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Sep 9

Low-Carb diet vs. Low-Fat diet: Which is best for weight loss? – Times of India

Among all the three macronutrients- protein, carbs and fat, the last two do not really enjoy a good reputation when it comes to weight loss. As soon as you tell someone that you are trying to shed kilos, the first piece of advice that you will get is cut down your fat and carb intake. Both carbs and fat are linked with weight gain but are also an essential part of our diet. So, cutting them all together is certainly not a very good option. Low-carb and low-fat are two common diet trends that promise fast and effective weight loss. But the common dilemma is which one is better. To get an answer to this common question, researchers recently conducted a study, which, believe it or not made the matter even more complicated rather than simplifying it. Low-carb vs low-fat To know the difference and effectiveness of the two popular diet trends, the researchers tracked approximately 600 adults who were either following a low-fat or low-carb diet for a year. They tried to know the factors possibly responsible for their weight loss. But they were absolutely surprised to know that there was hardly any difference between the two. Both the diet trends prompted similar weight loss results. However, they were not clearly able to point out the way some people were able to lose more weight than the other no matter which diet trend they followed. In the study, carried out by the researchers of the Stanford University School of Medicine in California, the participants were between the ages of 18 and 50. Of which, 6 in 10 volunteers were women.The participants were asked just to restrict their fat and carbs intake and avoid calculating the calories. But they were not allowed to have unhealthy food items. They were encouraged to have home-cooked meals, do mindful snacking and avoid refined foods. The end result In the end, it was found that the experiment was beneficial for some, while for others it was not that effective. Some people lost 25 kilos, while others gained 10 kilos. The researchers concluded that weight loss not only depends on the kind of diet you are following but also on other factors like your genes. On an average, it was found that both groups of people lost approximately 6 kilos of weight in a year. It is clear from the study that both a low-fat and low-carb diet help you shed an equal amount of weight. No matter which diet plan you are following, eat healthily and exercise.

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Low-Carb diet vs. Low-Fat diet: Which is best for weight loss? - Times of India

Sep 9

Clenbuterol and its side effects – Business MattersBusiness Matters

Clenbuterol stimulates the central nervous system, hence the overlap of studies linking it to heart disease; in fact, its effect on the body is very similar to adrenaline.

Clenbuterol can increase performance (physical and cognitive); and therefore nootropic effects (smart drugs) can also be attributed to increased athletic performance. Clenbuterol is the opposite of a beta-blocker, that is, while a b-blocker reduces catecholamine production, clenbuterol increases them.

Clenbuterol is a selective drug, what does this mean? that acts on very specific receptors of the adrenergic system. Beta-2 receptors (a subtype of adrenergic receptors). Does this mean that it is the opposite of a beta-blocker? Right; while a b-blocker reduces catecholamine production, clenbuterol increases them.

Epinephrine increases cardiac output while dilating the coronary arteries, and it also has a powerful vasodilator effect on peripheral blood vessels, preparing the body for physical activity.

Clenbuterol, being so stable and functionally selective, is the most effective drug to prevent muscle wasting with the least adverse effects compared to other B-agonists. Popularly, it is only about 2 adrenergic receptors, although clenbuterol also promotes lipolysis through other receptors. Clen also has an affinity for 1 and 3 receptors.

In fact, clenbuterol also promotes lipolysis (fat burning) through the 3 receptors. The beta-3 adrenergic receptor is found primarily in brown adipose tissue and its activation has been shown to prevent or reverse obesity.

When people talk about physiology they tend to do it within a closed context of absolute values, -or it is anabolic or it is not-, this is a mistake since there are no absolute or static values in a dynamic environment like the human body.

Clenbuterol has been shown to have certain anabolic properties in humans, that is, it improves skeletal muscle function in healthy people. In patients with chronic heart failure, apart from being well-tolerated, Clen led to a significant increase in both lean muscle mass in addition to reducing the fat percentage, that is, more muscle and less fat.

Fat does not burn, it oxidizes. Lipolytic activity in adipose tissue is induced by hormonal stimulation, but we will not go into too much here; clenbuterol acts on adipocyte receptors (fat cells) accelerating the breakdown of triglycerides and increasing the availability of free fatty acids and increasing fat oxidation.

Beyond: Perilipin-sensitive lipase and hormone-sensitive lipase (LHS) are key players in fat oxidation. Clenbuterol increases intracellular levels of cyclic AMP which increases the activity of protein kinase A, which acts on LHS and perilipin.

Trials have been performed that run antagonist and agonist modes in parallel, allowing an efficient and simplified comparison between the lipolytic mechanisms of activation or inhibition of a range of compounds, clenbuterol also appears to play an important role in preventing the accumulation of adipose tissue Yes, by volume you could eat more if you use clenbuterol.

A series of animal studies, given Clenbuterol for a prolonged period, have resulted in an increase in collagen in treated animals, which has led to an increase in the size of the muscle cells of the heart, reducing in this way, the efficiency in the hearts blood pumping, causing arrhythmias, which increases the risk of suffering heart attacks, not only of the heart but also of the brain.

Other effects, which have been asserted through studies on mice that have been treated for a long time with Clen, are the degeneration of the heart cells itself, causing an enlargement of the aorta artery which would cause sudden death, hypertrophy. cardiac or heart muscle necrosis. Long-term clenbuterol can increase blood pressure and left-sided heart atrophy.

One of the effects of clenbuterol is that it causes you to lose fat and build muscle. Any product that is rumored to help us lose weight can become very popular, sometimes even at the cost of serious health risks. Clenl was already used by some bodybuilders to speed up metabolism, lose weight, and gain muscle mass.

You can see a muscular, slimmer, and firmer body and look great, what we do not know is the price that can be paid and that perhaps, this person who has used clenbuterol for several months to lose weight, in a short time may have health problems.

Despite being a very powerful and fast product, to achieve a good result, it is advisable to carry out some type of diet to try to reduce excess fat by 15%. Another important aspect is doing some kind of physical training.

You will begin by taking 1 tablet on the first day and will increase by 1 more tablet per day until you reach the seventh day, reaching 7 tablets. The second week will continue to take 7 tablets a day.

This recommended website that offers Clenbuterol for sale is where you want to look for high quality and genuine steroids.

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Clenbuterol and its side effects - Business MattersBusiness Matters

Sep 9

McDonalds Just Made This HUGE Change To Its MenuWHAT Is Happening – SheFinds

McDonalds just announced a major menu upgrade.

The fast food chain is introducing Spicy McNuggets this monthand we cannot wait to try them. This is the first time McDonalds has introduced a new flavor of McNuggets in the United States since they were added to the menu in 1983.

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According to the press release, these McNuggets have a tempura coating of cayenne and chili peppers, giving them a kick. And if they still are not spicy enough for you, McDonald's has got you covered.

The fast food chain is also introducing the Mighty Hot Sauce for dipping. Made from red peppers and spicy chilis, this spicy sauce can help turn up the heat.


The press release continues, quoting Vice President of Menu Innovation, Linda VanGosen: "This is the first time weve introduced a new flavor of our classic Chicken McNuggets in the U.S. since they came to menus in 1983."

She continues, "As our customers have been asking for Spicy McNuggets for some time now, we couldnt think of a better time to bring them to our menus. We cant wait for McNuggets fans to get a taste of these new spicy options."


According to Eater, this addition to McDonald's menu marks the fast food chain joining the competition against other chains like Popeyes and Chick-fil-A.

The article explains, "McDonalds is stepping back into the so-called 'fast-food chicken wars' that Popeyes kicked off last summer with a direct challenge to Chick-fil-A. In the past year, Wendys brought back its spicy chicken nuggets, KFC tested a new chicken sandwich in Florida, Taco Bell tested crispy chicken wings at at least one location, and McDonalds itself tested two new chicken sandwiches at select locations amid franchisees requests for a new crispy sandwich to compete in the race."


The Spicy McNuggets will be available at McDonald's starting September 16. Plus, that's not the only new menu item you can expect. The fast food chain is also adding a Chips Ahoy McFlurry to their menu at participating locations for a limited time.

With that in mind, if you head to McDonald's later this month, you can expect to enjoy the perfect combination of spicy and sweet.

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McDonalds Just Made This HUGE Change To Its MenuWHAT Is Happening - SheFinds

Sep 5

Top 10 Best Weighted Hula Hoops 2020 – Best gaming pro

Whereas Apple themselves may need confirmed that the iPhone 12s launch will happen barely later than ordinary, the corporate stopped in need of truly mentioning when precisely it could be introduced. Hypothesis in the meanwhile has pegged the iPhone 12 for a launch within the second half of October, and now evidently one among Apples suppliers may need hinted as such.

In line with an announcement by Broadcom, theyve acknowledged that the ramp-up of their annual chip shipments will probably be going down later this yr, or extra particularly, within the fourth quarter of 2020. The corporate sometimes ramps up its shipments within the third quarter, which is normally when Apple launches their iPhones.

Whereas Broadcom doesnt point out Apple or the iPhone, given fifth of the corporates income comes from Apple, it has been speculated by many who the delay could possibly be tied-in with Apples delay of the iPhone 12s launch. With the fourth quarter of the yr beginning in October, this additionally appears to tie-in properly with the rumors that the iPhone 12 could possibly be introduced in October as properly.

For the time being there have been a number of theories as to why the iPhone 12 could possibly be delayed, however most of them have been tied to the coronavirus pandemic that has impacted firms all over the world, forcing manufacturing operations to close down quickly.

Filed in Apple >Cellphones >Rumors. Learn extra about iPhone and Iphone 12. Supply: uk.reuters

Tech specialist. Social media guru. Evil problem solver. Total writer. Web enthusiast. Internet nerd. Passionate gamer. Twitter buff.

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Top 10 Best Weighted Hula Hoops 2020 - Best gaming pro

Sep 5

How to gain weight fast: 4 tips to increase muscle mass and pack on weight more easily – T3

There are quite few people who wants to know how to gain weight and increase muscle mass easily, mostly men with fast metabolism. Not being able to put on weight can be just as frustrating as trying to lose weight, but following our handy weight gain tips, you can nudge your metabolism in the right direction.

The basic concept is fairly straightforward: in order to gain weight, you need to maintain a positive energy balance by supplying your body with more calories than you expend. The actual process can be a bit more difficult than this and involves close monitoring of food intake and tracking workouts too.

Here we'll try to share some tips that might help you get out of the weight gain rut. Some of them will be related to nutrition of course but if you would like to gain weight the right way and also build muscle in the process, you will have to pay close attention on your workout regime too.

IMPORTANT: If you are underweight, have any underlying medical conditions or eating disorders, please consult your doctor first before you apply any changes to your diet. The below tips are more suited for people with fast metabolism who are otherwise healthy and by no means to be taken as medical advice.

The main reason why many people fail to gain weight is the lack of perseverance. Mark Twain once said: "Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I've done it thousands of times." Most people who struggle with gaining weight have started the process numerous times but never sticked with any diet and/or workout plan for long enough for it to show results.

Another reason might be not knowing just how many calories certain food items contain and not eating enough despite 'eating loads' of food. It is worth tracking your food intake, especially at the beginning, using free apps like MyFitnessPal until you learn roughly how many calories and what macronutrient are in certain food items.

Thirdly, you must keep in mind that a calorie is not always equal to a calorie. One calorie from a broccoli will fuel your body differently than one calorie from fries. Carbohydrates in general take less effort for the body to break down and even the temperature of the food you eat can determine how easily your body can digest it (cold, fibrous food takes more energy to digest).

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Let's say you need 3,000 calories a day to put on weight. Would you rather eat three 1000-calorie meal or five 600-calorie meal a day? The latter sounds a bit more manageable, no? Breaking your food intake down into smaller installments will help you eat more food on the long run.

If you are planning on eating five meals a day, meal prep can also come in handy. Ideally, you want to eat food that you cooked/prepared yourself but we admit that might be a bit too much effort for some. Regardless, you should still plan ahead and at least roughly assemble the food you are planning on eating throughout the day tomorrow.

Fitbit Aria Air Smart Scale | But it for 49.99 at AmazonIt might not be the most advanced smart scale on the planet but the Fitbit Aria Air is worth a look for one reason: it's a Fitbit product, meaning it feeds information into the fitbit ecosystem and especially in light of the release of the new Fitbit Sense, the more body metrics you can feed into the Fitbit App, the more accurately you can monitor your wellbeing. Not to mention the Aria Air is not particularly expensive either.View Deal

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Carbohydrates are important for muscle building but the other two macronutrients, namely protein and fat, are equally as important when it comes to gaining weight. Fatty food will make you feel sated for longer and food with higher fat content tend to taste better too.

Fatty foods you should include in your diet are oily fish, such as salmon and mackerel, nuts (e.g. Brazil nuts), avocado, butter, heavy/double cream, dark chocolate, olive oil and eggs. Most of these are also high in protein so by eating them, you will be killing two birds with one stone.

Talking about protein: protein is essential for muscle building and recovery and you will need to eat more than you'd think to aid weight gain. It is advised to have at least 20-30 grams of protein with each meal if the plan is to eat five times a day. Protein should be supplied from a variety of sources including green leafy vegetables, fish, lean meat, eggs etc.

Alternatively, you can also consider supplementing protein and have the best protein powder shakes and the best protein bars / best jerky as snacks throughout the day.

Ember Biltong Original Flavour Beef Jerky (10x28g) | Buy it for 19.99 at Amazon[Per pack] Protein: 16 grams | Fat: 1.3 grams | Sugar: 0.2 gramsThe Ember Biltong has virtually no sugar and uses the "best British and Irish beef". Ember claims they "carefully select joints of topside beef ethically sourced from traditional hard-working farms." The Ember Biltong is air dried, which is a slower process and involves less sodium, making this lightly seasoned beef-snack all the more healthier.View Deal

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One of the main reasons why you might not be gaining weight and particularly muscle mass is the lack of resistance training. If you are after muscle growth, you need to stimulate that muscle growth by training the muscles often. How often? Check out our how to build muscle guide to find out more.

The type of resistance training is up to you but don't fall into the trap of only tracking calories. Even the best running watches and best heart rate monitors can't track muscle activation and by tracking workouts with them, you can easily end up focusing only on burning calories.

What you want to do is the complete opposite: maxing out of workouts that increase strength but don't burn calories. Sure, you should still do some cardio: it's great for heart health and to maintain/improve the cardiovascular system, but try limiting the duration of cardio and let the bulk of your workout be anaerobic movements.

SIXPAD Electric Muscle Stimulation Training Gear | Prices from 175 at Amazon UKSIXPAD training gear won't replace hard work but it can make it more effective. These cordless pads can effectively enhance muscle stimulation and can "help users achieve a 8% improvement in abdominal muscle size after 4 weeks alongside a balanced diet and exercise" or so SIXPAD claims. A great alternative to midday runs, using the SIXPAD won't make you sweat but will still provide some degree of muscle stimulation.View Deal

(Image credit: Huel)

As well as having the occasional protein shake, if your plan is to bulk up a bit and build functional muscle mass, there are other two supplements you might want to consider taking: mass gainer and creatine.

The best mass gainers have loads of calories in them, yet they come in an easy-to-consume powder form so it's easier to stomach one or two servings a day. Better still, weight gainers are most usually low on fat and sugars, compared to the amount of calories they contain.

Creatine, on the other hand, is the bodybuilding industry's best kept secret. According to Healthline, "studies show that [creatine] can increase muscle mass, strength and exercise performance." In another 12-week study quoted by Healthline in the same article, "in weightlifters, creatine increased muscle fiber growth 23 times more than training alone. The increase in total body mass also doubled alongside one-rep max for bench press, a common strength exercise."

Creatine is also cheap and you won't need to take industrial amounts either for it to be effective. 3-5 grams creatine monohydrate a day is enough for most adults.

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How to gain weight fast: 4 tips to increase muscle mass and pack on weight more easily - T3

Sep 5

5 Easy Ways to Detox in the Morning to Be Healthier All Day Long – The Beet

Everyone wants to wake up healthier and lose weight fast. Luckily there are things you can do every morning to push your body closer to the healthiest it can be. And while there is no quick fix (to lose weight, have boundless energy, and look and feel years younger bydinner) there are small steps you can take to become healthier, more energetic, and detox your body over time. Detoxing is a way of allowing your cells to do the important work of staying healthy, by eating better, getting sleep, exercising, and taking care of yourself, every day.

Going into a long weekend of fun and relaxation shouldn't mean falling off a cliff, healthwise, since consistency is the key to being healthy. If you make a habit of starting the day right, everything flows so much more easily from there. Committing to yourself and taking theselittle steps to being healthier is the way to see long-term health and wellbeing changes, says Nicole Rose, RD and master in nutrition, who practices in Ridgefield CT, and who loves to help her clients take the necessary steps to detox and get healthier, day by day.

"Overhauling your health or diet all at once can be overwhelming," she says. "Instead take small steps, do something to detox every day, even days a week, and that will lead you to wellness." Here are her five tips for making your body healthier, and they all add up to allowing the body to work less hard to process junk food, and spend more time getting healthier, one day at a time.

Rose is a big believer in eating more plant-based foods, adding healthy fruits and vegetables to your plate, but not being too harsh on yourself or setting unrealistic boundaries and telling yourself you can't have certain foods you may love. "If you put someone in a box and they want to get out of that box, and when they eat that off-limits food--whether it's meat or junk food--it's like they fail," she explains, which is why I don't like labels (such as vegan). But if you help them do a little better every day, they feel like they are winning, conquering their bad habits by adding good ones, and eventually, they feel so great they want to keep going."

Wellness doesn't have to cost a lot of money, or be complicated. It can start with jumping jacks in the morning, or dry brushing, or keeping a healthy salad dressing made in a mason jar in the fridge. But the more little things you do to be healthy, the more they add up, says Rose, and these wins beget bigger wins, and suddenly you are living a healthy lifestyle.

Her detoxing morning rituals and healthy habits for Rose includes any combination of these five ideas.Rose also believes that detoxing is a way of getting rid of what's unhealthy, which is an easier and simpler path towellness since it allows the body to work less hard to eliminatetoxins in our food, which allows you to stay healthy.Then she advises her clients to add clean foods, especially plant-based choices which are rich in antioxidants. Rose advisesclients toavoid acid foods (from animal products) and add alkaline foods (which grow in the earth) to allow your body to get healthier, naturally.

"Doing all these little things(like dry brushing or waiting to eat until you're hungry in the morning)is a bonus, and will help you feel like you're winning, so you want to keep on taking care of yourself, by eating healthy for the rest of the day," she adds. And while there is no one-size-fits-all for diets, she loves working with her clients to help tailor their programs to fit their needs and their lifestyles and add more plant-based foods to their plate.

Lemon Water first thing is the number one thing I advise. It helps your body by adding antioxidants first thing. You can add apple cider vinegar or ginger if you like, which is antibacterial and antifungal. I call it your morning flu shot. Start with water and lemon in the morning to alkalize your body and let it start to get the toxins out. Drinking hot Lemon Water in the morning has been linked to weight loss and improved immunity, so especially now, while coronavirus is still a threat, drinking this first thing will supply nearly 30 percent of your vitamin C for the day, boosting immunity and giving your body a healthy start to the day.

This is such a simple thing. Go outsidefor 15minutes in the morning to start your day and get sunlight. You can walk, bike, jog or just do sun salutes, or stretch by reaching for the sky, but the important thing is to let the sunlight hit your eyes and send a signal to the brain that you're awake,set restart on the day, "this is a bright new start," which works to reset your circadian rhythms and signal your body to wake up!

A new study shows that bright sunlight within an hour of waking up will help you fall asleep earlier in the evening (as will avoiding bright light within 2 hours of bedtime) so if you're sleep deprived or anxious and having trouble getting to sleep, head outside within an hour of waking to reset your body's natural clock. There's the added benefit of getting vitamin D which your body needs to metabolize nutrients like calcium from the food you eat, and boost your immune system. For energy and immunity, better sleep and a healthy metabolism, get a dose of early sunlight!

Sweat is important and we would be remiss if we didn't tell you to start your day with an activity that makes you sweat, even if it's jumping jacks. But there is another way to rid your body of toxins in sweat and that's by opening your pores and stimulating the skin with dry brushing. "People love dry brushing. You feel good, and it's believed to help your lymphatic system," Rose says. The idea is that by brushing your skin you slough off any dead cells and allow your pores to breathe,Dry brushing devotees do it torelease toxins through the skin.The bristlesstimulateand open pores andmay make it easier for the body to sweat out toxins, which lowers the number of toxins flowing through thelymphatic system. Rose tells clients to start doing it every day before their shower. "This is a way to feel like you're doing something healthy. You don't have to conquer something big."

She adds that if you like the brushing, you're going to start feeling good about your life and loving your routine. "You have to enjoy your morning and getting into it is part of a healthy lifestyle."

Changing up your breakfast is a big help in losing weight and feeling better. Everyone is trying intermittent fasting to lose weight, but Rose thinks there's a simpler and less harsh approach. Don't eat until you're hungry and even then keep it simple.

"Maybe start by pulling back on what you are eating.If you wake up and you're not that hungry, just wait to eat. My advice, and there's no delicate way to put this: Start by not eating until you have a bowel movement because we don't want to put today's food on yesterday's garbage."

Then, Rose advises, eat a small piece of fruit in the morning, instead of a big omelet or smoothie with 19 different ingredients. A simple piece of fruit like a peach, an apple, or a handful of berries is a perfect start to a clean day. "This gets your digestion going but is less work on your body to digest, so you can continue detoxing from the night before. The whole idea of detoxing is to give your body less work, so your liver and kidneys and intestines can do their job to cleanse your system. You want to start the day by cleaning out."

Start by giving your body less work to do, during the beginning of the day. "The less digestive work your body is going through, the healthier you are going to be," she adds

When you eat foods, the metabolic waste is either acid or alkaline, and the more fruit and vegetables and plant-based foods you eat, the more alkaline your body becomes, which is considered healthier in avoiding diseases like cancer. The flip side is that meat and dairy leave an acid metabolic waste and can increase your risks of chronic diseases. There are myriad studies now that link red meat and processed meat to cancer risk, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity, and mounting scientific evidence that diets rich in plant-based foods and high in fiber lower your risk for all these diseases and conditions.

According to the Alkaline Diet, choosing more alkaline foods will improve your daily health and help you avoid long-term diseases, including cancer. Says Rose: "I am not a fan of meat and dairy. It creates acid in your body, and your body has to go thru so much work to neutralize the acid. Eating animal foods like meat and dairy leads to inflammation. I try to keep it simple. I tell clients to eat more fruits and vegetables. It's the small things that make a difference. Cutting out meat and dairy is the diff between your body being acid and alkaline and if they understand that they can choose healthier foods.

"I don't say. eat vegan but I try tolead by example and show clients how to shop, cook and eat more plant-based foods, which inevitably makes them feel great, as they try it.

"If you tell them what they can do, like eat more plant-based foods, as opposed to what they can't do, like cut out a specific food they may like, then they feel like they have won the lottery. You let them do all these healthy things and choose healthy foods. That's a win."

Ultimately the detox you do will make you feel positive, and give you the sense of taking control of your health from the very start of the day onwards. You want to feel empowered to become the master of your own life, she adds. "Ultimately you are giving people the power to be healthier."

"The love you have for your self, the happy talk, all adds up to make a healthier lifestyle. Small changes like these allow you to live a better life."

Wellness doesn't take crazy amounts of money or time. It's these morning detox moves. And then carry that forward throughout the day. It's making yourself a simple dressing, she adds, that you can keep in a mason jar and put on your greens at lunch to make them tasty. It's all these little strategies that add up.

Take these little steps and others that will set yourself up for success, Rose explains. "I care about consistency, that's where you're going to see progress. One morning at a time. Build a relationship with your wellbeing."

Nicole Rose, MFRD has a Masters in Nutrition and is a Registered Dietician. "I eat sleep and breathe this lifestyle," she says, practicing in Ridgefield CT. "On a personal note, I have never felt better than now at 47. For the past 25 years, I tried everything. I loved Diet Coke and Tic Tacs and gum. But I don't do those things anymore. I got informed. And I don't want those things anymore. It's nothing to do with willpower. It's knowing what you feel like when you are doing something great. It's building yourselfup."

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5 Easy Ways to Detox in the Morning to Be Healthier All Day Long - The Beet

Sep 5

The One Thing You Should Eat First Thing In The Morning Because It Practically Guarantees Weight Loss, According To A Dietitian – SheFinds

If youre looking to shed a few lbs, breakfast sets the tone for your day.

Eating the wrong foods can amplify your cravings and sabotage your weight loss plan FAST. On the other hand, choosing the right foods will keep you feeling fuller longer, leading to less snacking during the day. But wait too long to chow down and your blood sugar levels can drop, triggering hunger-fueling hormones. When youre starving, youre less likely to choose healthier options, says Leigh Tracy, a registered dietitian at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore. By eating more calories than you intend to, it makes it doubly difficult to shed those pesky pounds.

Therefore, try to prioritize your morning meal but dont eat just anything! Research suggests theres one source of protein that might be ideal for weight loss. A studypublished in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that people who ate eggs for breakfast dropped as much as 65% more weight, when compared to a control group that wasnt restricting calories. Another study published in Nutrition Research suggests that eggs may also help to potentially stabilize blood sugar and suppress hunger.

That said, time to get cracking on breakfast! Keep scrolling to learn some of our fave ways to eat eggs in the morning.

Grab-and-go egg muffin cups are quick and easy to whip up if youve got a busy morning. Even better? Theyre packed with appetite-crushing protein and veggies, something many of us dont typically consume before lunchtime. You can also boost your delicious take on traditional muffins with added healthy fats, like avocado.

Part of the reason eggs make a great morning meal is because theyre a satisfying source of protein. If youre following a high-protein diet, try topping a slice of dry, whole-wheat toast with two hard or soft boiled eggs and a sprinkling of chopped Chipotle peppers. Not only is this a great high-protein, low-carb option, but its also high in fiber, which keeps you feeling full. Bonus: Chipotle peppers contain capsaicin, a chemical compound that can actually fuel metabolic activity, encouraging your body to burn calories even faster.

Omelets often come soaked in cheap oil and stuffed with fatty fillers. Heres a health hack: make yours with chopped olives, onions, peppers, garlic, pepper jack cheese and jalapeos. Garlic is responsible for boosting energy levels that burn calories, ultimately keeping you fitter. And like Chipotle peppers, jalapeos contain fat-melting capsaicin. If youre trying to lose weight, adding spicy food to your diet is a surefire way to kickstart metabolism.

What are some of your favorite ways to eat eggs in the morning? Tell us in the comments below!

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The One Thing You Should Eat First Thing In The Morning Because It Practically Guarantees Weight Loss, According To A Dietitian - SheFinds

Sep 5

Unfiltered thoughts running through my head – Tri County Sentry

By Chris Frost

Oxnard-- Without a clear mindset this week, I thought that maybe I'd clean out the attic and put those thoughts to paper.

First things first, do you know what rules about getting old, (I'm 61) is that I am too old to worry about what people think about me. I remain the square peg trying to fit in a round hole.

I used to have a lot of muscles and could move things anywhere. My father used to call me Magilla, among other things I won't discuss, and now, well, moving anything requires a team lift. That's right, the J-Train and I, if we want to move anything, need to team up to get it done. When we moved to Oxnard, I had to swallow my pride and hire labor. That was an unheard-of idea only five years. Now it's my life.

My kids aren't here, so free labor is out the door.

I thought I needed to buy some weights, and I did, and I thought I could mitigate this issue in my life. Fast forward a couple of weeks, and the weights have stopped, and I smell like Ben Gay while I gobble naproxen because my shoulders hurt so much that I can't sleep. Like my kids say to me, and I'll repeat it again, I'm getting older than dirt, and I need to slow down.

As a diabetic, I also have to watch my blood sugar all the time. Too many times, I get caught up with what I'm doing, cleaning, writing, taking care of the animals, and I end up with low blood sugar.

That's when the J-Train needs to come in and fix the problem. Being married to me, a guy born with no filters is challenging enough. But when she has to stop her day to inject my glucagon, which raises my blood sugar when I lose consciousness, that is above and beyond the call. Of course, when I regain consciousness, she enjoys many unfiltered comments directed at me about how dumb I can be. I take the optimistic approach and rationalize in my head that we help each other.

Being stuck at home because of Covid-19 taught me one thing; we need to help each other where we can. When she decided to lose weight, I was her biggest fan. When she drops a pant size or dress size, I cheer her on. When she gets 100 percent on a test at school, I congratulate her and tell her that graduation day will be the best day in her life.

She worries about getting old too, but I remind her that some gray hair and wrinkles do not define the great person she is. Anyone who judges her that way is not worth the time of day and should be ignored. I have gray hair, a big gray beard, bags under my eyes, and, as a bonus, a bald spot on top of my head. The J-Train says that makes me look distinguished. I'm old and earned each gray hair. The J-Train calls it a girl thing. If it is, it's because men place value on the wrong things, but I can adapt.

Finally, my big guy, Travis, called me the other day and said he is having a problem with how mundane his life has become. You know, go to work, come home, eat, sleep, then repeat over-and-over ad nauseam. Much like me, as I've said before, he was born without filters.

My cure, settle down, meet a nice girl, someone who doesn't mind an unfiltered man, and build a relationship. That will break up the boredom.

It struck me that before my mother died, she always had a fear that one of her children would be alone as we grew old, and I was feeling the same way. To me, the cure to his problem is to walk up to a nice woman, shake her hand, or bump elbows in this world and say, hi, my name is Travis and take the first step. When he said there is no one in his city like that, I asked him if he met every lady. He said no, so I told him to stop being a putz use your best judgment and let people see what a great guy he is, like any old guy born without filters would say.

Having both my kids married and happy is this old man's best dream. With that, the attic is clear, and I sound just like my mother.

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Sep 3

Why 80s slimming regimes are the future of dieting –

There is not yet solid evidence as to why that might be the case, but Professor Francesco Rubino, a consultant bariatric surgeon at London Bridge Hospital, has a theory: very-low calorie diets - as few as 800 kcals per day - whether in soups, shakes or whole food, have a similar effect on the body as a gastric bypass.

He explains that bariatric surgery is not just effective by reducing the size of the stomach, it also disrupts the bodys attempts to make you regain the weight by increasing hunger and decreasing fullness. This happens because the part of your gut responsible for creating these signals is bypassed surgically: it is no longer stimulated, and so stops telling your brain that you are hungry.

With very-low calorie diets, Rubino believes the same thing is happening: the gut is not being constantly stimulated by food passing through, and in its resting state does not create feelings of hunger.

It can happen either with surgery, or a diet that is so low in food intake that it brings that level of gut exposure to stimulus as close as possible to zero, he says.

However, he advises a note of caution, given there are not yet any studies into the potential long-term effects of these diets.

Dr Michael Mosley, the BBC broadcaster and creator of the 5:2 Diet, believes there might be another mechanism at work which explains how liquid diets reduce hunger: ketosis, or when the body uses fat, not sugar, for fuel. He thinks we have evolved to feel less hungry when this is happening: in times of food shortage, it would have been fatal for ancient humans to be too distracted by hunger, he says.

Dr Mosley himself sells an 800 calorie-a-day diet plan, where followers have up to two shakes a day and one light meal. He says that eating this way for eight to 10 weeks can be markedly effective for controlling diabetes and much more so than conventional steady dieting.

This is because rapid dieting encourages the body to first use stores of fat in the liver and pancreas crucial for type 2 diabetes patients where excess fat around the pancreas prevents it from working properly and producing insulin.

Most of these patients have 30 to 35 per cent liver fat - theyre like foie gras geese, he says. But in a few weeks [of rapid dieting], it drains out and is reduced to 3 per cent.

He points to a 2018 study, which compared the effects of a meal replacement programme of around 800 calories a day to those using traditional NHS weight loss programmes. Those who followed the low calorie diet were 10.7kg lighter a year later, three times more than in the other group. They also managed much better reductions in their risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

However, these diets need to be followed with caution. They are most suitable for those who have a lot to lose already, and would be a no-go for anyone with a history of eating disorders.

Different brands of soups and shakes on the market also differ widely in the nutrition they provide. One with high levels of carbohydrates and low fat and protein might be a disaster for your metabolism, says Pearson.

With a low-calorie, low-protein diet, you eat salad and fruit and dont have enough protein, so the body will lose muscle, she says. Since muscle uses more energy at rest than other tissues in the body, this could mean that your metabolism will slow down and you will put weight back on so fast. Instead, look for something with adequate protein and fats, as well as vitamins and minerals.

There may also be some short-term side effects which could be frustrating, like headaches and constipation. Dr Mosley recommends that drinking plenty of water may help with these effects.

There is also the great big elephant in the room: what happens when the 12-week programme is over, and you have to go back to eating normal, solid food?

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Sep 3

Additional benefits for intermittent fasting –

Ive written in many of my columns about time restricted eating and how fasting can be beneficial for improving your health and additionally in helping you lose weight.

Fasting is an ancient healing method that has been used for thousands of years. Although many people now practice time restricted eating and fasting with the goal of weight loss, some use fasting to improve their overall health. Its saddening but not surprising that according to a National Institutes of Health (NIH) research study only 12% of people are healthy, which means that 88% of people are metabolically unhealthy.

You can be identified as having metabolic syndrome if you have three or more markers above certain levels, such as if your waist measurement is over 40 inches for men or over 35 inches for women, or triglyceride blood levels over 150 mg/dl and HDL (high density lipoprotein) under 40 for men or 50 for women, or if you have fasting blood sugar levels over 100 mg/dl (5.6) or blood pressure above130/85. Practicing time-restricted eating and removing added sugars and ultra processed foods from your diet could be life saving.

Time restricted feeding, which most people know as intermittent fasting, can be practiced every day or a few days a week by just restricting your eating window to 6, 8, or 10 hours each day. If you restrict it to 10 hours each day then that means that for 14 hours each day you are not eating. And thats really not hard, if you just stop eating a few hours before you sleep and start eating a few hours after you wake up then youve already fasted for over 14 hours.

Of course, it is also important what you eat during this time. However, even if youre eating some moderately unhealthy foods you may still see benefits from intermittent fasting.

Practicing regular fasting can lead you to become metabolically flexible so you can heal your body and improve your health markers. Other specific benefits include lower blood sugar, improved or reversed diabetes, improved gut health, reducing the likelihood of chronic diseases, improved sleep, improved mood, improved cognitive function, and weight loss.

According to a study on metabolic flexibility and insulin resistance by NIH Metabolic flexibility is the capacity for the organism to adapt fuel oxidation to fuel availability. The more common concept of metabolic flexibility has been promulgated in the context of fuel selection in the transition from fasting to fed states, or fasting to insulin stimulation to explain insulin resistance. (metabolic syndrome)

If you are relatively healthy then you can start by trying a 14 hours fast, then you may gradually increase to maybe 16 or 18 hours fast a few times a week. Of course, if you are using medication you may need to ask your physician.

However, eating less often is something that anyone can practice. Most of us eat much too often without realizing it, and intermittent fasting can help us to be aware of how much and how many times we are actually consuming calories. If you try it and on that specific day it doesnt feel right then just stop and try it again when you are ready on another day. Remember, this is not just a temporary change, this is a practice for your health.


Ayda Ersoy is anutritionist (Dip.C.N., Dip.S.N.), master trainer (CPT ACE, NCSF, CanfitPro), registered yoga teacher, founder, Health Angel Nutrition, Fitness and Wellness, and founder, SMS (Stability, Mobility Strength) Intuitive Training System.

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