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Sep 6

Bare Health and Fitness goes back to the basics – Napa Valley Register

Were in what the New York Times recently called The Anti-Dieting Age.

Working out and dieting arent cutting it anymore, some say. The goal isnt just about fitting into a little black dress, but to be healthy and strong, to better ourselves for the long haul, not just 20 pounds. Youve likely seen the buzzword everywhere: wellness.

Noticing this shift, Napan and personal trainer Tessa Mini wanted to offer total wellness to her clients, not just a hard workout. So in May, she founded Bare Health Fitness and Wellness a business best described as a wellness concierge service.

Bare Health is dedicated to getting your health back to the basics. My aim with this business has been to get people feeling good every day like our body is meant to, said Mini. Everyone is busy, but your health should be a priority and that is my goal for each of my clients to obtain.

A one-stop shop to your wellness needs, Bares services include personal training, postural analysis and pain relief, vegan cooking classes, wellness retreats, educational seminars and corporate wellness programs. Clients often come to Bare Health for one service, and later sign up for others to round out their wellness goals.

Mini operates Bare Health out of 2225 Brown St. Suite 106 as an independent contractor. If theres a wellness area that she isnt personally qualified to offer her clients, she brings in a local expert.

For instance, shes partnered with Matt Kathol, who brings 26 years of personal training, corporate wellness and ergonomics experience, with corporations like Walmart and Genetech, to the table.

Mins background in fitness goes back most of her life. She played Division I college tennis at the University of Portland, and has competed in half marathons, open CrossFit competitions and body-building competitions.

After moving to Australia for a job in marketing, the Vintage High grad finally decided to pursue her longtime dream of personal training, got her certification and eventually brought her business back to Napa.

But even while at the top of her fitness game, she wasnt truly well. In May of 2016, she was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Hashimotos, a condition in which the immune system attacks the thyroid and causes chronic inflammation throughout the body.

Ive been dealing with thyroid issues and just trying to find a natural way to deal with it rather than take medicine. I started with clean eating, but it wasnt enough, she said.

Thats when she cut meat out entirely.

Literally within a month, it was exactly what my body needed, all the inflammation went away, said Mini, who has been on a vegan diet ever since.

That wake-up call was a big motivator in starting Bare Health and Fitness.

One of the companys most popular programs is corporate wellness. Her team can come into an office, and assess each individuals work station and posture, a process called ergonomics. With a few easy changes, significant improvements can be made in a persons work-related pain.

Peoples common aches and pains, in the neck, back, wrist, can nearly all be alleviated with proper work station setup and proper corrective exercises, said Mini.

Bare also offers injury prevention programs, which are especially valuable to the local wineries, where staff is often lifting heavy cases of wine and injuring their backs.

In October, Mini is leading two, week-long wellness retreats in Bali. Participants stay in a private villa with on-site chefs to cook vegan meals. Everyone gets a custom program based on their needs, and each day involves activities like yoga, boot camp, hiking, surfing and snorkeling.

They will take an all-raw vegan cooking class, a nutrition seminar and spend a day volunteering at an orphanage. The goal is to develop healthy habits that will be continued in everyday life back home.

The first week is booked up, but spots are still open for the second week, she said.

Acknowledging that Napa also has all of the ingredients for a wellness retreat, Mini is working with hotels and creating a local retreat option for tourists as well. On Saturdays, shes leading weekly bike rides through Yountville, which include a stop at Trefethen for a splash of vino and also a vegan picnic.

Its exciting for Napa, because it seems like not a lot of people have tapped into health and wellness to the extent Im offering my clients, said Mini.

For details, call 707-337-0634 or visit

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Bare Health and Fitness goes back to the basics - Napa Valley Register

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