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Apr 6

Tufts Nutrition Expert to Join President’s Council on Sports, Fitness … – Tufts Now

Dariush Mozaffarian, Jean Mayer Professor of Nutrition at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University and professor of medicine at Tufts University School of Medicine, will be joining the Presidents Council on Sports, Fitness, & Nutrition.

President Joe Biden recently announced his intent to appoint Mozaffarian and 26 others to the federal advisory committee, which aims to promote healthy, accessible eating and physical activity for all Americans, regardless of background or ability.

The council will also focus on expanding national awareness of the importance of mental health as it pertains to physical fitness and nutrition.

The committee is co-chaired by chef and humanitarian Jos Andrs, H18, of World Central Kitchen, who holds an honorary Doctor of Public Service degree from Tufts, along with Elena Delle Donne, and Women's National Basketball Association member Elena Delle Donne of the Washington Mystics.

As chef Jos Andrs has said, for too long our food has been part of the problem. Its time for food to be part of the solution, said Mozaffarian, who is also a cardiologist and an attending physician at Tufts Medical Center and has served as dean of the Friedman School.

Mozaffarian said the country is at a tipping point to achieve real positive change. We face a national nutrition crisis, with half of U.S. adults having diabetes or prediabetes, three-quarters having overweight or obesity, and fewer than 1 in 15 having optimal metabolic health, he said. This is causing devastating health disparities, rising health-care spending, and reduced military readiness. And diet-related diseases are now more and more common in children, degrading the potential for fully productive, vibrant, healthy lives.

He added, Im honored to be nominated by President Biden to serve on this council alongside so many terrific members, to use my expertise and passion to help promote healthy eating and physical activity for all Americans, regardless of background or ability.

Tufts Nutrition Expert to Join President's Council on Sports, Fitness ... - Tufts Now

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