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Jul 24

EMS workouts might be the next big fitness trend – why you should give it a go –

A shocker of a workout (Picture: Epulsive/

Would you get zapped with electric pulses in an effort to get in shape?

It might sound like a new form of torture, but EMS electrical muscle stimilation is fast becoming a major trend in the world of fitness, with more studios popping up all over London.

EMS training targets multiple muscle groups simultaneously through electrical pulses, upping the impact of any movement you make for the ultimate full body workout.

Say a traditional works out just a few of your muscles at a time. With EMS, youd up the engagement, using more muscles at a time to increase the intensity of your exercise.

All this is why proponents say a 20-minute EMS workout is the equivalent of 90 minutes of intense exercise.

So, a time-saving way to go even harder at the gym. Is it worth trying?

I put EMS training to the test at Kensington-based E-Pulsive studio, one of the first gyms in London to introduce this radical new approach to health and fitness, founded by Eladio de Leon and Mario Kaspers.

Fusing traditional HIIT techniques with hard science and pressed schedules, the integrative approach to fitness makes everything from strength training to spot-toning that little bit easier.

A session at E-Pulsive is around 20 minutes long and uses high intensity, high interval training (HIIT).

I went in apprehensive (getting electric shocked sounds quite painful) and not knowing what to expect.

And Ill be honest: the first electrical pulse did feel like a proper shock. Its jarring, but you do get used to it with surprising speed, and the trainer is there to talk you through the movements and ensure you dont panic about the sensation.

Each movement is carefully coordinated to the rhythm of the electric pulses, ensuring every move you make is delivering the best possible results.

You hold each pose for around 20 seconds, which might sound easy, but requires a lot of focus the electricity makes even simple positions feel much tougher.

My first session I moved in between the electrical pulses and my second session I moved during the pulses.

The different style of training targets different things holding the pose when the electrical pulse is going off is to target strength and weight loss. Moving during the electrical pulses is to tone up also tightens the skin and increases strength.

By my third and fourth session I was really into being electrocuted and tried to increase the electrical pulses to the limit for maximum result.

After each session, I walked away feeling the burn but the next day I felt strong and energised. Id strongly suggest following up each session with a trip to the cryotherapy chamber to fully relax the muscles.

E-Pulsives founder, Eladio, recommends doing an EMS workout once a week in addition to your regular exercise routine or two a week if you just dont have time for normal gym sessions.

He claims that if you combine this with a healthy lifestyle, changes can be seen after four sessions, and over a 12-week period, you can see 9% body fat loss and a 30% increase in strength.

If you fancy trying out an EMS workout for yourself, you can book private and partner sessions starting from 50. Initial consultations last 45 minutes in total where the trainer will discuss lifestyle, goals and potential injuries followed by a fully customised 20-minute EMS workout.

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EMS workouts might be the next big fitness trend - why you should give it a go -

Jul 24

Benefits of workplace fitness culture – Eve Magazine

Workplace fitness is an area we need to look into some more (Photo: Courtesy)

The average Kenyan woman spends approximately eight hours of her day working. This translates to 40 hours per week. All these hours combined with increased love for electronic gadgets explain why obesity is on the rise in Kenya.

The reason some working women could be out of shape is that they do not have adequate physical activity. Workplace fitness is an area we need to look into some more.

Workplace fitness entails deliberate efforts organised by a company - or employees - to have its employees (and sometimes their family members) incorporate physical activity in their day-to-day routines.

All efforts are to encourage staff members to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Here are some of the benefits of establishing a fitness culture in the workplace.

An unhealthy lifestyle is one of the leading causes of health problems that lead to chronic illnesses and even some types of cancer. Unhealthy employees cost more than healthy employees.

Incorporating a fitness culture in your company is a win-win situation; your employees become healthier and fit with time as they cut costs on medical care and the company saves a bit more.

A workplace fitness programme will educate you on how to feel better about staying fit at work, which is beneficial both mentally and physically.

From simple stretching exercises to scheduled workout sessions, that dose of happy hormones counters depression and makes work a lot less stressful.

By the end of the day, work monotony is broken - you will find yourself able to sleep better and come back to work more rejuvenated.

New research suggests that women are sacrificing their health due to the burden of long work hours. Healthy and rejuvenated women are less likely to miss work.

With a fitness programme in place, women will enjoy their days at work and will look forward to the next day.

Workplace fitness programmes encourage employees to perform better and increase productivity.

Research shows that companies that have fitness programmes retain their employees, especially women, longer than other companies.

Employees in companies that have established a fitness culture are less likely to resign as employees also appreciate the efforts that the company has put in place. Decreased employee turnover rate is a definite plus to a company.

Also, people who work out together develop a bond over time and they tend to know each other better. Such bonds foster healthy working relationships that translate to better cooperation when working. A fitness programme at work also offers social support for individuals who would want to achieve weight loss goals.

These relationships and associations build an atmosphere of teamwork, which reflects well on the entire organisation.

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Benefits of workplace fitness culture - Eve Magazine

Jul 24

Kochville Township’s last big vacant building to be occupied by Planet Fitness – WJRT

SAGINAW TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WJRT) - Saginaw Township's Fashion Square Mall is heading for the auction block next month.

While the mall's future is uncertain, once vacant commercial space nearby is filling up.

Now that Kochville Township has filled up all of its vacant buildings just across the road from the mall, it might be a sign for an investor that there could be hope for the mall property.

"We are fortunate, we seem to be getting some type of resurgence right now," says Kochville Township Manager Steve King.

That resurgence is evident along Tittabwassee Road in Kochville Township, as once vacant commercial buildings are now getting new tenants. A few years ago, the vanishing businesses had people concerned.

"What does the future look like, what's happening here, why do we suddenly have close to 200,000 square feet of vacant commercial space," King says.

Art Van closed, but Gardner White opened up in the building in December.

Value City Furniture is remodeling the old Toys R Us building, which has been vacant since 2018. Value City could open this fall.

The Gander Mountain building has been vacant for a few years, but now Planet Fitness will now open its newest facility once that building is remodeled.

"They are investing in the building itself, they should draw a fair number of people to that shopping area, great spot at Tittabawassee and I-675, we are excited to have them,' he says.

King is also watching the developments across Tittabawassee Road, where Fashion Square Mall will go up for auction on August 22nd, starting bid will be at $2.3 million.

A new investor may potentially re-purpose the facility, but now that Kochville Township has its vacant buildings filled, it might be a sign the Bay-Tittabawassee business corridor could thrive once again.

"People come from all over, about fifty mile radius to come here, so if people see the commercial-size investing is here, they think things are getting better in mid-Michigan as a whole," King says.

The Fashion Square Mall auction next month does not include the Sears and Macy's part of the mall. Those buildings have separate owners.

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Kochville Township's last big vacant building to be occupied by Planet Fitness - WJRT

May 27

Inspired by Restaurant Week, Get Ready for the First Fitness Week – Well+Good

If youre the kind of person who likes their fitness plate to be filled with some Pilates, HIIT, a side of boxing, and maybe a dash of barre, New York City is the place to be during the week of June 5.

Fitness studios throughout the city have banded together to launch the first-ever "fitness week." Inspired by the idea of restaurant weeks, NYC studios are offering buy-one-get-one deals on both in-studio and virtual classes for the week of June 5 through June 12. Plans are in place to repeat the idea in Los Angeles and Toronto, then eventually overseas.

Co-founders Debra Strougo ofFitizens Holdingsand Brian Chappon ofCENTRED Wellnesssay its meant to help invigorate the fitness industry in the wake of the pandemic. Gyms and studios were hit hard by COVID: A2021 report from the National Health and Fitness Alliance found that the industry lost $29.2 billion in revenue, and that 22 percent of gyms shut their doors for good.

Social distancing shifted much of the fitness industry online, which has in fact been empowering for some trainers and fitness entrepreneurs. But Strougo and Chappon still see a need for revitalization of local fitness scenes, and hope that hosting fitness weeks will help.

In New York, there are dozens of studios participating, including the likes of The Class, F45, The Bar Method, P.volve, SLT, and many more. Studios are spread throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and even the Hamptons. You can see thefull list and a map view here.

Reservations open May 25. So if youre in the area, peep what you want to sample, and get ready for a week of trying new things.

Oh hi! You look like someone who loves free workouts, discounts for cutting-edge wellness brands, and exclusive Well+Good content. Sign up for Well+, our online community of wellness insiders, and unlock your rewards instantly.

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Inspired by Restaurant Week, Get Ready for the First Fitness Week - Well+Good

May 27

Health and Fitness Travel introduce new Wellness & Active Tours – Travel Daily News International

Health and Fitness Travel, the wellness holiday specialists, announced the launch of their new Active Tours and Wellness Tours in a variety of exciting destinations, including Costa Rica, Japan and Iceland. These tours are specifically crafted to engage both the muscles and the mind with the Active Tours collection offering destinations spanning the globe from Argentina to Japan and the wellness tours featuring everything from the culinary to the cultural against a stunning backdrop of vibrant destinations such as Bali, Peru and Italy.

Cultural awareness has been proven to have a significant impact on mental health, and as such progressively more travellers are seeking a holiday that not only enriches the mind, body and soul, but also actively promotes the discovery of a different culture. By stimulating and refreshing the mind through a mixture of various wellness activities, these tours meet this growing trend, combining the benefits of exercise and invigorating the mind, with new experiences and cultures.

From white water rafting through the black water rivers of Argentina, to unwinding in the naturally heated Blue Lagoon of Iceland, these tours have something for everyone.

Paul Joseph, Founder of Health and Fitness Travel, says These Active and Wellness Tours meet the demand for combined health, fitness and cultural holidays. Consumers are constantly seeking new ways to reduce illness and alleviate symptoms of stress and burnout, and these tours offer exciting opportunities to uncover different cultures, enhancing cultural awareness whilst increasing fitness levels and improving overall well-being .

The active tours are ideally suited to adventurous travellers who can explore the chosen destination on a range of different energetic activities, in the company of like-minded individuals. Whereas, well-being conscious travellers can unwind and embark on a health journey of self-discovery, delving deeper into the culture of their chosen destination on a wellness tour. Active and Wellness Tours ensure an enriching experience, rejuvenating the mind and body to improve overall well-being.

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Health and Fitness Travel introduce new Wellness & Active Tours - Travel Daily News International

May 27

"Onelife Fitness Opening New Location" In the development where the LIDL grocery store just announced – PoPville

Wisconsin and Upton Place, NW. Info on the coming LIDL here

From a press release:

US Fitness Holdings, LLC, has announced its newest Onelife Fitness Sports Club in Northwest Washington, D.C. The 55,000 square foot Sports Club will be located at Upton Place on 4000 Wisconsin Avenue.

We are thrilled to partner with Donohoe on this incredible project, said Ori Gorfine, President & COO of US Fitness. The Upton Project is in one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Washington, DC in the residential area of Cathedral Heights and Tenleytown. As the largest health and fitness provider in the Washington, DC area, Onelife Fitness is excited to be the premier health and fitness anchor for this incredible community.

This is the second Onelife Fitness in the District and the 22nd in the DC area. Onelife Fitness is scheduled to open in the Fall of 2023 and will feature a massive indoor salt-water pool, four boutique studios, cutting edge cardio and strength equipment, functional turf training areas, a signature Strike Boxing Studio, a Recovery Studio and much more. The preview center will open this Fall at the companys sister club, Northwest Sport&Health.

Onelife Fitness is the best value in fitness providing an award-winning design and amenity package for incredibly affordable rates. The new Onelife Fitness Sports Club will be a unique and modern design with two open and spacious levels and feature:

Free parking for members

A large, indoor 6-lane saltwater lap pool and whirlpool;

Over $1 million in top-of-the-line cardio and strength equipment;

Boutique studio experience featuring Onelife Signature Classes, BodyPump, Zumba, APEX-HIIT, Spark and more;

Elegant Mind/Body Studio featuring Barre, Yoga and Pilates classes;

State-of-the-art stadium-style spin studio with Coach by Color bikes;

Signature Strike Boxing Studio;

Large functional turf training areas;

Recovery Studio with HydroMassage;

AirPHX air and equipment sanitation system that cleans 24 hours a day

Luxurious spa-inspired locker rooms, sauna and more!

To learn more about the club, visit or call 202-800-8201.

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"Onelife Fitness Opening New Location" In the development where the LIDL grocery store just announced - PoPville

May 27

Highlands’ Girls on the Run program fuels fitness, builds character – TribLIVE

When Highlands fourth grader Kendall Walter runs laps around the playground after school, she hums tunes from the hit Broadway show Hamilton.

That Lin-Manuel Miranda really keeps me going, said Kendall, a second-year participant in the elementary schools Girls on the Run (GOTR) program.

Hosted in part by the University of Pittsburgh, the effort aims to boost fitness but also teach the girls to be good sports.

We build self-esteem and empowerment in young girls as they develop into young ladies, said Cara Kelly, student assistance program liaison through Pitts MAPS (Maximizing Adolescent Potentials) program.

We want to form that rapport outside of academics so they look to us as mentors.

Founded in 1996 in North Carolina, Girls on the Run grew into an international nonprofit by 2000. Now, it serves more than 200,000 youngsters each year.

There are Girls on the Run councils in all 50 states.

Girls of all abilities learn to embrace their inner strength and character and to make connections with others, said Highlands Elementary School counselor Angela Boyer, who collaborated with Kelly to identify the need for the program in the district.

This is the third year for the fitness fundamentals, which are available to students in third through fifth grades.

Boyer said the physical activity-based development program inspires girls to be joyful, healthy and confident.

The curriculum, she said, encourages girls to value teamwork and recognize how they can shape the world at large.

With 25 students enrolled this year, the program has quadrupled in size since its inception at Highlands.

Twice a week throughout spring, they meet at the school playground for conditioning.

We stretch and set goals and rock out to a jammin playlist, Kelly said.

The warmups lead to a can-do attitude for the programs culmination, which is a 5K run at The Waterfront in Homestead.

To be able to see the growth is amazing, Kelly said. To see how proud of themselves they are is amazing.

For 10-year-old Kendall, running has become fun. But the program has taught her more than athletics.

We learn to be a better person, she said. They want us to have an attitude to be thankful for stuff.

Fourth grader Fiona Zewe participated in the program last year. She said she liked meeting new friends outside of her typical pastimes.

I got to interact with people that are in different grades that I really probably wouldnt have otherwise, she said.

Classmate Mackenzie Klein said she likes seeing the gradual improvement in her athleticism.

You do more and more each time. And you dont really get tired if you think of positive things in your head, the 10-year-old said.

Volunteer coaches, such as teachers Lauralee Milberger and Victoria Nania, suit up in their fitness attire and cheer the kids on.

At each practice, they use clever tactics to encourage the girls to keep going. Teachers mark one colorful letter on the students arms for each lap completed until a secret message is revealed.

On Tuesday, the message spelled out You are amazing and awesome.

Tawnya Panizzi is a Tribune-Review staff writer. You can contact Tawnya at 724-226-7726, or via Twitter .

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Highlands' Girls on the Run program fuels fitness, builds character - TribLIVE

May 27

Smartwatch vs. Fitness Tracker: Whats the Difference? – How-To Geek


When it comes to wearable gadgets, there are two terms you hear a lot: fitness tracker and smartwatch. These two types of devices have a lot of similarities, but a few big differences. Which one is right for you?

Thats a big question to answer. In many ways, its harder to choose a device for your wrist than it is to pick a smartphone. Theres a huge range of options, and the features vary wildly. Well try to help you decide on a path.

Lets start with fitness trackers. These devices have been around longer than smartwatches due to being simpler in nature. Thats the main defining quality of a fitness tracker compared to a smartwatchsimplicity.

Fitness trackers are focused devices. As the name implies, their main purpose is to track fitness. That includes everything from simple step tracking to advanced heart measurements and blood oxygen levels.

However, not all fitness trackers are created equal. For example, the Fitbit Inspire 2 can do many of the basic fitness tracking things youd want for $100. For an extra $30 you can get a Fitbit Charge 5 with the addition of GPS, blood oxygen, ECG, a color touchscreen, and more.

Fitness trackers is a broad term, but the general concept is these devices are designed with the intent of being used to track fitness-related things. The features for doing that vary, but the goal is the same.

Smartwatches have a lot in common with fitness trackers. Many smartwatchessuch as the Apple Watchhave a focus on health and fitness as well. Almost every smartwatch is also a fitness tracker, but not every fitness tracker is also a smartwatch.

Simply put, a smartwatch does more. Apps, notifications, music control, microphones for phone calls, speakers, NFC, cellular connectivity, GPS, and touchscreens. There are fitness trackers that have some of these features as well, but any device that has all of this stuff is considered a smartwatch.

While a smartwatch can do more, its a less focused experience than a fitness tracker. Pretty much all smartwatches have some sort of fitness tracking abilities, but they dont all have advanced features like blood oxygen and ECG (some do). A smartwatch may have more features overall, but theyre spread over a wider range of things.

Think of a smartwatch as a miniaturized version of your smartphone. Its a device intended to do a lot of different things.

RELATED: How (and Why) to Track All Your Activities on an Apple Watch

Okay, so now the big question is which device is right for you? Of course, thats highly dependent on what you want to do with it, but also theres pricing to consider.

As we talked about above, a fitness tracker is a more focused experience. If health and wellness are your top priorities, you will likely find a dedicated fitness tracker to be better.

Since fitness trackers are designed specifically for fitness tracking, those features are not tacked on as an afterthought. Theyre often more accurate and have more advanced features than their smartwatch counterparts.

That focused approach also lends itself to being more affordable. The most advanced Fitbit model is only around $150. You can easily find fitness trackers in the $100 or less range.

Smartwatches are a good choice if youre interested in more than just fitness tracking. Maybe you want rich notifications on your wrist, the ability to use some apps, and you want cellular connectivity so you can leave your phone at home.

The cool thing about smartwatches is you dont necessarily have to give up the advanced fitness tracking features. Garmin is one brand that makes smartwatches with really good health and wellness features as well.

The Apple Watch also has some very impressive health features. In fact, if you want a smartwatch with good fitness abilities, its hard to go wrong with the Apple Watch. You dont have to sacrifice accurate fitness tracking to enjoy the benefits of a smartwatch.

Of course, having your cake and eating it too comes at a cost. Garmin has smartwatches that cost over $600. Thats not the norm, though. An Apple Watch will set you back around $200 to $400. A Samsung Galaxy Watch is in that same range.

$249.00 $279.00 Save 11%

$259.00 $309.00 Save 16%

Best Apple Watch with Cellular

Best Apple Watch with Cellular

Best Apple Watch for Durability

Best Starter Apple Watch Band

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Smartwatch vs. Fitness Tracker: Whats the Difference? - How-To Geek

May 27

Memorial Day 10K & 5K and other upcoming fitness events around Houston – Houston Chronicle

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HIIT Workout

Join F45 Training for a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout that is fast, functional and results driven. The workout will include body-weight exercises that are scalable to all fitness level. 11-11:45 a.m. May 27; Sugar Land Town Square, 2711 Plaza Drive, Sugar Land;

Get Fit in Midtown

Featured instructor Roz Jones will conduct a HIIT class at 9:30 a.m. and Yoga Flow class at 10:30 a.m. for all fitness levels. May 28; Bagby Park, 415 Gray;

Dance!! The Moving Body

This dance-focused program, with Young Audiences of Houston teaching artist Alonzo Moore, is suitable for kids of all ages. Participants will learn about the human body while exploring creative movement composition and the crafting of dance. 1 p.m. May 28; Levy Park, 3801 Eastside;

Memorial Day 10K & 5K

The 10K, 5K and Kids K event honors the men and women who gave their lives serving in the U.S. military. 7:30 a.m. May 30; St. Thomas High School, 4500 Memorial;

Ana Khan is the calendar coordinator for the Houston Chronicle's features desk.

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Memorial Day 10K & 5K and other upcoming fitness events around Houston - Houston Chronicle

May 27

Intervals, Supersets, and Circuits What’s the Difference? – Greatist

Workout class got you feeling like you need Rosetta Stone? Youre not alone. Heck, even weight room veterans find some terms in the fitness lexicon hard to differentiate.

Three terms that are commonly confused by newbies and advanced lifters alike are circuits, intervals, and supersets.

They refer to three ways of structuring your workout that dont seem all that different at first glance but they actually are. And if you know what sets them apart, as well as how to best implement them in your routine, you can reach your goals faster.

Luckily for you, we put together this guide to help.

It may seem a little overwhelming at first, but if youre a group fitness fan, being familiar with the fitness terms will help you understand exactly what youre getting yourself into, says strength and conditioning coach Jake Harcoff.

It can also help you figure out which fitness streaming service, class package, or local gym is right for you.

Eventually, you can use these various training styles to put together a workout regimen that will help you reach your goals.

If you know what the training styles are and the outcomes you can get from them, you are in a good place to achieve your goals, Harcoff says.

In the meantime, dont let the fact that you havent memorized the lingo limit you.

Dont let complicated acronyms stop you from trying a new fitness class or [setting] new goals for yourself, says certified personal trainer and registered dietitian Carissa Galloway, RDN, sports nutrition consultant with Premier Protein.

If youve ever set foot in a boutique fitness studio, fire-breathed your way through boot camp, or ponied a Peloton bike, youve done interval-style training.

An interval is a specific amount of time in which you do one exercise or movement, says Harcoff. Interval training is any workout that involves alternating between doing an exercise usually at very high intensity and resting.

If the rest part sounds pretty sweet, the kicker is that you actually need to go HARD when youre working.

Here, intensity is referring to effort of force production, not effort of sustained endurance, says Will Levy, head trainer at Melbourne Strength & Conditioning.

In other words, to really cash in on the bennies of high intensity interval training (HIIT), you need to be ready to feel downright uncomfortable when you crank out nearly 100 percent effort for a length of time.

The benefits of going at maximum intensity? Welp, they cant be overstated. Interval training is great for anyone trying to improve performance, lose weight, improve endurance, or burn fat, says Harcoff.

With interval training, the key is to really think about the work-to-rest ratio.

Key word: Ratio.

There is no set amount of time you need to work in an interval, nor is there a set amount of time you need to rest. Both measures are customizable.

For example, you could perform 20 seconds of all-out effort followed by 10 seconds of rest (thats a 2-to-1 work-to-rest ratio). But you could also sprint for 60 seconds, rest for 2 minutes, and repeat (thats a 1-to-2 work-to-rest ratio).

A good move is to start with a 1-to-1 work-to-rest ratio and then adjust the rest up or down as needed.

The important thing is that you actually rest during the rest periods not jog, pedal, or move slower, says Levy. Actually stop and rest.

Yes, the goal of internals is to, well, go. But you should never sacrifice form for reps. Doing so puts you at high risk of injury. Sure, there are workarounds, but lets do our best to stay healthy, eh?

TBH, you should feel pretty damn toasted after interval training.

If youre not completely breathless by the end of your interval workout, you probably could have done more. If this is the case, just make a note of it in your training journal and adjust accordingly next time.

Its actually not recommended that you do interval training daily. Your body needs time to recover from all that vroom-vroom-ing.

Your move: Rest at least 48 hours between HIIT sessions. For most people, 23 sessions a week will be enough to see results.

Ever seen someone do a set of pull-ups and then immediately drop to the floor to crank out push-ups like theyre at boot camp? Thats a superset.

A superset is a workout structure where you do two exercises that use opposition muscle groups, back to back, explains Harcoff.

In the above example, the pull-ups use your upper body pulling muscles (back and biceps), while the push-ups use your upper body pushing muscles (chest, shoulders, and triceps).

Other common opposing muscle groups that can, and often do, get paired in a superset:

The main benefit of supersets? Theyre an incredibly time-efficient way to make gains.

Supersets allow the muscles used in the first exercise to rest while you train the exercises in the second muscle group, says Harcoff. In other words, the rest between sets is built in.

Supersets can be used for building either muscular endurance or muscular strength.

In plain English, muscular endurance is how long your muscles can keep up with a certain amount of work before they need a nap. And muscular strength is how much weight you can lift at once.

While supersets are most commonly used to build muscular endurance, you can use them for muscular strength gains by using higher weight, fewer repetitions, and longer rest periods, says Harcoff.

When creating a superset, think about choosing weighted exercises (or bodyweight exercises that are sufficiently challenging, like the pull-up or push-up). Why? Well, because the point of supersets is to strength train efficiently.

Here are examples of exercises you might pair for a superset:

The number of reps you do of each exercise and the number of sets you do of the exercise duo will depend on several factors: how much weight youre using, the muscle groups youre working, your training age, your current fitness level, and your goals.

But as a starting point, Harcoff suggests planning to do 812 reps of each exercise for 45 sets total. Youll likely need to build in *some* rest between the two movements research suggests that 90 seconds should be enough.

Ideally, choose an appropriate weight that you can sustain throughout every set, without setting the weight down.

You dont want to go so heavy that your muscles are immediately fatigued. But you also dont want to go so light that you can sneak a look at your Instagram feed mid-lift.

Harcoffs recommendation: Pick something that feels challenging during the last 2 reps of each set, but not so challenging that youre legitimately worried you wont finish.

Put simply, a circuit is a combination of three or more exercises that you complete back-to-back-to-back with very little rest in between, explains Harcoff.

Commonly, some or all of the exercises within a circuit incorporate dumbbells or kettlebells, says fitness coach JC Deen of JCD Fitness. Cardio machines are rarely involved.

That said, they are generally less effective for building strength on their own, since the aspects that make circuits effective (well-roundedness and expediency) arent ideal for aspiring Hulksters.

Another perk of circuits? Theyre fun!

Circuits offer a larger variety of exercises for your workout than intervals or supersets, so theyre optimal for individuals who get bored easily.

Technically, the goal of your circuit workout can be to go through the circuit a predetermined number of times or to go through it as many times as you can in, say, 20 minutes. (This workout structure is known as an AMRAP, which is an acronym for as many reps as possible, says Galloway.)

Usually, the first option is better if your goal is to improve strength, while the second is better if your goal is to build cardiovascular endurance, she says.

Though, if you are a beginner, I dont recommend starting with AMRAPs, she says. They can make us feel like we need to rush through the movement, which can increase the risk of injury.

So, if youre a beginner, focus on moving through a circuit a set number of times, not for a set duration, and focus on form throughout, she says.

If you decided to work through the circuit a set number of times, youll probably want to build in some rest.

In general, Galloway says, the goal of circuits is to move quickly between exercises in order to keep your heart rate elevated, providing cardiovascular benefits and burning additional calories. So you wont build the rest into the circuit itself.

You can rest a set amount after each circuit, however. For example, you might perform an exercise and then catch your breath for a glorious 60120 seconds before repeating it.

When creating a circuit, try to alternate between upper body- and lower body-dominant movements, suggests Galloway. You dont want to skip major muscle groups when circuit training, she says.

You might, for example, move through the following exercises:

As for reps, those will vary based on your goals. But typically you want to try to do 1015 reps per movement in a circuit, she says.

Welp, there you have it! You now have a better understanding of three different workout structures, as well as which goal each structure is best suited for.

How you use this knowledge moving forward is up to you. If you choose to use this intel to structure your own workouts, be sure to figure out what your specific fitness goals are.

The biggest factor to consider when planning your own workout routine is what goals youre trying to accomplish with the help of your training program, says Harcoff.

He adds that you can also just enjoy having this extra knowledge: If putting together your own program seems too daunting, hiring a professional to help is a good idea because its best to have a plan.

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Intervals, Supersets, and Circuits What's the Difference? - Greatist

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