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Aug 10

TestoFuel | Testosterone Booster | Official Website

Think of it like the foundations of your home.Without it, you wouldn't even have your home

Testosterone is the biological equivalent. It's an extremely essential hormone because it's the 'foundation' of many major biological functions.

Testosterone increases muscle massTestosterone works its muscle-building magic by increasing muscle protein synthesis.

Testosterone decreases body fatAs your testosterone levels decrease, your bodys ability to regulate fat metabolism, insulin and glucose also decreases, causing fat to accumulate.

To make matters worse more stored fat can push testosterone levels even lower, because body fat produces the enzyme aromatase, which can convert testosterone to estradiol, the predominant estrogen. Higher testosterone levels mean lower estrogen levels, which are essential for real muscle growth. Also, TestoFuel contains Oyster Extract which is extremely high in zinc, known to lower estrogen levels in the body.

Testosterone can boost competitivenessTestosterone helps to boost our drive to win, as it's linked with our desire for power and status (Dabbs & Dabbs 2000). The more driven you are, the more motivated you'll be to train.

As if that wasn't enough, testosterone also helps the release of growth hormone, another incredibly important trigger for muscle growth. So you are effectively getting a double dose of growth when you raise your testosterone levels.

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TestoFuel | Testosterone Booster | Official Website

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