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Jan 12

90 Day Fianc: Stephanie Davison Reveals The Secrets To Her Youthful Looks – Screen Rant

Skin Envy owner Stephanie Davison often makes many 90 Day Fianc fans envious of her youthful looks. The TLC star, 52, has now confessed her secrets.

Although Stephanie Davidson from 90 Day Fianc is making waves for her relationship with her Belize boy toy Ryan Carr, it's also her looks that have fans saying "wow." Sure, being the face of a business that makes one "remove fat" helps, but what is that keeps Stephanie looking so good at 52? The 90 Day Fianc star Stephanie has revealed what is her fountain of youth on her Instagram page.

As fans try to decipher why a successful, independent woman like 90 Day Fianc's Stephanie could choose to date someone like Ryan, they also have started guessing the relationship won't last long. With Stephanie mentioning that Ryan had been talking to other women in spite of her paying for his bills for three years, the possibility of her choosing his cousin Harris might become a reality. A traumatic childhood and then loveless adulthood is what Stephanie finally left behind when she decided to couple up with Ryan. But a recent episode saw the 90 Day Fianc star shocking her friends with the revelation that she pays for Ryan's salary too. Of course, her sleeping with Ryans cousin could have made her guilty enough to pay his bills but TLC viewers couldnt help wondering if Stephanie was getting played. After all, a Maserati-driving, successful boss woman who looks way younger than her years could date anyone, right? Especially if the self-proclaimed sugar mama whose Instagram comments are filled with 90 Day Fianc fans asking Stephanie for her secret to looking half her age.

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Not surprisingly, 90 Day Fiancs Stephanie has been a fan-favorite since season 8s premiere even though she appeared on the reality show weeks later. Fans were curious about this cat-lady who was calling herself a cougar and Ryan her cub as she sent him expensive watches in the trailer. The Grand Rapids lady soon gained more interest by hosting expensive giveaways for handbags on her Instagram, which some 90 Day Fianc couldnt help but love her for. However, it was Stephanies weigh-loss spa Skin Envy that made her much more interesting. As expected, the 90 Day Fianc stars age-defying routine owes a lot to her own business.

When asked by an IG follower, How can I look like you? 90 Day Fiancs Stephanie replied, Well, the Youth Serum Sermorelin/Ipamorelin shots are $4500 a year. But Stephanie also gave an alternative option by suggesting, dont drink much alcohol, get at least 8 hours of sleep at night. Ryans Michigan lover also revealed that she drinks at least 8 glasses of PURIFIED water daily. And for exercise, 90 Day Fiancs Stephanies go-to is a hula hoop.

The curious TLC viewer further enquired Stephanie about her injections as she wrote, can I buy them from your store, and can you ship them? And the marketing maverick that she is, 90 Day Fianc star Stephanie shared, Call my medical assistant Pam. Spoilers suggest that Stephanie will be dumping Ryan while in Belize next and coming back to America with cousin Harris. But while that may take a while to happen on 90 Day Fianc, one things for sure, Stephanie is surely going to get a lot of calls at Skin Envy, all due to the fans who are in awe, if not envious of her own beauty.

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90 Day Fianc airs Sundays at 8pm EST on TLC.

Source: Stephanie Davison/Instagram

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90 Day Fianc: Stephanie Davison Reveals The Secrets To Her Youthful Looks - Screen Rant

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