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Feb 24

Motherhood Changed Me From the Inside Out: Millionaire Fitness Influencer Proudly Accepts the Drastic Change in Her Body After Being a Mother -…

The world sees Paige Hathaway as the diva with contoured cheeks, pouty lips, and a keeper of a maintained body. The uber-famous fitness model has now become a global sensation for breaking stereotypes with positivity. Although little do her fans comprehend the rocky start of Paiges path to becoming a millionaire. The mother of a three-year-old girl has a stern belief the wisest thing you can do is be on your own team.

Attributing her motherhood to her strong and successful being, Paige wants to encourage more to join the team. In a recent post on her Instagram, the fitness influencer indeed expressed her heart out at a lot of things. Lets get to the array of her positivity.


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The 35-year-old bikini athlete created a beautiful life for herself. After her daughter, Presley, was born in 2019, Hathaway confronted a new chapter of her life. The long post starts with the caption, So much has changed over the yearsMOTHERHOOD CHANGED ME FROM THE INSIDE OUT. Moreover, along with the post, she shared two pictures of herself looking different yet gorgeous.

The Instagram sensation further explained how her body measurement changed when she became a mother. In addition, she also shared the impact that the changes in her health created on her mental health, saying, The person I was in old photographs was nothing like the person I have become. Paige also lost all confidence by then and was body conscious.

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For her, HATING your body, CRITICIZING it, and finding FLAWS is, of course, not the way to deal with it. The bikini model further explained how a healthy lifestyle and a happy mind have been her mantra throughout becoming what she is today.

Having started working out at an early age, Paige has always felt her urge to dabble in fitness. Being the spokesperson of F45, an Australian fitness chain that expanded across the U.S., she wanted a hike in her global reach and to connect with women who have interests in more than bodybuilding.


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Apart from F45, which pays her a six-figure annual salary, she earns more from e-book sales, subscriptions from her website, a commission from supplement companies, and sponsored social media posts. Hathaway prefers a long-term contract with companies that help her get a stable paycheck. But what she enjoys more is reaching out to her 3.6 million Instagram followers with a strong and positive vibe to guide them towards the right way.


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Evidently, all she does is for setting herself as the role model for her daughter and inspire the women who are looking going through the same experiences. Being a fitness freak, Hathaway is indeed the epitome of dedication and self-reliance.

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Motherhood Changed Me From the Inside Out: Millionaire Fitness Influencer Proudly Accepts the Drastic Change in Her Body After Being a Mother -...

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