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Jan 3

‘Gogglebox’ star Amy Tapper overwhelmed by response to weight loss – Yahoo! Voices


(Bloomberg) -- Rarely, if ever, can a year have started with price levels in emerging markets looking so divorced from the fundamental backdrop.Rising Covid-19 case numbers and uneven rates of recovery in the biggest of the developing economies underscore a nagging concern that this will be about as good as it gets for stocks, bonds and currencies. The relative strength index on MSCI Incs emerging-market equities gauge is above 70, suggesting the market is in overbought territory. The average yield on local-currency debt is less than 20 basis points above the all-time low of 3.46% reached in May.Even though the virus is likely to hold back growth next year, a blended price-to-earnings ratio of emerging-market stocks based on analyst estimates for the next 12 months is currently at 15.2 after reaching 15.4 in August, a record high in data compiled by Bloomberg starting in 2005.The fact remains though that with central-bank stimulus efforts and vaccine roll-outs providing comfort, most investors are confident the rally has further to run. Emerging-market economies will post an average fourth-quarter growth rate of 2.2%, according to a Bloomberg survey, though many see the efficacy of inoculation programs as a key driver for sentiment. The World Banks Global Economic Prospects report on Tuesday is set to provide further clues on the pace of recovery.Markets are naturally forward-looking, so we have seen a strong rally despite the dark winter with restrictions still in place in many countries, said Trieu Pham, a strategist at ING Groep NV in London. We remain constructive going in early 2021, with hopes that we turn a page on the Covid-19 issue and with major central banks remaining dovish.Listen: EM Weekly Podcast: Georgia Senate Runoffs, PMIs, Inflation DataDeveloping-nation stocks ended 2020 at the highest level in 13 years while currencies edged closer to their 2018 record. Local-currency bonds had their best quarter in more than a decade, with investors staring down more than $17 trillion of negative-yielding debt worldwide.Thats not to say there arent enough events to keep traders on their toes this week. Markets could face headwinds after the New York Stock Exchange said it will delist Chinas three biggest telecom companies to comply with a U.S. executive order. Chinese oil majors, including CNOOC Ltd., may be next in line for delisting in the U.S., according to Bloomberg Intelligence.The Georgia Senate runoffs on Tuesday may also affect sentiment toward risk assets, with the outcome set to decide control of the U.S. Senate and influence the ability of President-elect Joe Biden to advance his legislative agenda. Elsewhere, the Gulf Cooperation Council summit on the same day is seen as a possible step in resolving a crisis that erupted mid-2017 when Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt severed trade, travel and diplomatic ties with Qatar.Among a slew of economic data due this week, Turkeys year-end inflation rate will be in focus as investors seek clues on whether the new central bank chief return to monetary orthodoxy is here to stay.Inflation DataTurkeys expected inflation rate leaves Governor Naci Agbal with little choice but to keep access to credit tight well into 2021Consumer prices probably rose an annual 14.2% in December, higher than the central banks raised October forecast of 12.1%, and nearly triple the target of 5%The lira was the biggest gainer in emerging markets after the Chilean peso in December, trimming last years loss against the dollar to 19%Governor Agbal delivered another meaty interest-rate hike late last month, bolstering credibility with investors after he pledged to tighten policy when needed to keep prices in checkIn Poland, preliminarily December inflation data will probably reflect a slowdownThe nations central bank is analyzing the impact of potential interest-rate cuts that could take place in the first quarter of 2021, Governor Adam Glapinski saidConsumer prices in Ukraine for December, scheduled for Friday, may show a higher reading for the monthColombias December inflation data, to be released on Tuesday, is likely to show that price-growth remains subduedWhile the nations peso slipped in 2020, it was still the second-best performer among six Latin American currencies tracked by BloombergDecember inflation data for for much of Asia will also be released this weekIndonesias CPI remained below below the central banks 2%-to-6% target range for a seventh month in data released on MondayThailand is expected to report a 10th month of deflation on TuesdayTaiwans CPI should hold around 0.1% in year-over-year terms in numbers due on ThursdayRead more: This Is the Start of a Rally That May Last in 2021: SEAsia RatesPMI ReleasesAsias manufacturing PMIs released early Monday were strong. The simple average excluding China rose half a point. This was despite increased lockdown measures in South Korea and weakness in Chinese PMIsThe separately released Caixin manufacturing PMI survey fell 1.7 points below economists forecastsThis wasnt enough to halt the rise of the yuan, which strengthened decisively through 6.5 per dollar soon after trading openedThe January outlook for the yuan looks good with exporter sales of dollars, clear evidence of seasonal strength, and the possibility of a relaxation in the central banks resistance to further appreciationChinas Caixin services PMI is predicted to show a slight increase when it is published on WednesdayIndias services PMIs are due on WednesdayThe rupee was one of the worst-performing regional currencies in the second half, though it still gained about 3%While there should be more room for rupee appreciation in 2021, Brad Setser -- who will probably be responsible for the U.S. Treasury report on currencies in the new U.S. Administration -- advocates a more forgiving attitude to countries that normally run a current-account deficitHungarys purchasing managers index is forecast to rise to 52.9 from 51.9 during DecemberPoland and Czech Republics PMI are set to show an improvement as wellOther DataSeveral Asian countries will release foreign-reserves data for December this weekIntervention probably continued during the month in much of the region, although at a slower pace than in NovemberSouth Koreas data are due on Wednesday. Exchange-rate valuation effects alone should increase reserves to about $440 billion. The won has stuttered a bit in recent weeks as Covid cases have spiked, but the currency still appreciated almost 11% in the second half of 2020Taiwans reserves are also due Wednesday. Valuation effects alone would lead to an increase to about $518 billion. The Taiwan dollar continues its pattern of making intraday gains and erasing them into the close. The very high volumes suggest it may only be a matter of time before the authorities yield groundThailand publishes reserves and forwards data to Jan. 1 on Friday. The baht broke through the key 30 per dollar level when trading commenced in the new year, as the central bank debates further measures to arrest currency strengthTaiwans trade numbers for December due Friday are expected to show healthy export growth and surplusSouth Koreas November current-account figures -- also due Friday -- should remain in comfortable surplusChina may release money supply and loans data this week, while the Philippines may release trade figures for NovemberChiles November economic activity on Monday is expected offer its first positive year-over-year reading since before the coronavirus was declared a pandemic, according to seven economists surveyed by BloombergInvestors will also watch for a potential pickup in December inflation figures later in the week. The peso was the lone Latin American currency to gain in 2020, according to a Bloomberg trackerOn Thursday, Mexican policy makers will release the minutes of their most recent meeting, when the central bank left its key rate unchangedOn the same day, a reading of December inflation will probably flag a pickup from a month earlierBrazil will release a slew of economic data for December, including trade figures, manufacturing numbers and vehicle salesFor more articles like this, please visit us at bloomberg.comSubscribe now to stay ahead with the most trusted business news source.2021 Bloomberg L.P.

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'Gogglebox' star Amy Tapper overwhelmed by response to weight loss - Yahoo! Voices

Dec 31

How to Lose Weight: How Many Calories Should I Eat To Lose Weight? – Parade

If youre just now embarking on a weight loss journey, the good news is that you have alotof choices in terms of how youll do it. Many people like to see quick, fast resultsbut losing weight fast may not be healthy.

Losing weight rapidly is typically accomplished through crash or overly-restrictive diets that are not sustainable long-term, says Audra Wilson, RD, a registered bariatric dietitian at the Northwestern Medicine Metabolic Health and Surgical Weight Loss Center at Delnor Hospital.

Of course, it all depends on what you define as fast weight loss. An achievable and, more important, sustainable goal is to lose 0.5 to 2 pounds per week, says Su-Nui Escobar, DCN, RDN, FAND, registered dietitian nutritionist and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Note that the more weight you have to lose, the easier it is to lose more pounds per week.

But if you are losing more weight than that, youre likely not losing just fat. And it could lead to regain weight down the road. Typically a rapid weight loss is due to the loss of muscle mass, which you want to keep to have a strong, nicely defined body, says Escobar. The more muscle you keep, the more calories you are going to burn.

There are a few different calculations that can be used to determine calorie needs, or your BMR (basal metabolic rate, the amount of calories you need to maintain your weight). All it takes is to do an online search for the Mifflin-St Jeor calculator to find the number of calories based on weight, age, gender, height, along with an activity factor, says Escobar.

Adds Wilson, You will subtract about 200-500 calories from your BMR for weight loss. So, for example: If your caloric needs are 1800, you would aim for 1300-1600 calories per day for weight loss.

This is the formula that you can use to determine your caloric needs:

Men66 + (6.3 x body weight in lbs.) + (12.9 x height in inches) (6.8 x age in years)

Women655 + (4.3 x weight in lbs.) + (4.7 x height in inches) (4.7 x age in years)

Which One of These 100 Diets Could Help You Lose Weight? Weve Got Tons of Info to Help You Decide

Youve probably heard the term water weight, and you may be wondering what it is and how it impacts your overall weight loss goals. Water weight is the water that is retained by the body that normally would go to the kidneys for excretion. It could happen because a person is eating too much salt. Sodium binds with water and keeps the water inside the body, says Escobar. Also, an abnormal amount of carbohydrates (for example, when you eat carbohydrates after a period of restriction) can cause water retention. When we dont use carbohydrates for energy immediately, they are stored as glycogen. Glycogen pulls water, and therefore there is more water retained by the body.

If water weight is happening because youre eating too much salt, a healthy way to lose water weight isyou guessed itto eat less salt.In fact this can be really good for you as it will lower the chances of developing high blood pressure, says Escobar.

Keeping your carbohydrate intake consistent by eating healthy carbohydrates can also help. However, water retention may also be caused by an underlying medical condition, such as edema. This may require medical treatment and medication to alleviate, so talk with your doctor if youre concerned.

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With the above in mind, here are 16 actionable tips to help you lose weight quickly.

Adult women should have 0.75g protein per kg of body weight, while men should have 0.84g/kg body weight. Athletes or people exercising regularly will need more, about 1.2-2.0 g/kg of weight, says Jonathan Valdez, RDN, owner of Genki Nutrition and spokesperson for New York State Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. If youre aiming to maintain your lean body mass while losing weight, the higher end of 2.0g/kg of weight is recommended. Protein provides satiety and helps maintain muscle mass during weight loss.

If you find yourself getting hungry immediately after breakfast, it might be time to increase protein intake, says Amber Pankonin, RD, registered dietitian and owner of Stirlist. Eggs, Greek yogurt or lean meats are all good protein sources that might be able to keep you fuller longer in between meals.

Added sugar is found in cakes, pastries, ice cream, candies, sugary drinks (including energy drinks and Gatorade). All of these items tend to have large amounts of calories, and the more you eat, the more youll crave, says Escobar.

Aim for 64 ounces, says Wilson. Being adequately hydrated can reduce snacking and increase energy. Many times our hunger and thirst cues can get mixed up. Those that drink water consistently throughout the day will not feel these competing cues and will likely snack less, reducing total calorie intake (this means weight loss over time!).

Fried foods another source of a high number of calories, says Escobar.

Include plant-based foods such as fruits and vegetables, which provide fiber. Aim for two cups of fruit and three cups of vegetables to meet adequate requirements, says Valdez. Fiber promotes satiety, is naturally low calorie, and provides beneficial micronutrients.

This is a classic idea for a reason: It works. Taking a few minutes before your meal to be mindful of what you are about to eat can help you to make more deliberate decisions about what you are about to put into your mouth, says Wilson. Sometimes it just takes that extra minute to consider whether your choice will be beneficial in supporting you in getting to your weight loss goal. You by no means need to be perfectaim for the healthier option about 80% of the timebut many times we eat without thinking and this results in excess calorie intake.

If you need a little extra help tracking, try MyFitnessPal, Lose It! WW or Noom.

Nuts and nut butters can be a great source of fiber and protein, but they still contain quite a few calories, so its important to be mindful about portion size. In fact, two tablespoons contain around 200 calories, says Pankonin. Dropping the habit of eating nut butters right out of the jar might make a difference on the scale.

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Use small plates when you eat to control portion sizes. This can help you eat half of typical restaurant sizes, says Escobar.

Aim to include150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity, 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity, or a mixture of the two, says Valdez. Physical activity increases energy expenditure and is important to implement to slow and prevent weight regain. Activities such as cleaning the house, walking, dancing, swimming, and running can burn hundreds of calories per hour aiding in increased energy expenditure.

Join the sober curious trend and cut alcohol for a month! Think about cutting one glass of wine a day, which can save you 54,750 calories in a year, says Escobar.

Set your alarm for 30 minutes earlier and get in an AM workout. Whether its walking, following a video on YouTube or Fitness Blender, or running up and down the stairs with push-up and squat breaks; use this time of day where you have most control, says Wilson. If you wait until after work, school, and everything else piled on your plate, you are less likely to exercise. As a nice bonus, morning workouts energize you for the day and get your mind set on healthy for the rest of the day.

Depending on the individual, skipping meals can lead to excess hunger causing some folks to overeat later in the day, says Pankonin. Taking time for balanced meals or scheduled snacks could prevent overeating at other times throughout the day.

When we eat on the run we eat whatever is easiest and fastest, which is usually not the healthiest option. Having a plan and preparing for each day with a menu can help to prevent the scramble at mealtimes, says Wilson. Think about your week, events, meetings, work and school schedules, and plan accordingly. If no one will be home at dinner time, a crockpot meal may be the best option. If you need a quick and easy dinner, have some deli meat and sandwich fixings ready for a made to order meal. You can also use your plan to batch cook foods like taco meat or a healthy casserole on the weekends so leftovers are available for lunch and dinner, or make egg cups for a quick protein breakfast.

Caffeine may promote weight and body fat reduction and weight loss maintenance because it increases thermogenesis and fat oxidation. Caffeine can also help with the perception of fatigue while working out, says Valdez. However, make sure to stay away if you are sensitive to caffeine and have your last drop of caffeine at least 8 hours before your scheduled bed-time to not disrupt your sleeping patterns.

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Adding veggies to your morning omelet or vegetables on top of pizza can help add additional fiber and fullness, explains Pankonin.

Next up, here are the 5 best diets to help manage your weight after 50.

How to Lose Weight: How Many Calories Should I Eat To Lose Weight? - Parade

Dec 31

Dr Steven Batashs weight loss solutions are transforming the lives of people across the US. – Time Bulletin

Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss Center through custom non-surgical procedures have given desired weight loss results to all its patients.

Looking closely around us will let us know about so many things that we as human beings are obsessed with as we always try to run behind or follow the crowd and try to replicate the things that others do after seeing their success in that particular thing. When it comes to our health or our quest to losing weight, we try to copy others and go for all kinds of diets to attain our desired physique or figure, not understanding the science behind it all. However, fortunately, we are also surrounded by experts, medical professionals and doctors who are here to help us out with these questions that may hound us everywhere about how to lose weight the right way and how to attain that desired body. One amongst these experienced and accomplished medical professionals and doctors is Dr Steven Batash MD, who wants people to take control of their long term weight loss and start now.

With his rising most medical center in the form of Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss Center Dr Steven Batash offers a wide range of endoscopic weight loss services to people for them to get nearer their goals in health and fitness and help them in their weight loss journeys. Explaining why endoscopic weight loss is important, Dr Steven Batash is of the view that many individuals do not get their desired results and even after diets, exercises and medications, can get back to their pre-weight loss weight and fail to achieve sustained weight loss. Hence, the only way to lose weight is to reset the bodys set point. His weight loss services are a boon to people which includes non-surgical ways to reduce the size of the stomach.

Let us have a look at the various robust weight loss services that Dr Steven Batash offers through his clinic.

Suture Sculpt endoscopic sleeve: This is a non-surgical procedure that involves reducing the functional volume of the stomach up to 60%, resulting in the feeling of fullness in the patient. This allows them to have smaller portions which lead to sustained weight loss. Going further in helping patients, they even offer year-long monitoring with a lifetime of nutritional counselling. For far better results, one must combine it with a healthy diet and regular exercises. Orbera Intragastric Balloon: Through a smart non-surgical endoscopic procedure that only requires small sedation, a smooth silicone balloon is placed in the stomach of the patient. This procedure helps in giving extraordinary results to patients by helping them lose weight quickly and easily. With the help of its saline solution attaining the size of a grapefruit, it results in making the patient feel full when they eat small portions by acquiring a substantial portion of the stomachs volume. Post six months the balloon is deflated and removed, helping the patients lose excessive amounts of weight. OnTrack coaching: Dr Steven Batash, with his weight loss center has made it his aim to help patients in every step during their weight loss journey. With OnTrack coaching they promise to be with their patients lifelong with their custom nutritional counselling, lifestyle coaching program. They even provide with year-long monitoring, which ensures that patients gain the maximum benefits of the endoscopic weight loss procedure and get sustained weight loss. Revisions: Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss Center stands apart from others in the industry as it offers bariatric revisions for people to get a second chance for attaining long-term weight loss. With a revision, they help patients through a non-surgical procedure by decreasing the size of the stomach and stoma. This procedure reduces the stomach volume, leading people to feel fuller.

So, if you have a BMI of 25 or higher, and wish to get long-term weight loss solutions, Dr Steven Batashs Endoscopic Weight Loss Center is all that you need. Visit the website now, to know more.

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Dr Steven Batashs weight loss solutions are transforming the lives of people across the US. - Time Bulletin

Dec 31

The UK is making a risky bet to stretch its supply of coronavirus vaccines, and scientists are split on the un – Business Insider India

Scientists are split on the UK's plan to give initial doses of coronavirus vaccines to as many people as possible, even at the risk of delaying their booster shots.

UK officials announced Tuesday that the country would prioritize getting its population first doses of the coronavirus vaccine instead of holding enough for a second dose. The idea is to boost the number of people getting vaccinated with the country's initial supply of the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine.

Read more: One striking chart shows just how well Pfizer's vaccine works to prevent COVID-19 infections


UK officials released guidelines on Tuesday that allow people to wait up to 12 weeks between doses.

"I feel very strongly that we should get as many shots in arms as possible, right away. The reality is that one dose is partially protective," Gottlieb wrote in a USA Today op-ed on December 7.

Plotkin agreed, saying that providing some protection for a larger percentage of the population is better than none at all. However, he said he still supports providing two full doses to high-risk individuals to ensure they are as protected as possible.

Because the strategy remains untested, both Plotkin and Offit emphasized how difficult it is to measure the effectiveness rates of a single dose over a period of several weeks. It could be as high as 60% or 70%, they estimated based on previous trials, but that remains far below the 95% efficacy for people who get both doses.

Pfizer said in a statement that decisions on dosing are up to health authorities, but that there's no data to show how the shot works if people don't get their second injection on time.

"There's fragile vaccine confidence, and if it looks like it's been done haphazardly, which it does, you could lose the faith of the public," Offit said.

Offit said he sees the appeal of such a strategy given the current strain on supplies, but added that he's hesitant to back the strategy in the US until it can collect and analyze additional data.

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The UK is making a risky bet to stretch its supply of coronavirus vaccines, and scientists are split on the un - Business Insider India

Dec 26

Why losing visceral fat is so important for your health – here’s how to do it and what to expect – Business Insider India

Researchers have found that too much visceral fat is linked to high blood pressure, sleep apnea, diabetes, stroke, and heart disease.

But what is visceral fat, and why is it so dangerous to your health? More importantly, how do you get rid of visceral fat if you're carrying too much?

The reason excessive visceral fat can increase the risk of heart disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes is because of how close it is to a major vein - called the portal vein - that heads to your liver.


Moreover, belly fat is thought to manipulate some of the hormones, like leptin, that control our hunger. And people who are obese have been found to have elevated levels of leptin, subsequently causing them to feel hungry more often, which could lead to more weight gain in the long-run.

According to Harvard Medical School, you're at high risk of excess visceral fat if you're a man with a waist circumference of over 40 inches or a woman with a waist circumference over 35 inches or more.

It can be tricky to tell if you're losing visceral fat, since you'll likely be losing subcutaneous fat too. According to Michael Russo, MD, bariatric surgeon at MemorialCare Surgical Weight Loss Center, keeping track of your BMI and waist circumference are the best ways to tell if you are losing visceral fat.

"Diet is about 80% of the equation. Exercise is also very important - getting your heart rate up for 30 minutes a day, every day," says Russo.

The type of exercise isn't as important as focusing on just getting your heart rate up and working up a sweat. Strength training, cardio, and other forms of exercise will do the trick. If you find yourself having trouble exercising regularly, start by taking long walks around your neighborhood to work yourself up to more rigorous exercise.

With these changes, it is possible to lose visceral fat at a reasonable pace. Though how your body may lose fat depends on factors such as genetics.

Weight loss is individualized. It will depend on how much visceral fat you have to lose and how your body loses fat. However, according to the Mayo Clinic, cutting calories and exercising at least 30 minutes a day is the best way to approach losing visceral body fat. By sticking to a healthy diet and regular exercise, you should begin to notice a difference within a few months' time.

Other surgical options that aren't quite as effective as bariatric surgery, include balloon-based therapies, which can help limit the amount of food you eat by making you fuller faster.

Losing visceral fat takes time and effort. A low-carb diet and moderate exercise will help you shed any excess fat around your midsection.

However, an excess of belly fat can cause long-term adverse health effects. It's best to consult your physician to see if your belly fat is putting you at risk for heart disease or other health problems.

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Why losing visceral fat is so important for your health - here's how to do it and what to expect - Business Insider India

Dec 26

5 Ways to Deal If Other People’s Food and Body Talk Triggers You – Self

3. Offer helpful resources for rethinking bodies, weight, and diets.

There are so many articles, websites, books, podcasts, and research studies on concepts like health at every size and intuitive eating. If the person youre talking to seems open to learning about these topics, offer to share resources that you have found to be helpful in shifting how you see health and weight. Always ask before offering up information because they may indeed not want to hear it. Here are some examples of how to do this gently:

Intuitive eating has really helped me develop a healthier relationship with food and my body. If youre interested in learning more, let me know and I can share some of my go-to resources.

I read this really great book that redefined how I saw health. I can let you borrow my copy or send you the title if you want to take a look.

I recently listened to this podcast episode that totally changed how I think about fitnessdo you want me to send you the link?

I actually discovered this new way of eating that is more about well-being over weight loss. I feel so much more liberated. Let me know if you want me to share some articles about it with you.

Lets face it. You may not have the energy to do any of the above, which is totally cool because its not your job to be an advocate for body respect to people who are really pushing your boundaries. Having these conversations can be great, but they can also be an energy suck, especially if you find yourself talking in circles. If youre not up for engaging in dialogue, sharing how you feel, or offering resources, find a way to change the subject. I do it all the time without any explanation. Oh, were talking about how great youve been doing because you ate salad all week? Cool, how are things going with work? What hobbies have helped you feel sane these past few months? Have you been reading anything good lately? What shows have you been watching? Questions like these will shift the conversation quickly, and you may be surprised at how quickly people forget about what they were talking about.

Self-preservation is incredibly important, and you should consider how youre going to feel based on your approach. If youve reached the point where youre literally done talking, see if you can work up the courage to just not say anything, walk away, leave the Zoom, or otherwise exit stage left. The logistics, as with the rest of this, really depend on your personality and also who you're dealing with. Maybe youre blunt and walk away from your mom mid-sentence after the umpteenth time of telling her you'd prefer not to discuss diets, or you may go the subtle route and say youre going to grab some wine (and never come back). Maybe you even pretend your internet connection is failing, and oh, no, you have to leave the family video chat! It all works. Ultimately, you get to decide if this is a conversation you want to engage with based on how youre feeling at that moment. One day you may walk away, another day you may be sharing podcast episodes.

Finally, remember that if you're feeling upset due to food and body talk, you should check in with yourself to figure out what kind of self-care may help. That can be a journey on its own, but tackling diet and body talk in the moment with these kinds of suggestions is a great first step.


5 Ways to Deal If Other People's Food and Body Talk Triggers You - Self

Dec 26

6 common myth around weight management and obesity, busted! – Times Now

6 common myth around weight management and obesity, busted!  |  Photo Credit: iStock Images

New Delhi: Amid the ongoing pandemic, weight management and obesity have become major causes of concern. Being overweight can cause more lasting damage to an individuals health than we can imagine. Sedentary lifestyle, the reduced movement has led to the rise in weight gain and obesity among people.

This has led to increased awareness among people for a need to adopt a healthy way of living. However, despite our best intentions behind wanting to know everything about how to manage ones weight, it is important to understand that all the details that the internet feeds us may not be necessarily accurate. Below are a few common myth busters around weight management.

Weight management is a complex issue and there is still so much about it that we may not be necessarily aware of. It is vital to learn to separate the facts from the myths about weight loss and gain in order to understand it and overcome it.

Disclaimer: This article has been authored by Vandana Luthra, founder & co-chairperson, VLCC Group. Views expressed are personal.

Read this article:
6 common myth around weight management and obesity, busted! - Times Now

Dec 26

Midnight Sky: Goerge Clooney was hospitalized after- Daily Research Plot – Daily Research Plot

Midnight Sky Updates: The 59-year-old actor George Clooney stars in Midnight Sky, a dystopian sci-fi show, for which he had lost almost 20-plus pounds. ET released a statement which reveals that Clooney was in the hospital with pancreatitis four days before he was to start shooting after he suffered severe stomach pains.

Shot in Iceland and directed by Clooney him selves, he portrays as a lone scientist trying to contact a group of astronauts who are returning home to a mysterious global holocaust.

Clooney recently spoke with ET and revealed insights into the movie. He lost about 25 pounds and had become pretty weak. He dint have a trainer along with him to guide so he helped himself eating healthy and recovering.

Clooney is almost unrecognizable as Augustine. Apparently, hes shorter, sporting a shaved head and a gray, scraggly beard. He told Mirror that his wife, Amal, and also his 3-year-old daughter, Ella, were not the facial hairs biggest fans.

I think I tried too hard to lose weight quickly and probably didnt take care of myself, Mirror said to Clooney. The 59-year-old also directed the film, and early production took a toll on his diagnosis.

Clooney also opened up about how the films story continues; he explains how it might carry forward the legacy. Clooney is married to Amal Clooney and has 3 3-year-old twins, Ella and Alexander.

Pancreatitis is caused by inflammation of the pancreas, according to the Mayo Clinic. Abdominal pain, fever, nausea, and vomiting are among the symptoms. It happens when digestive enzymes are activated, irritating the cells of your pancreas and causing inflammation while still in the pancreas, per the clinic.

Clooney expresses how one should be bothered about the future of their kids. He also expresses his views on how science will change the world in a snap.

The Midnight Sky will stream on Netflix this Dec. 23. You could view the movie in selective theatres this month.

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Midnight Sky: Goerge Clooney was hospitalized after- Daily Research Plot - Daily Research Plot

Dec 26

Weight Loss: These Protein Balls By Celeb Fitness Trainer Are A Perfect Way To Increase Your Daily Intake Of Protein – NDTV

These protein balls can be included in your daily diet for weight loss

Weight loss: Have you ever wondered of interesting ways that could make including proteins in your diet more fun and definitely less of an effort? Then we've got something for you. Eating proteins is important for your weight, muscles, skin and hair. It is a macronutrient which is known to be the building blocks of the body. Many of us struggle to look for ways to add more protein to your diet. Experts suggest that you must add protein-rich foods to each of your meals in order to increase your daily intake.

Sharing with us an interesting idea of ways to add more protein to your diet is celebrity fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala on Instagram.

Visit her Instagram profile and you will find that the Mumbai-based trainer has shared a Reel on how to make protein balls at home. They require some basic ingredients, most of which you may already have at home. What's more, all ingredients are plant-based. This makes these protein balls perfect for people following the vegan diet.

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Ingredients include red dates (120 gms), crushed almonds (2 tbsp), flaxseed powder (2 tbsp), chia seed powder (2 tbsp). cocoa powder (2 tbsp), chopped black raisins (2 tbsp), ginger juice (1 tbsp), cardamom powder (1/2 tsp), almond oil (1 tsp) and cinnamon powder (1/4 tsp).

Mix all ingredients well. Watch the video below to see how Karachiwala does it. Once the ingredients are blended in the desired consistency, take small portions of the prepared batter to make lemon-sized balls.

Also read:Nutritionist Explains Exactly How You Can Get Complete Protein From A Vegetarian Diet

Roll these balls in dessicated coconut and chill them for 15 minutes. Store in a jar and have one or more of these protein balls every day, depending on your daily intake of the nutrient.

They can be perfect to curb your in-between meal hunger pangs. They can add to your daily intake of protein and can also fill you up quickly and keep you full for longer. So if you are trying to lose weight, you must give these protein balls a try!

Also read:Weight Loss: High Protein Diet Can Help You Burn More Fat, New Study Finds

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

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Weight Loss: These Protein Balls By Celeb Fitness Trainer Are A Perfect Way To Increase Your Daily Intake Of Protein - NDTV

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Is CBD A Weight Loss Fad or Does It Work – The Leaf Online

As the effects and benefits of cannabis progressively being unveiled, its not surprising for it to be touted as a weight loss aid. Particularly, cannabidiol (CBD), which is a non-intoxicating derivative, is increasingly lauded as a cure-all for nearly everything. But, despite copious claims and anecdotal evidence, scientists and health experts agree that more research is needed.

And as more states legalize both the medical and recreational use of weed, its no longer hard to get your supply from a marijuana dispensary. Plus with CBD products abound such as oils, tinctures, vapes, gummies, lozenges, and other forms,all promising glorious health benefitsits easy to get swayed.

Marijuana and especially CBD contribute to weight loss is a widely known fact at this point and if often used in marijuana marketing campaigns.

CBD is one of over a hundred compounds found in cannabis. Its one of the most abundant cannabinoids next to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). But unlike THC, CBD is known to be a non-psychoactive compound that does not make you high.

Cannabinoids like THC and CBD interact with our endocannabinoid system and produce different effects. THC usually is associated with the munchies, but CBD is believed to help in weight loss. CBD is widely popular due to its perceived beneficial effects on health including treatment of seizures in epilepsy, reducing inflammation, and chronic pain relief.

Now, generally accepted facts substantiate that the chemicals found in cannabis affect our endocannabinoid system (ECS). These compounds react to our natural cannabinoid receptors known as CB1 and CB2. Our ECS controls everything from neurological, to the immune system, and the metabolic system. The CB1 receptors, specifically, have been linked to obesity. It is believed that in obese people, these receptors become densely activated and widespread in fatty tissue.

Some research suggests that the compound in question, CBD, when ingested can switch off or block off CB1 receptors. While in a British study, its concluded that CBD may be an appetite suppressor. Although it does not prevent you from eating, it can make you feel fuller quickly.

CBD can or cant help you lose weight. CBD alone will not help you to shed some pounds overnight. But when combined with a good diet, exercise, and a healthy lifestyleit can aid in weight loss in the long run.

As mentioned earlier, CBD may indirectly deactivate CB1 receptors which can lead to reduced appetite. This suggests that it can indirectly affect your weight. Other research suggests that CBD can also reduce the probability of metabolic disorders, can convert and break down fat.

There are several ways CBD impacts weight loss. Lets go over each one:

Mitochondria is part of our cell responsible for converting fats, sugars, and proteins into energy. When it isnt functioning optimally, its easy for us to gain weight and hard to lose some. Our mitochondria is a key part of our metabolic system, which is regulated by our ECS.

CBD, as per research, can increase the number of our mitochondria as well as their activity. It also directly affects our endocannabinoid system thereby boosting our metabolic balance, also known as homeostasis.

When our bloodstream insulin level is high, its hard for our body to burn fat. In one study, CBD was shown to significantly lower or stabilize insulin levels. The compound is thought to encourage the conversion of white (bad) fat into brown (good) fat. CBD may also enhance the breakdown and oxidation of fat. The browning of our fat cells helps us to burn calories needed for weight loss.

CBD is considered an appetite suppressant as it was observed to directly interact with our CB1 receptors.

As cannabis remained to be classified as a Schedule 1 drug and illegal on a federal level, its hard to conclude its efficacy. This is due to limited research and a lack of definitive reports. Moreover, no CBD products specifically for weight loss have been FDA-approved.

Its also good to note that marijuana use is not without risks. The substance is also prone to long-term misuse and dependence. It is especially risky for younger people too.

Indeed, CBD has been initially found to indirectly aid in weight loss. However, there are risks involved so its always best to consult a doctor first. And if you opt to use it, dose properly and dont rely heavily on it. Use it only as a complement to good eating habits, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle.

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