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Aug 25

Watch a Doctor Fact-Check the Most Popular Weight Loss Tips on the Internet – Yahoo Lifestyle UK

From Men's Health

Doctor Mike has tried out all kinds of popular diets and nutrition plans on his YouTube channel, including going keto and adopting a plant-based diet. For his newest video, he decided to do a deep dive into all of the advice that's out there regarding the best, fastest or most effective ways to lose weight, and subjected these pearls of wisdom to fact-checking. Here are his responses to some of the most erroneous and outrageous claims.

"Caffeine is a stimulant, so it could potentially boost your metabolism," says Mike, acknowledging that black coffee specifically doesn't have excess calories from sugar, cream etc. Additionally, black coffee can be consumed while intermittent fasting. "You're still going to be getting those same benefits, with a little stimulation."

"If you want to hang a mirror in front of your dining table because of decor, please go right ahead," says Mike. "If you're doing it so you'll hate yourself while you're eating, no!"

"I like this tip, I think it's a fairly benign tip," says Mike, who has identified portion size as a recurring problem in the eating habits of his overweight patients. A smaller plate immediately helps to reduce that amount of food, and he agrees that there is a psychological component to seeing a clean plate and feeling full. "

"I am hesitant to recommend this one," says Mike. "I feel like you can find nutrient-rich protein sources like salmon and tuna, and in addition to the protein, you're also going to get a lot other nutrients that aren't in protein powder, like omega 3 fatty acids."

Mike amends this advice slightly to "chew thoroughly", but sees the value in not eating too quickly, and giving the body time to react to your food intake. "It's really about eating to the point where you're satiated," he says.

The theory here is that the catechins in green tea work in concert with caffeine to burn fat. However, Mike warns, "It's not going to be a magical effect that you see here."

"You can lose weight without necessarily ever feeling hungry and suffering with it," says Mike, who recommends intuitive eating, where you only eat to the point that you feel satiated, but not overly full. "That way, you're not overeating calories, you're not having these tremendous portions, and you don't have to starve yourself."

"This one has been pretty much debunked by modern science," says Mike.

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Watch a Doctor Fact-Check the Most Popular Weight Loss Tips on the Internet - Yahoo Lifestyle UK

Aug 25

E-bikes and weight loss: How this man lost over 100 pounds (and how you could be next!) –

While keyboard warriors have long debated whether or not electric bicycles provide a good workout, the science is conclusive: e-bikes can provide just as effective of a workout as pedal bicycles, and sometimes more.

But you dont have to tell Jon Treffert, a medical devices software developer from Knoxville, Tennessee. He already knows it.

Jon had enjoyed cycling as a grad student 30 years ago but gave it up after school. Fast forward three decades later, and Jon was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Weighing 270 lb (122 kg) at the time, that diagnosis was the wake-up call he needed to change his lifestyle. Along with focusing on a healthier diet, Jon decided to get back into cycling. But hilly Knoxville was a tall order for someone who hadnt cycled in three decades. So Jon opted for an accessible, comfortable e-bike from the company Day6 Bikes and began putting on the miles. As time went on, he began increasing his rides and pushing harder.

As Jon explained to Selene Yeager in Bicycling:

Five months into my journey I reached a milestone of 1,000 miles [1,600 km]. I was riding primarily from home with a typical distance of 30 miles [48 km] and an elevation gain of 2,000 feet [600 m] at a brisker pace of 15.6 mph [25 km/h].

Just over a year into his e-biking journey, Jon had covered over 3,300 miles (5,310 km). But Jon didnt stop there. He kept riding, and now three years later, he is back to his high school weight of 165 lb (75 kg).

Of course Jons e-bike wasnt the only part of his impressive weight loss journey. Rather, it was part of an overall lifestyle shift that included becoming more active and eating healthier.

As Jon explained:

Cycling is so great for your mood, joints, and health. Its such a tonic every time Im out on the road. I want to motivate people by showing them an enjoyable sustainable pathway to change for which the e-bike is a catalyst and remains a key component. If we can replicate my experiment of one, we can, person by person, make a real change in our obesity and diabetes epidemic.

One of the reasons an e-bike was so useful in helping Jon change his lifestyle was because it lowered the barrier of entry.

Electric bicycles still allow the rider to pedal as hard as they want, offering an effective workout, yet they also provide a safety net to help returning riders cycle more safely when further from home. E-bikes are also helpful for taking the edge of off hills, which are one of the biggest obstacles preventing people from picking up biking a fear of cycling up hills.

Ive worked in the e-bike industry for over a decade, and I recently created a list of my top five tips for anyone who wants to get fit and lose weight with the help fo an e-bike. Check them out below:

Choosing the right e-bike is important, and weve previously discussed how to choose your first e-bike.

But dont let decision paralysis stop you. There are hundreds of interesting e-bikes out there. You dont necessarily need to drop $4,000 on a Specialized fitness e-bike (even though its a totally awesome e-bike).

My brother-in-law rocks the pedal assist function on his $1,199 RadRunner utility bike from Rad Power Bikes. Thats definitely not the first bike youd think of for fitness, but it works for him and gets him riding. He doesnt even touch the throttle, opting instead for a low pedal assist level so that he does most of the pedaling work.

Even an $899 Lectric XP would make an awesome e-bike for trail riding, and the pedal assist function would allow you to put in a decent afternoons effort while the bike simply assists you as much (or as little) as necessary.

So dont let yourself get sucked too far down the rabbit hole of comparing every single nut and bolt on every e-bike. Find something that fits you and your budget and get out there and ride!

Pedal-assist, or the ability for the e-bike to multiply your pedaling force, is what makes e-bikes such potent exercise tools for riders that are returning to cycling. And most e-bikes have between four to eight levels of pedal assist, allowing you to fine-tune the amount of extra power provided by the motor.

But I always advise new e-bike riders to avoid using the very lowest or very highest pedal assist setting.

Some riders mistakenly opt for the very lowest level with the goal of getting the best workout, but this can often leave new riders exhausted and in over their heads. The last thing you want is to find yourself totally spent while youre still many miles from home.

On the other hand, the highest pedal assist is often nearly the equivalent of full throttle and usually doesnt result in much of a workout at all. The highest pedal assist level is best for when climbing steep hills and usually isnt appropriate for casual riding on flat ground.

So like most things in life, moderation is key when it comes to pedal-assist. Try starting in the middle, then working down to a lower pedal assist level as your fitness level improves.

It might sound difficult to use your e-bike every day.

But the best way to achieve it is to incorporate your e-bike into your life as a form of transportation, not just as a piece of exercise equipment.

Try to replace as many car trips as you can with your e-bike. If you just need a couple of things from the store, toss on a backpack (or add a pair of panniers) and ride there instead of taking the car.

If youre visiting your friends at the coffee shop, consider riding instead of taking an Uber.

Find any way you can to fit the e-bike into your daily schedule. The more you ride, the more it becomes integrated into your lifestyle.

If you have the option of riding off-road, I highly recommend including it at least occasionally in your rides.

Bike lanes are great for transportation and roads are certainly easier for efficient pedaling, but theres nothing more enjoyable than pedaling down a nature trail with the sights, sounds, and smells of the earth around you.

You dont have to find a crazy, super technical single-track course; in fact, its better if you can ride on a relaxed, easy-going, and flat trail in the beginning. The point isnt to make the ride harder, but rather just to mix it up with a more pleasant atmosphere.

Whether youve got a local beach path, a forest trail, dirt roads, or any other piece of land that hasnt been paved, youll be surprised how big of a difference it can make if youre used to riding on the road.

And anything you can do to make the e-biking experience more relaxed and fun will go a long way towards ensuring that e-biking becomes integrated into your lifestyle and not relegated to the side as just some task that you know you should complete.

Lastly, try and find at least one other person to ride with. It could be a riding group or even just a friend that you convinced to get an e-bike after you discovered how much fun they are.

Riding with others can be another great way to ensure that youre getting out there more often. Both of you will keep each other honest since its harder to blow off a ride when you already told someone youd meet them.

You dont even need to find another e-bike companion.

A good friend of mine is a performance cyclist and we go on rides together all the time. I could never keep up with his fancy (non-electric) gravel bike on my own, but my e-bike helps me pace him and we enjoy rides together on the same trails, even though hes a much stronger cyclist than I am.

My e-bike helps level the playing field and allows us to ride together.

Ultimately, e-biking for exercise and fitness is all about putting in the time so that you can reap the rewards.

For some people, the reward is a lower number on the scale or a few holes down on the belt.

For others, those are just side benefits that accompany the main reward of finding a fun new hobby that brightens their day.

For me, e-biking has become a mixture of fitness, recreation, and transportation. I can do it all on just one e-bike, and I wouldnt have it any other way!

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E-bikes and weight loss: How this man lost over 100 pounds (and how you could be next!) -

Aug 25

[PULSE] Accountability is more important than action, and nothing happens without action – HousingWire

Note: This is part four of a five-part series. Over the following weeks, Todd Duncan, sales entrepreneur and New York Times best-selling author, will showcase principles for mortgage and real estate professionals to embrace for success. Find more advice in hisfirst,second, third and fourth pieces.

I was in the back of an Uber having just landed in Boston.En route to the hotel, the driver looked into the rear-view mirror and asked, So what do you do?I looked into the mirror and told him, Im an author and speaker and have a speech with one of our key clients tomorrow.

He returned the look and said, So you are one of those motivators?

It was an interesting question.I thought briefly and would like to think I motivate people to think about the possibility of a high-performance life and business.Then I quickly realized I had it wrong.I think what I do is more transformational than motivational.I think I awaken people to possibilities. I believe that this awakening can happen at any time for anyone if they are open to receive it.

The Uber drivers name was Jim.When I confirmed that I was a motivator but more importantly, a transformer, he looked at me and simply said, Then motivate me!

That was it.Three words!

And yet the truth is I cant motivate Jim.He has to motivate himself. You have to motivate you, too. You are the ultimate motivator of yourself.You are the one that has to do the work.You are the one that has to make different choices. All success, growth, and achievement will come from your actions, right actions.But right actions are more likely to be taken, completed and transformed into inspiring habits only when you embrace accountability.

In the conversation that continued with Jim, I learned that he was depressed and frustrated that hed been trying to lose weight for a couple of months and every Saturday when he weighed, there was either little or no progress, and even weight gain. I could tell he was hurting.

I told him that the key to success having coached thousands of people is found in micro-victories.Taking a series of micro-actions, that when compounded, create a micro victory, is essential to moving towards a goal. Victory association is one of the greatest motivators there is.

The key is found in the teaching point; success does not happen in a day, it happens daily.And in Jims case, it might require dozens of new actions and choices per day to give him the victories he needs to continue to take the actions that create a winning state of mind.

When you are winning, you will succeed more often, as long as you keep your eye on the actions, and until they are habits, seek some form of accountability.When you are losing, you wont succeed more often until you change the actions that lead to the victories that bring you back into winning.And the truth for most is theyd rather be in the winning state of mind.Is that true for you?

This leads us to the fifth principle of high-performance mortgage and real estate practices.

I told Jim I thought hed find losing weight a little easier if he got a victory every day rather than the overwhelming feeling like a failure when he did his weekly weigh-in.

I went on to explain that mindset has so much to do with engaging a different set of actions.Iexplained people are usually more successful when their mindset goes from losing weight, to gaining thin. You will never be thin without thin habits. Mindset rules what you think, you become.

You need to know that on average, it takes two months before a new behavior becomes automatic 66 days to be exact.How long it takes a new habit to form can be up to 254 days, especially if its a habit that is life-changing.Critical thinking for Jim.He did not get fat and out of shape in a day, but daily.And he wouldnt get thin and back into shape in a day, but daily.

Remember Principle No. 1: Everything can be improved.If I could get Jim thinking this way regarding his approach to health and embrace Principle No. 5: Accountability is more important than action, my bet was wed get him moving in the right direction.

We began with him needing to buy a scale that measured pounds, and ounces.And I told him that if he paid attention to the ounces, the pounds would take care of themselves micro victories.I also let him know that the best practices would be to have a morning routine.

I think by now you are very clear what Im trying to suggest here; what you do or dont do daily, or even hourly, is what impacts at what level you will succeed in business or life. Jim set a goal of gaining thinness by shedding 60 pounds, or 960 ounces.He created some simple math and calculated that if he reduced his weight by 2.6 ounces a day hed hit that goal in a year.With the micro victory mindset, hed needed he started winning daily and within a year, had lost over 100 pounds.

Jim would tell you that more important than thisnew action mindset, accountability was the key ingredient to form these new habits.

And there are Four Levels:

Often, we are our own worst enemy. That is why it is important to understand accountability in the most favorable way possible. We all need some or all the following levels of accountability to aide us on our journey to our own greatness.

Personal Accountability: this type of accountability is found when you link an action with your purpose in life. When you are really clear on your why, you can use that as the catalyst for creating discipline around actions.Jims why was to make a difference as a dad and husband. Every time he was presented with a mini action, the filter was will this help me make a difference as a dad and husband?

Partner Accountability: Jims wife was a little out of shape too.When he shared the vision he had with his health and weight and how he felt it would help him be a better dad and husband, she connected with this, of course, and decided to join him.

Professional Accountability: Hire a trainer!Hire a business coach!Ask your manager to help you! And when you hire a professional to help you be your best, it has payoff.Jim hired a trainer who was both a physical trainer and a nutritionist.He was responsible for daily accountability to his trainer on nutrition, calories, weight, and exercise.Yep, had to report in daily.Our coaches at High Trust have you check in every day and record your business metrics for the day:

You have to invest money to increase your returns; whatever your goals are.

Prayerful/Meditative Accountability: This type of accountability is very powerful. It involves getting quite. Most find the best time is the morning. Having a ritual around centering your life and goals for the day in a rich and empowering way is a type of insurance policy for the day.

Never forget, principles are what create growth and success. Master these 5 and you will go far in business and life!

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[PULSE] Accountability is more important than action, and nothing happens without action - HousingWire

Aug 25

Bodybuilder explains why you don’t need to ‘eat clean’ to lose weight –

Once you've read or listened to this bodybuilder's thoughts, you might think twice about that. You don't necessarily have to 'eat clean' to lose weight.

In a video posted to his YouTube channel, natural bodybuilder Jeff Nippard explained why he thinks clean eating is overrated.

Many people assume clean eating is healthy because you're consuming lots of fresh, whole foods. Mountains of veg, fresh meat and fish...what's wrong with that, you might ask?

"On the face of it, it seems like an obviously reasonable approach," Nippard says.

"You just get rid of any dirty junk foods and instead eat clean, nutritious whole foods."

The first problem is that you can't really define what 'clean eating' is.

To the majority, a clean eating diet plan would be based on fresh meat, fish and poultry, lots of vegetables and low-GI carbohydrates like sweet potato and oats.

But you'll struggle to find diets that agree on a definition. Keto outlaws carbs, so kiss goodbye to the sweet potato and oats. Vegans wouldn't touch the fresh meat or fish. Where do you draw the line, exactly?

Nippard says: "A true commitment to clean eating means you're not able to partake in special occasions or enjoy dinners with friends or family - because what's on the menu is off limits."

This obsession is unhealthy.

Nippard cites a study in which fat loss is still achieved with a flexible diet, so long as calories and protein remain the same. A flexible diet may still look fairly clean, but you're just allowing yourself scope for some of your favourite foods when the time allows.

If you're really trying hard to lose weight, this may involve cutting back on calories with breakfast and lunch in the run-up to your evening meal out.

You might attempt to eat clean because it's the 'natural' choice and seems free from processed food. But is that really the case?

Foods such as protein powder, porridge oats and peanut butter feature prominently in many 'clean eating' diet plans, but they all go through various degrees of processing.

Does that make them unhealthy? Not really - they are three richly nutritious foods.

There's nothing 'wrong' with eating chicken, broccoli and brown rice if you enjoy it. The issue is most people don't.

If you want to achieve a certain goal such as weight loss, you need a diet you can stick to, and one that you enjoy. This doesn't mean you should eat pizza all day so long as you're hitting your calorie needs.

Find meats and fish you enjoy eating, season them, put together as part of a stir fry with some home made tomato sauce. Infinitely more palatable without losing any of the nutrition.

Clean eating may help extremely overweight people base their diet on predominantly low-calorie, nutritious whole foods. And there is likely an issue with binge eating junk food here as well.

But when you've got a good understanding of how many calories you need, and how to factor meals into that, you can be more flexible with your diet.

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Bodybuilder explains why you don't need to 'eat clean' to lose weight -

Aug 23

Get fat and out of shape or lose weight and stay in shape? Drake Jackson chose option 2 – Vaught’s Views

Drake Jackson (Vicky Graff Photo)

By CHANDLER WILCOX, Contributing Writer

Kentucky football has started ramping up practice as they get ready to compete in a 10-game conference-only schedule this coming fall. A key component of the team is senior center Drake Jackson, who has racked up plenty of preseason recognition as a top player at his position.

Even while getting those accolades during the few months that everyone was in quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Jackson had to make sure he stayed in shape. Now at the beginning of practice, the senior has lost 30 pounds, and says he is moving better than ever.

In March when we were in quarantine, I decided to go one of two ways I could get fat and out of shape, or lose weight and stay in shape. So I decided the ladder, Jackson said. Im glad I did it. Its not like I didnt take it serious before, but now I gotta take it serious.

Not only was he able to stay in shape, but Jackson said he was pleasantly impressed to see how good the offensive line group looked when the team returned after having to stay at home for a few months.

When we came back, and I look in the o-line room, I was really impressed with how guys took care of themselves,: he said. I dont think there is one guy in that offensive line room that got fat and out of shape. And I think thats a testament to the standards that weve set in whats expected of us.

With practice starting as Coronavirus is still spreading across America, the team has had to make sure to take extra precautions off the field. When they get between the sidelines, however, Jackson says football is the only thing on their minds.

Of course, were all taking the virus very serious outside of football, and I respect all thats going on with that, he said. But when we hit the football field, were football players going out to play football, and thats whats on our mind.

Having started at the center position for three seasons already, Drake Jackson has had to battle accomplished defensive linemen like Quinton Bohanna and Marquan McCall quite often in practice. When asked about how refreshing it is to get back to competing against those guys, he had nothing but praise for them.

Those guys are two of the best (defensive) tackles in the conference, he said. Both of those guys bring energy every day. Theyre experienced, and theyre hard to move.

Kentucky quarterback Terry Wilson is officially back from a season-ending knee injury that he suffered in the second game of the season last year, and Jackson also had praise for his work ethic and how professional the senior QB is, citing his 12-3 record as a starter.

I love Terry hes a great dude. Hes always been professional about how handles everything, thats why hes 12-3, he said. Were excited to have him back and see what hes able to do.

On Friday, the NCAA decided to give senior fall sport athletes another year of eligibility no matter the circumstances due to Covid-19. Being a player that would have been going into his last season, Jackson now would technically have the option to return once again. With that said, he is yet to really look that far ahead.

Everybodys situation is different. I think giving us the option to do that was the right decision because it has been such a strange year. But in terms of me personallyIve never once been one to think very far ahead, he said. Im focused on practice on Monday.

The rest is here:
Get fat and out of shape or lose weight and stay in shape? Drake Jackson chose option 2 - Vaught's Views

Aug 23

Weight loss: How when you eat not what you eat could be key to losing weight – experts – Express

Losing weight is a difficult task at the best of times. Limiting your calorie intake, restricting the types of food you eat and trying to stay focused on your end goals can all seem impossible at times. But while weight loss in itself is difficult, experts have suggested that there could be a reason why some people are finding it more difficult than others.

Experts at the University of Aberdeen have conducted a review examining the effect eating at different times of the day can have on the body and losing weight.

Those working night shifts who are struggling to lose weight might have a valid reason as to why theyre finding it more difficult compared to a person working 9am to 5pm.

Some research suggests that humans use calories more efficiently when they are consumed in the morning rather than in the evening.

The reason for this could be humans circadian rhythm.

READ MORE:Michael Mosley diet: Doctor explains 'Way of Life' weight loss plan

A circadian rhythm is the internal process that regulates a humans sleep-wake cycle which repeats around every 24 hours.

Writing in The Conversation, personal chair in nutrition Alex Johnstone and honorary research fellow Leonie Ruddick-Collins explained that the circadian rhythm makes people feel tired at night, alert in the day and regulates when people digest, metabolise their food.

It can also secrete certain hormones based on what people eat, physical activity and the time of day.

They added: "Based on these studies, it was clear that our bodies do indeed prefer us to eat during daylight hours in sync with our natural circadian rhythm.

Most of the studies showed that intentional circadian rhythm disruption and night eating both caused changes to many important hormones that regulate appetite, energy expenditure and glucose regulation (resulting in changes in the levels of circulating insulin, leptin, cortisol and other appetite hormones in the blood).

DON'T MISSAlan Carr weight loss: Comedian causes shock with slim frame[INSIGHT]Michael Mosley diet: Doctor explains 'Way of Life' weight loss plan[UPDATE]Apple cider vinegar: Best time to drink beverage to burn belly fat[ANALYSIS]

"Changes to these hormones could theoretically increase appetite while decreasing energy levels, leading to more calories eaten but fewer burned throughout the day.

"This could potentially lead to weight gain, but more research on this effect in humans is needed."

Ruddick-Collins and Johnstone also suggest that people eating their calories in the morning may lose more weight.

Other experts have reportedly said you should avoid eating after 7pm.

However, the experts did say that there could be other ways to lose weight successfully.

They said that other studies suggest that eating most your calories earlier in the day is not always the best way.

Ruddick-Collins and Johnstone said that intermittent fasting or time-restricted feeding could be a good way to lose right.

Intermittent fasting is when people restrict when they eat.

Some diets that work on this method include the 16/8 method which involves fasting every day for 14-16 hours and eating only between eight and ten hours a day.

Another popular method is the 5:2 diet which involves eating normally for five days and then fasting (eating 500/600 calories) for two days.

They said that this is a successful weight to lose weight as people have less time to eat food.

The experts added: Research shows this appears to support weight loss predominantly through reducing calorie intake, likely because theres less time to eat.

Intermittent fasting may also reinforce the natural circadian rhythm by stopping late-night eating.

Originally posted here:
Weight loss: How when you eat not what you eat could be key to losing weight - experts - Express

Aug 23

Debunking Adele’s Weight Loss: How Has She Lost Over 7 Stone? – Women’s Health

To put it into perspective, Adele's weight loss has had almost more press coverage than Pippa Middleton in *that* bridesmaid dress which, if you remember, was a helluva lot.

And, as with any good media storm, a bevy of rumours about what exactly she did to achieve such a transformation followed shortly thereafter. From ex-trainers coming out of the woodwork explaining what they did when they worked with the mega-star to hypotheses of certain diets, the rumour mill around Adele's weight loss is having a ~moment~. Especially as it's been compounded by the fact Adele hasn't confirmed or denied any of the theories. Big Area 51 energy, indeed. The only thing she has said has changed her life recently is a book namely, Untamed by Glennon Doyle. Sharing her love for the read to her 38.5 million Instagram followers, Adele said, 'if youre ready this book will shake your brain and make your soul scream. I am so ready for myself after reading this book! Its as if I just flew into my body for the very first time.' If ever there was a review to give, Adele's bloody given it.

So, instead of diving into the maelstrom of conjecture-ville around her weight loss we asked trusted experts to unpick the rumours surrounding her weight loss and why, in some cases, the suggested methods are not only unsustainable, but dangerous in the long term.

This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

Similar to the pictures in America's Next Top Model, these rumours are going to be inspected, unpacked and unravelled by the experts. On the bench today we have:

We so hope you're with us when we say that restrictive diets are absolutely not the way to achieve sustainable, safe weight loss. Not only will you most likely regain the weight you lost, the swing between restriction and normal eating can damage your metabolism and even your fertility.

Whilst there is no solid evidence that Adele (or her team) used this approach to lose weight (only hearsay), we're going to unpack exactly why it shouldn't be the way you choose to either. K?

To do some quick revision on what the baseline is for daily consumption, adult women should aim to consume 2000 kcals per day, according to NHS guidelines. Now, everyone is different and this figure could change based on activity level, age and goal.

Studies have shown that restrictive diets can lead to muscle loss and significantly slow down metabolism,' explains Dr Rekha Tailor of Health at Aesthetics. 'So, whereas consuming too many calories can stop you from losing weight, too few calories can also have a negative impact and reduce your metabolism and muscle mass.'

Yikes. This means that eating too few calories could be undoing any work you've done to sculpt and build muscle during all those home workouts. No, thank you.

Other side effects of overly restrictive diets include:

However, this list is not exhaustive as Dr Tailor explains:

'Restrictive diets can, over a long period of time, reduce fertility, especially for women as their ability to ovulate depends on hormones. It can weaken bones due to the reduction in estrogen and testosterone levels and it may also lower your immunity against virus and infection, thus increasing your risk of becoming ill.'

Basically: too few calories has a wide-reaching detrimental impact on your body and can lead to long-term consequences. If a diet asks you to remove entire food groups, ignore your natural hunger cues or restrict to a point you feel weak or fatigued label it for what it is (an unhealthily restrictive crash diet) and kick it to the curb!

'Health is a journey and everyone's on their own journey and that's how people should look at it: as a healthy lifestyle, not necessarily as weight loss,' says Dr Tosin Sotubo. 'The term weight loss can put a lot of pressure on someone to get to a certain number of a certain look and it should be more about living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.'

To figure out how to fuel yourself properly on a weight loss journey, calculating your macros can be a great way to start. It'll help you figure out what to eat and how much of it.

If you're not familiar with macros, peep our super handy explainer to get clued up.

This rumour might be the one with the most traction and for good reason the sirtfood diet is one that Adele has actually said she's done before. Whether she's definitely eating from this regimen has not been confirmed. If she is, this is what it entails:

'The sirtfood diet is a diet which promotes sirt foods, these foods are believed to contain specific enzymes known as sirtuins,' explains nutritionist Jenna Hope. 'Sirtuins are a select group of proteins which have been claimed to promote metabolism and reduce inflammation. In addition to consuming these foods the diet also recommends a calorie intake of just 1000 kcal per day.'

Uh oh. The dreaded 1000 calories a day rumour rears its head again. Hopefully, if the songstress is abiding by this diet, she's doing so with expert guidance to ensure her bod and brain fuelled correctly.

So, the science on this one is... shaky.

'Its claimed that the specific sirt foods may help to increase metabolism and reduce inflammation,' says Hope. 'Although, there's no scientific evidence to support these claims. In reality its the significant calorie restriction which induces the initial weight loss.'

Hmmm. So, it might not be the sirt-ness of the foods that causes rapid weight loss but the fact it mandates such a small daily calorie intake.

As we delved into before, overly restrictive diets such as this are not advised to be a healthy mechanism for long term, safe, sustainable weight loss. Not only can you cannibalise your own muscle tissue, you'll probably also be miserable as hell while doing it. Not safe, not fun, not healthy. Hard pass.

This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

If you've ever tried to wean yourself off sugary tea, you'll know it goes from tasting like a sweet treat to bitter dishwater. Basically, it's hard AF.

However, small changes like drinking tea sans sucre or putting the kibosh on fizzy drinks can make a big difference in improving your overall diet and help in achieving weight loss goals.

'Cutting out added sugars from fizzy drinks or tea may contribute towards weight loss as you will be reducing overall calorie intake,' explains nutritional therapist Marilia Chamon. 'In addition, added sugars, also called "free sugars", are calories which are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and create an insulin peak in the body. That messes up your blood sugar levels and appetite hormones, making you feel more hungry, more quickly.'

Whether removing these drinks from your diet will be enough to cause noticeable weight loss will depend on the overall balance of your entire diet. And, when healthy eating is balanced, there can be room for occasional less nutritionally dense foods, however as the basis of a healthy diet, probably not.

Withings Body+ Body Smart Scale


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Salter Smart Body Analyser Scale


Tanita Body Composition Smart Scale


The other thing Adele's been reportedly doing is swerving caffeine and alcohol, two stimulants known for their impact on the body.

'Both alcohol and caffeine are a diuretic and promote dehydration and blood sugar imbalances which lead to false hunger and a bigger appetite,' describes Chamon. 'Cutting them out can be helpful as you'll be able to maintain blood sugar levels that are more stable. This can lead to increased satiety after meals.'

As stimulants, alcohol and caffeine can also affect our sleeping habits, causing a poor night's rest that can impact how we feel (and eat) the next day.

'Good sleep is essential to maintain balanced appetite hormones. You're less likely to make good food choices if you're sleep deprived and studies even suggest that individuals who didn't get a good night's sleep consume an extra 380 kcals per day,' says Chamon.

Don't look at us like that: we know the biscuit jar/snack cupboard/toaster gets some extra love when you've slept less than forty winks. Practicing good sleep hygiene, which could include nixing caffeine and alcohol, might be the balance you need to keep on your healthy journey. It can't hurt!

Hypnotherapy for weight loss is a large area that many who feel they've tried everything consider as an option. However, as Dr Elena Touroni, a consultant psychologist and co-founder of The Chelsea Psychology Clinic, will unravel for us it shouldn't be the be all and end all of a weight loss journey. In fact, it should just be one building block.

Put aside your visions of a dark room and gently swinging metal balls hypnotherapy is about as woo woo as drinking water. Basically, it's not. And as a therapeutic approach it does have its benefits.

'There is some evidence that hypnotherapy can be effective for weight loss,' explains Dr Touroni. However, she continues: 'Whilst it can help aid the initial weight loss, in order to make long-term change, its important for someone to understand what might have caused their difficulties in managing their weight in the first place.'

And, what's more, it won't necessarily mean you'll keep the weight off for good.

'The danger of relying on a strategy thats meant to create subconscious change is that it doesnt equip you with the tools to manage relapses,' explains Dr Touroni. 'Most people have more difficulty maintaining weight loss rather than losing the weight in the first place so might find that they revert back to old behaviours.'

In order to lose weight safely and for good, identifying and addressing your triggers such as using food to self-soothe or entering cycles of bingeing and restricting; managing proper stress control; and ensuring you're eating enough (and of the right things) is just as important as getting started on the journey.

'There's a difference between weight loss and a transformation,' explains trainer, ex-Olympian and founder of ROAR Fitness, Sarah Lindsay. 'It should be a standardised, progressive plan so that it's measured, you know where you're going, you know what the plan is and you can record it and keep moving it forward. It's about nutrition and training combined.'

So, remember: with your health and fitness, we're here for a long time, not just a good time! Safe, sustainable measures to achieve a transformation like Adele's are always the way to go.

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Debunking Adele's Weight Loss: How Has She Lost Over 7 Stone? - Women's Health

Aug 23

Trying to lose weight? THESE are the worst foods you should avoid – PINKVILLA

Are you someone trying to lose weight? Unlike the popular belief, weight loss is not about lifting more weight, but putting fork to mouth and sometimes choosing not to. While you shouldnt be depriving yourself of eating, there is a need for you to cut back on eating certain foods if your goal is to get rid of the stubborn fat around the midsection. So, eating dessert once in a while is OK.

One way to lose weight is to eat a more healthful diet. For that, you should know which foods to avoid and which to eat to maintain your ideal weight. If you want to know which foods are the worst for you if you are trying to lose weight, then keep scrolling down.

Processed meat

In a 2011 study by the Harvard School of Public Health found that consuming processed meats may lead to weight gain. The researchers found that highly processed food may not satiate your hunger as well as processed high fibre foods.

Sugary, refined cereal

There is not a sweet link between weight loss and refined cereal. These foods do nothing to keep your health in check. Eating sugary, refined cereals only pack more calories and jeopardise your plans to lose weight. You can have oatmeal instead as it will make you fuller and consume fewer calories.

White Bread

Refined grains, in general, add to weight gain. White bread should be avoided at all costs if you are trying to lose weight. You can go for whole grains which will allow you to get rid of visceral fat and wont add your weight woes.

Artificially sweetened drinks

Yes, you have to bid goodbye to diet soda if you wish to get rid of the extra weight. Also, the sweet drinks that contain zero calories. It can negatively impact your weight and make it difficult for you to lose it.


Not all cocktails are high in calories, but none are good for weight loss, especially beer. Studies have shown that drinking too much alcohol can significantly increase the amount of food we consume because it might alter your perception of food, meaning some foods might seem more delicious than they actually are under the influence of alcohol.

Sweetened yoghurt

Yoghurt is healthy food for weight loss, but not all yoghurts are created equal. While Greek yoghurt contains proteins and digestive enzymes, sugar or honey-sweetened yoghurts are not healthy for you. Fat-free yoghurts also contain added sugars. What you can include in your diet is Greek yoghurt without added sugar.

Baked foods

Many baked foods, such as cookies, pastries, contain added sugars and trans-fat. Both of which may increase the risk of obesity and health diseases, including cardiovascular diseases and more.

Other foods you should avoid, include:

French fries


Crackers and chips

White pasts and bread

White rice

Energy and granola bars

Canned products like juices


High-calorie coffee drinks.

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Trying to lose weight? THESE are the worst foods you should avoid - PINKVILLA

Aug 23

Falcons’ former first-round pick Takkarist McKinley says he’s motivated after fifth-year option not picked up – ESPN

Atlanta Falcons defensive end Takkarist McKinley is motivated after having his fifth-year option declined and is determined to prove his worth this season as a former 26th overall draft selection.

The Falcons, who selected McKinley in the first round of the 2017 NFL draft, decided in April not to pick up the fifth-year option worth just over $10 million. In a statement, the team said it was taking a "wait-and-see approach'' in terms of any future contract with McKinley, who managed just 3.5 sacks last season and has 16.5 sacks in 45 career games.

"You can only control what you can control,'' McKinley said Saturday. "I can't talk to TD [general manager Thomas Dimitroff] and beg him, 'Hey man, accept my fifth-year option.' I can't do that. That's up to them. ... Whatever I showed in the [three] years, they decided to decline my option, which is cool. I still got another year here, still got another year to prove myself.''

Pressed on whether having his option declined is extra motivation, McKinley said, "It was a wake-up call. It was more motivation. It made me hungry, you feel me? Not saying I wasn't hungry in the past. Just got to go prove it.''

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McKinley has had issues with both shoulders and is coming back from offseason shoulder surgery. He dropped a significant amount of weight and is now at 248 pounds, down from close to 270 last season. The UCLA product spent the entire offseason in California with Laura Scott of ProSport Physical Therapy & Performance.

"Pretty much went at it Monday through Saturdays,'' McKinley said. "Pretty much all day to lose weight and get in the best shape of my life.''

Falcons coach Dan Quinn immediately noticed the difference in McKinley.

"From a rehab standpoint, he really looks rock solid,'' Quinn said. "He's dropped weight. He's strong. But I think the speed part, that was one of the things he and I discussed during the offseason. So he's lighter than he has been totally by design to make sure one of the very best parts of his game is his speed and his get-off.

"As far as the strength [of his shoulder], he really stayed disciplined to the plan as the rehab portion goes. So he's off to a good start with it. The first day of contact he wanted to see it and trust it.''

McKinley has the one year and $1,858,200 remaining on his contract before becoming a free agent. Whether he returns to the Falcons depends on how he performs in 2020. The Falcons have enhanced their pass rush with the addition of veteran Dante Fowler Jr. and rookie Marlon Davidson while cutting ties with former first-rounder Vic Beasley Jr., now with the Tennessee Titans. Pro Bowler Grady Jarrett leads the defensive line, while McKinley said Fowler already has helped tutor him on aspects such as countermoves.

McKinley tried to give some context to his performance the past three seasons.

"Obviously I wish my first three seasons could be 10-plus sacks, but that doesn't happen that way,'' he said. "Life is a roller coaster. I don't think nobody's life has always been just up. It always comes up and down. It's been very inconsistent for me, my NFL career. But that don't mean I'm about to give up. I still believe in myself. My coaches believe in me. My teammates believe in me. And my family believes in me. And I believe in myself.

"At the end of the day, I know what I can do. For me, the biggest thing is just finishing. I left a lot of sacks out there last year. This year, not trying to do the same thing.''

There have been questions about McKinley's maturity and tendency to lash out at others, particularly via social media. There also was an unexplained incident where McKinley reportedly was detained and given a mental evaluation in Los Angeles two years ago, an incident Quinn said the team took seriously because of its sensitively and possible relation to his mental health.

McKinley was asked about his maturity level.

"I'm still me, I'm not going to lie to you,'' he said. "At the end of the day, I am who I am. I'm not out at the clubs partying. I'm not in the strip clubs. I'm not doing dumb stuff. I come to work every day. I train. I work, go home, watch film, play Call of Duty, play [NBA] 2K. Wake up and do it again.

"I'm not out here doing stupid stuff.''

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Falcons' former first-round pick Takkarist McKinley says he's motivated after fifth-year option not picked up - ESPN

Aug 23

Weight Loss Tip of the Week: How to Use MCT (Medium-Chain Triglyceride) Oil to Lose Weight – LatestLY

Medium-chain triglyceride oil, better known as MCT oil, has become quite popular these days in the world of fitness. Not only does this oil help in weight loss, but it also has numerous benefits associated with it. MCT oil containsmedium-length chains of fats called triglycerides. This oil is mostly extracted from coconut oil,as more than 50 per cent of the fat in coconut oil comes from medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). Triglycerides fats are also found in foods like palm oil, eggs and dairy products. In this week's weight loss tip, webring you the properties of MCT oil that can help you shed some kilos and reduce fat.Weight Loss Tip of the Week: How to Use Coconut Oil to Lose Weight (Watch Video)

MCT oil can provide the body with an instant source of energy, as the body absorbs medium-chain triglycerides more rapidly than long-chain triglycerides. MCTs enter cells easily without being broken down and can be used as an instant source of energy. People who are on a ketogenic diet are recommended to use MCT oil in their daily diet as medium-chain triglycerides can be converted into ketones in the liver. Ketones use stored body fat as fuel for energy.Weight Loss Tip of the Week: How to Use Ginger to Lose Weight (Watch Video)

As per a study published in the National Institute of Health, MCT oil increases the release of peptide YY and leptin and these two hormones promote the feeling of fullness in the body. The same study also stated thatMCT oil has been shown to significantly reduce body weight and waist circumference. Also, medium-chain triglycerides have about 10 percent fewer calories than long-chain triglycerides (LCTs), which are found in foods such as olive oil, nuts and avocados. As per the study on 'Gut Microbiota and Metabolic Health' published in the National Institute of Health,MCT oil can help optimise the growth of good bacteria and support the gut lining, which can also expedite the weight loss process.

MCT oil can also help reduce lactate build-up in athletes while performing different exercises. Taking MCTs just prior to the workout will enable the body to use fat instead of carbs for energy. This can lead to overall body fat loss. Therefore, without a second thought, go ahead and add MCT oil in your smoothies, bulletproof coffee and salad dressings.

(This article is written for an informative purpose and should not be substituted for medical advice. Kindly consult your doctor before trying any tips.)

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Weight Loss Tip of the Week: How to Use MCT (Medium-Chain Triglyceride) Oil to Lose Weight - LatestLY

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