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Jan 3

Get ahead of winter inactivity with an inspired home workout space – Jersey’s Best

A year and a half after transitioning to a remote or hybrid workplace, many of us have mastered the stay-at-home lifestyle. As far as compensating for the physical activity that gets lost in acommutelesslandscape goes, the work-from-homeforce tends to fall into two camps: P90Xing off the walls or rolling from bed to desk every day.

If you fall into the latter camp and still havent managed to make peace with going to the gym in a pandemic, the good news is making your own at-home space is simple.(Finding the willpower to use it, however, is sold separately.) Creating a gym space in your home can be manageable and tailored to your unique needs if you incorporate elements to inspire activity, not just house it.

Figure Out Your Needs and Goals

Theres no blanket solution to making your lifestyle more active. Age, weight, medical conditions and schedules all complicate the best laid plans. If the first thing you do isnt setting an intention to adopt something you can do roughly 150 minutes a week, you may just become one of those people with a lot of weights collecting dust under the bed.

For able-bodied people who sit in front of a computer for hours a day, a routine ofhigh-intensity interval training (HIIT)for 15-45 minutes at least three times a week might be enough. Someone who needs accommodations due to injury or disability might benefit more frompilates, yoga and vigorous walking. More activity-driven at-home exercisers might find they need dance fitness or virtual group classes.

Whatever your speed, figure out whats best for your life and body,and incorporate it into your schedule with a goal of gradually reaching the World Health Organization-recommended 2.5 hours a week.

Fitness artist Walter Kemp advisedcreating a strong support system before working toward your fitness goals.

The most important thing before starting any wellness journey is being mentally prepared, he said. Have people who support your goals. If youre home and you have kids, get the kids involved. Get your spouse involved. Make it fun, it should not be miserable, and if that means including family, thats what you should do.

Universal Must-Haves

Regardless of what you calculate in terms of needs and ability, there are a few pieces of equipment that everyone should keep handy: a fitness mat, dumbbells and resistance bands.

We recommendanadjustable dumbbell set for anyone short on space but long on motivation.A good mat is arguably the most important piece of equipment because no matter what youre doing, youll almost always use one. Top it off with resistance bands, or any bands you prefer, and youre on your way to health at home.

Optional: Kemp saidthat looking good is feeling good and encourages finding workout clothes that you look forward to wearing.

Maximizing Your Space

Theres no getting around the fact that,for many people, at-home exercise is an activity relegated to basements or wedged into the corners of small apartments. That doesnt have to mean you cant turn your designated workout space into one that invites you in rather than demands your time.

Kemps top tip to getting your space set up is declutter, declutter, declutter. That might mean incorporating itemsfromyour home into your routine, like coffee tables, chairs and gallon jugs. Kemp co-created a method called Casa that takes this exact approach and encourages his clients to get creative.

Its fun when you use the things you have around your house to create a workout, like, lets see what I can do with this chair. Ive used a coffee table to do incline pushups, decline pushups, Kemp said.

If your workout space is a living room, bedroom or office most of the time, consideratiered rolling cart that can store all your essentials. You can also make your space appear larger while checking out your form witha homegymmirrorwe recommendatile workout mirror for spaces used mostly for exercise.

Get With the Program

The biggest hurdle youll face in starting a new fitness program is sticking to it, so you may want to invest in virtual classes or pre-recorded videos to keep you on track.

If you dont have a TV in your workout space, device stands can prop up your phone or tablet.When picking programs,ObFitness, where you can take classes with Kemp and other instructors in a plethora of strength and cardio classes, dominates the market. Its $199 for the annual plan, $19 per month or $65 every quarter, and youll have options ranging from dance HIIT to miniaturetrampoline class to yoga andpilates.

There are also tons of free options on YouTube, like POPSUGAR Fitness,, Tracy Anderson and 305 Fitness. Whatever you choose, just make sure its something you enjoy.

M.E. Lewis is a Jersey tomato currently growing on a Brooklyn vine. She has covered South Jersey, Union County and Newark and spent a copious amount of time uncovering all things weird and cool about her home state.

This article originally appeared in the Winter 2021 issue of Jerseys Best. Subscribeherefor in-depth access to everything that makes the Garden State great.

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Get ahead of winter inactivity with an inspired home workout space - Jersey's Best

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