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Sep 6

How I Got This Body: Using My Fitness Instagram Account to Keep Me on Track While Losing 20 Pounds –

Welcome to How I Got This Body, our look at some of the amazing things the human body is capable of and the Washingtonians who put their bodies to the test. Want to share your transformation story? Email

Who I am:Sarah Yudkin (@sweatwithsarah_), 24, a Hilton account manager from Arlington

What inspired my change:Back in 2012, I began following Kayla Itsines on Instagram and was blown away by the transformation photos I saw on her page through her program, BBG.I was envious of the transformations I was seeing, but nonetheless, continued through four more years of fad dieting, binge eating, and yoyo dieting. There wasnt one moment I can pinpoint which sparked this transformation. It was a collection of the days, weeks, and months that I spent feeling sorry for myself. I knew that I finally needed to make a real change. I was sick of my diet starts Monday mentality where Id eat anything and everything on the weekends while telling myself Id get a clean start in the new week. More importantly, I was sick of not loving myself.After being inspired by so many of the transformations Id seen from the BBG program, I decided to create a fitness Instagram in January and make a transformation of my own.

How I transformed:Ive lost 22 pounds and roughly 10 percent body fat throughout the last 20 months. My stamina and strength has improved tenfold. While my overall health has significantly improved, what is most noteworthy is my mental transformationthat is what I am most proud of. Before this journey, I went to the gym as punishment for eating poorly, whereas now it is a habit and natural part of my week. As my progress continued, I slowly realized that the number on the scale no longer controlled me like it used to, and I felt free from the old pressures I used to place on myself.

How long it took: I think the most noticeable transformation is my 18-month progress. That said, my transformation is not over yet. I think its important to remember that when you make health and fitness a lifestyle, you have the opportunity to grow and transform for the rest of your life.

Before this journey, I went to the gym as punishment for eating poorly, whereas now it is a habit and natural part of my week.

My exercise plan:For all of 2016, I was doing Kayla Itsines BBG guides. This consisted of six total workouts per week; three high intensity interval days a week (typically one leg day, one arm day, and one abs or full body day), and three-plus cardio sessions per week.In 2017, I have switched my routine up. I no longer follow a workout program, but make sure to get a sweat session in anywhere from three to six times a week. My workouts consist of anything and everythingranging from weight lifting in the gym to a boutique studio class.

My healthy eating plan: My diet has improved dramatically over the last couple years. I try to ensure I am getting enough protein in my diet and supplement it with healthy fats and carbs. Some of my favorite meals throughout the work week include spaghetti squash marinara with grilled chicken and avocado (balance of protein, carbs, and healthy fats) and ground turkey with taco seasoning, paired with a side of grilled zucchini and sweet potato fries. Oh and Halo Top ice creamif you have not tried it yet, youll thank me later!The thing I enjoy most about my diet is that its not a diet, its a balance of foods that will help me reach my goals and feel great, but also foods that I truly enjoy.

How I feel now:I am happier than I have ever been, and feel in control of my body and my choices. I respect my body and take care of it through exercise and healthy eating, but know when to relax and let loose. My relationship with food and my body image is infinitely better than it was two years ago, and I am so thankful for that.

How I stuck to my goals: Getting involved with a community of like-minded people made all the difference for me. Through the friends Ive made through my fitness account (many of which are local to DC/VA, many of which I have communicated with but never met in real life), I found a support system that has not failed me! It definitely helps to have people who are supporting your journey.

One piece of advice:Be patient with yourself. While you may see initial results in a month, two months, even 6 months remember this is the start of a lifestyle change, not just a quick fix. Like I said before, I have lost 22 pounds in 20 months, which only translates to one pound lost per month. Slow and steady wins the race.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

Associate Editor

Caroline Cunningham joined Washingtonian in 2014 after moving to the DC area from Cincinnati, where she interned and freelanced for Cincinnati Magazine and worked in content marketing. She currently resides in College Park.

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How I Got This Body: Using My Fitness Instagram Account to Keep Me on Track While Losing 20 Pounds -

Sep 5

Medley of moves keeps fitness ace focused – The San Diego Union-Tribune

Subject: Jessica Matthews

Age: 33

Residence: Ocean Beach

Before she turned 16, Matthews already was teaching group fitness classes in upstate New York and thinking about her long-term health.

I came from a family where I witnessed firsthand, since I was a child, the effects of chronic illnesses, primarily type 2 diabetes and heart disease, she says. I watched that consume members of my family, passing away at young ages, 50s and earlier.

Her loved ones werent active and ate too much. As a teen, she vowed to take a different path. Plus, she would help others.

She studied physical education at Coastal Carolina University and earned a masters in the same subject at Canisius College in Buffalo, N.Y. (while working as a fitness instructor and certified physical trainer). After college, she taught middle-school P.E. Soon she was hired as aquatics director at a hospital-based wellness center, which led her to San Diego in January of 2006 for a job as an educator and writer with the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

Today, Matthews who teaches kinesiology and integrative wellness at Point Loma Nazarene University remains dedicated to her own well-being while spreading the word about the benefits of activity and a healthy diet.

She practices and teaches yoga (a variety of styles), walks, lifts weights at home and the gym, does stand-up paddleboarding with her husband, swims, uses elliptical machines, runs, hikes and enjoys taking fitness classes (her latest fave: Zumba).

She calls herself a dabbler who tries everything and will decide each day depending on how she feels what her activity will be.

I like that element of being in the moment, she says. What do I feel is best serving me now? Sometimes it is that intense workout, and sometimes its doing something like a restorative yoga class.

The two activities at the foundation of her exercise program are yoga and walking. She practices yoga almost daily. She walks at least 90 minutes every day, either around town in Ocean Beach or to exercise her three dogs.

I love it. Its great to be outside, she says. Theres a meditative aspect to it.

She even incorporates activity into her social life. Instead of meeting a friend for coffee, theyll meet for a hike. She and her husband have their own stand-up paddleboards and kayak, and regularly get in the water.

Nancee E. Lewis

Jessica Matthews strikes a pose at the Inn at Sunset Cliffs, where she teaches a weekend yoga class.

Jessica Matthews strikes a pose at the Inn at Sunset Cliffs, where she teaches a weekend yoga class. (Nancee E. Lewis)

When she first took up yoga at Coastal Carolina she says she had zero flexibility. Shed been focused on strength and cardio, but her balance and ability to stretch were nonexistent. It was very humbling, she says.

She loves yoga for its mental as well as physical benefits, and shes limber. In 2016, her book Stretching to Stay Young was published.

She preaches easy-access exercise, at home or outside, for busy people, and she needs that approach with her own schedule of teaching at PLNU and Miramar College, working for ACE, teaching yoga, running her own wellness-education business (which includes speaking and writing) and working on her doctorate in behavioral health through Arizona State.

At 12, she gave up red meat for Lent. She hasnt eaten it again. Shes been a vegetarian since and transitioned to what she calls a plant-forward (vegan) diet a year ago.

I have a science brain, a research brain, and the evidence really does support, from a health standpoint, a predominantly plant-based diet, she says.

She sees food as medicine. Her diet gives her energy and mental clarity.

One is to look at what it is you enjoy doing. Theres no right or wrong way to exercise, just different ways, she says. And, get creative. Instead of thinking of exercise time as gym time, get active outside or dance for 15 minutes to your favorite music.

Also, she counsels to shift from the all-or-nothing mentality. If you dont have time for a 60-minute workout, run or walk, exercise in 10-minute chunks. Every little bit counts, she says.

Williams is a San Diego freelance writer.

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Medley of moves keeps fitness ace focused - The San Diego Union-Tribune

Sep 5

Fitness wearables will live or die by their apps – Engadget

Franky, they need it. Even though smartwatches have been selling better than expected lately, the entire product category has been poorly received in general. Companies like Microsoft and Motorola have completely given up on making them anymore, and the industry now relies on the enthusiasm from fashion and fitness brands to keep it going. Still, with the devices announced this week, there is hope for a rejuvenation of the industry, especially if smartwatch apps take off.

First, let's quickly recap the three operating systems we're discussing. With the Fitbit Ionic, the wearables maker also debuted its first-ever smartwatch OS, called Fitbit OS. We'll also look at Samsung's Tizen OS as well as Garmin's own platform. There's a reason these companies came up with their own software instead of going with Android Wear. While I'm not discussing it length here. Google's system, as well as Apple's Watch OS, are designed for a wider audience, and are therefore multi-purpose. These three proprietary offerings focus on health and fitness-related functions instead, and put these tools front and center.

For a first attempt, Fitbit OS is a surprisingly mature system, although that can most likely be attributed to the experience of smartwatch pioneer Pebble, which Fitbit acquired earlier this year. The company says it learned from Pebble that the key to encouraging app development is to make it as easy as possible for people to build apps for their OS.

To that end, Fitbit launched a web-based console called Fitbit Studio, so anyone with a browser can code an app for the Ionic. Fitbit also uses popular and relatively simple standards like SVG, JavaScript and CSS for its apps, which saves developers the need to learn new languages. Given Pebble's popularity and success on that front, it wouldn't be surprising if developers indeed begin to create Fitbit OS apps in earnest.

Then there's Samsung's Tizen OS. Now in its third iteration, it's the most mature smartwatch platform of the lot. Tizen is the platform for the new Gear Sport and Gear Fit 2 Pro, and already offers 31,000 apps and watch faces. It's an open-source, Linux-based system that also powers TVs, cameras and printers. Linux is also a popular standard that many developers already know, although it's not as common as JavaScript and CSS, which Fitbit uses.

Samsung has a headstart in this race, because of Tizen's relative maturity and the company's ability to attract big-name partners. For example, the Gear Sport and Fit 2 Pro are the first wearables to feature Speedo's swim-tracking app. Tizen will no doubt continue to see its app numbers grow, given the steady popularity of the devices it powers.

Also launching at IFA is Garmin's Vivoactive 3, which runs the company's Garmin OS. Like its competitors, Garmin's software runs apps, tracks your workouts and lets you make contactless payments from your wrist.

Through its Connect IQ open development platform, Garmin was also able to recruit partners like Uber and Trek to offer a small selection of third-party apps for its OS. Its selection is still measly compared to Tizen, though, but the company is evidently trying.

Each brand's success doesn't just depend on the number of apps it can offer, but the quality, too. Like we saw with phones that tried to make app development easy (cough Firefox OS cough), a high number of compatible offerings isn't enough to make an OS takes off.

Companies must first make sure there are a compelling suite of apps at launch -- and they can do this either by creating their own library or turning to partners. All three companies clearly understand this principle, having sought collaborations with the likes of Spotify, Pandora and Uber. So the race is on, then, to see which of them can ink the most deals in the shortest amount of time.

Of course, hardware and style are important factors that help determine a smartwatch's success, too. Samsung's Gear Sport looks the most like a traditional watch, with its round face and svelte design. Fitbit's Ionic, in keeping with the company's distinctly geometric aesthetic, still looks like a blockish tracker, but its fans will be happy to overlook that for the Ionic's advanced sensors and brilliant display. Garmin, with its heritage and expertise in GPS technology, still proves to be a favorite for running enthusiasts.

Although Samsung retains its lead in app development for now, it is still too early to call it the winner of the trio. Fitbit's OS, while young, was partly created with the help of the people behind one of the most popular smartwatches in history. Meanwhile, Garmin has a dedicated cult following of runners that have specific demands. To survive this race, each finalist must boost quality app growth in its ecosystem.

And then, the finalists left standing will have to take on the industry's most expensive and arguably most popular device -- the Apple Watch -- in the ultimate round of smartwatch wars.

Follow all the latest news from IFA 2017 here!

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Fitness wearables will live or die by their apps - Engadget

Sep 5

This couple got married in a Planet Fitness, but we promise it’s beautiful – HelloGiggles

This couple got married in a Planet Fitness, but we promise it's beautiful ICR / Planet Fitness

Itsofficially fall, and wedding season is upon us. If youre a bride-to-be and looking for a good venue, you might not want to rule out getting married at Planet Fitness. Sure, we know the awesome gym chain best for its member-friendly approach and protection from the lunks around us, but for one couple, it became so much more.

Joe and Stephanie actually met at the Western Hills Planet Fitness and after deciding to make things official, used the gym as their go-to hangout after dates. So really, it was kind of like their home away from home. Joe admitted that when they first met, it was love at first sight.

So, it just made sense for the pair to say I Do where they first said Hello. Inside the gym itself.

Stephanie admitted that she checked out other venues, but couldnt imagine getting married anywhere other than Planet Fitness. She reached out to them on Facebook, and was shocked to receive a positive response. From there, she asked a staff member if shed be interested in performing the ceremony. The club agreed to close down for the big event, which was set to happen this past Sunday.

Even better, they got some incredible photos with their bridal party. Photos that, we guarantee, youve never seen anything like before.

As for the ceremony, it looked like Planet Fitness tried hard to make their gym look a bit more romantic than usual.

The couple is currently on their honeymoon, and we wish them the best. We know that they have an incredible story to tell for years and years to come.

This couple got married in a Planet Fitness, but we promise it's beautiful - HelloGiggles

Sep 5

‘Fitness for Life’ emphasizes benefits of exercise – Plainview Daily Herald

Almost 25 people attended the RSVP Lunch Bunch on Thursday to hear Lori Brown of Paragon Health Care Group speak on the topic Fitness for Life: More Than Just Exercise.

Almost 25 people attended the RSVP Lunch Bunch on Thursday to hear Lori Brown of Paragon Health Care Group speak on the topic Fitness for Life: More Than Just Exercise.

Fitness for Life emphasizes benefits of exercise

The people who attend Fitness for Life classes have a variety of conditions to overcome.

Some are in wheelchairs, some in walkers, said Lori Brown who conducts Fitness for Life classes for Paragon Health Care Group. We have some who are visually impaired or hearing impaired, and some in various stages of dementia. We adjust the exercises for whoever is in the class.

Brown spoke to about 23 people at the RSVP Lunch on Thursday at The Cotton Patch. Her topic was Fitness for Life: More Than Just Exercise.

Brown demonstrated how participants can exercise sitting down using resistance bands, or improve their balance while holding onto the back of a chair.

We had one woman who could not balance herself while holding onto the back of a chair at all when she first came in. This week 45 seconds! Brown said.

Good balance is a component of fitness along with strength and flexibility. Brown quoted statistics concerning the dangers of falling after age 65:

One in three adults aged 65 and older falls each year.

20 percent to 30 percent suffer moderate to severe injuries and increase their risk of early death.

90 percent of hip fractures are caused by falls.

Falling can result in a reduced quality of life by limiting activities and social engagements, bringing on further physical decline, depression, social isolation and feelings of hopelessness.

Falls are the leading cause of non-traumatic hospital admissions, she told the group.

Brown asked the group what kinds of exercise they enjoy, and answers included dancing, walking, gardening and yoga.

When asked what comes to mind when they think about exercise, on group member answered, Sweat.

While assuring them there was no need to run a marathon, Brown emphasized the importance of exercise by saying, Lack of exercise is the new smoking.

She added that for every four hours you spend sitting, you should spend a half hour exercising. That half hour, however, doesnt need to be done all at once.

You can break it up into 10 minutes three times a day, by walking around the block, for example, she said.

Someone mentioned that Hale County Senior Center offers a fitness class. Another participant suggested the dances held at First Christian Church every Monday night.

Brown said that during inclement weather, some people like to walk around Walmart, Tractor Supply and Gebos.

Balancing exercises, such as standing on one foot, are possible to incorporate into a daily routine at home, Brown said. You can balance on one foot while standing in front of the kitchen or bathroom sink or waiting for the microwave.

Strengthening the core the area of the body that includes everything except the arms and legs can also contribute to good balance. Brown said her high school age daughter attended an intensive dance camp that incorporated core-strengthening exercises such as planks and sit-ups.

She came home and told her mom, My balance was awesome!

A good flexibility exercise is writing the alphabet in the air with your feet while sitting in a chair. Brown said she has seen people do this while waiting in a doctors office.

Keeping hydrated before, during and after exercise is important, and even more important as we age.

Water is the best we all know that, but we dont want to drink it, Brown said. She suggested adding flavors such as lemon, ginger or mint to plain water. Coconut water, she said, is a good alternative.

Brown offered tips for exercising such as wearing good supportive shoes and stretching before and after a workout.

A stretch should feel good, she said. If you feel pain dont do it.

Brown listed the following benefits of exercise:

1. Increased immunity

2. Increased stamina and endurance

3. Increased balance

4. Increased flexibility and range of motion

5. Lower risk of heart disease and high blood pressure

6. Lower risk of chronic conditions/illnesses such as diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, colon cancer, and Alzheimers disease or dementia

7. Increased gastrointestinal function

8. Protection against osteoporosis, especially weight-bearing exercises

9. Great for your brain!

Some people are tempted to get their exercise benefits in a hurry, leading them to overdo the first time they work out. This can cause excessive soreness and pain.

If you tire yourself out the first day, you dont feel like continuing, Brown cautioned.

Paragon Healthcare has rehabilitation and nursing facilities in Hale Center, Lockney and Tulia. They serve patients who live in the communities as well as those who come for a few weeks of rehabilitation after an illness or surgery.

Classes at Covenant Health Plainview and Hale Center Nursing and Rehabilitation are open to the public. The class at Covenant is from 10-10:45 a.m. Wednesdays in the Max Gabriel Conference Room. Classes in Hale Center are from 10-10:30 a.m. in the Therapy Gym, which has circuit exercise equipment. Residents of Plainview are invited to drive over and take classes there.

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'Fitness for Life' emphasizes benefits of exercise - Plainview Daily Herald

Sep 5

Veteran awarded grant to open Anytime Fitness franchise – Dothan Eagle

Liz Hunt developed her love for fitness as a matter of survival.

Hunt, a retired Air Force technical sergeant, served for 15 years and six deployments. Hunt knew that keeping herself and her subordinates in good condition was essential for them to do their jobs and to handle dangers that arose. Her commitment served her well in 2007, when she was injured in a rocket attack and had to rehabilitate her knee after surgery.

Liz now hopes to share her enthusiasm for fitness with Dothan, and a grant from Anytime Fitness is helping her to do it. The gym company recently awarded Hunt a substantial grant to start her own Anytime Fitness franchise in Dothan as part of its Operation Heartfirst program.

The company and a nonprofit called Tee It Up for the Troops work together to provide a $125,000 grant and a $125,000 loan to veterans to start franchises. The Operation Heartfirst program helps one vet start a gym each year.

We didnt have to go into this with any capital of our own, she said.

Liz, who has a bachelors degree in physiology/kinesiology, worked at an Anytime Fitness location in North Dakota before her husband got orders to transfer to Dothan, where he works as an instructor pilot at Fort Rucker.

Lizs former employer urged her to check into the Operation Heartfirst program, which chooses a new location and solicits applications from local veterans each year. When she found out the location was Dothan, she knew it was a sign.

There were too many coincidences, she said. Clearly, this is Gods work.

Liz and Corey will co-own and manage the gym. The gym will be located in the storefront next to the movie theatre at the Dothan Pavilion. Liz plans to open the gym in January.

Im excited, Corey said. This is something shes wanted to do for a long time. Im happy to support her.

Liz said that her plan for the gym includes offering some services that may not be available at other local gyms. Liz said she hopes to make rehabilitative fitness a focus of her business.

Its going to be so dope, she said.

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Veteran awarded grant to open Anytime Fitness franchise - Dothan Eagle

Sep 2

Fitness athlete Nick Santonastasso adapts to life without legs and an arm – Purpose 2 Play

Nick Santonastasso doesnt have legs, and he only has one arm, but like any other athlete, his body is doing exactly what he asks of it.

The 20-year-old from Bayville, New Jersey was diagnosed at birth with Hanhart Syndrome, an incredibly rare disease in which babies are born with underdeveloped limbs or weak organs. There have only been 12 cases worldwide.

Today, Santonastasso is a fitness athlete, model and motivational speaker.

You have to adapt to the way you are, he wisely said at 17 years old. Before anyone will love you, youve got to love yourself.

He has the physical strength do almost anything, including flipping tires. But, its his inner strength thats most impressive.

Santonastasso played the drums in elementary school, but once he got to high school, he was encouraged by his wrestling coach to hit the mat. At the time, the bone in his right arm was growing faster than the skin, so he opted to have most of it amputated to relieve the pain in order to start wrestling his junior year.

I had standing ovations when I lost, and I just didnt understand because Im a very competitive person. Im like, Youre not supposed to cheer on someone that loses, Santonastasso told Great Big Story. After the matches, Id have parents come up to me and be like, Hey, my kid never did a sport, and he saw you today. Now he signed up for all these sports because he sees if youre doing it, theres no excuse for him not to. Thats why Im here.

And so many others are glad Santonastasso is here and delivering the message he is. He has more than 230,000 followers on Instagram, where he often posts fitness videos and pictures, demonstrating what he is capable of doing.

Take a look at this short clip of Santonastasso courtesy of Great Big Story.

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Fitness athlete Nick Santonastasso adapts to life without legs and an arm - Purpose 2 Play

Sep 2

Planet Fitness opens Houston area locations for Harvey victims … – KABC-TV

Planet Fitness has opened its Houston Area gyms to all guests until next Friday, September 8, in an effort to aid those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

No membership is needed and all facilities are available to guests, including showers, fitness equipment, massage chairs and other amenities. Non-members will need to show ID and sign-in to register as a guest.

The 16 locations participating and their hours of operation are listed below:

Planet Fitness Houston - Langham CreekHours: 6:00am - 10:00pm6960 Barker Cypress RoadHouston, TX 77084

Planet Fitness Houston - WestfieldHours: 6:00am - 10:00pm310 Cypress Creek Parkway (FM 1960)Houston, TX 77090

Planet Fitness Houston - CypressHours: 6:00am - 10:00pm13140 Louetta RoadHouston, TX 77429

Planet Fitness Houston - Fondren SouthwestHours: 6:00am - 10:00pm11187 Fondren RoadHouston, TX 77096

Planet Fitness Houston - Spring BranchHours: 6:00am - 10:00pm10116 Hammerly BlvdHouston, TX 77080

Planet Fitness Houston - SharpstownHours: 6:00am - 10:00pm8150 Southwest FreewayHouston, TX 77074

Planet Fitness Houston - SteeplechaseHours: 6:00am - 10:00pm10701 Jones Road Suite AHouston, TX 77065

Planet Fitness Houston - WebsterHours: 7:00am - 9:00pm560 El Dorado BlvdWebster, TX 77598

Planet Fitness Deer ParkHours: 6:00am - 10:00pm3601 Center StreetDeer Park, TX 77536

Planet Fitness ConroeHours: 6:00am - 10:00pm1906 N. Frazier StreetConroe, TX 77301

Planet Fitness RosenbergHours: 6:00am - 10:00pm5101 Avenue H, Suite 12Rosenberg, TX 77471

Planet Fitness KatyHours: 6:00am - 10:00pm24547 Katy FreewayKaty, TX 77494

Planet Fitness TomballHours: 6:00am - 10:00pm27830 Tomball ParkwayTomball, TX 77375

Planet Fitness HumbleHours: 6:00am - 10:00pm256 FM 1960 Bypass Road East Suite 256Humble, TX 77338

Visit link:
Planet Fitness opens Houston area locations for Harvey victims ... - KABC-TV

Sep 2

TomTom will soon let you know how old you are in fitness years – Gadgets & Wearables

TomTom is introducing a software update that will let you know your fitness age.

Taking cue from Garmin and Fitbit, the Dutch company is introducing the new feature across a range of its devices. To calculate the metric, TomTom will take your VO2Max measurement, compare it with those your gender and age, and determine how old you really are.

Essential reading: Top fitness trackers and health gadgets for 2017

The free upgrade will be introduced to devices that already measure your VO2Max. This includes the TomTom Spark 3 Cardio and TomTom Adventurer watches. The accompanying smartphone app will then try to motivate you by awarding Fitness Points as you progress towards fitness age goals. To this end, the company will introduce more age appropriate fitness workouts.

Garmin has a similar concept. It also uses your VO2Max levels to assign a Fitness Age score. Fitbit does this as well but with a twist. The San Francisco manufacturer estimates your Cardio Fitness Levels, and lets you know what per cent you fall in, in terms of your age and gender.

These days its not enough to have your trusty fitness tracker dish out step and distance counts. Users want actionable information in order to make real-life positive changes. Fitness Age is a concept that is not too difficult to grasp and we will probably see more companies jumping on board.

TomTom says the software update will roll out to compatible watches during September.

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TomTom will soon let you know how old you are in fitness years - Gadgets & Wearables

Sep 2

Fresh air fitness classes offered – Asheboro Courier Tribune

ARCHDALE Archdale Parks and Recreation is offering fresh air fitness classes in September.

Participants can choose from four different types of fitness classes for free and see which one they like best.

We really want to encourage our community to find an enjoyable form of exercise that suits them, Jocelyn Moon, programming coordinator, said.

The classes are for all ages and fitness levels. All equipment will be provided. They will be held Thursdays from 6-7 p.m. outdoors at the four-way stop on Park Drive between Randolph Community College and the Senior Center at Creekside Park in Archdale.

The schedule is as follows:

* Sept. 7 Yoga with Maria.

* Sept. 14 20/20/20 with Clairisa.

* Sept. 21 Zumba with Katie.

* Sept. 28 Line Dancing with the Archdale Boot Scooters.

If a rain cancellation is necessary, it will be posted on the Facebook site, Archdale Parks.

For more information, call 336-434-7315.

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Fresh air fitness classes offered - Asheboro Courier Tribune

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