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Nov 5

Ruth Langsford’s incredible body transformation and emotional weight loss journey – Mirror Online

Ruth Langsford will tell the world just how to do it on Channel 5 show Lose A Stone For Christmas, And Fit Into Your Party Frock.

The TV favourite, 60, will join Dr Amir Khan as they put 12 food addicts through lose-weight-fast diets in time for the festive feasting.

They will show us all how to really get trim for Christmas and Ruth speaks with real authority on the subject.

Of course she was a huge source of fitness inspiration during the first lockdown.

And on the day the second one comes into play she will again but the go-to guide for tips.

Ruth, like so many, struggle to maintain their weight.

Last October, she said sick of gaining weight and felt uncomfortable in her clothes.

Then, six months later on the This Morning, the star said she "doesn't care now" before adding "Im too old to worry".

After hitting 50, the popular presenter admitted her had body changed.

After "comfortably" fitting into a size 12 for most of her adult life, the menopause came along.

It is known that reduced levels of oestrogen can lower to metabolic rate while the metabolism also tends to slow down after 50.

This completely changed her outlook as she found it so much harder to drop pounds when she wanted to.

Ruth blamed it for her weight increasing.

She has even been teased on air about her size by her co-host and husband Eamonn Holmes.

When I put on any weight, I cant shift it and thats making me a bit fed up, she told Woman back in 2019.

I was basically a size 12 all my life, and then, when I hit 50, the weight crept up and 12s were feeling a bit snug.

Eventually I went, Ruth, just admit it, youre now a size 14, and I was fine with that. And now everything that is a 14 is tight. I eat healthily and go to the gym, but its just not shifting.

It wasn't all about the weight gain and inability to shift it.

"I definitely feel like an angry old woman!" she joked. "I fight over very simple thing, and not always people - it can be inanimate objects in the house!"

She admitted her concern about her weight continuing to increase year-on-year.

But then the call came from Strictly Come Dancing.

When I did Strictly in 2017, everything suddenly started to fit and I had my waist again, she said.

But you cant recreate that kind of exercise in real life. I dont obsess about it, but I feel uncomfortable, like Im squashed into my clothes.

Last year, she said she was allowed 1,200 calories a day because of her "bulk, age and height".

Now, it's all about finding that balance.

She is often on social media showing the exercise and healthy meals she puts together.

But there's still room for treats too.

See How To Lose A Stone In A Month airs on Thursday at 7pm

Original post:
Ruth Langsford's incredible body transformation and emotional weight loss journey - Mirror Online

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