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Jun 22

This is where your fat REALLY goes when you lose weight – Daily Star

FAT seems to disappear when you slim down, but this is whats really going on in your body.


If youve ever lost weight, you may have wondered what happened to that bit of fat that used to be on your belly but theres a bit of confusion about it.

Professor Andrew Brown, from the University of New South Wales in Australia, claims that many health experts dont know where body fat really goes when you lose weight.

He said: There is surprising ignorance and confusion about the metabolic process of weight loss.

So he teamed up with TV science presenter Ruben Meerman to find out what happens to those pounds and their findings were published in the British Medical Journal.

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Ruben said: The correct answer is that most of the mass is breathed out as carbon dioxide.

It goes into thin air.

Former physicist Ruben was interested in the science behind weight loss after shedding 15kgs himself back in 2013.

He said: I simply wanted to know where those kilograms were going.

"After a self-directed, crash course in biochemistry, I stumbled onto this amazing result.

It goes into thin air

With a worldwide obesity crisis occurring, we should all know the answer to the simple question of where the fat goes.

The fact that almost nobody could answer it took me by surprise, but it was only when I showed Andrew my calculations that we both realised how poorly this topic is being taught.

The Aussie TV personality tracked every atom in 10kgs of fat as they are lost and 8.4 of those kgs are exhaled as carbon dioxide through the lungs.

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Eat every three hours - Passing on breakfast will send your body into starvation mode, meaning your body starts to store everything youve eaten as fat, and youre midsection is the first to suffer the consequences

The remaining 1.6kgs becomes water, which the body gets rid of by urinating, sweating, breathing or crying.

Ruben said: None of this is obvious to people because the carbon dioxide gas we exhale is invisible.

But this doesnt mean that breathing more can lead to weight loss.

The researchers warn that breathing more than required by a persons metabolic rate leads to hyperventilation, which can result in dizziness, palpitations and loss of consciousness.

This is where your fat REALLY goes when you lose weight - Daily Star

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