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Jun 19

Cardiac rehabilitation can help stroke survivors reduce risk of death within a year by 76%, study shows –

A supervised exercise programme can help people who have survived a serious stroke significantly cut their chances of dying within 12 months, researchers have found.

The American study saw 246 people complete a programme of exercise, therapy and medical follow-up.

The results have led the research team to call for stroke rehabilitation to be considered in the same way cardiac rehabilitation is.

Dr Sara Cuccurullo, a Co-Principal Investigator of the study, said: After a stroke, sometimes family members are cautious. Dont get up, you might fall. Many caregivers of stroke survivors discourage stroke patients from being active and mobile.

But we are showing that even survivors of serious stroke can exercise safely in a supervised program and they can benefit enormously.

The study involved participants closely matched in terms of gender, race, type of stroke and medical complexity, as stroke can vary significantly from one person to another.

From a group of 449 participants, 246 completed the cardiac rehabilitation programme and from this group, four people died within 12 months of their stroke. From the group which did not participate in the programme, 14 patients died.

The latest research from the Stroke-HEARTTMTrials at Hackensack Meridian JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute also show the programme participants saw a significant increase 78% in their cardiovascular capacity. Improvements were also seen in mobility, self-care, and communication/cognition.

Talya Fleming, Co-Principal Investigator of the study, said: Stroke survivors deserve the same benefits that patients with cardiac disease receive. As a nation, we need to do more to help patients with stroke improve their lives to improve both their longevity and quality of life.

We should enable stroke survivors to function in the community at the highest level possible.

The team said the programme can make a real difference in participants recovery, saying: Exercise has significant and multiple benefits associated with it, including promoting overall improvement in circulation, especially promoting enhanced circulation to the brain.

The study has been published in the Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases.

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Cardiac rehabilitation can help stroke survivors reduce risk of death within a year by 76%, study shows -

Jun 19

Optima Lakeview Luxury Rental Building Opens In Closed Treasure Island Grocery’s Spot With Year-Round Rooftop Pool – Block Club Chicago

LAKEVIEW A seven-story luxury apartment building that replaces Lakeviews closed Treasure Island grocery store recently opened with Chicagos first year-round rooftop pool.

Optima Lakeview, 3478 N. Broadway, is a 198-unit apartment building designed by David Hovey Sr., Optima CEO and founder. The building opened in April and is 35 percent leased while construction on its top floors remains underway.

Were excited to bring to market Optima Lakeview, a development as vibrant and dynamic as the surrounding Lakeview neighborhood for which its named, said David Hovey Jr., president, chief operating officer and principal architect for Optima.

The building features a modern exterior with warm-toned materials, including transparent bronze glass and dark brick to complement the neighborhood, Hovey Sr. said.

Inside, the building features an open, seven-story atrium that runs through the core of the building and has hanging landscaping that will drape into the atrium as the plants grow, Hovey Sr. said.

The building offers a mix of one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments with smart-home technology, according to Optima. Many units have private balconies or terraces.

The average unit size is 1,053 square feet, with rents of $2,500-$10,000 per month, according to Optima.

Amenities include contact-free, in-home package delivery, housekeeping services, a gym with fitness programs and a virtual personal assistant.

The building also has a rooftop deck with views of Lake Michigan, Wrigley Field and the skyline, according to Optima. The sky deck has fire tables and heaters for colder months.

The 35-by-25-foot rooftop pool is heated and will remain open year-round, according to Optima. The rooftop also has a spa, theater, lounge seating, dozens of grills and kitchen stations, a glass-enclosed party room and other amenities.

The building also has a 2,000-square-foot heated dog park, an indoor basketball and pickleball court, sports lounge and a golf simulator, according to Optima.

Other amenities include a yoga room, sauna, pet spa, childrens play area, game room, residents club and chefs kitchen, according to Optima.

The building will cater to people who work from home with two wired conference spaces and a business center, as well as multiple indoor and outdoor seating areas where residents can work, according to Optima.

Optima Lakeview is a transit-oriented development with proximity to multiple bus routes and train lines, according to Optima. The building has 208 bicycle spaces and 94 fully enclosed parking spaces, including six electric vehicle charging stations.

Lakeview residents who watched the building take shape were among the first to sign a lease, with the majority saying the primary reasons were our architectural design, amenity package that spans 40,000 square feet, resident programming and convenient location, Hovey Jr. said.

Jake Wittich is aReport for Americacorps member covering Lakeview, Lincoln Park and LGBTQ communities across the city for Block Club Chicago.

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Optima Lakeview Luxury Rental Building Opens In Closed Treasure Island Grocery's Spot With Year-Round Rooftop Pool - Block Club Chicago

Jun 19

Learn calisthenics at St Albans fitness centre – The Herts Advertiser

Published:12:42 PM June 16, 2022

Master your body and bodyweight without the use of expensive gym equipment at a new class running in the district.

Iguana Pole Fitness, based at Hertfordshire Business Centre in London Colney,is now hosting classes by Cory Ramage from St Albans Calisthenics School every Friday at 6.30pm.

From the Greek term for beautiful strength, Calisthenics workout exercises are all about mastering your body and bodyweight without the use of expensive gym equipment. Calisthenics exercises work your entire body from chest to legs, helping you to get stronger, lose weight, increase coordination, balance, and agility, and learn to move your body in harmony.

This class focuses on technique to build the strongest of foundations first including a variety of push and pulling exercises, presses, leg exercises and core work.

At 3pm on Saturday July 2 they will be introducing weekly aerial hoop classes with Ali Walker, teaching specific tricks, beautiful moves and elegant poses as well as the fundamentals of hoop itself!

This is a full body workout and a fantastic way of gaining strength in your core and upper body.

Iguana Pole Fitness owner Nadya Giffen said: "Fitness classes are an amazing way to improve your physical and mental health which has been a huge focus since the pandemic. It is proven that physical activity can enhance our wellbeing and can increase our confidence, self-esteem and reduce anxiety and stress."

For more info email:

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Learn calisthenics at St Albans fitness centre - The Herts Advertiser

Jun 19

The Realistic Plan That Helped This Guy Lose 77 Pounds and Get Shredded – Men’s Health

Like millions of other people around the world, Carlos Oliveira was no stranger to weight gain and low levels of activity during the pandemic. After joining a gym and hiring a trainer to get back in shape, Oliveira shared the surprisingly simple steps that helped him lose more than 70 pounds and get into the best shape of his life.

During the second lockdown in the UK, I was feeling really low: Id been drinking too much, not watching what I ate, and generally sitting around the house. Id had a personal trainer before, but at that point itd been about two years since Id really been in the gym. My weight had crept up from 95 kg (209 pounds) to more than 115 kg (253 pounds). My clothes no longer fit and I felt lethargic, totally low-energy.

As someone who has always struggled with my weight, I felt like Id worked really hard to get to where I could feel relatively good about myself, only to see it all slip away. I was snappy with my wife and kids and I can see now that it was really because I just felt frustrated and unhappy with myself.

I felt like I needed something to kick-start me again and provide some accountability for what I was doing to my body. A friend of mine had been through the Ultimate Performance process a couple of years previously and so I reached out to her to ask if she would recommend it. I got a resounding yes, so I signed up with Ultimate Performances Manchester gym.

Pre-transformation, I actually dont think my diet was terrible. Breakfast would be a bowl of cereal with milk and a couple of pieces of toast with peanut butter. Then for lunch, Id have something like a tuna wrap, and dinner would have been whatever my wife was making for the kidspasta, fish pie, lasagne, all pretty hearty (and carby) stuff. The big difference is that with dinner I would probably have had a couple of glasses of red wine with maybe a large glass of whisky in the evening.

Courtesy of Carlos Oliveira

During the program, I got very clear guidance on revamping my diet, with calorie and calorie and macro targets for training and non-training days. The biggest change was really reducing carb intake and ramping up the protein. Eggs, chicken, and tuna were pretty much on the menu every day in order to hit my protein target of 175g per day.

So Id start the day with greek yogurt with berries and honey, followed by a mid-morning bagel with three scrambled eggs and smoked salmon. Id have chicken stir fry for lunch. For dinner, I had a meal prep service that offered a range of main meals around the 500 kcal mark and all with fairly balanced macros e.g. (50g carb / 20g fat / 30g protein). And if I wanted to snack, Id have something high in protein, like cooked chicken pieces, low-fat cheese, or a tin of tuna.

I trained at UP three times a week. The training was generally strength-based, working my full body in each session. Outside of UP, I was back to playing football a couple of times a week post-lockdown and also trying to get a ride in each week on my turbo trainer over the winter.

I got used to some new moves in the gym, too. Pendulum squats really challenged me, with a combination of strength and endurance requirements that make them feel pretty rough. Walking lunges go in that bracket too. Chin-ups are also tough, but beneficial; I struggled to do three reps when I first started, and by the end was able to do weighted sets and really saw the benefits in the definition of my back.

I think the biggest thing I learned in the gym was quality over quantity. We would do six or seven exercises, with three sets of each in the eight to ten rep range. He really focused on getting the correct form for each movement and ensuring that every rep counted.

From a food perspective, it was really just about keeping things simple and making sure I was hitting my macros. I pretty much gave up alcohol entirely over the transformation and generally didnt go down the "cheat meal route. Even if I was eating out I would try to make the best choice I could.

Over eight months, from September 2021 to April 2022, I lost 35 kg (77 pounds), getting down to the 83 kg (182 pounds) mark. My body fat dropped from around 40 percent at the beginning to nine percent. Its hard to know just how much muscle I gained, since some of it was already there, just hidden by fat.

This transformation has definitely been about more than the physical benefits. Ive had to throw away my entire wardrobe. I bought new clothes that I previously would never have thought Id be able to fit into. Whilst its not great for the wallet, the boost to my confidence has been huge.

Courtesy of Carlos Oliveira

Being happier with myself definitely has a big impact on both my work and home life and my general energy levels are so much higher.

My family and close friends knew that I was training, and definitely noticed and commented as they saw the weight begin to come off. However, I think everyone was shocked when I shared the photos from my shoot on Instagramto be honest, I was pretty shocked myself when I saw them! When you are so focused on the path in front of you and taking those small steps, you can really lose track of just how far youve traveled. Thats one good reason to take pictures.

I genuinely feel like the hard work really starts here. My biggest goal right now is to keep my weight stable. I'm into a solid routine of self-training three times a week. Once I feel established and stable in that, Id like to start looking at building more muscle with a focus on my arms.

I think success in a transformation like this comes down to being honest with yourself about whether this is something you really want. You have to want it. If you do, and you are willing to commit to the process and follow the program, then you will astonish yourself with what you can achieve. As told to Jesse Hicks

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The Realistic Plan That Helped This Guy Lose 77 Pounds and Get Shredded - Men's Health

Jun 10

Free fitness classes geared toward seniors offered in BG, Perrysburg – Sentinel-Tribune

The Wood County and Perrysburg Area Senior Centers are holding a weekly Club F.I.T. exercise class that is free and open to those 50 years of age and older.

This Fitness Interactive Teaching program will provide strengthening exercising and educational tips to keep people actively independent. With few programs that focus on the maintenance of abilities after rehabilitation or therapy is completed, this project will make an impact in the community.

Access to this class will aid in maintaining an older adults general health and well-being, help keep the costs associated with injury at bay, and will provide knowledge and socialization to stay independent and active in the community.

Sessions are led by physical or occupational therapists and assistants from community businesses.

Classes at the Wood County Senior Center, 140 S. Grove St., are held on Tuesdays from 9 to 10 a.m.

Classes at the Perrysburg Area Senior Center, Schaller Building, 130 W. Indiana Ave., are held on Wednesdays from 10-11 a.m.

Contact the Programs Department of WCCOA to register by calling 419-353-5661 or 800-367-4935, or by emailing

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Free fitness classes geared toward seniors offered in BG, Perrysburg - Sentinel-Tribune

Jun 10

Mayor Bhalla invites Hoboken community to free Fitness in the Park, Concerts in the Park programs – The Hudson Reporter

Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla and the City of Hoboken invite the community to the free Concerts in the Park and Fitness in the Park programs. The programs are part of the Citys Summer Fun initiative which provides residents with free summer activities including the popularMovies Under the Stars program.

This year, Fitness in the Park, a series of free sample classes hosted by local fitness studios in City parks, kicks off Summer Fun programming on Monday, June 6 at Pier A Park from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.Fitness in theParkwill be held at Pier A Park, 7th & Jackson Resiliency Park, Southwest Park, Southwest Pop-Up Park, and under the Viaduct.For a full schedule, see below.

The Concerts in the Parkseries will run on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays all summer long.Concerts will be held at the Southwest Park on Mondays, Shipyard Park on Tuesdays, and Sinatra Park on Thursdays.It officially begins on Thursday, June 9, at Sinatra Park.

For a full schedule, see below.

I am glad that the City is once again offering Hoboken residents free fitness and concerts in the park options, a great way to enjoy local gyms and musicians in our public spaces, said Mayor Bhalla.Thank you to our sponsors, and our Cultural Affairs division for making this Summer Fun initiative possible this year.

Fitness in the Park

A free sample of classes by local fitness and yoga studios.Wear sneakers and loose-fitting clothing. Bring a mat, if needed, and water. In case of inclement weather, call the fitness or yoga studio for updates.

Location:Pier A Park(1stStreet and Sinatra Drive)

Time: 7 pm to 8 pm


June 13: F45 Training Hoboken

Functional Training Bootcamp: A mix of circuit and HIIT style workouts geared towards everyday movement. For updates, call 201-758-8390.

June 20: Urban Souls

Class realigns the spine, opens cramped hips, and mobilizes stiff joints. For updates, checkwww.urbansoulsyoga.comor instagram page @urbansoulshoboken.

June 27: Hudson Seed Yoga

Beginners are welcome. There will be a short meditation at the end. For updates, emailTrevorvaughan@hudsonseed.comor call 862-371-4966.

July 11: Jane DO

DO it All Class is a hybrid class that offers strength training, cardio, HIIT, and more. To get real time updates, IG @JaneDO. July 18: Urban Souls For information, see June 20th.

July 25: Powerflow Yoga

Open-Level class: Modifications and variations will be offered. Increase your skill and muscle for balance. For scheduling updates, call 201-533-9642.

August 1: CKO Kickboxing

CKO Kickboxing Class: Full-body workout incorporating punches, kicks, jumping jacks, crunches and light jogs. For scheduling updates, call 201-963-7774.

August 8: REMIXX MMA

A 45-minute kick-boxing class mixed with high intensity training. For scheduling updates, call 201-310-8381.

August 15: Hudson Seed Yoga

For class information, see June 27th.

August 22: Jane DO For class information, see July 11th.


June 7: Club Pilates

Mat Pilates class will strengthen and lengthen your body. For scheduling updates, call 201-839-6648.

June 14: Hudson Seed Yoga

For class information, see June 27th.

June 21: Local Barre

Open Barre combines a fusion of ballet technique fundamentals, core conditioning, pilates, yoga, and stretching for a total body workout. For scheduling updates, call 201-710-5994.

June 28: Rumble Boxing Hoboken

Power Workout: Learn 6 punches and the fundamentals of boxing with a Rumble-inspired pop-up workout. For scheduling updates, call 973-632-1539.


For information, see August 8th. 26 Local Barre For class information, see June 21st.

July 26: Local Barre For class information, see June 21st.

August 2: Hudson Seed Yoga

For class information, see June 14th.

August 9: Club Pilates

For class information, see June 7th

August 16: Rumble Boxing Hoboken For class information, see June 28th.

August 23: Local Barre For class information, see June 21st.

Location:7thand Jackson Resiliency Park(625 Jackson Street)

Time: 6 pm to 7 pm


June 16: Local Barre

Open Barre combines a fusion of ballet technique fundamentals, core conditioning, pilates, yoga, and stretching for a total body workout. For scheduling updates, call 201-710-5994.

June 30: Local Barre, see above

July 14: Local Barre, see above

July 28: Local Barre, see above

Location:Southwest Resiliency Park(58 Jackson Street)

Time: 6 pm to 7 pm


June 15: CrossFit Hoboken

Crossfit Hoboken will offer intro HIIT classes, (high intensity interval training). For scheduling updates, call 973-296-3273.

June 29: CrossFit Hoboken (See above)

Location: Southwest Pop-Up Park/Block 10(58 Harrison Street)

Time: 6 pm to 7:30 pm


June 22: Hive Athletics

Coed Doubles Pickleball games, 30 minute matches starting at 6pm, 6:30pm and 7pm. Advance registration required. Balls and paddles provided. (Signup deadline is Friday June

July 13: Hive Athletics (see above,Signup deadline is Friday July

For updates, call 201-528-3271

Location: Under the 14thStreet Viaduct(415 14thStreet)

Time: 6 pm to 7 pm


June 15:Local Barre

Open Barre combines a fusion of ballet technique fundamentals, core conditioning, pilates, yoga, and stretching for a total body workout. For scheduling updates, call 201-710-5994.

June 22: See above

July 6: See above

July 20: See above

For more information or questions, email Geri Fallo

Concerts in the Park

Location: Southwest Resiliency Park(38 Harrison Street)

Time:6:30 pm 7:30 pm








August 1: RON ALBANESE (aka Polka Dot)


August 15: THE COUNTERFEITERS The Ultimate Party Band! 6:00PM 8:00PM

Location: Shipyard Park(13thStreet & McFeeley Drive)

Time: 7 pm 8 pm


June 14: RON ALBANESE (aka Polka Dot)

June 21: YOSI: Sing-A-Long

June 28: MR. MAGICO

July 12: HOBOKEN SINGS A night of karaoke co-presented with The Hoboken Historical Museum





July 16: AMERICANA FAMILY JAMBOREE: Songs from the Great Americana Songbook featuring music by Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie and more.

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Mayor Bhalla invites Hoboken community to free Fitness in the Park, Concerts in the Park programs - The Hudson Reporter

Jun 10

Fairmont State and Wheeling University establish partnership to impact health care – The Steubenville Herald-Star

WHEELING Representatives from Wheeling University and Fairmont State University signed an articulation agreement Monday that establishes a partnership between the institutions, which aims to produce more quality health care professionals to serve patients in West Virginia and across the country.

This partnership will allow eligible students from Fairmont State University to make a seamless transition each year into Wheeling Universitys doctorate of physical therapy program, said Ginny R. Favede, president of Wheeling University. More importantly, by producing well trained physical therapists, there will be more health care professionals grounded in our mission to serve others in Appalachia and in our region.

The agreement between the institutions will allow for up to three students per year from Fairmont States exercise science program to be accepted into Wheeling Universitys doctor of physical therapy program, pending qualifications and academic requirements.

This agreement will help bring more graduates from West Virginia colleges and universities into the universitys DPT program, according to Alison Kreger, director of Wheelings doctor of physical therapy program. By partnering, Wheeling and Fairmont will help both institutions facilitate the training of physical therapy professionals who can provide high quality patient care.

The Fairmont State exercise science program integrates the theories and practicalities of exercise physiology in preparing graduates for a career in the field of health and fitness, while providing the foundation required for the successful application into several professional pathways, including physical therapy.

We are grateful for the efforts from both institutions that have brought this partnership to fruition, said Jan Kiger, chair of the Fairmont State health and human performance department. Were excited to work together to engage our students in further professional degree programs, physical therapy in particular, which is a highly sought-after degree.

Wheeling Universitys DPT program emphasizes a whole person approach to the investigation of clinical issues using a problem-based Learning format.

This partnership will allow Fairmont State Exercise Science majors to move forward in their careers by easing the transition into a professional degree pathway, said Amanda Metcalf, dean of Fairmont States College of Education, Health and Human Performance. Through this partnership we are not only building a relationship that will benefit our students, but one that will benefit the community and local workforce. We are thrilled our students will have the opportunity to continue their educational journey and positively impact health care settings.

Diana Phillips, Fairmont States vice president of academic affairs and provost, echoed Metcalfs comments.

At Fairmont State University we center student success at the heart of everything we do. Engaging in this partnership with Wheeling University allows us to continue providing a transformative impact to our students, while also strengthening health care throughout our region and beyond, she said.

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Fairmont State and Wheeling University establish partnership to impact health care - The Steubenville Herald-Star

Jun 10

Beachbody Super Trainers Jericho McMatthews and Elise Joan Team Up to Unveil a Revolutionary Fitness Program Fusing Intensity with Recovery to Unlock…

Beachbody On Demand offers a new, balanced approach to achieving physical and mental well-being with the launch of "FIRE AND FLOW" fitness program

EL SEGUNDO, Calif., June 07, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Beachbody Company, Inc. (NYSE: BODY), ("Beachbody" or the "Company"), a leading subscription health and wellness company, invites members to "workout without burn out" with the launch of "FIRE AND FLOW." The new dynamic at-home fitness program was developed in partnership by beloved Beachbody Super Trainers, fitness experts and real-life friends Jericho McMatthews and Elise Joan.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:

FIRE AND FLOW is a four-week program focused on helping you achieve overall well-being by alternating rigorous strength and cardio days with low-impact, body-shaping, recovery days. This is the first program of its kind to serve the demands of subscribers who want to integrate and commit to both physical and emotional well-being.

With mental and emotional health increasingly recognized as being of equal importance to physical health, FIRE AND FLOW supports Beachbody members as they work toward achieving incredible results with a priority on improving self-esteem and self acceptance. FIRE AND FLOW is a great solution no matter where you might be on your physical fitness journey with "modifiers" for beginners and "intensifiers" for those who are more advanced.

"Beachbody has specialized in creating programs that people can follow day by day for a predictable outcome on a specific timeline, but this is the first time weve specifically integrated mental and emotional well-being into the schedule," said Carl Daikeler, Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of The Beachbody Company. "Elise and Jericho have delivered something so special its going to surprise people. People who want to reduce anxiety and adjust to the new normal, but still feel challenged physically to get every aspect of results, are going to feel like this is the most efficient program they have ever experienced."

Story continues

Each week of the FIRE AND FLOW four-week program consists of six workouts ranging from 25-30 minutes in length and require minimal equipment, such as dumbbells and resistance loops. Workouts alternate between challenging full-body strength and cardio FIRE workouts that ignite the metabolism while building muscle and toning the body on one day, and FLOW sessions the next day for recovery, no-impact mobility, core, and mindful breathing to help relieve stress.

"FIRE AND FLOW is much more than just a workout program, and I was thrilled to collaborate with my friend, Elise, to deliver a lifestyle concept centered on the idea of helping people get strong and fit and at the same time relieving stress and reducing anxiety," said Jericho McMatthews, Beachbody Super Trainer.

"Jericho and I complement each other so well. We wanted to create a program that is sustainable for the long-term, and that means taking care of your physical and emotional well being" added Elise Joan, Beachbody Super Trainer. "The goal is not to burn you out with too intense of a program, but instead strike a balance between intensity and recovery."

To help users unlock even greater mental well-being, FIRE AND FLOW includes a one-of-a-kind journal created by Jericho and Elise featuring short writing prompts aimed at promoting self-care and personal discovery. Each prompt is specifically crafted to boost mental health and serve as a healthy habit creator. Further, as a key component of the programs self-reflection and emotional wellness focus, the journal is intended to evoke encouragement and support from within while embarking on your new health and wellness journey.

FIRE AND FLOW is appropriate for all fitness levels, offering modifiers and intensifiers for each exercise to accommodate your individual fitness level. In addition to the core program, users will receive access to eight optional 10-15 minute bonus workouts that target various parts of the body, as well as four cycling workouts that can be accessed via BODi (Beachbody On Demand Interactive), the Companys premium connected-fitness platform that works with the Beachbody Bike.

FIRE AND FLOW is now available at special launch pricing exclusively from Beachbody. Visit to learn more.

About The Beachbody Company, Inc.Headquartered in Southern California, Beachbody is a leading digital fitness and nutrition subscription company with over two decades of creating innovative content and powerful brands. The Beachbody Company is the parent company of the Beachbody On Demand streaming platform (BOD) including its live digital streaming subscription BODi, and the Beachbody Bike powered by MYXfitness, the Company's connected indoor bike. For more information, please visit

About Jericho McMatthewsJericho McMatthews passionate approach to fitness empowers you to own your health, wellness, and happiness. Shes a NASM and ACE certified personal trainer and holds degrees in psychology as well as physical education and kinesiology.

About Elise JoanElise Joan is an expert at connecting the mind and body, helping awaken you to your power, purpose, and calling. In addition to holding multiple fitness certifications, plus two bachelors degrees, she has worked as a primetime on-air health expert for major TV networks.

Forward Looking Statements: This press release contains "forward-looking" statements pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, which are statements other than historical fact or in the future tense. These statements include but are not limited to, statements regarding our future performance and our market opportunity, including expected or anticipated launch dates and results of our program offerings, our business strategy, our plans, and our objectives and future operations.

Forward-looking statements are based upon various estimates and assumptions, as well as information known to us as of the date hereof, and are subject to risks and uncertainties. Accordingly, actual results could differ materially due to a variety of factors, including: our ability to effectively compete in the fitness and nutrition industries; our ability to successfully acquire and integrate new operations; our reliance on a few key products; market conditions and global and economic factors beyond our control; intense competition and competitive pressures from other companies worldwide in the industries in which we operate; and litigation and the ability to adequately protect our intellectual property rights. You can identify these statements by the use of terminology such as "believe", "plans", "expect", "will", "should," "could", "estimate", "anticipate" or similar forward-looking terms. You should not rely on these forward-looking statements as they involve risks and uncertainties that may cause actual results to vary materially from the forward-looking statements. For more information regarding the risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed or implied in these forward-looking statements, as well as risks relating to our business in general, we refer you to the "Risk Factors" section of our Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings, including those risks and uncertainties included in the Form 10-K filed with the SEC on March 1, 2022 and quarterly reports on Form 10-Q, which are available on the Investor Relations page of the Beachbody website at and on the SEC website at

All forward-looking statements contained herein are based on information available to us as of the date hereof and you should not rely upon forward-looking statements as predictions of future events. The events and circumstances reflected in the forward-looking statements may not be achieved or occur. Although we believe that the expectations reflected in the forward-looking statements are reasonable, we cannot guarantee future results, performance, or achievements. We undertake no obligation to update any of these forward-looking statements for any reason after the date of this press release or to conform these statements to actual results or revised expectations, except as required by law. Undue reliance should not be placed on forward-looking statements.

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Beachbody Super Trainers Jericho McMatthews and Elise Joan Team Up to Unveil a Revolutionary Fitness Program Fusing Intensity with Recovery to Unlock...

Jun 10

Geneva Commons offering free movies and fitness classes this summer – Shaw Local

Geneva Commons now offers special summer programs, including a series of movies and food trucks on the center green, as well as a summer fitness series on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

The Commons will host free movies at 7 p.m. every Friday through Aug. 26, according to a news release.

The movie series kicked off last week with Encanto and two food trucks. On June 10, it will be Space Jam (1996), with Aijo Food Truck and Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream. Also on the schedule are Spider Man: No Way Home, 2019s Aladdin and the 1978 classic Grease, among many others. For the full schedule, click here.

The Summer Fitness Series begins Thursday, June 16, and runs through Tuesday, Aug. 30.

In partnership with Holm Studio, cardio kickboxing will be offered from 8:45 to 9:30 a.m. every Tuesday and Thursday, with the exception of June 21, when a yoga class will be held.

For more information or to sign up for the classes, visit Holm Studios website.

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Geneva Commons offering free movies and fitness classes this summer - Shaw Local

Jun 10

This School of Education program promoted healthy behaviors among older adults in Homewood – Pitt

More than 40% of older adults in the United States are obese, leading to preventable illnesses like heart disease, strokes, diabetes and cancer. In Black Americans, the obesity rate is nearly 50%, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Anne Hays, a clinical instructor in the University of Pittsburghs School of Education, saw an opportunity to make a difference in this population and get her graduate students working outside the classroom.

With help from Pitts Community Engagement Centers and other School of Education leaders, Hays (EDUC 04G,07G) and six students in the Evidence-Based Health Program Planning course partnered with the Homewood-Brushton YMCA to establish the Healthy Homewood Project. The 10-week program addressed obesity and chronic illnesses in older adults through fitness and wellness education in Homewood, a predominantly Black Pittsburgh neighborhood.

Throughout the spring semester, students conducted research to understand community members needs and prevalent health disparities.

They also spent two hours each week at the YMCA working with more than 30 participants to check vitals, conduct weigh-ins and lead discussions about mindful eating and other healthy behaviors. These talks were followed by smaller breakout sessions where individuals set weekly goals as well as a group exercise class taught by 73-year-old Pittsburgh native and Homewood celebrity Roland Ford (pictured in white above).

Ford has instructed YMCA dance and fitness classes since March 2007 and joined with Healthy Homewood upon learning about its mission.

I appreciate this type of programming where we can inform, educate and engage other seniors around the importance and value of nutrition, said Ford, who personally brought many participants on board. I love that we had the opportunity to learn and share this information.

He credited Healthy Homewood with helping older adults with another significant health challenge, too: loneliness.

This program gave people a chance to be more social during the pandemic, said Ford. It developed friendships and partnerships that didnt exist prior, and I hope it can be duplicated and continue.

Just as Hays hoped, the Pitt students benefitted from the activities as well. Cyndi Standaert is a nontraditional health and physical activity, programming and promotion major who said the project was the first hands-on experience Ive ever had. Dr. Hayes knew there was a need for this program, and it was amazing.

A former swim coach, she followed her family to Pittsburgh in 2017 after spending 20 years in Seattle. In addition to attending Pitt, she now also cares for her elderly father a responsibility that gave her a greater appreciation for Healthy Homewood.

Ive watched my father grow older and need support, said Standaert. Older adults in all communities require connection, whether increased physical activity or social connection. Working with the older population in Homewood, I see the need and want to be part of the solution.

Healthy Homewood also helped Standaert discover her purpose and obtain an internship that aligns with her interests. This summer, she is working as a wellness assistant at Providence Point, a retirement facility, where she plans to create and execute similar programs.

Whats special about doing work like this is that the students truly engage, and it gives them ownership of projects which they thrive off, said Hays.

Healthy Homewood concluded in April with a health fair, presentations from graduate students and with participants receiving certificates of completion and an extended two-month YMCA membership.

The knowledge and gifts gained from conversing with and learning from this community have given me more confidence as I go forward working with older adults, said Standaert. I can honestly tell you that my life is forever changed from working with this group.

Kara Henderson, photography by Aimee Obidzinski

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