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Oct 5

Normal Hormone Levels In The Body – HGH-Pro

Below are listed the normal blood levels of IGF-1, testosterone, estrogens, estradiol, estriol, estrone, progesterone, and DHEA.

Please note, all hormones decrease with age so most of the levels listed below are what modern Western medicine considers normal for age. This means they take into account the fact that without intervention the hormone levels in the body will continue to decline with age. Of course the decrease of these important hormones as we age plays a major role in the effects of aging.

Rather than focus on what is generally considered normal for age we in anti-aging and functional medicine focus more on the hormone levels that are required in order for the body of each individual patient to function optimally. Many times this means having a blood test level that is at the mid to high end of the normal ranges below.

IGF-1 Levels Used For Checking HGH

Once released by the pituitary gland human growth hormone remains in the bloodstream for only a few minutes before being taken in by the liver. For this reason measuring an accurate HGH blood level requires an involved and time consuming stimulation test that has certain risk factors.

Because IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor #1) is released in response to HGH and remains stable in the bloodstream longer it is the test normally used for checking HGH in adults.

Below you will see two tables of values for DHEA sulfate. The first shows the difference in what modern medicine considers normal for age and what functional and anti-aging medicine considers optimum for bodily function. The 2nd table shows a breakdown of what the U.S. NIH considers normal. Notice the wide range in the values of the NIH and the difference in the standard and optimum ranges.

Please note: The reference ranges at different labs may vary and may be different than the ranges posted here. Your own lab report should show the correct normal ranges for your specific tests. Please consult your private healthcare provider.

Important Information About the Hormones That Decrease With Age

By Lisa Wells, RN

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Normal Hormone Levels In The Body - HGH-Pro

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