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Jan 20

Can ‘Big’ Be Healthy? Yes — and No – Medscape

This month, while many people were committing to their New Years resolutions to lose weight, Cosmopolitan UK magazine released covers portraying 11 women of different shapes and sizes, with the headline, "This is healthy!" Each version of the cover features one or more of the 11 women wearing athletic gear and makeup, some of whom are caught mid-action boxing, doing yoga, or simply rejoicing in being who they are. Seeing these, I was reminded of a patient I cared for as an intern.

Janet Spears (not her real name) was thin. Standing barely 5'3", she weighed 110 pounds. For those out there who think of size in terms of body mass index (BMI), it was about 20, solidly in the "normal" category. At the age of 62, despite this healthy BMI, she had so much plaque in her arteries that she needed surgery to improve blood flow to her foot.

Admittedly, whenever I had read about people with high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, or atherosclerosis, I pictured bigger people. But when I met Ms Spears, I realized that one's health cannot necessarily be inferred from physical appearance.

As a bariatric surgeon board certified in obesity medicine, I've probably spent more time thinking and learning about obesity than most people and yet I still didn't know what to make of the Cosmopolitan covers.

I saw the reaction on Twitter before I saw the magazines themselves, and I quickly observed a number of people decrying the covers, suggesting that they promote obesity:

Multiple people suggested that this was inappropriate, especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and the fact that people with obesity are at risk for worse outcomes compared with those without obesity. (As an aside, these comments suggest that people did not read the associated article, which is about fitness and body image more than it is about obesity.)

Putting the pandemic aside for a moment, the question the magazine covers raise is whether physical appearance reflects health. That's what got me thinking about Ms Spears, who, though appearing healthy, was sick enough that she needed to have major surgery. This whole conversation hinges, of course, on one's definition of health.

A common knee-jerk response, especially from physicians, would be to say that obesity is by definition unhealthy. Some researchers have suggested, though, that a segment of people with obesity fall into a category called metabolically healthy obesity, which is typically characterized by a limited set of data such as cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure. Indeed, some people with obesity have normal values in those categories.

Being metabolically healthy, however, does not preclude other medical problems associated with obesity, including joint pain, cancer, and mood disorders, among other issues. So even those who have metabolically healthy obesity are not necessarily immune to the many other obesity-related conditions.

As I delved further into the conversation about these covers, I saw people embracing the idea of promoting different-sized bodies. With almost two thirds of the US population having overweight or obesity, one might argue that it's high time magazine covers and the media reflect the reality in our hometowns. Unrealistic images in the media are associated with negative self-image and disordered eating, so perhaps embracing the shapes of real people may help us all have healthier attitudes toward our bodies.

That said, this idea can be taken too far. The Health at Every Size movement, which some might consider to be the ultimate body positivity movement, espouses the idea that size and health are completely unrelated. That crosses a line between what we know to be true that at a population level, higher weight is associated with more medical problems and fake news.

Another idea to consider is fitness, as opposed to health. Fitness can be defined multiple ways, but if we consider it to be measured exercise capacity, those who are more fit have a longer life expectancy than those with lower fitness levels at a given BMI. While some feel that the Cosmopolitan covers promote obesity and are therefore irresponsible, it's at least as likely that highlighting people with obesity being active may inspire others with obesity to do the same.

Now let's bring the pandemic back into the picture. As much as we all wish that it was over, with uncontrolled spread in every state and record numbers of people dying, COVID-19 is still very much a part of our reality. Having obesity increases the risk of having a severe case of COVID-19 if infected. Patients with obesity are also more likely than those without obesity to be hospitalized, require intensive care, and die with COVID-19.

Pandemic or not, the truth is that obesity is related to multiple medical problems. That does not mean that every person with obesity has medical problems. The musician Lizzo, for example, is someone with obesity who considers herself to be healthy. She posts images and videos of working out and shares her personal fitness routine with her millions of fans. As a physician, I worry about the medical conditions metabolic or otherwise that someone like her may develop. But I love how she embraces who she is while striving to be healthier.

Most of the critical comments I have seen about the Cosmopolitan covers have, at best, bordered on fat shaming; others are solidly in that category. And the vitriol aimed at the larger models is despicable. It seems that conversations about obesity often vacillate from one extreme (fat shaming) to the other (extreme body positivity).

Although it may not sell magazines, I would love to see more nuanced, fact-based discussions, both in the media and in our clinics. We can start by acknowledging the fact that people of different sizes can be healthy. The truth is that we can't tell very much about a person's health from their outward appearance, and we should probably stop trying to make such inferences.

Assessment of health is most accurately judged by each person with their medical team, not by observers who use media images as part of their own propaganda machine, pushing one extreme view or another. As physicians, we have the opportunity and the responsibility to support our patients in the pursuit of health, without shame or judgement. Maybe that's a New Year's resolution worth committing to.

Arghavan Salles, MD, PhD, is a bariatric surgeon and a Scholar in Residence at Stanford University.

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Can 'Big' Be Healthy? Yes -- and No - Medscape

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Jan 20

Feel glad to be back to my fit self: Shrenu Parikh on her weight loss journey – Times of India

After testing positive for COVID-19 in July last year, actress Shrenu Parikh had gained weight. At that time, she had told us, When you are on medication, resting continuously and eating a lot, you are bound to put on weight. However, its important not to rush back to doing things when you have just recovered from COVID-19. I can lose weight anytime I want, but I wont get my health back. This has been a life-changing experience and I dont want the virus to have any long-term impact on my health. Recently, while speaking to us, the actress shared, I have lost a lot of weight in the last few months. Now, I have been getting great feedback on social media about my recent photos, and that makes me happy.

Started working out regularly from September, feel happy with the results

In the second half of August 2020, I started with yoga and basic workout sessions. In September, I travelled to Mumbai for an ad shoot and that is when I started working out regularly. I started with my online classes, which included high-intensity workout sessions including aerobics and Zumba. Working out for about an hour daily works fine for my body. I also try and go for an evening walk whenever I can. I also took a lot of care about my diet. While I just love sweets, I have really cut down on my sugar intake. I think that has taken care of a lot of health issues and I also had immunity boosters. Today, I feel happy to be back to my fit self. I have never been a fan of the size zero figure and I have always been proud to be a curvy and cute-looking Gujarati girl.

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Feel glad to be back to my fit self: Shrenu Parikh on her weight loss journey - Times of India

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Jan 20

Flexitarian diet: Nutritionist explains the pros and cons plus everything else you need to know – T3

Everyone wants to get fit for 2021 and while some people will go down the route of exercising more to boost metabolism, others might try dieting to lose some weight. Deciding on which diet to try next in the never ending battle to lose belly fat is not easy, especially because there are too many of them, all claiming to be the best solution for weight loss. In this article, we'll focus on one of the newer approaches, the flexitarian diet, which is touted to be great for the body and the planet, too.

And to make sure we tell readers the naked truth, we asked an expert, Charlotte Bierens, Head of Nutrition at nutritionally-complete meal brand Jimmy Joy, to clarify some of the most often asked questions about the flexitarian diet. Is it actually good for long weight loss? What are the pro and cons of the flexitarian diet? What foods to avoid?

Interested in dieting?

IMPORTANT: Please be extra careful when trying a special diet, especially if you have a history of eating disorders and/or struggled with obesity before. Should there be any doubt, please always consult a medical professional before starting a diet. Especially calorie-restricted diets can be detrimental to health and slow down metabolism, which might cause long-term health issues. Please be careful and sensible.

Jimmy Joy Plenny Pot v1.0, 6 meals (2,400 calories) | Buy it for 19.28 directly from Jimmy JoyThe Jimmy Joy Plenny Pot v1.0 is the perfect mid-afternoon snack or even meal when you're on a flexitarian diet. It's completely vegan, high in protein (20 grams per serving), low in saturated fat and high in omega and fibre plus it contains all 26 essential vitamins and minerals! Try them today.View Deal

As Charlotte explains, "the flexitarian diet promotes a vegetarian diet while allowing animal products occasionally." It's good for the planet as people on flexitarian diet consume less meat (especially red meat) and more plant-based products, meaning the carbon-footprint is smaller.

The flexitarian diet is the best of both worlds as it offers a solution to one of the biggest concerns in veganism (e.g. vitamin deficiency), all the while not overdoing meat consumption for the sake of it. By eating meat occasionally, people on a flexitarian diet can ensure they supply their bodies with all the nutrients it needs to function properly, without supplementation.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Charlotte likes to emphasise the social benefits and the err flexibility of the flexitarian diet: "With the flexitarian diet, people can reap the benefits of a plant-based diet but also enjoy animal products occasionally or in social events. There are no rigid rules."

A 2016 meta-analysis examined the correlation between vegetarian diets and weight loss and concluded by saying that "vegetarian diets appeared to have significant benefits on weight reduction compared to non-vegetarian diets", with most significant results achieved by people on the vegan diet. The research paper notes that long term trials would be needed to asses the longevity of the weight loss progress but it's a promising result nevertheless.

Another benefit of the flexitarian diet is its flexibility, compared to other diets such as keto. By not forcing the body (and mind) to adhere to a restricted diet, people on flexitarian diet might not over-consume food and therefore manage their weight more easily.

Barebells High Protein and Low Carb Bar, Box of 12 | Buy it for 22.89 at AmazonBarebells' Vegan Protein Bar is free from palm oil, 100% vegan, contains 15 grams of protein per bar and it is just so delicious. Vegan protein bars are not always famous for their great taste and texture but the Barebells Vegan Bar is the exception to the rule.View Deal

"Because there are no rigid rules, there might be a lack of awareness about the replacements required to obtain all nutrients", Charlotte explains, "If it is not well-planned, there might be deficiencies of B12, zinc, iron, calcium, and omega-3."

As in most cases when it comes to dieting, the best results are observed when the right balance of macros and micronutrients are achieved: not having meat with every meal is already a big step towards sustainability, there is no need to completely remove meat and dairy products from diet for the sake of it.

NOCCO Zero-carb Caffeinated Drink, Limon Del Sol Flavour, 12 pack | Buy it for 23.34 at AmazonOne can of NOCCO contains five different types of Vitamin B (folic acid, niacin, biotin, B6 and B12) as well as Vitamin D. The caffeinated range of NOCCO contain 180mg of caffeine and 3000mg of BCAA, whilst the caffeine-free range contain 5000mg of BCAA. All flavours are free from sugar and sweetened with sucralose.View Deal

(Image credit: Getty Images)

A flexitarian diet might support a weight loss process. This happens because there is a decrease in processed, high-calorie foods and an increase in vegetables, fruits and whole foods. "With a well-planned flexitarian diet, it is possible to get all the nutritional requirements while keeping the cholesterol and saturated fats low", Charlotte concludes.

This is part of T3's Fit for 2021 programme, which will be running throughout January. We aim to bring you tips on diet, lifestyle and exercise that will help you shape up for what is certain to be a difficult year. One thing we can guarantee: it WILL be better than last year. And hopefully we'll help you get the most out of it.

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Flexitarian diet: Nutritionist explains the pros and cons plus everything else you need to know - T3

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Jan 20

The It List: Watch the CW’s ‘Walker’ reboot, ‘Salt-N-Pepa’ get a Lifetime biopic and more pop culture highlights of the week – Yahoo! Voices


(Bloomberg) -- Malaysia kept its benchmark interest rate unchanged Wednesday, saving its policy ammunition as the country grapples with a surge in Covid infections that could take months to subside.Bank Negara Malaysia maintained the overnight policy rate at a record-low 1.75% at its first meeting of the year, as expected by 12 of 23 economists surveyed by Bloomberg. The rest had forecast a 25-basis point cut.The decision comes as Malaysia has imposed fresh lockdowns across nearly the entire country and unveiled a new $3.7 billion aid package to help people weather the curbs. The restrictions, put in place after infections pushed the health system to the breaking point, were intended to last two weeks but may be extended, the government said.Despite the new lockdown, the central bank has opted to wait before deciding whether to deliver more support to the economy, said Khoon Goh, head of Asia research at Australia & New Zealand Banking Group in Singapore. The fresh stimulus may have been enough for BNM to hold off for now and assess how the economy evolves.The ringgit held its gains after the decision, rising 0.1% to 4.0450 per dollar, while short-end government bonds extended losses. The countrys benchmark stock index pared some of its advances, rising 0.4%, with bank shares among the biggest gainers.Analysts have shaved as much as 1.5 percentage points from their 2021 gross domestic product forecasts because of the renewed curbs. While less severe than the two-month lockdown enacted last March, the restrictions will mean a loss of about 600 million ringgit ($148 million) per day, Bernama reported, citing Finance Minister Tengku Zafrul Abdul Aziz.New AidThe 15 billion ringgit aid package unveiled Monday aims to help households and businesses weather the restrictions. The announcement is mainly a re-packaging of budget measures and extension of last years economic stimulus measures, Maybank said in a note Tuesday, maintaining its growth forecast of 5.1% for this year.For 2021, while near-term growth will be affected by the re-introduction of stricter containment measures, the impact will be less severe than that experienced in 2020, the central bank said. The growth trajectory is projected to improve from the second quarter onward.What Bloomberg Economics Says...The BNM decisions may all be close calls this year. Keeping them on hold, like today, is the prospect of recovery from the second quarter of 2021. If that picture becomes untenable, though, more easing is likely. For now, we maintain our forecast that BNM will leave rates unchanged this year.-- Tamara Mast Henderson, Asean economistThe statement accompanying Wednesdays decision does sound a touch less neutral than before and opens up the potential for more support should sequential data disappoint, said Edward Lee, chief economist for Asean and South Asia at Standard Chartered Plc in Singapore.Among the key points from the decision:Banks ability to use government bonds toward statutory reserve requirements -- currently slated to end on May 31 -- was extended until the end of 2022Economic growth last year will come in toward the lower end of the central banks forecast for a 3.5% to 5.5% contractionHeadline inflation this year will average higher due to oil pricesMonetary policy going forward will be determined by new data and information, and their implications on the overall outlook for inflation and domestic growthThe central bank clearly left the door open to a further rate cut, signaling an extremely data-dependent stance to monetary policy, said Joseph Incalcaterra, chief Asean economist at HSBC Holdings Plc in Hong Kong. Any extensions to the lockdown or delays to vaccination plans will likely augur further easing. We expect a 25 basis point cut in the first quarter.(Updates with Bloomberg economist quote in box, analyst quote in last paragraph.)For more articles like this, please visit us at bloomberg.comSubscribe now to stay ahead with the most trusted business news source.2021 Bloomberg L.P.

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The It List: Watch the CW's 'Walker' reboot, 'Salt-N-Pepa' get a Lifetime biopic and more pop culture highlights of the week - Yahoo! Voices

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Jan 15

Loyola Medicine Offers Men’s Health Tips for the New Year – Newswise

Newswise A new year brings a new opportunity to focus on health, and Loyola Medicine Men's Health Center Director Kevin McVary, MD is offering tips for a healthier 2021.

"Men don't always focus on their health," said Dr. McVary," and in fact, men are less likely to see a doctor or utilize health resources and wait longer than women to seek care. Often, its a man's spouse or partner who convinces him to see a doctor.

"A focus on health is especially important this year as the COVID-19 pandemic continues," said Dr. McVary, a nationally recognized urologist and expert on mens health. "We know that obesity, heart disease, diabetes and a lack of exercise can lead to poorer COVID-19 outcomes. In addition, some men may have stopped eating healthy during the past year, and/or may be consuming more alcohol due to stress. Others may have a condition or concern that they are not seeking treatment for due to the pandemic.

And yet, lifestyle choices exercising, eating healthy, not smoking, limiting alcohol consumption and managing stress combined with preventive care can keep you healthy this year and throughout your lifetime," said Dr. McVary. "And it's never too late to start."

Dr. McVary offers the following tips to help men improve their health in 2021:

The Loyola Mens Health Center, the only academic medical center-affiliated program in the Chicago area, takes a holistic, preventive approach to men's health, including healthy lifestyle, behavior modifications and medications.

The Mens Health Center is located at Loyolas Burr Ridge location, and offers a broad range of specialty services, laboratory testing, imaging services and a sleep lab.

To make an appointment, visit:

About Loyola MedicineLoyola Medicine, a member of Trinity Health, is a nationally ranked academic, quaternary care system based in Chicago's western suburbs. The three-hospital system includes Loyola University Medical Center, Gottlieb Memorial Hospital and MacNeal Hospital, as well as convenient locations offering primary care, specialty care and immediate care services from more than 1,800 physicians throughout Cook, Will and DuPage counties. Loyola is a 547-licensed-bed hospital in Maywood that includes the William G. & Mary A. Ryan Center for Heart & Vascular Medicine, the Cardinal Bernardin Cancer Center, a Level 1 trauma center, Illinois's largest burn center, a certified comprehensive stroke center and a childrens hospital. Loyola also trains the next generation of caregivers through its academic affiliation with Loyola University Chicagos Stritch School of Medicine and Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing. Gottlieb is a 247-licensed-bed community hospital in Melrose Park with the newly renovated Judd A. Weinberg Emergency Department, the Loyola Center for Metabolic Surgery and Bariatric Care and the Loyola Cancer Care & Research facility at the Marjorie G. Weinberg Cancer Center. MacNeal is a 374-licensed-bed teaching hospital in Berwyn with advanced medical, surgical and psychiatric services, acute rehabilitation, an inpatient skilled nursing facility and a 68-bed behavioral health program and community clinics. Loyola Medical Group, a team of primary and specialty care physicians, offers care at over 15 Chicago-area locations. For more information, visit You can also follow Loyola Medicine on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

About Trinity Health Trinity Health is one of the largest multi-institutional Catholic health care delivery systems in the nation, serving diverse communities that include more than 30 million people across 22 states. Trinity Health includes 92 hospitals, as well as100continuing care locations that include PACE programs, senior living facilities, and home care and hospice services. Its continuing care programs provide nearly 2.5 million visits annually. Based in Livonia, Mich., and with annual operating revenues of$18.8billion and assets of$30.5 billion, the organization returns$1.3billion to its communities annually in the form of charity care and other community benefit programs. Trinity Health employs about123,000colleagues, including6,800employed physicians and clinicians. Committed to those who are poor and underserved in its communities, Trinity Health is known for its focus on the country's aging population. As a single, unified ministry, the organization is the innovator of Senior Emergency Departments, the largest not-for-profit provider of home health care services ranked by number of visits in the nation, as well as the nations leading provider of PACE (Program of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly) based on the number of available programs. For more information, visit You can also follow Trinity Health on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

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Loyola Medicine Offers Men's Health Tips for the New Year - Newswise

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Jan 15

Here’s How to Eat More Carbs and Lose Weight: Yes, It’s Possible! – The Beet

When was the last time you heard: Eat more carbs to lose weight? Like, never, right? But it turns out you can enjoy your favorite potatoes, lentil pasta, whole wheat breadif you do it right. The trick to making itwork, and getting your body to incinerate fat, is in the timing. There's new diet method sweeping the nation called "carb cycling" and essentially it uses the timing of your food groups to lose weight. Essentially you'll eat two days "on" carbs and two days "off"ofcarbs, and 2 "medium carb" days, and this combination prompts your insulin response to kick in and burn fat like your body was a gas-guzzling semi-truck.

Until you get the hang of it, carb cycling is a little bit complicated since you have to hone in on exactly when to pile on the pasta and when to pull in the reigns. And since athletes are the ones who get this right most often, combining their carb intake with their most intense workout days, The BeetaskedKim Bowman, the nutritionist forhigh-intensity training communityF45, to be our guide to doing it right. Bowman gave us the full "how-to" of carb cycling for effective weight loss. Plus she sharedasample meal plan to guide you through thefirst week. The best news: Carb cycling works perfectly with a plant-based approach.

"If you're already vegan, you're halfway there," Bowman says since you will fill up on healthy carbs such as potatoes, squash, beans, and legumes and avoid unhealthy animal fat when you need more protein on low-carb days. Bowman notes that the carb cycling diet approach is "beneficial for vegans since it helps you stay on track with what you eat throughout the day." And, if you already try to intermittent fast, Carb Cyclingis a walk in the park since both methodsrequire you to be mindful of when to eat.

When you follow carb cycling, your carbohydrate intake will vary between a high-carb day, where 45 to 50 percent of your daily intake will be carbs, followed by moderate-carb days, where 30 to 35 percent of your daily intake is made up of carbs, and very low-carb days, where 20 to 25 percent of your daily intake is made up of carbs. These ratios will help your body burn fat for energy on the very low and moderate days. Think of the high carb days as maintenance, since the extra calories will help your body recover from tough workouts and the carbs will be used to rebuild muscles that get worn down byall that exertion in the gym.

When you start to do it, carb cyclingis easier than you think it will be, and because you get to eat carbs fully two days a week, many people who follow this weight loss strategy think that it makes it easier to stay on track, feel energized, and lose weightfast, in less than a month.

"Carbohydrate cycling is a protocol whereby carbohydrate consumption varies from high, moderate, or low on a daily or weekly basis" Bowman explains. "Depending on your body composition goals, the daily ratio of healthy carbs may be lower than usual before cycling back to a higher ratio. The aim of carbohydrate cycling is to fill the glycogen storage in the muscles and liver without storing excess glucose as fat. However, its important to note that not all carbs provide the same nutritional benefit."

KB: "It's the concept of being more mindful and regulating your cravings. iI you can time your carbs and be mindful you can really regulate how hungry you are, you're stabilizing your blood sugars. if you're not mindful you'regoing to be eating foods all over the place. Cravings are stimulated by changes in blood sugar. Carb cycling helps monitor that so you don'thave really highdays."

KB: "On high carb days, focuson consuming quality complex carbs like oatmeal, quinoa, and beans. On low carb days eat non-starchy vegetables and avoid simple carbs like white rice, baked goods, cookies, store-bought products that drive up blood sugars. Simple short-chain carbs make you feel hungry quicker than if you eat complex carbs, because they're full of dietary fiber and break down more slowly. More people should eat this way anyway."

How you use carbohydrate cycling depends on a variety of factors, including your current body composition, weight loss goals, training routine, andusual eating habits. For example, an athlete may be going through a leanphasefor fat lossby lowering his or her carb intake for a couple of weeks before reintroducing carbs back during a building phase. While there is variation between approaches, a typical weekly carbohydrate cycling protocol may look like this:2 High Days:Sunday and Monday, eat your highestintake of carbs,45 to 50 percent2Moderate Days:Tuesday and Wednesday, eat moderate carbs,30 to 35 percent3Low Days: Thursday to Saturday, eat your lowest percentage of carbs: 20 to 25 percent

The meal plan for a high-carb day will fall on Sunday and Monday. Forty-five to 50% of your daily intake is carbs this is approximately 175 to180 grams of carbs per day. Here is the exact meal plan with recipes.

Breakfast: Oatmeal and Fruit



The sample menu is based on a total daily caloric intake of 1,500 calories. Note that macronutrient distribution will vary depending on body weight, age, and gender.

KB: "Yes and it's actually easier. If you're macro heavy on carbs such as a plant-based diet, you're more than halfway there. Your body is cyclingthrough periods of high moderate to low carbohydrates intake so it's good for someone who's plant-based to have a steady flow of carbs. And, if you're macro heavy on carbsand you eat lots of beans and legumesyou're more than halfway there."

KB:"Carb Cycling is something that has been used by a lot of athletes and they normally follow a modified version:45%-50% carbs on moderation days and 20-25% carbs on low days."For example, an athlete engaging in carbohydrate cycling may be going through a cutting phase with the goal of fat loss. Therefore, this individual may lower his or her carbohydrate intake for a couple of weeks before reintroducing carbs back during a muscle building phase.

KB:"You will not gain weight if you follow the meal plan properly, and pay attention to the ratios. Bloating only depends on the types of carbs you're eating and if they are high in fiber."

KB: "No, because you will still have a good amount of protein and healthy fats that will make you feel full on low-carb days. Some foods I recommend eating are avocados, nuts, seeds, beans, nutrient-dense salads, and fatty fish if you're not vegan."

KB: "Weight loss will take about 3-4 weeks depending on your diet and body. But, in terms of feeling good and having more energy, you'll start to notice the difference after the first week."

KB: "Yes, but don't restrict your calorie intake at all. If you're not noticing weight loss results look at the carbs you're eating and aim to eat lower calorie carbs like starchy vegetables."

KB:Don't get discouraged, just try it. Focus on cutting out refined and process carbs and if you do that already you're already on the right track.

KB:"More cardio-based workouts, like a light jog, lower HIIT session, and pilates"

KB: "You should do a lot of weight trainingto utilize that fuel."

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Here's How to Eat More Carbs and Lose Weight: Yes, It's Possible! - The Beet

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Jan 15

Make your resolutions stick – The Signal – The Signal

Every New Years Eve, people worldwide are hopeful and excited for a chance at a do-over in the new year. For many people, part of this do-over includes making New Year resolutions. According to a recent Finder survey, 73.76% of men and 74.26% of women in the United States plan on making New Years resolutions for 2021.

But on average, 80% of people end up ditching their resolutions. That means nearly four out of every five people will not reach their goals by the end of the year. Its normal to have trouble making New Years resolutions stick. It doesnt have to feel impossible, and burnout is avoidable.

Many people give up on their resolutions because they are too big to achieve. A staggering 45.59% of people make health-related resolutions, whether gaining or losing weight, starting a proper diet or exercise routine. Unrealistic expectations like losing 10 pounds in a week, long term fasting diets and detox diets are an easy way to get discouraged quickly.

Without consistent planning to make these dreams a reality, people may fall short of their goals within the first couple of months into the year. Junior Kyra Sheppard spoke about her previous health-related resolutions.

For years, my only goal was to lose weight. And honestly, Ive stayed within the same 10 to 15 pounds in the last few years, so it just seems silly, Sheppard said. Instead, Im saying specific goals, like I want to exercise at least 30 minutes a day.

To attain a weight-related goal for the new year, set realistic boundaries. According to the CDC, its healthy for the average person to lose between four and eight pounds a month.

A way to stick with a weight loss challenge is to start small instead of losing weight fast and getting discouraged when it rises again. With health-related goals, slow and steady wins the race. There is no way of losing a lot of weight in a short amount of time, and recognizing that is the first step towards progress.

Another reason why resolutions fail is a lack of accountability. When there is a goal that someone wants to achieve, it is important to share it with people close to them. Its easy to give up when there is a lack of encouragement and accountability.

Keeping resolutions quiet, particularly if someone hasnt achieved it in the past, is a recipe for disaster. Examples of accountability can include phone reminders, telling friends or family or joining a group of others trying to achieve the same goals.

For sophomore Ashton Miller, accountability in her relationships motivates her to be successful.

I get busy with school and work and dont make things like eating right or working out a priority, Miller said. I like having someone to keep me accountable because it motivates me when reminding them of what their goal is so that we can both be successful at the end of the year.

Understanding the reasoning behind a goal is essential to a goals success. Instead of only stating an intention, its imperative to choose a valuable purpose.

For example, choose to save $1000 because of vacation purposes, choose to spend more time with family or apply for more scholarships. Picture that goal and focus on the why every time frustration hits along the way. Sophomore Sierra Evans discusses how her why impacts her new year resolution this year.

My new year resolution is to put myself first more often. I think I have put my heart and soul in relationships that havent been what is best for me, Evans said. I have a drive to actually fulfill this new resolution because my mental health has suffered in the past.

A great way to grow passion about completing a goal is to leave notes around the house all year in places frequented the most. Take an expo marker and write on the bathroom mirror, or put a sticky note on the TV stand.

For example, if someone burns out from working hard to get extra money, coming home and reading a motivating note while opening the fridge can help them feel like it is all worth it. The key is to add multiple notes to reinforce the passion behind the goal.

Habits take from 18 to 254 days to break, and even beyond that, there are still temptations to fall back into previous patterns. Embrace small setbacks, and dont give in to discouragement. To expect that completing a resolution is going to be done perfectly can lead to disappointment.

Discovering and continually remembering the passion behind a resolution is the way to succeed by the end of the year.

Another way to make the completion of resolution goals easier is to be aware of and expect temptations. For example, if the resolution goal is to have better time management, it could be tempting to sleep through the day. If thats a habit that is hard to break, it would be a great idea to expect that challenge and face it head-on.

A good way to change that pattern would be to go to bed earlier, so the urge to sleep through alarms is smaller. Setting a schedule of everything that needs to be done throughout each day, cutting out caffeine and lowering screen time are some examples of how to face and overcome temptations.

Sometimes one bites off more than they can chew, which can be another roadblock preventing someone from achieving their resolutions. It is better to finish one or a small number of resolutions properly than to try several different ones and do them all badly or not complete them. Focusing on what is most important leads to higher chances of success.

Setting specific goals is good for self-esteem. Checking off smaller successes throughout the year can make the bigger goals feel even more possible. Dont forget to celebrate the successes no matter how little they are because that is a great motivation to keep going.

For the people that want to have a simple resolution to be proud of this year, try creating a happiness jar. When anything great happens, such as a special day or an individual accomplishment, write it down with the date and put it in the jar.

Materials needed to make a happiness jar are a mason jar, scraps of paper and decorations to make it look unique. Then, watch the jar fill up throughout the year and read through all of the notes before the next New Year party. Not only is it a little time capsule of memories, but it can also help someone feel grateful for what the previous year brought while looking forward to the future.

Sticking to resolutions is tough, but anyone can achieve it with the proper tools and goal-setting skills. Changing life patterns is worth it in the long run, and if discouragement comes knocking at the door, remember some of these tips and power through the upcoming year.

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Make your resolutions stick - The Signal - The Signal

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Jan 15

Anyone else trying to get in better shape this year? This is the program you need in your life – WDIV ClickOnDetroit

Did any of you set a New Years resolution around the idea of weight loss, or improving your nutrition? Its a common goal -- to tone up or kick some of those holiday pounds, come January.

Heres why we ask: On Monday, Live in the D kicked off the New Year, New You contest.

To help start the year off right, five Live in the D viewers will have the chance to win $500 in cash.

Theres also a nutritional program from Dr. Keith Guthrie -- who wants to help people lose weight fast and easily in 2021 -- that helps to change the boys chemistry to keep you healthy, he said.

The program focuses on the 3 Ps: Physical, physiology and psychological. Its sustainable because its a lifestyle change, and it helps you take away the emotional connection to food.

To learn more, click or tap here.

Anyone else trying to get in better shape this year? This is the program you need in your life - WDIV ClickOnDetroit

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Jan 15

This Tea May Help You Lose Weight While Sleeping – Researchers Reveal – NDTV Food

Weight Loss: We all try losing weight at some point in life. But let's admit it, weight loss journey is no bed of roses. It needs time, patience, dedication and a strict and healthy lifestyle to achieve the goal. But what if we say, now you can lose weight while sleeping! Yes, you read that right. According to a new study by the University of Tsukaba, oolong tea might help you do just that.

Oolong tea is known to combine the benefits characteristics of both black and green tea. Hence, it is often touted to have positive effects on our metabolism. Through this study, the researchers wanted to find out the results of drinking oolong tea on energy and fat metabolism in human body. The findings were published in the journal, Nutrients.

It was a 2-week study, conducted on 12 adults aged between 20 and 56. They were divided into 3 groups and were given 3 types of experimental beverages - oolong tea, caffeine and placebo. The effects were closely monitored for 14 days.

The results showed that both oolong tea and pure caffeine increased fat breakdown by about 20 percent, as compared to placebo. However, the oolong tea continued its effects even when the participants were fast asleep.

It was also deduced that the caffeine-content in oolong tea does not disrupt your sleep at night.

According to senior author of the study Professor Kumpei Tokuyama, "The stimulatory effects of oolong tea on fat breakdown during sleep could have real clinical relevance for controlling body weight. However, we need to determine whether the effects we observed in the 2-week study translate into actual body fat loss over a prolonged period."

Manages Diabetes

A study, published in the British Journal of Nutrition, suggested that drinking certain portion of oolong tea daily may help reduce diabetes risk by 16 percent.

Improves Heart Health

It may also have a positive effect on heart health. A study, published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, found that drinking oolong tea may lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and deaths due to it.

Prevents Breast Cancer:

A study by researchers at St. Louis University in Missouri further suggested that much like green tea, oolong tea also plays a role in inhibiting breast cancer cell growth.


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This Tea May Help You Lose Weight While Sleeping - Researchers Reveal - NDTV Food

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Jan 15

If Youre Planning On Losing Weight In 2021, Think Before You Tell Me About It – Refinery29

But as the unsustainability of these diets shows, they can rarely be a healthy lifestyle for anyone. According to Dr Andrew Jenkinson, a bariatric surgery consultant, everyone has a weight set-point that their metabolism will work to bring them back to. If you over- or under-eat, he says that your body will adjust how many calories it burns to keep you at your set weight. And if you crash diet and manage to lose weight, its unlikely to provide results that last. The moment you can no longer sustain the eating habits the diet asks of you, your body will begin to move back to your set-point. And the more extreme the shift from your set-point, the more sharply your body will snap you back. This is why, as reported by Hobbes, "Since 1959, research has shown that 95 to 98 percent of attempts to lose weight fail and that two-thirds of dieters gain back more than they lost."

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If Youre Planning On Losing Weight In 2021, Think Before You Tell Me About It - Refinery29

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