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Aug 14

Buy Hygetropin HGH by Hygene Biopharm | Shop-HGH – The …

Click on our two main links above to start shopping for either HGH or IGF-1 or HERE TO BUY HYGETROPIN and HERE TO BUY TURBO VITAL.

We are the official reseller of and we sell only products from the Hygene BioPharm lab. Those products are HGH ( Somatropin 191aa ) and IGF-1 ( Long R3 ) . You can verify that we are the only official reseller of this products by going to

We accept payment by Western Union / MoneyGram, International Bank transfer and Bitcoin.

IMPORTANT : Hygetropin is the most copied / faked brand of Human Growth Hormone. New copycat / scam website pop up every day stating they are selling what we sell. Please educate yourself before buying a product such as Human Growth Hormone online.

For a full list of Hygetropin scam sites go to

To verify is the original site ( established 2006 ) please look here

The vision we had when creating this site was to only stock products that we could stand behind fully. We have a direct relationship with the lead scientist that helped create the stable 191 amino acid sequence Somatropin at Gensci Jintropin ; Dr. Jei Lin. Click here to read more about Dr. Lin. The products we sell have one thing in common. They were all created by Dr. Lin and he is still directly or indirectly connected with each product.

To see that we've been around for a while, please look at

If you have been with us for a while and want to submit your lab results, please contact us. We want to create another section of this website where we show lab results over time.

Thank you

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Buy Hygetropin HGH by Hygene Biopharm | Shop-HGH - The ...

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