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Jan 5

Resolved to lose weight? Heres how to succeed during a pandemic – WANE

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) Starting a weight-loss journey can be a daunting task, a steep climb where it is hard to see the end-result from where one is standing.

For those that have set a new years resolution of losing weight or improving their fitness level, that task is even more complicated by the ongoing pandemic.

Gyms, usually an outlet for people to work towards that resolution, are considered high-risk areas for spreading COVID-19.

There are ways to reduce that risk, however.

Scott Charland, manager of human performance at Parkview Sports Medicine, recommends wearing a mask if you go to a gym. Masks are not required under Gov. Eric Holcombs mask mandate as long as you are able to socially distance. When wearing a mask at the gym, Charland recommends wearing one made from cotton material.

Wearing a mask while working out may not be the most comfortable for some people, especially if they in the early stages of a weight-loss journey. Charland understands there is an adjustment period and urges patience.

Just like any exercise program that youre going to be starting around the new year, start slow, work your way into it, Charland said. Its a marathon, not a sprint. So take your time and let your body get acclimated to wearing that mask.

There are alternatives for those that are not comfortable with going to a gym at this time. A simple web search can yield several results for workouts that can be completed from home.

When working out from home, Charland recommends mixing in cardiovascular, strength and flexibility activities. Cardiovascular any activity that pushes ones heart rate activities could include going on a walk or doing stair steps. Strength activities may include push-ups, sit-ups or air squats.

Group workouts that are hosted in gyms have also gone virtual. This is an option for people who need a trainer or coach to keep them accountable when exercising.

Regardless of ones comfort level, anything is better than nothing. Charland points out that the health benefits of exercising do not come overnight. Even in the middle of a global pandemic, there are small ways for people to improve their physical fitness and work towards that new years resolution of losing weight.

Youre really investing in your health when you participate in an exercise program.

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Resolved to lose weight? Heres how to succeed during a pandemic - WANE

Jan 5

What is the most common New Years resolution in Pa.? Hint – its not to lose weight –

Most people would agree that 2020 was a difficult year and most of us are hoping that 2021 will be better.

Along with the COVID-19 pandemic came job losses, working from home, toilet paper and sanitizer shortages, illness and death, loneliness and a myriad of other troubles.

Did you put on weight being stuck at home turning to chips and ice cream for comfort? Did you binge on Netflix because you lost your job? Did home-schooling drive you insane?

You arent alone. The job resources website analyzed Google trends to determine the most common searches related to New Years resolutions in each state.

The most common resolution in 12 states including Pennsylvania was - to seek therapy.

That comes as no surprise as many people faced mental-health challenges during a difficult year.

The second most common was weight loss.

Other resolution searches included dating, sleeping better, getting a new job, taking a vacation, saving money and reading more. Others of us want to make more money, take on weight training, quit drinking or meet new people.

Therapy was the top goal in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New York and Tennessee.

We have to wonder what is going on on the West Coast where those seeking better sleep are in Oregon, Washington and Alaska and most of the people who want to read more live on the East Coast in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. The exception being Arkansas.


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What is the most common New Years resolution in Pa.? Hint - its not to lose weight -

Jan 5

New Year’s Resolutions: Losing Weight – KNSI Radio

Jennifer Lewerenz | Jan 4, 2021 AT 12:00 pm

(KNSI) - What is your new year's resolution?

One of the most popular year after year is to lose weight.

Tabetha Temperley with Livea Weight Control Centers says one of the biggest barriers to shedding those extra pounds is temptation.

"It's the temptations of the sweet tooth or the, you know, super salty things, or whatever it might be that kind of that really yummy thing that you absolutely love. And everybody's is usually a little bit different."

Planning for meals and snacks, so you're not digging through the cupboards can eliminate temptation by distancing yourself from it altogether. When you plan your meals, shop accordingly, and stick to the list to avoid bringing unhealthy salty snacks or sweets into your pantry. Drinking plenty of water also helps by keeping you full.

Remembering that everyone's lifestyles, body types, and metabolisms are different can help, too, Temperley says. "We see other people, they don't seem like they're struggling maybe, and it's not necessarily that they're not struggling with their weight or health and wellness. It's just that their struggle might look a little bit different for them, and so I think it's hard to always see what the other person's shoes look like, if that makes sense."

She says as a health and wellness counselor, she hears from women, especially those who say their husband has the metabolism of a bunny and can eat whatever he wants, blinks three times, and loses 20 pounds. In contrast, they have one square of chocolate and gain five pounds.

"If we're walking in someone else's shoes, sometimes it's hard to do that when it comes to health and wellness, because we expect everybody's journey to look the exact same."

Temperley says not to get discouraged and stick with it. If you're having trouble, talk to a weight loss counselor or your doctor to find a plan tailored for you.


Temperley holds a bachelor's degree in exercise science and a master's degree in sports and exercise psychology from Minnesota State University Mankato.

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New Year's Resolutions: Losing Weight - KNSI Radio

Jan 5

Tonight’s TV: How To Lose Weight Well and South Africa with Gregg Wallace – The National

GREGG Wallace sets off to explore South Africas most famous and best loved landscapes and experiences. Along the way his love of food unlocks its culture, landscapes and people. Over the next six weeks, the MasterChef judge will explore the countrys bucket-list destinations Cape Town, The Whale Coast, Soweto, a Zulu village in the Garden Province and the magnificent Augrabies Waterfalls in the Kalahari Desert. However, he begins tonight by going on safari at the Amakhala Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape.

How To Lose Weight Well (Channel 4, 8pm)

DR Helen Lawal and Dr Javid Abdelmoneim ask people to try the most hyped-up diets on the market. Sisters Lesley and Debra, from Essex, road-test two routines followed by celebs Adele and Rebel Wilson a Sirtfood diet and the Mayr Method. Friends Temi and Bose want to shed a few pounds for Temis 30th birthday drinks and drinking pals Maurice and Mick want to lose weight before attempting the Three Peaks walk in Yorkshire.

Cheetah Family & Me (BBC2, 9pm)

HAVING spent time with groups of black bears, grizzly bears, polar bears, snow wolves, gorillas, elephants, reindeer and snow cats, among others, Gordon Buchanan is now focusing on a family of cheetahs. The Scottish wildlife filmmaker heads to South Africas stunning Tswalu Kalahari Reserve to learn more about the threats that the worlds fastest land animal faces, both from nature and humans. Gordon meets cheetah expert and guide Richard Satekge, and together they track a mother cheetah and four of her six-month-old cubs.

Ben Fogle: New Lives In The Wild (Channel 5, 9pm)

BEN Fogle returns with a new run of the show in which he meets people who have given up the ways of western civilisation to embrace the wild and live offbeat lives. Covid-19 may have curbed his travels, but Ben has still managed to find some eccentric characters in the UK. He begins the new series by moving in with a couple who gave up their careers as vets to live on the side of a mountain in Pembrokeshire with their two children.

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Tonight's TV: How To Lose Weight Well and South Africa with Gregg Wallace - The National

Jan 5

If these are your New Years resolutions, maybe rethink them, experts say – Atlanta Journal Constitution

Vowing to eat healthier without any specifics

Its simple to say you hope to consume a healthier diet this year, but without a clear definition of what that means to you, it can be harder to make it happen.

Julia Kirouac, Holistic Nutritionist and Founder of Nud Fud suggests that people keep it simple! I suggest focusing on eating only real food and remove/watch sugar, she told Food Network Canada. By doing that, you can narrow down exactly how youd like to make your diet healthier.

Restricting lots of foods to lose weight

Losing weight doesnt have to mean cutting out whole food groups.

I would never tell anyone to eliminate an entire food group, especially carbs, registered dietitian Keri Gans told Womens Health. These are our bodys fuel. Our brain only functions on glucose, and carbs break down into glucose.

Relying on vitamins to get healthier

Just because youve read about the benefits of supplements doesnt mean you should take them to achieve your health goals. You should consult your doctor or dietitian, according to WebMD.

I get some concern when I see people take one of these and one of those, just because theyve read somewhere that a supplement is helpful, Linda Van Horn, a professor of preventive medicine at Northwestern University, told the website. Imbalances can easily occur, and you may not be aware of it.

Hoping to look like your favorite celebrity

Its easy to look to movie stars and decide youd like to have a figure similar to theirs, but doing so can leave you less than inspired.

Body-image researcher Taryn A. Myers, Ph.D., who is department chair of psychology at Virginia Wesleyan University, told Shape magazine that in general, viewing or posting images can really make us feel worse about our bodies, and this effect may be amplified for celebrity photos.

Celebrities also have access to dietitians and personal trainers that most people may not be able to obtain.

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If these are your New Years resolutions, maybe rethink them, experts say - Atlanta Journal Constitution

Jan 5

Are you hoping to boost your health and mood with a resolution for 2021? – Brighton & Hove Independent

Each year we all make (and often break) our new years resolutions but determination and willpower will see success and getting off to a good start can spur us on to continue making healthier decisions.

Research carried out by the UKs leading weight-loss group, Slimming World, has shown great results on the scales in the first seven days set slimmers up for ultimate and long-term success.

The study into more than one million slimmers shows that the more weight you lose in your first week the more likely youll go on to succeed on your weight-loss journey in the longer term.

The research, which examined one of the largest ever datasets of slimming club members in the UK, found that those who lost more weight in their first seven days of joining a weight-loss group went on to lose more over three months, with the top 50 per cent of slimmers (based on their first weeks weight loss) losing an average of 5lbs within their first week.

These are the key findings from the survey which relates to 1.1 million Slimming World members who first joined group between January and December 2016. The study followed their progress for 12 months through to December 2017.

People who lost five pounds or more in their first week of attending a weight-loss group were four times more likely to lose 10 per cent of their body weight within three months

Almost twice as many men (45 per cent) as women (21 per cent) saw at least 5lbs weight-loss success in their first week

Age is no barrier to successful weight loss with half (52 per cent) of those aged 55 and over losing at least five per cent of their body weight in three months

Almost half (46 per cent) of those with a BMI of 30 and over lost five percent of their body weight by three months. A weight loss of five per cent or more is considered clinically significant and can lead to health benefits, such as improvements in blood pressure and cholesterol levels

Based on their first weeks weight-loss, the top 50 per cent of slimmers lost an average of 5lbs in that first week

Those who attend their weekly slimming club more regularly (at least 75 per cent of sessions) are thought to enjoy the greatest weight-loss success. Slimming World has continued to support slimmers throughout the pandemic via its app and Zoom meetings.

Dr Sarah-Elizabeth Bennett, Slimming Worlds senior research associate, says: Many factors influence whether or not a slimmer achieves their weight-loss goals.

This data shows us that one of the biggest predictors of success is a strong weight loss in the first week as those who lost five pounds or more in their first seven days were four times more likely to go on to lose ten per cent of their body weight within three months.

Significant weight losses are often associated with quick fix diets or restrictive, faddy plans, however we can see from our research that it is possible to see big results on the scales by following a healthy, balanced eating plan.

There are several key factors which influence a good first week an understanding of how to make changes that can work for you, a healthy eating plan thats easy to live with and a realisation youre not alone.

This year, Veganuary, which aims to get people taking part in a month-long plant-based diet, is encouraging those who want to save money on their groceries to take part.

Research suggests that people signing up to try vegan for January can save money on their grocery bill and spend less time cooking.

Findings from a new Kantar study commissioned by Veganuary show that, on average, plant-based meals eaten at home cost 40 per cent less than meat/fish-based meals and take one-third less time to prepare.

Data from Kantar showed vegan households spend eight per cent less per grocery trip, on average, than non-vegan households of a similar size.

Toni Vernelli, Veganuarys head of communications, said: The Covid pandemic has sparked a huge increase in people interested in trying a plant-based diet whether for their health or the health of our planet, but it has also sadly caused economic loss for many. This new study shows that people can protect their health, the planet and their pocket with a plant-based diet.

Alcohol is a part of many of our lives, especially over Christmas and new year. We use it for celebration, for comfort, to socialise, to wind down and to cope. Yet in the UK one person every hour dies as a result of alcohol. In excess, alcohol can cause mental health problems, liver disease, one of seven forms of cancer and economic difficulties.

Reducing our alcohol intake can give our sleep, mood an energy levels a boost which is why Alcohol Change UK runs Dry January every year. Some people use it as an opportunity to raise money for charity.

Tier Four restrictions have seen gyms and leisure centres across Sussex close but a simple You Tube give you a range of free workouts for all abilities. There is nothing to stop you heading outdoors locally for a walk or run. There was a boom in popularity of the NHS Couch to 5K during the first national lockdown, which saw downloads double.

If you are new to exercise, start gradually to avoid over doing it and listen to your body. You are most likely to stick to an activity or sport you enjoy, so prioritise pleasure over performance and remember the importance of rest days as they help your body recover and become stronger.

Start as you mean to go on with a thorough warm up targeting all the major joints and try a variety of different exercises, from a brisk walk one day, to yoga the next day. Not only will this help to share the load across your joints and muscles, it will also keep you engaged and interested for longer. Making sure the activity doesnt become a chore is key to fitness success.

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Are you hoping to boost your health and mood with a resolution for 2021? - Brighton & Hove Independent

Jan 5

‘The Optavia Diet Totally Changed How I Think About My MealsAnd I Lost 55 Pounds’ – Yahoo Lifestyle

Photo credit: Lynnette Grimaud

From Women's Health

My name is Lynnette Grimaud (@iamnettyyy), and I am 33 years old. I am from Edison, New Jersey, and I am a contracts and proposals manager. I wanted to be the healthiest I could be for my son, so I tried the Optavia diet and changed how I think about food.

I always felt like the bigger girl in class growing up and I constantly struggled with overeating. I was raised by a single mother, and I had to eat whatever food was affordable for me and my siblings, which usually wasnt very nutritious. I didnt always feel worthy of being loved or acceptedand it was mostly because of how much I didnt like the way I looked. For years it was drilled in my head: "Lose weight!" Being raised in a Hispanic household, weight was a cultural focus at every major holiday function for me.

As I got older, food became my comfort. It made me feel good. However, I was so embarrassed about my eating habits that I would "sneak-eat" meals. I would go to Wendys and get a number-six with a lemonade, and a double stack on the side with cheese. And lets not forget a five-piece chicken nugget with a double chocolate chip cookie.

At the age of 25, I became pregnant and a single mom myself. I fell into a depressive state. So many changes were happening with my body, and life wasnt what I thought it would be. The eating habits from my pregnancy trickled into the postpartum period, and I got bigger and bigger over time. I dealt with my sadness through food again.

I also think back to February 2019, when I went to a close friends wedding. I didnt want to be photographed, but they caught me in a candid moment. When the picture was published, I was in so much shock by how big I looked. I could not believe that was me. It was time for me to take back control.

My godmother reached out to me and told me about a weight-loss program called Optavia. She had become a coach through the company and really wanted me to sign up to try the meal plan. I was skeptical at first, but decided to give it a try for a monthand I lost 15 pounds. I was loving it.

Story continues

Optavia is essentially a diet program that ships prepackaged mini-meals and snacks straight to your door. (It costs money, FYI!) It's designed to be low in carbs and calories, and you also eat lean meats and veggies as part of your meals. The meals are called fuelings, and the plan changed my entire perspective on food. I now view foods as fuelings! With Optavia, its convenient and simple to grab and go and not have to worry about what to eat. Overall, I try to eat a lot of veggies and lean protein.

I started to feel healthier, more confident, less bloated, and had more energy on a regular basis. I even sleep better and, all around, dont drag like I used to. My blood sugar levels are balanced and my blood pressure is in a healthy place. This was major for me, considering diabetes and high blood pressure run in my family.

Breakfast: Egg whites with onions, peppers, spinach, and half a cup of oatmeal.

Lunch: Half of a sweet potato with ground turkey.

Dinner: Lean meat and greens.

Snacks: Optavia Decadent Brownie or their Cinnamon Cheesecake Swirl. Their Crisp Bar fuelings are good too. When I am out and about, I make sure to take those with me.

Dessert: I typically save dessert when I go out to dinner every once in a while.

I wanted to start feeling stronger and more fit, so I started going to cycling classes and Zumba (I love to dance!). I created my own Zumba playlist and would dance for cardio for one hour, five days a week. Then I also added in 45 minutes of resistance training for my muscle growth.

At first it was tedious getting into the habit of working out, but I enjoyed the stress relief and sense of accomplishment after I was done. I felt my body was thankful that I took the time to work through weakness!

I changed my mindset and learned to be patient with myself. I had to really understand that time was going to pass regardless, and I had to stop putting hard stop dates on myself. I would feel so disappointed if I didnt meet the deadline I set. So, I changed my way of thinking and started speaking positively on a regular basis. I started telling myself I loved what I saw in the mirror and truly accepted myself.

I made my journey public for others to follow. I decided that I wanted to help women who struggle with the same things, so I became an Optavia health coach myself and developed my Instagram page to invite people on my health journey. This platform is made to encourage, motivate, and empowerand it keeps me accountable too.

I started making the gym a priority. I am working toward my fitness goals because it helps keep me motivated and sane during trying times we are having. It has been a vital part of my journey because I am able to see the differences in myself as well as the differences in those who are watching me. I love being that motivation.

I want women to know it wasnt easy, but it definitely is possible. You always hear that consistency and discipline are key. And this is true, but be patient with yourself and your individual process. The reason so many people fall off of their healthy eating is because they want the results yesterday. Start by taking small steps that lead to long term results.

Drink plenty of water, substitute donuts for fruit bowls, and shift that state of mind from can't to can. I am so glad I went through this journey because my strength was shown when I finally came out of the dark place and was able to smile confidently and say, Yeah, I did that!

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'The Optavia Diet Totally Changed How I Think About My MealsAnd I Lost 55 Pounds' - Yahoo Lifestyle

Dec 31

6 foods that boost your metabolism and may help you lose weight – Insider – INSIDER

Losing weight isn't just about what you don't put in your body. In fact, the foods that you eat may help your body burn calories. If your doctor says that losing weight may benefit your health, then you may want to find ways to speed up your metabolism.

One way to boost your metabolism is by making changes to your diet and consuming foods that are proven to positively affect metabolism. Though eating these foods alone won't make or break your weight loss journey, they may be able to help you shed pounds.

Here are six foods and drinks that can help boost your metabolism.

The metabolism-boosting properties of chili peppers are due to a compound called capsaicin, says Zhaoping Li, MD, PhD, a professor of medicine at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine and director of the Center for Human Nutrition. This compound is also what's responsible for giving chili peppers their spicy flavor.

A 2017 review reported that capsaicin activates the TRPV1 receptor, which is involved in metabolism and body weight, by being involved in energy homeostasis and energy expenditure.

As an added bonus, chili peppers may also suppress appetite, which is useful in weight loss. A small 2014 study found that consuming a dose of capsaicin with every meal resulted in greater satiety, or feelings of fullness.

How to add it to your diet: Li suggests adding chili to your vegetable and meat dishes to reap the benefits. If you don't like spicy food, you can opt for capsaicin supplements.

Coffee and caffeine are associated with weight loss and may assist in weight loss maintenance by increasing metabolic rate and decreasing appetite. Li says caffeine increases dopamine and noradrenaline, two neurotransmitters that may increase metabolism

"A moderate consumption of coffee may have some beneficial effects on weight loss and calorie intake," says Roberta Anding, RD, registered dietitian at Baylor College of Medicine.

For example, a 2020 study found that drinking four cups of coffee a day was associated with a modest loss of fat mass.

How to add it to your diet: Li says drinking black coffee is the best way to get metabolic benefits.

If you don't like coffee, Li says that a great alternative is tea, since it still has the caffeine content, although less caffeine than coffee. A 2016 study found that people who maintain weight loss reported consuming significantly more caffeinated beverages. Additionally, a small 2012 study found that green tea specifically was able to boost resting metabolic rate in overweight and obese women.

Plus, different kinds of tea such as green tea contain compounds called catechins which are believed to boost metabolism, as well.

How to add it to your diet: Consume your tea without anything added to it for the best results.

Ginger has various properties involving weight management. Anding says ginger contains compounds called shogaols which have been shown to have anti-inflammatory and weight loss properties. Li adds that ginger intake has been reported to improve metabolic profiles through increased insulin receptors, elevated pancreatic beta cells' functions, and modifying the adipokines concentrations. Additionally, ginger can help you lose weight by stimulating digestion, decreasing inflammation, and suppressing appetite.

A small 2012 study showed that drinking hot water with two grams of ginger powder dissolved in it was associated with lower hunger and greater feelings of fullness.

How to add it to your diet: Make ginger tea or add ginger to meat or vegetable dishes, says Li. Additionally, Anding says you can take ginger supplements.

Anding says dietary protein promotes satiety, or a sense of fullness. Additionally, she says it takes more energy to metabolize protein, so there is an increase in metabolic rate when you consume high-protein foods.

This is known as the thermic effect of food (TEF), or diet-induced thermogenesis (DIT). A 2014 study noted that DIT produced by protein results in a 15% to 30% increase in metabolic rate.

How to add it to your diet: Incorporate high-protein foods like meats into your meals throughout the day.

Legumes which are a family of plants that includes chickpeas, soybeans, and lentils are great for boosting metabolism since they are very high in protein. In addition to the metabolism boost caused by the protein, Anding says legumes can also help to promote fullness, since they are high in fiber.

A small 2009 study found that obese men who ate a high-protein diet or a legume diet were more likely to lose weight than people on a control diet.

How to add it to your diet: Li recommends consuming legumes as your protein and starch source in your meal. Don't consume legumes with more starch if you're looking to lose weight. She suggests a meal of legumes cooked with spices along with lean meat.

While these foods and drinks may help boost your metabolism, it's important that you make further changes if you want to lose weight effectively.

"Body fat loss is a complex process and most of the compounds or foods associated with an increase in metabolic rate and increased protein and water intake need to be part of an overall calorically restricted meal plan," says Anding.

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6 foods that boost your metabolism and may help you lose weight - Insider - INSIDER

Dec 31

Dinner Habits That Help You Lose Weight | Eat This Not That – Eat This, Not That

Dinner is the big finale of any day's eating and, in a lot of ways, it's the meal that defines us. The people we share dinner with are the people who matter most to us; the places we eat are the places that we most relate to. Dinner puts your whole day's food experience into perspective.

And for most Americans, dinner is where the majority of our protein is found. An egg squeezed between two English muffin halves or a few shavings of turkey stuffed into a sandwich isn't the same as a nice pot roast, a juicy burger, or a chicken dinner. In fact, the average American gets three times as much protein at dinner as he or she does at breakfast.

But that's a mistake. Eating protein throughout the day, rather than as a centerpiece for dinner, is better for keeping your muscles strong, according to a 2014 study in The Journal of Nutrition. The researchers found that a moderate amount of protein three times a day was more effective at stimulating muscle protein synthesis (i.e., the process of building lean, fat-burning muscle tissue) than relying on the evening meal for the majority of your meat.

What that means for you is that dinner shouldn't look like a hunk of meat with some starch on the sideyour best approach is to keep your plate balanced more toward the vegetable arena. For more concrete tips, we put together this list of healthy dinner habits that will help you lose weight. Read on, and for more on healthy eating, don't miss 15 Underrated Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work.

Ever get home late from the office, feeling pretty bedraggled and ready for bed, but you force yourself to eat dinner anyway? Don't do that. If you're not in the mood for your final meal, it's better to simply hit the hay and enjoy a nice breakfast the next day, according to a report from the Journal of the Association for Consumer Research. In a study of forty-five undergrads, researchers found that people who were moderately hungry before a meal tended to have lower blood glucose levels after eating than those who weren't particularly hungry before they ate.

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If you've just sped through a stressful day at work, don't speed home. Stop at the playground and kick a ball with some kids, or swing by an art gallery, or meet a friend for tea. Prep yourself for dinner by finding a way to blow off the tensions of the day. Failing to let go of your work stress could lead to chronically elevated cortisol levels, causing sleep and immunity problems, blood-sugar abnormalities, and weight gain. If you feel like you tend to overeat when you're stressed, it might be worth reading about these 9 Ways to Stop Stress Eating, According to Experts.

Chefs often add fat and salt to make meals taste betterbut these ingredients aren't necessarily something they advertise on the menu. Since you've already taken such care to choose a dinner that sounds healthy, take the extra step, and ask your server if there is any cream or butter in your dish. If there is, ask for your veggies and meats to be cooked dry and have sauces come on the side so you control how much ends up on your plate. No matter what kind of restaurant you're dining at, you can save up to 1,000 calories at each meal by making this simple request.

A frozen margarita may sound refreshing, but most restaurants and bars have ditched their fresh-fruit recipes in favor of viscous syrups made mostly from high-fructose corn syrup and thickening agents. As a general rule, the more garnishes a drink has hanging from its rim, the worse it is for your waistline. Instead, choose a cocktail made with club soda and lime, or stick with nutrient-packed red wine.

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That doesn't mean soaking your potatoes in gravy. A wet carb is one that naturally has a lot of water in itstuff like cucumbers, tomatoes, salad greens, and asparagus. Dry carbs, like bread, French fries, and pasta, require your body to give up water in order to digest them. Wet carbs, on the other hand, allow you to stay adequately hydrated overnight. That helps your body process the fiber you've eaten during the day and ensures you'll continue to draw nourishment from the day's food intake.

Have a big tall glass of water before you go to bed, and set another on your nightstand.

According to Wake Forest researchers, dieters who sleep five hours or less put on two and a half times more belly fat, while those who sleep more than eight hours pack on only slightly less than that. But when you have a regular bedtime and stick to it, you set yourself up for day-in, day-out weight loss. Shoot for an average of six to seven hours of sleep per nightthe optimal amount for weight control. For a better night's rest, don't miss these 13 Food Hacks That Will Help You Sleep Better Tonight.

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Dinner Habits That Help You Lose Weight | Eat This Not That - Eat This, Not That

Dec 31

12 Side Effects of Eating Oatmeal, Say Dietitians | Eat This Not That – Eat This, Not That

It feels like everyone is singing the praises of oatmeal lately. It can do wonders for your body, can help you live longer, and overall tastes deliciousespecially when you make this peanut butter overnight oat recipe. But are all of the side effects of eating oatmeal actually positive? Are there negative side effects we should know about?

We turned to a few registered dietitians and doctors to learn the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to oatmeal. And no surprisethe side effects of eating oatmeal is mostly good. Here's what our experts had to say, and for more healthy eating tips, be sure to check out our list of The 7 Healthiest Foods to Eat Right Now.

"Oatmeal is one of the healthiest breakfast choices you can make, namely because oats are a great source of fiber," says Brenda Braslow, MS, RD for MyNetDiary. "One cup of cooked old-fashioned oats offers 10 grams fiber and it's mainly soluble fiber, which is the type of fiber that has been shown to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol and blood sugar. Old-fashioned oatmeal helps keep your digestive system functioning well and fiber is also great for keeping you satisfied longer and can therefore help with weight management and loss."

What's the Difference Between Soluble and Insoluble Fiber? We Have the Answer.

"Oats also offer a decent amount of protein with just one cup of cooked old-fashioned oats containing approximately 10 grams of protein," says Braslow. "Protein, along with fiber, can keep you full longer. Oatmeal is a nutrient-dense food, offering other vitamins and minerals, such as iron, calcium, and magnesium."

Here are 7 Amazing Benefits of Eating Oatmeal.

"If you are new to oats, they may cause bloating so it's best to start with a small portion," says Lisa Young, PhD, RDN and author of Finally Full, Finally Slim.

"Whole grains such as wheat and oats contain high fiber, glucose, and starch," says Shannon Henry, RD for EZCare Clinic. "All of them are consumed by bacteria in the gut or large intestine which leads to gas and bloating in a few people. To lessen the side effects, start with a small quantity and increase gradually to the chosen amount. When you will start eating oat bran, the harmful outcomes from your body will probably disappear."

Here are 24 Ways to Get Rid of Bloating in Less Than 24 Hours.

"Finally, eating a jumbo serving of oatmeal can lead to weight gain," says Young. "And watch the toppingsa tablespoon or two of crushed walnuts or flaxseeds is great but too much butter or sugar isn't."

"People typically want their oatmeal to be sweeter so as not to eat a boring meal," says Dr. Gan Eng Cern. "They achieve this by adding sugar, chocolate chips, and other sweet food items which ultimately decreases oatmeal's overall nutritional value as these additions throw in extra calories, fat, sugar, carbs."

Here are 6 Oatmeal Mistakes Making You Fat.

"Oatmeal's fiber and nutrients have also been connected with weight loss. These characteristics keep the consumer feeling full which can prevent overeating on calories throughout the day," says Trista Best, MPH, RD, LD a registered dietitian at Balance One Supplements. "It is easy to add antioxidant-rich ingredients into your diet when you eat oatmeal regularly. Dried fruit, nuts and seeds, and nut butters are rich in micronutrients that support most health and wellness goals."

"Oatmeal is a whole grain that is high in fiber, especially soluble fiber," says Emily Danckers, MS, RD. "When you eat soluble fiber, your digestion is slowed down which can also increase feelings of fullness."

"Consistently eating a high fiber breakfast food like oatmeal, especially when pairing it with a protein and/or fat like some nuts, often keeps people full for hours," says Rachel Paul, PhD, RD, CDN. "They can then concentrate on their work and other items, before thinking about the next meal. Having a go-to, filling breakfast option like oatmeal creates consistency in one's life."

"By eating oatmeal every day, you can lower your total cholesterol level, reduce the 'bad' LDL cholesterol, and increase your 'good' HDL cholesterol levels," says Megan Byrd, RD. Byrd recommends even adding oatmeal into your treats, like her favored Oatmeal Protein Cookies recipe.

"Oatmeal's fiber content contributes to positive gastrointestinal health, including having regular bowel movements," says Amy Goodson, MS, RD, CSSD, LD, and author of The Sports Nutrition Playbook. "It's important to increase your fluid intake as you increase your daily fiber intake."

"Eating oatmeal every day can also help control your blood sugar because it's so high in that fiber," says Byrd. "It helps to slow down the speed at which the carbohydrates in your diet reach your bloodstream, making your blood sugar levels more even during the day. Oatmeal really is a superfood, and one that definitely can be eaten every day!"

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"Oats are an ingredient that has been in the heart-health spotlight for a while," says Mackenzie Burgess, registered dietitian nutritionist and recipe developer at Cheerful Choices. "Research continues to show cholesterol-lowering effects from regularly consuming this fiber-rich food. More specifically, the soluble fiber in oatmeal may help reduce our LDL-cholesterol. Try mixing up your typical oats routine and soak them overnight with different flavor additions or combine them into easy energy bites."

Or try one of these50 Healthy Overnight Oats Recipes.

"Oats are popular grains loved for their nutritional and medicinal value," says Edie Reads, RD and chief editor at "Despite the normal fear for carbs, oatmeal is good for you. Unlike ordinary cereals, oats are not only filled with carbs and fiber but multiple vitamins and minerals, too."

"Colloidal oatmeal is also known to help with dirty and dry skin. It proceeds to further help with such skin conditions as eczema," says Reads.

Now that we've utterly convinced you how healthy it is to have oatmeal in your diet, here are11 Healthy Oatmeal Toppings That Help You Lose Weight.

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