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Sep 1

Over 500 emergency cases at HMC on first day of Eid – Gulf Times

A total of 519 emergency cases were reported from 6am to 6pm on Friday at the Emergency Department of Hamad General Hospital (HGH) under Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC).

Meanwhile, about 350 cases were reported at various paediatric emergency centres of HMC all over the country.According to HMC statistics, Al Saad Paediatric Emergency Centre received 209 cases while Rayyan Centre had 77 cases, Airport Centre had 46 case and Dayeen Centre had 20 cases.Among the cases reported at HGH Emergency Department, majority were of the routine nature. Most of the patients were given treatment and sent back on the same day. There were around 66 trauma cases, 47 gastroenteritis cases and eight cardiac cases. According to HMC officials, there has been no increase in the number of emergency cases on the occasion of Eid al-Adha. Officials also pointed out that the emergency cases, reported to the centres, were very minor ones and there were not many critical cases so far. Dr Yousef al-Tayeb, accident and emergency consultant at HGH said that people should eat moderately during the festival days.People must refrain from overeating food items, especially those cooked with meat. This can prevent gastrointestinal disorders and intestinal dysplasia and indigestion. They should also follow healthy steps when preparing food and eating it. Do not eat fatty meals late in the evening and the last meal should be taken at least two hours before sleep.He also cautioned that people must take safety measures especially about children while going out. One must take enough safety measures to prevent children from falling and get injured in crowded places. Similarly, avoid going out in the hot sun. Be cautious and avoid exposure to the sun to prevent heat stress. They must also drink enough fluids to keep hydrated, he added.

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Over 500 emergency cases at HMC on first day of Eid - Gulf Times

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