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Nov 26 Highlights the Importance of Weight Management Over the Holiday Season – The News Front is a leading authority when it comes to nutrition, health, and wellness. The site is dedicated to delivering smart advice on weight loss, wellness, and personal health. It regularly publishes great content such as helpful guides and tips, plus honest reviews that readers can rely on (for example, you can read their review of the Bistro MD diet at

Now, with the holiday season fast approaching, the specialist SavvyWP team want to emphasize the importance of managing your weight during the festivities, and talk about weight loss goals for the New Year.

Advice for a happier, healthier lifestyle

SavvyWP knows how hard it can be to lose or even maintain weight during the holiday season. The darker, colder winter months have crept around to mark the end of a peculiar, challenging and stressful year for everyone, and hearty, calorific comfort food is everywhere on TV adverts, on social media posts, in magazines, in almost every aisle inside grocery stores. People are also ready to feast for Thanksgiving and Christmas and many other occasions. It can be overwhelming, and you may find your weight loss goals slipping away from you. Luckily, SavvyWP has some top tips for weight loss and maintenance around the holidays, and into the New Year:

You can find more practical tips for weight loss and weight management, plus a wide range of other content to help you lead a happier, healthier life (including reviews on weight loss programs, and smart advice about nutrition and wellness) on the website at

The obesity pandemic

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention figure that nearly 40 percent of American adults now qualify as obese, with many more being significantly overweight. While regular exercise is important, experts are virtually unanimous in emphasizing the significance of diet when it comes to weight loss and ongoing management. Unfortunately, many of even the most popular diets at any given time prove to be less than effective at reducing obesity in the long run.

SavvyWP is hoping to help bring about positive results in the fight against obesity through the sites useful content aimed at weight loss and weight management. They have already helped a large number of readers with their weight, and it is their aim to help many more before the year ends especially during and just after the holidays when readers might be struggling to stay motivated and will rely on their tips more than ever.

More information started out in 2013 as founder Jenna Simpsons personal blog before blossoming into the popular and well-respected site it is today. It publishes content on a range of topics, from diets and nutrition tips to health and wellness strategies. For more information, you can visit the website at If you have an inquiry, you can call the team on 5106591050 or email them at [emailprotected]


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