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Apr 18

Rafael Nadals clay-court tennis swansong is a dance between fitness and pride – The Athletic

The best tennis players even competing on their favourite surface generally have at least one humiliation theyd prefer to forget.

For Roger Federer, eight times a Wimbledon champion, it was losing in the second round at SW19 to the then-world No 116 Sergiy Stakhovsky in 2013. Eleven years earlier, seven-time Wimbledon champion Pete Sampras went out at the same stage to lucky loser George Bastl, the world No 145. Novak Djokovics worst moment also came at his best tournament, losing to the world No 117 Denis Istomin in 2017 at the Australian Open the event he has won 10 times.

The exception to this rule is Rafael Nadal.

At the French Open, where he is a 14-time champion, Nadal has only been beaten by two players. One is Djokovic, statistically the best male player of all time. The other is Robin Soderling. The Soderling defeat is the closest Nadal has had to his Bastl moment at Roland Garros, but it was still a last-16 match and the opponent was not a nobody. Soderling was the 23rd seed, and he would ultimately become a top-four player and two-time French Open finalist.

This was a different kind of upset, and overall Nadals near-unblemished, 112-3 record in Paris feels sacred, one he doesnt want desecrated with an unedifying defeat to an unfancied player.

All of this must factor into Nadals thinking, as he conducts a knife-edge will-he-wont-he dance before the 2024 tournament.

Monday, April 15 he confirmed that the ATP 500 tournament in Barcelona would mark his return from the hip and abdominal injuries that have kept him out since January, in Brisbane, in what was his first event for almost a year. His first match, on Tuesday, April 16 against Italian and world No 62 Flavio Cobolli, ended in a relatively comfortable 6-2, 6-3, composed of a few flashes of the Nadal that lost won a match on clay nearly 2 years ago, at the 2022 French Open and a barrage of nervous unforced errors from his opponent.

Speaking in a press conference prior to the event, he was cautiously upbeat. I decided to come here at the last minute, but the week has been positive.

The question is, can I or cant I? Im coming off two difficult years my body hasnt let me keep up with the calendar.

I dont know what may happen in the future, but I am treating this as my last appearance in el God (the Barcelona Open.) I dont want to stop being competitive. There have been very hard days, physically and mentally, but the good days are making up for it, he said.

Nadal is desperate to get fit again, having appealed to his fans that you have no idea how hard this is for me to not be able to play these events after pulling out of Monte Carlo. He needs matches, not just for fitness but for momentum as well, to build up the muscle memory and match practice that even veterans of his talent need come Grand Slam time.

There is a but. Matches mean risking injury and risking injury means risking Roland Garros.

He does not want to do any of this without feeling confident that he will not be exposed to the kind of humiliating defeat mentioned above. As Nadals near-contemporary Andy Murray has said, its about competing, not just playing. Murray, too, has spent much of the year making difficult decisions about how much more punishment he can take physically and mentally, as injuries recur and defeats against players he remembers sweeping aside mount.


Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray and the hunt for a graceful and glorious exit

In this context, its understandable that Nadal is putting an enormous amount of thought into every decision he takes during a clay season where he remains the main talking point without even playing. His statements have the air of someone saying they might come to the party youre asking them about, but they cant commit yet.

The build-up to this Barcelona decision was carefully managed.

First training I am excited to be here for a few days before the start of the tournament, Nadal said upon arriving in the city. Im here to see how it goes, with the desire to try to play. Ill let you know. Its important to say that I dont want to confirm Ill be playing, but I hope so. Well see.

On Friday, April 12, he added in another post: Barcelona, today, Thursday. Training #2. Step by step. In another, simply the word Barcelona with a smiling face, accompanied by him sitting on a bench.

Open training sessions have been stage-managed, with Nadal smacking away groundstrokes under the watchful eye of supporters and media, but not serving or moving laterally in the explosive way for which he is renowned the areas of his game said to be most affected by his injury. Toni Nadal last week told Spanish newspaper Marca that he has pain when serving, but no other problem. A 6-1 practice set defeat of world No 6 Andrey Rublev on Saturday, April 13 was the most encouraging sign in his game since his last competitive appearance on court in Brisbane in January; an abbreviated serve motion, designed to reduce stress on his lower body, less so.

When he took to the court on Tuesday, all eyes were on his form and it held, even though his serve at times looked stunted, with speeds frequently down in the low 100s for miles-per-hour on his first.

Nadal is not being precious. He has suffered many big upsets over his career theyve just never happened on clay.

For a time, humiliating defeats at Wimbledon were a near-annual occurrence.

World No 100 Lukas Rosol in 2012. World No 135 Steve Darcis in 2013. World No 144 and 19-year-old Nick Kyrgios in 2014. World No 102 Dustin Brown in 2015.

These were all extremely painful losses for Nadal to take, chipping away at his aura of invincibility and ultimately led to the worst two seasons of his career, in 2015 and 2016. Similar defeats in the next few weeks wouldnt have that knock-on effect. This is expected to be Nadals last year on tour, whether he plays at Roland Garros or not.

The timing still matters because, in recent years, Nadal has seen his peers suffer at a similar point in their careers to the one he arrives at now.

Serena Williams penultimate Wimbledon appearance saw her forced to pull out with injury six games into her first-round match against Aliaksandra Sasnovich in 2021. That same tournament saw Federer play the final singles match of his career, one that took in the only set he has ever lost to love at Wimbledon. He later said of the 6-3, 7-6, 6-0 quarter-final defeat to Hubert Hurkacz: The end of that match was one of the worst moments of my career because I really felt awful. It was over, the knee was gone.

The following year saw the seven-time Wimbledon champion Williams play her final match at the tournament losing in the first round to world No 115 Harmony Tan. Samprass defeat to Bastl meanwhile was his last match at Wimbledon an indignity suffered in the boondocks of Court No 2.

Nadal shares the inevitability of time and decline with his fellow greats. What sets him apart is that for someone as dominant as he has been on clay, any defeat on the surface at all will feel like a personal affront, a reminder of whats been lost.

Those absurd 14 titles at Roland Garros are not an outlier on the ground-up brick he has 12 at the Barcelona Open, 11 in Monte Carlo, and 10 at the Italian Open. Hes so synonymous with the Barcelona event that the main court there is named after him. Ranking points, 500s and 1000s aside, the pressure of returning on the surface youve made your own, at a tournament youve routinely won, on a court that literally bears your name, and suffering a sobering defeat is almost too ludicrous to comprehend.

Its a risk he has chosen to take.

The reality is that Nadal could lose in the first round at Roland Garros without winning a game and it would scarcely tarnish his unrivalled legacy at the tournament. But try telling that to the most ferocious competitor that tennis, arguably any sport, has ever seen. A defeat at the 2024 French Open would take his loss percentage at the tournament from 2.6 per cent to 3.4 per cent, over 19 campaigns.

It is an infinitesimal blemish, barely a single ball mark on a court of sheer triumph.

For Nadal, even more than the watching world, it remains almost unthinkable.

(Photo: Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images)

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Rafael Nadals clay-court tennis swansong is a dance between fitness and pride - The Athletic

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Apr 18

8 Best Home Saunas, According to Fitness Editors and Experts – Men’s Health

Numerous long-term scientific studies say yes! Giordano points to one Finnish study, in particular, from researchers at the University of Eastern Finland, published in JAMA Internal Medicine in 2015. It followed more than 2,000 middle-aged men over the course of about 20 years, concluding a list of incredible health benefits through regular sauna use.

These included lower blood pressure, decreased risk of dementia and Alzheimers disease, and decreased risk of respiratory diseases (e.g., things like pneumonia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease/COPD). Giordano specifically notes a reduced risk of fatal cardiovascular events (e.g., sudden cardiac death, cardiovascular disease, coronary heart disease, and all-cause mortality), too. Most notably the risk of these CV events decreased as the frequency and duration of sauna sessions increased (e.g., twice weekly for 20 minutes per session to four times weekly for 20 minutes per session).

Read more: Sauna Benefits

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8 Best Home Saunas, According to Fitness Editors and Experts - Men's Health

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Apr 18

Former child star Danny Pintauro returns to Hollywood with a fitness glow-up that’s the boss – Queerty

After decades away from Hollywood, former child star Danny Pintauro has been working on his fitness and is ready to reignite his acting career.

The 48-year-old rose to fame as a child actor in the 1983 horror film Cujo and as the adorable son of Judith Light in the long-running 80s TV series Whos the Boss.

Starting at the age of eight, Pintauro played Jonathan Bowers opposite Light, Tony Danza, Alyssa Milano and the late Katherine Helmond for the shows entire eight-season run that ended in 1992.

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They grow up so fast!

Following the shows end, Pintauro attended Stanford University and soon found his life turned upside down when the National Enquirer outed him just after graduating in 1997.

While he tried to get back into acting, the homophobic climate at the time didnt offer many roles to someone who was out. So he left Hollywood.

It didnt work. So, I left. All my life, I really felt like I wanted to figure out who I was as a normal human being outside of celebrity, Pintauro recently told GED Magazine. So, I said, look, the universe is telling me this is a bad time to try and be an actor.

Over the years, Pintauro worked as a sales rep, restaurant manager and a veterinary technician.

But with society and Hollywood becoming more inclusive over time, Pintauro began questioning if he should give acting another shot.

After enjoying a normal life in Austin, Texas with his husband of 10 years, Wil Tabares, Pintauro became motivated to get back in front of the camera after watching openly gay actors Wilson Cruz and Anthony Rapp kissing on Star Trek: Discovery.

How crazy was that moment? So impactful and so important, he added. It clicked and I said, that could be me, that should be me!

So Pintauro plotted his move.

In addition to relocating to Los Angeles, part of his game plan included getting into the best shape of his life, which Pintauro has been documenting on social media.

Ive never had body ody ody. I didnt think I was even capable of it for most of my life, Pintauro shared.

So getting back into the business as an actor, there are only a few things that you are in control of your skill as an actor and your abilities. Outside of that, you can control your social media, which is a new thing that I had to learn how to do, and your body.

And by the looks of it, hes definitely got it down on lock.

Pintauro, who continues to do HIV advocacy since first disclosing his status in 2015, now hopes to show the world his dramatic acting chops beyond the comedy skills he exhibited on Whos the Boss.

The entirety of my resume is dramatic work, but most people know me for my sitcom work, he said. My goal is to get back to that and to really explore all of the possibilities when it comes to that.

After scoring a role in the Lifetime holiday film A Country Christmas Harmony, Pintauro is continuing to go on auditions while also amassing a faithful following on Instagram and TikTok.

Were excited to see Pintauros return and look forward to watch his career continue to flourish.

Check out more of Pintauros physical fitness journey and social media clips below and then give him a follow:

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Former child star Danny Pintauro returns to Hollywood with a fitness glow-up that's the boss - Queerty

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Apr 18

Pvolving Into a New Fitness Style – Fort Worth Magazine

Its one of the oldest excuses we tell ourselves on a daily basis, if I only had more time in the day, Id workout.

Add motherhood and a full-time teaching gig to this scenario and you get what Fort Worthian Emily Reid was faced with nearly two years ago. However, a chance encounter with a remote fitness program named Pvolve would change everything for Reid, who was trying to get back into a workout routine post-pregnancy.

Apparently, this workout was the real deal, given Reid bought into the Pvolve franchise opening the businesses first Texas locale in Fort Worth at 4500 Hartwood Drive earlier this month.

What I love about Pvolve is it really gives you those traditional results that you want to see in a workout like sculpted arms and weight loss, if that's one of your goals, she says. But it really goes beyond those traditional results and increases joint mobility. We really work on stability and these routines go above and beyond those results for traditional workouts.

Created and co-founded by entrepreneur Rachel Katzman in 2017, Pvolve is an entirely new low-impact big fitness method that has the backing of a clinical advisory board, and expert trainers, as well as its own unique workout equipment. Originally an online fitness course, this new method has taken off like wildfire, even picking up a celebrity endorsement from the likes of Hollywood icon Jennifer Aniston. Today, Pvolve is branching out from the remote health industry and gearing up to open franchises nationwide. Reids studio is the very first one in Texas, with more planned to open in the Lone Star State throughout the rest of the year.

It's totally changed my body and the way I think about working out, Reid says. We're not professional athletes or anything like that, so we're just kind of training to make your everyday life better and easier and more comfortable.

An educator by choice, Reid, holds a Bachelor of Science from The University of Alabama and a Master of Education from TCU. Post-graduation from TCU, Reid spent six years as a full-time middle school teacher at All Saints Episcopal School. This is only to highlight how adept Reid is to a classroom setting, although she found out about this program remotely.

Speaking of remotely, besides the in-studio classes, Pvolve is also available on all computer and mobile browsers as well as its Apple and Android apps. Now, there really arent any excuses, because all we need is an internet connection to get our workout on for whatever timeframe we need. Each remote course can run between 10 to 75 minutes a workout. The equipment itself consists of items like a P.ball, precision mat, gliders, a slant board, and a series of tension bands, to name a few. The precision matitself is very helpful for beginners, Reid says, because of the way the gridislaid out on it.

We really work in all three planes of movement, which means we do a lot of rotation, a lot of internal rotation, and alot of external rotation. Because that's new to a lot of people, and pretty unique to Pvolve, that precision map really helps the trainers. It's a great visual for our clients, who say, it's kind of like Twister. Your left foot should be on the nine o'clock square. We're going to do an internal rotation, so you want your other foot at six and your hip spacing three. So it really helps to give those visual cues and so many people find this helpful. Even if you're just adjusting a few inches, you feel that difference, she says.

This style of exercise is low-impact enough it can be done daily, but Reid recommends first-timers try doing the workouts three times a week at first to see how their bodies react. So, if youve been on the fence about joining a gym or workout class, check out Pvolve on April 27 during the franchise's grand opening to see what this workout method is all about.

People are really loving it, she says. I think that just kind of the whole message of Pvolve, especially for women, just with this different type of workout, it's really important for your health and life longevity. I would love to maybe haveanother location and get more people in the doors and just see what this workout can do for them in the future.

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Pvolving Into a New Fitness Style - Fort Worth Magazine

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Apr 18

"How to Fight Off Death": Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares Fitness Habits To Reduce Mortality Risk By 50% – Generation Iron Fitness Network

Arnold Schwarzeneggerhas released a daily newsletter where he is able to speak to fans sharing different tips. This time, the bodybuilding legend spoke about how to reduce mortality risk in the gym.

Schwarzenegger referenced the British Journal of Sports Medicine when discussing his point.

Research suggests that the best way to prolong your life is to include both resistance training and aerobic exercise.

Arnold Schwarzenegger discussed how scientists studied data to figure out what type of exercise was better and how long it would take to find benefits.

Scientists analyzed data from nearly 100,000 people to determine behaviors that are associated with longer lifespans. Some of the most concerning data wasnt about the benefits of exercise, but how few people consistently move. Only 16 percent of people said they regularly lifted weights, and 32 percent performed weekly cardiovascular exercise.

Ultimately, Arnold explained how anywhere from three to five hours of exercise per week would be beneficial.

The current recommendation is to get 150 to 300 min of moderate-intensity exercise or 75 to 150 minutes of vigorous-intensity exercise per week. So any movement is better than no movement, but the more youre able to push the intensity a few times per week, the more your body will thank you in the long run.

Along with tips for health and wellness, Arnold Schwarzenegger has shared workouts of the week. During his recent edition of the newsletter, this workout was recommended:

How it works

This is a timed workout. Youll set a clock for 20 minutes and then set a timer for 60 seconds.

Perform two reps of one exercise (you can select from the list below). Then, rest the remainder of the 60 seconds. So if it takes 5 seconds to do the two reps, youll rest the remaining 55 seconds.

After that, youll do another two reps, rest for the remainder of the 60 seconds, and continue until the 20 minutes are up. This style is known as EMOM (every minute on the minute) and can allow you to get a lot of volume, use a heavy weight, and feel like youre doing cardio.

For more news and updates, follow Generation Iron onFacebook,Twitter, andInstagram.

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"How to Fight Off Death": Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares Fitness Habits To Reduce Mortality Risk By 50% - Generation Iron Fitness Network

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Apr 18

New Santa Fe fitness studio aims to enhance clients’ quality of life, whatever their age – Santa Fe New Mexican

State Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington Washington D.C. West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming Puerto Rico US Virgin Islands Armed Forces Americas Armed Forces Pacific Armed Forces Europe Northern Mariana Islands Marshall Islands American Samoa Federated States of Micronesia Guam Palau Alberta, Canada British Columbia, Canada Manitoba, Canada New Brunswick, Canada Newfoundland, Canada Nova Scotia, Canada Northwest Territories, Canada Nunavut, Canada Ontario, Canada Prince Edward Island, Canada Quebec, Canada Saskatchewan, Canada Yukon Territory, Canada

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New Santa Fe fitness studio aims to enhance clients' quality of life, whatever their age - Santa Fe New Mexican

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Apr 18

Garmin Lily 2 review: Classy but capable – Pocket-lint

It's well known that Garmin makes an extensive list of high-end fitness watches. While some of its devices feature less sporty designs, most scream, "I'm a fitness or adventure watch!" There are jokes and memes in the fitness and outdoor worlds about the type of people who wear their Garmin watch as a daily wearer. Perhaps I shouldn't admit it, but I am one of those people -- or I was until recently.

Beyond its highly capable fitness watches, Garmin offers a smaller selection of more fashion-focused smartwatches. These are intended as an option for daily wear when you want a more formal-looking watch. They may provide less advanced fitness features but still function as capable fitness trackers. One such watch is the Garmin Lily 2. I've been wearing the Lily 2 Classic for a few weeks and have been impressed by this little watch.

The Garmin Lily 2 is a stylish, compact alternative to more aggressive fitness trackers and smartwatches. Garmin designed it for small wrists, but despite the diminutive size, it still offers lots of features.

The Garmin Lily 2 is available in two configurations, one without Garmin Pay and one with, and multiple colorways. Pricing ranges from $250 to $300, depending on the configuration.

Garmin designed the Lily 2 specifically for women or anyone with small wrists who wants a more discreet watch. My wrists are so small that I can wear children's watches, and the Lily 2 looks right at home there. I went with the leather band, which is much narrower than all of my other watches, making it less noticeable on my wrist.

It's so lightweight that I sometimes forget it's on my wrist, something that never happens with my larger watches.

The watch weighs only 21.5 grams with the leather strap and slightly less with the nylon. It's so lightweight that I sometimes forget it's on my wrist, something that never happens with my larger watches. The grayscale liquid crystal display offers a 240 x 201-pixel resolution with a 1 x 0.8-inch size. It's small but large enough to see a good amount of information. The case has been upgraded from plastic to anodized aluminum in this second iteration of the Lily, making it a bit classier.

One of the unique aspects of the Lily 2 is the patterned lens. Instead of a clear glass display, the Lily 2 features a design resembling etched glass beneath the Corning Gorilla Glass 3 lens. Each color features a different pattern. The one I've been wearing, Cream Gold, has an Art Deco look, while some are simpler and more modern.

The patterned lens elevates the watch's appearance, especially when the display is off. Unfortunately, I found that it made the display hard to see in certain light. I would have to rotate my wrist just so instead of being able to glance at it quickly. It wouldn't be a deal breaker for me, but it was admittedly annoying at times.

Beyond looks, Garmin built the Lily 2 with useful health and fitness tracking sensors. It features Garmin's optical (PPG) sensor for measuring heart rate, a blood oxygen saturation monitor, an accelerometer, and an ambient light sensor. That heart rate sensor isn't Garmin's newest one with a wrist temperature sensor, which is a little disappointing.

It wouldn't be a Garmin watch without a long list of features. Even as a more basic smartwatch, the Lily 2 has plenty going on. First and foremost, it offers smartwatch capabilities. The watch connects to your phone via Bluetooth, allowing you to receive notifications from your iPhone or Android device.

Beyond smartwatch functions, the Lily 2 can also track your sleep. It tracks your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, respiration, and movement to provide insight into your different sleep stages each night. Garmin then applies a Sleep Score to that information, giving you a broad picture of how good (or bad) your sleep was. That information pairs with stress tracking to provide Garmin's Body Battery score, which can help you better prioritize rest or activity.

The Lily 2 also offers a range of activities for tracking. New activities have been added to this second version, including HIIT, indoor rowing, and indoor walking. A new Dance Fitness feature can track various dance types, such as Afrobeat, Bhangra, Bollywood, EDM, Hip Hop, Latin, and more. There's also the standard strength training, walking, yoga, running, and more. There aren't as many activities as Garmin's more advanced fitness watches, but it hits the most common ones.

The Lily 2 also provides some safety features that the first version did not, including Incident Detection. These require you to have your phone on you since the watch doesn't have cell service, but it gives me more peace of mind when on a run or walk. Finally, as a female-focused watch, the Lily 2 provides women's health tracking right on the watch itself.

The Lily 2 relies on a touchscreen without any physical buttons on the side of the bezel. That means that you swap and tap to interact with the watch. There is a little circle at the bottom of the screen that acts like a button and provides some haptic feedback when you press it. That pseudo button is how you access the activities and settings or return to the previous screen. I've had some issues with the touchscreen not being responsive enough and occasionally having to tap or swipe a few times before it picks up on it. Accessing the top item in the settings menu is extremely frustrating, requiring many taps before it finally opens. It's not the worst touchscreen I've used, but it's definitely not the best, either.

It's not the worst touchscreen I've used, but it's definitely not the best, either.

Garmin promises up to five days of battery life for the Lily 2, but that depends on your settings and how you use the watch. I've gotten roughly four days per charge while tracking multiple activities per day. The Lily 2 uses the same clip-style charger as the previous version, which differs from Garmin's other fitness watches. It uses a USB-C charging end, which is the way of the future, but all my wall hubs use USB-A, so I had to buy a new hub for this watch.

The Lily 2 is the most accurate connected GPS device I've used across any brand or device type.

In terms of data accuracy, I found the sleep information to be hit-and-miss. That is generally the case with all sleep-tracking devices for me, though. While I didn't do an exhaustive comparison, the heart rate data seemed pretty accurate for my workouts.

Instead of built-in GPS, the Lily 2 relies on connected GPS, meaning it uses your phone's location information. That means that if you want to track your distance, pace, and route on an activity, you'll need your phone. Phone GPS isn't as reliable as multi-band systems found in watches, so if you are training or focused on hyper-specific data, the Lily 2 won't be the best option for workouts. However, each connected GPS device handles connected GPS differently, with varying levels of accuracy. The Lily 2 is the most accurate connected GPS device I've used across any brand or device type.

One of the things I was surprised to see on the Lily 2 was the automatic rep detection during strength workouts. That's typically a feature of more expensive watches, but the Lily 2 was able to accurately pick up how many reps I did of activities that involve arm movements, such as bench press, deadlift, and seated rows. It even seemed closer to picking up accurate numbers for core strengthening exercises compared to my epix Pro, which was surprising.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the Lily 2. The size is ideal for those of us with small wrists, and look-wise, it's a nice change of pace from Garmin's more aggressive fitness watches. I like being able to wear it when I'm a bit more dressed up and not have it look out of place.

Despite the comparatively reasonable price, it is still plenty feature-rich, with mostly accurate data across the various sensors. It is capable of tracking the most common types of activities, though it will be limiting for some. The Lily 2 definitely won't serve as a replacement for Garmin's more athlete-focused watches, but for those who want a simple and attractive watch that doesn't totally skimp on fitness features, the Lily 2 fits the bill.

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Garmin Lily 2 review: Classy but capable - Pocket-lint

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Apr 18

Fitness Facility Reshapes Athletes of all Ages and Sports – THE CENTURION

A little across the Delaware River in New Jersey, there is a place that helps build and shape athletes of various sports at any level. There have been multiple professional prospects from multiple different teams, one being the Yankees training there to the 12-year-olds learning the game.

This training site is the Athletic Republic a workout facility with great instructors who are there to give workout tips and plans. The man who runs the business is named Christian Lee who is all about making opportunities for those looking to better themselves.

Lee was dressed in sweatpants and a pitchers-only sweatshirt (a baseball company run at the same facility) with a backward baseball hat. He stated what you get off the training is a piece of us and coaching. The space is about gaining abilities and also having friendly connections.

Lee and his business partner opened the Athletic Republic in 2007 which was a risk in his own words but not the only time in his life where there was risk taken. His parents came over from South Korea when he was in the seventh grade which at first was a drastic move and very risky, but Lee has made it out as a successful businessman. Lee said, Im good with chaos.

When coming to America he and his family grew up in Marlton, New Jersey. He remembers what made him interested in baseball and that was having catches with his dad and friends. Now he has three children of his own and said, I enjoy spending my free time with my kids.

In the eighth grade, Lee tried out for the school baseball team and made it for the first time playing he said, I closed my eyes and hit a home run. He learned from his parents to work hard, and better opportunities will emerge.

Some people are good with repeating daily tasks at work, but Lee on the other hand is always looking for the next project to break up the repetitive nature that work calls for. Lee said, Its a fun job that never ends.

Baseball is their key demographic. They offer 30-minute and hour training for baseball and softball at $50 or $90. You will get insight from previous college baseball players who have dedicated hours on end to better themselves at the sport.

They are known for baseball but have also helped many other athletes, like wrestlers and soccer players. Even an alternative form of baseball known as finished baseball, which is played in European countries.

They also specialize in golf, they have two golf simulator rooms that help track the swing statistics. There are a variety of options to pick. There is an anytime single-use option for 30 minutes, an hour and two hours priced at $35, $65 and $100. You could also buy a ten-pack of 30-minute and an-hour simulator uses or a simulator membership for $100 a month.

The golf experience doesnt end there as you can also develop your skills with an instructor in private golf lessons. The same as the previous sessions except for the two-hour session, the 30-minute option is $55, and the hour is $100 and you can buy a five-pack of 30-minute or hour-long lessons. They also have a 4D motion golf assessment for an hour will cost $150. You can fine-tune your swing to become an actual golfer.

They also have helped people just become physically more active people. The Athletic Republic also offers training to people past their childhood sports admirations. They offer a 5-session pack, 10-session pack and 20-session pack priced at $250, $450 and $850.

You could also choose instead a weekly session one a week, two a week, three a week or unlimited sessions at $199, $299, $399 and $499 a month. They also have a nutrition program at $99 a month and a movement assessment which is $125.

This business was established by Lee and his business partner when he was 25/26 years old and was a risk. He wanted to take this chance not because of someone else telling him what a smart move is but through his parents working hard and always being around chaos.

Lee previously worked as a manager at a gym when his business partner decided to go on their own, he took out a loan but had no real plans with the loan at first. However, they might not have had a set plan, but clients joined and took the risk with them.

The business has gone from a raw prospect to a star player as its true intentions are to better yourself. Lee said, We are here for anyone who wants to get better. The people at the company have strong relationships with clients and strive to see the best for its students.

Lee knows how special sports are to kids as he played them himself, but he sees it as an adult now through his kids. He said, Some kids are not given opportunities and thats what we are here for to develop kids to have opportunities in their sporting ventures.

When Lee calls it a day and retires he has a plan in place for the succors. He said when he is done, he would like some of the trainers to take over as he sees them ready and hungry to grow the business further.

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Fitness Facility Reshapes Athletes of all Ages and Sports - THE CENTURION

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Apr 18

Super Fitness Weight Loss Challenge participants take on the ‘Minute to Mean It Challenge’ – WTOL

Our Super Fitness Weight Loss Challenge host, Kelly Heidbreder, has upped the toughness meter on this month's challenge with a HIIT workout.

OHIO, USA We are just one month away from the finale of the Super Fitness Weight Loss Challenge, and our challengers are working hard to make some changes.

Our Super Fitness Weight Loss Challenge host, Kelly Heidbreder, has upped the toughness meter on this month's challenge with a HIIT workout.

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. The challengers will tackle seven intense skills, taking a break after each one, until Kelly says stop. This challenge is called the "Minute to Mean It Challenge."

The first station is the rope pull, where challengers pull as hard as they can for one minute, followed by a one-minute rest.

The next station is the lateral raise, with ladies using five-pound weights in each hand and men using ten pounds each. After a minute of intense workout, they take another one-minute break.

Still working the upper body, the challengers move on to the lateral pull machine, where they see how many they can do in one minute, before taking a one-minute break.

The next skills are the Air Dyne bike, bicep curls, box squats and ball slams.

Congratulations to our top challengers: fourth place Ron Riffle, third place Lori Cook-Gearhart, second place Nikki Orlowski, and challenge winner Gina Lundquist.

In addition, we also handed out the Game-Changer Award, which recognizes the challenger who has made major changes in their life. It's not just a routine, it's a lifestyle. Tracy Harris is the winner of this award, as she has been involved in all events, works out with a trainer at Super Fitness, and she coaches others along the way.

Get serious about your weight loss journey right now," Kelly said. "Step out of your comfort zone and give it all youve got."


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Super Fitness Weight Loss Challenge participants take on the 'Minute to Mean It Challenge' - WTOL

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Apr 18

This mental fitness wearable helps you control your mental state – Gadget Flow

Train your mind, enhance focus, unlock flow states, and support recovery with AlphaBeats. This mental fitness wearable helps you stay in control of your mental game.

Elite Tech for Peak Performance: With AlphaBeats, you gain access to elite technology that delivers real results.

Tailored Training for Your Goals: Whether youre aiming to improve focus, unlock flow states, or enhance recovery, you can tailor your alpha training to fit your unique goals and schedule.

Engineered Programs for Mental Mastery: This mental performance wearable offers cutting-edge programs engineered to give you a competitive edge.

Advanced Tracking and Insights: Receive daily insights into your mental performance and monitor your progress over time.

Benefits Beyond the Gym: Experience a range of benefits, including increased focus, enhanced recovery, and improved sleep.

Say goodbye to distractions and hello to peak mental performance with AlphaBeats!

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This mental fitness wearable helps you control your mental state - Gadget Flow

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