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Oct 1

How to gain weight quickly and safely – Yahoo Lifestyle UK

From Netdoctor

While we often hear about the health risks of obesity or being overweight, there are serious health risks associated with being underweight.

Being underweight can weaken your immune system, leave you feeling tired or lethargic, and put you at higher risk of some serious health conditions, such as osteoporosis.

Dr Louise Wiseman looks at how to gain weight quickly and safely.

Being underweight simply means your weight is lower than recommended for your height and age.

Healthcare professionals use body mass index (BMI) to work out if you are underweight. This is calculated by dividing your weight in kilograms (kg) by your height in metres squared (m2). Try this BMI calculator.

The number obtained is then compared on a chart to see which part of the range you are in. If the number is less than 18.5 this is called being underweight, around 18.5 to 20 might be a warning not to go lower, 20 to 24.9 is said to be a healthy weight.

However, there are exceptions. BMI does not take into account the different proportions of muscle mass we have and so on. Some people may have been slender all their life, having eaten a healthy diet and exercised normally and not have health problems. However, there may be more cause for concern if a persons BMI changes and they become underweight.

Being underweight is more common in women than in men.

Common causes of being underweight include:

Eating disorders, such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia

Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to severe, fairly rapid weight loss

Medication that affects appetite or metabolism can trigger weight loss

Thyroid problems an overactive thyroid, that is producing an excess of the thyroid hormones can lead to weight loss

Cancer or malignancy can cause a state called cachexia where after there is loss of fat on the body there will also be loss of muscle and wasting generally

Severe infections, such as tuberculosis (TB), parasitic gut infections, HIV/AIDS

Coeliac disease this proven intolerance of gluten causes malabsorption at the small bowel thus nutrients will not be absorbed

Older age can be accompanied by unintentional weight loss. If someone is isolated or has lost interest in preparing food the changes can be gradual and not noticed which is why doctors are careful to assess nutritional status at consultations with older patients. There is a scoring system called MUST that clinicians sometimes use for assessing this.

Muscle loss in older age, partly due to age, partly less activity (called sarcopenia) will also show as weight loss. As we age we naturally lose what we call motor units (areas where a nerve supplies an area of muscle). By keeping active we can maintain more motor units and keep muscle healthy.

Here are the main problems that can occur if you are not eating enough of the right nutrients:

These are essential in the healthy diet for the functioning of all systems of the body. The nervous system, cardiovascular, skin, gut and more all rely on certain nutrients. Deficiencies can lead to specific problems. Some may not lead to symptoms but long term unwanted effects on health can creep in.

Calcium deficiency in the diet can lead to thinner bones and this can go on to create osteopenia (mild bone thinning) or osteoporosis (more severe bone thinning). Weight loss also means there is less adipose or fatty tissue in the body. In women, this is one of the major sources of oestrogen post-menopausally and this usually helps protect the bones. We know osteoporosis goes on to increase risk of fractures. Similarly lack of dietary vitamin D will affect bone integrity and many other systems in the body.

Studies have also shown that weight loss in middle aged women (such as those from crash or yoyo dieting) can be accompanied by bone loss and even if weight is regained this may not improve again.

Iron or folate deficiency from malnourishment will lead to different anaemias. This could manifest as tiredness, dizziness, palpitations and other non-specific symptoms.

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Being very underweight has been suggested as a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. More studies are needed in this area but it seems the risk may not be confined to those with obesity.

You may be more likely to catch infections and find it harder to shrug off colds, flu and other infections if underweight. This could be because protein, fat and nutrients are needed for the immune system to function. Different studies have shown that providing malnourished people with a diet rich in protein and nutrients, such as zinc and vitamin E may reduce their chances of catching infections.

Inadequate protein levels reduce the synthesis of collagen in the body and this is needed for wound healing. Also enough food is needed to provide energy for wound healing in addition to general functioning of the body. You have to make extra sure you are fuelling your body whilst healing.

Just as young girls need to reach a threshold weight to start menstruating (around 45 kg), similarly if you lose weight your periods may stop and as a woman this will affect your fertility. Preconceptual counselling with your GP may give you simple advice about a healthy diet alongside appropriate recommended pre-pregnancy vitamin supplements including folic acid.

A study found being underweight as opposed to normal weight carried a 34 per cent higher risk of dementia.

Interestingly, studies looking at the risks of being underweight are compromised by there being differences between patients due to the actual cause of weight loss. So other things may be at play such as amount of protein intake, smoking, diabetes. Not all underweight patients in studies have all the same health risks.

First, it is important to establish the reason for any weight loss with your doctor as it is paramount to treat the underlying cause.

Remember if an eating disorder is causing your weight loss, it is vital that you have specific specialist care.

The following tips can help you gain weight quickly and safely:

If you think poor food choices are the cause of weight loss, consider asking for referral to a dietician or registered nutritionist. After illness this may be part of rehabilitation programmes after hospital discharge. At different ages there will be different requirements for food groups and this will be personal to you and your activity level.

Filling up with unhealthy fatty or sugar laden foods to gain weight fast will not do your body any good in the long-run. This will encourage you to gain visceral fat (fat around your internal organs). Rather you want to gain a healthy amount of muscle and subcutaneous fat slowly. You can be slim and unhealthy, so dont aim for visceral fat gain. Think about your body composition as healthy building blocks you are adding in. Think of each meal plate as a tool for topping up nutrients.

Unless exercising excessively, a small tweak in intake of food may help you regain lost weight. You might want to use a calorie counter to help you estimate this or ask your dietician. Slower gain should be healthier than fast. An additional 300 to 500 calories a day may be necessary.

Similarly regular exercise and light weight use may help any additional protein in your diet be put to good use to build muscle it is literally a case of use it or lose it. Go gently if you have any bone or muscle or mobility problems and consult your doctor first. Beware that overdoing cardio may causes further weight loss.

Unless there is a specific medical reason to limit protein (as in kidney problems), most dieticians will explain that protein is the building block for repair and building muscle. It also makes us feel full. Protein-rich foods include meat, fish, dairy, eggs, legumes, nuts. Only in severe cases of malnourishment or hospital confinement is protein added as a supplement but it does have a role in nourishing drinks as food replacement when prescribed to the elderly or those recovering from illness.

Whole fat milk is a great balanced food but if you are vegan or simply dairy free look at the nutrient content of your replacement milk. Is it fortified? Does it have adequate calcium and no added salt? Does it contain iodine (a component of cows milk essential for health and a healthy thyroid)?

A good example of a balanced diet is the EAT WELL campaign providing correct calories for your age, height and activity.

The Mediterranean diet and its principles have been proven to reduce long term illnesses and promote health. Low salt, plenty fruit and veg, less red meat, good healthy proteins, olive oil and so on.

Avoiding over-processed foods and saturated fats will not promote an unhealthy rise in body fat and unhealthy cholesterol.

Try aiming for routine sitting down for meals, eating mindfully and enjoying them, rather than snacking on the go. Think of how each meal can nourish you rather than just eating for the sake of it. Enjoy the process of preparing food and trying new recipes. It does not need to be rocket science.

If you need snacks, plan ahead and make them healthy and energy dense, such as dried fruit, nuts.

It might help to eat the nutrient rich foods on your plate first.

Avoid fizzy drinks, overprocessed white carbs. These will not fill you up and will not sustain your energy and you will repeatedly slump in energy during the day.

You will need healthy energy dense carbs so aim for wholegrains (oats, brown rice) for sustained energy release. Choose unsaturated fats as spreads, drink plenty fluids. Make sure your diet is full of variety and colour with plenty fruit and veg and pre and probiotics to promote gut health.

Use herbs and spices to make food more appetising and make you eat more of it.

Sleep is vital for all function of the body, repair and to aid metabolism of what you have taken in during the day and to help protein restore muscle.

Smoking and alcohol often replace healthy meals.

Being underweight as an adult should not be ignored. Protect your health by aiming for a healthy weight in a sensible way and do not be afraid to ask for help.

Last updated: 01-10-2020

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How to gain weight quickly and safely - Yahoo Lifestyle UK

Oct 1

From lipo to lap band surgery: Celebs who went under the knife to shed the kilos – All4Women

There are many different types of weight loss surgery that meet the different needs of people looking for surgical interventions for their weight

A nip and tuck here and there is not out of place in celebville. Whether its a mommy makeover or a health intervention weight loss surgery is growing in popularity.

Snap-back culture is slowly being torn apart by women who refuse to participate in the maintenance of unrealistic expectations that a woman should snap-back to her pre-baby weight and shape soon after giving birth.

Kim Kardashians weight during her pregnancy with her daughter North had tongues wagging. The star is known for her tiny waist and bounteous curves is said to have snapped-back with the help of a plastic surgeon and some liposuction.

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Women arent the only ones going under the knife; many men also get a nip and tuck here and there like Kims husband Kanye West.Kanye shared his battle with opioid addiction after his liposuction surgery with TMZ Live, admitting he felt under pressure to lose weight quickly when he married Kim Kardashian.

Gabourey Sidibe blasted into stardom as Precious in the movie Precious. She was heavily criticised for her appearance and her weight. It was only after she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes that she decided to get a surgical intervention.Gabourey told People Magazine that she had been working out with a trainer for a long time without seeing any results. After she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, she realised she had to take drastic action or deal with the consequences for the rest of her life.

READ MORE: Gabourey Sidibe wont accept praise for weight loss

According to Netcare hospital, lap band surgery or bariatric surgery is a serious medical procedure performed on obese patients or patients suffering from 2 or more weight-related illnesses.Bariatric surgery can help patients lose up to 70% of their excess body weight in 12-18 months.

Cardi B isnt the kind of celebrity to keep secrets from her fans. After her daughter was born, she not only shared that she had liposuction and breast augmentation but also how hard recovery was. She shared her journey and the struggles that came with it and vowed never to go under the knife again.*Video contains foul language*

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Thinking of going under the knife to drop the kilos? Here is how weight loss surgery changed the lives of some of our favourite celebrities

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Oct 1

Why looking in the mirror is so hard for people with eating disorders – The Conversation UK

Eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia, are estimated to affect more than 16 million people worldwide. Considered to be serious mental health conditions, in many cases, food intake is either unrestrained, excessive, to the point of bingeing, or is progressively reduced to smaller and smaller quantities to enable a person to lose weight.

Many people with an eating disorder experience whats known as body distortions. This means that what they see in the mirror is different to what other people see when they look at them. Very often, a person with an eating disorder will perceive their body as too fat or too imperfect, despite them seeming emaciated to others.

Research has also found that people affected by eating disorders struggle to accurately perceive their internal bodily signals. This means that body information such as feeling hungry or full, or whether your heart is beating quickly, that people usually sense and engage with unconsciously, is blunted and ignored.

Instead, there is a tendency to focus more on the appearance of their bodies. People with eating disorders will often look at their bodies to check for signs of weight gain.

One popular treatment approach for people with eating disorders tries to directly address body-image disturbances. Mirror exposure therapy involves patients wearing revealing clothes in front of a mirror. They are then asked to describe their bodies in a neutral and nonjudgmental fashion, the aim being that over time this will desensitise reaction.

Studies have shown this treatment can reduce distress, negative thoughts and body dissatisfaction. But our latest research suggests that how the therapy is carried out is vitally important. And that, in some cases, mirror exposure therapy in women with eating disorders might actually exacerbate some symptoms.

For our study, we wanted to find out more about how body perception is affected when people with eating disorder symptoms view their mirror image.

We recruited healthy women who assessed themselves as having major or low concerns about their appearance or weight. They were asked to report whether they could feel a very weak touch that occurred when a small device attached to their cheek made a vibration. They did this task while looking at an original or scrambled photograph of their own face, or a photograph of another womans face on a computer screen.

At the same time, we monitored physiological arousal by recording changes in electrical activity on the surface of the skin. This allowed us to check levels of stress and emotional responses to viewing the photographs.

We found that women with major concerns about their appearance or weight were better at detecting the touch when they were shown their own faces. But we also found their levels of distress were greater too. On the other hand, women with low concerns about their weight or appearance were better able to detect the touch while looking at the other woman or the scrambled images.

It seems then that looking in the mirror may lead people with eating disorders symptoms to be more distressed and to pay more attention to external features of the body and body appearance. This is not surprising because we know that people affected by an eating disorder tend to focus more on the appearance of their bodies, often ignoring their internal bodily sensations.

On the other hand, women with low concerns about their appearance may find it harder to detect the touch when viewing their own face. This is because this heightens their awareness of their internal body signals and this then clouds their ability to feel the vibration.

Otherstudies have used similar situations to look at how mirror exposure can alter body perceptions but have asked participants to detect signals coming from within their bodies, such as their heartbeat, rather than an external touch.

In these studies, mirror exposure was found to make people with eating disorder symptoms worse at detecting internal body signals. This suggests that the type of body signal (external vs internal) patients are asked to focus on during mirror therapy can make a big difference when treating body image disturbances.

Given that people with eating disorders focus more on their physical appearance which is linked to their worries about their bodies rather than to other internal sensations, such as breathing or their heartbeat careful considerations should be given to how mirror therapy is conducted.

This is important because such findings have the potential to open up new suggestions for future treatments of eating disorders and may also be key for evaluating current treatments.

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Why looking in the mirror is so hard for people with eating disorders - The Conversation UK

Oct 1

11 Things That Could Be Impacting Your Weight – Longevity LIVE – Longevity LIVE

Counteract your sedentary lifestyle by incorporating micro-movements throughout the day. In other words, try to increase your daily step count. Get up and move for at least ten minutes every hour. Consider parking further away from the storefront or taking the elevator instead of the stairs. These micro-movements contribute to your NEAT Non-exercise activity thermogenesis, A.K.A, every move you make that isnt exercising. In other words, moving even the slightest bit more can make a big difference over time.

As mentioned before, weight gain is not synonymous with fat gain. If your new workout routine incorporates resistance and strength training, youll start to build muscle.

Its a myth that muscle weighs more than fat; five pounds is five pounds, whether its muscle, fat, feathers, or rocks. However, muscle is denser than fat, meaning more muscle fits in less space. As you start to build muscle and lose fat, the scale might stay the same.

If youre incorporating strength training into your workout routine, consider using other metrics to track your progress. Rather than using the scale which cant differentiate between fat, muscle, and water use progress photos, measurements, and how your clothing feels on your body.

If fat loss is your goal, its worth incorporating strength work into your exercise routine and shifting your mindset about numbers on the scale. Maintaining muscle burns more calories than maintaining fat as a part of your baseline TDEE. In other words, simply having more muscle will burn more calories even when you arent working out.

There are a lot of factors that contribute to weight loss, beyond eating less and moving more. Before you start cutting out food groups or paying for the next fad diet, consider evaluating the different variables on this list to determine whether theres an underlying issue.

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11 Things That Could Be Impacting Your Weight - Longevity LIVE - Longevity LIVE

Oct 1

Bariatric surgery is booming, as obese patients worry about their Covid-19 risks – The Daily Briefing

Bariatric surgery, a significantly underutilized treatment for weight management, is beginning to see an uptick in usea trend spurred by a somewhat unlikely cause: the novel coronavirus epidemic.

The 3 most important considerations for patients deciding on bariatric surgery

According to the New York Times' "Well," bariatric surgery is an increasingly safe, effective, and simple procedure available to patients with a BMI of at least 40 who cannot lose weight via diet and exercise alone, as well as patients with BMIs between 30 to 35 who have obesity-related health issues.

Bariatric surgeriesincluding gastric bypasses, laparoscopic bands, and gastric sleeveswork by reducing the physical size of the stomach and curbing appetite by altering the hormonal signals between a patient's stomach and brain. Bariatric surgery, according to "Well," has become increasingly safe over the years, with the rates of complications and deaths related to such procedures plunging from a peak of 11.7% and 1%, respectively, in 1998 to 1.4% and 0.04% in 2016.

However, despite the safety and efficacy of the procedure, experts say it's significantly underutilized. "Only one-half of 1 percent of people eligible for bariatric surgery currently undergo it," Anne Ehlers, a bariatric surgeon at the University of Michigan, said.

According to a JAMA article, this under-use of bariatric surgery likely stems both from "the reluctance of the medical community and patients to accept surgery as a safe, effective, and durable treatment of obesity," and because patients worry that they "may be judged by others for taking the easy way out and not having the willpower to diet and exercise."

According to the Wall Street Journal, several studies have found a link between obesity and its related health issuessuch as diabetes and hypertensionand increased rates of serious Covid-19 infection. In fact, CDC this month confirmed that new research demonstrates that Covid-19 patients who are obese have a greater risk of severe outcomes.

Researchers think this increased risk for obese patients may stem in part because of how the coronavirus enters the body via an enzyme called the ACE2 receptor. This enzyme is located in cells that line the lungs and fat tissue, which means that patients with excess weight may be more likely to experience a high viral load. In addition, obesity is linked to hyperinflammation and shortness of breath, two conditions that make it more difficult for someone to combat viral infection.

As John Morton, head of the bariatric practice at Yale Medical Center, said, "The virus frankly has an easier job" replicating itself among patients who are obese, because "[i]t has more targets."

But ongoing research indicates that losing weightand losing weight via bariatric surgery in particularmay help lower this risk, the Journal reports. According to a clinical study from the Cleveland Clinic that's currently under peer review, patients with obesity who've had bariatric surgery were 25% less likely to require hospitalization after contracting Covid-19 when compared with obese patients who have not had the surgery. In addition, among those patients in the study who were hospitalized, none of those who've had bariatric surgery were admitted to the ICU or died from the pathogencompared with 13% and 2.5%, respectively, of hospitalized patients who have not had the surgery.

In light of this increased risk, some patients who are struggling with their weight are undergoing bariatric surgery as a proactive measure against severe infectiona trend that seems to have made bariatric surgery more popular than ever, the Journal reports.

In fact, while most scheduled procedures are now experiencing a rebound after several months' pause amid the epidemic, bariatric surgery is not only rebounding more quickly than other services, but it's surpassing even its 2019 levels. Specifically, according to research from health care data company Perception Health, claims for bariatric surgery fell to nearly zero in April, but then rebounded by June to a higher level than that same month in 2019.

Separately, Optum, which owns medical facilities and surgical centers across the country, reported a 26% annual increase in patients joining bariatric-surgery programs this summer. (The Daily Briefing is published by Advisory Board, a division of Optum.) Similarly, Cigna said that while prior authorizations for bariatric surgeries declined 38.8% annually between March and May of this year, they increased 9.3% annually in June, July, and August.

The leaders of various surgical practices at major hospitals have reported similar anecdotal evidence, according to the Journal. For instance, Morton said that after Yale reopened its five hospitals for scheduled surgeries in June, bariatric surgery volume increased 20% when compared to 2019 levelsand inquiries about the procedure are also on the rise. "The only two surgeries that have been Covid-proof have been cancer and bariatric," he said.

Similarly, Ali Aminian, director of the Cleveland Clinic's Bariatric and Metabolic Institute, said intake for severely obese patients seeking bariatric surgery increased 40% annually over the summer. "We've had patients who wanted to come and take care of their obesity, to be healthier, and when we ask them, why did you come now? It's because they've heard this message that it's a risk factor for Covid infection," Aminian said.

And speaking as a bariatric surgery patient, Eliza Henderson said the coronavirus spurred her to "take the plunge" and schedule herself for the procedure later this month. "I don't want my being obese to stack the odds against me with something like coronavirus," Henderson explained. "More than anything, I want to have a better chance to survive" (Whelan, Wall Street Journal, 9/28; Brody, "Well," New York Times, 9/28).

Excerpt from:
Bariatric surgery is booming, as obese patients worry about their Covid-19 risks - The Daily Briefing

Oct 1

‘Thin or heavy, every pregnant body is different’: Teejay Sidhu opens up on skinny shaming during pregnan – Times of India

"Are you eating enough? It doesn't look like you are having a baby!""You are putting on too much weight for a pregnant woman""Moms are supposed to be on the healthier side. Are you sure your baby is okay?"

These are only a few examples of the unwelcomed comments pregnant women go through. While pregnancy is a time for a woman to feel the most pampered, nourished and cared for, judgmental comments can stress an expecting parent into believing that she is not doing enough or putting her baby at risk.

Just like some women are called out for putting a little too much weight when they are expecting a baby, there are others who also go through 'skinny-shaming' when they are pregnant. Former VJ and actress Teejay Sidhu is one of them.

Sidhu, who is expecting her third child with actor husband Karanvir Vohra is in her fifth month of pregnancy. While the mom-to-be is blissfully enjoying her last few months of pregnancy, she often finds people telling her that she isn't really showing her pregnant belly, or isn't putting on healthy weight, as other women do.

There are also a lot of people who have been leaving similar comments on her photos on social media, asking her to "eat well" and not take up dieting right now.

While the mother to be is doing her part to stay healthy, she has now opened up about the judgment and criticism she and many women like her go through on a daily basis.

Flaunting her growing baby bump, Teejay wrote, "People say I'm too skinny, that I should be heavier, especially since I'm expecting. (This is my 5 months pregnancy pic.) But for me, putting on has never been easy. And in the first trimester, I had terrible nausea, couldn't eat anything"

View this post on Instagram

People say I'm too skinny, that I should be heavier, especially since I'm expecting. (This is my 5 months pregnancy pic.) But for me, putting on has never been easy. And in the first trimester, I had terrible nausea, couldn't eat anything! (There was no 'pregnancy glow!') Now I eat properly, but the weight only shows on my tummy. And I'm ok with that. 🙂 I'd advise any expecting Mom, whether you're the thin/heavy, embrace your maternity body. Don't overthink what you 'should' look like. As long as you are healthy, there is no 'ideal' weight. Every pregnancy body is different - love yours, just as it is. . Thank you @ammarzoofficial for the outfit - hardly anything fits properly anymore! Photo

A post shared by Teejay Sidhu (@bombaysunshine) on Sep 29, 2020 at 11:34am PDT

The actress also said that there's a lot of misconception about what an ideal pregnant woman is supposed to look like, and the lack of awareness could also cloud judgment and stress any parent into thinking they are not doing enough. For example, Teejay highlighted that both of her pregnancies never made her experience the "glow" people talk about and instead, made her lose appetite.

Nausea and loss of appetite is also something that royal parent and mother of three, Kate Middleton has talked about in the past, in detail. Teejay's post further read:

"...And in the first trimester, I had terrible nausea, couldn't eat anything! (There was no 'pregnancy glow!') Now I eat properly, but the weight only shows on my tummy. And I'm ok with that. 🙂 I'd advise any expecting Mom, whether you're the thin/heavy, embrace your maternity body. Don't overthink what you 'should' look like. As long as you are healthy, there is no 'ideal' weight. Every pregnancy body is different - love yours, just as it is. "

Teejay and Karanvir, who welcomed their twin daughters in 2016 announced their second pregnancy just recently (August 28) with an adorable set of maternity photos.

What is the ideal weight gain during pregnancy?

When a woman is pregnant, gaining some weight is essential to support the baby. While for most women, putting on weight isn't a challenge, some can experience difficulties sticking to the ideal weight for their age, despite being nutritiously sufficient. Not putting on much weight can be because of many reasons- be it loss of appetite, extreme nausea, morning sickness, metabolic problems, chromosomal abnormalities or existing medical conditions. Some, strangely also risk losing the kilos!

The ideal weight gain for a pregnant woman varies, depending on her age, BMI (Body Mass Index) or pre-existing health factors. Anywhere between 11-16 kilos over the course of nine months is counted as healthy weight gain. In fact, science has also suggested that eating for two could be quite dangerous, and a mom-to-be really needs to take in additional calories during the last three-four months.

Weight gain also depends on pre-pregnancy weight- whether a woman is underweight, obese or overweight. It could also differ from one person to another, considering that not everyone is built the same way. While some put on weight quickly in the first trimester and "show", some only gain weight in the later months of the pregnancy.

Nonetheless, maintaining a stable weight during all nine months is important. There's no reason to fret as long as a woman eats healthy, swears off junk food and packs in nutrition which contains options from all food groups. It's important to gain steady weight as a woman progresses with her pregnancy and it can differ for every person.

Here are some tips expecting mamas can follow to sustain a healthy pregnancy:

'Thin or heavy, every pregnant body is different': Teejay Sidhu opens up on skinny shaming during pregnan - Times of India

Oct 1

21 Foods to Toss Out of Your Kitchen For Good – Yahoo Canada Shine On

Imagine you had the chance to peek into the kitchens of the world's best nutritionists and dietitiansthe people who know exactly what to eat for a fitter body, slimmer belly,and a longer life. You probably wouldn't be surprised by what you see: Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fish, some olive oilnothing surprising there. But what might surprise you is what you won't seethe common, so-called "healthy" foods that probably populate your own pantry, but which those in the know have long banned from their own homes.

We assembled a panel of experts and got a sneak peek into the eating habits of those who live and breathe nutrition daily, and learned about which foods should never be in your kitchen if you want to lose weight.Throw these foods that aren't doing any favors for your body into the trash and start trying out these 21 Best Healthy Cooking Hacks of All Time!

Rice cakes are an old-school diet staple. But the simple carbohydrates rank notoriously high on the glycemic index (GI) a measure of how quickly blood rises in response to food on a scale of one to 100 (rice cakes come in at 82). High GI foods provide a rush of energy but can leave you hungry within a few hours. Researchers at the New Balance Foundation Obesity Prevention Center found high-GI snacks caused excessive hunger and increased activity in craving and reward area of the brain the perfect storm for overeating and weight gain.

"I try to avoid excessive caffeine," says Dr. Mamta M. Mamik, Assistant Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Science at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. "An adult can safely consume up to 400 milligrams of caffeine a daywhich is equivalent to four 8-ounce cups of coffeebut drinking any more than that can cause calcium excretion, which, over time, may lead to osteoporosis. Avoiding excess caffeine also helps to ward off uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms like lethargy, insomnia, headaches,and irritability."

"Although I love them, I try to stay away from cream-based soups. They not only bother my stomach, but they are also loaded with empty calories and often have concerning fillers like hydrolyzed proteins, food dyes and corn syrup that I find out about later!" says, Dr. Taz Bhatia, integrative health expert and author of The 21-Day Belly Fix.


"I try to avoid foods that contains trans fats, corn syrup,and added sugars," says Eugenia Gianos, MD, cardiologist, Co-Clinical Director, Center for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease at NYU Langone Medical Center. "Often listed as hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils, synthetically engineered trans-fats increase your bad (LDL) cholesterol levels and decrease your good (HDL) cholesterol levels, upping your risk of heart attack and stroke." Oftentimes, grocery chains or bakers will use partially hydrogenated oils to extend the shelf life of their "fresh" baked goods. Besides the potential for PHOs, these pastries are often times calorie-dense, and won't do much to keep you energized all morning.


glass of soy milk on table

"I avoid soymilk," notes Guillem Gonzalez-Lomas, MD, sports medicine specialist and assistant professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at NYU Langone Medical Center. "Yes, the horror stories linking overconsumption of soy products to estrogen-like effectslike the development of enlarged breasts in otherwise healthy malesare exceptional. However, the fact is that soy mimics estrogen and activates estrogen receptors in the body. Do you want to take that risk? There are plenty of other milk substituteslike almond milkthat don't carry the same potential side effects."


"As a plastic surgeon, I'm always thinking about my figure," says New York City-based physician, Lara Devgan, MD. "To that end, I never eat energy bars or granola bars. Although they can be tasty, for the amount of calorie-dense carbs and fat they contain, you might as well eat a candy bar. Many of these bars are packed with simple sugars, and they aren't quite filling enough to substitute for a meal or snack."


"This is as far removed from a natural egg as you can get," says Dana James CDN, a nutritionist from Food Coach NYC. "Heat pasteurized and made from factory-farmed eggs, this product is processed so much that makers actually have to add in synthetic vitamins to boost its nutrient density. "Go for the real thing instead," says James. Choline, found in eggs, lean meats, seafood and collard greens, attacks the gene mechanism that triggers your body to store fat around your liver.


A fruit smoothie sounds like a virtuous choice for an afternoon pick-me-up, but be forewarned: Many store-bought options are blended with high-calorie dairy bases and cheap sweeteners that make them more dessert-like than diet-friendly. Take Naked's Might Mango Fruit Smoothie, which has 57 grams of sugar per bottle.


"Talk about turning a good food bad," says Leah Kaufman, MS, RD, CDN a New York City-based Registered Dietitian. "When you transform produce into juice, you take away its fiberone of the major benefits of consuming whole fruits and vegetables. What you wind up with is a drink that's so concentrated with sweetness, it can have as much sugar as a soda." More and more research has begun to show that some fruits are actually better at fighting belly fat than others. And the master fruits all have one thing in common: they're red, or at least reddish. Raspberries, strawberries, blueberriesthey're packed with polyphenols, powerful natural chemicals that can actually stop fat from forming.


"I don't drink soda. A long time ago cola had cocaine in it, and it's arguably gotten even more unhealthy since then," says Gonzalez-Lomas. "Most sodas contain phosphorus, which binds to calcium and increases calcium loss, which is terrible for bone health. Plus, just one can is filled with 40 grams of sugarthe equivalent of 20 sugar cubeswhich makes it challenging for the body to maintain healthy glucose and insulin levels. And diet soda is potentially worse. Diet beverages contain low doses of carcinogens and artificial sweeteners that have potentially dangerous effects on the brain and metabolism. While everything in moderation is reasonable, I steer clear of sodashigh risk, no reward."

Don't miss finding outWhat Happens to Your Body When You Give Soda!


"One of the leading health food impostors!" says Lisa Moskovitz, RD, founder of The NY Nutrition Group. "One tiny cup of granola has nearly 600 calories, 30 grams of fat, and 24 grams of sugar. That's the equivalent of starting your morning with two slices of cheesecake." Moskovitz adds, "If I want a crunch cereal, I'll go for a lighter alternative like Cheerios or Special K. They pack the same satisfying crunch with a fraction of the calories, fat,and sugar," she says.


"I eat a very clean, plant-based diet so the avoid list is long for me. However, even for those who eat meat, the processed varieties are a bad choice," warns David L. Katz, MD, MPH, Director of the Yale University Prevention Research Center and President of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. "While the link between meat and chronic disease is fairly tenuous, the connection between salt-, sugar- and chemical-laden processed meats and chronic disease risk is strong and consistent. If you eat meat, it should be purelike you want your own muscles to be. If you eat the highly processed, adulterated meats they may pay it forward to the meat on your own bones."

For a list of the purest proteins, click on this essential list of The 29 Best Proteins for Weight Loss.


Peanut butter cookies

"I avoid any product marketed as 'low-fat.' Typically, these items are extensively processed and packed with chemicals that are added to try to achieve the consistency or reproduce the flavor of the full-fat models on which they are based," explains Rebekah Gross, MD, a gastroenterologist at the Joan H. Tisch Center for Women's Health at NYU Langone Medical Center. "I'd rather indulge in a smaller portion of a food naturally high in fat or sugar than ingest an artificial substitute. In most cases, the real deal tastes better, is more satisfying, and doesn't cause the gastrointestinal upset that can be associated with highly processed foods," says Gross.


hot dog with ketchup and mustard

"It's called ketchup because, over time, it's going to catch up to you," jokes Moskovitz. "Just two measly tablespoons has up to 8 grams of sugar and 40 calories. And most of those calories come from high fructose corn syrup, which has been shown to increase appetite and, over time, lead to health problems such as obesity and diabetes." If you really can't live without the stuff, "use an all-natural version with no added sugar, chemicals or HFCS," says Moskovitz.


Woman eating a bowl of cereal

"Most cold cerealseven the ones that seem healthyare carb-laden, sweet and highly processed. They are definitely not the breakfast of championsat least not thin champions," says Lauren Slayton, MS, RD, founder of Foodtrainers. Instead, "Starting your day with lean protein, like eggs, is the best way to ensure that you'll stay energized and full into early afternoon," says Slayton.


"I avoid flavored coffee creamers because they are filled with fake ingredients that can do more harm than the flavor is worth: trans fats, artificial sweeteners, carrageenan and artificial coloring," says Gina Consalvo, MA, RD, LDN, Pennsylvania-based owner of Eat Well with Gina. "Over time, your morning shot of non-dairy creamer can raise dangerous LDL cholesterol levels and increase the risk of blood clots and heart attack."Lighten your coffee with a half and half that only lists milk and cream as ingredients," she says.


jar of nutella with knife

"Nutella is one of those foods that people believe to be healthy because it contains a nut," says Kaufman. "But check the ingredients: spreads like Nutella are primarily sugar and palm oil, with almost no actual nuts involved. With over 20 grams of added sugar and only two grams of protein, the spread just winds up at your waist."

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Americans typically eat only one-third of their recommended daily intake, so you may be surprised to hear us knock any form of vegetable. Unfortunately, we've got to go there. Why? Some veggies of this variety are stored in cans that are laced with BPA, an industrial chemical used in various food and beverages containers. "There is a lot of controversy around BPA," says Consalvo. "It is thought to pose some health risks in fetuses, infants and young children's brain development." She notes that there are many brands that are now using BPA-free cans and hard plastics. We suggest going with fresh or frozen veggies, which tend to be healthier and free of salt and preservatives, too.


Chicken breasts cooked

"We've been conditioned to look for low-cost food instead of the high-quality food," Dan Roberts, celebrity trainer and creator of Methodology Xtells us. "Now, to eat organic seems like a luxury when it really isn't. For both moral and health reasons (it's free of growth hormones), I always buy and eat free-range organic chicken."


Jim White RD, ACSM HFS, Owner of Jim White Fitness and Nutrition Studiossays that "White bread has been bleached and stripped of its bran and germ, the elements of the grain that contain beneficial nutrients. For this reason, white bread isn't very filling, has almost no nutritional value and is converted into sugar once you eat it. Like table sugar, it then spikes insulin levels, which promotes fat storage."Jay Cardiello, NSCA, personal-trainer to the stars, adds, "Also, don't get caught up in phrases like, 'made with whole grains'. This catchy phrase can make you think your bread is a healthy choice, but it only means that the bread is made up of a mixture of whole-wheat flour and some other less nutritious flour that won't benefit your health."


bowl of gummy bears candy

"Tossing back a handful of candy may not seem like a big deal, but it's the equivalent of chowing down on pure sugar. I would never do that and neither should anyone else," explains Lori-Ann Marchese, fitness celebrity and owner of Body Construct LLC.

21 Foods to Toss Out of Your Kitchen For Good - Yahoo Canada Shine On

Sep 25

17 Best Protein Powders of 2020: Whey, Casein, and Plant-Based – Greatist

Both animal-based and plant-based foods contain protein, and protein powder is just a broken-down version of that. These are the three most common forms:

A 2017 study found that supplementing with whey protein hydrolysates reduced exercise-induced muscle damage symptoms and improved recovery of muscle function. This could help enhance muscle growth after exercise.

Whey isolate and concentrate are both high quality proteins and will produce similar effects. A 2016 research review found that people who took whey protein containing both isolate and concentrate improved their lean muscle mass and strength. You may want to opt for isolate rather than concentrate if youre aiming to limit carbs and fats.

Many protein powders contain a blend of the different forms.

How do I pick?! Is one type better than the other?

Depending on your goals, one type of protein powder might be better for you than another. What do you definitely need from your protein? Are you looking to build muscle, to lose weight, or just to consume more protein?

Also consider your specific dietary needs. If you have a milk allergy, you obviously need a dairy- and lactose-free option. If youre vegan, plant-based is the only way to go.

To pick the best protein powders, we looked at the following criteria:

Pricing guide

You just cant look past these flavor options! What tastes better than that last gulp of milk from the bottom of your cereal bowl?! Many reviewers mention that it satisfies sweet cravings without all the sugar.

A bonus for those with a soy allergy is that this brand uses sunflower protein. All flavors are soy- and gluten-free (except blueberry toaster pastry, because it has actual toaster pastry inside ).

Considerations: Theres one downside that may or may not impact you the product contains artificial sweeteners, specifically sucralose. Even though its an FDA-approved non-nutritive sweetener, some people who are more sensitive to artificial sweeteners could experience gastrointestinal discomfort if they consume too much.

Price: $$$

Buy Ghost Whey online.

This gold standard meets our standards as the best whey protein powder. With more than 30 flavors to choose from, youre bound to find the protein of your dreams. Plus, it contains BCAAs, which have been shown to reduce exercise fatigue and muscle soreness.

Considerations: This protein powder wont be a good fit if youre allergic to milk or soy, since it contains both.

Price: $$ (for 2 pounds) or $$$ (for 5 pounds)

Buy Gold Standard 100% Whey online.

Casein is the other type of protein found in milk, next to whey. Its slower-digesting than whey, taking 6 to 8 hours to completely break down. That allows a slow release of essential amino acids, which can help you recover while you sleep! The addition of essential amino acids is also important since your body cant produce them.

This specific casein protein powder makes the list because it has no artificial ingredients or flavors and is gluten-, soy-, and hormone-free. Plus, this powder has BCAAs and is Informed Sport Certified (third-party tested to ensure the absence of banned substances).

Considerations: One downside is that this powder comes in only three flavors, but theyre all classics!

Price: $$$

Buy Ascent Native Fuel Micellar Casein online.

This plant-based protein is made from the highest-quality European peas. Its also naturally sweetened with a plant called the Katemfe fruit (aka African serendipity berry). It contains a fruit protein called Thaumatin, which gives it a sweet flavor without creating a spike in blood sugar.

Reviewers rave about the limited non-GMO ingredients and say its easier to digest than other whey proteins. Nuzest Clean Lean Protein naturally contains all nine essential amino acids, is a good source of iron, and is allergen-free.

Considerations: Keep your wallet open and ready for this protein powder. The cost is on the higher end, and the larger serving size means youll go through a lot, depending on how much protein powder you use.

Price: $$$

Buy Nuzest Clean Lean Protein online.

In addition to being vegan, gluten-free, and available in many flavors, this powder contains greens! To bump up the amounts of iron and vitamin K you get in, it has ingredients like spinach, kale, and broccoli powder. These additions make it stand out from many other protein powders while still providing great flavors.

Considerations: Because of that added vitamin K, people who are on blood thinning medication (such as warfarin, aka Coumadin) need to be careful. According to the Cleveland Clinic, vitamin K intake needs to be consistent because it can decrease the blood thinning effect.

Price: $

Buy Vega Protein & Greens online.

Beyond pea protein, Garden of Life contains 13 organic sprouts to really bump up that protein. What makes us really love it is the addition of probiotics, BCAAs, and enzymes. With 3 billion live probiotics and 13 different enzymes, this protein powder will be easy on your belly.

Considerations: This product uses stevia and erythritol to sweeten things up. Erythritol is a sugar alcohol, which provides sweetness without the calories. But sugar alcohols can cause digestive issues for some people.

Price: $$

Buy Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein online.

Soy gets a bad rap, but its actually a myth that it affects hormones. Many studies, including this one from 2018, have kicked that claim to the curb. This specific soy protein is low in fat and carbs, so it fits into many different eating styles. Its also affordable, organic, and gluten-free!

Considerations: This product does have some artificial flavors (and natural ones too) and doesnt provide much else beyond the protein and low carb/fat deal. And it only comes in the basic flavors.

Price: $

Buy Puritans Pride Soy Protein Isolate online.

Its difficult to find a rice-based protein that comes in flavors other than plain. Thats why this tops our list as the best rice protein, with three flavor options in addition to unflavored. The ingredient list is simple: enzymatically processed rice protein from whole grain, sprouted brown rice, and natural flavors. Plus, its gluten- and GMO-free.

Considerations: This powder is on the cheaper end but doesnt contain as much protein as some others. Its also very low in calories, so if you wanted to use it as a meal replacement, you would need to bulk it up with other foods like fruits, vegetables, or nuts.

Price: $

Buy NutriBiotic Rice Protein online.

Hemp protein comes from hemp seeds that are harvested from the Cannabis plant. Yes, the same one marijuana comes from but without the THC (the psychoactive part).

Hemp is a great source of fiber, which is important since only 5 percent of adults get the recommended amount of dietary fiber each day. The combo of fiber and omega-3s is beneficial for several aspects of your health, including digestive and heart health.

Considerations: This one comes in only two flavors. It also has much less protein than many other brands, sitting at 9 grams of protein per serving.

Price: $

Buy Hemp Yeah! Max Fiber Protein Powder online.

Whey protein isolate is one of the highest-quality whey protein options out there. A small 2017 study on young men found that whey protein enhanced whole-body protein metabolism and improved recovery after strenuous exercise.

One hundred percent of the protein comes from whey, and with the 5.7 grams of naturally occurring BCAAs, youll be seeing those muscles grow!

This product is also NSF-certified, which means all the raw materials used in it are FDA-approved and that whats listed on the label is exactly whats in the product.

Considerations: The pros outweigh the cons, but one con is that there are only two flavors to choose from.

Price: $$$

Buy Bodylogix Natural Isolate online.

Dont fall for marketing and reach for a protein powder thats specifically advertised to women. This one meets our standard because it contains 40 percent of the daily iron females need. Women who have a heavy flow can be at greater risk of iron deficiency (iron is in blood, so blood loss = loss of iron).

This product is soy-, dairy-, and gluten-free. And it contains good amounts of macro- and micronutrients, so it could easily be used as a meal replacement. Were looking at you, ladies on the go!

Considerations: This protein powder contains tree nuts, so steer clear if you have an allergy. It also has a small amount of added sugar and is a bit higher in total fat and carbs than some other powders.

Price: $$$

Buy KOS Organic Plant Protein online.

This USDA certified organic protein tops our list because, in addition to being organic, it meets the needs of a wide variety of people and eating patterns. Its kosher, vegan, and free of soy and gluten. And it comes in six delicious flavors.

Considerations: This powder has more carbs than some others. And it contains the sugar alcohol erythritol, which could cause stomach issues for some people.

Price: $$

Buy Orgain Organic Protein online.

This product says its from grass-fed cows and means it. The brands website claims the cows it uses are from Northern California and spend more than 300 days per year and 19 hours per day grazing in the pasture. This in is comparison to some brands that use cows from Wisconsin, where grazing is possible for only part of the year (because, ya know, snow).

The ingredient list is super short the unflavored has only one ingredient, and the other flavors have no more than three. This product is also gluten-free, contains 5.9 grams of BCAAs, and has no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors.

Considerations: The biggest ding is the serving size. Although the cost is on the lower end, this powder comes in only a 1-pound package with 15 servings. If youre using this on the reg, youll need to stock up.

Price: $

Buy Naked Whey online.

Instead of eating six eggs, just add one scoop of this powder to your favorite drink or food to get in 23 grams of protein. The consistency of egg white protein also avoids that chalky texture and makes the powder easy and smooth to mix.

This product also includes vegetarian digestive enzymes that support healthy digestion and may limit gas and bloating.

Considerations: Were a little bummed that there are only two flavors, but many egg white protein powders dont even have flavors!

Price: $$

Buy MRM Nutrition Egg White Powder online.

Vital Proteins gives you a good combination of protein and collagen with interesting flavors. We know whey protein helps build and repair muscles, and collagen can lend a hand by keeping bones strong and relieving joint pain. The addition of coconut water provides electrolytes, which can prevent dehydration.

Considerations: You need two scoops per serving, and there are only 15 servings per container. That means if you use this every day, you need another container after about 2 weeks. That can really add up!

Price: $$$

Buy Vital Proteins Collagen Whey Protein online.

Theres always a debate on which type of protein powder helps build muscle. Instead of picking one, why not have them all?

Apollo contains a 2:2:1 ratio of whey, casein, and egg white proteins. The combination of the three allows you to feel fuller for upwards of 6 hours. That means more time for your body to heal and prepare for the next weightlifting sesh.

Considerations: Better keep your wallet full if you want to commit to this protein. Its one of the most expensive on this list, and with 27 servings per container, you could blow through this faster than your muscles use it.

Price: $$$

Buy Apollo Pure Protein Powder online.

Not only does Truefit provide 25 grams of protein per serving, it also contains 12 non-GMO fruits and vegetables. The addition of these fruits and veggies along with 1 billion live probiotics means its packed with fiber, which can help you feel full longer. This powders balance of protein, fats, and carbs allows for an easy meal on the go!

Considerations: If youre lactose intolerant, youll need to skip this powder. It still contains milk, which will get that tummy rumbling (in a bad way). If youre following a low carb diet, the carbs per serving may push you over your daily limit.

Price: $$$

Buy Truefit online.

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17 Best Protein Powders of 2020: Whey, Casein, and Plant-Based - Greatist

Sep 20

How Long Does It Really Take to Lose Belly Fluff? – Greatist

Created for Greatist by the experts at Healthline. Read more

To anyone slimming down for health reasons or personal preference, belly fat can feel like the last jiggly bit to go.

If youre wondering why and how long itll take to win the battle science has the answers.

How long will it take to torch my belly fat?

Short answer: It depends.Long answer: The timeline for belly fat loss is directly related to your overall weight loss. Your best bet is to leverage both nutrition and exercise to burn all your excess jiggle. As your overall body fat diminishes, your belly will too.

Fat gets a bad rap, but its an essential part of life. Bad things happen when bodies dont have enough fat.

If you think youve got too much of a good thing, there are healthy ways to lose belly fat. (Detox teas, shrink wraps, and cleanses are not healthy ways).

Remind me why crash diets dont work?

Heres the lowdown on the timing and science of losing belly fat.

A life without fat is downright dangerous. Your body needs a certain percentage of fat to keep running on all cylinders.

According to the American Council on Exercise, most healthy women have about 21% to 35% body fat. For men, its more like 8% to 24% body fat.

Too little fat, and youll be dealing with nasty side effects like vitamin deficiencies, hormone issues, and even nervous system damage.

So, having fat on your body is healthy. But what about extra fat around your belly? Thats usually visceral fat, which is vicious AF. According to Harvard Health Publishing, visceral belly fat builds up inside your abdominal cavity, between your muscles and organs.

Too much visceral fat = high blood pressure, insulin resistance, and an increased risk for health probs like type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, there are so many factors that play into how slowly or quickly you burn belly fat:

For years, folks have repeated the rule that burning 3,500 calories makes you lose about a pound. The reason is that 1 pound of solid fat equals about 3,500 calories.

A 2013 research review indicated that its also important to pay attention to factors like exercise and macros.

Still, using the 3,500-calories-per-pound method could help you figure out a target date for your fat loss #goals.

Heres some info to help you calculate your timeline:

Remember, the CDC recommends pacing yourself at 1 to 2 pounds of overall weight loss per week. So, it could take 1 to 2 months before you notice your waistline shrinking.

Two words: Calorie deficit. Losing body fat is best accomplished through a combo of diet cutting excess calories and exercise burning more calories.

Start with a few meal and snack time tweaks. Well get to the belly-busting moves in a sec.

Looking for a place to start? Heres a calorie calculator to help estimate your deficit goals.

Goodbye caramel macchiatos, helloooo dark roast!

But seriously, liquid calories are sneaky. Depending on your habits, you could easily consume 500 fewer calories per day:

One study showed that keto has been all the rage for years. Living the lower carb, higher fat life makes a difference when it comes to belly fat.

Oh, and those refined carbs you love? Not so civilized after all. One study with rats showed that eating too many refined carbs can result in increased visceral fat the very thing youre hoping to torch.

And dont forget the protein. High-protein meals will keep you from losing muscle mass while you lose belly fat.

A research review found that participants who ate more protein on their diets lost more fat and kept more lean muscle mass.

The oldest trick in the book, am I right? One study showed that using smaller plates and bowls results in smaller servings.

You can also keep yourself from overeating by noshing slowly, avoiding dinners in front of the TV, and asking for half your restaurant entre to be put in a doggy bag ASAP.

Ever smash a bag of Doritos during a Netflix binge? ♀

Ever noshed on a 1,000-calorie drive-thru crispy chicken sandwich? ♂

Only you can speed up your belly fat loss. Itll take some perseverance and body positivity.

A few more mindful eating tips:

Spot targeting truth or tall tale?

No matter what you call it spot reduction? Belly targeting? theres no proof that you can lose weight in just one area.

In a 2011 study of 24 relatively sedentary folks, the group who did ab exercises for 6 weeks didnt lose belly fat though they did get stronger!

Another study of 40 women with larger body sizes compared a diet-only to a diet-plus-abs-workouts approach. Both groups lost about the same amount of weight.

So, while the women who worked their abs probably felt more svelte, they didnt lose more belly fat than their friends.

The moral of the story? Spot targeting is all marketing hype. If you decide to lose excess belly jiggle, expect the rest of your bod to shrink a bit too.

TBH, the scale is not your best friend. You can weigh yourself weekly to track overall weight loss, but losing belly fat is about so much more than weight. Its about health, how your clothes fit, and how you feel.

And if youre working out, youre probably building muscle, which weighs more than fat. Muscle mass is a good, healthy thing! But it can be discouraging if you measure your success by a number on the scale.

Your best bet for measuring belly fat loss is a good old-fashioned tape measure.

To get an accurate read, always wrap the tape around the same place your belly button. Stand up straight, but dont suck in. Pull the tape snug, but dont tighten it so much that youre pinching your skin.

Like we said, theres no such thing as spot-targeted weight loss. But that doesnt mean your sweat sesh is in vain!

Resistance training, aka weightlifting or body weight exercise, is super helpful for anyone hoping to drop some excess lbs.

First, youll start developing abs of steel under your shrinking belly. Second, youll start burning more calories in your sleep! Yep, for real.

A 2012 research review showed that resistance training can boost the number of calories you burn while resting by up to 7 percent. Talk about revving up your weight loss potential!

One study showed that high-intensity intermittent exercise (HIIT) burns up to 30 percent more calories than other forms of exercise. Its all about that calorie deficit, right?!

A 2010 research review concluded that HIIT is the absolute best workout style for reducing belly fat.

Giving HIIT a whirl is easy. Just plan a workout that involves high energy bursts of exercise broken up by short rests. For instance, you could sprint for a minute, walk for 30 seconds, then repeat the cycle.

Fat is an important part of any healthy body. Excess belly fat, on the other hand, is often caused by unhealthy visceral fat.

Whether you want to lose belly fat for health reasons or to feel like a more svelte version of yourself, its going to take some time.

Instead of trying a questionable detox tea or going on a crash diet, commit to losing belly fat in a healthy, sustainable way.

Cut out empty liquid calories, swap refined carbs for healthier foods, and start a workout routine if you can. Its also a good idea to chat with your doctor about any weight or belly fat concerns.

Theres no one-size-fits-all timeline for losing belly fat. Be patient, focus on feeling good, and remember that your long-term health matters most.

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How Long Does It Really Take to Lose Belly Fluff? - Greatist

Sep 20

The #1 Worst Carb to Eat if You’re Trying to Lose Weight – KYR News

If you choose the right ones, carbohydrates can help you banish belly fat, feel satiated, and score energy. After all, carbs are the bodys primary source of fuel. But when it comes to weight loss, not all carbs are created equal.

The worst carbs for weight losssimple, processed carbshave actually been proven to slow your metabolism, plummet your energy levels in the long run, and divert you from scoring those hard-earned weight-loss wins.

Keep reading to learn exactly which carbs you need to stay away from if you want to lose weight and why theyll not only ruin your diet in the short term, but also how they can cause lasting health issues.

The worst carbs to eat for weight loss are those that are highly processed, simple carbs that have a high glycemic index (high-GI): rice cereal, white bread, sweeteners, and commercial pasta. What exactly is a high-GI? It means that your body metabolizes them quickly, sending your blood sugar levels soaring, resulting in an energy crash. On the other hand, eating low-GI foods wont spike your blood sugar as much and these levels will fall at a much slower rate, helping you stay fuller for longer.

Decades of studies show that your bodys response to consuming high-GI carbs increases hunger and is more likely to promote overeating compared to eating lower GI foods. Unsurprisingly, that has an effect on your weight; In one The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study, women who followed a high-GI diet were more likely to experience increases in weight, body fat, and waist circumference compared to those with a low-GI diet over the course of six years.

And thats not all: Another eye-opening study found that increasing your intake of refined carbs, and the lack of fiber that these stripped grains are associated with, can increase ones risk of type 2 diabetes.

The reason why simple carbs can cause weight gain is simple. Its because these carbs are all are void of satiating amounts of fiber. Fiber slows digestion, which wards off blood sugar spikes and hunger and helps maintain blood sugar controlall-important keys to weight loss and management, explains Isabel Smith, MS, RD, CDN, founder of Isabel Smith Nutrition, and New York City-based dietitian and fitness expert.

Story continues

Thats exactly why high-GI refined carbs are the worst kind of carb to eat and theyre the type of starch that gives carbs a bad rap!

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Of course notjust give up the worst carb to eat for weight loss, as your body requires complex carbs for energy! Whether we consume fruits and legumes or Italian bread and pastries, your body uses up the foods glucose to carry out essential life functions and help you power through your workout. When we deplete our diet of carbs (like on the keto diet), we are often overcome by lethargy and get bombarded with cravings. (If you have been following the keto diet and are experiencing these symptoms, you should read more about the 7 Warning Signs You Should Stop the Keto Diet Immediately.)

Instead of depriving your body of its main source of energy, rid your kitchen of nutrient-void empty carbs and choose good-for-you carbs that are full of immunity-boosting antioxidants, minerals, and body-loving nutrients such as slimming protein and fiber.

Complementing your meals with complex carbsincluding whole-grains such as quinoa, oats, and farro as well as legumes and starchy vegetableswill provide you with lasting energy because the body burns these foods more slowly.

Hows that? Besides for nourishing your body with essential phytochemicals and plant-based protein, whole-grains contain the entire grain kernelwhich includes the bran, germ, and endosperm.

On the contrary, refined grains are stripped of their fiber- and nutrient-dense bran and germ in order to lend the grains a longer shelf life and arguably more palatable texture. And thats exactly why those ubiquitous loaves of white bread you spot in the supermarket are enriched! Manufacturers add the mood-boosting B vitamins and anemia-fighting iron that have been stripped in the milling process back into the grain productbut leave the belly-filling fiber out.

And while nutritious foods such as fruits and dairy products contain quick-burning simple sugars, these natural carbs arent refined and come packed with a slew of healthful nutrients you shouldnt ignore. If you want to reach or maintain a healthy weight, skip the worst carb balance your diet and fill your plate with these 28 Carbs That Wont Make You Fat.

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The #1 Worst Carb to Eat if You're Trying to Lose Weight - KYR News

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