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Nov 26

US : The 6 best food sources of protein that help you lose weight faster – Explica

In recent months everyone has been talking about the role of high-quality protein consumption in the weightloss. The reality is that the body needs protein to meet numerous functions, that is why they are considered one of the most important macronutrients in the diet. They are one of the basic components of organs, muscles, skin and hormones, the body needs hormones to maintain and repair tissues.

Additionally it has various scientific references that support the benefits of protein consumption for to lose weight, keep it long term and burn belly fat, the best of all is that also increase the mass Y muscular strength. A high protein diet can also help lower blood pressure, fight diabetes, prevents the onset of metabolic syndrome and others degenerative diseases.

The truth is that ensuring a optimal protein intake is very important for lose weight with health, in principle proteins are extremely satiating and make us feel satisfied for longer. On the other hand they have the peculiarity of activate signals of the body that reduce appetite, overeat and the cravings for Forbidden food, which are related to the decrease in the hunger hormone: ghrelin and an increase in the production of hormones of fullness.

The daily protein intake (RDI) is estimated to be 46 grams for women and 56 grams for men. However, many health and fitness experts consider that more is needed to function optimally and lose weight more effectively. That is why they recommend increase protein intake in the diet, creating an optimal combination of the best sources of plant and animal origin. Know the 6 foods richer in protein, are accessible and symbolize nutrition of the highest quality.

Today we have the certainty about the unmatched benefits that implies integrating in the diet, the consumption of whole eggs. Not for nothing are they considered one of the healthier and more nutritious food on the planet, when it comes to protein, they are one of the highest quality sources. Eggs are an extraordinary source of vitamins, minerals, healthy fats (Omega-3 fatty acids) and antioxidants that protect diverse organs and systems, at the same time provide very important nutrients in the brain function. It is essential to choose the consumption of whole eggs to get all your nutritional benefits, specifically the egg whites they are an almost pure protein source. Protein content in a large egg: 6 grams of protein and 78 calories.

Boiled egg / Photo: Shutterstock

Not all sources of protein from high biological value and quality, are from the food of animal origin and today with so many healthy food within our grasp, it is the perfect time to break that belief. Almonds are one of the best sources of vegetable protein, are one of the most popular nuts and shine for their unparalleled supply of essential nutrients: fiber, protein, vitamins B and E, healthy fats, iron, calcium, phosphorus, manganese and magnesium. There are numerous studies backed by science in which its qualities to improve health and promote weight loss are confirmed. Such is the case of A study published in the magazine European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, in which it was found that participants who ate a handful of almonds every day they experienced a reduced feeling of hunger and a decrease in body weight. They also attract attention for being a complete food and recommended for all people, being of low glycemic index even indicated for people with diabetes. Protein content: 6 grams and 164 calories per ounce (28 grams).

Almonds / Photo: Pexels

Chicken breast is one of the most popular protein sources, healthy, accessible and delicious, not in vain is one of the most recommended foods in most of the weight loss plans. It is the most versatile and easy to cook, lends itself to creating all kinds of dishes full of colors and nutrients. The chicken breast is low in calories and fat, is related to great benefits for protect the heart and the health of the cardiovascular system. Call in a special way your high in vitamins from complex B, minerals like the iron, which helps transport oxygen to all cells and is also essential for the good brain function and physical performance. Besides, his high phosphorus content, it is important to maintain strong bones and teeth, and zinc, essential for growth and defense processes of the organism. Protein content: a roasted skinless chicken breast contains 53 grams of protein and only 284 calories.

Grilled chicken breast./Photo: Pixabay

We are not going to tire of talking about the wonders of oatmeal consumption for general health. It is considered the queen of cereals and is one of the best sources of vegetable protein and slow-absorbing carbohydrates, at the same time provides essential nutrients such as magnesium, manganese, thiamine (vitamin B1) and above all fiber of the highest quality. Its high fiber content is related to great benefits for promote weight loss, since it gives it a great satiating powerIt also regulates intestinal transit and accelerates metabolism. Best of all, oatmeal is immensely accessible and versatile, You can integrate it in juices, smoothies, such as cereal with fruit and yogurt, in salads and bakery. Protein content: orOne cup of oatmeal has 11 grams of protein and 307 calories.

Avena./Photo: Shutterstock

There are many questions around consumption of dairy as sources of protein, the truth is that everything will depend on the type of product. In the case of the cheeses there are some variants that they provide a lot of calories and fatHowever, all is not lost. The cottage cheese is the best alternative, since it is a type of qLow fat and low calorie cheese. Additionally it is rich in calcium, phosphorus, selenium, vitamin B12, riboflavin (vitamin B2) and various other nutrients. It is versatile, light and very enjoyable, it goes well with a long list of foods and dishes. Protein content: one cup (226 grams) of low-fat cottage cheese with 1% fat contains 28 grams of protein and 163 calories.

Curd. / Photo: Pixabay

Another product derived from dairy, which cannot be missing in all healthy diet focused on losing weight. The greek yogurt is the healthier variant that exists, is characterized by its thick consistency and its great nutrient content. Not only is it a great source of protein of high biological value, it provides numerous vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, vitamin B12, potassium, iodine and especially a immense probiotic potential. Consuming probiotic foods is one of the best health allies, they benefit absolutely the whole organism. Especially lto digestive, intestinal health, the functioning of the immune system and they are key in weight loss. Greek yogurt pairs perfectly with sweet and savory dishes. it is very important that you choose the pure versions without any added sugar, flavoring or sweetener. Protein content: one 6-ounce (170-gram) container It has 17 grams of protein and only 100 calories.

Greek yogurt. / Photo: Pixabay

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US : The 6 best food sources of protein that help you lose weight faster - Explica

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