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Aug 5

What is Sermorelin? – Age Management of West Michigan

As we age our bodys natural production of human growth hormone (hGH) declines, resulting in a decline in our bodys ability to stimulate tissue repair and regenerate our cells to keep us healthy. This natural decline is responsible for the symptoms of aging that include loss of muscle mass and bone density, increase in body fat stores, loss of skin elasticity, thinning of hair, and poor sleep patterns. At the age of 20, our natural hGH levels are at their peak, but suddenly decline consistently after the age of 30. By the age of 40, most individuals hGH levels are 40% lower than they were at there peak at age 20, and continue to decline by 14% each decade.

Sermorelin stimulates the bodys natural production of hGH and circulating IGF-1 levels, allowing the body to repair and rejuvenate itself and alleviate the signs and symptoms of aging. Since Sermorelin is stimulating the pituitary gland to naturally increase hGH production and release, it is safely regulated through the pituitary glands negative feedback system. So safety concerns with hGH overdosing are avoided. Sermorelin Amino Acid Peptide Therapy offers patients a safe and effective way to get all the benefits associated with hGH replacement therapy without the side effects.

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What is Sermorelin? - Age Management of West Michigan

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