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Aug 19

What Is the Mayr Method Diet? Breaking Down Rebel Wilson’s Reported Weight Loss Program –

Ever since she's declared 2020 her "Year of Health," Rebel Wilson is opening up about how hard she's working on her goals in frequent workouts, training sessions, and of course, in a brand new diet. The Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect star says she's trying to reach a goal weight of 75 kilograms, about 165 pounds, by the end of the year: "Even if you have to crawl towards your goals, keep going [and] it will be worth it, she shared on Instagram.

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Having opened up about her journey on Instagram over the last year, Rebel's fans have returned the favor by letting her know how she's inspired them. "You are looking so fantastic!!!!!!! You give me motivation," one fan shared on a new photo, where Rebel got dolled up for a friend's wedding in what fans call a "stunning" dress by Australian-based designer Wayne Cooper. "Looking fly these days. Motivation... I cant get myself together like you!" another commented on a photo of Rebel in a garden. "You're the best motivation."

The 40-year-old Australian actor and comedian reportedly found her inspiration for her new health journey after visiting a well-known wellness center in Austria. According to People, Rebel's 2020 goals stem from a trip to VivaMayr with pal and TV host Carly Steel in 2019 where she saw "amazing results" based on the center's plan. What kind of treatment did she encounter there, you might ask? As shared in a personal review published in Grazia, Viva Mayr helps guests through a signature detox that involves certain spa treatments, mental health sessions, and a thorough diet and fitness revamp.

Not everyone can jet off for a stay in a medical center in Austria or locations in London, Mumbai, Istanbul, or Moscow for a consultation at the clinic (which costs around $211, according to The Guardian). But Viva Mayr's diet program specifically has been made popular by Harald Staussier, one of the clinic's founders, in a 14-day diet plan that's now known as the Mayr Method Diet, which promises to help you "revamp your health and feel years younger."

Believe it or not, the Mayr Method has been around for more than a century, according to VivaMayr personnel it's based on the "Mayr Cure" created by Franz Xaver Mayr, also known as F.X. Mayr. The basics of the program have to do with a "clean" gut, and a focus on eating foods that massage digestive systems. Maximilian Schubert, the medical director of VivaMayr, told NBC's Today that the Mayr diet has rarely changed over time: "The main idea behind this if people have a healthy gut system and healthy digestive system, then they are going to have a holistic approach of health," Schubert explained.

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Usually, people are first introduced to this diet by visiting VivaMayr or one of its many wellness retreats around the world during a prolonged stay and a series of consultations. "VivaMayr combines modern complementary medicine with traditional diagnostics and therapies according to F.X. Mayr, the VivaMayr website reads. Once we have treated your condition, proper nutrition combined with exercise and improved mental awareness become the building blocks of your new life.

Schubert told Today that the first recommendation made to many clients is to start a new fasting regimen: "In general, the first step is always a monotone and restricted diet, to really calm down the body system, food-wise," he said. In addition to adopting a short-term fast, the program will also include a prescribed cleanse, taking new or expanded vitamins, and supplements in what Schubert calls a "detoxification process." It's unclear which vitamins or supplements are used at clinics or Viva Mayr retreats, but there's a good chance that both have to do with aiming to lower the body's pH level based on the tenets of the alkaline diet.

According to our friends at Women's Health UK, in addition to establishing a fasting schedule, dieters will also refrain from eating sugar or drinking coffee (anything containing caffeine) and alcohol during the program. "Quite often, people will have some headaches and mood changes in the first three or four days afterwards, they recover very well again," Schubert told Today.

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While the suggestions above are made within the 14-day diet guide, there isn't clear restrictive guidelines for the diet program, and you may adapt the program over time: "It's perfectly acceptable to create your own meals rather than following suggested menu plans, although you may want to try them for a few days first, to get the hang of the way food is prepared at Viva Mayr," the meal plan's introduction reads.

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Ultimately, the diet is often purported to be based on the basics of an alkaline diet, but Stefani Sassos, MS, RD, CDN, the Good Housekeeping Housekeeping Institute's registered dietitian, explains that the foods on the diet plan's shopping list aren't actually included in true alkaline-forward diets. "Many foods on this list, including polenta, risotto, meat, and dairy aren't normally allowed on an alkaline diet as they are thought to be 'acidic.'" It may not matter in the end though, Sassos explains, because the alkaline diet's benefits have to do with eating more vegetables, reducing sugar and processed foods intake, and drinking more water (all things you can do without prescribing to a diet!).

Here's a majority of the Mayr Method Diet shopping list as highlighted in the book's introduction:

The 14-day diet plan also comes with a prescribed meal plan and recipes to help you get started.

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Because most of the consultations happen at the clinic, Sassos says she's judging what's in the diet's book alone. Overall, the prescribed shopping list and meal plans in the book wouldn't be harmful, per se: "Would the foods on this list do you harm? No, I don't think so." Like every other diet, Sassos says you should enjoy everything on the Mayr diet's approved list in moderation and you should also feel comfortable having prohibited items, like coffee, in moderation as well. "The quality of macronutrients matters in any food, but you could easily gain weight if you're eating an excessive amount of certain foods on this list that are very calorically dense, like cheese, butter, and polenta."

If you attempt the Mayr Method Diet at home, there are a few takeaways you should focus on above all else, including the suggestions to eat more mindfully at mealtimes. "Many of us rush our meals and don't chew our food enough, and chewing is important to ensure proper digestion and maximum absorption later on in our digestive tract," Sassos explains, adding that somewhere between 30-40 chews per mouthful is something you should aim for. "It takes about 20 minutes for your body to signal to your brain that it is full. If we are eating too quickly, we can easily overeat before our brain is able to register that we are full."

One thing you shouldn't try at home is finding supplements to mimic any clinic treatment. "If you see [any product] with cleanse or detox slapped on it, be suspicious and ask questions," Sassos says. "For gut health in particular, staying hydrated and incorporating probiotic-rich foods like yogurt, kefir, and kombucha into your diet is ideal. I always say food first before reaching for a supplement or pill."

The bottom line: You should always consult your doctor before making a long term change to your diet, but most principles of the Mayr Diet shouldn't be harmful. Remember, any diet needs to be paired with exercise (Rebel is also working hard on her fitness routine, Women's Health reports) for healthy, long-term weight management. The best principle of the VivaMayr program may be to focus more at mealtime: "Take time to actually register what you are eating, savor the flavor, and properly digest your food," Sassos says. "It can also improve your relationship with food and enhance the enjoyment of mealtime."

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What Is the Mayr Method Diet? Breaking Down Rebel Wilson's Reported Weight Loss Program -

Aug 19

Braintree mum’s battle to help daughter, 2, with condition so rare only ‘four other girls have it’ – Essex Live

Soon after little Sadie Chittock was born, it was clear something was not quite right.

Her mum, Rachel Fincham, noticed that she didn't appear to be developing as she should, seemed to be 'floppy' and couldn't hold her head yet despite being over three-months old.

Even from the start, Sadie struggled with feeding and was only putting on a small amount of weight before losing it again.

Over the next few months, Rachel, 23, was back and forth to the hospital with Sadie for tests and check ups to find out what was wrong.

It wasn't until December last year when she was finally diagnosed with a rare and degenerative neurological disease called Pelizaeus Merzbacher Disease (PMD) - a condition which reportedly affects only four other girls worldwide according to estimates.

PMD affects the brain and spinal cord, affecting motor skills, coordination and learning.

Doctors are unable to predict how exactly the disease will affect her because it is usually only found in boys.

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However, physio has proved to be vital in Sadie's progression and in order to prevent her deteriorating.

On the NHS, Sadie can have one physio session a month which has been amazing for her development - but Rachel now says she needs more so Sadie can reach her full potential.

Rachel, from Braintree, Essex, is determined to raise as much money as possible to give Sadie the opportunities she deserves.

Because Sadie's condition is so rare, it wasn't an easy process to find out what she had.

"She was about three or four months when we started to notice she wasn't hitting mile stones that she should have been," Rachel explained.

"The professionals said she's was just little and she will catch up soon.

"She was so floppy, she couldn't hold her head and couldn't do things someone her age should have been starting to do.

"I went to weigh her at a weigh-in clinic at Braintree and they said 'no you were absolutely right to have concerns' and they rang through to the hospital and it went on from there."

Over the next few months, Rachel and Sadie travelled back and forth to Great Ormond Street for tests, where eventually they gave the diagnosis.

"It was hard," Rachel said. "They said they found out very early because people don't normally find out till a bit later.

"But again it's very hard because the type she has, PMD, it only generally affects boys, so again we are in limbo with the doctors because they don't know what she will or won't do.

"There are about five girls in the whole world who have it.

"It's hard that they don't know how she's doing to do or not do but generally they get to do things slowly beyond the mile stones before they start to deteriorate and go backwards."

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke explains that Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease (PMD) is "a rare, progressive, degenerative central nervous system disorder, where coordination, motor abilities, and intellectual function deteriorate."

The disease is a type of leukodystrophy, which affects the growth of the myelin sheath - the fatty covering that wraps around and protects the nerves in the brain. The disease is caused by a mutation in the gene that controls the production of the myelin protein.

Other symptoms of PMD may include slow growth, tremor, failure to develop normal control of head movement, and deteriorating speech and cognitive function.

From as soon as Sadie entered the world, she started having issues with feeding on a daily basis and started to lose weight.

She was temporarily fitted with an NG feeding tube before having a gastrostomy tube into her tummy.

"At the beginning, another thing that concerned us was her feeding because she didn't ever want to eat large amounts," Rachel explained.

"She was born at four pounds five and for couple of months she was putting on tiny bits but then she started losing weight.

"The NG tube was fitted which goes through the nose and then three months after, she had a gastrostomy button fitted in."

The gastrostomy tube has been a massive help for Sadie and she quickly started to put weight back on.

Currently, there is no 'cure' for the disease, although there are preventative measures she can take including physio.

Rachel added: "It was a relief to know what it was, but when we found out what it was, it was almost no different to knowing because they don't know how she is going to be.

"There isn't any cure. There are things you can do to prevent it getting worse too quickly which is why I want to get all the physio.

"If we left it, she would deteriorate a lot quicker."

At the beginning of lockdown, Sadie was also diagnosed with epilepsy, which is known to often go hand-in-hand with the condition.

Twice during lockdown, they were rushed to hospital in an ambulance because of an epileptic fit.

This, alongside her condition, means Sadie needs constant round-the-clock supervision and care, as well as ensuring she eats at her exact meal times.

But none of it stops Sadie from smiling.

"She is always smiling," Rachel said. "She has her days where she has little tantrums, she is two.

"And the tears - she is like an actress the way she switches them on and off!

"She's a very happy girl. She can't entertain herself so you feel guilty for doing the things like housework or having to wash up.

"She wants the freedom. The world hasn't grown up with her yet, she's still tiny."

Every day, Rachel does exercises with Sadie to help with her mobility and strength.

She has also been using online sessions and other tools to help Sadie, which have really helped with her development. But these do come at a cost.

"She loves doing it and she loves sitting up," Rachel said.

"She was so bored of being on her back staring at the ceiling. I would love for her to walk but they say that generally doesn't happen and that's why I am trying to fundraise.

"I bought a vibrating board which is good for hypermobility and it helps her get stronger.

"So I have invested in one of them, but it cost 750 with a discount.

"Then we are doing online physio sessions with a lady in Canada and I want to get her out there to see them when Covid is over."

The online sessions cost 70 each. Rachel has also signed Sadie up for intensive physio which is 400 for a week too.

Private physio classes cost around 60 each, and while it is important the sum adds up quickly.

Rachel added: "It does make a huge difference. Throughout Covid, I could do a lot more with her and she has definitely benefited from it.

"At the beginning of [the pandemic], she could sit up but not sit back up if she fell over but now she can sit herself back up and can turn herself around."

At the beginning of the month, one of Rachel's old school friends, Ben Bailey, offered to help raise money for Sadie.

"The lovely thing about it is I hadn't spoken to Ben since school and he randomly messaged me," she said.

"I had put a post about donations for the boot sale to raise money for her next Sunday and he messaged me explaining he was doing these four half-marathons throughout August and that he would rather donate money to her. It was really lovely.

"It would mean everything to me [for people to donate], just to get her to progress the best she can and for as long as we can."

Rachel is hoping the money donated through both fundraisers can all go towards physio classes every two weeks, as well as plan intensive week-long sessions every now and then.

Sadie is due to be starting nursery this September, where a set of nurses have been trained to look after her.

"I'm really scared and nervous and also very excited," Rachel added.

"She will absolutely love it there, she loves any form of attention.

"I am hoping she will benefit from seeing other kids as we don't have many kids around here and family she sees very often."

If you would like to donate to help Sadie with her physio, please click here.

You can also donate to Ben's JustGiving page here too.

Rachel will be hosting a boot sale to raise funds for Sadie on August, Sunday 23 at Boreham Boot Sale.

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Braintree mum's battle to help daughter, 2, with condition so rare only 'four other girls have it' - Essex Live

Aug 19

Coronavirus: UK temp jobs on the rise as redundancies grow – Yahoo Lifestyle

Vacancies are highest in healthcare and nursing. Photo: PA

Employers are increasingly looking to hire temporary workers as recruitment activity picks up with lockdown measures easing, new figures suggest.

A survey suggests a slim majority of employers say they plan to take on both temporary and permanent staff in the next three months.

A narrow majority also said they were confident in making hiring decisions, the first time most responses have been positive since February.

But the latest quarterly poll by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) is also the first in two years to show more demand for temporary than permanent staff.

The REC said temporary work allows firms to create jobs when the future outlook is unclear, and said Britains flexible labour market made such hiring easier.

READ MORE: Pizza Express to close 73 restaurants with 1,100 jobs at risk

But data from other sources suggests vacancies remain significantly down on pre-pandemic levels, and hiring intentions do not necessarily translate into jobs.

The preference for temporary staff also signals continued caution among firms despite economic re-opening.

The RECs latest JobsOutlook report shows two-thirds of employers believe economic conditions are getting worse. Business confidence in the wider economy remains historically low.

While hiring has picked up, the survey also suggests rising redundancies. Almost one in five private and public sector firms interviewed between May and July said they had made redundancies in the past year.

Restaurant chain Pizza Express, manufacturer Bombardier and retail giant Marks & Spencer (MKS.L) are the latest in a long list of major UK companies to have announced job losses in recent months.

READ MORE: UK business leaders speak out as depression rates double

Economists also expect UK unemployment to keep ticking higher this year. They highlight continued social distancing, the winding down of furlough and other government support, the scarring effects of lockdown on firms, and the fading prospects of fast and full recovery.

Story continues

While the path ahead is still uncertain, temporary work helps firms create jobs sooner, and helps people who need new jobs get back to earning quickly.

Todays data show that as lockdown eases and the economy recovers, businesses will use temporary work to start to build back. That makes sense, and matches the pattern of previous recoveries, said Neil Carberry, chief executive of the REC.

Separate data published on Wednesday also showed vacancies are now rising at the fastest rate all year. Ads on jobs site Adzuna rose by more than 50% month-on-month in July, and almost 170,000 new vacancies were posted in the first week of August alone.

Analysis of Adzuna figures by the Institute of Employment Studies (IES) showed vacancies remained down a third on a year earlier, but the gap has narrowed from two-thirds a month ago.

The overall level of vacancies is now broadly in line with the picture in the early 2010s as we emerged from the last recession, said Tony Wilson, director of the IES.

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation, which funded the study, called for extra support for areas and sectors where vacancies are recovering slowly and unemployment is high. The unwinding of the furlough scheme may lead to more people out of work chasing each vacancy, it said in a report.

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Coronavirus: UK temp jobs on the rise as redundancies grow - Yahoo Lifestyle

Aug 18

Super slimmer lost 9 stone so she could skydive in memory of nan – Clacton and Frinton Gazette

A DETERMINED granddaughter who has battled weight issues her entire life is hoping to lose nearly nine stone so she can do a skydive in memory of her beloved grandmother.

Kayleigh Cross, from Holland-on-Sea, was diagnosed with having polycystic ovaries at the age of 15, before being told she had an underactive thyroid ten years later.

As a result, the 31-year-old has always struggled to shift the pounds, and when she has, be it through dieting or slimming clubs, the weight has quickly piled back on.

Back in March, however, 21-stone Kayleigh decided to have gastric bypass surgery, and since then she has already shed a staggering 98 pounds.

As well as embarking on the weight loss for her own health benefits, Kayleigh is also doing it so she can do a skydive to honour her grandmother, Hilda Cross, who died in 2017.

The 93-year-old suffered with Alzheimers, so Kayleigh wants to use the daring jump to raise money for the Alzheimers Society.

But she first needs to hit the 13 stone mark in order to be legally allowed to do the skydive, which is now booked to take place next month.

The surgery has completely changed my life and I have a whole new mindset now, said Kayleigh.

I feel amazing for losing the weight and the amount my confidence has grown in this short time is really great too.

But I still have about one stone and nine pounds to lose to be able to jump, so I am doing a lot of exercise and bike rides to lose the extra weight.

I feel like this will be as close I will get to waving up to my nan, which I am thrilled about, and I am nervous and excited, but it will be amazing if I can do it in September.

Kayleighs initial aim was to raise just 250 for the Alzheimers Society, but her target has already been smashed by more than 100, and it continues to increase each day.

She now hopes her nerve-wracking venture through the sky will generate further awareness of what patients and their loved ones go through when fighting the devastating disease.

This charity is so important to me because I have worked as a carer with people who have Alzheimers, she added.

And obviously watching my nan live with it was not nice and there is a feeling that you grieve for them twice.

You grieve for the memory of how they used to be before the diagnosis, until the end, when you actually grieve when you lose them.

There is this torment of watching someone you love so dearly fade away before you.

To sponsor Kayleighs skydive, visit

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Super slimmer lost 9 stone so she could skydive in memory of nan - Clacton and Frinton Gazette

Aug 18

Palou is 7th in the Fast 9 of Indy500 after a technical slip, Pole Andretti – Explica

Saturday was the fastest and Sunday he dominated again. Marco Andretti has achieved the Pole Position of the Indianapolis 500 in the Fast 9, achieving the first pole for the surname in 33 years. It has been imposed on Scott Dixon and Takuma Sato. Alex Palou was seventh after experiencing a loss of pace due to a problem with the weight jacker.

The nine fastest cars in the qualifying session on Saturday have been the ones that have won the ticket to the Fast Nine, in which this Sunday the Pole Position has been decided. They have gone out to shoot in reverse order to the record of the previous day. Thus, as Palou had been seventh, today he was the third to take the asphalt.

The person in charge of opening the track has been Takuma Sato, who has flown four consecutive laps in 230 to complete his attempt with an average of 230,725 miles / hour, with hardly any loss of pace. Then it was the turn of Graham Rahal, who has stayed at 229,380 miles / hour and has reported feeling uncomfortable with the car.

Then its time to Palou. The Team Goh rider was spectacular on his first lap 231.901 miles / hour, the best first lap of the day but he quickly lost pace in the following and finished with an average of 229.676 miles / hour. The reason for this decline has been a problem with the weight jacker a sort of weight distribution.

The weight jacker is a control that the pilot has on the steering wheel that affects the rear suspension and the distribution of weights. On the straights, it allows you to lower the suspension and raise the nose, which ultimately reduces downforce and provides a plus of about 0.5 miles / hour. When it returns to its original position, the car gains aerodynamics.

That slip was very expensive for the Team Goh rider, who this Saturday had reached 231.034 miles / hour and who felt he had the potential to approach 231.5. And it allowed him to lose ground to the other rookie of the session, Rinus VeeKay, who has completed his stint at 230,704 miles / hour.

We had a couple of problems with the weight jacker. We have to check if it was me or if it was the system, but its a shame because the car had the speed and the team had done a great job. Now I look at the race. . Im sure it will be very good, he told the American broadcast as he got out of the car.

But Sato would not be the fastest of the session, because Scott Dixon would climb twice to 231 to complete his attempt in 231,051 miles / hour, placing himself in the provisional pole position awaiting the four cars of the Andretti team, who had dominated Saturdays qualifying with a poker.

The first Andretti to go out on the road was James Hinchcliffe, who posted a discreet average of 229,870 miles / hour. Worse luck was Alexander Rossi, finishing last with a 229,234 that suggested the track slowed down as temperatures rose. Ryan Hunter-Reay would go up with 230,648, but still far behind on Saturday.

If the first three Andretti had been hesitant, Marco Andrettis was the opposite. The fastest man on Saturday would climb twice to 231 and complete his attempt with an average of 231,068 miles / hour, enough to pass Dixon by the minimum 0.017 miles / hour and score the Pole Position of the Indianapolis 500 .

The great race, August 23.

Marco Andretti, the Pole Man of the 2020 Indianapolis 500


POS. PILOT EQUIPMENT SPEED WEATHER 01. M. Andretti Andretti Herta with Marco & Curb-Agajanian 231,068 235 7985 02. S. Dixon Chip Ganassi Racing 231,051 235 8098 03. T. Sato Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing 230,725 236 0300 04. R. VeeKay Ed Carpenter Racing 230,704 236 0438 05. R. Hunter-Reay Andretti Autosport 230,648 236 0818 06. J. Hinchcliffe Andretti Autosport 229,870 236 6103 07. A. Palou Dale Coyne Racing with Team Goh 229,676 236 7425 08. G. Rahal Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing 229,380 236 9450 09. A. Rossi Andretti Autosport 229,234 237 0446

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Palou is 7th in the Fast 9 of Indy500 after a technical slip, Pole Andretti - Explica

Aug 15

What Is Hatha Yoga and What Are the Benefits? – LIVESTRONG.COM

Hatha yoga is a slow, meditative practice that focuses on using your breath to deepen the poses.

Image Credit: Stgur Mr Karlsson /Heimsmyndir/E+/GettyImages

If the different styles of yoga are layers, Hatha yoga is the base. The meditative, stress-busting practice hones in on many of the basic yoga postures, making it a perfect introduction for beginners.

But seasoned yogis can also benefit. Depending on the yoga instructor and the studio you visit, Hatha yoga classes can range from a constant flow to a slow, gentle class.

Ready to go deeper with your practice? Here's everything you need to know about Hatha yoga and what to expect if you're just starting out, plus a Hatha yoga sequence you can practice in the comfort of your own home or wherever you are!

Hatha yoga is an umbrella term for physical practice, so other types of yoga, such as Ashtanga and Vinyasa, are all forms of Hatha yoga.

Hatha in Sanskrit is a combination of ha (sun) and tha (moon), and represents the union of two opposites. Hatha yoga is filled with a series of physical postures, or asanas, that both strengthen the body and improve flexibility.

Hatha yoga also allows practitioners to discover something deeper within themselves by creating balance and uniting opposites not only in their physical practice but also in their hearts and minds.

"The beauty of Hatha is that through the eight limbs of yoga, each individual is receiving their very own unique remedy to something they are needing in their own life at that time," Candy Glover, a yoga instructor based in Oxon Hill, Maryland, tells

Those eight limbs of yoga that Glover refers to are yoga's principles for living a purposeful life, which are found in the yoga guidebook, Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali, from sage Sri Swami Satchidananda. They are:

What makes Hatha stand out is that it teaches you how to apply yoga principles in everyday life. For example, using your pranayama to do asanas helps strengthen the body-breath connection and trains you to sit in stillness.

"Balance is so hard to come by in our fast-paced culture," says Brandie Regaldo, a San Antonio-based yoga instructor and co-founder of SAY OM SA.

"From my personal experience of practicing and observing as a teacher, a Hatha class is often the first opportunity some people have to actually slow down and tune into their body and mind while reinvigorating themselves at the same time."

That said, many of the poses you'll encounter in Hatha yoga involve balancing and slow transitions between poses to really emphasize the breath. Expect seated and standing poses with twists and bends, so each side of your body is strengthened.

The Benefits of Hatha Yoga

It Can Enhance Mobility and Range of Motion

Practicing yoga regularly can increase flexibility and energy, improve muscle strength and tone and promote better respiration and weight loss, according to the American Osteopathic Association. And because many of the yoga poses in Hatha involve gradually moving from a seated to a standing position, you'll also work on your range of motion and joint mobility.

In fact, a May 2012 randomized controlled trial in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, which included 250 participants with osteoarthritis in the knee joints, found that those who did Hatha yoga in addition to pain treatment saw more improvement in walking and range of motion in the knee than those who did therapeutic exercises after pain treatment.

It Can Improve Your Flexibility

In Hatha yoga, you'll also do poses that incorporate both the upper- and lower-body muscles and limbs, so you'll develop greater body awareness and learn how to move more mindfully, which can promote good posture and flexibility. This is particularly helpful for people with stiff joints, as well as athletes who want to improve their performance.

"Through my Hatha yoga practice, I have developed increased flexibility, better air flow and breathing practices, a better meditative practice, as well as a deepened appreciation for my spirituality," Glover says.

A June 2015 study in Evidence-Based Complementary Medicine, which included 154 middle-aged Chinese adults, found that after 12 weeks of Hatha yoga, participants improved their flexibility and muscular strength and endurance.

It Can Help You Manage Stress

One of the things you'll learn quickly in Hatha yoga is that your breath helps you not only transition between the poses, but mindful breathing also helps you perform new and difficult poses. This can easily be translated to life off the mat. When you're going through stressful moments, focusing on your breathing can help put your mind at ease.

"No matter where I am, how I'm feeling or what's going on, if I really take the time to check in with myself, there's always a way to bring more comfort, joy and acceptance into the moment," Regaldo says.

It Can Promote Weight Loss

Regaldo also credits her Hatha yoga practice with helping her lose weight. "There are so many benefits to practicing Hatha yoga regularly, but the most dramatic benefit I've experienced was an 85-pound weight loss over the course of four years, which I have been able to keep off for 12 years," Regaldo says.

According to Harvard Health Publishing, just 30 minutes of Hatha yoga can burn anywhere between 120 to 178 calories, depending on your weight.

Still, Hatha yoga doesn't have the same calorie-burning power as cardio workouts. To lose weight, the Mayo Clinic recommends supplementing your Hatha yoga practice with regular activity like walking, running, cycling or swimming and a healthy, calorie-controlled diet.

What to Expect at Your First Hatha Yoga Class

Whether a Hatha yoga class is slower-paced or more vigorous is up to the instructor, but the most important thing is to breathe through the transitions of the poses and to move at your own pace.

Some poses you can expect to do in a Hatha yoga class are Child's pose, Mountain pose, Downward Facing Dog and a nice back warm-up that includes Tabletop and Cat-Cow. These are great basic poses for beginners to learn, but they also serve as reminders for more advanced yogis to return to simplicity when the body needs it.

While the instructor will give you a general time frame for staying in a pose, you can expect to hold poses for five to 10 breaths. If you're not able to do certain poses, don't be shy to ask for a modification.

Regaldo also emphasizes letting go of all expectations and encourages students to not be concerned with setting strict goals, such as vigorously working through the hour-long classes or trying to nail down all the poses.

"I invite you to use your time on the mat for self-exploration and inquiry in place of judgements and rules," Regaldo says. "Even five minutes of mindful movements and breathing can do wonders."

How to Find a Hatha Yoga Class Near You

Since Hatha yoga is arguably the most popular form of the practice, many fitness studios and gyms offer classes.

To find a Hatha yoga studio or class near you, check out Yoga Alliance and ClassPass. You can also find on-demand Hatha yoga classes at Yoga Greenbook, Daily Burn, Peloton and Alo Moves. If you're a member at larger gyms, ask if they have Hatha yoga class offerings.

A 15-Minute Hatha Yoga Sequence to Try at Home

To help get you started with cultivating calm and relaxation on and off the mat, here is a quick Hatha yoga flow to practice daily.

Hold each pose for five to 10 breaths and repeat the sequence for 2 to 4 rounds, making sure to switch sides where noted with each round. This flow is meant to be relaxing, so feel free to hold the poses longer.

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Skill Level Beginner

Activity Yoga

If your hips are tight, keep your knees and thighs together.

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Skill Level Beginner

Activity Yoga

If this is your first Downward Facing Dog of the day, put a gentle bend into the knees or cycle your legs, bending one knee at a time. Otherwise, you can straighten your legs while making sure not to lock out your knees to prevent potential injury.

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Skill Level Beginner

Activity Yoga

Image Credit: Shawna Davis/

Skill Level Beginner

Activity Yoga

Image Credit: Shawna Davis/

Skill Level Beginner

Activity Yoga

Image Credit: Shawna Davis/

Skill Level Beginner

Activity Yoga

Image Credit: Shawna Davis/

Skill Level Beginner

Activity Yoga

What Is Hatha Yoga and What Are the Benefits? - LIVESTRONG.COM

Jul 12

8 Reasons for Unexplained Weight Loss – Why Am I Losing …

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Its natural for your weight to fluctuate throughout the year. Maybe you eat a bit too much during the holidays and gain a bit of weight, or you come down with the stomach flu and end up dropping a few poundsa slight swing on the scale is normal and nothing to worry about.

But if you drop at least five percent of your body weight in less than six monthsand you cant pinpoint a good explanation for that weight lossits time to let your doctor know whats up, says Anne Cappola, MD, an endocrinologist and professor of medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. That means if youre 150 pounds, a weight fluctuation of about seven or eight pounds in a short amount of time should be a red flag.

Its not common to lose a significant amount of weight without an obvious reason, Dr. Cappola says. If youre losing weight and nothings changed with your diet or activity, you need to worry about that a little bit.

In fact, unexplained weight loss could be an early sign of a serious health condition, says Kerry Hildreth, MD, an assistant professor of geriatric medicine at the University of Colorado. Here, eight health issues that could explain why youre losing weight so suddenly.

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1You have an over-active thyroid.

Weight loss is a common symptom of hyperthyroidismor an over-active thyroid, Dr. Cappola says. This means your thyroidthe butterfly-shaped gland in your neck that helps regulate your metabolism and growthis pumping out too many hormones, resulting in a slew of body changes.

If I suspected a thyroid issue, Id probably look for increased hunger or heart palpitations, she explains. Sleeping problems or feeling hot all the time are also common symptoms of an over-active thyroid, she says.

2You're not eating enough.

Dr. Hildreth mentions something experts refer to as the obesity paradox. Later in life, weight lossnot weight gainis associated with a greater risk of death. As we age, the stomach empties more slowly, which makes you feel fuller longer, she says. Also, some of the brain signals that control appetite and fullness become attenuated, Dr. Hildreth adds. All of this can lead to older adults eating less, losing weight, and failing to get enough nutrients to support their bodies needs. Be sure you're eating enough protein to help your body carry out important bodily functions, like curbing hunger, stabilizing blood sugar, and building muscle masswhich people lose as they get older. Many medications can also affect your appetite, so you need to pay attention to how much and how often youre eating, Dr. Hildreth adds.

3You have celiac disease.

Celiac diseasean autoimmune disorder in which ingesting gluten causes damage to the small intestinecan lead to a drop in weight, and tends to be accompanied by other GI symptoms like bloating and diarrhea, says Jamile Wakim-Fleming, MD, a gastroenterologist at Cleveland Clinic.

Why? If you have celiac disease and eat gluten, your immune system freaks out a bit. This reaction can mess with the lining of your small intestine, hampering its ability to help you absorb nutrients properly, according to the Mayo Clinic. Inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohns disease can also result in unexplained weight loss due to malabsorption as well.

4You're struggling with depression.

Loss of appetite is a common side effect of clinical depression, and one that can promote unexplained weight loss if youre unaware that your mood swings are something a bit more serious. In a lot of cases, the person doesnt even notice theyre losing weight because theyre mired in the depression, Dr. Cappola explains. Irritability, heavy drinking, indecision, and problems sleeping are other common symptoms of depression.

5You may have pancreatitis.

Problems with your pancreas, which produces enzymes that aid in digestion, can also lead to unexplained weight loss, Dr. Wakim-Fleming says. People with chronic pancreatitisa disease in which the pancreas becomes inflamedtend to lose weight quickly (even if they are eating normally) because the body simply doesnt produce enough enzymes for proper digestion of food to occur, according to The National Pancreas Foundation. Look for symptoms like stomach pain, discolored (or oily) poop, diarrhea, or nausea after eating fatty foods.

6You've developed diabetes.

Especially early on, new-onset diabetes can cause weight loss, Dr. Cappola says. You may also feel crazy thirsty and notice youre peeing all the time. Your body is literally peeing out glucose because you cant absorb it, and that drives thirst, she explains. Diabetes also causes your body to suck nourishment from your muscles, which fuels the sudden weight drop.

7You have rheumatoid arthritis.

Dr. Hildreth says inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritisa condition in which your immune system attacks your healthy tissues by mistakeor some types of infection can knock out a sufferers appetite, causing a drop on the scale. These conditions can also cause inflammation in your gut, which could mess with nutrient absorption, leading to unexplained weight loss before diagnosis.

8It may be cancer.

Several types of cancer, as well as a tumor or ulcer in your stomach or intestines, can cause inflammation or malabsorption issues that may lead to a drop in weight, Dr. Wakim-Fleming says. If someone comes to me with unexplained weight loss, Ill check their stomach and colon and bowels for tumors or inflammation, she says. Ill als0 look for tumors in the esophagusthe tube that connects your throat and stomachwhich can make it hard to swallow.

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8 Reasons for Unexplained Weight Loss - Why Am I Losing ...

Jul 12

Opinion: TikTok health trends are unhelpful and even dangerous – Varsity

Before the COVID-19 lockdown, I tried TikTok once and I thought interesting, but Im above it. In truth, I was an anxious abstainer unwilling to confront my age and the possibility that I wasnt inherently cool anymore. However, I returned to the video-sharing app in a moment of physical distancing weakness and I quickly became addicted.

While it is a great place to connect with others and feel a sense of community, the platform has become host to an alarming amount of misinformation regarding fitness and diets. My For You page features content focused on weight loss over health: workouts for super easy thigh reduction, what I eat in a day videos, and hacks to lose six pounds in two days all of which highlight a widespread ideal that thin is best.

As someone who struggled with disordered eating as a teenager, the ease at which these videos can reinforce harmful understandings of physical and nutritional health is glaringly obvious. Sixty per cent of TikToks users in the US are between the ages of 16 and 24 add that to being stuck at home, the need to maintain a semblance of control in the midst of a global pandemic, and the free time to compare oneself to popular creators, and you have the perfect storm to fuel a resurgence of eating disorders.

Audiences are increasingly looking to online media resources for information and advice. Clea Skopeliti and Bethan John of First Draft have recorded how social media platforms have grappled with discovering, mediating, and deleting harmful content that spreads misinformation amongst the COVID-19 pandemic in their series on health misinformation.

It is time to extend the same attention to content that encourages eating disorders due to lack of scientific data, certified training, and minimal fitness knowledge.

The surge of potentially harmful content on TikTok is indicative of the failure of their community guidelines, which claim that, content that promotes eating habits that are likely to cause health issues is not allowed.Videos may slip through filters because their content is not overtly or intentionally harmful. For instance, creators with ideal bodies often release workout and what I eat in a day videos because they receive a large number of comments asking them to.

Although sharing may come from a place of good intent, this advice is often founded by the advice of other teenagers and minimal health and fitness knowledge. Other examples include the surge of videos showing skinny tea and other miracle drink recipes promising weight loss, and the popular so you think Im skinny and weight loss check sounds.

TikToks For You page a tailored stream unique to each user that acts as a landing page for content magnifies the reach of the harm and body image issues that misinformation can cause, as compared to other social media platforms.

The company recently wrote about the workings of the algorithm behind the For You page: Our goal is to find balance between suggesting content thats relevant to you while also helping you find content and creators that encourage you to explore experiences you might not otherwise see.

It will show you a variety of videos, regardless of whether they are aligned to your interests or not, and then develop a stream of content based off of signals collected by artificial intelligence aimed to maximize user engagement.

Many studies have found that debunking misinformation is unlikely to be effective in changing peoples attitudes once the information has already been spread. TikToks current regulations do not do enough to filter videos that encourage eating disorders, offer dangerous exercise advice, and promote feelings of body shame.

Given its prominence in popular culture, TikTok should take the initiative to set an example and create new standards in the tech industry that do not encourage such trends.

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Opinion: TikTok health trends are unhelpful and even dangerous - Varsity

Jul 12

12 Vegetables With Negligible Carbs That Can Help You With Quick Weight Loss – NDTV Doctor

Lettuce, spinach, avocado and other low-carb veggies that can help you with quick weight loss right here!

Cauliflower is a low carb high fibre vegetable

Eating a diet low in carbs can help you lose weight quickly. The very famous ketogenic diet is based on the principle of eating more fats, moderate protein and very less carbs. Cutting down on your intake of carbs reduces insulin levels, which makes the body burn stored fat in the body for energy, and this ultimately leads to weight loss. Usually a low carb diet focuses on eating proteins and fats. Fruits, grains, legumes, breads and starchy vegetables need to be avoided if you want to cut down on carb intake for weight loss.

However, there are a few low carb vegetables that you can include in a low carb diet. While some veggies like potatoes, corn and quinoa are high in carbs, there are other vegetables which have negligible carbs can help you weight loss.

The following vegetables are low in carbs and high fibre. You can eat them as part of your salads or on the side of your main meals. They can keep you full for longer too. If you are following a keto diet, you need to take care of the portion size. This is because the priority is to stay in a state of ketosis and not load up on carbs, even if it is from vegetables.

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Low carb vegetables

Per 100 gms of serving, following are some of the top low-carb vegetables

1. Lettuce (2 gms)

2. Spinach (1 gm)

3. Asparagus (2 gms)

4. Avocado (2 gms)

5. Celery (1 gm)

6. Zucchini (3 gms)

7. Eggplant (3 gms)

8. Cauliflower (2 gms)

9. Bell pepper (3 gms)

10. Tomato (3 gms)

11. Mushrooms (2 gms)

12. Cucumber (3 gms)

There are multiple ways to include these veggies in your diet. You can eat them as part of your salads or soups. You can sautee them or eat them on the side of main meals.

These low-carb vegetables can help you with quick weight lossPhoto Credit: iStock

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Point to note

Remember that eating low carbs can help you lose weight quickly, but at the same time, it can put you at risk of nutritional deficiencies as well. A lot of high carb veggies are packed with fibre, vitamins and minerals, which together benefit our health holistically.


Also read:Chronic Stress Could Be The Reason Behind Your Digestive Issues: Expert Explains How

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

DoctorNDTV is the one stop site for all your health needs providing the most credible health information, health news and tips with expert advice on healthy living, diet plans, informative videos etc. You can get the most relevant and accurate info you need about health problems like diabetes, cancer, pregnancy, HIV and AIDS, weight loss and many other lifestyle diseases. We have a panel of over 350 experts who help us develop content by giving their valuable inputs and bringing to us the latest in the world of healthcare.

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12 Vegetables With Negligible Carbs That Can Help You With Quick Weight Loss - NDTV Doctor

Jul 12

Katie Prices son Harvey is rushed to hospital as hes struggling to breathe and at risk of organ failure – The Sun

KATIE Price's disabled son Harvey has been rushed to hospital as he's struggling to breathe with a soaring temperature.

The 18-year-old, who suffers fromPrader-Willisyndrome, is at risk of organ failure after his temperature shot up to 42 degrees.


A temperature of more than 42C can cause lasting brain damage so it's crucial his condition is stabilised as quickly as possible.

A rep for Katie exclusively tells The Sun Online: "His condition is very dangerous and Katie is terrified."

Katie noticed his rising temperature quickly and called an ambulance to take Harvey straight to a specialist paediatric hospital.

"He has a temperature of 42 degrees and is struggling to breathe," her rep continues.



"One of his conditions is adrenal failure that could cause his organs to fail and is very dangerous."

Harvey has a range ofcomplex needs.

As well ashaving the rare genetic conditionPrader-Willi syndrome, which can cause weight gain and behavioural problems, he is also partially blind and on the autistic spectrum.


Just two weeks ago he was taken hospital for tests while celebrating his sister Princess's 13th birthday at their Surrey home.

Harveycomplained of chest pains and was rushed to hospital in an ambulance.

A rep explained at the time: "He wasn't feeling well and has presented symptoms that require urgent medical attention.

"Katie recognised the signs and knew when to call an ambulance."


He was sent home again after being diagnosed with a chest infection.

Speaking to The Sun,earlier this month Katie revealed doctors told her Harvey is at serious risk of dying from a heart attack if he does not lose weight.

And, in a brutally stark statement, the fearful mum said she hopes Harvey will die before she does, because he simply will not be able to cope without her.


Katie, 42, said: When Harvey went into hospital, I feared the worst. I always do.

The doctors have told me hes at high risk of having a heart attack.

Hes 27st, wears 5XL clothes and he gets out of breath walking up the stairs. So of course I panicked."

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As well as Harvey, whosedad is footballer Dwight Yorke, Katie has Princess and Junior, 15, with ex-husband Peter Andre.

She also has two younger children - son Jett, six, and daughter Bunny, five - with Kieran Hayler.

Katie and Dwight dated in 2001 but split shortly before Harvey was born. Since then, she has claimed he has only seen his son a handful of times.

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