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Sep 20

How Long Does It Really Take to Lose Belly Fluff? – Greatist

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To anyone slimming down for health reasons or personal preference, belly fat can feel like the last jiggly bit to go.

If youre wondering why and how long itll take to win the battle science has the answers.

How long will it take to torch my belly fat?

Short answer: It depends.Long answer: The timeline for belly fat loss is directly related to your overall weight loss. Your best bet is to leverage both nutrition and exercise to burn all your excess jiggle. As your overall body fat diminishes, your belly will too.

Fat gets a bad rap, but its an essential part of life. Bad things happen when bodies dont have enough fat.

If you think youve got too much of a good thing, there are healthy ways to lose belly fat. (Detox teas, shrink wraps, and cleanses are not healthy ways).

Remind me why crash diets dont work?

Heres the lowdown on the timing and science of losing belly fat.

A life without fat is downright dangerous. Your body needs a certain percentage of fat to keep running on all cylinders.

According to the American Council on Exercise, most healthy women have about 21% to 35% body fat. For men, its more like 8% to 24% body fat.

Too little fat, and youll be dealing with nasty side effects like vitamin deficiencies, hormone issues, and even nervous system damage.

So, having fat on your body is healthy. But what about extra fat around your belly? Thats usually visceral fat, which is vicious AF. According to Harvard Health Publishing, visceral belly fat builds up inside your abdominal cavity, between your muscles and organs.

Too much visceral fat = high blood pressure, insulin resistance, and an increased risk for health probs like type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, there are so many factors that play into how slowly or quickly you burn belly fat:

For years, folks have repeated the rule that burning 3,500 calories makes you lose about a pound. The reason is that 1 pound of solid fat equals about 3,500 calories.

A 2013 research review indicated that its also important to pay attention to factors like exercise and macros.

Still, using the 3,500-calories-per-pound method could help you figure out a target date for your fat loss #goals.

Heres some info to help you calculate your timeline:

Remember, the CDC recommends pacing yourself at 1 to 2 pounds of overall weight loss per week. So, it could take 1 to 2 months before you notice your waistline shrinking.

Two words: Calorie deficit. Losing body fat is best accomplished through a combo of diet cutting excess calories and exercise burning more calories.

Start with a few meal and snack time tweaks. Well get to the belly-busting moves in a sec.

Looking for a place to start? Heres a calorie calculator to help estimate your deficit goals.

Goodbye caramel macchiatos, helloooo dark roast!

But seriously, liquid calories are sneaky. Depending on your habits, you could easily consume 500 fewer calories per day:

One study showed that keto has been all the rage for years. Living the lower carb, higher fat life makes a difference when it comes to belly fat.

Oh, and those refined carbs you love? Not so civilized after all. One study with rats showed that eating too many refined carbs can result in increased visceral fat the very thing youre hoping to torch.

And dont forget the protein. High-protein meals will keep you from losing muscle mass while you lose belly fat.

A research review found that participants who ate more protein on their diets lost more fat and kept more lean muscle mass.

The oldest trick in the book, am I right? One study showed that using smaller plates and bowls results in smaller servings.

You can also keep yourself from overeating by noshing slowly, avoiding dinners in front of the TV, and asking for half your restaurant entre to be put in a doggy bag ASAP.

Ever smash a bag of Doritos during a Netflix binge? ♀

Ever noshed on a 1,000-calorie drive-thru crispy chicken sandwich? ♂

Only you can speed up your belly fat loss. Itll take some perseverance and body positivity.

A few more mindful eating tips:

Spot targeting truth or tall tale?

No matter what you call it spot reduction? Belly targeting? theres no proof that you can lose weight in just one area.

In a 2011 study of 24 relatively sedentary folks, the group who did ab exercises for 6 weeks didnt lose belly fat though they did get stronger!

Another study of 40 women with larger body sizes compared a diet-only to a diet-plus-abs-workouts approach. Both groups lost about the same amount of weight.

So, while the women who worked their abs probably felt more svelte, they didnt lose more belly fat than their friends.

The moral of the story? Spot targeting is all marketing hype. If you decide to lose excess belly jiggle, expect the rest of your bod to shrink a bit too.

TBH, the scale is not your best friend. You can weigh yourself weekly to track overall weight loss, but losing belly fat is about so much more than weight. Its about health, how your clothes fit, and how you feel.

And if youre working out, youre probably building muscle, which weighs more than fat. Muscle mass is a good, healthy thing! But it can be discouraging if you measure your success by a number on the scale.

Your best bet for measuring belly fat loss is a good old-fashioned tape measure.

To get an accurate read, always wrap the tape around the same place your belly button. Stand up straight, but dont suck in. Pull the tape snug, but dont tighten it so much that youre pinching your skin.

Like we said, theres no such thing as spot-targeted weight loss. But that doesnt mean your sweat sesh is in vain!

Resistance training, aka weightlifting or body weight exercise, is super helpful for anyone hoping to drop some excess lbs.

First, youll start developing abs of steel under your shrinking belly. Second, youll start burning more calories in your sleep! Yep, for real.

A 2012 research review showed that resistance training can boost the number of calories you burn while resting by up to 7 percent. Talk about revving up your weight loss potential!

One study showed that high-intensity intermittent exercise (HIIT) burns up to 30 percent more calories than other forms of exercise. Its all about that calorie deficit, right?!

A 2010 research review concluded that HIIT is the absolute best workout style for reducing belly fat.

Giving HIIT a whirl is easy. Just plan a workout that involves high energy bursts of exercise broken up by short rests. For instance, you could sprint for a minute, walk for 30 seconds, then repeat the cycle.

Fat is an important part of any healthy body. Excess belly fat, on the other hand, is often caused by unhealthy visceral fat.

Whether you want to lose belly fat for health reasons or to feel like a more svelte version of yourself, its going to take some time.

Instead of trying a questionable detox tea or going on a crash diet, commit to losing belly fat in a healthy, sustainable way.

Cut out empty liquid calories, swap refined carbs for healthier foods, and start a workout routine if you can. Its also a good idea to chat with your doctor about any weight or belly fat concerns.

Theres no one-size-fits-all timeline for losing belly fat. Be patient, focus on feeling good, and remember that your long-term health matters most.

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How Long Does It Really Take to Lose Belly Fluff? - Greatist

Sep 20

The #1 Worst Carb to Eat if You’re Trying to Lose Weight – KYR News

If you choose the right ones, carbohydrates can help you banish belly fat, feel satiated, and score energy. After all, carbs are the bodys primary source of fuel. But when it comes to weight loss, not all carbs are created equal.

The worst carbs for weight losssimple, processed carbshave actually been proven to slow your metabolism, plummet your energy levels in the long run, and divert you from scoring those hard-earned weight-loss wins.

Keep reading to learn exactly which carbs you need to stay away from if you want to lose weight and why theyll not only ruin your diet in the short term, but also how they can cause lasting health issues.

The worst carbs to eat for weight loss are those that are highly processed, simple carbs that have a high glycemic index (high-GI): rice cereal, white bread, sweeteners, and commercial pasta. What exactly is a high-GI? It means that your body metabolizes them quickly, sending your blood sugar levels soaring, resulting in an energy crash. On the other hand, eating low-GI foods wont spike your blood sugar as much and these levels will fall at a much slower rate, helping you stay fuller for longer.

Decades of studies show that your bodys response to consuming high-GI carbs increases hunger and is more likely to promote overeating compared to eating lower GI foods. Unsurprisingly, that has an effect on your weight; In one The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study, women who followed a high-GI diet were more likely to experience increases in weight, body fat, and waist circumference compared to those with a low-GI diet over the course of six years.

And thats not all: Another eye-opening study found that increasing your intake of refined carbs, and the lack of fiber that these stripped grains are associated with, can increase ones risk of type 2 diabetes.

The reason why simple carbs can cause weight gain is simple. Its because these carbs are all are void of satiating amounts of fiber. Fiber slows digestion, which wards off blood sugar spikes and hunger and helps maintain blood sugar controlall-important keys to weight loss and management, explains Isabel Smith, MS, RD, CDN, founder of Isabel Smith Nutrition, and New York City-based dietitian and fitness expert.

Story continues

Thats exactly why high-GI refined carbs are the worst kind of carb to eat and theyre the type of starch that gives carbs a bad rap!

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Of course notjust give up the worst carb to eat for weight loss, as your body requires complex carbs for energy! Whether we consume fruits and legumes or Italian bread and pastries, your body uses up the foods glucose to carry out essential life functions and help you power through your workout. When we deplete our diet of carbs (like on the keto diet), we are often overcome by lethargy and get bombarded with cravings. (If you have been following the keto diet and are experiencing these symptoms, you should read more about the 7 Warning Signs You Should Stop the Keto Diet Immediately.)

Instead of depriving your body of its main source of energy, rid your kitchen of nutrient-void empty carbs and choose good-for-you carbs that are full of immunity-boosting antioxidants, minerals, and body-loving nutrients such as slimming protein and fiber.

Complementing your meals with complex carbsincluding whole-grains such as quinoa, oats, and farro as well as legumes and starchy vegetableswill provide you with lasting energy because the body burns these foods more slowly.

Hows that? Besides for nourishing your body with essential phytochemicals and plant-based protein, whole-grains contain the entire grain kernelwhich includes the bran, germ, and endosperm.

On the contrary, refined grains are stripped of their fiber- and nutrient-dense bran and germ in order to lend the grains a longer shelf life and arguably more palatable texture. And thats exactly why those ubiquitous loaves of white bread you spot in the supermarket are enriched! Manufacturers add the mood-boosting B vitamins and anemia-fighting iron that have been stripped in the milling process back into the grain productbut leave the belly-filling fiber out.

And while nutritious foods such as fruits and dairy products contain quick-burning simple sugars, these natural carbs arent refined and come packed with a slew of healthful nutrients you shouldnt ignore. If you want to reach or maintain a healthy weight, skip the worst carb balance your diet and fill your plate with these 28 Carbs That Wont Make You Fat.

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The #1 Worst Carb to Eat if You're Trying to Lose Weight - KYR News

Sep 20

She has overcome anorexia – and dancer has now warned of government’s ‘dangerous’ plan to tackle obesity – Manchester Evening News

A professional dancer from Manchester who recovered from two different eating disorders has warned about the governments new law of calorie labelling on restaurant menus.

Although its aim is to tackle obesity as part of a wider campaign, Victoria Spence, who was diagnosed with anorexia and orthorexia in her late teens, has described it as dangerous in that it will instead target those with disordered eating.

If someone is obese they probably dont really care to look at the calories on a menu, people who do care to look at calories on a menu are people who have disorded relationships with food and sometimes arent aware they do, the 25-year-old said.

Its going to create this experience where you can't relax if numbers are everywhere.

In recovery, going out for a meal was a huge challenge for me but a win, because I knew that I didn't have a clue what was going into my food. I couldn't track the calories so it helped me step away from that relationship with food.

Obesity has been one of the biggest national health crises for some time - almost two-thirds (63 percent) of adults in England are overweight or obese, while one in three children leave primary school overweight or obese - with obesity-related illnesses costing the NHS 6 billion a year.

But it wasnt until new evidence that linked excess weight to an increased risk of serious illness or death from coronavirus that the government tried to remedy the problem once again.

Nearly eight percent of critically ill patients with Covid-19 in intensive care units have been morbidly obese, compared with 2.9 percent of the general population.

The Prime Minister, who in July said he wasnt normally one for nannying or bossying, told the country to lose weight after he was admitted to intensive care to fight off the deadly disease.

Acknowledging that he was too fat, Boris Johnson has since lost at least a stone since the trauma by exercising with his dog, and last month hired celebrity PT Harry Jameson.

Public Health England is leading the Better Health campaign, announced at the end of July, to get the nation fit and healthy, protect themselves against Covid-19 and protect the NHS.

Just one tool is the calorie labelling, which the Department of Health and Social Care outlines as: New laws will require large restaurants, cafes and takeaways with more than 250 employees to add calorie labels to the food they sell.

It continues: However, there is often a lack of information about the calorie content of these items and research suggests people consume around 200 more calories a day if they eat out compared to food prepared at home.

This new measure will help people make healthier, informed choices as part of a balanced diet.

Vic, who believes the new law will have adverse effects, remembers being forced to be aware of her body from the age of 15 at dance school - with teachers asking her which parts of it she didnt like and where she needed to work on.

She said: You were constantly reminded that your body is your CV, and how to get work in the dance industry is a lot of the time with your image.

I was such a perfectionist and Id got to the point where I'd trained so hard, as good as I could be, so the only thing I could do to get better is to think about what I was eating.

Vic, who would train from 8am-6pm, and sometimes to 9pm, started to workout in the gym on top of her dancing. She turned to bikini body competitors on Instagram to learn about what to eat after thinking they had amazing fat-less bodies.

I thought what they must be doing was healthy, she said, If they said don't eat carbs, I wouldn't. If they said eat this many calories, because I was so competitive, I would think okay so Ill eat less than a thousand calories a day.

I took what they said as gospel because I was so uneducated at the time.

Vic started to create an obsessive relationship with the scales. Weighing herself every month dropped to once a week, and then to before and after every single meal.

Her diet was made up of just vegetables and protein, with porridge for breakfast. But Vic admits she tried to live off as little as she could, losing a stone in weight very quickly.

She had compliments from her teachers and classmates at college, but they warned her to not lose any more.

Vic continued: I would think they were jealous; that they didn't have the same dedication as me. When you have a disorder you think everybody is against you.

I was in denial but I got to a point where my whole spine was getting bruised, I was falling asleep, I couldn't take anything in.

I knew something wasn't right but when youre in that place, everything is just so dark. Because you're not eating, the anorexic side of you is winning; youre basically living off adrenaline, thats how you keep going.

Following a panic attack on her way to college one day, Vics mum took her to the doctors where she was diagnosed with both anorexia and orthorexia - the obsession with clean eating. But weighing 49kgs - around 15kgs below what she says is her healthy weight - she wasnt deemed thin enough to be offered treatment and was instead offered antidepressants, which Vic refused.

It spurred her on to lose even more weight, but Vics parents could fortunately pay for her to receive private therapy.

She cites a turning point a year later when she was away on holiday on a cruise with her parents after not being able to attend college due to her illness. There was a chocolate buffet on board and her mum suggested she tried one strawberry dipped in dark chocolate.

Ill have one. I said. "When your body is so deprived it goes into starvation mode, so when you get access to food that youve restricted it can trigger a binge episode. I just couldn't stop and took it to my room.

I probably consumed more calories in 30 minutes than I had in a week. I had a black out, and was very unwell. My dad found me and just broke down.

This episode was a real wake-up call where I thought what am I doing? Id done this to have the perfect body, to be successful, and Id done the opposite. I then started to cooperate more with my therapist who said I have the choice to get better or to die.

It was the hardest thing I've had to do in my life. I had my mind set on getting better.

But it wasnt a simple journey to recovery. Although Vic slowly began to gain weight and was no longer mentally ill, she still restricted what she ate and decided to enter bikini body competitions - something she now calls a 'glorified eating disorder' for the majority of those who compete.

She competed in three titles, coming first in North West championships to fourth in the British title, but still had a problem with her food.

She had a personal trainer for weight training, but still had a regimented way of eating to count her calories and track her macro nutrients. She said she would still binge eat for her refuel day on items she says would now repulse her; one sitting saw her consume half a tub of ice cream with a donut, a cookie, M&S flapjack bites, and peanut butter.

Vic said: I had a realisation that I hadnt healed my unhealthy relationship with food and channeled it into something else.

The competitions are a glorified eating disorder for the majority of women who do it, and I won three trophies because of it.

Im a performer so I thrived being on stage, but on reflection, the concept of dieting to stand there and have a bunch of people youve never met before judge you on your body is shocking.

More than five years from the start of her distorted journey with food, Vic began to feel comfortable in her own skin after working on personal development on herself, instead of her image, swearing by the technique of positive affirmation.

I woke up to life. I learnt that I was more than just my image, she added.

Now a confidence coach with a huge following on Instagram, Vic has criticised the governments new Public Health campaign as a lazy and privileged way of thinking that wont help solve what its set out to do.

If you look at the places in the UK where obesity is at its highest, it's where theres lower socio-economic statuses, she said.

Obesity isn't just calories and exercise; its down to a lot of things. For the most part, people cant afford to eat healthy, organic, nutritious food - people are trying to feed their families on what they have and can afford.

Vic explained how someone could order a plate of fries for 200 calories, which is of low nutritional value, or you could have a salad with avocado for example, which is more calorie dense at around 600 calories but with loads more nutritional value.

She continued: They're saying because something is low in calories its more healthy.

If youre going to place calories on health, youre going to end up with a world of people who are of low weight but of ill health, which in turn will put pressure on the NHS anyway, or do you want people who are mindful and educated on the nutritional value of food?

A bigger body doesnt mean you are less healthy.

At Prime Ministers Questions on Wednesday September 16, Wera Hobhouse MP (Bath, Liberal Democrat) said in the week the Prime Minister announced the new strategy for obesity, the eating disorder charity Beat experienced a 165 percent increase in the number of people contacting their support services.

Mr Johnson responded: I am acutely conscious that there are no glib, easy answers in this area of public policy and I happily undertake that the relevant minister should meet the honourable lady as fast as possible to understand her concerns.

Other measures to tackle the nations obesity problem will see a ban on TV junk food adverts before 9pm, the end of deals like buy one get one free on unhealthy food high in salt, sugar and fat, and a new app for the free 12-week NHS Weight Loss Plan.

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She has overcome anorexia - and dancer has now warned of government's 'dangerous' plan to tackle obesity - Manchester Evening News

Sep 20

A new routine to lose the Covid stone – Leitrim Observer

So, at long last the children are gone back to school. Long may it last! I think nearly every parent in the country swore that everything was going to change when the kids went back to school. Back to healthy eating, getting in the 5km walk a day and drinking gallons of water, all in the hope of losing the covid stone.

In reality it may have been a case of, peace at last so time to break out the choccie biscuits. Before you know it, you wake up and its Tuesday and you cant start a diet on a Tuesday.

So, you may overindulge over the next few days with the mindset of starting again next Monday, and this pattern goes on week after week.

Does this sound all too familiar? As a busy mum of five, I totally get this and Im here to help you with my tips and ideas to keep you reach your goals for a happy and healthy you.


One of the best things you can do for yourself is to get into the habit of planning your family meals. This will save you time and money. Planning meals in advance ensures you use up the ingredients you have before buying more. Get the whole family involved by allowing everyone pick a meal. There is a meal planner in my 28-day rescue plan, download it free from my website and get writing!


Write a shopping list for the ingredients you need to put your meal plan into action. This will save you time wandering around the shop wondering what to buy and save you money as you will be less likely to put unwanted items in your trolley. And of course, none of us want to be hanging around the supermarket longer than we need to.


Plan for leftovers to be used the next day as lunch. For example leftover chili is delicious the next day when heated in a wholemeal pitta bread or wrap with grated cheese, avocado and salad. Leftover roast chicken is so versatile and can be used in salads or wraps. My personal favorite is to make an egg fried rice with it.


If your family are great at coming up with the meal plan ideas but not so great at helping to prep or cook it, then lighten your load by prepping once to eat multiple times.

Chop and wash a variety of veg all at once, then place them in an airtight container in the fridge to use as snacks. Carrots, celery, peppers all make great snacks to dip in hummus or cream cheese.

Double your recipe ingredients and store them in the fridge or freezer and you will have a meal ready to be cooked when you want it. This works great for curries. Just pop your chicken and veg that has been marinating in the lovely spices into a pot with a tin of coconut milk, simmer for 20 minutes and you have a tasty meal on the table that the whole family will love. Check out my curry recipe on my website


Its important to remember there is no specific food or supplement that will help you lose weight or boost your immune system, contrary to what you see on social media. However, a healthy balanced diet thats low in sugar and processed food and high in nutrients that support the immune system such as, vitamin C (berries, tomatoes, peppers, citrus fruit) vitamin A (sweet potato, spinach) vitamin D (oily fish, mushrooms) zinc (meat, shellfish, dairy) is the best thing you can do for your immune system and your waistline.


As tempting as it may be to restrict your calorie intake, skipping meals is never a good idea. Going long periods without eating causes your blood sugar to drop, which leads to fatigue and cravings for sugary snacks and stimulants. Aim for three main meals a day and include a maximum of two nutritious snacks, such as a piece of fruit with four or five nuts, vegetable crudits with hummus or sliced apple dipped in nut butter or try out my no bake energy balls!


When you eat carbohydrates alone, they quickly get digested and converted into sugar which is then absorbed into your blood stream causing a spike in blood sugar. However including a source of protein with your meal or snack slows down digestion. This leads to a slower absorption of carbohydrates, therefore a lower rise in blood sugar, so less of the fat storing hormone insulin is needed, and protein will help you feel full for longer resulting in less snacking.


Drinking water has many benefits, including boosting your metabolism and suppressing your appetite. When you dont drink enough water, your body receives mixed signals from the hypothalamus, which is the part of the brain that regulates appetite and thirst. A lot of the time when we think we are hungry, we are actually dehydrated. Aim to drink two litres of water a day. This can be achieved by starting your day with hot water and lemon, adding lemon slices, cucumber and mint leaves to a jug of water and sipping throughout the day and having some herbal teas.


The healthy plate guide is an easy way to make sure you are having a well-balanced meal, just fill half your plate with vegetables, a quarter of your plate protein/healthy fats e.g. chicken, meat, fish, eggs, lentils, and a quarter of your plate low GL carbohydrates e.g. sweet potato, brown pasta or rice, quinoa.

Are you struggling to get back to healthy eating and getting your weight back to what it was pre-covid? Why not schedule in an appointment with The Nutri Coach! There is no time like the present. My clinic open and I am taking bookings for new and existing clients, so just pop me a message if you would like to schedule an appointment. Contact details below.

Debbie Devane from The Nutri Coach is a qualified Nutritional Therapist and health & lifestyle coach, Debbie runs her clinic from the Glenard Clinic in Mountmellick, Co Laois and also offers one to one and group online consultations. Debbie is also Nutritionist to the Offaly GAA senior footballers.

For more information or to make an appointment email Debbie

Ph: 086-1720055

Facebook: The Nutri Coach @debbiedevanethenutricoach

Instagram: the_nutricoach

For more information or to download your copy of Debbie's 28 day rescue plan go to

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A new routine to lose the Covid stone - Leitrim Observer

Sep 12

Longbenton grandmother drops eight dress sizes after ‘hating’ what she saw in photos – Chronicle Live

A grandmother-of-two has shared her amazing weight loss transformation after dropping eight dress sizes.

In December 2011 Sharon Willis sadly lost her mum which caused her to hit rock bottom and turn to food for comfort.

With a sweet tooth Sharon says she has always struggled with her weight.

At only 5ft tall and weighing 12 stone at her heaviest, Sharon says her wakeup call came when she saw photographs of herself.

Hating what she saw, she decided to do something about her weight and joined Slimming World in May 2012.

Now after losing over three stone, Sharon is now proudly wearing the pair of size 10 jeans that she bought as an incentive six years earlier.

The 50-year-old, from Longbenton, said: At the time I didnt really see myself as overweight, it was when I saw myself in photographs that it hit home and I knew I had to do something.

Summer was the worst for me as I wanted to feel good wearing shorts, vest tops and summer dresses but the way my confidence was, I never felt comfortable in them and it was out of the question.

Although I always thought I ate relatively healthy food, there were times, for easiness, I would just put something in the oven.

Ive attended numerous exercise classes over the years and been on so many different diets but I just couldnt stick to them for long so the weight just crept up again and again.

When Sharon first joined Slimming World at Blue Flames, Benton, she was worried about going but she was made to feel welcome and she started to quickly shed the pounds.

By December 2014 Sharon's hard work paid off and she felt amazing as she reached her target weight of nine stone and was crowned Woman of the Year in her group.

But soon after she reached her target, Sharon stopped attending the group and her weight began to creep back up.

She added: I made the mistake of not always attending the groups once I got to target, telling myself that I could do this on my own, I was wrong.

The weight crept up and soon I found myself attending again but my heart wasnt in it and I stopped going after a very short time.

By the middle of 2019, I was very unhappy with my weight and my size. People always say, "You look fine, but its how you feel in yourself that matters.

I hated having to struggle with putting socks on, hated looking at myself in the mirror and trying to find something nice to wear that I felt comfortable in, to attend family gatherings.

I would just feel miserable and was often bad-tempered at home.

Determined to lose weight, Sharon rejoined the gym and tried to eat healthily but biscuits and chocolates were still her worst enemy.

Feeling like she needed extra support she rejoined Slimming World in October 2019 with a starting weight of over 11 stone and fitting into a size 14.

Since swapping her much-loved sugary snacks for healthy food, Sharon has lost a further two stone and is feeling great to comfortably fit into size 10-12 clothes.

Now being only four pounds off her 9 stone target and with a new burst of energy, Sharon has completed over 100 miles as part of the Great North Run Solo Challenge and has since been awarded her 'Gold Body Magic Award' from Slimming World.

She added: My starting weight the second time was still not great for my height. Some people might say size 14 is an ok size and it is, but not forgetting I am a small person and it just didnt sit right with me.

Every meal I eat now is based around a Slimming World plan. All the family eats them and we're all finding some new, tasty food thats all made from scratch and not just put in the oven.

I feel amazing and have found that I have so much more energy. I embraced the body magic and took up running.

I can honestly say that Im enjoying myself. When you try on those size 10 jeans that have been looking at you whenever you open your wardrobe and now they actually fit it is a wow moment and Ive had plenty of those.

"If it wasnt for Slimming World I know I may never have gotten into them.

To join Slimming World Benton group at Blue Flames contact Jane on 07877977851.

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Longbenton grandmother drops eight dress sizes after 'hating' what she saw in photos - Chronicle Live

Sep 12

Most expensive transfer ‘misses’ from the 2019/20 season – Squawka

A huge transfer fee is never tantamount to success. Just because your club signed a 40m striker,doesnt mean you are getting a 40m striker. In some cases that is just the going rate in modern recruitment.

Cast your minds back to Chelseas mega swoop for Andriy Shevchenko in 2006; or Chelseas mega swoop for Fernando Torres in 2011; or Chelseas mega swoop for Alvaro Morata in 2017. A lavish price tag can often distort the reality.

There are numerous incalculable factors that can affect a players performance and mindset factors that cant be translated on graphs or in the form of a stats pack. Adapting to a new league, new surroundings, a new tactical set-up, these can all prove challenging obstacles for even the very best.

So, when a new marquee signing rolls into town there is always an added pressure to hit the ground running from the off, and if they dont, well, then the pitchforks assemble en masse and the inevitable disappointment permeates the terraces.

But you can understand that disappointment, when a club spends big bucks on a shiny new toy, you expect them to be pulling up trees from day one. These lads below failed to do so last season. There is, of course, still time to justify their price tags, but for2019/20 they were veryexpensive transfer misses.

*You have to be 18+ andGamble Awareto sign up to Football Index. Values correct at time of writing 14:00 08/09/2020.

Signed for: Barcelona

Signed from: Atletico Madrid

Fee: 107.6m

Current Football Indexvalue: 1.72 (Sell) 2.16 (Buy)

Barcelona clearly didnt get the hint in the 2018 summer window. After pursuing Griezmann with obsessive zeal, the Frenchman refused to break bread with the Catalans and instead announced his decision to remain at Atleti, in a now-infamous video where he declared: My fans, my team, MY HOME!!!.

Twelve months later his new home was the Camp Nou. Griezmann made a dramatic U-turn on his initial decision and signed for Barca last summer for a fee just north of 100m. The move itself seemed a strange one on paper. Griezmann, a second striker by trade, fit Diego Simeones 4-4-2 system like a hand to a glove, but the Blaugrana have never traditionally, nor under Ernesto Valverde, played with two up front.

Luis Suarez was still the main man up-top last term, so most were scratching their heads as to where Griezmann would fit in. As it turns out: predominantly on the left. He rose to prominence at Real Sociedad out wide, but has truly blossomed through the middle. However, that fruitful transition was clearly lost on Barca.

In a season of turmoil, Barca sacked two managers, with Quique Setien limping to the gallows last month, crashed out of every domestic cup and the Champions League, and conceded the league title to Real Madrid after leading during the hiatus. Griezmann also failed to net double digits in the league for the first time since 2011/12.

Signed for: Real Madrid

Signed from: Chelsea


Current Football Indexvalue: 2.89 (Sell) 3.41 (Buy)

The Galactico conveyor belt has churned out some pretty spectacular individuals, and madridistas thought they were getting the second coming of Cristiano Ronaldo when Hazard pitched up last summer. The diminutive genius was in a league of his own during his Chelsea days, so fans, both Real and the neutral, were excited to see what he could offer at the Bernabeu.

Unfortunately, Hazards maiden campaign in Madrid was marred by accusations of weight gain, with Sport reporting (at the time) that he turned up for pre-season duty more than a stone overweight, which the player himself later admitted.

In an interview with AS, he said: It is true.I will not hide it.When I am on vacation, I am on vacation.

I gained five kilos in summer. I am one of those who gain weight quickly and lose it fast if I pay attention.

When I was 18, in Lille, I weighed 72 (11st 4lbs) /73 kilos . Then, when I gained muscle mass, I went to 75 On a bad day, 77.

This summer I reached 80 kilos (12st, 8lbs). I lost everything in ten days.

The Belgian was not helped by persistent injury problems, which restricted him to just 14 La Liga starts, and the eventual break to football. He will be hoping to kick on this season and get some consistent minutes under his belt to really showcase his worth in the Los Blancos colours.

To make matters initially worse for Hazard and Real Madrid with regards to his performances, it was recently revealed that Los Blancos agreed to pay 160m (including bonuses) for the Belgian rather than the initially believed fee of 100m.

Signed for: Lille

Signed from: Arsenal


Current Football Indexvalue: 2.43 (Sell) 2.58 (Buy)

When a move for Crystal Palace talisman Wilfried Zaha looked unlikely to materialise, fans fretted not, as they had just secured one of the most sought-after wingers in Europe. Here was a player, in Pepe, who had the dribbling ability to match Zaha, but also a clinical end product to boot.

The Ivorian had just netted 22 Ligue 1 goals the season prior, as well as 11 assists, sparking a wave of optimism on the north London terraces. Fans were hopeful they had just acquired a player who would really kick start Arsenal in the post-Arsene Wenger era and have them challenging in the upper slopes once again.

Unfortunately Pepe largely flattered to deceive in his debut season, which culminated in the eventual sacking of Unai Emery. A return of just five Premier League goals frustrated the Arsenal fanbase and hopeful Fantasy Football players in equal measure, but there were glimmers of his elite talent.

All is not lost for Pepe. Mikel Arteta has proven an astute tactician in his opening months, with Pepe making nine direct contributions under his watch he made just three under Emery. And fans will now be hopeful that he can push on and finally translate his devastating Lille form at the Emirates on a consistent basis.

Signed for: Man City

Signed from: Juventus


Current Football Indexvalue: 1.82 (Sell) 1.90 (Buy)

Cancelo signed for City in a part-exchange which saw Danilo and 27.4m head to Turin, which equalled to bang on 60m. A hefty fee for the right-back, but given his versatility, being able to slot in at left-back (Citys problem position) and the underwhelming exploits of Danilo, this looked somewhat tidy business.

However, for 60m you really would have expected a lot more from Cancelo. He mustered just 13 Premier League starts, registered neither a goal nor an assist, and failed to replicate the explosive, buccaneering tenacity of Kyle Walker at right-back, or Benjamin Mendy when hes fit and available.

A solid squad addition no doubt, adding depth and European experience to the flanks but again, for 60m, you would have expected so much more. That is now around 200m spent on full-backs for Pep Guardiola at City, and still there are question marks on the left channel.

Signed for: West Ham

Signed from:Eintracht Frankfurt


Current Football Indexvalue: 0.88 (Sell) 1.14 (Buy)

Finally West Ham fans, you got your man. A 20-goal-a-season striker to bring back the good days and finally cancel out that horrendous stat about David Gold and David Sullivan signing over 50 forwards since taking ownership of the club in January 2010. Thats five forwards a season, and most were unmitigated disasters. Echoes of Benni McCarthy and Marouane Chamakh are still firmly etched in the psyche of every Hammer.

But, Haller would wipe all of that out, right? Unfortunately at West Ham nothing is straightforward. A year on and the Frenchman has lost his place up front to natural winger Michail Antonio, Troy Deeney has publicly ridiculed his goalscoring ability, and Frankfurt have lodged a complaint toFifa over amissed payment.

Just another season at West Ham in other words.

How many did Sebastien Haller get last year for West Ham? Six or seven. Or Joelinton for Newcastle? Two, Deeney told the Sun.

Put it into context: these are 40million players and I only cost 300,000.

A real kick in the cojones for West Ham fans, but this is largely par for the course these days. Let the East End soap opera continue!

Signed for: Juventus

Signed from:Man City


Current Football Indexvalue: 0.26 (Sell) 0.40 (Buy)

In that same deal with City, Juve acquired Danilo for 32.3m, and just like Cancelo, the Brazilian was largely underwhelming last season as Juventus only just clinched another Scudetto. When we think of Brazilian full-backs, our minds immediately turn to Cafu, Dani Alves, or Roberto Carlos, but it must be said that Danilo doesnt quite fit into this bracket.

Having started just 16 Serie A games under Maurizio Sarri, the Old Lady would have been expecting more than a return of just two goals and zero assists. Goals are neither here nor there for the modern full-back, but assists are now a key part of the jobdescription, and Danilo failed to deliver.

Excerpt from:
Most expensive transfer 'misses' from the 2019/20 season - Squawka

Sep 9

Weight Loss In Hindi: If You Want To Lose Weight Dont Blindly Trust These 5 Things Cited On The Internet Myths About Obesity And Weight Loss -…

The problem of obesity is increasing rapidly due to poor lifestyle and unhealthy diet. Most people are prone to many diseases due to their weight gain. With the increase in fat in the body, not only will health problems arise, but confidence will also end.

It is generally recommended to avoid foods high in carbohydrates and sugars for weight loss. Consumption increases obesity. But when it comes to weight loss, people give us different types of advice. Let us know what myths related to obesity should not be believed.

1: Weight Loss Reduces Obesity

Inside this myth lies the truth that obesity can be largely controlled through weight loss. But after stopping diet and exercise, obesity may return. Therefore, a balancing method should be used to control weight.

Also Read: Mix These 4 Spices In Water For Weight Loss, Can Reduce 2kg Weight In One Month

2: Bad lifestyle increases obesity

In fact, obesity occurs for many reasons. Its not just a bad lifestyle that is responsible. Obesity also increases due to lack of sleep, stress, sedentary lifestyle, genetics, hormones, and the use of certain medications. Hence, a bad lifestyle is not entirely the cause of obesity.

3: Eating more fruits and vegetables will reduce obesity

Eating more fruits and vegetables does not reduce obesity. A balanced diet is necessary for this. Also, your diet should be low in carbohydrates but high in protein.

4: The faster the weight loss, the faster it increases.

Often times, people say that if the weight is losing weight quickly, it can gain weight as quickly as possible. You shouldnt trust such a myth. In fact, the rate of weight loss depends entirely on your metabolism. Your weight may decrease quickly, but it may not grow back as quickly.

Also Read: Dont Make These Mistakes While Losing Weight, Or It May Get Obese

5: Sex burns 300 kcal per person

There is also a myth that sex burns 300 calories per person. This is totally wrong. The truth is that only 1/20 of 300 calories is burned through sex.

If you are also sweating for weight loss, then dont trust these myths. In addition to a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly.

Excerpt from:
Weight Loss In Hindi: If You Want To Lose Weight Dont Blindly Trust These 5 Things Cited On The Internet Myths About Obesity And Weight Loss -...

Sep 9

Drink This Quick Fennel Seeds And Lime Water Tea For Weight Loss – NDTV Food

Sweet, warm and refreshing, fennel seeds are known to aid weight loss as well.


If you are looking to lose those extra kilos, you might be searching for the best ways to quickly achieve so. But hold on, the first tip you should remember is that it is a gradual process and no miracle. It requires persistence and commitment. But besides all the stringent diets and workout regimes that you might have come across in your quest, did you know that certain small changes in our daily routine can aid in weight loss too? From having a balanced breakfast to keeping yourself hydrated and adding healthy foods for good digestion, there are many such changes that can help you shed some kilos.

Fennel seeds (or saunf) is an Indian spice that is most commonly used as a mouth-freshener besides being used in many delicious Indian dishes. It is one kitchen ingredient that we can barely do without. And that's not just for the flavour it lends but also due to the many health benefits it comes with. Sweet, warm and refreshing, fennel seeds are known to aid weight loss as well. A powerhouse of detoxifying and metabolism-boosting nutrients, fennel seeds make for a wonderful way to cut some flab.

Shilpa Arora, Macrobiotic Coach and Nutritionist, says "fennel seeds help in digestion and metabolism, leading to better absorption of nutrients that further helps in less hunger pangs aiding in weight loss. Infused fennel water is a therapy to cleanse the gut and is quite effective for people suffering from chronic constipation."

(Also Read:Here's Why You Should Drink Fennel Seed (Saunf) Water For Weight Loss)

Fennel seeds are also a natural detoxifier which further boosts metabolism, the rate at which our cells use the energy we gain from the foods. Accelerating metabolism leads to acceleration in the consumption of calories by our cell, increasing the fat burning process.

The best way to consume fennel seeds is to infuse it water. Here is a fennel seeds and lime water recipe that you can try at home to consume every morning.


- Water- 1 cup

- Lemon- 1/2

- Fennel seeds- 1/2 tsp

- Honey- 1 tsp


1. Boil fennel seeds in water. Let it sit for 10 minutes after turning off the flame.

2. Pour it in a glass, add lemon and honey.

3. Stir and drink warm. You may or may not strain the seeds.

This is best when consumed empty stomach to aid metabolism and boost weight loss. We would recommend limiting the intake to one glass every day. The addition of vitamin C-rich lemon may help improve fat oxidation process and burn excess calories in our body. Hone too is a treasure trove of free-radical fighting antioxidants.

Try this incredibly healthy drink for weight loss at home and share your experience in the comments section below.

About Aanchal MathurAanchal doesn't share food. A cake in her vicinity is sure to disappear in a record time of 10 seconds. Besides loading up on sugar, she loves bingeing on FRIENDS with a plate of momos. Most likely to find her soulmate on a food app.

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Drink This Quick Fennel Seeds And Lime Water Tea For Weight Loss - NDTV Food

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Healthy success for Pocklington-based slimming consultant – Pocklington Post

The Mayor and Mayoress of Pocklington Dean and Ruth Hodgson officially open The 1:1 Diet concern in Pocklington.

Rachel Watson started her business at the end of February just before lockdown hit.

However, the business has gone from strength to strength despite Covid-19.

This success as seen her move the concern from her home to a Pocklington town centre location.

Rachel recently opened her centre in Lockwood Court after helping local mayoress Ruth Hodgson lose four stone during lockdown.

Ruth said: I saw Rachels Business page post on a Facebook advert and noticed it was based in Pocklington.

I had never done the 1:1 Diet before but had tried other diets, so thought Id give it a try. I began in March on Step 2 and planned to lose weight before a holiday in June.

However, it quickly became a lockdown diet.

I decided to start on Step 2 so I could enjoy a small meal in the evening with my husband Dean.

After losing three stone, I moved to Step 3 which allowed me to enjoy more food with the added The 1:1 Diet products.

Having the one-to-one support from Rachel was important to me.

I know I can contact her any time I want help or advice, and she also checks in with me throughout the week.

Rachel has been on plan herself, so she understands the journey Im going through.

She has a lovely bubbly personality and that is important, especially if youre having a bit of a bad day, I couldnt have done it without her.

Ive now lost four stone and feel and look so much better. I dont have the daily aches and pains, and now Im back to work its easier to be on my feet all day. I am now back in the gym and adding exercise back into my routine.

I highly recommend The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan. And, if you live around Pocklington, go and see Rachel she works wonders.

Rachel said: With regards to my own weight loss journey, Ive lost nearly three stone on plan and after having gone through a traumatic time personally, following separation and a divorce, I needed an easy way to lose weight quickly and safely.

Id put on so much weight through emotional eating when stressed. The diet makes me feel so good and I want to help others and be their own personal weight loss coach.

Ruth was my first client and stuck with it throughout lockdown.

Im so proud of Ruth, for the changes shes made and for working through the steps.

Contact Rachel 07940 441918 or email Or visit or Discount available for blue card/NHS workers and couples or two friends that want to slim together.

Read the original:
Healthy success for Pocklington-based slimming consultant - Pocklington Post

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Best fruit for coronavirus protection: Advantages of pineapple in the corona period: Will be protected from the corona virus. Eat this fruit by…

The infection with the corona virus is increasing rapidly in our country. New numbers that appear every day after an infection are no longer scary but cause panic. In such a situation, we all need to pay more attention to our diet. So that this virus does not dominate our body

Eat this fruit through December As in winter, fruits like orange, molasses, tangerine and grapefruit were protected from viral infections by vitamin C. Now pineapple can do that job for us. Find out here how to eat pineapple properly and what are the benefits

Pineapple nutritionPineapple or pineapple cannot be eaten right away as it takes a slice or two to make it feel full. It is like introducing a new energy into the body.

Increase blood flow in the body

Because pineapple contains a significant amount of vitamin C in addition to fiber and calories. The taste of pineapple calms our mind and gives a feeling of bliss. After eating pineapple, we feel relaxed.

Increase the Flavor of Chia Seeds: Increase their taste and eat chia seeds for breakfast as follows.

Useful in these diseasesIt may surprise you to know, but various studies have found that pineapple prevents more than 10 diseases from growing in our bodies. If a person is already in the grip of these diseases, the use of pineapple can cure them quickly.

These are the 10 diseasesThe bromalene enzyme is found in both the pineapple tree and its fruits. However, this enzyme is available in his tree in greater abundance than pineapple. Health experts say that bromelain enzyme is helpful in digesting proteins in our bodies.

Pineapple reduces the risk of arthritis and joint pain

Unhealthy Breakfast: Dont Eat Them For Breakfast, These 5 Fried Fast Foods Are The Worst For Your Health

Using pineapple helps control bone pain, bronchitis, sinuses, arthritis, diarrhea, muscle inflammation, eye problems, gout, reduce the risk of cancer, and increase cancer cells.

Pineapple is also especially beneficial for those who have had some type of surgery. Because it helps heal the bodys wounds quickly. Those who do intense yoga exercises to lose weight should also consume pineapple. Because it works to repair damaged cells.

You can also eat them daily, it prevents the tiredness of the eyes and the heaviness of the head. These fruits and leaves

Continue reading here:
Best fruit for coronavirus protection: Advantages of pineapple in the corona period: Will be protected from the corona virus. Eat this fruit by...

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