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Oct 12

The One Lean Protein You Should Have Instead Of Red Meat To Burn More Calories And Lose Weight Fast – SheFinds

If your goal is to lose weight fast, its vital to do so healthily, which involves regular exercise, consistent sleep, ample hydration, and most importantly, a well-balanced diet. Protein is an essential nutrient to support your overall health and weight loss specifically, so we checked in with health experts to learn more about one great source of protein you can replace red meat with in your diet (to better support your heart health as well). Read on for tips, suggestions and insight from Jake Dickson, CPT-NASM, certified personal trainer and contributing editor at BarBend.

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If you frequently eat red meat and are looking for a leaner, lighter and higher protein-containing replacement, Dickson says his first recommendation would be white meat chicken. "If you're looking for a lean protein source, in my opinion, white meat chicken is a better choice than dark," he explains.

Despite the higher fat and cholesterol content of dark meats, they are "often the healthier option," he stresses. Ultimately, you can "reduce the amount of oil and fat in your food" by not frying it and by removing the skin, he notes.


In addition and in place of ground beef, Dickson says he thinks ground turkey is a "popular choice because of the meat's low fat and high protein content." It's versatile enough to be thrown into a "wide range of dishes, from soups and stews to tacos," Dickson continues. True, some cuts of turkey are healthier than others, but the "whole bird is healthy and lean," he advises.

Dickson concludes that you should "be wary of prepackaged lunch meats, as they frequently include excessive amounts of salt and other unhealthy additives." Noted!

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The One Lean Protein You Should Have Instead Of Red Meat To Burn More Calories And Lose Weight Fast - SheFinds

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