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Sep 18

5 Terrible Eating Habits That Cause Weight Gain – SciTechDaily

If you struggle with your weight, it might not just be bad food choices that are to blame. Its also how you eat your meals. Choose what you put on your plate wisely, but also learn how to eat in a way that maximizes the satiety benefits you get from your diet. Here are five habits that can wreak havoc on your best-made weight loss plans.

Eating on the run is a common habit that can lead to weight gain over time. When you eat on the run, you grab convenience foods you can devour in a hurry, and theyre rarely a healthy choice. The problem with eating fast food is that it contains high amounts of fat and sugar, which are linked to obesity and other health problems like diabetes and heart disease.

Fast food can also be expensive compared to preparing your meals at home. Despite the popular belief that fast food is cheap, you can prepare a healthier meal at home for less. Plus, youll pay for that low-nutrition fast food meal later with poor health.

If you wolf down your food, your brain doesnt get the notification that youre full. It takes about twenty minutes for your brain to get that message. Eating on the move also increases cortisol the stress hormone that promotes weight gain in undesirable areas like your waist and abdomen. Slow down and savor your food and appreciate its sensory attributes and youll be more satisfied!

If you know youll be rushed, plan ahead. There are healthy snacks that can tide you over until dinner or lunchtime. For example, try carrots with hummus or half an avocado with a side of whole grain crackers. If you dont have time for a proper meal, grab a salad from your local grocery store or make one yourself using fresh ingredients.

Do you watch your favorite television show or work on the computer while you munch? Such habits can expand your waistline and reduce the enjoyment you get from a meal. You might even eat your meal without tasting it!

We all have bad habits that were not proud of, but they dont need to stay that way. Here are some tips to help you break the bad habit of multitasking while eating:

1) Sit down at a table when you eat. Dont eat in front of the television or computer screen. If possible, create a specific space for eating mealsone thats away from other activities like watching TV or working on your computer.

2) Turn off electronics before sitting down to eat. No checking email, reading tweets, or watching videos while you eateven if its just for 10 minutes! This is an important step because it will help you focus on what youre eating. With this strategy, youll enjoy your food more and feel satisfied after every meal.

3) Take small bites and chew slowly. This allows your brain time to recognize youre full, so you dont overeat! It also ensures you taste and appreciate whats going into your body.

Research shows the size of the plate or bowl you eat out of can affect how much you eat. If you dine on larger dinnerware, food looks smaller on the plate, and you feel like youre eating less. Therefore, youre more likely to go back for seconds. In contrast, a meal looks like more when its on a small plate, so youre satisfied with less. If you want to cut back on your calorie intake without suffering from hunger pangs, try setting your table with smaller dishes.

Choose subdued colors for your plates too. Red, orange, and yellow are bright, motivating colors that stimulate appetite, while muted shapes of blue, green, or brown are less likely to perk up your appetite and cause you to eat more.

Research findings suggest people consume more calories while dining with others than when eating alone. Why? When you eat with others, you focus less on your food because youre distracted by conversation and good times.

Plus, with social events, youre more likely to justify ordering a high-calorie dessert or sipping a high-calorie alcoholic beverage. You may feel like its expected or socially acceptable to consume more calories at restaurants than at home.

For example, if everyone around the table orders an appetizer or dessert, one persons indulgent choice can influence everyone elses choices. Plus, drinking alcohol can cause you to lose track of how much youre eating.

Stick with meals balanced in terms of protein, carbohydrates, and fats (like salmon with brown rice and broccoli). And if youre going out for dinner with friends or family members who are less than healthy eaters? Maybe you can talk them into ordering something healthier.

Weve all been there: youre in a stressful situation, and all you want is comfort food. Maybe its a giant bowl of ice cream or a plate of fries. But heres the thing: eating your feelings doesnt make you feel better! It can also cause weight gain.

Eating high-calorie foods when youre stressed can increase your blood sugar levels, increase insulin production, and tell your body to store fat rather than burn it off. That means instead of losing weight because youre stressed about work, you might start gaining weight because of stress!

So, what should you do? Put down the ice cream (or dont buy it at all) and find other ways to alleviate stresslike listening to music or talking with friends who make you laugh.

Eating better isnt just about making healthier food choices. Its also about creating an environment that helps you resist temptation. Keep these tips in mind to avoid eating habits that cause weight gain.


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5 Terrible Eating Habits That Cause Weight Gain - SciTechDaily

Sep 18

How To Manage Weight Loss When You Have Asthma – Health Digest

Have you noticed how full you feel after eating popcorn, salads, or fresh fruits? These foods are high in water and fiber, which may help suppress hunger. Plus, they're low in calories, making it easier to reduce your energy intake and lose weight. For example, cucumbers and lettuce are 95% water and have roughly 15-17 calories per 3.5 ounces, reports MyFoodData. The same goes for soups, citrus fruits, spinach, kale, berries, and other high-volume foods.

Paula Norris, an Australian dietician, explains that volume eating can curb appetite without increasing your calorie intake. Basically, it's a strategy that allows you to eat more and feel full for longer. The Centers for Disease Prevention and Control recommends filling up on soup, stews, fruits, legumes, vegetables, and salads. You could mix spinach or kale into brown rice, snack on veggie sticks, add fruit to yogurt, drink green smoothies between meals, and so on. With this approach, you'll get full faster and stay hydrated while upping your fiber intake.

All in all, losing weight when you have asthma isn't that different from leaning out when you're perfectly healthy. You still need to get active, cut calories, and practice portion control. Also, it's important to choose whole foods whenever possible and meet your nutritional needs. Intermittent fasting and other strategies can bring you closer to your goals, but it's your overall diet and exercise habits that matter most.

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How To Manage Weight Loss When You Have Asthma - Health Digest

Sep 18

I tried popular weight loss diet for two weeks heres the surprising things I learned… – The US Sun

WE'RE told many things when it comes to food: dont skip meals, but skip snacks, eat intuitively, but not too much

It can all get very confusing! So its easy to see how the simplicity of intermittent fasting where, sticking to your usual calorie intake, you restrict eating to certain times of the day can seem attractive.


Even more so if youre keen to lose weight, which lots of us are this summer saw a whopping 1,100% increase in Google searches for: How to lose stubborn belly fat.

According to research by Harvard School of Public Health, intermittent fasting sees a typical weight loss of 7-11lb when followed for 10 weeks.

Ten weeks seemed a bit much for my first try, but would two make a difference to my health, happiness and the number on my bathroom scales?

A drop in insulin during fasting is shown to facilitate fat burning. Growth hormone levels may also increase, which can support fat burning and muscle formation, says nutritionist Rob Hobson, co-author of The Detox Kitchen Bible.

Fasting also appears to improve insulin sensitivity, which helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, says Rob.

Studies have also found fasting can help ward off arthritis*, chronic pain** and high blood pressure***, while the increased levels of healthy gut bacteria that come from intermittent fasting aid digestion, and a happy gut is linked to improved mental health.

So far, fasting almost sounds too good to be true, and Im not one for calorie-counting either, which makes it even more appealing.

As someone who suffers from irritable bowel syndrome, cutting down my window of eating, avoiding late-night snacking and allowing my digestive system time to work its magic also seemed like something I couldbenefit from.

I opt for the 16:8 diet, which involves eating within an eight-hour window, then fasting for 16 hours (other variations include 14:10, and 5:2, in which you fast for two days in a week).

In theory, you sleep through the bulk of the 16 hours, setting your eating window as 9am-5pm or 12pm-8pm, so you can fit in your usual breakfast, lunch and dinner times.

But you can set any hours that suit you. During week one, it was difficult to get a handle on my fasting window.

Due to a busy schedule, I had to alternate the hours I ate to avoid being antisocial, which at times meant not eating for a whole 24 hours.

As a result, during the eight-hour window I could eat, I was gorging on everything I could get my hands on, which was counter-productive.

There is huge scope for giving in to hunger, says Rob, which could result in binge-eating and unhealthy snacking.

To keep energy levels up, I was snacking a lot on apples, as theyre said to curb hunger pangs, and bananas, but also crisps and biscuits.

I was so tired and irritable, getting annoyed over silly things, such as my boyfriend eating when I couldnt.

I even cancelled plans because I couldnt face doing anything.

On the plus side, by the end of the first week, Id noticed my bowel movements had become more regular, because my body had time to actually digest what I was eating and, as a result, I felt less bloated.

Even still, the number on the scales hadnt budged.


For week two, I wanted to be more mindful about what and when I was eating.

I set my feasting window from 12pm-8pm, stuck to it and squeezed in three meals. It was tough though.

Rob told me to increase my fibre and protein intake to ward off hunger pangs.

Breakfast (eaten more around lunchtime) was peanut butter on toast, overnight oats or Greek yoghurt and fruit.

Id try to make a falafel wrap for lunch, and for dinner found myself having carbs like potatoes or pasta to keep me fuller for longer.

When I ate light options, such as salmon and broccoli, Id wake up starving in the night.

I assumed fasting meant avoiding tea, coffee or other drinks that help take the edge off tummy rumbles, but you dont have to rule them out.

In fact, Rob suggests getting creative with your options. You are going to get hungry, so stock up on miso soup and low-calorie hot chocolate to have during your fasting window, he says.

I upped my fluids throughout the day and realised that when I thought I was hungry, sometimes I was actually just dehydrated.

Although I didnt drop any weight during my fortnight on the 16:8 plan, at times I did feel less bloated and could fit comfortably into a tighter skirt than usual.

I also drank more water, became mindful about what I was eating to stay energised and I ditched evening snacking (which is a real culprit when it comes to piling on the pounds).

However, I underestimated how hard fasting would be.

Cavemen were pros at it, fasting until they caught and killed their next meal, and some religions regularly feature periods of fasting, so its doable, but my concentration, tolerance level and sleep suffered drastically, plus I ended up avoiding exercise because I felt too weak.

Rob suggests exercising between meals so you are fuelled up with the energy and protein to promote muscle recovery, but I found it exhausting.

Logistically, fasting is tricky. When I meal-prepped in advance, it felt easier but knowing those healthy meals were waiting for me in the fridge, Id want to eat them sooner, which made it even more difficult to stick to my feasting window.

For me, fasting for weight loss just didnt feel sustainable for more than a couple of weeks even if it did kick my late-night snacking habits into touch!

Your Feasting-Window Meal Plan

Follow Rob Hobsons menu to keep you from reaching for the snacks


Porridge with milk and topped with honey, nuts, seeds, cinnamon and fruit. Stir in yoghurt for extra protein and calcium.


Wholemeal wrap or pitta bread, filled with salad and a protein (meat, fish, tofu or cheese). Add a handful of grain, such as brown rice or quinoa, and mashed avocado.


Grain-based salad with veg, a protein and healthy fats (avocado, nuts, seeds). Dress the salad with olive oil and lemon juice. Follow with a dessert of yoghurt and fruit.

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I tried popular weight loss diet for two weeks heres the surprising things I learned... - The US Sun

Sep 18

Exercise prolongs life, even if you don’t lose weight. Here are suggestions as the weather turns cold –

CLEVELAND, Ohio If youre exercising to lose weight, dont give up even if its apparent youll never be a size 2.

Exercise may prolong your life, even if it doesnt lead to weight loss, suggests a new study.

Regular physical activity was linked with lower rates of death from cardiovascular disease and other causes, a recently published study of Taiwanese adults suggests. Weight loss was not strongly associated with lower rates of death.

It is probably more important and beneficial to be physically active and prevent weight gain, rather than focus on dieting to get to a low body weight but staying sedentary, said Dr. Ian Neeland, cardiologist at University Hospitals Harrington Heart & Vascular Institute, and director of UH Center for Cardiovascular Prevention.

Physical activity alone can improve the body fat profile, reduce the unhealthy fat and build muscle, even if the overall weight doesnt change much, Neeland said.

Neeland co-authored an editorial discussing this study on weight loss and longevity, though he was not involved in the study itself. Both the editorial and study were recently published in the International Journal of Obesity.

If this study is correct, its important to keep moving, especially through the coming winter. Inactivity is linked to weight gain, loss of muscle tone and decreased overall health.

Small changes, such as buying a treadmill or stationary bike, using the stairs instead of the elevator and buying warm layers and appropriate footwear for winter walks, can make a difference, Neeland said.

Obesity has been on the rise, nationally and in Ohio.

Between 35% and 40% of Ohioans are obese, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Nearly 42% of Americans are obese, and the prevalence of severe obesity increased from about 5% to 9% from 1999 to 2020, according to CDC data.

Obesity is associated with heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer leading causes of preventable, premature death.

The study that looked at weight loss and longevity involved more than 100,000 Taiwanese adults. Over 12 years, their levels of physical activity, body weight and body composition were measured, and deaths from cardiovascular disease or cancer among the participants were recorded.

Whether the participants in the study lost weight or not, being physically active was associated with lower rates of death. On the other hand, losing weight alone without being physically active did not have a substantial effect on longer lives.

The findings align with the fact that size and weight are not good indicators of health, said Kamna Jain, an integrative nutrition health coach based in Solon.

Many people exercise just to lose weight, but thats not exercises sole purpose, Jain said.

The reason that we want to keep exercising is, like that study said, it improves your cardiac health, brain health, digestive health there are so many benefits to exercise, Jain said.

How much physical activity does it take to reap health benefits? Aim for at least 150 minutes per week of moderate physical activity, Neeland said.

For weight loss, youll need to increase to around 225 minutes per week of moderate to vigorous physical activity. Aiming for at least 10,000 steps per day is also useful, he said.

With fall and winter around the corner, now is the time to make plans for staying active throughout the cold season. Exercise can improve mood and boost energy, in addition to promoting heart health.

Taking care of your health should be a year-round priority, said Erin Troy, wellness director and association personal training specialist at West Shore Family YMCA.

Getting outside also affords opportunities to see nature in its winter glory.

While it is tempting to snuggle up indoors, youd be missing out on those seasonal wintertime highlights, such as seeing an animal scurry across the snow-covered trail or the moonlight reflecting off the snow as you go snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, or hiking at night, said Rachel Nagle, Cleveland Metroparks outdoor recreation manager.

Here are some ideas for staying active during fall and winter, from the Cleveland Metroparks, Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Holden Forest and Gardens, Neeland, Summit Metro Parks, YMCA of Greater Cleveland and YWCA Greater Cleveland.

Check with parks or nature centers near you to find additional opportunities for fall and winter fun. Though the winter is a few months off, you may want to shop for gear now, so youre ready to go when the snow falls.

Indoor exercising

There are lots of ways to exercise heart and lungs while staying indoors. Buy a home treadmill or exercise bike, or dust off the home exercise equipment you bought years ago and never used.

Check out exercise videos on YouTube, or find fitness DVDs at the library. Libraries often offer free tai chi, Jazzercize or yoga classes.

Join a gym or buy a fitness pass at your community center.

Use the stairs instead of the elevator.


Treadmills available from Dicks Sporting Goods and Amazon

Stationary bikes available from Dicks Sporting Goods and Amazon

Group fitness classes

When its too cold to head outside for exercise, try a new group fitness classes, such as spin classes, Pilates, CrossFit, yoga and more. Find indoor workout classes here.

Ice skating

Is it more fun to ice skate indoors or outdoors? Try a little of both and then decide. Ice rinks are plentiful across Northern Ohio. Theres the Rink at Wade Oval, Mentor Civic Ice Arena, North Olmsted Recreation Center Ice Rink, Serpentini Arena Winterhurst in Lakewood and more.

Find additional indoor and outdoor ice skating rinks here.

Related: Get winter sports gear such as skates, sleds, skis, boots, accessories and more from Dicks Sporting Goods and Amazon

Downhill skiing and snowboarding

If youve never strapped on skis, make this the winter that you try skiing. Ski resorts have trails for beginners and experts, and offer classes for various skill levels. Check out Alpine Valley Ski Resort near Chesterland, Boston Mills and Brandywine Ski Resort near Peninsula, and more.

Cross-country skiing

Cleveland Metroparks has one-hour introductory classes and cross-country ski rental. Sign up for the Cleveland Metroparks Winter Impromptu Program Notification program, which sends out alerts for additional snowshoeing and cross-country skiing activities when weather conditions are favorable.

All trails in Cuyahoga Valley National Park are open, when the conditions are right, to cross-country skiing. Bring your own skiis and get your heart pumping on flat or hilly terrain. Check for cross-country skiing opportunities at the Lake County Metroparks and Findley State Park in Lorain County, and other locations. Among the places to rent, conditions permitting, are the Lake Metroparks Chapin Forest and the Cleveland Metroparks Big Met Golf Course.


There are sled-riding hills in many locations in Cuyahoga and surrounding counties. Summit Metro Parks offers sledding among its winter activities.

Cuyahoga Valleys Kendall Hills has family sledding, parking, a restroom and a fire pit, located at Pine Hollow Trailhead in Peninsula. Find more sledding locations here. And check out these sledding safety tips before heading out.


Snowshoes make it easier to trek through the snow and experience the wonder of a trail in winter.

It can be done about anywhere, or on an organized trail. For example, the Holden Arboretum in Lake County offers a beautiful snowshoeing experience, said Margaret Thresher, vice president of public relations and marketing for Holden Forests and Gardens. Start with Blueberry Pond Loop as a beginner trail, then move to the Corning Lake Loop or Layer Rhododendron Garden when youre more confident. Snowshoe rental is available.

The Cleveland Metroparks offers a one-hour Try-It: Snowshoeing Scavenger Hunt or a two-hour Snowshoeing Adventure. Snowshoe rental is available at the Metroparks Big Met Golf Course, Hinckley Lake Boathouse and North Chagrin Nature Center.

Borrow snowshoes (for free) from Cuyahoga Valley National Parks winter sports center, located at MD Garage, across the river from Boston Mill Visitor Center. Snowshoeing is also available at the Summit Metro Parks, Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Chapin Forest Reservation in Lake County and other locations.

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Exercise prolongs life, even if you don't lose weight. Here are suggestions as the weather turns cold -

Sep 18

Doctor on finding ‘best weight-management strategy’ to curb menopause weight gain – Express

When a woman enters their 40s they are likely to begin to experience some symptoms of perimenopause, the period before they hit menopause. With a whole raft of uncomfortable side effects coming their way, experts warned women they need to accept what worked for them to maintain their weight in their formative years isn't going to work now.

Dr Barb DePree, a menopause care specialist, gynaecologist and womens health provider, explained that women need "200 fewer calories per day" as they enter their 50s and 60s because they've lost around 20 percent of their muscle mass.

She revealed as soon as women realise they need to change their lifestyles to tame their weight during menopause, the easier it will be.

Thespecialistwrote for MiddlesexMD: "Simply recognising this fact may help you step away from the hamster wheel of yore and toward a regimen that actually works."

She also pointed out that finding "the best weight management strategy" will work for the long haul and "keep you stronger, more flexible, healthier, and capable of maintaining an active lifestyle for far longer".

READ MORE:Diet: Expert warns against common mistake

Like numerous other experts, Dr DePree explained women should "avoid sugar" in order to maintain their weight.

But she suggested doing it slowly and not to cut it all out straight away.

She said: "If youre too rigorous, you may just be setting yourself up for a binge.

"An occasional treat is a nod to mental health."

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Doctor on finding 'best weight-management strategy' to curb menopause weight gain - Express

Sep 18

LynFit Nutrition Clean up Your Keto and Lose More Weight –

by: Sponsored Content by LynFit Nutrition

Posted: Sep 17, 2022 / 08:30 AM EDT

Updated: Sep 16, 2022 / 09:30 AM EDT

New Haven, CT (WTNH) If youve been struggling with weight loss, its easy to get confused with so many different plans and products out there. It may seem like you have to make drastic changes to your diet and lifestyle, in order to begin moving toward your weight loss goal.

But according to Fitness and Metabolic Weight Loss Expert Lisa Lynn, even just one small change, repeated every day can bring huge results.

In this interview, CT Style Host Natasha Lubczenko speaks with Lisa Lynn about the great results experienced by some of her clients, by adding some simple LynFit products to their regular routines.

Lisa also shares before and after photos of her clients for our viewers to see.

Watch this segment to learn about LynFit products and hear the answers to these questions:

Lisa explains that LynFit Nutrition has a NEW Product! A Zero Calorie Essential Amino Acid & Electrolyte supplement and A Metabolic Collagen Powder designed for weight loss & Fat burning. Below is a special offer for our viewers:

Special Promo: Buy the Essential Amino Acid and Get a FREE Metabolic Collagen when you enter the code: FREELYNFIT Visit:

For the last 30 years, LynFIt Nutrition has been helping people lose weight and improve their health,h even when other diets failed them. LynFit is best known for its Quick Keto Metabolic Reset Lose 1 Pound A Day system featured on the Dr. Oz and Martha Stewart Shows and more.

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LynFit Nutrition Clean up Your Keto and Lose More Weight -

Sep 18

Blast your belly fat with these 5 effective equipment exercises – Health shots

Many people with hanging belly fat sign up for gym memberships to engage in intense workout. But the gym can be confusing, especially for beginners. Which exercises are the best? What can aid in losing weight? How many sets and repetitions? These are some of the questions that may cross your mind. However, it doesnt have to be confusing. Any workout you do in the gym will aid in weight loss. You just need to have fun while doing it. However, if you still need help, were recommending a few equipment exercises to lose belly fat.

Weight training and performing exercises at the gym with machines and requirements can promote weight loss. This happens by burning calories both during and after a workout, adding muscle mass, and preventing metabolism from slowing down.

Health Shots spoke to Abhishek Sinha, fitness expert at Equilibrium Pro Gym, to find out best equipment exercises to burn belly fat.

When you do an abdominal crunch on an abdominal machine, your abdominal muscles get stronger and the fat around your stomach starts to melt away. You can perform this exercise while seated on a machine saddle and crunching your upper body by leaning forward. There are many different kinds of stomach machines, and each gym has a particular kind of one. All are beneficial for losing weight, but only if you should use a machine that is effective and makes you feel comfortable.

Your abdominal muscles, glutes, lower back, and obliques can all be strengthened and toned by using a hyperextension bench workout. According to Sinha, Performing hyperextension bench exercises concentrate on your core areas and therefore, it is really helpful for reducing belly fat. This hyperextension exercise is done to emphasize the need to lose abdominal fat from all sides and protect the back from harm. Make sure you perform this workout appropriately and correctly!

Also, read: Burn stubborn belly fat like a pro with these 7 cardio exercises

This exercise is performed on a cable cross machine. The obliques, which are a side portion of your abdominal muscles, are the focus of this workout. One can do it by twisting the body opposite the wire, which will concentrate on your side muscles, while holding the cable in both hands and facing the other way. Now turn back in the direction of the machine, returning to the starting position under control. To properly engage the obliques, turn yourself inward and away from the machine once more. Repetition of the workout

This exercise is performed again on a cable cross machine. Stand sideways to the handle/pulley, bend down and grip the handle, then stand up. Place one hand on your hip. Turn your body sideways and away from the machine without bending your knees. One hand on your hip, please. Return to the beginning position after pausing. Your side muscles and core will be engaged in this exercise. You can perform 25 to 30 repetitions. By this exercise you will lose your belly fat especially on your sides and your core will become stronger.

By engaging your abdominal muscles, including the lower abs, hanging leg lifts can improve core strength. In fact, it helps tone your body and melt abdominal fat. This is a simpler variation of the hanging leg raise, and you can do it on a captains chair machine. Simply place your upper body inside the chair, and the whole body will be in the air with the upper back resting on the back seat. Your hands should be on a side supported by your forearms. Start lifting your legs, raising them 90 degrees, and keep doing it for 20 to 25 times. You will hit your lower abdominal muscles and start losing fat on your lower belly.

Always start your workout routine with some stretching exercises to loosen up your connective tissues.

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Blast your belly fat with these 5 effective equipment exercises - Health shots

Sep 18

Weight Loss: This problem is more common in men. Men must follow these methods to lose weight telugu weight loss tips IG News – IG News

Weight Loss Tips For Men: Nowadays many people are suffering from obesity problem. Experts warn that gaining weight is not at all good for health. Because obesity leads to many diseases. This causes many diseases. Both men and women face this problem. However.. studies state that mostly only men suffer from this problem. Due to lack of physical activity and stress, fat accumulates especially around the belly of men. Due to this, such people have difficulty in sitting, walking and even dressing.

Most men have belly fat. In such a situation men resort to the gym. They follow any diet to lose weight and run all the time. But.. it doesnt do much good. If the weight remains the same after many diets, it becomes difficult to lose obesity. If you are also thinking about losing weight in such a situation.. some methods are suggested to be followed. Now know what methods men should follow to lose weight..

Men can lose weight in these ways.

Food: Many times people follow a strict diet to lose weight for a certain period of time. However.. if those methods are suddenly stopped.. the weight starts to gain again. It becomes difficult to control. If one thinks of reducing food in such a situation, it leads to lack of nutrients in the body. However..any diet to lose weight is always good to follow. Experts also suggest to take food in such a way that there is no shortage of nutrients in the body.

Exercise: Men should exercise at least 45 minutes daily to lose weight quickly. Due to this, their health improves and their weight decreases rapidly. On the other hand, if you cant go to the gym, its usually better to walk a short distance.

For more health news check out..

Check out the latest news highlights

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Weight Loss: This problem is more common in men. Men must follow these methods to lose weight telugu weight loss tips IG News - IG News

Sep 18

10 Starchy Foods Recommended to Help Weight Loss – The Epoch Times

It is often said that to lose weight, you need to give up carbohydrates. But on the contrary, if you choose healthy carbohydrates such as nutrient-rich starch, not only will it not make you fat, it can even supplement your nutrition, making it easier to lose weight. Lin Yuwei, a Taiwanese nutritionist, shared 10 low-calorie and nutritious starchy foods, which are good alternatives to rice. Not only are their calories less than half of that of rice, but they also contain vitamins and cellulose needed by the human body.

Lin said on her Facebook page that most people are encouraged to eat whole foods in an attempt to lose weight. But there are many types of starchy whole foods from natural sources, and it is easy to take in too much starch if you are not careful. She recommends 10 high-quality starchy foods.

Data shows that compared with rice, the calories in each bowl of them are less than half a bowl of rice. You can also take in extra nutrients that can help you lose weight at the same time. If you would like to have some starch during the weight-loss period, you can use these foods to replace white rice. In doing so, you gain the benefit of taking in more food, which can make you feel fuller yet with lower calorie content.

How They Compare with an Equivalent Amount of Rice

Calories in 1 bowl:

When compared with rice, sweet potato, pumpkin, and corn all have much lower calorie content, and the beta carotene in them can promote oxidation of the fatty acid within the human adipose cells and thus help natural weight loss.

Lotus root is considered the best starchy food. Eating lotus root raises blood sugar more slowly than ordinary starch. Its Glycaemic Index (GI) of 38 when compared with that of rice at 85, indicates it is much more effective in stabilizing bodily blood sugar. When the blood sugar level can be maintained stable all the time, it is less likely for the body to accumulate bodily fat.

Taro, Chinese water chestnut, and water caltrops are rich in potassium ions, providing more than 400mg (0.014 ounce) of it for every 100g (3.53 ounce) intake. When there is enough daily intake of potassium ions, it helps to maintain normal kidney metabolism and helps the body to discharge excess water, which is highly effective in eliminating edema.

Both greater burdock and yam are rich in fibre. Whether it is inulin in the former or soluble fibre in the latter, both are good in maintaining intestinal health and relieving constipation. It is worth the while to try to incorporate them into your diet.

Cold potato is particularly suitable for people who are worried about absorbing too many calories and causing obesity because it contains resistant starch (RS), which is not easily absorbed by the small intestine. As an additional benefit, it delays the absorption of other starches taken at the same time. This helps to stabilize blood sugar, so reducing the chance to gain weight.

Lin suggested that people who are in the process of controlling their weight by eating half a bowl of rice for each meal can now try to eat 1 bowl of the above-mentioned food instead. That lets you take in more stuff to make you feel fuller. People who are keen on fitness can also eat a bowl of the above-mentioned foods instead of the normal 1 bowl of rice, after a workout. When that is followed by a portion of fruit, you will not only have a more balanced diet but also help to reduce fat.

Lin is not alone on this. Takako Asao, a well-known Japanese nutritionist, also said that potatoes, chestnuts, and pumpkins contain a lot of dietary fibre, which not only produces a feeling of fullness but also prevents the accumulation of body fat and cleans the intestines, which is essential for weight loss. Pumpkin also contains plenty of vitamins C, A, and E, which have a particularly beneficial effect on conditioning the skin and mucous membranes too.

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10 Starchy Foods Recommended to Help Weight Loss - The Epoch Times

Sep 18

Weight Loss: What Is Better? Roti Or Bread? – NDTV

Roti Or Bread? Roti is rich in nutrients that can aid weight loss unlike bread

There has been an ongoing and persistent conversation about whether bread or the widely consumed Indian flatbread, roti, may help people lose weight. However, because of a number of factors, healthcare professionals rarely suggest bread over the roti. Bread is more likely to contain sugar, preservatives, and other unhealthy additives while coming in a variety of varieties, including brown, whole-wheat, and multigrain.

We are all open to simple solutions. For example, if we don't have any roti to serve with the leftover foods, we often reach for pre-made solutions like bread. The next greatest choice, in our opinion, is bread. In this article, we discuss how is roti a healthier alternative to losing weight.

Here's why roti is better than bread:

1. High fibre

Roti is certainly a healthier option due to the presence of fibres including proteins, carbs, and soluble fibre. These fibres provide you with an energy boost, promote good blood circulation, and keep you feeling full for a longer period of time.

2. More organic

Bread is manufactured with a lot of preservatives, which is why they only last for approximately a week. But rotis must be prepared and eaten right away because they have a short shelf life and spoil quickly if not.

3. Rich in whole grains

The primary ingredient in rotis is whole wheat flour, which is high in dietary fibre. Furthermore, rotis made from grains like jowar, bajra, ragi, etc. are becoming more and more common in South Asian countries. To make rotis suitable for weight loss, try cooking them with nutritious flour.

4. No yeast

Unlike bread, roti does not include yeast. It is included to soften and fluff up bread. However, because it dehydrates the body and strains the digestive system, this ingredient is more detrimental than beneficial.

5. Just simpler

The nutritious content of bread can occasionally be ruined by preservatives, fermentation, and colouring additives like those that give brown bread its colour. However, the dough for roti is made just from wheat, water, and occasionally salt, and it uses little to no oil to cook. Consequently, it also becomes a safer option in this scenario.

6. Rich in roughage

This is a natural benefit of roti. The majority of packaged bread is processed, therefore the dietary fibre content is minimal. Since roti is never processed, it retains its roughage. Therefore, it is preferable to rely on roti for your daily intake of roughage, which is essential for having easy bowel movements.

7. Better for diabetics

Due to its high glycemic index and processing as a processed meal, bread is heavily sweetened and salted, making it a completely unhealthy choice for diabetics. Bread is not a great option for weight loss because of its high GI, which causes it to digest fast and release sugar.

It all depends on your body type and metabolism in addition to these other variables. Consider switching from a diet of roti-sabji to a bread slice if eating a slice of bread with a salad helps you lose weight more quickly. Since bread is only a portion of your meal and not the entire meal itself, it is crucial to combine your roti or bread with really healthy foods, especially if you want to lose weight.

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

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