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Apr 6

What Happened To David & Benji Bolton From My 600-Lb Life … – Screen Rant

David and Benji Benton are famous stars from My 600-lb Life season 6, and its time to update fans about them. When Benji and David debuted on My 600-lb Life, the brothers weighed 1300 pounds. David, the heaviest at 747 pounds, explained that they grew up poor and would spend all their extra money on junk food. Unlike his brother Benji who weighed just 582 pounds, David explained that he gained weight faster than his siblings and already weighed 140 pounds by the time he was 10 years old. Nonetheless, the brothers were determined to lose weight and change their lives.

After consulting My 600-lb Life Doctor Younan Nowzaradan, AKA Dr. Now, the brothers were placed on a specialized diet that kick-started their weight loss journey. David quickly dropped about 141 pounds which qualified him for bariatric surgery. However, Benji struggled with losing weight, only dropping 14 pounds within the same time frame. Nonetheless, he took inspiration from Davids improvement by working harder. Eventually, Benji also qualified for his bariatric surgery. After their surgery, the two brothers continued working hard to live a healthier lifestyle.

By the end of their My 600-lb Life episode, David had dropped to 420 pounds while Benji weighed in at around 258 pounds, according to Distractify. After leaving the series, David and Benji continued working towards their weight loss goals, and the brothers dropped even more weight. According to Starcasm, David and Benjis sister Cindy Lee Bolton, revealed in a Facebook conversation that the brothers have made monumental strides in their weight loss. David lost around 452 pounds, and Benji was close behind, losing around 382 pounds. Meanwhile, the brothers weight loss achievement became even more profound when David announced his engagement to his girlfriend, Carrie, in March 2020 via his Facebook page.

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When David and Benji starred in My 600-lb Life season 6, the brothers had a very good relationship. Despite their personality differences, they helped and motivated each other to achieve their weight loss goals. However, when Benji appeared on My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now, Benji sadly admitted that he and his brother had a falling out. One of the reasons the brothers stopped seeing eye to eye was Davids decision to sue Megalomedia, the studio that produces My 600-lb Life. After their stint on the show, David sued the company and the producers.

The case documents filed by David alleged that the lifestyle changes needed for him to undergo weight loss surgery made him frustrated and depressed and that the show never provided any mental assistance for him. He also accused the studio of promising to pay all medical bills incurred under Dr. Nows care, but they didn't. Although there has been no recent update about David, hopefully, he has stayed committed to his weight loss goals like Benji. Hopefully, the My 600-lb Life stars will reconcile one day.

Sources: Distractify, Starcasm, David Bolton/Facebook

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What Happened To David & Benji Bolton From My 600-Lb Life ... - Screen Rant

Apr 6

The Anti-Inflammatory Tea Health Experts Say You Should Sip On For Faster Weight Loss: Yerba Mate – SheFinds

Richards explains that yerba mate is a traditional South American beverage made from the leaves of the yerba mate plantand not only does it taste incredible, but it can also offer up a great dose of caffeine that's comparable to coffee. "It is known for its strong, earthy flavor and high caffeine content," she says.

In addition to the taste and the energy boost, this tea may also help you slim down. Richards says there are several benefits to thank for this, starting with the fact that it could help you curb cravings. "It is a natural appetite suppressant, helping to reduce feelings of hunger and prevent overeating," she notes.

Mate has also shown potential metabolism-boosting benefits; "It can boost metabolism, increasing the rate at which the body burns calories," Richards goes on. Then there's the fact that this tea could even help promote healthier blood sugar levels. "It may help to improve insulin sensitivity, which is essential for regulating blood sugar levels and preventing weight gain," she says. Yerba mate, like many other teas, also offers up anti-inflammatory properties, which is fantastic for your overall health and can make a major difference in your ability to lose weight faster.

It's worth noting, however, that while all of these things can help you on your weight loss journey, drinking tea alone likely won't be enough to reach your goals. "A healthy diet and regular exercise are still essential for long-term weight management," Richards stresses, concluding that "as with any dietary supplement, it's important to talk to your doctor before adding mate tea to your diet, especially if you have any underlying health conditions or take medication." Noted!

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The Anti-Inflammatory Tea Health Experts Say You Should Sip On For Faster Weight Loss: Yerba Mate - SheFinds

Apr 6

Im a diet coach heres how to burn fat fast without going hungry… – The US Sun

WANT to burn unwanted body fat but hate the idea of spending months going hungry and missing out on your favourite foods?

What if you didnt have to?

Diet coach and personal trainer for online wellness app RWL Sarah Bockhart says the key to losing weight without over-restricting is to understand how dieting works.

She says: Thanks to fad diet advertising campaigns, most of us have been led to believe that losing body fat is the result of restriction and hunger.

The good news is, this just isnt true.

Achieving fat loss is down to one thing, getting into a calorie deficit.

We all have an energy balance in our bodies which is your daily calories in vs calories out equation.

Put simply, to achieve fat loss you need to consume fewer calories than you use on any given day.

Fad diet companies try to complicate things by making us think we have to consume their product and restrict ourselves from eating anything else.

But once you understand your daily calorie balance, you can make it fit into your own personal lifestyle - without starving yourself.

So, how do you burn fat and lose weight without over-restricting?

Dont want to feel like you are eating tiny portions that leave you hungry for more?

Then moving more is key to helping you burn fat.

Sarah says: The first thing most people do when they want to burn fat is to stop eating as much, or cut out food groups - which is usually what leads to them going hungry and giving up on the idea.

Movement can be your best friend in helping you to burn fat - and Im not about to tell you that you have to spend hours in the gym every day.

Burning fat can be hugely impacted by non-exercise activity thermogenesis, or NEAT.

This is just a fancy term for the calories you burn by moving around doing day-to-day tasks like cooking, hoovering, taking the bins out, playing the piano, picking up the kids' toys etc.

These bits of activity throughout the day may not seem like a big deal, but they are huge.

Sitting down and doing nothing results in us burning very few calories, but little movements every hour count when it comes to reducing body fat.

Think about how often you move throughout the day, and see if there are little changes you can make to squeeze more activity in.

Instead of eating fewer things to burn fat, experts believe eating more could actually help you burn fat.

Nutritionist and author of The Science of Nutrition, Rhiannon Lambert says: Having a healthy and balanced diet is important, but as I say to my clients in the Rhitrition clinic, there isnt just one way to achieve this.

It is always a good idea to include a variety of foods in your daily diet to make sure your body is getting all of the important nutrients it needs to function.

If you want to burn fat without over restricting, I recommend increasing the amount of different foods you eat.

Include a wide variety of fruit and veg and as many different types as possible.

For example, if you love peppers, dont always choose red peppers, mix it up with yellow, green and orange too, as each colour brings something different to your gut.

A more diverse diet can impact the gut microbiome (the living bacteria in our gut).

These play a large role with our weight maintenance as they help with nutrition absorption, bloating, digestion and even our mood.

Instead of restricting yourself in order to achieve a calorie deficit, try and enjoy more variety in your diet, especially when it comes to plant based foods like veg, nuts, seeds and beans.

Research shows that the bigger variety of food we include in our diet, the happier our guts, the more likely we are to feel satisfied and the less likely we are to get unnecessary hunger pangs."

Rhiannon says: Increasing your fibre intake can help you feel fuller for longer, therefore reducing the likelihood of weight gain.

Try eating more wholegrains (brown bread/rice/pasta), nuts and seeds, legumes, pulses, proteins, and healthy fats in your diet.

Fibre also helps with digestion and prevents constipation and bloating.

Getting more of this into your diet will help prevent you from feeling hungry.

You might be forgiven for thinking sleep plays no part in us burning fat, but it could be a good nights sleep that helps you burn fat without going hungry.

Sarah says: Unfortunately, we dont burn more calories in our sleep - but sleep can be a vital tool in helping us burn fat.

If we get a good nights sleep of seven hours or more, we start the day with higher levels of energy than if we get six hours and under.

The less sleep we get, the more tired we are - whether you feel it or not and the more likely we are to want to move less and eat more.

When we are tired, our brains receive signals that make us crave quick energy, and this comes in the form of sugar and processed foods.

We are much more likely to reach for bigger portions, more snacks and unhealthy food when we havent had enough sleep, making it harder - and nearly impossible - to achieve calorie deficit and burn fat.

Try and prioritise sleep. Go to bed earlier, start a good bedtime routine and limit high caffeine food and drinks before bed.

Water is incredibly important in keeping our systems working effectively.

Rhiannon says:Hydration plays an incredibly important role in keeping our bodies healthy and functioning optimally.

Water is essential for all of the bodys processes to work, including carrying oxygen and nutrients around the body, filtering out waste products and temperature regulation.

Hydration also helps with regulating mood, productivity and concentration, all of which can contribute to how much we eat.

Hydration is also important because it helps with the absorption of nutrients from the food we eat - keeping you feeling full.

Some research suggests that drinking more water can lead to a larger weight loss, and we know that dehydration may hinder progress in a weight loss journey because symptoms of dehydration include feeling tired, which may lead you to reach for those calorie-dense, sugary snacks as a pick-me-up.

Sarah says: Along with general movement, higher intensity exercise can be really useful in helping you achieve calorie deficit as it increases the amount of calories you use up in a day.

Walking, running, cycling, home workouts and lifting weights all increase your heart rate significantly, increasing the energy your body needs to give out.

Increasing your heart rate for long periods of time requires the body to use up more calories - helping you achieve calorie deficit.

Exercise is also proven to increase your mood and confidence, both things that can help prevent you from reaching for high sugar food and drink.

Rather than restricting your diet and going hungry, fitting in a few exercise sessions a week can allow you to still enjoy healthy portions of food and healthy snacks but still burn fat.

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Im a diet coach heres how to burn fat fast without going hungry... - The US Sun

Apr 6

The controversial ‘Skinny Pen’ helping celebrities shed weight – The Straits Times

Called Hollywoods worst-kept secret, injectable prescription medicine Ozempic has been making waves in Tinseltown for reportedly helping celebrities drop weight fast.

But many celebrities have distanced themselves from the medication that was created for those with type 2 diabetes, especially after a shortage of the drug worldwide started in 2022.

Ozempic contains semaglutide, which decreases blood sugar levels and curbs appetite, leading to weight loss. It was approved by the Health Sciences Authority for use in Singapore in 2021 to treat type 2 diabetes.

Another semaglutide medication, Wegovy, which is made by the same company that produces Ozempic and comes in a higher dosage, was approved in February by the HSA for weight management.

Despite the controversy, some celebrities have been candid about their use of either Ozempic or Wegovy.

Comedian Chelsea Handler revealed she took Ozempic, but claims she did not know what it was called or that it was meant for people with type 2 diabetes. On a podcast, she said her anti-ageing doctor just hands it out to anybody.

She added that it feels irresponsible to continue using the drug and has since stopped.

Twitter owner Elon Musk gave Wegovy a shout-out after a Twitter user asked him how he got awesome, fit, ripped (and) healthy. The billionaire said he also fasted.

TikTok star Remi Bader was prescribed Ozempic because she had prediabetes and insulin resistance.

When she stopped taking it, she said her binge-eating got so much worse and she gained double the weight back.

Another celebrity hopping on the Ozempic train is former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson, who was worried about getting diabetes. His previous attempts to lose weight in other ways had failed.

In his Sunday Times column in January, he called Ozempics effects genuinely incredible.

He wrote: I can open the fridge, where theres half a chicken and a juicy bottle of rose, and I want neither. Of course, Ill have to insert some balance in the future, or Ill, you know, die.

But for now its tremendous.

However, other celebrities have taken a strong stance against using such weight-loss drugs.

Actress and model Julia Fox has dismissed speculation that she took Ozempic to maintain her slim frame. She told Entertainment Tonight in March: I would never do that. There are diabetics who need it.

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The controversial 'Skinny Pen' helping celebrities shed weight - The Straits Times

Apr 6

Full-Body Outdoor Workout Will Help You Slim Down – Eat This, Not That

With spring weather in full swing and summer right around the corner, there's never been a better time than the present to take your workout outdoors. If you hate working out at the gym or just want to switch things up while you slim down for the nicer weather, you're in luck. This full-body workout is ultra-effective in getting you fit and lean. The best part is, you can take it outside.

I've coached many group fitness classes outdoors over my years as a trainer. I can safely say that you can get in great shape through bodyweight workouts alone, wherever you happen to be. The following is my favorite full-body workout to slim down this spring. Perform each exercise for the repetitions assigned, rest for one minute, then move to the next exercise. Repeat for three to five total rounds.

Read on to learn all about this total-body workout that'll get you in great shape this spring. And next, be sure to check out The #1 Bodyweight Workout To Shrink Hanging Belly Fat.

Planks are a great core stabilization exercise to include in your bodyweight workout. You can increase the difficulty by dropping your hip to one side and the other, back and forth, to add movement. Keep your core and glutes engaged throughout the set.

To perform a plank, begin in a classic plank position with your hands and forearms flat on the ground, arms pointing forward, shoulder-width distance apart. Keep your core engaged and your spine neutral. Hold this position for 30 to 60 seconds.

Lunges are a great functional exercise that hit the major muscle groups in your lower body, including the glutes, quads, and hamstrings. For this workout, we will do alternating lunges in place.

To perform lunges, begin with your feet shoulder-width distance apart. Take a deep step forward with one foot. Lower your back knee toward the ground. Push through your front foot to return to the starting position. Repeat on one side, then on the other, for 15 repetitions each.

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Pushups hit your triceps, chest, and shoulders incredibly effectively. You can decrease the difficulty by placing your knees on the ground. You can increase the difficulty by bringing your hands closer together or elevating your feet.

To perform pushups, begin in a top pushup position with your core engaged and your hands shoulder-width distance apart. Keeping your core engaged, lower your body down until your chest touches the ground. Push through both hands to raise your body back up. Repeat for five to 15 repetitions or failure.

No great full-body workout is complete without squats. To put it simply, there are very few movements with body weight that work as many big muscles as the squat. Additionally, the mobility and functional movement pattern developed by squatting keeps you healthy as you age.

To perform squats, stand with your feet shoulder-width distance apart. Bend your knees while pushing them outward, and hinge your hips to lower into a squat position. Aim to reach a depth where your thighs are parallel to the floor. Push through both feet to stand back up. Repeat for 15 to 20 repetitions.

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Burpees are a full-body exercise that burns a ton of calories, revs up your metabolism, and develops excellent power.6254a4d1642c605c54bf1cab17d50f1e

To perform burpees, begin standing up with your feet shoulder-width distance apart. Lower your body down into a quarter squat position. Then, jump up, reaching overhead. As you land, absorb the force with a squat. Jump your feet back into a plank position. Immediately bounce your feet back to your hands. Explode upward into the next repetition. Repeat for 10 repetitions.

Mountain climbers are a great way to train your hip flexor and abdominal muscles without equipment. You can perform them quickly with rhythm or slow and steady with control. Each method has its benefits. I recommend going slow if you are new to this exercise.

To perform mountain climbers, start in a pushup position with your hands placed shoulder-width distance apart. Bring one knee toward your chest. Jump, and switch legs. Repeat for 30 total repetitions.

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Tyler Read

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Full-Body Outdoor Workout Will Help You Slim Down - Eat This, Not That

Mar 29

Heres how you can lose weight effectively in 10 days – Lifestyle Asia India

According to research by the World Obesity Federation, more than half of the worlds population will be overweight or obese by the year 2035. About 2.6 billion people globally i.e. 38% of the worlds population is already overweight and the number is expected to increase to more than 4 billion people (51%) in 12 years. In such circumstances, taking care of your body weight becomes a very crucial thing. Interestingly, there are several exercises and methods by which you can lose weight in 10 days.

There are several exercises, yoga, diet plans and home remedies to lose weight in 10 days. While these methods may be rigid and come with a little bit of risk, if done properly then losing weight in 5 to 10 days is an easy task. We discuss tips and tricks for weight loss using effective diet plans, yoga and little exercise.

There are several home remedies to lose weight in 10 days without any health issues. There are several lifestyle changes that you can incorporate into your routine that will help shed a few kilos instantly as well. The outcome depends on your age, height, and medical history.

It is very much possible to cut down weight by 10 kgs if you keep a few things in mind. Several nutritionists suggest that weight loss of 5-10 kg is possible in 10 days if you aim at cutting down 500 calories through diet and 500 calories through exercise and home remedies every day. Women should intake 1200 calories and men should intake 1800 a day in their diet to shed the extra kilos fast.

Yoga and exercises are some of the most effective ways to lose weight in 10 days. There are several healthy diet plans as well. More than exercise, your calorie intake will affect your weight loss journey. Here are some quick tips and home remedies to lose weight in 10 days.

Fitness coach, SteveMaxwell suggests that you cut down on starchy carbohydrate foods. This means the intake of food items like sugars, starches, pastries, and bread of all kinds is prohibited. Fresh fruits have good carbs, so you can consume them. Along with fruits, try to incorporate large raw vegetable salads into your diet each day. A serving of animal protein four times a week is also good. Another important tip shared by Maxell is to stop excessive water consumption.

Personal trainer, Hayden William Courtland suggests that a person should reduce their consumption of refined carbohydrates. One can replace it with protein and healthy fats. Another important tip is to use shorter reps of high-intensity exercise like 10 min of on-and-off sprints more repeatedly than long, slow exercises like steady-pace treadmill running. Sleeping is also very necessary to lose weight. One should make sure that they are getting plenty of quality sleep at night, at least 7 hours preferably.

Checking your weight every day may cause stress. It may demotivate you and encourage you to give up. A scale check can also be misleading as it omits the fact that you might be adding muscle weight. You should weigh yourself once a week and ideally in the morning.

Shilpa Arora ND is a renowned health practitioner, nutritionist and certified macrobiotic health coach. In a conversation with NDTV, she said how snacks as a meal are where most people consume unnecessary foods and risk their weight loss goal. Hence, it is always a good idea to pack your own snack whenever you step out. Nuts and seeds, fruits, plain yoghurt, buttermilk, sprouts, dark chocolate, chilla, and cubes of paneer or cheese make for a great snack alternative.

Dave Asprey, the founder of Bulletproof 360 Inc. and Bulletproof Nutrition Inc., suggests that one should switch from inflammation-causing vegetable oil to ghee. One can also replace vegetables like rice and potatoes with leafy, green vegetables. You can switch to cauliflower instead of eating rice. Fructose from items like fruits might give you food cravings all day. He suggests that you should not consume any fructose-rich food for breakfast. You may eat it after dinner so you can sleep during the food cravings.

Victoria Garcia Drago, who is a yoga instructor, suggests that if you want to get quick results, you may opt for a liquid diet for 3 days. During these three days, you may consume nothing but organic juices to boost your metabolism. One must make sure that they are drinking plenty of room-temperature water infused with a few slices of lemon, limes, and sliced cucumbers. This will keep your body hydrated and make the skin look radiant. Your stomach will also feel full all the time. A little bit of exercise and moving the body is also very important.

Matt Swierzysnki, a personal trainer, says that to lose weight in 10 days, one should be mindful of what they eat. One should reduce consumption of empty calories like biscuits, fizzy drinks, and processed foods. Daily activity is equally important, so involve yourself in activities like walking, running, cycling, swimming, dancing, and sports. Jaime Mcfaden, another health and fitness coach, suggests staying away from packaged food or something that isnt fresh. She also suggests cutting down on ones alcohol intake.

Once you have achieved your weight loss goal, it is easy to maintain your weight. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Firstly, you should continue being on a low-calorie diet and being active in one way or another. Do not sacrifice your sleep. You should get ample rest. It is suggested that you also get a full medical checkup to discover any underlying reason for weight gain. Avoid junk food and consumption of alcohol. And lastly, keep yourself motivated and consistent.

While its quite effective, there can be several side effects of losing weight in 10 days. Extreme weight loss can lead to various complications like metabolic changes, muscle loss and nutrient deficiencies. Fatigue, dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, and gallstone formation are also some of the side effects of rapid weight loss.

Hero Image: Courtesy Freebird7977/Shutterstock; Feature Image: Courtesy Unsplash

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Heres how you can lose weight effectively in 10 days - Lifestyle Asia India

Mar 29

15 Ways to Lose Weight Without Exercise – Eat This, Not That

Are you looking to slim down but don't have the time, energy, or ability to exercise? If so, you're not alone. In a recent poll conducted by ARRIS Composites, 65% of U.S. adults want to lose weight this year. And not by a few pounds, either. The average weight loss goal among the 1,000 Americans polled was 29 pounds. However, while exercise is critical for healthy weight management and overall fitness, regularly hitting the gym isn't everyone's cup of tea. That's perfectly understandable, which is why we're here with 15 ways to lose weight without exercise. (And yesit is possible!)

According to The Heart Foundation, some of the top reasons people don't exercise include fatigue, lack of time, feeling unmotivated, not being able to afford a gym membership, finding exercise boring, and being embarrassed to work out in front of others. So how exactly can you lose weight if you can't summon the energy to work out (or simply don't want to)? To help answer this question, we chatted with nutrition and weight loss experts who share 15 practical ways to lose weight without exercise. Keep reading to discover what they are, and watch that body fat melt away.

It's no secret that your diet is integral to weight loss. But that doesn't mean depriving yourself of delicious food or being in a significant caloric deficit. Instead, the key to healthy weight loss is eating a variety of nutrient-dense that fill you up without the extra calories. According to WebMD, you can lose weight healthily by eating at a calorie deficit of roughly 500 calories daily.

Trista Best, RD, a registered dietitian with Balance One Supplements, tells Eat This, Not That!, "Consuming a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains can help you feel full and satisfied while also reducing calorie intake."

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It sounds almost too simple to be true, but serving yourself meals on smaller plates can help you reduce your eating amount and improve your eating habits. For instance, a 2017 study published in BMC Obesity found that smaller plate sizes led to better portion control among participants.

"Many of my clients do this before even changing what they're eating and find it naturally helps them eat less," says Melissa Mitri, RD, a registered dietitian with Melissa Mitri Nutrition. "Doing this can be helpful if you're a member of the 'clean plate' club. If you find it hard not to eat everything on your plate, using a smaller one can reduce your calorie intake without feeling deprived."

Instead of eating while working, watching YouTube, or scrolling your phone, consider eating more mindfully to give yourself a better chance of reaching your weight loss goals. The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health says mindful eating involves being aware of the emotional and physical sensations you experience while eating. Also, it often involves making your own meals. And according to a June 2022 review, mindful eating is an effective way to support solid eating habits and weight management.

"Pay attention to your hunger cues and eat slowly, savoring each bite," says Best. "This can help you feel more satisfied with less food."

Staying hydrated can support weight loss in several ways. For example, drinking water can act as an appetite suppressant, stimulate your metabolism, and help your body burn fat for fuel, per Johns Hopkins University. Additionally, research shows that drinking a glass of water before meals reduces food intake at the subsequent meal.

"Your brain sends the same signals when you're thirsty as when you're hungry, so it can be easy to mix up these signals," explains Mitri. "Keeping a water bottle on hand at all times can help keep these feelings at bay and keep you physically full."

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Regardless of your health or fitness goal, you won't reach it without adequate sleep. A 2022 review published in Nutrients concluded that sleep is critical to weight loss. For example, one study found that individuals who experienced 14 days of calorie restriction experienced less fat loss when they got 5.5 hours of sleep compared to 8.5 hours. This is likely due to the increased production of the hunger hormone ghrelin when you're underslept.

"Poor sleep can disrupt hormones that regulate hunger and satiety, leading to increased calorie intake. Aim for seven to eight hours of quality sleep per night," recommends Best.

The adage "out of sight, out of mind" is right on the money regarding eating healthy foods. Keeping junk food high in extra calories, added sugars, and unhealthy fats in the house increases the odds that you'll eat them. Conversely, the more you keep healthy foods on hand and readily available, the more likely you are to eat healthily and lose weight.

"If you keep healthy foods around, you'll eat them more often. That way, the next time you're craving cookies, you'll have to push past all the apples and carrots to get to it, making it more of a challenge to eat them regularly," says Mitri.

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Your eating habits are likely to suffer if you're constantly stressed out. Managing any stress you're dealing with is a productive way to lose weight without exercise. According to a 2017 study, stress and negative moods have been associated with over-eating and decreased physical activitytwo significant risk factors for weight gain.6254a4d1642c605c54bf1cab17d50f1e

"Chronic stress can increase cortisol levels, which can lead to increased appetite and weight gain," says Best. "Practice stress-reducing techniques like meditation, deep breathing, or yoga."

The next time you sit down to enjoy a meal, take a few seconds to look at your plate's food portions. Do veggies make up at least half the meal? Eating more nutrient-rich veggies that are low in calories can help fill your belly without all the extra calories.

"Packing your plate with veggies supplies satisfying fiber and fills you up with a small number of calories. It also leaves less room for higher-calorie foods and lessens the total calorie count of your meal. Better yet, eat the veggies first, and you may naturally eat less of the heavier fare," says Mitri.

Similar to reducing your plate size, practicing portion control can help support healthy weight loss. Many of us were raised with the idea that you have to finish every last scrap of food on your plate before you're finished a meal, even if you're full. However, eating large portions and past the point of fullness only increases calorie intake and leads to weight gain, research shows.

"Eating smaller, more frequent meals can help control hunger and reduce overall calorie intake," says Best.

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If you want to lose weight without exercise, track your food intake! Keeping a food diary or using a food tracking app can help you stay accountable and aware of your calorie intake, aiding in weight loss.

"Research shows those who track their food intake tend to hold themselves more accountable to lose weight," Mitri states. "You can track your food via an app, or a good old-fashioned journal. Tracking helps make you more aware of what you're eating and how much and makes you think twice about certain food choices. When you know you have to log that candy bar, you're more likely to ask yourself if it's worth it."

Most processed foods (e.g., breakfast cereals, processed meats, cheese, candy bars, and baked goods) are high in calories, added sugar, fat, and sodium. Research shows that eating too many processed foods can cause weight gain.

"Highly processed foods are often high in calories and low in nutrients and can contribute to weight gain. Instead, focus on eating whole, minimally processed foods," advises Best.

"Set a timer for a minimum of 20 minutes every meal," says Mitri. "According to research, it takes at least 20 minutes for our food to digest. If you're eating for only five to 10 minutes, you're more likely to overeat because you're not giving your body enough time to recognize it's full. I've seen my clients naturally eat less simply from slowing down and without changing what they eat."

In addition, a 2014 study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics found that eating slowly significantly reduced hunger among participants.

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Another great way to lose weight without exercise is by limiting your alcohol consumption.

"Most alcohol is loaded with calories and sugar, which makes it difficult to lose weight," explains Mitri. "Alcohol not only contains plenty of empty calories, but it also may lower inhibitions and increase the risk of overeating and impulsive eating. Limiting alcohol as much as possible and opting for mocktails instead will help the weight to come off more easily."

Americans love their coffee. According to a 2022 survey, three out of four U.S. adults drink coffee daily, with 49% reporting they consume three to five cups daily. What's more, another study concluded that two-thirds of individuals who drink coffee add cream, milk, sugar, or other additives that are packed with calories to their daily cups of joe. Add that up over multiple cups daily, and your cup of joe could be a sneaky source of extra calories. Instead, try switching to black coffee to reduce your java's calorie content significantly.

It's widely known that restaurant, takeout, and fast-food meals are high in calories. That's because, according to BistroMD, restaurants often utilize more salt, sugar, oils, and unhealthy fats than you would at home if you were to prepare your own meals. These extra, unhealthy ingredients are a surefire way to pack on extra weight. So while eating out can be convenient, consider making your own meals if you want to lose weight without exercise. This way, you can control and always know what goes into your food, helping you reach your health and weight management goals.

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15 Ways to Lose Weight Without Exercise - Eat This, Not That

Mar 29

11 Great Tips to Lose Love Handles Fast – BOXROX

Want to transform your health and body composition? Add these helpful methods into your life and habits.

Excessive body fat, especially when it is accumulated around the waist and abdomen, can have negative impacts on health. Some of the potential health risks associated with too much body fat are:

Cardiovascular disease: High body fat levels can increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure by putting additional strain on the heart and circulatory system.

Type 2 diabetes: Obesity is one of the leading risk factors for type 2 diabetes, as excess body fat can lead to insulin resistance, a condition in which the body cannot use insulin effectively.

Joint problems: Excess weight can put additional pressure on joints, increasing the risk of joint pain, osteoarthritis, and other joint problems.

Sleep apnea: Obesity is a leading cause of sleep apnea, a condition in which breathing is interrupted during sleep, leading to poor sleep quality and daytime fatigue.

Gallstones: Obesity can increase the risk of developing gallstones, which can cause severe pain and require surgery to remove.

Fatty liver disease: Excess body fat can lead to the accumulation of fat in the liver, which can cause inflammation and damage to the liver.

Increased risk of certain cancers: Studies have shown that obesity increases the risk of developing certain cancers, including breast, colon, and pancreatic cancer.

Overall, maintaining a healthy body weight and reducing excess body fat can help to reduce the risk of these and other health problems.

Max Posternak is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist who runs the Gravity Transformation YouTube channel. The channel is focused on providing fitness and nutrition advice to help people achieve their weight loss and fitness goals.

High thermic foods are foods that require more energy to digest, absorb, and metabolize than other foods. They have a high thermic effect, which means that they increase the bodys metabolic rate and cause the body to burn more calories during digestion than other foods. This can help with weight loss and weight management.

Some examples of high thermic foods include:

Incorporating high thermic foods into a healthy diet can help to increase calorie burn and support weight loss or weight management goals. It is important to note that while high thermic foods can aid in weight loss, they should be consumed as part of a well-balanced and nutritious diet.

Sugar can have negative effects on both physical and mental health. Some potential negative impacts of consuming too much sugar include:

Its important to note that not all types of sugar are created equal, and natural sugars found in whole foods like fruits and vegetables can be part of a healthy diet. However, consuming high amounts of added sugars, such as those found in processed foods and sugary drinks, can have negative effects on health. It is recommended to limit intake of added sugars and focus on a balanced, whole foods-based diet.

Refined carbohydrates are a type of carbohydrate that has been processed to remove the natural fibre and nutrients found in the whole grain or natural food source. The refining process involves removing the outer bran and germ layers of the grain, leaving only the starchy endosperm. This process results in a product that is often less nutritious and higher in simple sugars.

Examples of refined carbohydrates include:

Processed foods that contain added sugars, such as sweetened yogurt, breakfast bars, and energy drinks.

Consuming too many refined carbohydrates can lead to spikes in blood sugar levels, which can contribute to insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. Refined carbohydrates are also often high in calories and low in nutrients, which can contribute to weight gain and poor overall health.

In contrast, unrefined carbohydrates, such as those found in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and legumes, are generally more nutritious and provide a slower release of energy into the body. It is recommended to focus on consuming more whole, unprocessed foods and limiting intake of refined carbohydrates.

Lifting weights can be an effective way to support weight loss by providing a number of benefits:

Increases metabolism: Lifting weights can increase muscle mass, which in turn increases the bodys resting metabolic rate, meaning you will burn more calories even when at rest.

Burns calories: Weight lifting burns calories during the workout, and the increased metabolism can continue to burn calories for hours after the workout.

Promotes fat loss: Lifting weights can help to target body fat and promote fat loss while preserving muscle mass.

Builds lean muscle mass: Lifting weights can help to build and maintain lean muscle mass, which can improve overall body composition and support weight loss goals.

Improves insulin sensitivity: Resistance training, such as lifting weights, can improve insulin sensitivity, which can help to prevent and manage type 2 diabetes.

Improves overall health: Strength training can improve overall health and reduce the risk of chronic diseases, such as heart disease and osteoporosis.

Its important to note that weight lifting alone may not lead to significant weight loss, as diet and overall calorie balance are also important factors.

However, incorporating strength training into a weight loss plan can provide a number of benefits and help to support overall health and fitness goals.

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Mar 29

I lost FOUR pants sizes in six months by eating this CHIPOTLE order – Daily Mail

A woman has revealed the Chipotle order that has helped her drop four pants sizes in six months while still eating her favorite foods.

Koli Marks, 25, from Southern California, has been documenting her weight loss transformation on TikTok, where she is 'helpingnormal people lose weight in a normal way.'

The content creator, who uses the handle @healthkols, went from a size 18 to a size 10 by eating in a mild calorie deficit and getting at least 30 minutes of movement every day.

'This is my Chipotle order that helped me go down four pants sizes. I'm so excited to tell you guys about his,' she shared in a recent video.

Marks explained that she orders a burrito bowl with a half scoop of brown rice, a half scoop of black beans, sofritas (shredded tofu braised in spices), fajita veggies and corn topped with a little bit of cheese and sour cream.

'My favorite hack is I get a big side of lettuce,' she said. 'I get it on the side because I don't want to get all soggy, and this adds so much volume to my meal.

'You know, this is kind of a wimpy-looking bowl. Like this is plenty of food for one serving, but it is a little bit less than I used to eat, so I like getting the lettuce because it adds volume.'

Marks alsogot a side of Chipotle's honey vinaigrette, which is 220 calories for a small container, but she noted that she only uses half of it.

'I realize that it's the same taste,' she said. 'Honestly, sometimes it was kind of overwhelming using all of it.'

After sharing her go-to order, she opened up about what she used to eat at Chipotle and how she modified it to ensure she remains in a calorie deficit.

'My old order was technically the same. I would get all the same things, except instead of half a scoop, I would get extra rice. I would get extra beans, and then I would also get a tortilla on the side.'

Marks insisted that she is 'all about eating whatever the hell you want,' but the 300-calorie tortilla made it difficult for her to stay in a calorie deficit and finish her burrito bowl.

She also used to get a side of chips and guacamole, which she has since cut out.

'That put my total calories for my old Chipotle meal at over 1,000, probably close to 1,200, maybe even more,' she explained.

Marks said there is 'nothing wrong' with eating that much, but 'it was way too much food' for her to consume.

'I felt like I was gonna throw up after I ate Chipotle, and I was doing this like four times a week,' she recalled. 'I was always, always, always eating Chipotle, and I was eating too much, and it made me feel sick.'

Marks said her current order is 'plenty of food,' and she feels 'perfectly full' after eating it with a side of lettuce and half a container of dressing.

'Will I eat the tortilla again one day? Will I eat the chips? Yeah, I'm allowed to eat whatever I want whenever I want. This is just how I'm eating now that's helped me lose weight,' she concluded.

In the caption, Marks stressed the importance of making small dietary changes daily to promote weight loss, writing,'You dont need a crash diet or an entire lifestyle change!'

Her video has been viewed more than 382,000 times, and in the comments, she explained that her current order is about 650 calories.

A number of people pointed out that she could get two meals for the price of one if she got full scoops of everything and saved half, which she said she usually does.

Marks went viral in January after she posted a before-and-after video of herself while sharing her recommendations for losing weight 'while still eating junk food.'

She wrote her tips in the caption, starting with eating in a 'mile calorie deficit.'

'Use a calorie calculator to calculate your maintenance calories for the day, and then eat 200 less than your maintenance,' she suggested.

Her second piece of advice was to get '30 minutes of movement every day.'

'Workouts do not have to be intense to be effective,' she insisted. 'Moving your body for 30 [minutes] a day will help boost your metabolism and burn calories.'

Marks' third recommendation was adding 10 minutes of lifting weights into your daily workout routine because it 'helps burn more calories for longer.'

She also added that you can eat whatever you want as long as you are staying within your calorie deficit.

'I eat all the same foods I always did,' she explained, 'but I make sure I don't overeat.'

I lost FOUR pants sizes in six months by eating this CHIPOTLE order - Daily Mail

Mar 29

I Used Ozempic for Weight Loss and IVF: Here’s What Happened – Cosmopolitan

A year ago, my brain was locked on autopilot: I have to lose weight to have a baby, which will make me gain weight. I have to lose weight to have a baby, which will make me gain weight. I have to lose weight to have a baby, which will make me gain weight.

The thought kept looping in my head, over the droning of my sixth IVF consultover Zoom, no lessin a two-year span. Today, the doctor says my vitals and blood work are perfect but my weight less than (well, really, more than). For that reason alone, she will not treat me. This meeting is not going well. And I cant overstate how much a pandemic complicates trying to conceive when your eggs are aging like week-old milk. I was navigating telehealth appointments, fighting my insurance company over billing, and chasing overworked doctors for just a little bit of clarity.

Remember how in Kill Bill, every time Uma Thurman as Beatrix Kiddo meets her opponent, she sees red? Her eyes narrow, and her brow furrows as she lasers in, thunderous funky synth wailing in the background?

When the doctor says from the other side of the screen, Again, Wynter, everything looks great. Its just your BMI. We gotta get some weight off, I am Beatrix, seeing red. Excuse me, who is we? Not another tense, emotional midday conversation with the onus back on me to wrestle with a body that already feels like it isnt cooperating. It doesnt matter to this doctor that BMI is a hugely flawed metric of health or that the research on the relationship between weight and successful embryo retrieval is mixedmany fertility specialists have a firm BMI cutoff, after which they will not treat patients.

After enduring three medically necessary abortions of very wanted babies in just 18 months, having the word weight thrown aroundand so coldlypushed me over the edge. I was done. I launched into a sobbing rant, laden with many F-words and zero regrets. I wanted to dramatically slam down the phone. Instead, I cut her off mid-sentence and tapped the END MEETING FOR ALL button and fell silent.

Growing up, I always battled with both my body and body image. As a child of the 80s, the ideal of beauty was waifish and white, like Christie Brinkley and Brooke Shieldsthey didnt look like me. As a curvy teenager, I obsessed about my body daily, if not hourly. From fad diets to abject shame, I tried to punish it into submission. At 17, I received a diagnosis of polycystic ovarian syndrome well before it was understood (even in the medical community), which explained why I struggled with my weight. Still, there was no easy treatment or solution.

In my mid-20s, I worked hard to unlearn all the toxic noise around thinness and beauty standards, and by the time I was in my 40s, I had arrived at some semblance of peace. The reality is having curves never stopped my hustle. I knew I could be beautiful, sexy, and successful all the same (and my husband, Allan, agrees). But trying to get pregnant challenged all of those hard-won gains. My own fraught path to starting a family eventually led me to Ozempic, one in a class of new, cutting-edge drugs with weight-loss benefits that have exploded in popularity in the last year. The rise of these drugs has ignited a fierce and messy debate about health, bodies, and fatphobia (not to mention sending the Hollywood gossip machine into hyper-drive).

Uma Thurman as Beatrix Kiddo

I can only speak to my experience, but taking Ozempic allowed me to reset my relationship with my body and focus on taking care of it. The cultural furor around these drugsAre they good? Are they bad? Should everyone take them? Should no one take them?flattens all those nuances and does a disservice to those of us who are trying to make a compassionate decision for ourselves among a lot of less-than-ideal options. That IVF doctor had never seen me in person, hadnt examined me, or done more than glance at my records, but in her mind, my weight was the only thing holding me back from a successful pregnancy. Im confident that wasnt the right answer or manner of delivery, but that was the reality I was facing.

After that last appointment, knowing that weight loss would fast-track my egg retrieval sent me into a downward spiral that felt all too familiar. From behind my desk, I looked in the mirror and thought, You are failing meAGAIN. It didnt matter that the weight I had gained recently was partially from my lost pregnancies. I turned all my disdain on myself. To add another layer to all of it, I didnt love the habits I had formed during the pandemic: everything from working exclusively from my couch to relying far too much on takeout and making viral recipes. I became a recluse, finding excuses not to see my friends and family, all the while obsessing about my bodys perceived failures.

Resenting the prognosis but committed to a solution, I gave myself three months to focus on my health so I could get into a facility quickly to retrieve. Yes, I wanted to get to this golden BMI but more than that, I didnt want my weight to always be at the front of my mind, a constant hang-up that kept me from the happiness I knew I deserved.

This time, I was over 40 and out of ideas. My inner dialogue was as feisty as ever, laying it all on the line, aggressively persuasive. I thought about the diet pills I had tried when I was 16, which had given me waking dreams. I remember how taking up smoking in my 20s kept my mind off of food and knew I couldnt (and wouldnt) go back to that. Then there were all the L.A. trends: liquid diets, intermittent fasting, B-12 shots, and so on.

All of that thinking was unhealthy and unhelpful. Frustrated, I turned to an online community I joined for women over 40 trying to get pregnant and shared that my BMI was considered too high to retrieve. Refreshing the page over and over, in between supportive comments like Ew! New doctor, pls and Im so sorry sweetie, someone chimed in, Ozempic? Ozempic. The one from the commercial? Isnt that to control diabetes?

Formally called semaglutide, Ozempic is indeed intended for sufferers of type 2 diabetes because it lowers blood sugar by mimicking a hormone that is typically released after eating. After clinical trials showed that it also had significant weight-loss benefits, the FDA has also approved a dosage of semaglutide (under the brand name Wegovy) for weight management. Depending on the prescription, patients typically receive a pen that allows them to self-inject weekly.

I was skeptical. Id done the right (and wrong) things my entire life to try and lose weight, and it had continued to come back. But at this point, I was willing to try almost anything. Since I also suffer from insulin resistance, which mimics pre-diabetic symptoms, a doctor quickly approved my prescription, and it was covered by health insurance. It arrived in the mail a week later, packed neatly in a white box. Ripping it open, I administered it immediately. But the idea of failing at thisand at this point, it all felt like failuremade me emotional. Another pandemic side effect: crying on a dime. When I crawled into our bed, Allan held me close and told me, I love you no matter what. Period. Still, with the broken record in my brain, I obsessed over the expectation of the shot and braced myself again for disappointment.

Three days later, I realized I was eating less and not really thinking about it. That feeling of satiation, instead of planning the next meal mid-bite, allowed me to concentrate on other things. It was easier to make good choices and drink less wine. I was no longer punishing myself or using food to guide my moods. My sleep was better, and I felt more energized, although I did also experience waves of nausea, a common side effect of Ozempic. The weight began to come off. I was stoked. My mood made it easier to reintroduce my favorite exercise, weights, and cycling into my routine and to speak more kindly to my body.

For the first time in decades, there was a way to manage my PCOS, which is known to disrupt the bodys cues for hunger and fullness, that worked for me. One of the most remarkable things was how taking Ozempic highlighted how much I had been fighting my bodyand belittling itinstead of caring for it. Within two months, I was over halfway toward my weight-loss goal. Success felt tangible for once.

Months after I started Ozempic, I paused the treatment. After searching for a new IVF doctor in Southern California who I hadnt screamed at (it was not easy), I found one in Santa Barbara who was refreshingly anti-BMI and willing to treat me at any weight. Still, Im glad I went on Ozempic. The reality is that when it was really time to start the grueling IVF process, I felt more mentally and physically prepared for itno longer sluggish, achy, or depressed. Do I think it helped my embryo quality? Not really, but I do think it disconnected the cycle of shame and self-recrimination I was stuck in so that I could actually focus on my overall wellness.

After the usual exams and ovarian stimulation, Allan and I got five embryos. I didnt freak out about the 10 pounds I gained from the procedureI was just thrilled to enter the new year with these gifts and proud of what my body was able to accomplish.

But I want to be clear: I dont want to be thin. All I want is a good life.

While its gotten a little better from when I was growing up, this culture sometimes makes this impossiblegaining weight is considered some sort of moral failure, especially for women. And wanting it off doesnt mean we dont love ourselves. Its a double-edged sword that cuts deep. Theres also not enough awareness of all of the hurdles women over 40 must get past to have a baby.

But one size doesnt fit all and this medication isnt the final answer. Take Ozempic, dont take Ozempicits your lane and you have to cruise at a speed that works for you. It can all be disorientingin this weird moment of cutting-edge medical innovation and peak cultural confusion with a big heap of double-talk and gossip, many dont have the luxury or energy to fight for the care they deserve. My hope is that ultimately, we can move into a place where everyones health is taken seriously without judgment. Most importantly, I hope we can all be given the space to make decisions that are right for us.


Wynter Mitchell-Rohrbaugh is a digital strategist, writer, and podcast host/producer for Waiting To X-Hale and the upcoming Tangent Island. She has written and discussed pop culture, digital evolution and social impact in Cosmopolitan, Yahoo, BlogHer, THR, Cheddar The Independent, San Francisco Chronicle, NPR, WNYC and Variety. She hails from San Francisco and lives in Los Angeles, CA. Follow her on Twitter @wyntermitchell.

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I Used Ozempic for Weight Loss and IVF: Here's What Happened - Cosmopolitan

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