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Apr 25

How good is the PSVR2 for fitness? –

If you're thinking of picking up a PSVR2 for fitness, you'll be pleased to hear that it's a great way to get a little exercise into your life.

Though VR fitness may not replace the gym (opens in new tab), it can be a great supplement for when you don't really feel like going. And the PSVR2 provides a light and comfortable headset that's well suited to getting a swear on in virtual reality.

We've spent a couple of weeks putting the PSVR2 through its paces and exploring the fitness options that it offers. It's a gaming machine first and foremost, that's for sure, but there are loads of VR games that offer a workout alongside the gameplay and they can be a great addition to your routine, especially if you're getting bored of the gym.

Read on to find out just how good the PSVR2 is for fitness, and be sure to also check out our full PlayStation VR 2 review (opens in new tab) if you're considering picking one up.

The gym can often be a big commitment. You've got to buy a membership, pack a bag and get there you don't often just pop in for 10 minutes. VR gives you the freedom to lightly explore exercise at lunchtime or quickly wake up your body first thing in the morning. You can also do it at home in your pants.

VR excels at offering experiences. Going to work on the same machines at the gym can be a little boring, but there are always new surroundings to explore in VR, and switching up the song pack or workout routine can give you a second wind.

That being said, it's much harder in VR to train certain muscles or work towards some grander end goal the gym is still the best place for that. As a supplement for light exercise, VR fitness is more for building up a sweat and working towards general fitness. VR is also great because you get exercise in, even if that's not your main goal.

The PSVR2 has pros and cons when it comes to fitness. It is a tethered machine, meaning you have to plug it into the PS5 itself. The wire is reasonably long at 14.7 feet (4.5 meters), so you shouldn't have too much problem with it if you pay attention. But untethered headsets offer a slightly wider range of motion.

It has built-in tracking cameras which mean you don't have to look in a certain direction while you play. It also has a field of view of 110 degrees, allowing it to track your arms and movements at a wider range than the Meta Quest 2.

More importantly, the PSVR2 is one of the most comfortable headsets on the market, with a light design, comfortable support for your nose and eyes, and a vivid and clear screen. As far as tethered options are concerned, this is one of the very best VR headsets (opens in new tab) on the market, and a good price point makes it a solid choice for fitness.

The PSVR2 game library is still pretty small and isn't focused on fitness. That being said, with the right game and the right setup, you can comfortably get some exercise in.

The PSVR2's flagship title Horizon Call of the Mountain can give you a bit of a workout. With a focus on climbing and shooting, the game really tires out your arms after a little while. The main campaign will take you about 10 hours to get through, but there are extra modes and alternate paths to extend that playtime. This isn't a game you will be playing after 50 hours, but it eases you into VR and really takes advantage of the impressive hardware.

Though Beat Saber isn't available on the PSVR2 just yet, Pistol Whip is a similarly physical rhythm game. Challenging you with shooting bad guys to the rhythm, you have to duck, weave, and move your entire body to the beat to get high scores. This is one of those games that is deceptively active. You feel your heart beating after that killer soundtrack slows down.

Launched on April 4, 2023, Creed: Rise to Glory - Championship Edition is one of the best fitness games. As the name suggests, this is a boxing game with a focus on training you up for the big fights, then letting you loose on opponents. The excellent tracking and cross-platform PvP make this game a welcome addition to your virtual fitness regime.

If you're looking for something a little different, Synth Riders is a "freestyle-dance rhythm game (opens in new tab)" that is designed to accommodate a wide range of tastes. The base version of the game comes with more than 58 tracks and even lets you make your own custom maps. This is one of the best games for burning calories as it makes you move your whole body, and songs keep you constantly moving. There's so much to do in Synth Riders that it's easy to jump in for 15 minutes to get energized.

The PSVR2 library is due to increase, and the last few years have seen an explosion of VR fitness games such as Supernatural, FitXR, and OhShape. It's probably only a matter of time before a big fitness-focused game arrives on the platform.

The Meta Quest 2 is one of the very best VR headsets out there for fitness. While other headsets may come with a higher resolution or more advanced haptics, Meta Quest's size, price, and function make it a wonderful little machine to take around with you. It can really take advantage of your surroundings with room-scale technology, and it's super easy to set up.

However, the PSVR2 also makes a good sales pitch for a fitness headset. It has comfortable controllers that you can charge from the console itself, the headset is one of the most well-fitting out there, and the quality of the games so far is truly top-notch.

You should go for the Meta Quest 2 if you don't like the idea of being tethered to a machine and your budget is a little smaller. And if you are purely looking to get into VR for fitness purposes, then this is probably the better choice.

You should go for the PSVR2 if you already want a PS5 and really care about the fidelity of the games. PSVR2 is a stronger piece of tech with the potential for incredible games in the future, but it may take a little while to see its full potential.

Today's best PSVR 2 and PS5 deals

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Apr 25

Focus, fitness, fun: Lynnewood teacher among crop of Delco instructors to be honored at banquet – The Delaware County Daily Times

Lynnwood Elementary School's John Fulton will be recognized on Thursday along with 19 other instructors with the Excellence in Teaching award at the Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union Foundation Celebration. (PETE BANNAN-DAILY TIMES)

HAVERFORD TOWNSHIP As students, staff and faculty at Lynnewood Elementary helped break ground on a new school building in June 2019, a few miles south across Route 1, John Fulton was wrapping up the final gym classes of a 15-year run at Drexel Hill Middle School.

Fulton had an eye on his own groundbreaking, preparing to make the jump from the Upper Darby School District, where he spent his own middle school and high school years, to a new district and new age range at Lynnewood.

While the change of venue and grade levels were in Fultons lesson plans for the 2019-20 academic year, adapting to pandemic lockdown learning was a surprise addition to his itinerary.

Comparing his teaching adaptation to martial artist Bruce Lees mantra of be like water, Fulton guided his students through home learning into their new elementary school, applying his own mantra of focus, fitness, fun in whatever setting was presented throughout his career.

Fulton is one of 20 local educators who will be bestowed with the 2023 Excellence in Teaching award.

This years class will be recognized Thursday at the Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union Foundation Celebration, formerly the Partners in Education Celebration, alongside the 2023 All-Delco Hi-Q Team and other honorees in the education field.

Fulton suspects the new fishbowl gymnasium, with windows peering into the lower level facility from the schools main hallway, may have had a hand in his nomination by Lynnewood Principal Jillian McGilvery.

I guess people are liking what they see: the kids smiling, having a good time, being organized, including everybody, following directions and being enthusiastic, he said. From my perspective, Im just in the action like every other teacher in their classroom. I have an advantage because Im in that fishbowl but other teachers are doing miraculous things, too.

Grades 1-5 visit Fultons fishbowl once a week, while kindergarteners attend monthly.

Students absorb his focus, fitness, fun approach to physical education through health discussions, physical challenges and games. Laminated numbers, shapes, exercise names, repetition goals and motivational phrases adorn the walls to guide students through class, often hiding cross-curricular lessons.

We have activities where I have them sit at a shape pentagon, parallelogram, decagon and then find a number, so theyre finding coordinates. The basic idea is (the board game) Battleship, he said. I try to put things in place where you dont see the layers. Then they go back to their classroom and they see the cross-circulars, oh, we did coordinates in Mr. Fultons class; oh, we did shapes in Mr. Fultons class.

The gym features a series of stations promoting Fultons second trifecta, caring, connecting, contributing, including reading material and exercises for students to work out frustrations and reset mentally for class.

This is the social-emotional piece that a lot of people forget that phys ed is really about. Its about the whole person, he said.

Seeing the caring, connecting, contributing philosophy in a series of athletic mentors led Fulton to tell a phys-ed teacher Im going to do your job in his senior year.

Growing up with fitness enthusiast parents, his first athletic experience was intramural soccer and baseball in his hometown of Yeadon, under the coaching of his father.

When you think about it, its probably just my Pop, Fulton said of his life course.

Fultons father, who currently competes in an age 70-plus bodybuilding division, parlayed his job as Lansdowne YMCA building supervisor into teaching fitness classes there, later starting his own personal training business.

Fultons mother also maintained a regular workout regimen. Her death from a brain aneurysm rupture in 1998 would prompt Fulton to do annual fundraisers for the American Heart Association throughout his teaching career, bringing in nearly $16,000 this year at Lynnewood and netting the school equipment through the fundraiser incentive program.

Fulton arrived in Upper Darby Township to start sixth grade at Beverly Hills Middle School.

In seventh grade, the first day of school, my social studies teacher Mr. Smith said, Hey, are you playing football? Yeah, youre playing football, said Fulton. He invited you in and before you know it, youre in it, he said, later adding wrestling and baseball under Smiths tutelage. He was another big influence on me loving coaching. Caring, connecting, contributing: Its from my Pop, Mr. Smith and other teachers at middle school who pushed me.

A chance run in at the Lansdowne YMCA during middle school with an Upper Darby High School student laid the groundwork for another mentor.

He was already all ripped and cut up. I asked him howd you do that and he said: the physical fitness team, Fulton said.

Arriving at UDHS, Fulton approached team coach Duke Snyder and landed a spot through 12th grade.

Upon graduation in 1999, Fulton headed to West Chester University to study kinesiology and earn his K-12 health and fitness certification, completing his student teaching at Drexel Hill Middle School.

He earned a masters in education at Gratz College, principal certification at Holy Family University, and continuing education credits at various schools.

Fulton supplemented his undergraduate studies with coaching sports camps at the Main Line YMCA his first work with elementary age students and serving in a mentoring program at Christ Lutheran Church in Upper Darby.

Starting his first job at Grover Washington Jr. Middle School in Philadelphia, he soon learned of an opening at Drexel Hill Middle School and was hired for the 2004-05 school year.

At that time they started adventure-based learning. It was perfect timing. That was stuff we were working on in school and I had an opportunity to write the curriculum, he said, referring to a learning model based on group challenges and cooperation.

After picking various coaching roles at Drexel Hill, Fulton spent this last seven years as athletic director and as lead teacher, mediating student issues for the assistant principal, on top of his teaching duties.

With his two sons entering elementary school, Fulton saw a need for change.

I wanted to be home more to help my boys. I was at Drexel Hill from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and I did that for 15 years, he said. The thing that kept me at Drexel Hill was that its home. When you go home its nice, but sometimes youve got to leave home to grow. That was the case for me.

Heading to Lynnewood, Fulton first found himself applying the be like water mindset to the new environment of working with elementary-age students, then suddenly to pandemic lockdowns in March.

Now Im teaching in front of a camera, but for me it was it was a different avenue to get the result that you wanted, he said, noting positive feedback from parents who participated in the makeshift at-home exercises and the ability to connect with students younger siblings before having them as students.

With his sons entering middle school and high school and time freeing for work hours, Fulton has identified administration as the next step in his career path, looking to apply the cooperative learning methods of PE and his caring, connecting, contributing philosophy into school-wide systems.

The greatest sense of achievement, however, remains in the impact on his students.

Theres nothing more rewarding than knowing that you helped impact somebodys life in a positive way, he said. You dont get paid a ton of money, but those are the things that are priceless.

Tickets for the banquet on April 27 are $55 to $750 and are still on sale at

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Focus, fitness, fun: Lynnewood teacher among crop of Delco instructors to be honored at banquet - The Delaware County Daily Times

Apr 25

Sachin Tendulkar, the Miracle Man of sports fitness – Sportstar

Excellence is not an extraordinary act but a habit. You are what you do repeatedly over the years.

That is Sachin in a nutshell. Doing it for 24 years was no mean task by any sporting standard, and that too with a zen mind on a spartan body the most lethal combination in professional sport.



Sachins veni, vidi, vici was not on a real battlefield but on cricketing fields, against difficult and fierce oppositions for more than two decades.

Here I am, rock you like a hurricane the famous Scorpions song would have been an apt beginning number when Sachin entered the ground.

The man practised what he preached, rather than sit outside and sermonise. Whether it was a win or a loss, he carried himself with pride thats the true mark of sportsmanship. He went on with his job quietly without much ado, unlike current social media insanity.

The path created by Sachin was a paradigm shift in the world of cricket for years to come, with all current players and management enjoying the fruit of it from an economic point of view apart from cricketing parlance.

Sachin is a superb case study for any sports professional on what, where, when, why and how to manage ones body and mind for peak performance through multiple years. He was a man miracle from a sports fitness and scientific point of view (not just an empty superlative for the occasion).

From the physical point of view, I can, with confidence, narrate some instances to which I was privy to for many years:

Symbol of defiance

He was told not to use a heavy bat to prevent lower back issues. Hence he worked on his posture and dynamic stability, while continuing to use heavy bats with highly-specialised protocols that suited only him. In the end, he had the last laugh, as he defied sports scientists and self-proclaimed experts in the strength and conditioning field. There are many more such instances where he defied logic to execute a task magnificently with mind-blowing mind and muscle connect.

Reinvention mode

Being a professional player for 24 years is no joke, regardless of the sport. Despite having limited facilities and staff available during his early playing years, he harnessed his potential to the maximum in order to become the best of the best. He understood the role of each support staff in the team very well and what to expect from them professionally. He also designed his own ankle-toe support guard and taping technique in accordance with his foot mechanics, be it for batting or bowling.

Roger Bannister, the late English neurologist and athlete who was the first to run a mile under four minutes, once said Doctors and scientists said that breaking the four-minute mile was impossible; that one would die in the attempt. Thus, when I got up from the track after collapsing at the finish line, I figured I was dead.

This quote would be very pertinent to Sachin, having defied many professionals and pundits in sports science by reinventing himself at every stage of his injury or slump in form and coming out with flying colours as a one-in-a-billion player.

Having seen him from close quarters during varied occasions and situations connected to the game, skill, fitness, diet or injuries, for many years, I have seen his instinctive ability to think out of the box and execute certain parameters seamlessly.

It gives me goosebumps to think about how this man can sync his mind and body at will and execute an insane task with a song on his lips.

Limitless hope

During a fitness test held in a training camp in Chennai way back in 2000, I was assisting in testing the team before a tour. During the sit-and-reach test for flexibility, Sachin scored low. He was flummoxed about the result and requested for five more minutes to warm up sufficiently and redo the test. I agreed and bang on after five minutes, he redid the test and scored the massive distance he had suggested he would cover.

WATCH: Its a fifty for Sachin Tendulkar!

I was left speechless with his accuracy and ability to do what he wanted. This was the first time I saw what he could do at will, if he puts his mind to it. He understood his body at every stage and became the most adaptable athlete in the world of cricket. There are many more instances like this, be it our strength sessions, games or running sessions, about which I can go on and on like a spool deck.

The real beauty of Sachin lies in his humility and the ability to listen and take genuine opinions that he tries to implement without doubting the motive behind them. He is an astonishing sportsman, who can separate fact from fiction like a swan and not pretend to know the answer for all.

For me, my era of cricket can be split into two phases AST (After Sachin Tendulkar) & BST (Before Sachin Tendulkar). He is the jedi of world cricket who wielded his bat like a lightsaber and brought happiness to billions around the world.

He is the eternal God of Cricket!

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Sachin Tendulkar, the Miracle Man of sports fitness - Sportstar

Apr 6

Tufts Nutrition Expert to Join President’s Council on Sports, Fitness … – Tufts Now

Dariush Mozaffarian, Jean Mayer Professor of Nutrition at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University and professor of medicine at Tufts University School of Medicine, will be joining the Presidents Council on Sports, Fitness, & Nutrition.

President Joe Biden recently announced his intent to appoint Mozaffarian and 26 others to the federal advisory committee, which aims to promote healthy, accessible eating and physical activity for all Americans, regardless of background or ability.

The council will also focus on expanding national awareness of the importance of mental health as it pertains to physical fitness and nutrition.

The committee is co-chaired by chef and humanitarian Jos Andrs, H18, of World Central Kitchen, who holds an honorary Doctor of Public Service degree from Tufts, along with Elena Delle Donne, and Women's National Basketball Association member Elena Delle Donne of the Washington Mystics.

As chef Jos Andrs has said, for too long our food has been part of the problem. Its time for food to be part of the solution, said Mozaffarian, who is also a cardiologist and an attending physician at Tufts Medical Center and has served as dean of the Friedman School.

Mozaffarian said the country is at a tipping point to achieve real positive change. We face a national nutrition crisis, with half of U.S. adults having diabetes or prediabetes, three-quarters having overweight or obesity, and fewer than 1 in 15 having optimal metabolic health, he said. This is causing devastating health disparities, rising health-care spending, and reduced military readiness. And diet-related diseases are now more and more common in children, degrading the potential for fully productive, vibrant, healthy lives.

He added, Im honored to be nominated by President Biden to serve on this council alongside so many terrific members, to use my expertise and passion to help promote healthy eating and physical activity for all Americans, regardless of background or ability.

Tufts Nutrition Expert to Join President's Council on Sports, Fitness ... - Tufts Now

Apr 6

Focus on fitness at FNSI Expo – The New Indian Express

By Anushree Madhavan| Express News Service |Published: 06th April 2023 07:26 AMFor representational purposes

CHENNAI: When the sweltering heat of May takes over the city, the air-conditioned halls of Chennai Trade Centre will play host to an exhibition that claims to be a one-stop destination for fitness and nutrition needs. Organised by Sai Solutions, the Fitness, Nutrition & Sports India Expo, south Indias exclusive B2B expo for fitness equipment, nutrition products, sports goods, and the wellness industry will be held fromMay 5-7.

City-based Sai Solutions, an exhibition organising company that entered the scene in 2016 with its first major show, Pro Wave Expo for the sound and light industry, has gathered the big players from across India to be part of this expo. We did a Pro Wave Expo as there were no exhibitions for the sound and light industry held in south India. Similarly, the fitness industry has also not had any big expos in the recent past. So we wanted to bring the manufacturers in north India and major players in south India and provide a platform for them to join at one place and connect, says Sai Vigneshwar, one of the directors of Sai Solutions who is the project manager for FNSI.

The expo will have a minimum of 80 stalls, more than 150 leading brands and manufacturing brands from India. The team is expecting a footfall of 10-12,000 people on all three days from across south India.

Activity galoreThis project was set in motion two years ago before the pandemic struck. The team picked up from where they left in October 2022, and finalised this show in six months. Sai believes this is a good time for the market.

Alongside stalls, several activities, challenges and contests have also been planned. The major attraction will be the body-building competition called UBC, Ultimate Bodybuilding Championship. This is going to be an open south India tournament. People ranked and unranked can participate. We have 11 categories of body-building and there is also fitness modelling done along with IBBFF and Tamil Nadu Gym Owners Association (TNGOA), shares Sai Vigneshwar. Workshops and activities like Zumba, pep talks by leading industry specialists on getting into fitness, strength lifting competitions, and an award ceremony to felicitate senior people from the industry and athletes are also on cards.

At the expo, all the nutrition companies will be giving away free samples. Short promotions will be held on stage in the presence of each companys brand ambassador who is expected to meet and greet the audience. Fitness and equipment companies will conduct small competitions and give away gift hampers.

Fitness first

Sai, who is a badminton player, believes that the awareness of fitness has been on the rise and more people are getting interested in the fitness industry. Several gyms are opening up. You have chains of gyms, big and small ones with minimum to maximum budgets. The market has been expanding dramatically in the past year. So, I feel this will be the best platform for people to get what they are looking for, he adds.

This expo is for all those fitness enthusiasts and business-oriented individuals looking to get into the industry. You should know whats happening in the market. If I go to a particular shop I will know about that particular brand. But when I come to an expo I will be looking at 20-25 brands that deal with the same product. Every brand will have its uniqueness and its plus and minus. I will be able to look at them, touch and feel, and get a clear understanding. The range of products Im looking at will give me a better idea as to what is available in the market. This expo does just that, he says.

The expo will be held from 10 am to 6 pm. Free entry. Register for UBC on or before May 5 at `500. On-the-spot registration is allowed too. For registration, call: 9840030298, 9840931939

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Focus on fitness at FNSI Expo - The New Indian Express

Apr 6

The Latest Wave in Women’s Sports? No More White Shorts – POPSUGAR

Women's sports are in a moment of transformation and that includes their uniforms. Heading into the FIFA Women's World Cup this summer, soccer teams are ditching their white shorts in an effort to be more mindful of periods, marking a huge win for women's issues in sport.

Off the back of their landmark Euros win, England's national women's football team is swapping out their white shorts for a more practical navy pair. The New Zealand national team will forgo white for teal blue. This movement isn't exclusive to World Cup-bound teams, either; the Orlando Pride, part of the US's National Women's Soccer League, also announced their switch to black shorts in February, in an effort to "make players more comfortable and confident when playing during their menstrual cycle."

The English players had voiced their concerns about wearing white on the pitch during that time of the month, and let's face it, who would want to wear white shorts when they're actively bleeding? After discussions with the Football Association, the organization finally agreed to switch the color to navy, which still adheres to the color scheme of the national kit.

The team famously rallied as part of an unofficial campaign to get the uniform changed once and for all. Striker Beth Mead contacted Nike, England's official kit manufacturer, which recently unveiled its first menstruation base layer products for the upcoming FIFA Women's World Cup, to discuss the change. "It's very nice to have an all-white kit, but sometimes it's not practical when it's that time of the month," the 27-year-old Arsenal striker said, according to The Guardian. "We deal with it [menstruation] as best as we can but we discussed the shorts issue together as a team and fed our views through to Nike."

In addition to nixing white shorts from the lineup, Nike will also be providing their new period shorts as a uniform base layer for all 13 federations they're outfitting at the World Cup.

Image Source: Nike

This move for soccer uniforms follows the change to the Wimbledon dress code in 2022. The all-white dress code of the Wimbledon tennis championships had been around since the Victorian era, yet it disproportionally affected women athletes during their menstrual cycle. The organizers changed this rule last summer to allow female competitors to wear mid- to dark-colored undershorts, provided they're no longer than the player's shorts or skirt.

Periods have a significant impact on women and girls' involvement in sports. Greater Manchester Moving found that 64 percent of girls aged 16-17 will have quit sport by the age of finishing puberty, while 42 percent of 14- to 16-year olds say that their period stops them from taking part in physical activity while at school.

When Nike was developing their new period short, they came to a similar conclusion: In their "Teen Girl Insights Project" Nike researchers found that, "by age 14, girls are dropping out of sport at twice the rate of boys. And by age 17, an age at which most have gone through puberty, 51 percent will have quit," Lisa Gibson, senior apparel innovation project manager for the Nike Advanced Innovation Collective, told POPSUGAR. "We know periods aren't the only reason she drops out of sport, but it is a critical component . . . that fear of bleed-through is very real; it doesn't just last when you're a teenager, it really lasts your entire adventure with menstruation."

Elite athletes, like those playing in the World Cup, aren't immune to bleed-through worries. In fact, those fears are likely even more acute on the world stage and when playing at such a high level. "Professional footballers play two 45-minute halves without breaks or time-outs," Jordana Katcher, vice president of women's global sport apparel for Nike said in a release. "Many told us they can spend several minutes on-pitch concerned that they may experience leakage from their period. When we showed them this innovation, they told us how grateful they were to have this short to help provide confidence when they can't leave the pitch."

Some athletes choose to use hormonal contraceptives like birth control pills to try to control their periods so they don't have to worry about bleeding during important events. For example, a 2018 study of 430 elite female athletes from 24 different sports (including soccer) found that about half used some kind of hormonal birth control, and of that group, about 12 percent said they liked being able to reduce the number of periods they experienced. But birth control is an extremely personal choice, and the same solution doesn't work for everyone. Playing during menstruation can prove difficult for those with heavy periods, including women with conditions like endometriosis or polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

These statistics yet again highlight the inequality affecting women's sports, which affects everything from research on women athletes, available training resources, and media coverage to fair pay. The Brazilian, English, and US national teams have all made major strides in securing compensation equal to their male counterparts, but the fight for equal pay in sports has really just begun as has the movement for more awareness of how the menstrual cycle affects athletes.

By changing the color of their uniform shorts, teams like England and New Zealand are helping to lead the charge.

Additional reporting by Lauren Mazzo

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The Latest Wave in Women's Sports? No More White Shorts - POPSUGAR

Apr 6

Sophie Turner’s Reaction to These Ozempic Ads Is Spot-On – POPSUGAR

An injectable weight-loss drug similar to the infamous Ozempic is being advertised on New York City's subway system, and Sophie Turner is not amused.

On April 3, Turner posted on her Instagram Stories, resharing an Instagram repost of a Tweet showing pictures of the ads in the Times Square subway station. The large posters are plastered with text reading, "A weekly shot to lose weight." The "Game of Thrones" star's reaction? "WTF."

The ads are for telehealth company Ro, which claims to prescribe both Ozempic and Wegovy both brand names for the drug semaglutide, though each brand delivers a different dosage.

The catch is that Ozempic isn't approved by the FDA as a general weight-loss treatment; it's only meant to improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. The drug's website states that "Ozempic may help you lose some weight. Ozempic is not for weight loss."

And yet Ro's page for Ozempic claims that the company will prescribe the injectable online "for weight loss," and also states that "150,000+ have lost weight with Ro."

Ro also claims to prescribe Wegovy, which has been approved by the FDA as a weight-loss drug, albeit only for certain groups of adults (those with BMIs of over 30, or with BMIs of over 27 who also have a weight-related health issue).

The recent spike of interest in Ozempic as a weight-loss tool has caused quite a bit of controversy, with celebs including Chelsea Handler, Kyle Richards, Remi Bader, and Jameela Jamil speaking out about the pressure to use it or the risks around using the drug off label. It's become so renowned that it even made its way into Jimmy Kimmel's Oscars monologue.

Touting Ozempic and Wegovy as quick and easy weight-loss fixes reinforces harmful messaging rooted in a diet culture that glorifies thinness. It also risks creating a demand around the drug that could make it harder for type 2 diabetics the people the drug was intended for to access it. So seeing ads that make overly simplified claims about the drug and its effects is troubling, to say the least. Turner really put it best: WTF.

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Sophie Turner's Reaction to These Ozempic Ads Is Spot-On - POPSUGAR

Apr 6

What happened to Lazar Angelov? The fitness influencer everybody forgot about – Sportskeeda

Lazar Angelov is a household name in the fitness industry, especially on social media.

He was a bodybuilder who would often take to social media to discuss bodybuilding, fitness and even healthy and balanced lifestyles.

Angelov started his fitness journey in his teenage years and quickly gained a lot of muscle mass through his dedication and hard work. He became a professional basketball player, but an injury forced him to give up on his basketball career. He then decided to pursue a career in fitness and bodybuilding.

He started working as a personal trainer and began competing in bodybuilding competitions. He quickly gained fame for his impressive physique and became a popular fitness model. Angelov has secured victories in many bodybuilding competitions, including the Mr. Olympia Amateur, and has featured on the covers of many fitness magazines.

Angelov is known for his strict diet and rigorous workout routine, which he shares with his clients and fans on social media. He has a massive following on social media, with millions of followers on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Apart from his fitness career, the fitness influencer is also a motivational speaker and has published several books on fitness and nutrition. He continues to inspire people around the world to adopt an active and healthy lifestyle.

Between 2020 and 2021, Angelov stopped training. As expected, that raised concerns among his fans. However, sometime around January 2021, the bodybuilder took to social media to explain that his hiatus from working out and training was due to knee and elbow surgeries, and he wouldnt be able to work out till the joints healed.

Some claimed that Angelovs injuries were a result of his alleged steroid use, which resulted in his ligaments and cartilage becoming weak. However, these are claims that do not have any evidence.

In fact, there have been probes into whether or not the bodybuilder took steroids to enhance his physique, and more often than not, the conclusion has been negative. The primary reason being that the bodybuilder has barely had any side effects of steroids. He took clenbuterol to cut, but that is where he drew the line.

Going back to what happened to Angelov, once he stopped working out due to his surgeries, his physique changed, and he gained weight. Moreover, he has had to deal with constant joint aches and has admitted to taking a small dose of steroids to relieve himself of that pain.

Fast forward to 2023, the fitness influencer is working out and is going back to the physique his followers were used to seeing on social media, the physique that inspired many.

The bodybuilder is actively posting on social media where he discusses the nitty-gritties of bodybuilding and the lifestyle bodybuilders have to follow.

He also conducts online training on his website to help people build their best physique and pop abs of steel they wish for.

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Apr 6

Fitness challenge creates opportunities to get active this spring – Cochrane Times

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The fitness challenge, dubbed the Sweat and Shred Showdown runs for eight weeks, with different challenges introduced throughout.

Its really just helping people kind of kickstart their summer goals, said Kayla Kay, a personal trainer thats organizing the challenge.

Kay said the minimum commitment is three times per week working out, and every participant gets access to a printable eight-week workout program.

Im just excited to help people along the way, said Kay.

The program is open to everyone, regardless of where they are in their fitness journey, Kay said there will be multiple levels for each exercise.

Im going to be accommodating, you know, busy stay at home moms, people who have at home workouts with minimal equipment, she said. There will be a PDF list of necessary equipment, which Kay said comes in under $100.

Participants will also have a chance to win a trip to Las Vegas, with the winner selected at the end of the challenge.

The Las Vegas prize was inspired in part by the catalyst for Kays own fitness journey, a similar challenge where she won a trip to Vegas.

Fitness has been this absolute anchor for me, said Kay, I was naturally drawn to fitness and Im a big hiker.

Kay spoke about the connection that come with exercise and getting out to have fun.

Sometimes exercise can be viewed as this, you have to go to the gym and get on the treadmill, she continued, Well, no, you can go and do this challenge, you can meet new friends, and you guys can do it together.

Creating a community in itself around fitness is really powerful and really wonderful.

The Sweat and Shred Showdown kicks off on April 26, and runs until June 21. For more information or to register, visit

For the early bird registration, tickets are $175 as of writing, they will be $200 closer to the start date.

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Fitness challenge creates opportunities to get active this spring - Cochrane Times

Apr 6

Soak up sunshine with weekly fitness walk | News … – Theredstonerocket

The Army Materiel Command Wellness Team is calling all Team Redstone who are looking to walk their way to a healthier tomorrow.

The Get Fit Dont Quit walking group, held by Army Materiel Command Wellness Team every Monday at 3 p.m., welcomes all of Redstone to get out and start walking for fitness.

I wanted to do the walking group to meet likeminded people who wanted to get fit, Betsy Troeder, AMC facilities modernization program lead, said.

The benefits of walking according to the Army Materiel Command wellness group are help control diabetes, lower blood pressure, relieve stress and improve mood, help manage weight, reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.

The walking group works together to accomplish a five mile walk on the trail at Redstone Arsenal. The walk begins in front of the Links golf course.

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Soak up sunshine with weekly fitness walk | News ... - Theredstonerocket

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