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Sep 10

Saumu Mbuvi contemplating surgery to lose weight – The Standard

Saumu Mbuvi.

Mike Sonkos daughter Saumu Mbuvi has revealed plans to undergo gastric bypass surgery.

Sharing her plans with fans on social media, the mother of two said she lost touch with her weight and misses being tiny.

Of late I dont know, but I am really considering doing a gastric bypass soon. I miss being tiny, she wrote.

Although she seems undecided, Saumu asked netizens whether she should live with her current body weight and wait for eternal life when she receives a new body in heaven.

Or I just wait for the new body that I will receive once Im in heaven, she added.

The topic of weight loss surgery has become a huge topic of discussion in the country with more and more individuals opting for it instead of going to the gym and working out to achieve their desired weight.

Media personality Willis Raburu recently disclosed he underwent the surgery to achieve healthy body weight after developing life-threatening conditions.

I went for a gastric bypass. By the time I was going for the surgery I was 164kgs. I needed it because my blood pressure was high, my cholesterol was high. It was now a matter of taking care of my health because now I had a junior and also just for myself, he said.

Considering the stigma that comes with weight loss surgery, Willis advised individuals shying from the idea to choose their health and happiness over other peoples opinions.

You have to love yourself enough to know that you need help and there is no shame in it by the way. Because people always attach such procedures to shame. It is expensive but the gains are evident. If you pay whatever you pay now and in the future lets say if I was to get, God forbid a heart attack, the money I would pay in hospital just for three days and you getting proper care, you burn out money very fast, he added.

Other than Willis, a number of other notable celebrities have also undergone the procedure.

Big Ted

Former Statehouse director of Brand Strategy and Events Big Ted revealed he underwent the surgery back in 2017 after netizens noticed his massive body transformation.

I am a big boy. I'm six foot four and I was 256Kgs. I underwent a procedure which has helped me lose 5kgs in 4 days. My ideal weight is 90Kgs and I'm working towards the 90Kgs through healthy living, a healthy lifestyle, and a very well-calculated thought process of what I'm consuming. I am on the way to being a healthy guy, he said.

Kate Actress

Celebrated actress Catherine Kamau alias Kate Actress recently disclosed she underwent a surgery known as gastric balloon; a procedure that involves placement of a balloon catheter in the stomach to restrict food intake.

In her explanation, the surgery would help he achieve her desired weight and make her acting career easier.

There are roles I would like to play, that I feel I'm ready for, but I feel I would be more confident and sexy if I was a few kilograms lighter, she said.

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Saumu Mbuvi contemplating surgery to lose weight - The Standard

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