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Feb 24

New Medicare offering from PEAR Health Labs integrates AI … – GlobeNewswire

SOLANA BEACH, Calif., Feb. 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PEAR Health Labs, creators of an AI-powered, adaptive fitness platform, today announced the launch of Aaptiv for Medicare. The innovative benefit seamlessly integrates Aaptivs digital coaching solution with an in-person fitness network empowering seniors to improve their health outcomes.

Our streamlined Aaptiv for Medicare solution delivers accessible, personalized fitness and wellness coaching from a trusted, familiar brand. By pairing Aaptivs digital experience with in-person opportunities through a growing network of national and boutique fitness centers, Aaptiv for Medicare allows members to proactively improve their physical health, which can lead to reduced Medicare claims. For Medicare insurers, this results in greater member engagement, satisfaction and improved overall health, said Bob Allison, founder and CEO of PEAR Health Labs.

PEAR Health Labs is reinventing fitness benefits for Medicare through the use of AI and biometric feedback. The companys Aaptiv for Medicare solution is specifically designed to address endurance, flexibility, balance and strength in older adults. Aaptiv for Medicare is currently the only solution combining the following key features:

PEAR Health Labs Aaptiv product is built on the PEAR Training Intelligence platform, a patented AI program that analyzes individual data patterns and goals to create biometrically informed personal training programs that adapt as people progress through their plans. Aaptiv was founded in 2016 as a consumer fitness app with an innovative approach to audio and video coaching. The trusted application has received over 13 million downloads and more than 50,000 five-star reviews.

PEAR Health Labs acquired Aaptiv in 2021 to combine Aaptiv's leading fitness app with PEAR's hyperpersonalized, adaptive coaching capabilities. Now, Aaptiv is expanding its reach and impact even further by delivering the most advanced digital and in-person health experiences to Medicare beneficiaries, employers and payers, fitness and wellness providers, and the public sector in the pursuit of inspiring better health through preventative measures.

For more information about Aaptiv for Medicare, please visit

About PEAR Health LabsPEAR Health Labs (formerly PEAR Sports) is a California-based adaptive digital fitness and wellness coaching company that augments training with technology to build intelligent products and solutions that empower individuals and communities to move smarter. At PEAR Health Labs, we understand that the correct physical activity can strengthen us, reduce and prevent disease, and improve lives. Built on nearly 30 years of evidence-based research, our hyperpersonalized and adaptive digital coaching experiences are biometrically informed and driven by AI and proven sports science, helping individual consumers, employees and insurance plan members live healthier, happier and more active lives. To learn more, please visit

About Aaptiv by PEAR Health LabsAaptiv is an AI-powered adaptive digital coaching solution that helps people improve their health, fitness and happiness. With a hyperpersonalized digital fitness offering, Aaptiv's smart coach provides recommendations and access to personalized digital workouts that can be done at home, on the go, or in one of many nearby facilities in the Aaptiv fitness network to help people move smarter, get healthier, and live happier. Built on the PEAR Training Intelligence platform, Aaptiv is uniquely designed to adapt based on the users progress to create realistic expectations that help facilitate boosted productivity and improved well-being. With Aaptiv, people can work out when they want, where they want, the way they want. To learn more, please visit


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New Medicare offering from PEAR Health Labs integrates AI ... - GlobeNewswire

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