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Feb 8

From Fit to Fat: Losing Fattitudes to Lose Weight

Change being fat into being fit. Dietitian Ryan Andrews offers new insight into our nations obesity epidemic in his new book, DROP THE FAT ACT & LIVE LEAN, debunking common fattitudes that lead to weight gain and poor health.

Summertown, TN (PRWEB) February 08, 2012

DROP THE FAT ACT & LIVE LEAN offers no-holds-barred lessons that should be taken to heart by anyone who lives, eats and exercises like most Americans. Dietitian Ryan Andrews offers an insightful look at what makes people fat. Using a humorous, take-no-prisoners style, he debunks common fattitudes that prevent people from being fit and healthy.

Fattitudes are lifestyle habits, dietary choices, and belief systems that add more body fat, less muscle mass and less mobility; in short, a shorter life span. Skipping breakfast, not getting enough sleep, drinking calories and eating nutritionally-void foods fast and haphazardly are a few of the defacto rules on how to get fat and stay that way. Using the opposites approach to behavioral learning, Andrews teaches readers what not to do in order to lose weight.

Healthy Living Publications, whose main genre are titles on alternative health care and plant-based diets and nutrition, recognized that this was not your average weight-loss book. Here is a much needed approach that can unlock the trap doors so many people set for themselves.

Andrews, director of education for Precision Nutrition, is in charge of the Precision Nutrition Lean Eating Coaching Program, helping over 2,000 clients annually. Drawing on his experience with clients as both a world-class fitness coach and a nutrition coach, he understands first-hand the challenges and excuses that come into play.

A new set of weight management skills includes research-driven principles of healthy nutrition. Whole foods in place of processed foods, as well as a plant-based rather than animal-based diet, are proven to work the most effectively for achieving a healthy body. From exercise to portion size, compelling and convincing reasons are offered to give new lifestyle and dietary changes a chance.

The underlying heart of the matter is that being lean is not simply about looking good in tight jeans. Losing weight not only makes people look and feel their best, but offers them the opportunity to live a healthful, fulfilling, productive and purposeful life.

DROP THE FAT ACT & LIVE LEAN emphasizes how the real formula to weight-loss success is the ability to make good decisions on everyday choices.One person at a time, adopting the habits of the fit and lean, begins a new social norm.


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From Fit to Fat: Losing Fattitudes to Lose Weight

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