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Aug 17

How long does it take to see results from working out? – Fit and Well

If you've started a new fitness regime, you may wonder; how long does it take to see results from working out? The answer can depend on many factors, including your current fitness levels and goals and how often you work out. Whether you are training for an event on one of the best treadmills or trying to up your weights at the gym, fitness experts believe that consistency is one of the key aspects to seeing results.

Everybody reacts differently to a new diet and exercise plan. And your definition of what counts as results may vary. Sometimes you may not see the numbers on the scale going down but notice visible differences in strength and muscle definition.

Read on to find out how long it takes to see results from working out, what factors affect your results and how often you should be working out every week.

The time it takes to see results from working out varies depending on your goals. Are you looking to increase your aerobic capacity? See muscle gains? Lose weight? Each plan will have a different timeline for results.

Vicki Cumberworth (opens in new tab) is a personal trainer with 16 years of experience in the fitness industry. She says if you want to improve aerobic capacity, "Small, consistent steps will bring improvement as quickly as two weeks! It's never about volume or unrealistic levels, it's all about consistency and repeating an action regularly. Also, build up slowly. Start with a slow controlled walk, and get faster as you improve - basically no sprinting before you can walk."

"Weight loss can be very fast but if we would like to achieve sustainable weight loss set yourself a long-term goal like a year! It's easy to lose weight fast and gain weight fast but learning to enjoy the process and journey of losing weight is the key which can take time."

"Muscle gain is different for every individual (and factors like genetics and previous exercise experience play a role ) but I often see small developments in lean muscle gain in the first three months of training which is awesome!"

Research has been carried out to try and determine how quickly you can visualize exercise effects. A 2004 study published in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research (opens in new tab) examined whether or not six weeks of exercise would show a visible difference in fitness and appearance.

The researchers put a group of 25 sedentary men through an exercise program with either three 20-minute cardiovascular sessions each week, or three 30-minute high-intensity, strength training sessions. Then, based on photos, a panel rated the men's appearance at the start and end of the study. After six weeks, the ratings were unchanged. Also, objective signs of fitness, like body fat percentage, number of push-ups, and oxygen efficiency, didn't improve throughout the study.

The intensity of your workout also matters. In a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (opens in new tab), researchers placed women who were sedentary, overweight, or obese into three groups exercising at 50%, 100%, or 150% of the recommended energy expenditure level. After six months, women who worked out at the highest intensity level saw an 8% improvement in their cardiovascular fitness. Those at the lowest intensity level saw a 4% increase in fitness. So the more you crank up the intensity, the more likely you will see results.

(Image credit: Getty)

Personal trainer Emma McCaffrey (opens in new tab) says many factors can affect your results, including your current fitness levels and how often you are training. She says other factors that affect your results, "Consistency and varying your training are crucial. Diet also plays a massive role. If you're eating the wrong things, you will not see results. If you put the wrong fuel in your car, you would not expect it to work; it is the same with humans. What you choose to take in will affect results. Hormones and age can also play a role and it's essential to understand this at the outset and find a fitness routine that works for you."

Vicki Cumberworth says, "There is a big misconception that you need to train six days a week to see results. I am a huge advocate for training realistically! Working out three times a week consistently wins every time over an unmaintainable six days a week regime that only lasts a short amount of time."

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (opens in new tab) (CDC) recommends doing either:

(Image credit: Getty)

The CDC states that if you want to lose weight, consider two days of moderate activity and two days of vigorous aerobic exercise or high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

The CDC also endorses two to three days per week of strength training for all major muscle groups (legs, hips, back, abdomen, chest, shoulders, and arms). Include full-body workouts that focus on compound exercises. These are moves that work multiple muscles at a time.

Examples include:

Need some workout inspiration, try this HIIT workout for fat loss.

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How long does it take to see results from working out? - Fit and Well

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Aug 17

Ikaria Lean Belly Juice Reviews: Shocking Customer Concerns or Legit Results? Scam Exposed! – Cleveland Scene

Ikaria Lean Belly Juice Reviews: Shocking Customer Concerns or Legit Results? Scam Exposed!  Cleveland Scene

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Ikaria Lean Belly Juice Reviews: Shocking Customer Concerns or Legit Results? Scam Exposed! - Cleveland Scene

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Aug 17

Instagram Will Now Allow You To Block Weight Loss Spam: Here’s How – Women’s Health

For many people, weight loss content and adverts appearing on their social media feed isnt helpful - its harmful. Now, Instagram is taking measures to monitor these ads, allowing users to hide the adverts from their feeds.

Regardless of who you follow on social media, the fact remains that unwanted adverts and spam continue to pervade our feeds and if theres one kind of content we seemingly cant get away from, its that of weight loss. As if its not enough that we already have to overcome decades of societal pressures and beauty ideals that have been inculcated into us by the media, now these adverts are coming for us in a space that should be protected. And while some individuals certainly might seek out weight loss tools and advice, for many those that appear unsolicited within the Instagram app arent helpful theyre harmful.

It makes the announcement that Instagram will now look to monitor weight loss content on the app something worthy of celebration, particularly after tireless campaigns from the likes of Jameela Jamil and Katie Budenberg, who have long talked about the need for body positivity across social media. Users can now be spared the kind of triggering content like detox teas and weight loss plans thanks to a new tool which will allow them to select body weight control as an ad topic they want to see less of.

In her body positivity campaign, Budenberg launched a petition in which she explained: Its no secret that the aim of a weight-loss ad is to make you feel inadequate in your body so that you are persuaded to pay the company large amounts of money to help you lose weight. To some, these ads may be harmless and they can scroll on but for some these ads are triggering and dangerous.

Budenberg adds, This is why we are asking that Instagram adds the option to not see weight loss ads; this setting already exists for other potentially triggering topics, such as alcohol and parenting, and should be extended to weight-loss. This setting would make Instagram a safer, and therefore a more inclusive, place for those with a history of disordered eating and/or body image issues.

Already, the change has been welcomed by users who have been quick to express their support. This is super helpful. I couldnt find body weight control but was able to select see less on other things like specific weight loss products, probiotic brands I had been seeing a lot of, cleanses, diet advice, and other unhelpful content, wrote one user on a post from the National Eating Disorders Association.

While its a great development and a step in the right direction, even after blocking the spam, you may still see some weight-loss-adjacent ads popping up on the feed. It might not be a total solution currently, but as Instagram suggests, by opting out, you will still see less of an ad topic than you would otherwise. You may still see some ads related to these topics even if you chose to see less of them. If you do see an ad related to a topic that you chose to see fewer of, you can hide the ad and well use your feedback to improve the relevance of the ads you see.

On your Instagram profile page, go to Settings, then Ads and Ad topics. In the drop down list, look for body weight control and other similar topics. When you click on them, select see less to remove them from your feed. If you cant find body weight control, consider other terms like diet and weight loss which should provide plenty of terms you can then filter out from your feed.

If you or someone you know needs support for eating disorders and body image issues, help is available. Contact the Butterfly Foundations National Helpline at 1800 33 4673 for free and confidential support.

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Instagram Will Now Allow You To Block Weight Loss Spam: Here's How - Women's Health

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Aug 17

What to Eat Before a Workout to Lose Weight and Gain Muscle – STACK

Your training routine is only one component of the equation when attempting to lose weight and gain muscle. Indeed, exercise and training do have a significant impact. However, knowing what and when to eat provides more effective results. For example, you dont need to carbo-load if youre attempting to lose weight. And, if you want to bulk up, timing your protein is critical.

To lose weight, you cant starve yourself. To burn calories requires calories. Like driving your car, it needs gas to go, and your body needs calories to move. What your body doesnt need are excessive calories. For instance, its about making healthier choices like eating chicken, carrots, potatoes, and broccoli and not eating things like pasta or macaroni and cheese. Its a big difference.

Caloric restriction and eating less is not the answer. Instead, its about eating smarter and better.

Understand how protein, carbs, and fat are used to build muscle and lose weight.

Many individuals believe that protein is used only for post-workout recovery. However, you can strategically utilize it before and during your workout to gain muscle.

When you consume protein, you initiate a process called protein synthesis. This simply refers to the process of producing proteins. Therefore, your body gets ahead of your training results when you drink or eat protein prior. The proteins that are present before a workout begin the rebuilding process as you exercise.

And, when you drink a protein shake during your training in small amounts, it continues and sustains the rebuilding process.

Afterward, post-exercise in the recovery phase, protein synthesis will continue to be stimulated, helping you to build muscles quickly.

A secret tip to building muscle.

Drink 20 grams of a protein shake 45 minutes before working out in the gym. A protein shake absorbs quickly and does not cause cramping. Drink another 10 grams midway through your workout. After your workout, have your protein meal or drink another 10 grams of protein shake. In this manner, proteins will be produced continuously to build muscle instead of waiting till after. It is more effective!

Proteins are not supposed to be used as energy. Instead, they are used to rebuild.

To build muscle, consume about 1.5-2.0 grams per kilogram of your body weight daily. If you want to preserve muscle without building, consume 1-1.2 grams.

Carbohydrates are the preferred energy source when it comes to training. There are two different types of carbs.

Simple Carbohydrates

These carbohydrates are used for quick energy. They require 30-60 minutes to be absorbed and prepared as fuel. Therefore, simple carbs are appropriate for brief workouts or those that last less than 60 minutes. On the other hand, complex carbohydrates are not required for training for less than 60 minutes.

Eat carbs like fruit to provide instant quick energy.

Complex Carbohydrates

These carbohydrates deliver a slower, more sustained energy source. Unfortunately, it takes about two hours to prepare them as fuel. So, timing is key. Use complex carbs for more strenuous and prolonged workouts, lasting between 90-120 minutes. Complex carbs deliver more consistent energy over a longer length of time.

Eat carbs like vegetables and rice to give you more sustained energy.

Consuming fat with meals before exercise is not recommended. Fats break down more slowly than carbohydrates. Therefore, your body will not break down and absorb the fat in a timely manner. Fats need 4 to 6 hours to be ready and used as energy. Therefore, there is no purpose in ingesting it to gain energy, build muscle, or lose weight for your workout.

Training that lasts up to 3 hours uses carbohydrates, not fats. This is because the body has a sequence in which it uses energy. First, it will burn simple, switch to the complex, and after complex, burn fat.

Make sure the meal is 60 complex carbs, 30% protein, and 10% or less is fat.

The meal needs to be somewhat condensed. Foods must be simplified and easy to eat and digest. At this time, fats should be little to none. Instead, eat 60% complex and 20% simple carbs and 20% protein.

Food needs to be very condensed. Meals or snacks need to be easily digested to break downno fats in this time frame. Fats in this time frame can cause cramping.

A smoothie or a blended drink is best.

To be more specific with your energy, 1-2 hours before your workout, consume 1 gram of carbohydrate per kilogram of bodyweight.

Remember, the denser the food, the more time you need before training.

For more exercise, health, and nutrition information, check out the Balanced Body.

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What to Eat Before a Workout to Lose Weight and Gain Muscle - STACK

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Aug 17

Will eating veggies before rice help you lose weight? Is alkaline water really good for you? Common food myths explained – Channel NewsAsia

Now, heres where the alkaline water proponents come in: If you drink water that is acidic, youll create too much acid in your blood and pave the way for all sorts of health issues ranging from cancer to osteoporosis.

But can alkaline water be counted on to do so much for your health? And what exactly is it? Alkaline water is essentially water containing added compounds such ascalcium chloride, magnesium sulfate, potassium and/or sodium bicarbonate. Its pH is around 8 or 9, said Dr Look.

Tap water can range from 6.5 to 8.5, or even slightly acidic, depending on the country you are drinking it from, he said. In Singapore, the tap water has an average pH of 8.2, which makes it alkaline to begin with.

There are many claims that alkaline water can neutralise acid in your bloodstream and, in turn, prevent heart disease, osteoporosis and cancer, said Dr Look. So far, these claims have not been backed by scientific evidence.

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Will eating veggies before rice help you lose weight? Is alkaline water really good for you? Common food myths explained - Channel NewsAsia

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Aug 17

‘It far better’ – Gregg Wallace spills key weight loss secret he used to drop 4.5st – Express

Following his own weight loss, the Eat Well For Less presenter, alongside his wife and daughter, set up ShowMe.Fit in 2019 in a bid to help others achieve a balanced lifestyle.

The platform hosts a range of experts covering fitness, health and psychology, to help people lose weight, eat healthily and stay motivated.

With the cost-of-living crisis forcing people to cut back on their weekly shops, maintaining a healthy body and a healthy bank balance has never been so essential.

So in order to help people out, Gregg has devised low-cost recipes as well as pre-plan meals that are as cost-effective as possible.

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'It far better' - Gregg Wallace spills key weight loss secret he used to drop 4.5st - Express

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Aug 17

Education Week: Clinical psychologist encourages individuals to embrace emotional fitness – The Daily Universe –

Clinical psychologist Brian K. Chandler encouraged individuals to embrace emotional fitness during his Education Week lecture on Aug. 16. Examining trends he has seen in recent years, Chandler said that many individuals choose to get married to their diagnosis of anxiety or depression and its important for people to find ways to incorporate emotional fitness into their lives. (Megan Zaugg)

Clinical psychologist Brian K. Chandler encouraged individuals to embrace emotional fitness during his Education Week lecture on Aug. 16.

Chandler began his lecture by saying there seems to be a pandemic with anxiety and depression. I think we need a paradigm shift, Chandler said. We need a different way of looking at it.

Examining trends he has seen in recent years, Chandler said many individuals choose to get married to their diagnosis of anxiety or depression and its important for people to find ways to incorporate emotional fitness into their lives.

Chandler also said everyone is susceptible to anxiety and depression, similar to the flu or a cold. Its the human condition, Chandler said. We are more than our diagnosis.

Chandler said despite the difficulties people face, there are certain steps and habits they can create to overcome those difficulties in an emotionally healthy way.

Chandler said to improve emotional fitness, it was important to focus on three main aspects of emotional fitness: (1) cognitive, (2) social and (3) physical.

For cognitive emotional fitness, Chandler said its important to acknowledge there are both rational and irrational thoughts.

Cognitive fitness really connects us with all the other pieces of emotional health, whether its physical, spiritual, social or mental, Chandler said. Thats why its so important.

Chandler said everyone gets irrational thoughts and they can lead to behaviors and outcomes which induce anxiety and depression. He compared the thoughts to mental files and said the more people access them, the easier it is for that anxious or depressed response to come.

Think of someone who has been bullied or called names, Chandler said. Maybe their self image file says that theyre defective or no good. Its important to work on clearing out those irrational thoughts because theyre creating unhealthy, unnecessary and destructive emotions.

By challenging irrational thought processes, Chandler said individuals can view themselves and the world in a new way.

However, Chandler also said its important to recognize that stress in moderate amounts is actually good for individuals. It leads to optimum performance, Chandler said.

For social emotional fitness, Chandler encouraged attendees to remove their ego from the equation. Egos are either too big or too small, Chandler said.

Chandler said everyone has the power to create their own world and that relationships with others is significantly impacts emotional fitness. He said when one focuses inward too much, they neglect making those social connections.

Chandler also acknowledged that physical fitness is linked to emotional fitness. He said many of the things people do to improve physical fitness can lessen symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Chandler invited participants to get adequate sleep, eat healthy foods and exercise regularly to boost emotional fitness. Exercise can have a similar effect to an anti-depressant, Chandler said, referring to research by the Mayo Clinic.

In embracing emotional fitness, Chandler shared the story of British cyclings director Dave Brailsford and his efforts to improve tiny aspects of the British cycling teams practice, gear and performance. Chandler said similar to the cycling team, individuals can start with small improvements that can lead to greater results.

Above all, Chandler encouraged those in attendance to have confidence in their emotional fitness journey. You can do this, Chandler said.

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Education Week: Clinical psychologist encourages individuals to embrace emotional fitness - The Daily Universe -

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Aug 17

Crunch Fitness Announces Franchisee of the Year – PR Newswire

The Undefeated Tribe recognized at annual 2022 Crunch Franchise Convention

AMELIA ISLAND, Fla., Aug. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Crunch Fitness announced The Undefeated Tribe as its "Franchisee of the Year" at this year's annual Crunch Franchise Convention held at The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island. Held from July 31 to August 4, the annual Convention unites Crunch Franchise owners, club managers and teams, and vendors to share best practices, network and learn from one another. The 2022 event was attended by more than 45 franchise groups and 600 people.

The Undefeated Tribe, owned by CEO Tony Hartl and based in Austin, TX, operates more than 50 locations across the state of Texas with an additional 15 clubs in development over the next 18 months. Approximately 1,100 job opportunities are expected as a result.

"We're delighted to recognize The Undefeated Tribe as this year's Crunch Franchise of the Year," said Ben Midgley, CEO of Crunch Franchise. "Tony Hartl and his organization perfectly embody the Crunch culture that combines fun, an excellent member experience and a strong and successful growth trajectory. They are a valued member of the Crunch family."

Held for the first time in two years due to the pandemic, the 2022 convention was centered on the theme "FAST FORWARD Growing Stronger Together" and aimed to inspire learning and valuable networking time with peers and vendor partners. The convention included key note speakers, break-out workshops, vendor presentations and more to help challenge and motivate franchisees to grow their businesses, of which all are on track to open 55 clubs this year.

Additional recognitions at the annual conference included Raymond Gonzalez with AD Fitness, LLC, New York, NY as "Franchise Executive of the Year" and Schenectady, NY, SLK Corporation, LLC, Milan, NY as "Crunch Fitness Top Member Satisfaction Club."

Crunch Fitness previously recognized franchise group CR Fitness as "Franchise of the Year" in 2019.

Learn more about Crunch Franchise at

Crunch is a gym that believes in making serious exercise fun by fusing fitness and entertainment and pioneering a philosophy of 'No Judgments.' Crunch serves a fitness community for all kinds of people, with all types of goals, exercising all different ways, working it out at the same place together. Today, we are renowned for creating one-of-a-kind group fitness classes and unique programming for our wildly diverse members. Headquartered in New York City, Crunch serves two million members with over 400 gyms worldwide in 34 states and the District of Columbia, Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Portugal, Puerto Rico, and Spain. Crunch is rapidly expanding across the U.S. and around the globe.


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Crunch Fitness Announces Franchisee of the Year - PR Newswire

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Aug 17

Anytime Fitness Houston Heights Discusses the Benefits of Group Workouts – AccessWire

Base, Burn, Build!

HOUSTON HEIGHTS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / August 15, 2022 / While many individuals prefer one-on-one training, group workouts are also a great way to maximize results. Anytime Fitness Houston Heights is proud to offer an extensive range of team exercises to burn calories and build muscle! With thousands of gym locations throughout the United States, Anytime Fitness is helping clients take the guesswork out of their workouts!

"Our group exercises consist of three primary components: base, burn, and build. Our base movements provide individuals with a proper foundation, helping them to avoid injuries while also working at their own pace. Our burn sessions focus mostly on high intensity cardio sessions, helping individuals burn the maximum amount of calories, whereas build workouts cover form and strength training."

The staff at Anytime Fitness are committed to helping their clients get the best out of their workouts. "Our number one priority is our members. We want to make sure that they get the most out of their workouts while also minimizing the chance of injury. We find that group workouts are often a great way to meet people and can be a nice change from one-on-one training sessions."

Anytime Fitness works hard to cultivate a friendly and supportive gym environment, so that clients can feel comfortable stepping in for their daily workout.

For more information on their membership options please visit the official website

About Anytime Fitness Houston Heights

Anytime Fitness is a top of the line athletic facility with over 4,000 franchised locations across fifty countries. With state-of-the-art equipment and 24-hour gym access, Anytime Fitness is both accessible and convenient. Offering a wide range of membership options, clients can select a program that works best for their schedule and lifestyle.

Media Contact:

Anytime FitnessEmail: [emailprotected]

SOURCE: Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness Houston Heights Discusses the Benefits of Group Workouts - AccessWire

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Aug 17

Developers adjust design of coffee shop/fitness studio and estimate 6-9 months of construction – The Record – The Record North Shore

One year after initial approval, plans for a Kenilworth coffee shop and fitness studio were brought back to the Village Board with design updates.

Following minimal discussion, trustees unanimously approved a new layout for Practice Hora USA, which has planned a move from west Wilmette to Kenilworth since 2019, at the Kenilworth Village Boards regular meeting on Monday, Aug. 15. Trustee Walter Kelly was absent from the 5-0 vote.

In August 2021, a special use permit was granted to Practice Hora, currently located at 3520 Lake Ave. in Wilmette, to occupy 500-510 Green Bay Road in Kenilworth. The space is also expected to contain a coffee shop and an art gallery, plus two residential units on the second floor.

But last month, Practice Hora approached the village with a plan that contained several alterations, according to the Village Board packet.

Speaking on behalf of Practice Hora at the board meeting, Michael Freiburger president of NEWLOOK Design and Build, the construction and design firm that will be handling the work described the changes as pretty minimal.

It really came down to a handful of consulted, coordinated details, he said. We originally came with a concept that then had to be further vetted with structural and mechanical and so those minor changes were really dictated by just the actual functionality of constructing the building accurately.

The changes include:

Village Manager Patrick Brennan asked Freiburger if he could clarify what led to the changes.

Freiburger explained that financial constraints led to some of the modifications, with some materials being over-budget, while other changes were preferential.

When we were first presenting this, some of those details just werent worked out at the time, and we had presented it as more of a concept at that time, he said.

In response to a question from Trustee Alison Winslow on when construction is expected to begin, Freiburger said they will apply for a building permit as soon as possible, which he hopes will be done by the end of this month.

From there, he expects it will take six to nine months for construction work to be completed, putting a potential completion date in mid-2023.

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Developers adjust design of coffee shop/fitness studio and estimate 6-9 months of construction - The Record - The Record North Shore

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