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Nov 1

Fitness | Shape Magazine

The Best Exercises for Lower Abs

These eight moves will help strengthen your lower abs for a strong core and flatter stomach

Summer moderation.

It might seem like bathroom humor, but this toilet paper Tabata workout is no joke.

16 top fitness experts share their go-to move for slim, sculpted hips and thighs.

Stop doing crunches and start doing these 3 flat-belly moves!

6 classic strength moves that fry fat and sculpt a sexy back and shoulders.

Cardio and a clean diet can only get you so far--amp up your metabolism with this routine to maximize your weight loss results.

So freaking simple.

My life was spiraling out of control with anxiety-induced chest pains.

Pulling on a skintight Cat Woman suit or a Beyonce bodysuit this Halloween? Amp up your booty work in the gym to totally slay in whatever spooky, sultry, or just plain silly costume you choose.

Portable and perfectly portioned.

This multi-tasking move can work wonders for your body, but are you doing it right?

Bye, varicose veins

Four minutes dedicated to carving your six-pack.

Bust out the wok because you're going to be obsessed with this dish.

Including one never-before-seen move that will *rock* your body.

Slim, strengthen, and define your thighs with this power circuit!

Steal this volleyball athlete's go-to moves to shape up from head to toe.

Strengthen every angle of your core with these killer moves.

BRB, stuffing our faces.

Lace up, get out, and no more negative talk.

Because ~plant-based~ is so hot RN

Ready to get sweaty? We've got workouts for your abs, butt, legs, and more.

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Fitness | Shape Magazine

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