link Instagram advertised a page to beautify eating disorders to teens

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Instagram advertised a page to beautify eating disorders to teens -

Jul 21

Gout and Turf Toe: Similarities and Differences – Healthline

Toe and foot pain are no joke they can be very uncomfortable and affect your everyday activities. Gout and turf toe are two conditions that can cause pain and swelling of your big toe and its joints, reducing mobility. Although some of the symptoms may initially show up in the same ways, the underlying causes and treatments are different.

Knowing more about these conditions can help you know the difference between them and lead you to get the best treatment for your pain.

Gout is a general term that describes many different conditions. These conditions are caused by a buildup of uric acid. If your body is not excreting the uric acid, urate crystals form in your bodys tissues, typically around joints. This buildup of crystals causes a type of painful arthritis.

Certain conditions like blood and metabolism disorders or dehydration can cause your body to make too much uric acid. Additionally, kidney or thyroid conditions can make it harder for your body to remove excess uric acid. If your diet is high in purines, the breakdown of these natural chemical components of DNA and RNA can cause a buildup of uric acid.

Gout can be caused by:

Depending on the stage and severity of your gout, it may be treated in different ways. Treatment can include:

Turf toe, or hyperextension, is when you bend your big toe too far toward the top of your foot. It can cause a sprain of your toe or your ligaments surrounding it. Turf toe is a kind of metatarsophalangeal joint sprain, which means that at least one of your joints connecting your toe to the rest of your foot is injured.

Turf toe can happen during any sport or activity when your forefoot is on the ground with your heel up, and then you are pushed into a position of hyperextension of your toe. It most often occurs among football players on artificial grass. This is because the turf is harder and not as shock absorbent. Turf shoes also often have less protection in the forefoot because they tend to be more flexible.

Treatment for turf toe depends on the severity of the injury, which ranges from grade 1 to 3:

At first glance, gout and turf toe dont seem like they would have much in common, but there are several similarities between the two. They can include:

Pain with both may be somewhat relieved by NSAIDs. While gout can be acute, it can also become chronic if not treated and lead to joint damage. If turf toe is not treated, this can also cause lasting damage to your joints.

In gout, the damage to your joint is from internal mechanisms, meaning the uric acid buildup and urate crystals. With turf toe, the injury to your joint is from an outside force that bent the foot in a certain way.

The symptoms of gout are due to the uric acid crystals forming on your joints or around your soft tissue, making it hard to move joints and causing pain. In turf toe, the symptoms are from the hyperextension of your toe and surrounding joints and ligaments.

Gout can be managed with diet, medications, and lifestyle changes. None of these treatment strategies overlap with those for turf toe. Treatment for turf toe depends on the injury and accompanying symptoms medication is solely used to relieve the pain.

If you are predisposed to gout or have multiple risk factors, joint injury may trigger a gout attack. Even stubbing your toe can cause a gout attack if there are enough uric acid crystals in your cartilage already.

If you have gout, its important to take precautions for your feet and joints when you exercise. Continuing to manage your condition over time is important.

Gout and turf toe can both cause similar symptoms like joint pain and stiffness, as well as pain with walking. With turf toe, there will generally be an event that causes the injury because of hyperextension it doesnt just happen out of nowhere. A gout attack, however, can develop without warning.

Although the two have very different causes and treatments, its important that both are accurately diagnosed to get appropriate treatment. Without treatment, both conditions have may potentially worsen and significantly impact your joint health and mobility.

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Gout and Turf Toe: Similarities and Differences - Healthline

May 27

Shirataki noodles: 6 health benefits, nutrition facts, and meals – Medical News Today

Shirataki noodles are long, white noodles that consist of a type of starch known as glucomannan. The body does not digest this starch, making shirataki noodles very low in calories and carbohydrates.

Shirataki noodles are a popular part of Japanese cuisine. However, because of their nutritional properties and versatility, they have gained popularity in other parts of the world, particularly among those who follow low carbohydrate diets.

In this article, we will explore what shirataki noodles are in more detail, as well as their potential health benefits, how to cook them, and how to include them in meals.

Shirataki noodles consist of water and starch from the roots of the konjac plant, which is a type of yam. Other names for these noodles include konjac noodles or miracle noodles.

Manufacturers make shirataki noodles by extracting starch from konjac roots. They then use this starch to create a block, known as konnyaku.

People can eat konnyaku on its own as a meat substitute, or use it to create different shapes. Konjac starch is gelatinous and clings to itself, which makes it ideal for forming into noodles.

Shirataki noodles are unique because of the starch they contain: glucomannan. In the digestive system, glucomannan acts like a dietary fiber, which means the body does not break it down to use as energy.

This makes shirataki noodles extremely low in calories and carbohydrates, as they provide little energy.

Shirataki noodles may have a number of health benefits, depending on the individual. They include:

People may find shirataki noodles both useful and beneficial for their health if they have a food allergy, food intolerance, or a digestive condition that limits their diet.

This is because shirataki noodles are free from substances that can cause symptoms in some people. For example, they do not contain:

Some brands of shirataki noodle are also low FODMAP.

This could help people with conditions that require these dietary restrictions to eat a more varied diet while also avoiding symptoms. Shirataki noodles can act as a replacement for popular foods such as pasta, wheat noodles, and egg noodles.

Shirataki noodles may help people reach a moderate weight by providing a low calorie, low carbohydrate replacement for other starchy foods.

Additionally, there is some evidence that glucomannan may help to promote weight loss. A 2020 systematic review and meta-analysis in Obesity Medicine found an association between glucomannan supplementation and weight loss in people with overweight and obesity.

Glucomannan is also a type of soluble fiber, which is generally beneficial for weight loss as it can increase feelings of fullness.

Shirataki noodles have a low glycemic index, which means they do not cause a spike in blood sugar levels after eating them. This can make them a useful food for those with prediabetes, metabolic syndrome, or type 2 diabetes, who may need to restrict their carbohydrate intake.

However, these noodles may have additional health benefits for people with these conditions. According to a 2015 study, konjac glucomannan:

A double-blind, randomized controlled trial from 2017 found that participants who ate 400 grams (g) of glucomannan noodles for 4 weeks, followed by 4 weeks of a placebo, had:

This may make shirataki noodles a potential addition to the diet for those who are using dietary changes to reduce their risk of type 2 diabetes.

Glucomannan fiber may help to lower cholesterol by prompting the liver to release cholesterol-containing bile, which the body eliminates via bowel movements.

A systematic review in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that taking around 3 g of glucomannan fiber each day caused a 10% reduction in low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol.

This research focuses on glucomannan specifically, rather than shirataki noodles. As such, people should not rely on this food to treat high cholesterol.

The glucomannan fiber in shirataki may act as a prebiotic. Prebiotics are substances that feed beneficial bacteria in the large intestine.

A critical review in the International Journal of Biological Macromolecules notes that glucomannan does not break down in the stomach, so it can be a source of food for gut flora.

Scientists are only beginning to understand the ways in which gut bacteria affect human health. However, they are essential for digestion and nutrient absorption. Gut bacteria may also influence other aspects of health, such as mood and body weight.

As with other sources of soluble fiber, shirataki noodles can help aid digestion and promote regular bowel movements. This may help people who experience constipation or who want to increase their fiber intake to generally improve digestion.

Shirataki noodles mainly consist of water and fiber. As a result, they contain few essential nutrients.

A 112 g serving of shirataki noodles contains:

The noodles also contain about 20.2 mg of calcium per serving.

Some companies may add other ingredients to improve markers, such as texture or flavor. Keep in mind that this may change the nutritional value of the noodles.

Shirataki noodles are generally well-tolerated. However, a 2014 study notes that glucomannan supplementation can cause side effects, such as bloating, trapped gas, or diarrhea.

It is possible that eating large amounts of shirataki noodles may cause similar side effects, though no research exists on how common this is.

Additionally, while shirataki noodles are low in calories and carbohydrates, they contain very little energy and almost no vitamins or minerals.

As such, it is important to eat them as part of a balanced diet that also contains plenty of nutrient-dense foods. Otherwise, a person may develop deficiencies.

Shirataki noodles are very low in carbohydrates. For this reason, people following the ketogenic diet can eat them.

People following the keto diet should try to mix shirataki noodles with other carbohydrate replacement foods, such as cauliflower, zucchini, or spaghetti squash. People can also use these foods as substitutes for rice, pasta, and noodles. Unlike shirataki, though, they have more nutritional value.

Learn more about the potential benefits and risks of the keto diet.

Shirataki noodles often come bagged in water. To prepare them:

At this point, some people prefer to cook the noodles again in a hot, dry frying pan. This evaporates any remaining water and can improve the texture or flavor before adding the noodles to a dish.

Shirataki noodles are versatile. People can add them to many dishes, as they absorb the flavor of other foods. People can use them in a similar way to pasta, rice, and other types of noodle.

To infuse the noodles with more flavor, cook them as normal and then add them to a sauce or broth. Allow them to simmer in the liquid for a few minutes to absorb the flavors.

Some ideas for meals using shirataki noodles include:

Shirataki noodles are fiber-rich noodles that may have some health benefits, such as helping people maintain a moderate weight and improving digestive health. They are low in calories and carbohydrates, and free from common allergens.

People can use shirataki noodles in a wide range of dishes. However, it is important not to rely on them, as they do not contain many nutrients.

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Shirataki noodles: 6 health benefits, nutrition facts, and meals - Medical News Today

May 2

The Secrets Of How Celebrities Lose Weight So Quickly

When celebrities have babies or start to gain weight, it only takes a few months that theyve lost it all. Theyre back to their original shape and size, and it leaves the rest of us jealous.

If only we could manage something as amazing as that. If only it could take us weeks to shed the pounds and drop the dress sizes.

Well, we could. Celebrities arent aliens. Theyre not some out-of-this-world creatures that have superpowers of weight loss. Theyre human, just like you and me. Celebrities all have the same worries, challenges, and goals as us.

But how do they seem to lose weight so quickly? How do they miraculously get to their goals within weeks? Can we do it too?

Heres a look at the celebrity secrets for weight loss, so you can do it too. And yes, you really can do it!

You want to know the biggest secret? Its not a miracle pill or some magical cure. Weight loss is all about hard work and determination.

What? That cant be true, right?

Well, as much as we wish the celebrities had some secret, they really dont. They just know that the hard work pays off in the end. We just have to look at Gwyneth Paltrows strict diet plan or Madonnas raw food diet to know that it really does take grit and hard work.

Thats good news, though! It means that you can do it all too. You just need to be in the mindset to be able to succeedand find the diet plan that really works and really works for you. If you dont enjoy it or find it something that you can stick to, youre more likely to stop following it. There are so many plans out there, and there will be one that you find easier than all the rest.

But its not all about the diet. The celebrities know that workouts are just as important. In fact, weight loss is about 80% diet and 20% exercise. Some exercises will burn more calories while others will tone muscle and keep your strength up. Youll need to do a mixture of the two. Check out more info on successful liquid diets here

While you have the diet and exercise plan, youre not just instantly going to start losing weight. Most of the celebrities happen to be in the right mindset. They have goals that they desperately want to achieve, whether its to get their post-baby figures back or make it easier to land rolesbecause lets face it, as much as we want the world to be equal skinnier people do happen to have more success. There is prejudice in the world, and the celebrities know that.

So, to be able to lose weight like the celebrities, you need to get yourself in the right mindset. Its time to do this for youand not because other people have told you to.

Start by setting some of your own weight loss goals. Decide what you want to get out of this, whether its to lose a certain amount of pounds or drop a few dress sizes. You could also have health goals if youre losing weight because of a medical scare.

Once youre in the right mindset, youll find the hard work much easier. Youll find that its all worth it and youre happier sticking to whichever strict diet plan you decide to follow. Those negative thoughts wont creep through as much, and when they do youll find them easier to kick away.

Celebrities still have the same 24 hours in a day that we do. The difference is how they get to use it. Because of their lifestyles, they get to hire personal trainers and some will even work around the clock to make sure they lose weight. Dancers and gymnasts are constantly training, meaning they get to burn more calories throughout the day much easier than the rest of us.

The celebrity secret is being able to focus on their exercise and diet plans. They have more control over their lives.

That doesnt mean you cant lose weight. Its still possible for us to lose weight, but we may find that it takes a little longer. Thats simple because money and time are not completely on our side. Dont give up, though! You know that the hard work will be worth it in the end.

This is all well and good, but what are all the celebrity secrets? What type of diet plans do they follow and how do they end up losing the weight?

Heres a look at the most common celebrities youll hear about when it comes to weight loss.

Theres no denying that Paltrow is one of the most successful dieters on the planet. However, her healthy eating plan is more than a diet: its a way of life for her. She focuses on a very strict diet to help put her health first.

There are some debates over her plan, but it does work for weight loss. Its all about raw food, and she follows a vegan lifestyle. It helps her get her nutrients, although she has to work a little harder to make sure she gets all her proteins since she doesnt eat the animal fats that have the best protein in them.

Sometimes she will get off the vegan train and have some meat. Thats because her vegan diet isnt because of her beliefs over animals but because of her belief that meat isnt necessary to survive. When she does eat meat, its poultry and fish because they are healthier options than red meat.

Kale green smoothies and handfuls of almonds are her treats. The benefit of the kale is that she gets a lot of iron, zinc, and calcium in her diet. The smoothies also help to replace some of the nutrients lost during her workouts.

She is most strict when trying to slim down for a movie role. One of the strictest diets she followed was just before Iron Man 2 to make sure she was ready. She even doubled up her exercise to burn more calories. She always has a personal trainer on hand to help keep her motivated while exercising.

You will see Aniston in the celeb news regularly because of her diet and weight loss efforts. She has tried all sorts of plans, including the baby food diet because her trainer Tracy Anderson recommended it.

The good news is the baby food diet wasnt a lifestyle. It was a short-term plan to help cleanse the body and lose weight. Anderson explained that she wanted Aniston to follow something that wasnt a liquid diet because they just lead to a big weight gain afterwards. Baby food is designed to cleanse the system. It offers nutrients that the body needs and keeps the digestive system in full working order. Theres a reason the food is given to babies, after all!

One of the great things about the baby food diet is that it isnt too restrictive. The main focus is on pureeing food, but treats and puddings are still allowed. There are rice puddings, chocolate desserts, and much more available.

That isnt the only diet that Aniston has followed. She has followed one that is full of vegetables and lean proteins in the past. This diet plan includes kale, poultry, whole grains, and more. It is one of those that could be followed as a lifestyle, but to lose weight Aniston had to be strict. When she wanted cheat days, she would have to settle for kale chips, which werent quite what she wanted.

There are times that actresses have to slim down specifically for roles to make them look believable. Sure, there are tricks with CGI and clothing, but authenticity is a great way to pull viewers into the roles and stories.

Hathaway played the role of Fantine in Les Misrables. Her character was a destitute factory worker, who spends all the money she earns on her daughter, who is being looked after by an inn-owning couple. She eventually dies in the film, after contracting an illness.

To be able to slim down and lookfor the role, she ate two squares of dried oatmeal paste. That was all she had every day until she got her bodyweight down to the necessary amount for the role.

The good thing is that she won an Oscar for her efforts. She always went back to eating normally after the film. I wouldnt suggest following that diet plan for your weight loss efforts, but its an idea of how she did it.

She now follows the paleo diet. Originally she was a vegan, but she explained that she didnt feel strong and she wanted to make sure she was giving her body all the fuel she needed. This isnt a plan that she follows to lose weight but to be healthy and happy with herself.

The singer and coach on The Voice have never been one to shy away from the cameras. At the same time, shes found herself being the centre of controversy because of her size. People are never happy: she is either too big or too small.

While she is happy with herself, there have been diets that shes followed. One to make sure she lost her baby weight quickly was called the colour diet.

This is just as it sounds. You eat a certain colour of food on a certain day. Thats the only colour of food you have on that day, whether its red for Mondays and green for Tuesdays.

Its not a diet that shes stuck with, and I can see why. There are many restrictions to this, even if it does help to slim down quickly.

When it came to her role on Burlesque, she needed to slim down quickly. Instead of a fad diet, she focused on having more personal time. This meant that she was able to train more and lose the weight through exercise. Not only did she slim down, but she also toned up and created the perfect body shape for the movie.

There was also a healthy lifestyle diet in mind. She spent time trying different foods and creating new meals to enjoy the food that she ate. It wasnt all about losing weight, but about being happy with herself and feeling healthier.

The superstar is no different when it comes to weight loss. Its important to her, especially when it comes to roles in movies and being on stage. She is always in the limelight and needs to look her best at all times.

So, when it came to her role inDreamgirls, she needed to lose 20 pounds in the space of two weeks. She managed it and did it through an extravagant liquid cleanse. She mixed lime juice with cayenne pepper and maple syrup. All of that with some water, she drank the liquid six to 12 times a day. She would also enjoy herbal teas with laxative properties.

There is a cheat day. Beyonce admits that she would have pizza and wine during her cheat day. Some days oatcakes were also allowed to help keep the calories up and avoid any starvation.

Despite losing the weight, she has promised that she will never go to that extreme again. The problem is that the cleanse now known as the Maple Syrup Diet and Lemonade Diet (because the lime juice can be switched for lemon juice) and one that Beyonce always follows.

After the birth of Blue Ivy, she also followed the Herculean diet. This involved egg whites, turkey slices, plenty of greens, and sushi. It is a strict but nutritious diet, and Beyonce got plenty of proteins, vitamins, and minerals on a daily basis. With this diet, she was able to shed 60 pounds in the space of three months.

Jersey Shore reality star Snooki needed to lose 100 pounds to get down to her goal weight. She wanted to do it as quickly as possible and decided to follow the Cookie Diet. This is a real diet, and she is not the first or last person to try it.

The diet isnt as great as it originally sounds. You dont get to eat any and all cookies that you can find. That means the Oreos and chocolate chips need to be put down!

The Cookie Diet involves specific types of cookies, each formulated to have 90 calories in them. You can easy six of them throughout the day, and then have a small 500 calorie meal right at the end. The aim is to have something that involves vegetables, whole grains, and some protein. Its not going to be easy to get a lot in, though! Some plans will allow you to consume more calories for your dinner. They suggest sensible dinners, which means a basic meal with protein and fibre to help you feel fuller overnight.

There is absolutely no alcohol or pop allowed on a diet. Youre allowed a small amount of caffeine but are encouraged only to drink water. When you feel hungry, drink more water to help fill you up!

Exercise is recommended while working out, but not everyone is able to manage it. The diet is restrictive, and you end up with very few calories going in, while much more are going out.

Rather than diet, Alba decided to go to the extreme when it came to losing weight after having her children. She opted for a corset, which she wore both day and night. It was the Victorian version of a diet!

She does admit that this option was difficult, and not just for her. She was always sweaty, but that helped her lose some weight. She was also able to make sure the weight came off in certain places, creating the hour-glass figure that she is known for having.

Alba kept the corset on for three months to drop her dress sizes. In fact, she wore two corsets just to make sure she lost all the weight! They stayed on until she got to her weight loss goal.

While wearing the corset, she did think about the food she ate. Rather than follow some fad or quick weight loss trick, she opted for a healthy diet and exercise. She would also make sure she drank plenty of water to help with her weight loss efforts.

There are mixed thoughts on the use of corsets. They can be damaging, especially when not worn safely. They also dont help with weight loss without the right type of diet.

Alba is not the only celebrity who has used corsets for weight loss. Paltrow and Aniston have been rumored to use some sort of waist-training device to slim down.

Its not only women who have to drop the pounds fast. Backstreet Boy Carter needed to go from 224 pounds to 175 pounds as quickly as possible. At the same time, his waist size dropped from a 38in to a 34in one.

To help he reduced his daily calorie intake to just 1,400 calories. This made sure he was creating a calorie deficit. Experts estimate that you can lose 2lb a week by dropping your daily calorie intake to 500 less than your body needs, and he dropped it by around 1,000 calories.

He also completely cut out alcohol. He did allow himself a cheat day once a week though to satisfy the cravings. While his was ice cream, there are plenty of celebrities that use treat days for chocolate, chips, and more.

During his diet plan, he trained six days a week, with a lot of his sessions being weight-based. He now keeps his training to around five days a week and follows a healthy diet to maintain his current level of fitness and size.

Carter isnt the only celebrity to adopt a calorie-deficit diet plan. Janet Jackson followed a plan that allowed her to eat 1,300-1,600 calories a day and used interval training as her exercise plan.

Hudson became an official ambassador for Weight Watchers after following the diet to help her lose 60 pounds. It wasnt just Weight Watchers that helped, though.

While focusing on a healthy diet plan, she worked out at least twice a day. She would get up at 4am every day to go for a run and would then fit an hour-long exercise program later on in the day to burn off extra calories. She had a personal trainer to help her lose weight. The hour-long session in the gym would allow her to build muscle while losing weight.

The Weight Watchers plan certainly helped her, though. She made sure she had a healthy serving of proteinusually lean meatwith plenty of vegetables and some complex carbohydrates to keep her body going.

There are plenty of diet plans up there that look scary. In fact, some of them are definitely not recommended, especially not if you dont have an expert by your side to guide you.

That doesnt mean you cant take some of the celebrity weight loss plans to help create your own successful plan. You could make a switch to the paleo diet to get the lean frame that Hathaway has, or your couple opts for a 1,400 calorie diet to shed the pounds like Carter quickly.

Find something that you know will work for you and put your health first at all times. The problem with some of the diets is that youll just gain the weight back when you go back to eating properly afterwards. You want to find something that has a maintenance option, so you dont keep yo-yo dieting.

Are you ready to lose the weight like a celebrity? Now is your turn, so get your head in the right mindset and be prepared to work hard.

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May 2

How to lose weight fast according to US woman who shed 57kg with keto diet –

A mum who was fat shamed in a wedding dress shop has revealed how she dropped 57kg fast.

Ali Stutz Buch, 29, says a sales assistant told her this wont fit you before having the dress snatched out her hand and being redirected to the plus size section.

After leaving the shop feeling distraught, the hairstylist from Milwaukee, Winconsin, US, became determined to lose weight and 40kg before her big day.

Ali continued to lose more weight totalling 57kg and she was so proud of her achievement that she splashed out US$16,000 (A$20,000) on cosmetic surgery for her new figure.

The mum-of-two said: I went dress shopping and I was already self-conscious but was looking forward to a nice day.

When we arrived at the shop, my eyes fell on one dress and I excitedly picked it up.

The sales assistant took it off me and abruptly said this wont fit you, you need the plus size dresses in that corner.

Of course I was aware of my size but when a stranger says something so blunt to your face it hurts. It really shattered my confidence and her comments stuck with me. It made me so sad.

I realised I needed to change. I have tough skin but this dress was for my special day and I didnt want people to be looking at me and only noticing my weight.

At her heaviest, Ali weighed 120kg when she was 23 and a single mum of one.

My brain doesnt let me have just a small bite of something. I would eat the whole cake.

Ali admits to always being overweight, even in school and when she had her daughter, now six, she struggled more.

She met her now-husband, Jacob, in 2015 when she was at her heaviest. But after getting engaged a year later, Ali decided enough was enough.

She said: I saw a Keto diet plan on Instagram but didnt really know what it was. I saw how good everyone looked and something just clicked and I knew was ready to start. I had tried and failed so many diet plans in the past.

Ali cut out sugar and carbs and wrote down everything she ate.

She said: I was a binge eater. People judged me for eating 6,000 calories a day but they dont realise how quickly calories add up unless you write down every snack. If you dont track what you are putting in your body it is so easy to overdo it.

For me my brain doesnt let me have just a small bite of something. I would eat the whole cake, then feel guilty and then eat another. It was a cycle. I needed a plan where I cut it out completely.

I had ordered a size 22 dress but now I was a size 10.

Ali lost 38kg ahead of her wedding and her seamstress was unable to make the drastic changes to her dress.

I had ordered a size 22 dress but now I was a size 10, she said.

I tried to have it altered, taking a whopping 16 inches out of the waist but it just didnt work.

So I went back to a shop and choose something I didnt dare to look at before. My dress was tightly fitted and I felt amazing. It was the most beautiful dress.

I had so much confidence on the day. For the first time I wanted people to look at me. Looking back at pictures I am so proud of how far Ive come and Im so happy I bought that new wedding dress to show off my new body.

Alis transformation didnt stop once she was married in 2017 and she is now 22kg smaller than her wedding day. She was halved her former weight and now weighs 60kg and has maintained her weight during lockdown.

Ali added: I am where I want to be.

My mental transformation is what I am most proud of, how I feel about myself now is what counts. Its mind-blowing to me what I have achieved.

I hated having photos taken, I was so critical of my body.

My life changed when I had my kids and I was desperate to be healthy for them. I was very close to my gran who was extremely overweight and she died aged 68 because of complications with her weight.

She never saw me graduate or got to meet my kids because she died due to something avoidable and I could see I was on that same path. I want to see my kids grow up, I love to play with them on the beach and race around after them.

After maintaining her weight for a year, Ali booked for tummy tuck surgery and breast augmentation.

She added: I had so much excess skin that the surgery was necessary but I decided on a boob job because I decided I deserved a confidence boost.

BREAKFAST: chocolate waffles / muffins.

LUNCH: pizza and breadsticks

DINNER: pizza, hamburger and fries.

SNACKS: crisps, sweets

BREAKFAST: No breakfast. Intermittent fasting until lunch and drink black coffee.

LUNCH: chicken and salad

DINNER: bun-less hamburger and Brussel sprouts.

SNACKS: peppers, nuts, eggs, berries.

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How to lose weight fast according to US woman who shed 57kg with keto diet -

May 2

Heavyweight Boxing Champ Andy Ruiz Jr.’s Weight Loss Transformation –

ANDY THE DESTROYER" RUIZ JR. is training at House of Boxing in San Diego in a black t-shirt that shamelessly proclaims Ya No Quiero Estar Gordo: I dont want to be fat anymore. To further highlight the former heavyweight champion of the worlds sense of humor, the words encircle a drawing of a giant pig.

Its easy for the 31-year-old Ruiz to laugh now, on the eve of his May 1 bout with fellow Mexican heavyweight Chris The Nightmare Arreola, for which he is in the best shape of his life. At 6-2, Ruiz is now a well-muscled 255 pounds, but his journey back to fitness from a dark place of excess and indulgence was a tough one.

Team Ruiz

It began last spring with Ruiz, lost, despondent and tipping the scales at 310 pounds. In the span of a little over a year, hed gone from extreme underdog to unified heavyweight champion, only to lose the title in an equally spectacular moment of self-destruction that kept on spiraling. Kneeling by the side of his bed, he asked God to show him the light.

I was so depressed and tired of the way I was living, Ruiz says. I prayed to God to forgive me for the things Ive done, and to give me the strength to change. The next day, all the temptations went away, my mind focused and I knew what I wanted and needed to do.

It sounds overly simple, but the next day, Ruiz had a plan, and he was putting it into action.

IT STARTED WITH another mans mistake. In mid-April of 2019, just seven weeks ahead of a heavyweight title fight with unified heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua of the UK, American challenger Jarrell Miller had failed multiple drug tests and was pulled from the fight.

Team Ruiz

Fight promoter Eddie Hearn needed a qualified and legitimate opponent for Joshua, and he needed one as soon as possible. A half dozen marquee fighters showed interest, but all of them wanted a big paycheck, including Cuban heavyweight Luis Ortiz whose manager declined Hearns offer of $7 million. At that point, Hearn reached out to Ruiz Jr., who had just beaten German heavyweight Alexander Dimitrenko on April 20, 2019 and said after the fight that, if given the opportunity to fight Joshua on short-notice, hed go immediately back into camp to prepare.

The deal was done, and on June 1, 2019, Ruiz stepped into the ring against the undefeated Joshua at Madison Square Garden with four title belts on the line. At a paunchy 268 pounds, Ruiz looked out of his league alongside the chiseled Joshua, who was a 1-25 favorite. But Ruiz moved well and punched hard, dropping the Brit to the canvas four times en-route to a stunning seventh-round TKO and one of biggest boxing upsets in recent memory. This is a surprise to boxing fans and the world, said boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard, commenting ringside. He called Ruiz the epitome of dont judge a book by his cover.

Al BelloGetty Images

Ruiz, born in Imperial, CA, to Mexican parents, was the first boxer of Mexican descent to become the heavyweight champ. It was a victory for the underdog and the doughy dad-bodRuiz and wife Julie have five childrenand it was a dream come true. But the success went directly to Ruizs head, and to his waistline. Ruiz bought a garage full of luxury carsa Mercedes, two Rolls Royces, a Ferrari, a Lamborghini and a Porsche. He partied hard, drinking and eating to excess. And by the time his December 2019 rematch with Joshua in Saudi Arabia rolled around, Ruiz rolled into the ring at 284 pounds, 16 pounds heavier than he had been in their first fight.

One British boxing writer noted that while Joshua sported a six-pack, his opponent appeared to have consumed one. Joshua danced around the ring, landing speedy hooks and jabs while avoiding trading big blows with the comparably sluggish Ruiz, who was unable to throw his trademark combinations. I didnt prepare how I should have, said Ruiz, who lost by unanimous decision. He boxed me around. I gained too much weight.

Richard HeathcoteGetty Images

And it didnt stop there. Fueled by the embarrassment and regret of losing his title, Ruiz lifestyle deteriorated further. He stopped training altogether, stating matter-of-factly the only running he did was to the grocery store or for fast food. I was empty and sad and I felt I let everyone down, he recalls. I had lost what Id been working for my whole life and I didnt want to do anything, and I was still partying, trying to find stuff to make me forget about my loss.

Until that day in the spring of 2020, when Ruiz finally decided hed had enough.

IN A LATE March Instagram post, Ruiz is slipping and dodging a swinging teardrop heavy bag, with his newly developed teardrop quads peeking out from underneath the bottom hem of his shorts. A similar post appears on the Instagram of super middleweight champion and fellow Mexican Canelo Alvarez, who is widely viewed as the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world. And its no coincidence.

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The day after calling on God for help, Ruiz called on Alvarez. Ruiz told Alvarez he was tired of the way he was living and asked if he and his trainer Eddy Reynosoone of the best in the sportwould consider taking him on. At first, Reynoso was skeptical; he knew Ruiz was a talented boxer, but was concerned about his reputation for being undisciplined and lazy.

But after talking with Ruiz and meeting with his father, Andy Sr., who had coached his son until he was 14 years old, Reynoso agreed to become Ruizs new coach and welcomed him into the Alvarez camp. Eddie told me, Andy, we believe in you and we know you have the potential, but you need to be dedicated and disciplined and you need to give 110 percent, Ruiz recalls. I told him I will do whatever it takes to become champ again.

Sean M. HaffeyGetty Images

Reynoso says there is one key difference between training middleweights and training heavyweights. You can be more intense with middleweights, he explains. With heavyweights, you have to be more gradual. But from the get-go, Reynoso was focused on helping Ruiz shed those extra pounds, which he says were pure fat. They got his diet under control, convincing Ruiz that his beloved barbecue ribs and chilaquiles with beans, eggs and bacon were to be treats rather than habits, and turned him on to salmon, brown rice and veggies. Reynoso also immediately put Ruiz on a weight-training program, the first of his career.

Go back to Ruizs Instagram posts and youll see him throwing rapid-fire left hooks with a resistance band coiled around his body, tossing a heavy med ball against the wall with jumping footwork drills between reps, completing three-minute rounds of 300 punches in a swimming pool and doing barbell supersets. We started doing things I had never done before, and it was really, really hard, Ruiz says. The first month I couldnt bend down I was so sore, but as I saw improvement, I got more and more motivated.

Team Ruiz

The posts helped to silence Instagram critics who had been hurling digital insults at Ruiz, like You better start Sumo wrestling and You need to fight yourself, you are a disgrace to Mexicans. He was called a one-hit wonder, compared to an artic lorry and told to get back in the gym and train.

The workout videos also served to show potential competitors how Ruizs weight loss and muscle gains have accentuated his fighting style, which is naturally different than the typical heavyweights. Most like to keep their distance and land heavy blows from afar, while Ruiz, even when he is overweight, fights with the mentality of a smaller boxer. He likes to close the distance and attack his opponents up close.

But with Alvarez in his corner and Reynoso in his ear, Ruiz has come to also believe in his ability to move like a middleweight. As he dropped weight, replacing fat with muscle, his natural hand speed and quick head movement only increased, and contrary to logic, so did his punching power; as Ruiz trained his legs for the first time ever, he became better able to generate power from the ground up. Absolutely everything has improved, from his agility to his lateral movement to the power in his legs, Reynoso says. He is more powerful everywhere.

Sean M. HaffeyGetty Images

Ruiz agrees. Eddy has helped me perfect every single punch, every combination, every movement, he says. He brought out abilities I didnt even know I had.

Ruiz is now 255 pounds, 55 pounds less than his peak last spring and even 13 pounds less than the first Joshua fight. He looks fit and strong rather than round, and even his jawline is sharper. And while the physical difference is stunning, the change in his mentality is just as stark. The difference is responsibility, says Ruiz Sr. Andy is not a superstar in camp, because Canelo is the superstar. He sees how dedicated Canelo is and it has made him a better fighter and a better man.

ANDY SR. INTRODUCED Andy Jr. to boxing when he was just 6 years old, because his sons boundless energy led to broken toys and busted furniture; as a baby, Ruiz broke two cribs by the time he was a year old. Hence, his nickname, The Destroyer, which carried over into the ring. At age 10, Ruiz, always a big, chubby kid, was already 180 pounds and was sparring with grown men. And he could hurt them, says Andy Sr.

Team Ruiz

What Ruiz was missing, however, was belief. His father says he would make Andy Jr. watch the movie Rocky at least once a week. I would tell him, You are going to be the Mexican Rocky! You will make history! Ruiz Sr. recalls. He thought I was crazy.

But as Ruiz grew, so did his self-confidence. When he was 16 years old, he sparred against the then 25-year-old Mexican heavyweight contender Arreola. At first sight, Arreola thought, That fat kid? But Arreola was quickly impressed with Ruizs hand speed and ability to move in the ring. I knew he was going to be a heavyweight to be reckoned with in the future, Arreola says. And I knew that if I was still in the game, more than likely, I was going to face this mother fucker.

That time is now. Though theyre friendly outside the ring, the smack-talk is flowing. Hes motivated to knock my block off but Im motivated too, said Arreola during a recent press conference. I want to win. He may have been the first Mexican heavyweight champion but the best Mexican is right here.

Arreola is nine years older than Ruiz, but is known for his stamina; he went 12 rounds in his last fight, before losing by unanimous decision to Polish fighter Adam Kownacki. Arreola is also an inch taller and 10 pounds lighter than Ruiz, with two extra inches in reach. But Reynosos plan for Ruiz against Arreola is simple: Move forward, attack, punish, move the waist, and in the 3rd or 4th round, get after it and go for the knockout.

Ruiz Sr. hopes a victory over Arreola could lead to a possible fight against Dillian Whyte, whose trash-talk game has been dirty: Ruiz is glad the only battle hes got now is with diabetes, said Whyte, despite the fact that Ruiz has never had the medical condition. Diabetes he can overcome, but he cant overcome me. But it could also lead to a fight with former longtime WBC champ Deontay Wilder, and then two-time world heavyweight champ Tyson Fury, whom Ruiz will have to best to get a third crack at Joshua to reclaim the heavyweight crown.

I feel like this is my first fight, like the new Andy was born, Ruiz says. I still have a lot more to accomplish and a lot more to prove. I want to get those belts back.

Sean M. HaffeyGetty Images

Whether he does or doesnt, Ruiz has made it as clear as the message on his Gordo t-shirt that his values have changed. He has plans to drop even more weight from his muscled frame, and is focused on surrounding himself with good people and being a role model for his kids.

I want to be a champion in boxing, but I also want to be a champion in life, he says. I want to let everyone know that if you get knocked down, you can get back up.

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