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Feb 4

Using nutrition to lose weight Film Daily – Film Daily

Consumers must create a better plan to lose weight, and they must address the reasons for weight gain and a declining metabolism. Diet and exercise are a great place to start when losing weight. However, dietary supplements can help them increase their metabolism and make it easier to decrease fat deposits.

A review of products that help with weight loss gives women and men new hope. They find that it is possible to lose weight and keep it off. By following the right plan, they can lose weight and achieve all their health and fitness goals.

Weight loss supplements provide an array of benefits for anyone who is trying to lose weight. The supplements may include ingredients such as cayenne pepper, cinnamon, and green tea extract. The supplements may have a higher concentration of caffeine to help both women and men lose weight faster.

When reviewing the supplements, users must consider any underlying health conditions. For example, if they have existing cardiovascular disease, they shouldnt take supplements with a high caffeine content and should take options that dont have caffeine. Consumers who are interested in FirstFitness supplements learn more about the products by contacting a supplier now.

The detoxification process is completed by taking supplements that flush all toxins from the body. Over time, women and men can experience general bad health because toxins have accumulated in their bodies. Contamination and pollution in the environment increase the risk of toxin buildup. If they live in areas where pollution is thicker, they will need to complete a detox more often to flush out these substances from their bodies. It will also help them with their weight loss efforts and make them feel healthier.

Fat deposits develop at an alarming rate as people age, and they are harder to get rid of once they are there. Fat deposits appear in problem areas such as the abdomen, the lower back, and thighs. Women and men face difficulties when trying to slim down because of these developments.

Dietary supplements and a healthy diet help them break down these fat deposits naturally, and the fat is eliminated from the body naturally. By burning fat at a faster rate, they can lose weight faster and keep it off as long as they follow the right plan. It is a great idea to take dietary supplements before eating and exercising to give the person the full benefits of an increased metabolic rate. They can also lose weight at a steady pace and keep it off.

Digestive systems must function properly or waste products will build up in the body because of constipation. Gastrointestinal diseases develop because of digestive problems that were not managed properly. Dietary supplements introduce adequate fiber into the body, and this improves the digestive system.

However, increased fiber intake requires the person to drink more water to keep their colon and intestines hydrated appropriately. If the colon and intestines are not hydrated, this leads to digestive slowdowns and constipation. If waste products remain in the body too long, the person could develop an infection that could become sepsis. By taking adequate amounts of fiber each day and drinking water, the digestive system is regulated, and serious health risks are avoided.

Major changes in the diet help women and men lose weight and keep it off. Meal plans help them combine foods correctly to get the most out of their weight loss efforts. For example, combining lean proteins with a small number of carbs and vegetables streamlines how well the body burns fat. The carbs will give the body energy without weight gain. The person must control how much they eat and follow portion control strategies.

If they start a healthier diet, they can lose weight and stabilize it. If they overeat, they will face health issues. It is best to find a balance and avoid sugary sweets that increase weight gain. They can cheat on their diet a little, but it is not wise to eat sugary snacks every day.

By exercising at least three days a week, women and men control their weight and improve the way their bodies look. It is recommended that they discuss their exercise plan with their doctor to avoid negative results. For example, if they have cardiovascular disease, the patient needs an exercise plan to improve heart function and give them a chance to lose weight. Low-impact cardio is a great choice for heart patients.

The right plan helps them lose weight and improve their health. By addressing underlying health concerns, the patient becomes healthier and avoids issues that could threaten their health or place them at risk.

By drinking hot green tea, they can detox their body and start losing weight quickly. The trick is to drink the tea without added ingredients such as sugar. Steeping the tea a little longer gives it more flavor and makes it a great choice for weight loss. Women and men can drink it twice a day to get the full benefits of the tea.

It will flush out impurities and improve the digestive system. Women and men will eliminate the toxins that build up in their bodies and improve the way they eliminate waste products. The caffeine in the green tea gives them a boost in their metabolism, too.

Consumers find new ways to lose weight that are efficient and wont present them with too many ingredients. Dietary supplements help people lose weight and achieve their weight loss goals. The products increase the metabolic rate and burn fat faster. Slowing digestive systems increase the risk of buildup in the body that derails weight loss and causes the opposite effects.

Several factors present difficulties for women and men who want to lose weight. Age is a major contender when it comes to weight loss, and fat deposits develop on the body faster especially after 40. The foods they eat and how often they exercise determine how well the person loses weight, too. With the right plan, they can achieve all their goals and slim down faster.

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Using nutrition to lose weight Film Daily - Film Daily

Feb 4

Weight loss: "I eat brown bread toast, dalia or oats for dinner and have 3.5 liters of water everyday" | The Times of India – Times of India

6:00 am - One cup warm water with jeera powder

6.15 am - Dryfruits soaked overnight

8:00 am: Green tea and breakfast (3 rusk toast/digestive biscuits)

10:00 am: A glass of nimbu pani

1:00 pm (lunch) - Chaas with ajwain, 3 roti, one bowl vegetable, one bowl salad, and 5 spoons of curd

4:00 pm - Green tea with snacks (rusk toast/bhel/digestive biscuit)

5:00 pm - One date, one prune and a small piece of gur OR one fruit

7:00 pm - Nimbu pani/one fruit

8:00 pm (dinner) - Idli/oats/daliya/brown bread toast and soup

10:00 pm - One fruit

I drink 3.5 litres of water in a day

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Weight loss: "I eat brown bread toast, dalia or oats for dinner and have 3.5 liters of water everyday" | The Times of India - Times of India

Feb 4

Why People Who Eat This Breakfast Food Lose Weight & Live Longer – SheFinds

Breakfast is widely regarded as the most important meal of the day, and for good reason. The food that you put into your body first thing in the morning provides you with energy to get through the day, and healthy nutrients can work to speed up your metabolism if youre aiming to lose weight. Without a nourishing breakfast, youll be left feeling sluggish and will likely be more inclined to turn to unhealthier foods or binge later in the day to make up for the lost energy. In order to set yourself up for success in your everyday life and with weight loss, theres one breakfast that health experts recommend eating regularly so you can start to feel and look your best.

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A valuable energy source on its own that can be topped with a number of nutritious ingredients, oatmeal is one of the best breakfast options for healthy weight loss. Certified nutritionist PT Reda Elmardi explains, Oatmeal is low in calories but high in fiber and protein, which accelerates the weight loss. It also contains beta-glucan, which can decrease blood sugar and control the appetite. It has high fiber content which helps you to feel full for longer and cut down on the unnecessary calories.


A breakfast that can fulfill part of your daily macronutrient needs is ideal for healthy weight loss, and the carbohydrate content in oatmeal is great for keeping you full and satisfied for hours without the need for unnecessary snacking. Eating a breakfast made with slow release carbohydrates such as oatmeal or bran cereal 3 hours before you exercise may help you burn more fat because these carbohydrates do not spike blood sugar as high as eating refined carbohydrates, Elmardi says.


The good thing about incorporating oats into your breakfast is that they can be prepared in a variety of different ways that all offer you the same health benefits. You can flavor your oatmeal with any number of toppings from fruit to nut butters, or grind up your oats and use them as oat flour in a healthy morning pancake recipe. Your breakfast options are never limited to just a plain bowl of oatmeal, so you can find new and creative ways to spice up your meals each morning which will ultimately help keep you on track.


Healthy weight loss is dependent on a well rounded diet that you can maintain consistently without feeling deprived. The only way youll be able to sustain healthy habits is if they fit well into your lifestyle, so finding a satisfying breakfast that also provides you with the nutrients needed to boost your metabolism and spark weight loss is the best way to see noticeable results.

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Why People Who Eat This Breakfast Food Lose Weight & Live Longer - SheFinds

Dec 26

Weight loss story: This couple replaced wheat chapati with multigrain chapati and lost weight together! – Times of India

Our breakfast: Fruits, boiled egg white or omelette, poha, upma, oats preparations. No desi ghee parathas anymore!

Our lunch: Lunch used to be pretty normal- 2 chapatis with green sabzi prepared at home. However, we replaced our regular wheat chapati with multigrain flour (a combination of Ragi, Bajra, Makai, Soyabean and other Millets). We also gave up on normal rice and used to have brown rice once a week. Potato and other fried items were also banished.

Our dinner: To keep ourselves motivated and taste buds alive, we used to have different forms of soups and salads tomato soup or lentils soup or corn soup, salads ranging from corn chickpea salad, paneer salad or mushroom salad, various millets, buckwheat and moong dal chilla.

We ensured that all these dinners are cooked with very low salt to reduce our sodium intake and mostly cooked without using a drop of oil.

Pre-workout meal: Handful of almonds and green tea.

Post-workout meal: Muesli or desi chana with roasted chivda.

We indulge in (What you eat on your cheat days): Wheat pasta or Grilled Sandwich

Low-calorie recipes we swear by: Chickpea corn salad and oats chilla.

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Weight loss story: This couple replaced wheat chapati with multigrain chapati and lost weight together! - Times of India

Dec 26

Side Effects of Eating Chocolate, According to Science – Eat This, Not That

There are very few sweets you can feel as good about eating as dark chocolate. The confection is low in sugar (as long as you buy a bar that's more than 70% cacao), contains healthy fats that will actually satisfy you, and is rich in beneficial compounds like antioxidants.

Since a nightly square of chocolate is a common habit, you may be wondering what eating this sweet can do to your bodyare its benefits as healthy as you think?

We combed through studies and looked at the evidence to support chocolate's science-backed benefits. Read on, and for more on how to eat healthy, don't miss 7 Healthiest Foods to Eat Right Now.

One particular type of antioxidant in cocoa, a flavanol known as oligomeric procyanidins (PCs), has been found to prevent laboratory mice from gaining excess weight, according to a study published in the Journal of Agricultural & Food Chemistry. To get the flavanol benefits, you have to opt for dark chocolate. These plant-based nutrients are found in the cacao solids, which are more prevalent in darker bars than milk chocolate bars that contain more sugar and milk. Because this study was done in animals, we can't necessarily draw the same conclusions for humans; however, we do know that reducing your calorie intake will definitely help you lose weight. So if you replace your nightly ice cream habit with a lower-calorie square of dark chocolate, you can promote weight loss.

Just remembertoo much of anything can lead to weight gain, so be aware of portion control! Stick to the serving size.

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It's not just because you reach for a piece of chocolate when you're stressed that this dark dessert is associated with less anxietycompounds in chocolate actually play a chemical role in lowering your stress levels.Eating an ounce and a half of chocolate (40 grams) every day for about two weeks can help you relax by lowering levels of stress hormones, like cortisol, according to a study published in the Journal of Proteome Research. To reap the benefits, you'll only need to consume half a bar chocolate bar (we highly recommend Alter Eco's Deep Dark Classic Blackout Bar with 85% cacao). Because that portion is 250 calories, we recommend splitting it up so you don't consume it all in one serving. Have a section with some nuts as an afternoon snack, sneak some in oat-based energy bites, and have a little after dinner alongside some raspberries.

Your love for chocolate may grow fonder once you learn that it makes your heart stronger! A recentNutrients meta-analysis found that chocolate intake is associated with decreased risks of coronary heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. To reap the benefits, the evidence suggests that you should eat a minimum of 1 serving of chocolate a week but no more than 6 servings. The researchers believe that the heart-healthy benefits are linked to chocolate's abundance of flavanols such as epicatechin, catechin, and procyanidins. The flavanols may offer cardiometabolic protection through their antihypertensive, antiplatelet (preventing blood coagulation), antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory effects.

Your gut microbiome the community of bacteria, viruses, fungi, archaea that live in your digestive tract has been linked to multiple areas of your health, from supporting healthy skin to reducing your appetite, to improving your mood. Making sure the good bacteria in your gut are fed and healthy is essential for allowing your gut microbiome to do its job. That's where chocolate comes in. The cocoa polyphenols in dark chocolate have been linked to promoting the growth of anti-inflammatory bacteria in the microbiota.In a human trial conducted on healthy volunteers, consumption of a high-cocoa flavanol beverage for four weeks proved to significantly increase the growth of two strains of probiotic bacteria. This study suggests that cocoa polyphenols may behave as prebiotics (the food for your probiotics).

A little inflammation is a good thing and the body's natural response to stresses. But when your body becomes chronically inflamedmost commonly by eating a poor dietyou can experience health issues at the cellular level. Chronic inflammation has been linked to heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, as well as interfere with feelings of hunger and metabolism-regulating hormones. A study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that having dark chocolate in moderation can help prevent and repair the cellular damage caused by inflammation. Researchers attribute the anti-inflammatory benefits to the cocoa flavanols, which possess anti-inflammatory properties. Bolster your fight against inflammation with these14 Tips to Reduce Inflammation to Lose Weight Faster, According to RDs.

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Side Effects of Eating Chocolate, According to Science - Eat This, Not That

Dec 21

Weight loss: "I had dalia every night for dinner and got my pre-pregnancy body back" – Times of India

I was in my 20s, but I experienced so many health problems like an older person. Chronic backache, thyroid and hormonal issues made me realize it was time to make the change. The worst part of being obese was that I found it difficult to climb stairs, do household work or in fact, play with my kid. It made me feel terrible and low at times!

What shape do you see yourself 10 years down the line?

Fitter and healthier than I was a couple of years ago. I hope to continue working on myself and make exercise and good eating habits a part of my regime.

What are the lifestyle changes you made?

I strictly said no to junk food and cut down on my sugar intake. That in itself made a big difference.

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Weight loss: "I had dalia every night for dinner and got my pre-pregnancy body back" - Times of India

Dec 21

Is Trump Cracking Under the Weight of Losing? – POLITICO

His fragile ego has never been tested to this extent, Michael Cohen, his former personal attorney and enforcer before he turned on him, told me. While hes creating a false pretense of strength and fortitude, internally he is angry, depressed and manic. As each day ends, Trump knows hes one day closer to legal and financial troubles. Accordingly, we will all see his behavior deteriorate until it progresses into a full mental breakdown.

Psychological disorders are like anything else, said Mary Trump, whos also a psychologist. If theyre unacknowledged and untreated over time, they get worse.

In Lees estimation, its not something that could happen. Its something that is happening, thats been happening for the past four yearsand will keep happening.

His pathology has continued to grow, continued to cause him to decompensate, and so were at a stage now where his detachment from reality is pretty much complete and his symptoms are as severe as can be. She likened Trump to a car without functioning brakes. Such a car, she explained, can look for a long time like its fine, and keep going, faster and faster, even outracing other cars. But at the bottom of the hill, Lee said, it always crashes.

Trump is who and how he is first and foremost because of his parents. His unwell mother couldnt and didnt give him the attention he wanted and needed, while his domineering father gave him attention but a wrong and warping kindinstilling in him a grim, zero-sum worldview with the dictate that the only option was to be a winner. Ever since, he responded so relentlessly to these harsh particulars of his loveless upbringingthe insatiable appetite for publicity, the crass, constant self-aggrandizementthat he became the president of the United States and arguably the most famous person alive. But from the time he was a boy, the way Trump has coped with the void hes felt ultimately has been less a solution than a spotlightits whats made his most fundamental problem most manifest.

His problem is that he has grown up with vulnerability in terms of his self-worth, self-esteem and a clear sense of himself, Mark Smaller, a past president of the American Psychoanalytic Association, told me. Somebody with these kinds of vulnerabilities, affirmation, being the center of things, is never enough. Because you cant solve these old wounds, these old, narcissistic woundsyou cannot solve them with affirmation, with being at the center of things. You cant because they persist, so that you need more attention, you need more affirmation, you need to be more at the center of things, all the time, more often. And when realities start to interfere with getting that kind of affirmation, you just want more.

The only moment in Trumps life that remotely compares to whats happening right now is in early 1990.

He was mired in a tabloid-catnip marital breakup on account of an affair with the B-movie actress who eventually would become the second of his three wives and the mother of the fourth of his five children. He also was a staggering $3.4 billion in debtpersonally liable for nearly a billion of thathis business affairs in New York and with his casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey, in absolute shambles. I would have been looking for the nearest building to jump off of, Steve Bollenbach, the financial fixer banks made Trump hire, once told biographer Tim OBrien. That spring, according to Vanity Fair, Trump ordered in burgers and fries and stayed up late in bed, staring at the ceiling. At risk of becoming a has-been and a punchline, Trump nonetheless boasted about future prospectsof national magazine covers and a comeback to come. All Donald knew, Wayne Barrett wrote around the time, was that he was still a story.

He sat at his desk paging through periodicals looking for his name. Even if it was the same AP article in every single newspaper, he wanted to see it, former Trump casino executive Jack ODonnell told me. Thats how he survives.

Did he collapse? No. He did not collapse, veteran New York Democratic strategist Hank Sheinkopf said. He just continued.

Trump was able to do that, of course, principally due to the sprawling, near-foolproof safety net his fathers wealth allowed. Lenders in New York and regulators in Atlantic City, too, let him skate, both groups as beholden to him as he was to them.

Still, en route to averting comeuppance, he proceeded to weave this self-inflicted calamity into a preferred tale of a certain toughness he possessed. Most people would have been in the corner sucking their thumb, he said to a reporter from the Sunday Times of London. You learn that youre either the toughest, meanest piece of shit in the world, or you just crawl into a corner, put your finger in your mouth, and say, I want to go home, he told a writer from New York. You never know until youre under pressure how youre gonna react.

But the biggest difference between then and now: Even when Trump was all but broke, even as bankers clawed back some of his toys, the props for the show, as he once put it in Playboy, they gave him an obscene $450,000-a-month allowance. And the most important thing? He got to keep Trump Tower. He got to remain living in the penthouse of the building that he had built, that had made him famous, and that served above all as the preeminent stage for how he wanted to be seen.

He was always there in his office, Alan Marcus, Trumps publicist later on in the 90s, told me. He was always there in his castle.

This time, on the other hand, hes getting kicked out. No more Oval Office photo ops. No more two-scoop nights watching Fox News in his room in the residence. In a months time, for most likely the last time, the door of the White House will close behind him.

This looming reality colors his interactions in these waning days.

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Is Trump Cracking Under the Weight of Losing? - POLITICO

Dec 21

I Learned What True Self-Care Looks Like And Its Not Weight Loss – Scary Mommy

David Sacks/Getty

Last year, I started a journey to take better care of myself.

A few months had passed after my second baby was born, and I was feeling really run down. I found an online exercise subscription which included a virtual catalogue of hundreds of workout videos promising results of a new, strong, happy, healthy you! Excited for a change, I thought this would be the perfect resource to help prioritize postpartum self-care.

I believed I needed to lose so many pounds to be healthy and that this physical change would help me find my spark. My plan was to wake up before my boys and do one of the short but intense exercise videos. I hoped that with this new routine, my life would start becoming more manageable.

This plan seemed reasonable to me, and I was being extra cautious because years before in college, I had struggled with eating disorder behaviors.

I ate healthytoo healthy. I was constantly dieting, restricting. and skipping meals when I could. Typically spending hours at the gym daily, I would become overwhelmed if my exercise or my diet didnt match my high expectations.

I thought this was being healthy until my life started collapsing. I was a constant mess of anxiety. Feeling intensely hungry or deprived, I would binge uncontrollably when I was around food. This would lead to feelings of desperation and shame.

Fluctuating between feeling numb and then overcome with emotion, I couldnt make simple decisions. One moment I would feel empty and blank, and the next I would be screaming at the people who mattered most to me. I was out of control. So, I started going to counseling.

During counseling for disordered eating (round one), I learned that people do not need to diet. This idea was so shocking and freeing for me that it radically changed my life. No more counting calories, skipping meals, or replacement meals of only a smoothie.

Instead, I could listen to my body and eat when I was hungry and stop when I was full.

I learned this primarily from a book called Intuitive Eating by Elyse Resch and Evelyn Tribole which presents research upon research about why dieting is harmful. While this change was gradual and was uncomfortable at times, I was able to free myself of the dangerous cycle of dieting, bingeing and overall feeling terrible.

While my longing to be smaller didnt disappear, it did get put in check. My desire to be thin was no longer the most important thing in my life. After counseling, I could embrace my life again.

As the years passed, I married my amazing husband, worked a challenging job as a nurse, and then became a mom to two unique little boys. My experience of motherhood, while wonderful, has also been difficult and stressful.

After my second baby, I was feeling increasingly low and wanted to feel better. I was determined to figure out what healthy looked like in this new phase of life. The online exercise subscription seemed like a great starting place. The virtual coaches all encourage that following a program consistently will help you feel better and get results.

Months went by and I did not get results. I did not lose weight, and I did not feel better.

Exercising in the morning before the boys were awake was difficult. When I did find the time and energy, the videos would make me feel worse. I felt judged and angry at all those skinny trainers. I did not feel happy or healthy. I felt tired, overwhelmed, and like a complete failure.

My attempt at self-care had backfired. I needed real help.

So, counseling for disordered eating (round two) started up. While I was no longer doing eating disorder behaviors (excessive exercise, restricting, or binging), I was surprised to learn I was still believing eating disorder lies. Such as Everything will be better when you lose weight. If you were just smaller, you would feel so much better. If you just try hard enough, you can be perfect. And this last one had crept into each aspect of my life.

Not only did I need to be the perfect size, but be the perfect mom, wife, friend, and daughter. And if I wasnt perfect, I must be a failure. Looking back now, its obvious why I was miserable. I was being suffocated by the pressure I had placed upon myself.

Author, social worker, and shame researcher, Brene Brown says in her book Daring Greatly, If we want children who love and accept who they are, our job is to love and accept who we are. Reading this helped me realize something needed to change and it was not my weight.

So now, I am in the process of loving and accepting myself. I continue to do the hard work of seeing my counselor and learning about embodiment, mindfulness, and body image so I can confront the lies that this culture and my eating disorder have taught me.

I do not need to be skinny to enjoy my life. I do not need to be perfect to love and accept myself. Self-care is not weight loss. In fact, trying to lose weight was harmful to my health and wellbeing.

I now prioritize caring for my body; not to make it look a certain way, but because I respect it. I have started taking time to do the things I enjoy like hiking, yoga, and kickboxing. My postpartum body is so strong and amazing. I am able to play on the floor with my boys and to climb beautiful mountains. All this is now how I practice true self-care.

Yesterday, I cancelled my online subscription.

My year-long journey of self-care did not go as Id planned. I did not lose weight. I did, however, discover a beautiful, capable body.

A year later and I am a new, strong, happy, healthy, me.

I Learned What True Self-Care Looks Like And Its Not Weight Loss - Scary Mommy

Dec 21

Brown rice Vs white rice: Which one is best for you when you are trying to lose weight? – TheHealthSite

Rice is a staple food for more than half of the worlds population. Filling and full of flavor and aroma, the grain forms the base of many favorite dishes for many. But when it comes to the choice of white versus brown rice, which is better for your health? Heres what you need to know to make the right dietary choice for you. Also Read - Can you eat rice on a weight loss diet? Find out

The most popularly used form of rice is definitely white rice. We get white rice when the rice bran is removed, and the rice is polished. It contains 90 per cent carbohydrates, 2 per cent fat and 8 per cent protein. Also Read - Weight loss diet: No need to ditch rice completely

Brown rice is the naturally occurring form of rice. It contains most of the bran, which is the nutrient-rich part of this type of rice and it is not processed. But when compared with white rice it has a higher percentage of fat and a lower percentage of carbohydrates. Also Read - Brown rice: The ultimate beauty enhancer

White rice is a brown rice with the bran and germ removed. The bran and germ both contain valuable nutrients. As a result, white rice is lacking in some antioxidants, B vitamins, minerals, fats, fiber, and a small amount of protein.

Brown rice is high in nutrients such as manganese, thiamine, niacin, phosphorus, and magnesium, and white rice is often enriched, so it is a good source of folate, niacin, thiamine, iron, selenium, and manganese. But when it comes to weight loss, brown rice is the better choice, because it is lower in calories and higher in fiber than white rice. Here are some more reasons why this rice can be a better option.

The only way to lose weight is to eat fewer calories than you burn each day to create a calorie deficit. A 1-cup serving of white rice has 242 calories. Choose brown rice instead and you can eat the same amount of rice for 218 calories, saving 24 calories.

Not only is brown rice lower in calories, but its also higher in fiber than white rice. Each 1-cup serving has 3.5 grams of fiber, or 14 percent of the daily value, compared to just 0.6 gram of fiber in the same amount of white rice. Fiber helps you lose weight by slowing the emptying of the stomach so you feel full longer, which helps you eat less. It may also reduce the number of calories you absorb from macronutrients, such as fat and carbohydrates.

Heart disease is a serious problem affecting youngsters in urban India today. In order to keep your heart healthy, it is important to reduce cholesterol which blocks up your arteries and can cause atherosclerosis. The bran of brown rice is rich in unsaturated oils which help in keeping your cholesterol levels in check. Here are a few more foods to reduce cholesterol.

One of the best reasons you should have brown rice is that it has anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in antioxidants. This also helps your body to remain fit and get rid of inflammation.

Another reason you should prefer brown rice over white rice is that it is great when it comes to burning extra body fat. A study conducted by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition revealed that people who consumed a low-calorie diet lost more belly fat as compared to the ones who consumed refined grains. Brown rice is loaded with iron, potassium, vitamins, and other essential nutrients. You may feel full after eating a bowl of brown rice and eating them is not at all fattening.

Given the fact that brown rice is loaded with nutrients and rich in fiber, it goes without saying that choosing brown over white rice is a healthy idea.

Published : December 20, 2020 1:38 pm | Updated:December 21, 2020 8:58 am

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Brown rice Vs white rice: Which one is best for you when you are trying to lose weight? - TheHealthSite

Dec 18

Majority of Americans admit to weight gain during coronavirus pandemic, plan to shed pounds in 2021 – Fox News

Based on the studys results, 22% said they would give up sex for the rest of the year to lose 10 pounds. (iStock)

Turns out, sitting inside all day has an effect on ones weight.

According to a recent survey, the majority of Americans reported gaining weight during the pandemic. Similarly, a smaller majority is concerned about shedding this weight going into the new year.

The survey, commissioned by biotechnology companyGelesis, was conducted via an online poll of adults in the United StatesbetweenOct.26 and Nov.3. Of the small sample, research firm Kelton Global found 53% of those who responded claimed to be as worried about gaining weight now and at the end of the year as they are about not being able to see family for the holidays.

According to the survey's findings, 51% of Americans hope to lose weight in the new year, with the majority of those concerned about shedding extra pounds being women. (iStock)

Nearly threein fiveof those polled said they are on a mission to lose weight in the new year, with 63% admitting that keeping healthy habits during the coronavirus has been more difficult.


Around 71% of respondents also admitted their weight directly impacts their self-esteem, which explains the dramatic lengths Americans claimed they would go to in order to lose 10 pounds.

According to the survey's results, 22% said they would give up sex for the rest of the year to lose 10 pounds, while a smaller amount claimed they would give up social media if it meant losing 10 pounds. However, only 17% would be willing to temporarily give up their favorite entertainment streaming service.


While our survey has found Americans have been motivated to develop healthier habits amidst the pandemic, it has also brought to light how many Americans who want to lose weight continue to struggle, said Elaine Chiquette, Gelesis chief scientific officer.

The findings further indicate that 51% of Americans hope to lose weight in the new year, with the majority of those concerned about shedding extra pounds being women.

In a year when weve all already given up so much, our data shows that people would give up even more if it meant being able to lose weight by the end of the year and they remain hopeful about losing weight and feeling healthy in 2021, Chiquette said.


As 2020 gives way to 2021 and people are looking to hit the ground running with new fitness goals, another survey released a list of the top-rated workout songs to keep you motivated.

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Majority of Americans admit to weight gain during coronavirus pandemic, plan to shed pounds in 2021 - Fox News

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