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Jan 27

9 Performance Enhancing Drugs Outlawed By CrossFit And What They Are –

CrossFit athletes who are registered in sanctioned competition are subject to drug testing at any time for whatever reason, and recently, weve seen many competitors who were banned from participation due to violating the organizations strict drug policy.

This is devastating for the athlete no doubt but the rules are perfectly clear for what is and isnt allowed. So today, we discuss 9 performance-enhancing compounds banned by CrossFit.

Here are the banned substance classes taken fromCrossFit Inc.

Lets talk about the actual substances now

Starting out the list is human growth hormone (HGH) which is a protein produced by the pituitary gland naturally to spur growth, improve aspects of development, and support many other health functions (e.g. improving body composition, regulating body fluids, muscle, and bone growth, in addition to sugar and fat metabolism).

But its also used for Turners, and Prader-Willi syndrome which affects development.

And although synthetic HGH is commonly used for improving growth and development in children this powerful substance is often synonymous with performance and aesthetic-enhancement in combination with anabolic steroids. Its also used for anti-aging however this is not approved by the FDA.

But its quite apparent HGH can do a lot for improving your overall physical fitness since its used for building lean mass, losing fat, improving VO2 max, and maximizing power output. And its even used by many for the potential anti-aging effects which its not approved by the FDA for.

Common side effects include pain in the joints, muscles, and nerves, edema (swelling of body tissue), high cholesterol and other undesirable side effects.

Anavar is a popular anabolic steroid typically given to patients who are at an unhealthy weight due to medical reasons. And its also used for osteoporosis and bone-related issues. But its a strong muscle-building compound (although on the weaker side compared to others) too which is what bodybuilders and gym-goers use it for.

Back in 2018, CrossFit athlete Megan Benzik failed a random drug test of which she tested positive for Vyvanse (prescribed) and Anavar (not prescribed) resulting in her suspension from competition. She knowingly took the Anavar and was aware that her decision to take both drugs was a risk but took full responsibility for her decision.

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On May 17th, 2018 I was one of the athletes selected to be randomly drug tested before competing at the South Regional. CrossFit contacted me yesterday telling me what I tested positive for. . . . Of all the metabolites found, I consciously made the decision to take 2 of themvyvanse, which was prescribed to me by a doctor, and anavar, which was not prescribed. The other metabolites found must have come from the anavar being contaminated, which is the risk I took with buying something like anavar. I take full responsibility for my decision to be on both of these drugs. Even though I was prescribed vyvanse, I knew it was not something I should have been taking while competing and I made the not so smart choice to do it anyways. . . . I have done a lot of reflecting and I have come to realize that the Why behind all of this really doesnt matter. It will honestly just lead to pointless justifications. Bottom line is that I knew I shouldnt have been doing it and I chose to do it anyways. I fully accept any consequences that come my way. . . . I would like it to be known that NO ONE knew I was taking any of these drugs. With that being said, I apologize if I let anyone down who went out of their way to support me. . . . The beauty of truth; whether its good or bad, it is liberating.- Paul Coelho Thank you CrossFit.

A post shared by Megan Benzik (@megbenz210) on Jun 22, 2018 at 7:43pm PDT

Rad140 is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) still under research although promising for muscle wasting and potentially breast cancer treatment. SARMS are similar to anabolic steroids but these compounds are more selective in their binding activity to androgen receptors.

RAD140 helps to improve lean muscle mass while being very potent in this regard. In fact, it is considered the strongest SARM available and therefore its a banned substance.

2017 CrossFit Games podium finisher (3rd place in 2017) Ricky Garard from Australia was the first case of a top elite competitor testing positive for PEDs which were Testolone and Endurobol (also another banned substance on our list). He lost $76,000 in winnings and is not allowed to compete until 2021.

Heres what he wrote on Instagram after learning of his failed drug

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As you can appreciate my world has come crashing down, it is heart breaking & it's hard to comprehend that I am in this position. . On the pursuit of becoming all I could be as a CrossFit athlete, I looked into ways that could improve my performance legally & within the rules, with no intention whatsoever to be a cheat. . I was taking this same supplement at The CrossFit Games as I did at The Pacific Regionals where I was drug tested?? Therefore, I didn't feel the need what so ever to change anything. I thought I was competing within the rules with no unfair advantage over others. . But, after further investigation & specific testing it has been revealed that the supplement & my limited research has failed me & I have received a positive test with a 4 year suspension. To be clear this supplement was taken in tablet form with nothing ever injected. . Everyone in life makes mistakes, it's how you learn from them that separates the great from the mediocre. These actions don't define me, this sport doesn't define me. It's the lessons & growth of my character that truly matters to me. . In time, I know this may be the best thing that ever happened to me. I wanted the title, I wanted to win & I was willing to do everything in my power to achieve that goal. Not for one second should you take away the hard work, sacrifice, dedication & achievements from my efforts. . At 23 years old I have a lot of years left in my life, I have endured the process, I have & I will become something because of it. . In the end, I am apart of their sport business , The CrossFit Games. They have there own rules, guidelines & policies to abide by. I have unintentionally fucked up, their evidence has proven me guilty. I will do my time & continue to own my actions day by day for the rest of my life. . I really hope The CrossFit Games continues to tighten up their testing procedures, enforce the same level of strictness to all other competitors like they have to me & they continue to strive towards a legitimate drug free sport. *POST CONTINUED*

A post shared by Ricky Garard (@rickygarard) on Oct 4, 2017 at 1:28am PDT

LIGANDROL LGD4033 is another very potent SARM. Its used for muscle and strength-building purposes which it does very effectively. And many elite athletes have been banned due to taking this compound to get a performance advantage.

Also known as Cardarine, this drug was shown in 2007 to cause rapid growth of cancer in several organs during animal testing of which it was abandoned, although it was first introduced in the 90s as a potential drug candidate for metabolic and cardiovascular diseases.

However, in 2007 it was shown to dramatically improve physical performance in rats of which it was then sold on the black market for athletes and ultimately placed on the prohibited list in 2009 by TheWorld Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). There were also many concerns that athletes participating in the 2008 Beijing Olympics would be using this substance and a test was developed then offered to the International Olympic Committee.

Overall, there are many warnings against its use due to safety concerns.

Another SARM compound, Ostarine is milder in nature although it still does bind to the androgen receptors and its used to build muscle tissue. Ostarine is banned at all timesunder theS1 Anabolic Agent category of the WADA Prohibited List.

However, more and more athletes have been testing positive for this substance resulting in suspensions.

Different from many of the substances on our list, Anastrozole is considered a nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitor and its often used in the treatment of early breast cancer with surgery or radiation for women who have experienced menopause. But its also used to treat breast cancer in women whose condition worsened after taking tamoxifen (Nolvadex) because it prevents estrogen from fueling growth of the cancer cells.

But because its effective for lowering estrogen, this then maximizes testosterone which is highly responsible for improving body composition.

There are many side effects which can result from taking Anastrozole as its rather potent.

A central nervous system stimulant, Adderall (brand name) is a combination of dextroamphetamine and amphetamine often prescribed for ADHD and narcolepsy. But it can really improve focus, concentration and much more which is why athletes may be tempted to use it for the cognitive-enhancing effects.

But theres also the potential for developing nervousness, sleep issues, dizziness, dry mouth, and other undesirable side effects.

Erythropoietin is naturally produced by the kidney to make red blood cells. Exogenous agents are used for kidney disease and anemia and the red blood cells increase hemoglobin in the blood which helps to transport oxygen throughout the body.

But the synthetic form Epoetin is typically used for improving endurancewhich would give a competitor a big advantage.

Read CrossFits drug-testing program here.

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