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Aug 8

Forget diet and exercise these TWO simple tricks can make belly fat ‘drop off’ – Daily Star


When it comes to losing weight, the internet can offer a myriad of tips and tricks but what it really comes down to is eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly.

But now a health expert has revealed that you could really see the weight "drop off" if you do two extra things.

Jane Hodgson, from food supplement retailer,said that practicing portion control and avoiding snacking are the two key ingredients to successful weight loss.

High-protein, low-carbohydrate diets are all the rage right now and for good reason. Protein is an important component of every cell in the body. Hair and nails are mostly made of protein and your body uses protein to build and repair tissues.

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She revealed: Make sure that you familiarise yourself with the exact quantities of different foods that make up a portion and once you realise how little an amount it is youll wonder how you ever managed to eat such large servings before.

Youll wonder how you ever managed to eat such large servings before

Nowadays there are plenty of gadgets that help you work out the exact quantities of food you need for each meal, but if you prefer to measure your food the old-fashioned way then learning how to estimate serving sizes can be an equally good solution.

If you feel you need a helping hand, our food supplement Skinny Sprinkles will help you control your portion size and avoid the pitfall that is snacking.

"Get on top of these two and the weight should drop off.

If youre new to portion control, here are seven top tips for getting started:

1. Measure accurately

It might seem time-consuming to correctly measure out the exact millilitres of oil or a portion of pasta by tablespoon, but its still the most accurate way to work out your serving size.

2. Use your hands

Measuring portion size against your hands is a quick and precise alternative to using weighing scales.

For example, a portion of meat or poultry is roughly the size of your palm, a slice of cheese should be the size of two thumbs and a portion of fruit should fit into your fist.

3. Use small plates

Overeating can often be attributed to the size of the plate you are serving on, as the larger the surface the more likely you are to try and fill it.

Smaller plates will make your meals appear larger, helping you to reduce excessively big portions.

4. Stick to the 20-minute rule

If you still feel hungry after eating, make sure to leave at least 20 minutes for your food to settle before going back for seconds.

This will give you time to digest the food youve already eaten and should help put a stop to any feelings of hunger.

5. Gauge when youre full

Making sure you dont overeat means making sure you dont eat until youre full.

Try to gauge when you are feeling about 70-80% full and then stop, otherwise youll end up gorging on far more than your recommended number of portions.

6. Meal-prep for accurate portion size

Preparing your lunch and dinners in advance allows you to measure out an appropriate portion size for each meal, saving you from the temptation to cook excessive amounts of food when it comes to eating.

7. Dont skip meals

Skipping meals will only serve to make you feel hungrier once you do decide to eat.

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Forget diet and exercise these TWO simple tricks can make belly fat 'drop off' - Daily Star

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