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Apr 15

According to a fitness influencer, you dont have to give up beer and burgers to lose weight – BOL News

A fitness celebrity has spoken out against social media and the unrealistic expectations it imposes on its users.Liz High, 21, feels that you dont need to restrict your food to lose weight and stay fit.

She frequently criticises trendy diets on social media and claims to enjoy chips, burgers, and beer while maintaining healthy.

The Londoner also feels that some fads that promote healthy living might be harmful to the youth who attempt them.

Liz, who goes by Liz Bites Back on Instagram, told the Mirror: I used to suffer from an eating issue; it wasnt caused by social media, but it made it worse.

There are a few challenges, one of which is that everyone wants to get their best angles, but no one goes around with a six-pack every day.

People deserve to have reasonable expectations; many people wind up in a destructive loop because thats what weve been taught.

The fitness guru went on to say that some body trends like as thigh gaps, masculine V lines, and other objectives compel individuals to obsess over them even after the fashion has passed.

I think that pattern has to be interrupted, Liz continued. It does intensify bad sentiments about oneself for someone like myself who has suffered with body image.

It alters your perception of yourself and your reaction to eating. People, I believe, underestimate the power of social media.

Also, a lot of influencers are paid for endorsements theyll just hop on that to get money, and they have a lot of followers who believe what theyre selling is a good thing.

She does, however, point out that they are frequently advertising quick solutions or fad diets that can spiral out of hand.

Liz also mentioned that when people lose weight too rapidly, they frequently binge after they achieve their target due to the constraints.

As a result, they simply recover the weight and then quit up.

Liz remarked: We are taught as a culture to go to extremes in order to achieve our goals, but I am working to reverse that.

Im opposed to the health and fitness conventions, and I strive to encourage women to obtain such outcomes without modifying their diet in any way.

People say you have to eat green smoothies and not burgers to get in shape.

Weve been told all our lives to restrict everything and cut it out, but you dont need to get the body you want.

Instead, Liz claims that while you need a calorie deficit to lose weight you can still achieve this while having beer, chips and burgers.

She said: Just so long as youre not doing it all the time. Its about healthy habits and not restrictions.

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According to a fitness influencer, you dont have to give up beer and burgers to lose weight - BOL News

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