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Mar 20

5-2-1-0 Plan: A New Fitness Program For the Youth at Dixon’s YMCA –

DIXON -- A new fitness initiative dedicated to the youth is underway at the Y-M-C-A in Dixon, called the healthy kids, healthy future program or 5-2-1-0 plan.

The YMCA in Dixon partnered with KSB hospital to start the program as a way fight childhood obesity, something fitness director, Katie Matteson says, is vital for the youth.

"The four numbers have meaning, so we based it off five, which means adding five fruits or vegetables to a meal, two, associated with have two less hours of screen time, one, meaning one hour of physical activity and zero, for no sugar drinks," she explained.

Students 6 years and up attend a four-week program, two days of the week, where representatives from the hospital teach the kids on the health benefits of implementing the 4 number plan.

"The dietician over at KSB actually makes up the snacks for us," Matteson said.

"We give them the vegetables, carrots and radishes too, you know different things they might not be normal too."

Right now, the program is in its first week with two families signed up, but that number is expected to jump to 10 as more families attend.

5-2-1-0 Plan: A New Fitness Program For the Youth at Dixon's YMCA -

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