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Jun 4

VIDEO | A1 Health & Fitness helps woman conquer diabetes and lose 65 pounds –

West Bend, WI Amber Starr Choma, 43, of West Bend, WI, has had tremendous success at A1 Health & Fitness in West Bend. I had kidney and liver failure, my eyesight was gone, and I was completely overweight, she said. And I was getting progressively worse. ClickHEREtoSUBSCRIBEto FREE local news at Washington County Insideron YouTube

With some nudging from her doctors, Starr Choma knew she needed to exercise but had no idea where to begin. Ive never been to a gym. I didnt know what I was doing and then I found A1 Health & Fitness. I talked to Alex, the owner, for over an hour, and he got me training and the rest is history, she said.

That was five years ago. Today Starr Choma is celebrating the rewards of a very healthy lifestyle.

Im officially down 65 pounds. My A1C level went from a 10.4 down to a five. My liver and kidneys are completely functioning normally, I am no longer diabetic and Im off all medications, said Starr Choma.

The key was learning to eat right.

When I first started, Alex, didnt tell me what I had to do. He just said, Lets get you moving.

So, I got into the gym, started moving, and as I started losing weight, we slowly integrated nutritional things like drinking more water, changing out carbs, focusing on proteins, things like that, she said. It was easy, because I didnt change what I was eating, I was changing how I was eating.

The results came faster than expected. In the first three months, I lost 30 pounds, she said. So, it was very noticeable very quickly, and yeah, people noticed.

Starr Choma started with personal training twice a week. Those sessions were about an hour and then Alex made sure I was comfortable with all of the lifts and movements and then we worked on my cardio to get me to a point where I could come to class and feel comfortable and keep up with everybody.

The result? This program saved my life, ultimately, because like I said, I was in liver and kidney failure. Had I not found this program, had Alex not worked with me, I probably wouldnt be here today.

My biggest fear coming in here was that I couldnt do it, she said. Ive never worked out in my life, were people are going to laugh at me, you know, because I couldnt keep up and do what they were doing. So, its always that fear of the unknown.

Starr Choma has taken her fitness to the next level, competing in powerlifting.

The last competition I did was in Milwaukee, she said. I competed in the bench press and the power press, and I placed first. Now I love to compete and have goals and something to work towards and this gym is very supportive.

Click HERE to learn more about A1 Health & Fitness in West Bend, Wi.

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VIDEO | A1 Health & Fitness helps woman conquer diabetes and lose 65 pounds -

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