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Aug 4

Grant to pave way for fitness center at Weston Middle School – Walla Walla Union-Bulletin

Athena-Weston School District has been awarded a grant of a $100,000 fitness center to be placed at Weston Middle School.

When installed this fall, the center will include strength training and cardio fitness equipment, plus a circuit training system.

Superintendent Laure Quaresma said the rural district of 570 students is one of nine in the nation, three of those in Oregon, to be selected by the National Foundation for Governors Fitness Councils multimillion dollar Dont Quit! campaign.

On Thursday, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown announced the awards, including those to the Neil Armstrong Middle School in Forest Grove and Oaklea Middle School in Junction City.

Founded by Body by Jake entrepreneur Jake Steinfeld, the California-based fitness foundation promotes healthful eating and exercise to fight childhood obesity.

In 2016, three Washington state schools received such fitness centers.

Quaresma said district students were responsible for doing the grant paperwork to enter the competition for the fitness facility. All public and private elementary and middle schools in Oregon were eligible to apply for the Dont Quit! campaign.

Each fitness center is financed through public and private partnerships with companies such as Oregon-based Nike, the Coca-Cola Company and TuffStuff Equipment.

The fitness center campaign does not use taxpayer dollars or state funding, the foundation notes.

Oregon joined Colorado, Louisiana and Maryland in participating in the campaign. Since 2012, the foundation has delivered fitness centers in 18 states and Washington, D.C., with a goal to reach all 50 states.

Quaresma said the center will be open to all Athena-Weston students.

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Grant to pave way for fitness center at Weston Middle School – Walla Walla Union-Bulletin

Aug 4

Paul Johnson likes team’s fitness level – Atlanta Journal Constitution

Paul Johnson wasnt completely satisfied he rarely is but he liked the way his Georgia Tech team looked Friday in its first practice of the preseason.

I think weve got a lot of guys who are in great shape, Johnson said following the practice. Weve got some guys that have got to work on it, but thats always the way it is. But weve got a lot of guys who have worked really hard in the offseason. Theres no question. You can tell by the way they look.

Friday was the first of 26 scheduled practices in advance of the season opener Sept. 4 against Tennessee in the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Johnson, as he is wont to say, said there wasnt too much to learn about his team given that players were in helmets and shorts with no pads. Players go through a five-day acclimatization period to prepare them to play full contact.

Really hard to tell about anybody, he said. A lot of guys look good in shorts.

At the media day Thursday, players testified to the work they put in during the summer workouts led by strength-and-conditioning coach John Sisk. A-back Qua Searcy said the team ran more than it had in previous summers.

I feel like this summer has been the hardest summer Ive been through, Searcy said. I guess it was just one of those things where we were trying to build on what we already started and not just have one year, a good year, and the next year, we slack a little bit.

Searcy said that Sisk told the team that it wouldnt be an easy summer.

He was right about it, Searcy said. Its been the toughest time of my life.

Tough enough to loathe Sisk?

Not so much coach Sisk, he said. Its one of those things, like, Man, I hate football. You have to kind of second guess it, but at the end of the day, you have to realize its for the better.

Quarterback TaQuon Marshall experienced the summer similarly.

This has probably been one of the best offseasons since Ive been here, Marshall said. Honestly, everybodys been working really hard, everybodys been going in the indoor (practice facility). A lot of guys go in there and get extra work in during the week. This, honestly, has been probably one of the hardest that Ive heard since Ive been here.

Johnson said he did not give orders for the intensity of the workouts to be dialed up.

They say that every year pretty much, Johnson said.

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Paul Johnson likes team’s fitness level – Atlanta Journal Constitution

Aug 4

Shay Mitchell on "Pretty Little Liars" revival rumors, fitness and … – CBS News

A day after wrapping up her seven-year stint as Emily Fields on the ABC Family hit series “Pretty Little Liars,” Shay Mitchell hopped on a plane to Boston, ready for her next adventure.

In June, the 30-year-old actress left the fictional town of Rosewood behind as “Pretty Little Liars” came to what Mitchell describes as an “emotional goodbye.”

On the bright side, fans were finally able to get some closure as the series finale revealed the identity of A.D. the mysterious character who had been threatening to expose their secrets for years.


“It was an incredible experience, those seven years,” Mitchell told CBS News. “We were all so lucky to just have such an amazing family. I’m excited to see where everybody goes from here.”

Mitchell already has big plans.

The “Pretty Little Liars” star is ready to show fans a different side of the actress as she joins the cast of “Cadaver,” a horror film scheduled for release in August 2018.

In the film, directed by Diederik Van Rooijen, Mitchell will play Megan Reed, a recovering addict ex-cop who takes the graveyard shift in a city hospital morgue where she (of course) is haunted by an evil entity in one of the corpses.

“[Megan’s] extremely athletic, extremely driven, competitive and she is older than Emily as a recovering addict and ex-cop,” Mitchell said. “It was super fun to be in a completely different environment than what I’ve been used to.”

Mitchell says she has even more projects in the works in the near future, but for now she’s focusing on travel and fitness, which includes Propel’s first-ever fitness festival in August.

Here’s what Mitchell had to say about her life post-“Pretty Little Liars,” her fitness routine and her upcoming thriller:

Tell me a little bit about the first-everPropel Co:Labs Fitness Festivalyou’ll be participating in.

I think it’s a really organic fit. I love working out, you know, it’s something that I think is great, especially when you can get so many people to come together and work out together. It makes it a lot easier. It’s more motivating, more inspiring. We’re going to have some really awesome trainers, like Harley Pasternak and Gunnar Peterson, who are also going to be there on August 12 and 13.

Fitness is pretty important to you. What’s your personal fitness routine?

I think it’s mixing it up. I think it’s confusing your body. If you do the same thing all the time it kind of gets used to it and you have a plateau effect. What’s important is trying out different classes and workouts and finding ones you like more than the other. There are so many different classes nowadays anything you can think of, it’s out there.

Shay Mitchell works out at the SoFit gym at the Sofitel Los Angeles to prepare for the first-ever Propel Co:Labs Fitness Festival.

Michael Simon/

Are you a fitness class person?

Yes, I am. I really do love spinning. It’s about the instructors that I love. I love doing Barry’s Bootcamp, which is great, because it forces me to run when I don’t want to.

You’ve been playing Emily Fields on “Pretty Little Liars” for seven seasons. What’s life like post-Rosewood?

It’s great. Obviously it was super emotional saying goodbye to that chapter, but such is life. There’s different chapters all the time for everybody. Sometimes you have to close doors, but then there’s other ones that are open. It was an incredible experience, those seven years. We were all so lucky to just have such an amazing family. I’m excited to see where everybody goes from here. That’s the great part. Now I get to watch everybody grow and change and work on other projects that they’re excited about.

I’m sure you grew attached to your character over the years. How has playing that role affected you? Did you identify with that character?

Playing Emily definitely was eye-opening, because, yes, those girls were younger than I am. You just kind of see how at times they dealt with things. They were a bit more naive in how they handled things. But at the end of the day it was about those characters and their friendship that they had more than anything. It was that bond that they had. It just reminded all of us that you really can get through anything if you have a good support system and that’s definitely something that they had. Otherwise, I don’t know how they would have made it out after everything that happened to those girls over seven years.

Would you be up for a “Pretty Little Liars” reunion or a revival in the future?

Absolutely. I was just watching “Sex and the City 2” and it just reminded me of how much fun we had on set. I would totally do that again. I think it would be amazing. A five, 10-year reunion with all of us girls with all of our kids coming to set and stuff.

What’s it like being a role model to those teens who have watched you over the years?

It’s kind of crazy. That’s always kind of a daunting title in a way. To be honest with you, I just need to be proud of who I am at the end of the day. I need to be able to look at myself in the mirror and know that I am happy and proud of who I am first and foremost and then hopefully maybe that goes into others.

Now you’re pivoting out of this role into a horror film called “Cadaver.” How is this film different from things you worked on in the past?

I went right into this film after we had our wrap party. I was in a plane the next day heading to Boston. Megan Reed, the character that I play, has some characteristics that Emily had. She’s extremely athletic, extremely driven, competitive and she is older than Emily as a recovering addict and ex-cop. It was super fun to be in a completely different environment than what I’ve been used to. It was something that I’m super excited for the fans to see as well get to see me play a different character.

You’re very active on social media. Is social media presence really important to you? What do you hope fans take away from your social accounts?

That’s why I started my YouTube channel over two years ago. I wanted to share my experiences with the fans. It is fun to go to these different places and get to experience things, but it’s so much better when I know that so many other people are going to get something from it. And I think if anybody can take something away from my social media what I want them to do, hopefully, is to just try new things. Whether that be in the kitchen I always joke about the fact that I’m not Martha Stewart, but I try. I may burn a couple things, but I learn. I think it’s just about putting a foot out there and trying a couple things. That goes with travel, working out, cooking, all of these different things.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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Shay Mitchell on "Pretty Little Liars" revival rumors, fitness and … – CBS News

Aug 4

Mountainside Fitness to offer customized wellness testing to health club members – Phoenix Business Journal

Phoenix Business Journal
Mountainside Fitness to offer customized wellness testing to health club members
Phoenix Business Journal
Mountainside Fitness is partnering with Sonora Quest Laboratories to offer wellness screens to members at a discounted rate. Taking advantage of a relatively new Arizona law that allows consumers to order lab tests from a licensed clinical laboratory
Mountainside Fitness partners with Sonora QuestAZ Big Media

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Mountainside Fitness to offer customized wellness testing to health club members – Phoenix Business Journal

Aug 4

Kiwanis Club Of Chattanooga Rallies Community To Build Trail And Fitness Stations At Howard School – The Chattanoogan

The Kiwanis Club of Chattanooga has been working with The Howard School for a year to create a fitness trail to benefit the school and surrounding community. The efforts will culminate on Saturday with the completion of a 1.5-mile trail and 14 fitness stations at the school.

Last fall, Howard chartered a Kiwanis Key Club, a student-led organization that teaches leadership through service to others. Since we were establishing a partnership with the students, it was only natural to look to Howard as the site of our clubs next project, said Leigh Todd, Kiwanis Club president.

We sat down with students, coaches, administrators and JROTC leaders to figure out what kind of fitness structures would most benefit the students. Once completed, the trail and fitness stations will enhance the training facilities for all of Howards students and athletic teams, as well as provide exercise opportunities for others in the community,” Leigh Todd continued. “The design also includes picnic tables, benches, water stations and a childrens station.

The fitness equipment has been provided by GameTime, a subsidiary of PlayCore. Construction of the trail began on July 22 and is expected to be completed and dedicated on Saturday.

Howards Key Club worked with the Kiwanis Club on a Kiwanathon fundraiser in April, which consisted of a pentathlon-styled event with five family-friendly competitive activities and teams sponsored by a dozen local businesses. A team sponsored by Southern Champion Tray won this years Kiwanathon. Other businesses that sponsored teams included: Miller & Martin, Coca-Cola Bottling Company United, Kohls, Elliott Decosimo, PlayCore, VOYA Financial, Atlantic Capital Bank, Chattanooga Area Schools Federal Credit Union, Regions Bank, SmartBank and Synovus Bank.

During construction, additional in-kind contributions and volunteer groups have been provided by Stowers Machinery, Coca-Cola Bottling Company United, Chattanooga Bakery, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 175, Ironworkers Local 704, Chattanooga Track Club. In addition, PlayCores employees have dedicated their annual Day of Caring to the final installation date. Miller & Martin employees have also dedicated the final installation date as one of its monthly community service days during the firm’s 150th year anniversary.

To learn more about the Kiwanis Club of Chattanooga, please visit

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Kiwanis Club Of Chattanooga Rallies Community To Build Trail And Fitness Stations At Howard School – The Chattanoogan

Aug 3

Health & Fitness

How To Build A Home Gym

You’ll find a wide assortment of home workouts designed to meet your wellness goals at QVC. We have exercise routines and workouts used by fitness enthusiasts around the world. Refresh your routine with our extensive selection of home workout equipment. Discover innovative plans that incorporate simple, yet effective items like resistance bands.

To get started, consider your fitness goals and choose from a range of home exercise programs to find one that works best for you. It can be especially helpful to figure out which area of your body you’d like to improve and get a few fitness DVDs that target that specific part.

Don’t let the doldrums of the same old workout routine impede your commitment. Keep your routine fresh with a variety of exciting home workouts. Invigorate your exercise regimen with innovative options that combine a workout of your cardiovascular system plus weight lifting. Tone your legs, abs, arms, and more.

Interested in a fun and rejuvenating exercise? Dance your way to fitness with our selection of fun and invigorating workout DVDs. They’ll have you on your feet in no time flat. Select exercises contain moves like plies and lunges that can help you burn calories while sculpting your body. No matter which fitness DVD you’re looking for, you can find them all at QVC.

Health & Fitness

Aug 3

Fitness, fortitude and more have carried 102-year-old South Bay woman through a blessed life – The Mercury News

The letters Y, M, C and A have been very good to Marge Hatfield in recent years, but she credits living by words beginning with the letter F for living more than a century of bliss.

Last Friday, the Northwest YMCA in Cupertino threw a birthday for Hatfield, easily its oldest member. The garden tea party themed get-together capped off a long string of celebrations for Hatfield, who in recent weeks has been wished happy birthday by more people than she can count.

They all want to take me out, Hatfield said of all her many friends and fellow YMCA members. Ive been celebrating my birthday since June.

In a brief speech, daughter Barbara Harper shared the words that her mother believes are the secret to her long life: faith, family, fun, fitness and fortitude. All of these, she said, are backed up with the right attitude.

A desire for a fit lifestyle is what brings Hatfield to the YMCA roughly three or four times a week. She takes up shop in a reserved corner and works on a routine devised years ago by a physical therapist. She spends 45 minutes in the pool most of those days and does floor exercises once a week to conserve energy for pool time.

She credits the self-guided routines and trips to the weight room for keeping her fit and healthy. She said she works on her strength so she can lift her rolling walker into the car.

Exercises keep me flexible, or else Id be as stiff as a board, she said.

Her habits have given her a bit of celebrity status at the YMCA.

Everybody knows its me right there in my little corner, she said.

As a testament to her fitness and mobility, Hatfield lives independently and still drives herselfonly a mile or so, she saysto the YMCA and a small number of locations. Driving after dark and on the freeway is a no-go, but Harper vouches for her mothers skill behind the wheel and points to a recent perfect score on the written renewal test.

My license is good til Im 103, but I wont drive after that, Hatfield said.

For her 84th birthday in 1999, she went tandem skydiving with the family, and the jump made international news, Harper said.

Hatfield and the family recall her first doctor refusing to give someone of her age permission to jump out of a plane, but a smile comes across Hatfields face as she recalls seeking out and securing a second opinion from another doctor who signed off on the jump.

In attendance at the YMCA party was her neighbor, Shanthi Dhamodharan, whose family has grown very close to Hatfield. They get together every Christmas to make rocky road candy.

Whenever I tell her that much of my family lives in India, she says we are all of her family, Dhamodharan said.

Beyond faith, family, fun, fitness, fortitude and the right attitude, Hatfield playfully concedes that her diet hasnt necessarily been the secret to her longevity.

I cant say eat the proper food because I eat everything that I like, she said, adding some insight that may not come from a doctor or nutritionist. You just have to be happy and have a smile on your face and just be interested in other people.

Hatfield was born July 18, 1915, in New Orleans. She met her husband Adrianduring World War II at a USO show in Biloxi, Mississippi in 1942. A few years later the couple moved to California and spent many years in Turlock before living in communities around the Bay Area. Her husband worked as an aerial photographer, and the couple raised three boys and three girls.

She worked at the Stanford Research Center and continued work at Hewlett-Packard for another 16 years, retiring in the early 1980s.

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Fitness, fortitude and more have carried 102-year-old South Bay woman through a blessed life – The Mercury News

Aug 3

What about fitness?

What about fitness?

Biologists use the word fitness todescribe how good a particular genotype isat leaving offspring in the next generation relative to how goodother genotypes are at it. So if brown beetles consistently leavemore offspring than green beetles because of their color, you’d saythat the brown beetles had a higher fitness.

Of course, fitness is a relative thing. A genotype’s fitness depends on theenvironment in which the organism lives. The fittest genotype during an iceage, for example, is probably not the fittest genotype once the ice age isover.

Fitness is a handy concept because it lumps everything that mattersto natural selection (survival, mate-finding, reproduction) into one idea.The fittest individual is not necessarily the strongest, fastest,or biggest. A genotype’s fitness includes its ability to survive,find a mate, produce offspring and ultimately leaveits genes in the next generation.

It might be tempting to think of natural selection acting exclusivelyon survival ability but, as the concept of fitness shows, that’sonly half the story. When natural selection acts on mate-findingand reproductive behavior, biologists call it sexual selection.

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What about fitness?

Aug 3

Rohr trains at Ahmed Musa Fitness Centre – ESPN FC

By Colin Udoh, KwesESPN

Nigeria coach Gernot Rohr and his staff took some time out from coaching the African Nations Championship (CHAN) team to work out at Leicester City forward Ahmed Musa’s sports complex.

Super Eagles star Musa completed and commissioned the N500million sporting facility in June, to provide world-class sporting and recreation facilities for the people of Kano.

Rohr and his team inspected the facility before having a quick workout at the gym, and then did some ball work on the football field.

Musa was elated at the endorsement represented by the visit, writing on his Instagram page: “We feel so honoured having the chief coach of the Super Eagles and the backroom staff at Ahmed Musa Sport and Fitness Centre.

“I am grateful for the support from the Nigeria Football Federation which was an amazing experience. Thank you so much for taking tym [sic] out of your tight schedule. I pray the almighty God grant you all the strength and Grace. Am so proud to be part of this family.”

Musa is expected to be in the squad to be named this month for the 2018 World Cup qualifying double-header against Cameroon.

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Rohr trains at Ahmed Musa Fitness Centre – ESPN FC

Aug 3

FIFA envisions a future where players wear in-game fitness trackers – Engadget

The devices that IFAB is looking to approve are designed to track players’ fitness in real time, including their heart rate, distance covered, speed and fatigue levels. Players already use these types of gadgets in training, but now they want to wear them during actual games. Brud said Lionel Messi, arguably the sport’s biggest star, is a major proponent of the EPTS project. And the same goes for his club, FC Barcelona, as well as others like Manchester City and Seattle Sounders, all of which are already experimenting with different EPTS devices.

Brud said one of the main challenges will be figuring out if the team or players own the data. In soccer, like in other sports, many professionals tend to move among teams every few years, so IFAB and FIFA need to decide what happens with someone’s data when he’s transferred to a new place. Additionally, companies that want an EPTS license will have to develop products with “preventative medical benefits” and that won’t “pose a danger to athletes.” So far, Brud said, there are about 50 firms working with teams and players on testing different devices.

Come March 2018, when members of IFAB and FIFA are expected to unveil the EPTS protocol, Brud said the next step will be to figure out the accuracy of hardware being pitched. Since the plan is to use them in a competitive stage, it’s imperative that they’re build to last and, most importantly, that players feel comfortable wearing them. That said, Brud had second thoughts about how much fitness trackers can help understand a player, because he believes it’s hard to measure an individual’s intangible attributes, like his or her raw talent or heart.

“I’m a bit worried about these things. Because if data says you’re shit but you still score more goals than anyone else, then how can you really judge a player’s performance?”

“I’m a bit worried about these things,” he said. “Because if data says you’re shit but you still score more goals than anyone else, then how can you really judge a player’s performance?” Either way, IFAB and FIFA’s decision to explore wearables is another sign that soccer is, finally, taking technology seriously. It may have taken decades, but at least the sport seems to be moving in the right direction.

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FIFA envisions a future where players wear in-game fitness trackers – Engadget

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