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Aug 16

Joe "The Beast" DeRousie

Check out the workout between Joe "The Beast" DeRousie and Stan "Rhino" Efferding! Some heavy inclines in this one!! Joe is 1 Week out from USA's!! You can find Joe "The Beast" DeRousie @ You can find Stan "Rhino" Efferding @ http You can find us @ MassMuscle.TV http Subscribe! Tags: MassMuscleTV, Believe Media, Joe DeRousie, Stan Efferding, The Beast, Rhino, Bodybuilding, Joe the beast DeRousie, Chest, Triceps, Bodybuilder, USA's, NPC, 2011, 1 week out, training, Joe Derousie training, Stan Efferding bodybuilding training, powerlifting, powerlifter, support team, incline barbell, incline press, dumbbell, bands, Flex Wheeler, Flex Wheeler Fitness, Shawn Ray, Muscular Development, Steve Blechman, Believemedia, Mass Muscle TV, Cam Caddie, A Bid Farewell

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Joe "The Beast" DeRousie

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